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( also see... Graphics )

Blender.orgUse It! free open source 3D content creation suite for all major operating systems; GNU General Public License Cortona VRML Viewer, free beta Downloads

POV-RayUse It! free, Open Source Software, Persistence of Vision Raytracer
Documentation, Download, FAQ, NewsGroups
Resources - Links

Audacity free open source software for recording and editing sounds
MediaCoder converts large AVI and WMA files to MP3 files

also see.. Math

Best of the Web
Math: Logic and Foundations: Software

Database of Existing Mechanized Reasoning Systems Links, Stanford U
Isabelle for Linux & Mac
Gateway to Logic online Proof Builder, Proof Checker, Theorem Prover
A Linear Logic Prover (llprover)

Logical Project (France)
Coq Proof Assistant

Logic Software from CSLI ($) Satnford U
Logics Workbench (Linux & Mac)
Loom (Lisp for Linux, Unix, Windows)
Ludwig builds Truth Tables
Proof General generic interface for proof assistants
ProofPower (Linux, Mac) suite of tools for proof in Higher Order Logic (HOL) & Z notation
Protein (Prolog) theorem prover for first-order clause logic
PVS (Linux)
SwitchMin Digital Circuit Minimizer (Windows) create minimum cost digital logic circuit
Tree Proof Generator online
Verifun (Java)
Visual Turing (Windows) edit & play with Turing machines
WinKE (Windows) proof assistant for teaching Logic

CONGEN 1995 CONformation GENerator program, protein segments conformational searches
Phylogenetics Programs, NONA, TNT, and WINCLADA:
Molecular Biology Software Training Manual: Requires AGRENET Software
PAUP* Phylogenetic Software, inference of evolutionary trees, purchase at

Rasmol HomepageUse It! Molecular Visualization Freeware Protein Explorer, Chime & RasMol

also see.. §BUSINESS§, Groupware, Office

Compiere ERP + CRMUse It! customer management, supply chain & accounting
• free Open Source software from

CQI Software Clemson University ($) software & consultants: process optimization, quality & emissions control, Links, Search
Automation And Process Control PLC, HMI´s, SPC etc, certified system itegrators
Energy Production

LIGHT Open Source Java Knowledge Management Software: CERN brainstorming & mind mapping
TQM BBS Software Files Clemson U

Blindwrite: perfectly reproduce most CD's
The CD-ROM Shop

Easy CD CreatorUse It! CD Read/ Write software:

Global Impact's CDROM & Hardware Store commercial search copy copy-protected CD's, purchase or download freeware version
Netshop CDROM Products Store exhaustive indices
SoftKey International Inc. commercial search
Walnut Creek CDROM Web Site commercial search
ZANE PUBLISHING, INC. history, art, music, literature, geography

Hotline Client FREE Download private & public Virtual Community:

CT Software Win95 Utilities Downloads
Insignia Solutions Home Page SoftWindows for Mac
Iomega Removeable Drives, Tape Backup
MacroMedia Authorware, Director
Metrowerks Web site Metrowerks CodeWarrior
Microsoft Corporation
Other World Wide Web sites Hardware Companies Linking List
Symantec Norton Utilities
Universal Technical Systems, Inc. (UTS) TK Solver Engineering Analysis
WinZip Home Page

H.Oda!'s Home Page

Technical Software News - Engineering & Scientific
WWW Virtual Library: Software Engineering

also see.. Freeware, Shareware, Open Source

DIRECTORIES-Software | Open Directory | | WWW Virtual Library |

BlueChillies.comUse It! (c|net)
Biz-to-Biz: More Software
Computer Magazine Archive ZiffDavis
The Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm) SimTel
DigiBuy - Shop software authors' storefront, previously PSL (Public Software Library) Help Web Tools, Operating Systems, Hardware
Lycos Popular Sites from A to Z: Computers: Software: Companies
MacUser 1994 Product Index Large File
MediaDome - CNET and Intel Site...Chck It Out!
National HPCC Software Exchange, Links (Ohio Supercomputer Center), About
Software at OSC

Pangea Direct, Inc direct pricing: parts, components, peripherals & software, Search
Search WINWORLD for a string Windows Public Domain Software Downloads
Software Engineering Institute: Carnegie Mellon U, transition of software engineering technology
The Software Site's Shareware Links Page Extensive Links to Shareware Provider Pages

StormingMedia.US ($) science, technology, strategy & policy Pentagon reports “below NTIS prices”
Computer Programs

