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Closed Captioning Web law, Links, services, technology, web ring
Creating Accessible HTML: The Deaf Resource Library
Sign Language Web Site 5 Language Translator, French & Multilingual Dictionaries, Browser Plug-in
Alexa.comUse It! free online web traffic averages & changes for any site

Slinqs.comUse It! free analytics

also see.. Graphics Tutorials, §Illustrators§

3D World SimulationUse It! Java app w/source: dynamics, kinematics, Links, physics, program'g, theory, Tutorial

Absolut Panushka experimental animation Galleries
Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) graphics, animation, emerging media
Animated Fractals
Animated Pages! The MicroMovie MiniMultiplex "largest index of inline animation on the web"
Animation ArtHouse
Animation Blast: Animation World Network
Animation Factory free animated gifs and 3D clipart
Animation Heaven & Hell in 3-D featured animators, Links

Animation Library DOWNLOAD Directory, Links, Reviews, Search

[only the best] Animation Links
Animation Nerd's Paradise articles, news, reviews by Michelle Klein-Hass
Animation World Network Calendar, Exhibitions, Jobs, Kit, News, Reviews, School Database, Store...
Asifa-SF Newsletter text-based DOWNLOAD Animations & Graphics for Your Web Site

BoxTop SoftwareCool Tool! DOWNLOAD GIFmation animation shareware

GIF Animation on the WWW: Royal E. Frazier Jr.

GIF Construction Set ProfessionalCool Tool!: Alchemy Mindworks Animated Gif Utility Animation and Fine Art Gallery
Book Art
Comic Art
Disney Drawings & Model Sheets
Warner Bros. Cels

Havok.comUse It! ($) animation & game development package

Making Micro Movies: MicroMovie MiniMultiplex
ScratchUse It! Free animation software from MIT Media Lab, Lifelong Kindergarten Group
Download & Support

The Simpsons Archive FAQ, Guide, Links, Search... Ulead Systems, Inc. graphics, animation, tutorials, some free stuff
Yahoo Search Comics_and_Animation @Entertainment
Yahoo Search Warner Bros. @News and Media: Television: Genres: Animation
4 Guys From Rolla articles, book reviews, chat, coding tips, FAQ, Links, newsletter, tips
Active Server Corner: articles, books, Links
ASP101 articles, books, forum, Links, newsletter, puzzles, samples, Search, webring

ASP AllianceSee It! advice links, ASP magazine articles, components, Links, newsletter, Search

ASP Developer Network Web Tools, products, services, docs, consultants, bug fixes, FAQs, How-Tos
ASP Forums: InterDevSource books, downloads, forums, Links, software - Authors, code, components, demos, FAQs, Forums, Search
ASP Hole archives, articles, books, code, downloads, forums, Links, News, script, Tutorials, utilities...
ASP Programmers Resource code snippets, components, ecommerce, forum, links, source
ASP Script Downloads: XCent, a few are free
ASP Today online magazine: articles, authors, forums, links
ASP Web Ring ASP101: articles, forum, links, News, samples, Search
ASP Wire
Browscap.ini (Cyscape)
GASP - French ASP
Graphics Server commercial graphics control software tool
Microsoft Active Server
Microsoft ADO Workshop
Microsoft FAQ for ASP
Microsoft Server Technologies (SBN)
Microsoft Site Builder Network Home
Microsoft ASP Support Pages
Multi-server DBA admin tool
Orbera Technologies ASP Database Components & Resources for Professionals
PowerASP code snippets, code wizards, forum, Links, newsletter, hints & tips tutorials
SiteServer MS Site Server, e-commerce & ASP resources Steve Wynkoop
MS SQL Server UK based Consultancy providing SQL Server utilities
TAKempis ASP/ADO books, forum, Links, News, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, tutorials
Web Test Server (Dyess Industries)

Blog, About

Cranial Soup

BOOKS ONLINE orders & reviews only

InformITCool Tool! Free Online Library (formerly from McMillan)

