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Association of Management (AoM/IAoM) academicians & professional management practitioners, nonprofit UK club

Fedral Government Data Committee (FGDC)
I-TeamUse It! Geospatial Information Inititiative, cooperative inter-governmental planning (state, local, national)

Federation for Enterprise Knowledge Development (FEND) federation of copmanies & universities
The International Personnel Management Association (IPMA)
National Federation of Independent Business: (NFIB)
National Alliance of Business
The Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership & Leadership Institute for Higher Education (LIHE)

(also see...Total Quality Management)

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Home PageUse It!   US DOE

Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, Inc. (BSC) learning center, glossary

The Balanced Scorecard InstituteUse It! (includes Dept. Navy & other government agencies)
About, Forum, Links (Management), Metrics, Resources, Search, White Papers


The Benchmarking Exchange and Best Practices Homepage (
FAQ, Past, Present and Future, What is Benchmarking?

The Benchmarking Network-Best Practices:
Benchmarking Study Report & Glossary & References:   Library, National Partnership for Reinventing Government
DOE's Business Practices Benchmarking Homepage US Dept of Energy

MCB University Press academic and professional management titles

Business Management & Entrepreneurship Business Education Resource Consortium
Harvard Business School Research ( as seen on PBS!
Eight Steps

Thomas A. Read Center for Distribution Research and Education Texas A&M U

also see.. NonProfit software & free sample plans, About, Links, SiteMap from Palo Alto Software
• "largest single collection of free sample business plans online"
Business Calculators online: Break Even, Cash Flow, Starting Costs..
Finance and Capital
Sample Plans

Business Plans from tools, tips & tactics, Forums

Idea Cafe entrepreneurs help, Links, Search, SiteMap
Business Planning and Sample Plans, About
Competitions ($) search it with Google
BUSINESS: The Ultimate Electronic Resource

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses
Sloan School of Management

Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia
Small Business, About
Management Theories
Risk Management free & confidential small business mentoring, About, News, SiteMap
Business Tools
Online Workshops
Women Entrepreneurs

Scottish Development International
Free export training for Scottish business ( as seen on PBS!
Eight Steps, About
Financing, Franchising
Running a Business


BetterTogether.orgUse It! building social capital, sustained, broad-based social change
Report online
150 Things You can do to Build Social Capital

Chicago Public Library
Digital Collections
    º Historical Gallery

Community Development Foundation, Tupelo, MI, History, Links children changing the world through participation & leadership, About, FAQs

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) Roxbury/North Dorchester area of Boston
Historic Timeline

National Bureau of Economic Research PDF files:
Industrial Areas Foundation Campaigns to Improve Training/Pay of Low-Wage Workers

OrganizationForCommunityNetworks, Ohio
The Politics of Community Mobilization from Brown U
Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF)

Herholdt's Home Page starting a business, SAP
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences: INFORMS
Kennedy Information News, Directory, Research, Directory of Consultants
Kepner-Tregoe, Inc. integrate knowledge base/critical thinking skills with strategy, structure & systems
Management Consulting Firms on the Web: Kennedy Information New Ideas on Leading Your Organization, Community, Self

also see.. §Credit Unions§

Bill Moyers & Company
Chat with Economist Richard Wolff
Richard Wolff on Curing Capitalism

Centre of European Information and Documentation on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy (CIDEC), About
Featured Articles
Getting Started
How it Works Membership Qualifications

European Federation of Employee Share Ownership (EFES) Links
All about Employee Ownership

Givat Haviva Israel
Program Overview
Why Shared Communities?

MONDRAGON Corporation International Business Group, since 1956
Co-operative Experience
Co-operativism Links
MONDRAGON Automoción presents its “Electric car/Sustainable mobility” project
Social WebUse It! why not participate? (Videos)

National Cooperative Business Association USA
Co-op Principles
Start a Co-op

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Center for Cooperatives
Cooperative Topics
How Do You Start a Cooperative?
Research & Publications

    º Category:Cooperative federations
    º Category:Cooperatives
    º Category:Cooperative movement
    º Category:Mondragon Corporation
    º Category:Worker cooperatives
    º History of the cooperative movement
    º List of co-operative federations
    º List of worker cooperatives
Co-operative studies
Co-partnership housing movement
History of the cooperative movement
Arizmendiarrieta, José María
Cooperative federation
Mondragon Corporation
Worker cooperative
Wolff, Richard D.

World Council of Credit Unions
Capitalism Hits the Fan - Richard Wolff


    º Category:Corporate taxation in the United States
    º Category:Types of business entity
Flow-through entity
Joint stock company
Limited liability
Limited liability company
Piercing the corporate veil
S corporation

also see.. Focus

Free Management LibraryUse It! Portal, integrated library for nonprofits & for-profits
Internet Survival Guide of Industrial/Organizational PsychologyUse It! by Filip Lievens
• Links: Organizational ( Development, Psychology ), Teams, Total Quality

MIT E-Commerce Architecture Program information architecture legal, business, technical inputs

National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Prodects, SiteMap
central information source for U.S. Government business publications
Business products Acctg, Employee/HR, Finance, Marketg, Insurance, Law, Technology, Training

Society for Human Resource Management - Links, Site Map

St Charles City County Library, Business & Public Management Services Resources & LinksUse It!