Stroud's CWSApps:
Sunet - Swedish University Network Downloads Software Portal
Univ. of Technology Vienna, Computer Center, Dept. of Systems Support apps, Search, Mac, Palms, picks, popular, updates
Yahoo Search - Software
Yahoo Search - Shareware

also see.. Find, Shareware, Open Source
DIRECTORIES-Freeware | Open Directory | | WikiSource |

Biet-O-MaticUse It! (Bid-O-Matic) watch & bid on auctions
• free Open Source software from
CONGEN 1995 CONformation GENerator program, protein segments conformational searches (formerly the The English Server)

The Free Site "home of the Web's best freebies"
Free Software Windows games, utilities, web tools:
The Freeware Hall of Fame

Gibson Research CorporationUse It! Protection, Testing, Verification & Disaster Recovery Tools - Freeware

The Gnumeric spreadsheet free GNU spreadsheet application

GNUUse It! Unix-like Operating System - Free Software Directory, GNU Manuals Online

jEdit Text EditorUse It! GNU Java Open Source code; JavaDoc, Mail List Archives - Users, Developers

LavaSoftUse It! Ad-Aware Free spyware removal utility scans your memory, registry and hard drives

Leroy's Site Leroy Gibbons
Most Concise Freeware Links on Web Leroy's Site Mirror

National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Prodects, SiteMap
central information source for U.S. Government business publications
Federal Computer Products Collection

NCSA Software Technologies National Center for Supercomputing

OpenOffice.orgUse It! free(previously Sun StarOffice Suite) About, Downloads, Setup Instructions

Open Source Association of Developers & Distributors, Standards
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor GNU
Public Domain Software Archives
RingServer Software Library virus tested programming & network tools
SciTeXt free java word procewssor for scientific work

Simtel.netUse It! Freeware & Shareware Directory shareware, freeware & evaluation software: ZDNet fully functional, non-expiring trail versions display sponsor pages
• Packages: backup, FTP, PDF, photo, office, search, zip..

SourceForge.netUse It! world's largest repository of Open Source applications, code & development

WebCalendarUse It! (PHP) calendar for a single user or an intranet group
• free Open Source software from

WikipediaUse It!
Category:Free mathematics software
Category:Free science software
Category:Free software by domain
Comparison of computer algebra systems
Comparison of numerical analysis software
Comparison of statistical packages
List of numerical analysis software

Windows 95 Software: Windows Magazine, freeware utilities, reviews

Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) pro bono legal representation and related services to not-for-profit developers of free software/open source software

WinMergeUse It! Win32 text file differencing, versioning and merging tool
• free Open Source software from

also see.. §WEB AUTHORING-FTP (Win/DOS)§

FileZillaUse It! Free, Open Source, fast, reliable FTP client &/Or server, intuitive interface
alt Download

JvFTP Client home page, project, platform independent java ftp client library , Tutorial, KindFTP Open Source; complete implementation of RFC959 FTP protocol,
    º also at

Simple File Manager SFM (ONEdotOH) web based file management utility
• Free Open Source download from project (language: PHP)

File Transfer Protocol
How to Setup an FTP Server in Windows 10
Benny Vink
    º How do I use ftp on windows 10?
    º How to Setup an FTP Server in Windows 10

GAMES animation & game development package
The Software Site

to.. §GENEOLOGY§ Ancestry Family TreeUse It! free installation- Description

Brother's Keeper Windows Shareware
The Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego (CGSSD)SM

Dynamic Family Tree Compiler fromGedcom file, requires Windows Internet Explorer and Java (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), Search
Software Downloads - Use It!Free Personal Ancestral File Application

GED2WWW free GEDCOM to HTML converter, databases List
The GEDCOM standard Conversion to HTML by Anders Andersson

Genealogie-Seiten von Ewald Keil
Genealogy and Internet
    º GEDCOM ( BabelFish BableFish translate )

GedML: Genealogical Data in XML, combining GEDCOM with the XML standard, DTD
GedView free Windows utility to quickly navigate GEDCOM files from Mark's genealogy index GEDCOM to HTML translator, online tools
The Genealogy Home Page ( - Software

Genealogy Macedonia - About, Links, Search
Tools - Soundex Calculator ( How to Obtain Naturalization Records in One Hour ), Software

GeniML XML vocabulary for recording and exchanging genealogical data
• Download free utilities for converting GEDCOM to XML and back
GEDCOM Parsing Grammar
Transcription notation adapted from "regular expressions", div of the National Genealogical Society
Genealogical Data Model