Wrox Press source code from books

ASSOCIATIONS international, non-commercial community of web, internet & intranet professionals, About
Mailing List, Archives

Controlling Document Backgrounds Netscape
Graphics Resources Transparent GIF, Scaling, Depth, Links
Patti's Place
Tutorials: Seamless Backgrounds, Quality Design
Using Background Images..., & Resources Web Developer's Virtual Library

CGI Overview: National Center for Suprcomputing Applciations (NCSA)
Intro, Primer
Writing secure CGI scripts & WWW Security FAQ
archive of CGI programs (ftp Index) 1,000's of resources
CGI, PHP, Web Hosting

Matt's Script Archive Inc. free CGI scripts since 1995
Idiot's Guide to Solving Perl CGI Problems
CGI Ptogramming FAQ
Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Scripts

Sue Miller Art, Clowns

( also see.. §ART-Paints & Pigments§, §VISION-Color§, )

DIRECTORIES-Color Open Directory | |

216 Color ChartUse It! Text & Background Check Standard HTML ColorsUse It! with variable background colors

Browser Safe Color Chart Keith Chisholm (copyable), Safe Web Colours for colour-deficient vision
ColorConverter online RGB to Hex and vice-versa
Color Detector Freeware detects color of any on-screen pixel online RGB & Hex Pallete with dithering

ColorPiker IIUse It! Freeware html download - choose background, text & link colors

Colors Hexidecimal Color Pallete
Color Set Freeware - web site color schemes, palletes, color (hues) grabber:   Arisesoft HTML color codes and names Hex Color Chart
ELA Color Chart 512 Standard Color Table with RGB Values

Ficml.orgc XML tools for fanfiction writers & readers
4096 Color WheelUse It! Javascript by Jemima Pereira, Links

Hexadecimal Color Wheel (javascript downloadable code):   Javascript Source
Improved Color for the World Wide Web article:   International Color Consortium
InnerPeace.Org Freeware Downloads - see 4HexillionColorCombos see color category (javascript routines)
Lisa Explains It All - Adding Color, Color Applet, Color Slider, Color Wheel
Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers:, Download Coded Palletes by Hue & by Value

Pagetutor.comUse It! FAQ, Links, SiteMap
ColorPicker II
Netscape Color Cube

Rich Franzen
Interactive Color Wheel, experiment with saturation, intensity, hue & luma from

Visibone.comUse It!
216-Color Webmaster's Palette poster
Colors, by Karl Shoemaker, AK2O
Online Color Wheel & Tools 216 color (javascript), RGB & Hexidecimal color code table

Web Color Code Table Lynda Weinman's

Aaddzz FREE Access Counters and Trackers free detailed visitors statistics & site ratings, counters, forums.. free web counters & site statistics
CountMaster free if you display their banner
FREE Access Counters and Trackers: Information Access Technologies, Inc. (Aaddzz)
Free WebPage Counter The Underground Network
WebCounter ($35-$580/Yr)

WebTracker, Free, AestheticCool Tool! FXWeb Web Technologies

also see.. §ASCII Characters§

ELA Note: an entity reference between 128 and 159 (such as "™") is incorrect HTML and will not display as you intended on browsers on other platforms.

Additional named entities for HTML from W3C
Appendix A: Full Latin-1 entity set for HTML
Appendix C: Character Entities for special symbols and BIDI text

Bob Baumel, Pages on Cross-Platform Browsing & Advice for Web Authors
Cross-platform text-size variation - keep your designs robust
Using Special Characters on Web Pages: Cross-Platform ConsiderationsUse It!
    º Microsoft Windows characters outside Latin-1
For Mac users - improving readability of pages that use PC font Arial from the Web Design Group
ISO 8859-1 character set overview