U Florida, Warrington College of Business: Links for General Business InformationUse It!

FOCUS on these sites!
also see.. Find

Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia & How-To's


WEB DIRECTORIES (Government) Alliance for Redesigning Government National Academy of Public Administration
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME): AFL-CIO leading edge tools for asset management, Ausralia

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Home PageUse It!   US DOE

Benchmarking Study Report & Glossary & References:   Library, National Partnership for Reinventing Government
Best Practices Links:   U.S. State & Local Gateway
Best Practices of City Goverments:   U.S. Conference of Mayors
CIO Council interagency forum improving information resource design, use & performance magazine for state & local IT professionals
Community Quality Electronic Network Communities together achieve more than individually
The Council for Excellence in Government E-Government Award Competition, News

Fedral Government Data Committee (FGDC)
I-TeamUse It! Geospatial Information Inititiative, cooperative inter-governmental planning (state, local, national)

FirstGov locating governnment information on the Internet
Government Affairs Page presenting information technology (IT) industry positions events, information technology, News, publications, solution center

ICMA Retirement Corporation retirement plan solutions for public sector employees

Local Government Commission (LGC) - Search, SiteMap
•aonprofit organization building livable communities
Design, Economic Development, Energy, Transportation

National Academy of Public Administration benchmarking the e-government revolution

National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Prodects
central information source for U.S. Government business publications
Business products

Personal & Workplace Resource Centre Bacal & Associates
Public Sector Continuous Improvement Site Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Server, Clemson U
The Public Sector Network A Division of ASQ (American Society for Quality)

LABOR, UNIONS & WORK, Service Contract, Wage Determinations Decisions ( User's Guide )
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (AFL-CIO/CLC)

International Labor OrganizationUse It! (UN) Databases, Library, Links, Safety, Site Map, Training
Key Indicators of the Labour Market
    º Employment-to-population ratio, Hours of work, Unemployment
Indicator Trends

Labor Project for Working FAmilies ( About, Links
Publications & Materials

Meaning of Working (MOW) International Research Program, role work plays in people's lives

PBS television: Juggling Work and Family, About, Forum
Union Initiatives

Report Reveals Worker Motivation, Commitment, Skills: Internat'l Personnel Mangmnt Assoc (IPMA)

US Dept Labor, SiteMap & Search
Benefits Review Board
    º Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act
Compliance Assistance
    º Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act
    º pdf Service Contract Act
Employment Standards Administration (ESA)
    º Laws and Regulations

WWW Virtual Library: Labour and Business History

also see.. §LAW§

Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia, Search ( lawyer )
Do I Need a Business Lawyer?


Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia, Search ( LLC )
How to Form an LLC
LLC Basics

also see.. §Grants/Fundraising/Funding§ UK

Gov.UK: Start your own business
Business finance and support finder

LogLink - LogiBook: 1,500 Logistics Bookmarks


DEMING, W. EDWARDS (1900 - 1993)

British Deming Association
Deming Electronic Network Web Site
Deming Prize info
Electronic Deming Study Group Guide W. Edwards Deming
Electronic Network JUSE Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers
W. Edwards Deming
W. Edwards Deming Institute (, W. Edwards Deming
World Wide Deming Web


Drucker Archives with featured articles, Links, Search some articles by Peter Drucker
The next society Nov 1st 2001, Magazine
When Peter Drucker Speaks by Newt Gingrich (Context Institute) humane sustainable culture
New Priorities, article by Peter Drucker

Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management ($) Claremont Graduate U

Leader to Leader Institute,
(formerly Peter F. Drucker's Foundation for Nonprofit Management)
• Articles by Peter F. Drucker
    º Civilizing the City
    º Managing Knowledge Means Managing Oneself
    º The New Pluralism
    º The Shape of Things to Come
Thought Leaders Forum: Peter F. Drucker, Biography, About Peter F. Drucker, Links

U Western Ontario, Western Libraries, Business Library
Peter F. Drucker (1909 - )

Use It! ( Peter Drucker ) & ( Peter Drucker )

also see.. Business Plans, §GRANTS & FUNDRAISING§, §Groupware & Computer Collaboration§, About, Links, News, SiteMap
Nonprofit Advocacy Project
Technical Assistance and Resources via email, phone, letters
    º NAP Tools E-Advocacy & State Offices
Why a non-profit theater company?