GenXMLUse It! standard format for data exchange between genealogy programs
Helm's Genealogy Toolbox - Software
A hypertext genealogy project:   Hugh Blackmer

LifelinesUse It! Free Open Source software at
Hirschberg, Dan - Software
    º LifeLines ports of the free UNIX based geneology software

Louis Kessler's Genealogy Program Links with editorials, ratings, comparisons

Misbach Enterprises ( Genealogy & Family Tree Charts
GED Browser convert GEDCOM file to HTML

PAF Review (Personal Ancestral File Review)
Paul B. McBride's Genealogy
Paul Seamons Family and Programming (, Solutions for the Family History Suite

PhpGedView parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files & displays internet formats & charts
• free Open Source software from
GEDCOM Viewer (Android™ Edition)

'Turkel Tribe' Genealogy
Conversion of a GEDCOM to an online Presentation

Wade and Helen Oram's Home Page
Ged2Web create Family Tree Web Pages from GEDCOM file

also see... 3D Tools, §Graphics Tutorials & Software§ ($) small Java Applets handling graphics utility

The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (
Walrus open source GNU GPL 3D Graph Visualization Tool, requires Java3D, Painter
Directory of /pub/mpeg/mssg MPEG Software Simulation Group ftp Site ($) GIF Movie Gear GIF Animator

Geogebra.orgUse It! free, multi-platform learning & teaching software joining arithmetic, geometry, algebra & calculus with graphics, algebra & spreadsheets, Help
Help & Documentation
GeoGebra Institute of Ohio the first local GeoGebra Institute in North America
International GeoGebra Institute (IGI)
Introduction to GeoGebraUse It! online book
WikiUse It! Wiki Help
Workshops free, open source GNU General Public License, fully featured graphics editor likened to Photoshop
Installers for GIMP for Windows at

HyperGraphjava code for hyperbolic geometry & hyperbolic trees at Open Source vector graphics editor similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw or Xara X

Jasc Software Paint Shop Pro
MPEG Software Simulation Group VMPEG & C source code

GTK+ free open source software, used for GNU GNOME desktop

also see.. Business, §BUSINESS§, §COMPUTERS§, Office

DIRECTORIES-Groupware Open Directory |

Bootstrap Institute Search, SiteMap
Articles 1958 - 200Use It! by Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart
    º Toward High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware

DSpace (Java) digital library system FROM MIT Libraries & Hewlett-Packard, FAQ Download

GrantbowUse It! (Grant R. Bowman) Portal: open source groupware & collaborative activity software
Collaborative Groupware Software (Perl) run project development, document management, knowledge base or other groupware


National Software Reference Library from the National Institute of Standards and Technology

NIH Image Home Page, National Institute of Health Software public domain image processing/analysis
NIH Image, ftp directory public domain image processing and analysis - Macintosh

BiggByte Software's Home Page InfoLink Checker Software Web Page Building Tools and Advice C/Net
DepthCharge Browser Plug-In: VREX 3D Stereoscopic imaging products
HTML Editing Freeware
Web Authoring - Site Buider Network Microsoft
WebTracker Web visitor tracking software

The Web WriterUse It! Tools, Links, Articles

Java 2D Graph Package (cgi) Windows httpd Windows 3.1 Server Application
WebSite Professional 2.0 Windows 95 Server Application

Blueworld Communications Home Page Web Database Mgmnt - Lasso Freeware
ProVUE Home Page Web Database Mgmnt - ProVUE MegaDemo

Oracle Corporation Home Page
Powersoft Web Site Sybase/Powerbuilder Download Page
Sybase, Inc.

Apple Tech Exchange Software: Updates: Support
Directory of/pub/MacSciTech shareware/freeware
???Everything Macintosh Well Organized
Info-Mac Home Page "World's largest Mac Software Collection"
InfoMac, Search Archives
Internet Interstate's Macintosh Web Essential Macintosh Inernet connections
MacFixIt Download Library Downloadable Software
Mac Internet Applications Shareware
MacUser 1994 Product Index LARGE FILE!
Nathan's Everything Macintosh Well Organized
Quicktime Software
QuickTime Home LARGE FILE!
ZDNet Mac

also see..