Ian Graham's Web/HTML Documentation and Developer's Resource from U Toronto
Introduction to HTML: Special Characters -- Character and Entity References
    º Entity References test browser's support of these entity references
The XHTML 1.0 Language and Design Sourcebook ( Site Download )
    º HTML and XHTML Entity and Character Reference Test Documents..
    º.. Greek letters and symbols
    º.. ISO Latin-1/8859-1 ( 2 )
    º.. Miscellanous characters and symbols, Latin 1 and Unicode characters in & entities

Penn State
Computing with Accents, Symbols & Foreign Scripts
Tips for Developing Non-English Web Sites

R.E. Harvey, Windows Help Files

Web Design GroupUse It! (WDG) (HTML Help by the..)
Web Authoring FAQ
    º Which should I use, &entityname; or &#number; ?
    º ISO 8859-1 character set overview (W3C)
The HTML Coded Character Set

COOKIES OptOut of personal information in web-tracking cookies


Adding a touch of styleUse It! Dave Raggett: W3C

Cascading Style Sheets, designing for the Web (Chp20) Lie & Bos
Cascading Style Sheets Developer Central:
Creating Your First Style Sheet by Eric Meyer: webreviewcom
CSS Links: dmoz Open Directory Project
CSS1 & CSS2 Specifications: W3C
CSS1-Properties Quick Reference Table by Joachim Schwarte
CSS1 Reference:

CSS2 TutorialUse It!

The CSS Anarchist's Cookbook: O'Reilly
CSS Bugs and Workarounds: CSS Pointers Group

CSS Pointers Group ( It! articles, examples, experimental pages, FAQs, Links, resources

A CSS Primer By Scot Hacker: Developer

CSS Quick TutorialUse It! Web Design Group (WDG)

CSS Validator: Jigsaw Demo Site, W3C - Stylesheets, Forums, Search, Tutorials
CSS TutorialUse It! introduction, CSS Links
Free Resources
Online Tools

Effective Use of Style Sheets Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox (1997)
Get Started With Cascading Style Sheets: CNET
Hands-on CSS Tutorial: Stylemaster

HTML Writers Guild, CSS FAQUse It!

Index DOT Css browsers, history, property, support, syntax, :
Information Presentation: Cascading Style Sheets WebSmith:, CSS Stylesheet Properties HowTo
Ken Ward's Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial IE4 Focused
Master Compatibility Chart Eric Meyer:
Mulder's Stylesheets Tutorial: Lycoscom WebMonkey
NGLayout and XML:
Part 1. Style Sheets: Dynamic HTML in Netscape Communicator
Putting Style Sheets in Perspective Tutorial: Web Developer's Virtual Library (
Quick Reference to Cascading Style Sheets, level 1: W3C
The Slacker's Guide to Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial:
Style Sheet Dependence misuse: Web Design Group (WDG);
Style Sheets: A Brief Overview for Designers by Nadja Vol Ochs: MSDN Online
Style Sheets:
Tables CSS2 Specifications: W3C
Uncanny Programming - CSS Tutorial, Part 2: Web Developer's Virtual Library (
Using CSS as a Diagnostic Tool: O'Reilly
W2CSS: Word (Off97) to CSS Translator Shareware & Freeware versions, Lewis Gartenberg

W3C Use It! Cascading Style Sheets home page books, Links, News, Tutorials
CSS Level 2 Recommendation
W3C CSS ValidationUse It! & HTML Validation Service
Guide to Cascading Style Sheets: CSS Properties, Structure & Rules with Selectors

W3J Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial:
HTML Help by The Web Design Group - Cascading Style Sheets - CSSUse It!

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Style sheet (web development)

Writing CSS1 style sheets A short guide by Urban Fredriksson
DESIGN, DESIGNERS (ads) tips & resources

Michael Scott Studios ( Websites, Presentations, Podcasting
plus Fine Art photography, painting, sculpture & drawings

    º Category:Web design
    º Category:Web designers
Internet marketing
Rollover (web design)
Site map
Search engine optimization
Tableless web design
Three-click rule
Web accessibility
Web design
Web typography

Wikiversity: Web design

Dynamic Drive DHTML code library, original DHTML scripts and components
The Dynamic Duo Cross-Browser Dynamic HTML demos, games, project, Tutorials

Dynamic HTML ResourcesA Hub! Directory of dynamic fonts, sites, style sheets, tools, tutorials...