Council on Foundations
Starting a Foundation
Empower Web by and about non-profit organizations listings & reviews national database of nonprofit organizations, About, FAQ, SearchUse It! nonprofits, SiteMap
• Free Benefits, Help With Your Web Site
IRS Form 990 guide to finding & interpreting the information
• ($) Grant Explorer

iComm internet community helping non-profits, About
first step in getting your non-profit online at no cost 40,000 nonprofit & community organizations, About, FAQ, Search or Browse: Organizations
a project of Action Without Borders
Jobs at non-profits

IRS, Charities & Non-Profits
Churches and Religious Orgs
Life Cycle of a Public Charity filing for tax-exempt status, annual returns, mission & purpose changes..
Other Non-Profits
Political Orgs
Private Foundations
Search for Charities exempt organizations list & how much of a contribution is tax deductible

Leader to Leader Institute,
(formerly Peter F. Drucker's Foundation for Nonprofit Management)
• Articles by Peter F. Drucker
    º Civilizing the City
    º Managing Knowledge Means Managing Oneself
    º The New Pluralism
    º The Shape of Things to Come
Articles, Books, Resources, Article Index by Author
    º Aligning Action and Values
    º The Conductor-less Orchestra
    º Discipline of Collaboration
    º Discipline of Virtual Teams
    º Global Power of Tribes
    º Goodbye, Command and Control
    º Journey To Authenticity
    º Leading Resonant Teams
    º Managing Quietly
    º Secrets of Great Groups
    º Sustaining the Ecology of Knowledge
Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool clarify mission, define results, set goals & develop a plan
    º Choosing a Facilitator
    º Five Essential Quetions
    º Process Guide: Mission Statement, Self-Assessment, Recommended Reading
    º Sample Plans
Thought Leaders Forum: Peter F. Drucker, Biography

Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia, Search ( Non Profit )
Five Reasons to Incorporate Your Nonprofit Association
How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation
Nonprofit Basics
Protecting Your Nonprofit Corporation's Tax-Exempt Status
Tax Concerns When Your Nonprofit Corporation Earns Money

Nonprofit Times

    º Category:Non-profit corporations
    º Category:Non-profit organizations
    º Category:Non-profit organizations by type
    º Category:Nonprofit technology
Nonprofit organization

also see.. §MATHEMATICS§, §Optimization§

High School Operations Research ( developing instructional materials for high school mathematics, developing math concepts in real-world contexts
What is Operations Research

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (, About, Links ( Practitioners Portal ), Search
Library: Decision Analysis, Mathematics of Operations Research, Operations Research, Organization Science
OR/MS Resource Collection copyright ($) process industry optimization tools, Links, Search
Operational Research Society of New Zealand with examples of OR/MS in practice

Shane Dye, U Canterbury
Min and Max the O.R. Heroes

( also see.. §PSYCHOLOGY-Learning§ )

Apollo root cause analysis (RCA) training, consulting & software
ASTD Linking Learning and Performance
Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network - About, OD Links
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site - The Four Temperaments, Temperament
Odyssey Mentoring professional mentoring skills, networking, strategic partnerships
The Organization Development Institute
Organizational Learning:   Knowledgebase,
Philadelphia Region Organization Development Network (PRODN) Info Central - About, OD Links
The Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) - Books, Glossary (12 word), Search
Thoughts on Problem Solving: U Michigan
Towards a New Learning Paradigm Training, new paradigm ( - Free Courses:   White Papers
The Wisdom Page awareness of wholeness, particularity, concreteness, & the intricacies of interrelationships

also see.. §Creativity§

Edward De Bono Web Site (Author of) Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking techniques books, Forum, RHETI sample, Dynamics Diagrams, Links, type descriptions
Enneagram Introduction Thomas Chou, Harvard University Graduate Student - Neuroscience
Enneagram Monthly articles, archives

Free Management LibraryUse It! Portal, integrated library for nonprofits & for-profits
Personal Productivity

International Enneagram Association events, Links, web ring
Situation Puzzles Exercises in Critical Thinking

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation - (PBGC) government insured private pension benefits America's only consumer organization solely for protecting and promoting pension rights
PSCA Profit Sharing/ 401(k) Council of America - 401(k) Plans, 401(k) Plan Glossary

National Speakers Bureau “best speakers in canada”
Odyssey Mentoring keynote speaker, workshop or breakout session leader for professional mentoring skills, networking, strategic partnerships Inspire, Challenge & Motivate with Einstein, Franklin, Lincoln, Rogers..

PARNet - Participatory Action Research Cornell University & The Cornell Local Government Program
The Thinking Page Organizational Thinking
What is a System? discUssion and links

also see... Balanced Scorecard, Deming, W. Edwards

American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) - Balanced Scorecard, Benchmarking, Knowledge Management
American Society for Quality:   Company Search, FAQ, Glossary, Site Search, Standards
Changing the Culture: Implementing TQM... CAUSE-Assoc for Managing/Using Information Resources
Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Server Clemson University
National Quality Program The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
Operations Management - Quality / Standards:   Knowledgebase,

Quality DigestUse It! Search, News
Articles, Archive
Buyers Guides
ISO 9000 Database

Quality Industry ads, books, classifieds, forum, news, products, software, suppliers directory
Quality Resources Online
Search Articles, CQPI-Quality & Productivity Improvement U Wisconsin, Madison
TQM BBS File Area Clemson University
TQM In The Public Eye from a book by Robert Bacal



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