DIRECTORIES-Math Software Open Directory | |

DIRECTORIES-Science Software Open Directory | |

American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME Engineering Software Database

C.a.R.Use It! (free source, GNU Lic.) Compass and Ruler Construct and Rule by Prof. Dr. R. Grothmann, Links
C.a.R. User-Wiki
    º Howto Pages
    º User FAQ
Video Demos

Chad M. Schafer, U Berkely Statistics
LFA Search
    º approximate least favorable alternative (LFA) & least regrettable alternative (LRA)...
    º defining minimax [expected size & regret confidence]

Computer Programs to DownloadCool Tool! Integration, Chain rule, Limits, Polynomials

ConvertUse It! from, Software
• converts units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy..

DigXY shareware (30 days) to digitize data from bitmap images
from Thunderhead Engineering Consultants - Links

Education Software Archives The Math Forum
Emhart Conversion Calculator convert any number quickly from one unit to another:

European Schoolnet - Mastering Free 2D Vectors online using..
Plane Vectors Mathplet, the Vector calculator & Vector shoot

EXPDE free, Open Source, parallel C++ library, numerical approximation of partial differential equations

FITYK free from Marcin Wojdyr
Download & Manual
• nonlinear curve fitting & data analysis software, independent crystallographic module ($) chemical electronic structure programs, Links

The Geometry Center (mirror from U Illinois, Urbana Champaigne), Geometry Center Projects - Downloadable Software

The Geometry Junkyard - SoftwareUse It!
Download Qhull convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations, halfspace intersections, Voronoi diagrams

Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMS): National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles with Java Applets - Contents, Interactive Activities
Web site on CDUse It!

Java 2D Graph PackageUse It! (GNU) Leigh Brookshaw: Dept Math & Computing, U Southern Queensland

Jeff Weeks' Topology and Geometry Software (
Computer Graphics in Curved Spaces (OpenGL, Direct3D)
Exploring the Shape of Space geometry and cosmology for grades 6-10
• Games: KaleidoTile, Kali, Torus & Klein Bottle games
SnapPea Research Software for Mathematicians (Linux, Macintosh, Windows)

JSci - a science API for Java, now at Sourceforge.netUse It! Open Source Freeware by Mark Hale
Yahoo NewsGroup

Kepler: A System for Scientific Workflows, multi-developer project
Key Curriculum Press ($) software
Geometer's Sketchpad
JavaSketchpad - About, Download Developer's Release, Gallery, Links

Marv Klotz's UtilitiesUse It! ( 2 ) - DOS freeware for people who build things! - Library
Mathematica and The Mathematical Explorer:   WOLFRAM Research

Mathematical Software Group, Software Library ( Archive )
from Chris Greenough, Rutherford Appleton Lab, CCLRC
& the Software Engineering Support Programme
Software, Programs

Mathematical software sources Links from U Haifa Math Dept

Mathematics Archives WWW Server, U Tennessee
• Shareware& Freeware - Mac, Multiple-platforms & Unix, Search, Windows & DOS

Matematiko Math Practice Program shareware software programs from adult literacy practitioner, Alan Tubman

The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library - Full Table of Contents, Search, SoftwareUse It!
Geometry Software

MathMLUse It! Mathematical Markup Language XML mathematical notation application:

MathsNet math education articles, Links, products, puzzles, Software Downloads and some Excel files
Math Software Archives, Reviews, etc. The Math Forum
Mathtools.netUse It! computer programming Links for math and science
MathType & MathPlayer (MathML)+TeXaide (TeX/LaTeX); browser Tools/Editor:  Design Science, Inc.
MechwareUse It! Portal: Mechanical Engineering Software
Metric Project Java Mathematics Software Download

The Matrix Template Library (MTL) high-performance ANSI C++ generic component library
• Docs - Introduction, Examples, Programmer's Reference
LinksUse It!
Site Search

MLC++ Utilties and C++ classes for supervised machine learning
Download Source

NAg ($) Numerical Algorithms Group, mathematical, statistical & data mining
NanoCAD freeware Java nonotech design (also at

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - Math, Statistics, and Computational ScienceUse It! Links
Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (DLMF)
Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMS)Use It!

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), EPIC - Software:
Java Development in the EPIC Group
Scientific Graphics Toolkit (SGT)Use It!