Have you ever experienced DHTML? demos, how-to's, scripts
Jeff Rule's DHTML & SMIL Site articles, book, demos, site & editing tool reviews
Netscape Communicator Dynamic HTML Documentation - Cross-Browser DHTMLUse It!

The WWW Virtual Library: DHTML
Yahoo Search ...Data Formats: HTML


DjVuLibre open source (GPL'ed) implementation of DjVu


W3C CSS Validation Service
W3C Markup Validation Service

Domain Registration DIRECTORIES Open Directory | |

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
List of Accredited & Accreditation-Qualified RegistrarsUse It! <=CHECK HERE before registering!
Links - WhoIs domain name lookup

SOME DOMAIN REGISTRARS Domain Names global News: QuickLinks
Domain Name Glossary And Organizations Chester County Sites:
Glossary of Telecommunication Terms Institute for Telecommunication Sciences: NTIA, US DOC

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority oversees Internet central coordinating functions:
Root-Zone Whois Information URL acronyms for countries Domain Names information page: NetWork
National Telecommunications and Information Administration: US Dept Commerce an alternative to URL's, Free to qualified web communities
Technical Management of Internet Names and Addresses: National Telecommunications & Information Admin, US Dept Commerce or go to... NTIA Home
United States Government Electronic Commerce Policy: US Dept Commerce


FaceBook Developers Tools
Update a Facebook Link

FAVORITE ICONS, Making a favicon, Archives, How to Create a Favicon, How to create your icon graphic with paintshop and a free graphics program, Favicon Creation Tutorial, Custom Favicons why & how to add a Favicon to your site's bookmark

Web Design/Development DIRECTORIES Open Directory | | WWW Virtual Library |

DIRECTORIES-Markup Languages Open Directory | |

Andy Barclay's Bookmarks

Blue Skyways - Track Six: Web Site Creation
Train Station Basics of computers and the Internet, Kansas State Library CNET
Dave Mason's List of Useful Stuff Education links, Page Design, HTML
DevGuru ASP, DL's, JavaScript, Jet SQL, Knowledgbase, Style Sheets, TUTORIALS, VBScript Db, DHTML, Java, Javascript, Stylesheets, XML..

Digital Media Net Directory web portal & Forums
• animation, audio, broadcast, CAD workstations, desktop publishing, game development..
• imaging and design, post production, special effects, streaming media, video.. IT Professional Collaboration, see HTML Form and php topic of discussion
The Free Site home of the Web's best freebies
Gro's Web Art backgrounds, bars, borders, buttons, Celtic designs, dragons, gallery, Links...

Hostfinders.comUse It! find the right price, features, price for your Web Site

A List of HTML Helper Pages Penn Hackney's Page

ADA Center for Students with Disabilities, Idaho State U
Low-Cost Resources: Links, computer access on the cheep:  

Society for Political Methodology, Computing Resources (see Web Authoring) applications, databases, scripting, server software, web
Tools: Jexa, Jeva, Java-font-lock Examiner, Evaluator, Trace Navigator, Libraries-Carl Manning: MIT (ads!), HTML ReferenceUse It! tags & attributes database

Web Developer's Journal Search

WebLab.orgUse It! think tank - innovation on the Web, About, Links
WebmasterBase.comUse It! Domain Names, Hosting, Java & J2EE, Scripts, Stylesheets, PHP & MySQL, XML..

WebMonkey Java, Scripts, Stylesheets, PHP & MySQL, XML.. add-ons, design, hosting, Links - LinksUse It!

The WWW Virtual Library: Guide to Creating Web Sites with HTML, CGI, Java, JavaScript, Graphics..
The WWW Virtual Library: HTML
WWW Virtual Library: World-Wide Web Development

also see.. §Software-FTP§
FTP information and help
MS-DOS and command line overview
How To Connect & Work With An FTP Server From Windows/File Explorer 07/01/2015
DOS's FTP Command from Michael Thomas Tips
List of FTP commands for the Microsoft command-line FTP client check ports 20 & 21
File Transfer Protocol summary of FTP Commands

    º Comparison of FTP client software
    º List of FTP server software
File Transfer Protocol
How to Setup an FTP Server in Windows 10
Benny Vink
    º How do I use ftp on windows 10?
    º How to Setup an FTP Server in Windows 10>

Ecommerce Technology Links: Institute for eCommerce, Carnegie Mellon U
QuickLinks: Internet information, society, legal/regulatory, market, patents, technology
United States Government Electronic Commerce Policy: US Dept Commerce

    º Category:Web 1.0
    º Category:Web 2.0
    º Category:Web standards
    º Category:World Wide Web
Mashup (web application hybrid)

Changing Source Code Editor in Internet Explorer (Q163606):

also see.. §MATH (Notation)§

Bosshard's Printing Primer

Bruce A. Johnson: HTML Special Characters

Design Science
MathPlayer plug-in for Internet Explorer

ELA Notes
Mathematical Notation & Greek alphabet for HTML
ASCIIMathML coding using MathJax ($)
Prototype Experimental Foundry experimental typefaces

Mathematical Symbols in Unicode @Penn State U

Mathjax.orgUse It! call remote mathjax from any web page or download the app to your server or hard drive
    º Installing and Testing MathJax
Getting Started

Metric Typographic Units by Markus Günther Kuhn - Typography, Truetype fonts
Developer Information - developers of TrueType and OpenType fonts and dependent applications
Free fonts & utilities - Font embedding for the Web, Font Properties Extension Utility, Font Smoothng
Links ($)

TeX Users Group TeX typesetting system for education & science, FAQ
Getting started
History of TeX
Showcase, Typography Museums
• Software: Downloads/CTAN, (La)TeX applications (La)TeX applications, ProTeXt, TeX Live
Web Resources legal issues, fonts as intellectual property - Links
Typofile Magazine online
HTML Math <MATH> element
    º MathML Software List
HTML Symbol Entities Reference

Web Page Design for Designers: typography TUTORIAL, digital type by Joe Gillespie

    º Category:Digital typography
    º Category:Mathematical markup languages
    º Category:Typography
    º Portal:Typography
    º WikiProject Graphic design
    º WikiProject Typography
Character (symbol)
History of Western typography
Hot metal typesetting
Letter (alphabet)
Mathematical markup languages
Mathematical notation
MathML Mathematical Markup Language, XML app
Sign (semiotics)
Web typography


BizWiz Business BBS Network from
Digital Media Net Directory web portal & Forums
• animation, audio, broadcast, CAD workstations, desktop publishing, game development..
• imaging and design, post production, special effects, streaming media, video.. searchable archives of discussion forums Intranets free interactive intranets (create your own)

FRAMES - FrameShop - frames tutorialUse It! pulldown menu within a frames setting - Frames Help Links

Dr. K's Brief Intro to FramesUse It! plus Links:   Dept Telecommunications, Bowling Green State U - Frames Tutorials - HTML Frames - Frames & Inline FramesUse It! - Frames:   Guide to HTML - Frames:   HTML Advanced Topics, Tips, Tools, and Helpware
Lisa Explains it All - Frames Tutorial, Mike and Associates - Frames Tutorial - Frames Tutorial
Frames Basics
Frames: an Introduction - Frames Tutor - Search Engines And Frames, Danny Sullivan:   Search Engine Submission Tips
Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial 5 lesson tutorial
U North Carolina - Frames Tutorial:   Information and Library Science

W3C.orgUse It!
Implementing HTML Frames   Technical Reports and Publications Jonny's HTML Headquarters
Crashcourse in FramesUse It! with some Javascript
Jonny's Frames Tutorial