Netlib Repository at UTK and ORNLUse It! free numerical & scientific computing software, documents, databases
Master Index of programs
Numerical Analysis Digest

NonEuclidUse It! Hyperbolic Geometry Article & free Java Compass & Ruler Applet, Relativity, Hyperspace ($) helping scientists to become more aware of Open Source Software
Add a Resource
Sign PetitionUse It! About, FAQ, [ Forum email List & Archive at]
Software Links free and open source scientific software, Directory
Top programsUse It! highest ratings

Pedagoguery Software Inc. math & gif shareware

PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library free (Fortran-77) Fortran- or C-callable, device-independent package for simple scientific graphs, Copyright
Contents, Intro, Examples
Calling PGPLOT from other languages
Download (ftp) & Documentation
Portfolio example graphs showing capabilities & simple Fortran and C source code

R Project for Statistical Computing, free GNU Open Source
•integrated suite of facilities statistical computing & graphics & graphics environment
Download, Mirror Sites
FAQs - R for Windows FAQ
Manuals (PDF)- Introduction

Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
Scientific Visualization and Animation: The Supercomputer Computations Research Institute

SciLab free, Open Source, user-friendly numerical computations for Unix, Linux, Mac & PC
About, Demos, FAQ - Differences between Scilab & Matlab, Site Search
Articles, Books, HowTo's
Downlaod, ftp, Add-ins, Contributions, Tool Boxes, Utilities
Newsgroup Archive

The Simplex Optimization Methods - Experimental Design/Optimizations Software: world's largest repository of Open Source applications, code & development
About, SiteMap, Software map
    º JSci science API for Java
Mathematics Use It!
    º jscl-Meditor java symbolic computing library & math editor

StarChart free, Open Source, Unix star mapping software at, Manual
Statistics on the Web Index by Clay Helberg
STATLinks Links to Statistical Resources on the Internet Statistics on the Web

SticiGui: Online Text on Introductory Statistics  by P.B. Stark:   Dept Statistics, U California, Berkeley
Guide to software in this directory download Fortran, Matlab & C Routines

U Arizona, Math Dept - Arizona Mathematical Software freeware download

U Kentucky, Dept Physics & Astronomy, Gen Physics Lab (phy 211)
Graphics Plotter
Vector Arithmetic Java Visualization

U.S. DOE Energy Science and Technology Software Center (ESTSC) - About Software, FAQ, Links
Note most software includes source code
Subjects covered by software, but no software is associated to these categories??
Most Popular
Software Listing (catalog) Inexed by.. Alphabetical, Computer Platform, Limitations, ESTSC#

US Dept Energy (DOE), Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
Building America: Affordable Housing Research
Building Technologies Program
    º Building Energy Software Tools Directory

WebEQ Developers Suite ($) from Design Science
WebEQ MathML implementation Java software suite for interactive math equations at MIT, JavaLib Dir, MathReader: Mathematica Notebook Reader Browser Plug-in

WWW Interactive Mathematics ServerUse It!
Browse by Subject, Education Level, Type Resource
Distributed Encyclopedia of Sciences
Interactive Exercises - Derivatives, Polynomial Curves, Quadratics, Ruler & Compass, Triangular shoot
Online Calculators - Functions

WWW Virtual Library: Science: Software



Plex.TV Roku compatible
TWIT Netcast Network
    º Know How 4: Setting up a Media Server using Plex Media Server

also see.. Business, §Calendars§ Groupware business inline analytics software - AlphaBlox, SpreadsheetBlox, web-based spreadsheet

GobeProductiveUse It! Gobe Software's low-cost office suite with single application and file format producer of compatible web-based apps has been acquired by AOL

OpenOffice.orgUse It! free (previously Sun StarOffice Suite) About, Download, Support
    º FAQs, Math FAQ Index
    º OOoHelpOutline
    º Installing
• Products
    º Math
    º Write

StarOffice Suite office suite: Sun Microsystems

TechTV - Software Products, MS Office Suite alternatives (Low Cost) Java, Microsoft compatible office apps features internet file -storage, -sharing

Office suite with product comparisons
    º Math

also see.. §CVS§, Find, §Java Open Source§, Freeware, Shareware

DIRECTORIES-Open Source Software Open Directory | GNU Project | | | WikiSource |

AbiWord Open Source Word Processor
Apple Computer - Darwin:   Developer, Apple

ASPNUse It! latest technologies needed to build applications with open source tools Links, News
CollabNet platforms & services for global, collaborative software development cooperative market for open source making research freely available
Software runs on any UNIX-like system
    º System Components & Prerequisites Java & XML enterprise software projects
FAQ-O-Matic (CGI-based) automate maintaining FAQs, from
Free & Open Source Scientific Software for Psychology editors, math, office suites, spreadsheets...