Web/HTML Documentation and Developer's Resource, U Toronto
Netscape FRAME Element from Browsers, Viewers and HTML Preparation Resources

WebMonkey, Hotwired! (   Frames Are a Picnic (   Developer's Corner
Framing the Web
Frames Cheat Sheet [summary]

also see... Graphics Tutorials & Software, Images, §SOFTWARE§

3-D Animation Workshop step by step 3D graphics & animation text editor for the internet

Microsoft - DirectX free Download, Windows multimedia graphics, sound, music & 3-D animation, FAQ, About ( Overview ), Forums
• cross-platform standard for 3D rendering & 3D hardware acceleration, applications developers DO NOT need license
Coding Resources
• Users page for 3D Professional and Consumer Users & Gamers

POV-RayUse It! free, Open Source Software, Persistence of Vision Raytracer
Documentation, Download, FAQ, NewsGroups
Resources - Links, Image Galleries & Wings Linux files

Wings3D.comUse It! (OS Independent) polygon mesh modeller easy for beginners & advanced users
• Free Open Source Download from
Wings Tutorials

including.. Paint Shop Pro
also see.. Animation, §ART§, §COMPUTER ART§, Images, Graphics-3D, §Illustrators§, Software, §SOFTWARE§

3-D Animation Workshop step by step 3D graphics & animation, Graphics Software
ACM SIGGRAPH Online! acquisition & exchange of information ($) Software: Eye Candy & Image Doctor
• Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, & Fireworks filters + plugins for print, Web & photo restoration work

Amanda's Amazing Homepage, Graphics
Artists Paint and Pixel, About, Links ( Galleries, Reference ) SiteMap
Pixel science of computer graphics (Adobe, Quark, Quictime, Word)
Raster vs Vector & Postscript, About, Free Software
PixelToolboxUse It! Free Open Source (GNU General Public License) 3D content creation suite for all major operating systems, model, shade, animate, render, composite, interactive 3d, Chatboxes, FAQ, Forums
Features & Gallery: Gallery
Hot Keys
Wiki Documentation
User's Manual
Tutorials Main Index & Links, Painter artist's software - Photoshop Tutorials Art by Eric L. Hayes & LOGOISM: The Bridge Between Art and Mathematics
Set Paint Go software

David J. Hark , SiteMap
Graphic Design for the Web

Designs by Joy TutorialsUse It! Links

Firelily DesignsUse It! Gallery
Glass Lilies
Photoshop and Photography Tutorials ($) Software
Goodies & Freebies
Super BladePro ($30) plug-in filter for Paint Shop Pro & Photoshop combines textures with bevels & mirrorlike reflections

GIF & JPEG compression & optimization: Spinwave

GIMPUse It! free Open Source Paint & Draw Tools from, by Tor Lillgvist
Download Stable Version
Graphics Resources Background, Transparent GIF, Scaling, Depth, Links
Graphics Tutorials:

Home Grown Graphics Workshop TUTORIALS Free Open Source vector graphics editor

JayDax Computer Information Centre: Tutorials on Genealogy, Java Lakes PaintShop Pro, PowerPoint
David Griffiths Lake applet*** by David Griffiths

Make Your Own Animated gifs
Making Micro Movies: MicroMovie MiniMultiplex
MapEdit WWW Imagemap Editing Software $25, 30 day Free eval'n Download
Media Builder Free Web Tools Downloads, Search ($) Character Builder, add an animated Flash character to your site
Optimize an Image make your Web graphic small for fast downloads: Adobe Systems Inc.
Articles & Software Reviews
Gallery 1, 2, 3, 4
Technique Shockwave movie

The Pixel Foundry Tips, Techniques, Links

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Site, About
Programming Resources

POV-RayUse It! free, Open Source Software, Persistence of Vision Raytracer
Documentation, Download, FAQ, NewsGroups
Resources - Links

Retouchpro.comUse It! 2 Gigabytes of free information & illustrations, Forums
Photoshop, Elements, Paintshop Pro, Painter, PhotoImpact, The Gimp, Picture Window Pro, and all other photo editing applications