FreshMeat.netUse It! open source software database & directory, search, About
• articles, daily updates, download links, information, history

The GNOME project, Software Map part of GNU project

Google CodeUse It! Open Source
Google Code University tutorials & sample course content: current computing technologies & paradigms

GNU ProjectUse It! open source software based upon Unix-like OS, SiteMap, Free Software Directory
ftp download site
Guile library allowing programmers to write plug-ins, or modules for user-customized software Anonymous FTP area (part of the Kelkoo Company, UK)
Open Source projects (http mirrors) OR via FTP

MediaWiki developmentUse It! @
• free technology base for Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikibooks, and Wikiquote

National HPCC Software Exchange: (NHSE), Links

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - Math, Statistics, and Computational ScienceUse It! Links
Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (DLMF)
Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMS)

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), EPIC - Software:
Java Development in the EPIC Group
Scientific Graphics Toolkit (SGT)Use It!

NetLibrary free numerical & scientific software, documents, & databases (some source) Linux and Open Source online Newspaper
OpenAvenue Global “OpenIndustry” collaborative development, consulting, News, web-based tools helping scientists to become more aware of Open Source Software
Add a Resource
Sign PetitionUse It! About, FAQ, [ Forum email List & Archive at]
Software Links

OpenOffice.orgUse It! (previously Sun StarOffice Suite) About, Downloads, Setup Instructions writing free and open scientific software, Directory Open Source package for managing trees of links
Top programs, highest ratings

Open Source Development Network (OSDN), ( About & published website Links )
DevChannel Enterprise Developor Resources
    º Articles, News: Search
    º Hardware
    º High Performance Computing
    º Tools
    º Web Services

Open Source Initiative (OSI) software certification, FAQ, Search, SiteMap
History of the OSI
Successful Software Products & Companies ASP, ASP.NET, C & C++, Java, JavaScript, CGI & Perl, PHP, Python...

O'Rreilly Open Source links & references & Open Books ProjectUse It! “open” copyright online books
OpenSources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution

A Paper on the Inevitability of Open Source Dominance Use It! world's largest repository of Open Source applications, code & development
About, SiteMap, Software map
•..developer collaboration Foundries
• Subscription, About global network of Developers & Peer Reviewers
Subversion open source version control system, FAQ, Forum
Subversion Book
Wikipedia Article

Sun Microsystems
JS2E Source Code Download
Sun Java Desktop SystemUse It! FAQ, Features, Get It
    º Admin, Development, Info Management, Integrated, Linux (SUSE), Java, StarOffice Suite, Mozilla..

SweepUse It! (GNU/Linux, BSD, compatible) Open Source: Demos, Downloads, Forum, Links, Tutorials
• multichannel audio editor & live playback, LADSPA effects plugins; WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, MP3.., SpamAssassin email filter, Free open-source Perl Artistic license


AEFDISK v1.7 - disk partitioning software shareware, PartitionMagic, PartitionMagic Pro
Using PartitionMagic with Norton Disk Doctor
Using PartitionMagic with Norton AntiVirus OS Management, Partition Commander & Backup software

PDF File Format

CC PDF converter (beta) free (open source) PDF conveerter/creator; create PDF documents from other applications (Word, Excel, Internet Explorer...) Cute PDF Writer free PDF converter/creator version PDF converter/creator The Free Software Desktop Project: Projects
EvinceUse It! simply a (PDF, PostScript, DjVu, TIFF & DVI) document viewer: Download includes windows version

    º List of PDF software
Evince document viewer for PDF
File format
Open standard
Portable Document Format

MacUser Online Ziff Davis
MacWeek Online Ziff Davis
MacWorld Online Ziff Davis
Microsoft Magazine

MyHelpDesk.comCool Tool! Create your helpdesk, drivers, FAQ's, hardware, software, training, tutorials

PC Computing
PC Magazine
PC World Online!
UNIX World Beginners & Expert - [Operating System]
Windows Internet Magazine
ZDNet Ziff-Davis Publications

Apache Jakarta Project - Lucene Free Open Source Java Search Engine, Download, FAQ
• also see WebLucene for Lucene, free Open Source Free Open Source distributed web crawling client
FAQ free Open Source Software
also see.. Find, Freeware, Shareware, Open Source

DIRECTORIES-Shareware | Open Directory | |

1001 Best Downloads: ZDNet PC Computing
32bit - Server software for Network administrators & IT pros
ASP - Association of Shareware Professionals Links Member Pages & FTP
Bob Dolan Software

C/Net:, Shareware.comUse It!

DownLoad.Net business, education, games, graphics, internet, programming, multimedia, utilities
ExInEd Electronic Products Astronomy & Science Related Art
Garbo, A Shareware Programs Distribution Library: U of Vaasa, Finland
Goodie Domain Service
Index of Win - Windows, Los Alamos

Jumbo SharewareCool Tool! Large file listings Internet store for products of individuals - software, music, videos, etc.
MacUser Software Central

CO1 | CO2 | FL1 | FL2 | GA1 | GA2 | IL | MA | NY1 | NY2 | OH | PA | UT VA | WA |

National HPCC Software Exchange high performance & parallel computing software share/reuse
Pass the Shareware
Quality Shareware
ShareIt professional & international order & payment processing
SimTel index: menu Menu Applications-Shareware & Freeware

Simtel.netUse It! Freeware & Shareware Directory shareware, freeware & evaluation software: ZDNet
The Software Site's Shareware Links Page Extensive Links to Shareware Provider Pages

TuCowsCool Tool!

Xiaomu's Internet Apps Well Organized, extensive
Yahoo Search: Computers & Internet: Software: Shareware
ZDNet Software Library Ziff Davis
ZDNet Software Library: Yahoo Computers
ZDRewards: ZDNet Discounts, deals, data

also see.. §Document Management§, §WEB AUTHORING§

Access.Adobe.comUse It! online PDF to HTML file Conversion

The Amazing Res-O-matic! (tm): Create Resume, with source, Andrew Wack
Andys web pages Homebrew software
The Amazing Res-O-matic! (tm): Create Resume, with source, Andrew Wack
BoltPad Text Editor FREE download:
CodeQuill Text Editor vi keyboard & syntax, Sonoran Software Guild
Cyno's Editor Commercial Shareware Applet

FCKeditor.netUse It! HTML text editor
• Free Open Source Download from

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSviewUse It! interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF, and related software and documentation

Java editor free, redirect DOS output to file: Kochini's jump center
HCU95 repeated actions over multiple pages simultaneously

JE (Just an Editor) free open source Java by Dr. R. Grothmann, Catholic U, Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
• platform independent, also found at - Project: JE Editor, Files
The JED Editor free Unix, VMS, MSDOS, Win, OS/2 text editor
also see.. Gruntspud (free open source) CVS Client:

jEdit Text EditorUse It! GNU Java Open Source code, Links, Wiki
Documentation Online, JavaDoc
Forums: Using, Writing Macros, etc
Quick Start Guide
Mail List Archives - Users, Developers
Wikipedia Plugin

jEdit Development some additional plug-ins & macros from Rudi Widmann

JEdit from
Macros, Modes, Plugins
Search & Replace Tips

JWord Application small word processor application: InformIT

Matt Neuburg, Some Things (software & resources) By..

meditor - Free Open Source Java
• symbolic calc text editor - derivatives, integrals (rational functions), logical expressions, matrices, vectors

mpTOOLSCool Tool! Free Java (1.0 or 1.1) Editors (w/source code)

mpTOOLS Developer News helpful online text manipulation tools
Reverse Text Generator software for Windows, Support Forums
Araneae text editor for professional websites
Web Album Generator Create photo albums, automatic resize & thumbnail galleries

Programmer's File EditorTry It! (PFE) Freeware

Regular Expressions for Java package gnu.regexp discussions & examples using text editng & format transformation tools
SciTeXt free Java word procewssor for scientific work
Seft a Search Engine For Text free Open Source Software Topics
Text Editors: Text Processing
    º JFreeReport Java library, print & file output: PDF, Excel, HTML and XHTML, PlainText, XML & CSV

Tutorial: Building a Java text editor Using Borland JBuilder Shareware Editor for Text, HEX, HTML, Programming
The Vi Editor and its clones Sven Guckes, Germany

The VIM (Vi IMproved) Home Page Download Freeware Editor
VIM Text Editors Mailing Lists Sven Guckes, Germany
Archives (
vimannounce, vim, vimdev, vim-mac, vim-multibyte

Zeus for Windows Programmer's Editor Shareware VPython/SmallC/LUA scripting, keyboard config

UTILITIES, About Boost Speed, Disk Defrag, Registry Defrag, System Information
BigFix.comUse It! Bug Fixes & News, Download, Fixlets, Q&A: BigFix, Inc.

Blindwrite: shareware perfectly reproduces most CD's FREE Internet answering machine avoids extra phone line cost
Cybermedia First Aid, Oil Change, Utilities
The Dark Corner BBS Program Sources, Utiilities,...
Dave Central Software Archives Windows
DepthCharge Browser Plug-In: VREX 3D Stereoscopic imaging products
Devore Software & Consulting customized Windows and DOS technical solutions unlimited free long distance phone calls
Easy CD Creator CD Read/ Write software:
flyswat smart, FREE search add-on for Internet Explorer
Funduc Software Search & Replace, Shareware, Freeware

Gibson Research CorporationUse It! Protection, Testing, Verification & Disaster Recovery Tools

GNU tar: an archiver tool April 97:   GNU Manuals Online, GNU Unix-like Operating System
Hotline Client FREE Download private & public Virtual Community: Download Flash Player/Shockwave Player Web Players
PicViewer Lite: Slide Show Application, TechTV Instructions for creating CDROM Slideshows Block Annoying ads, Internet irritation indicator, Internet irritation level slider
Rain: program that cools your microprocessor
Sander's Keyscreen Previewer Top 426 Shareware & Freeware Applications
SpamFilter spam filtering tool from Website101
Trend Micro - HouseCall free online virus scanner
Tweakie Organize the Start Menu & other utilities
V Communications, Inc. Partition & System Commander, install multiple OS's
ZDNet Software Library: Utilities: File Utilities

NCSA VRML Home Page Virtual Reality Modeling Language, National Center for Supercomputing
Virtual Reality Resource Guide COMMERCIAL-Development & Games


Cyberian Outpost, Inc.Use It! (Fry's Outpost or Fry's Electronics) (site 2)

eBargainSoftwareUse It!

Programmer's Paradise
Programmer's Supershop hardware & software

also see.. §Audio Video (COMPUTER HELP)§

Premiere Elements 8

Avid: Video
Media Composer (Hi$)

Avidemux.orgUse It! free open-source multi-purpose video editing & processing, platform independent, Forum

B & H photo, video & pro audio
Video Editing Software Downloads
Free FLV Converter
VLC Media Player, Forum

Corel: Video Editing
HD video-editing software
Simple video-editing software free LGPL or GPL software, complete cross-platform solution to record, convert & stream audio & video, FAQ, Forum

Gnash free GNU Flash movie player

Google Products
Video Editing Software Blog
VideoDownloader Firefox Extension Video Free FLV Converter to Avi, iPod, iPhone, 3GP or Psp, Search internet & Watch videos ($) audio video editing and burning

Pinnacle: Products
Studio HD
Studio Ultimate ($) video editing and burning: Software Updates ($): Vegas Movie Studio
System Requirements
Media Info supplies technical & tag information about video or audio files
Media Player Classic (MPC)
Video Editing Software Review

Video Download HelperUse It! ( Firefox extension
Tutorial Videos video capture & processing utility for 32-bit Windows, delete, append, or reorder single video file segments
VirtualDubMod open source AVI Editing software at

Category:Video editing software
Category:Video conversion software & Category:Free video conversion software
Avidemux free open source video editing & processing
Comparison of media players
Comparison of video editing software
DirectShow Microsoft API for software developers to perform operations with media files or streams
Flash Video
Linear &
Non-linear editing systems
• List of codecs, open source codecs
List of video editing software
MPEG transport stream
SWFObject open-source JavaScript library for embedding Adobe Flash content into Web pages
Video codec
VirtualDub free open source
VirtualDubMod free open source video codec for PC, Free GNU GPL Software, FAQ, Links, What is Xvid?


Sun Microsystms
VirtualBox Run multiple operating systems at once, Downloads for installations on Linux, Mac, Solaris or Windows; or Souce Code & SDK
    º User Manual

Aylott Computing Windows Utilities authoring, graphics, programming, productivity, updates, utilities
Inno SetupUse It! About, FAQ, Links
• free open source ( not public domain) installer for Windows programs
    º Knowledge Base, 3rd Party Files & Inno Setup QuickStart Pack

PCWorld FileWorld utilities
PCWorld - Win95
Windows 95 -- Tips and Tweaks
Windows Magazine updates, utilities

Winfiles.comUse It! CNET

Yahoo - Windows Software
ZDNet - Win Help

ZIP FILES ($) from ESTsoft, About free WinZip alternative
WinZip Home Page


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