Rich Franzen
Interactive Color Wheel, experiment with saturation, intensity, hue & luma from
Kodak Lossless True Color Image Suite
PNG image format, Gallery
PseudoGreys Squeezing 1786 Grey Levels out of 256 Possiblitie, HTML Tutorial by David K. Small
see Images, Lesson 8 ($) supplies, Woodinville, WA, Stocklist stained glass images
Splines, Animation and Virtual Reality openGL dlls, Graphics Tutorial, Links, Rubber app, physics
The Visualization Toolkit (vtk) Software & Examples
VL-WWW: Graphics professional graphics tablets, TabletWizard locates your best tablet
Web Graphics:   TeamWeb, U Texas
Web Graphics Tools: PC Magazine Reviews
Wikimedia, Commons: Graphics Lab
GIMP free software raster graphics editor

pascal sibertin active art on a Wacom Graphics Tablet


1960 PC Users Group Graphics Sig
Tips Tricks with PSP 5
    º Stained Glass from a Picture
    º Stained Glass from ScratchUse It! & Tiling (Ads!) Graphics Software
Jasc Paint Shop Pro User Resources
    º Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes: free & commercial

Amanda's Amazing- Homepage, Graphics
Tutorials, Tutorials
• Paint Shop Pro Tips, Tutorials ($) Software: Eye Candy & Image Doctor
• Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, & Fireworks filters + plugins for print, Web & photo restoration work

Abstract PSP Dimensions, Paint Shop Pro Text Tutorial

Barbara-Goose, Snow Globes
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials, Decorative Edges Using Masks
Paint Shop Pro Tutorial Table of Contents

Bruce's Paint Shop Pro Tips with PSP Tubes

Designs by Joy Tutorials, Links
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
    º Calling Cards, Background Effects, Cutouts and ( Color )
    º Glass Frames, Globes-Egg shape, A Gem
    º Mosaic Effect
    º Neon Effect
    º SnowScape Filter, StainGlass
    º Text on a Path, Tiny Gifs
Getting Started with PSP

DottysDiner.comUse It! Links ( Graphics, Tubes & PSP Tutorials )
Paint Shop Pro Gallery with Links to related Tutorials, Paint Shop Pro Tutorials ($) Software
Goodies & Freebies
Super BladePro ($30) plug-in filter for Paint Shop Pro & Photoshop combines textures with bevels & mirrorlike reflections, PSP 5.0 Tutorials & More
• Tutorials in PSP 6
    º Making Stained Glass Lamps, Stained Glass Shop
• Images, Patterns & Finished Creations
Tutorials I Basic Steps: Includes Making Transparent Suncatchers, Framing, Sodering & Variations
Tutorial 2: Filling, Soder Lines, Framing, PSP ( Tutorials, Links )
Etched Glass Window
Glassing Text without plugins
Stained Glass: Butterfly PSP Frames for Easy..
    º Creating Stained Glass Windows with PSP 7 & BladePro or similar plugin
Lighthouse Beam
PSP Frames Beginners tutorial, Paint Shop Pro 6 Tutorials

IntimatExpressionGifts.comUse It! Tutorials
• Animated ( Lake, Snow )
Glass Globe Tubes, Globe under Glass
• Neon ( Text/Graphics Effects, Text Variation )
• PSP: Installing Filters and Files, Resources
• Sig Tags: Forever and Always Sweetheart, Mosaic Fantasy
Stained Glass Suncatcher with PSP 7

Jasc Software PSP Download, Tutorials & NewsGroup
Karren J. Wcisel ( - Creating Image Maps - Paint Shop Pro 6: Web Development HTML..

Nancy's Graphics, Links
Gallery, Holidays
Tubes: Making Tubes
    º Text: Curved PSP 6, Circular, Deformed
    º Stained Glass Effect
    º Using BladePro
Web Sets

Paint Shop Pro Help and Hints
Paint Shop Pro Interactive Zone (, Tutorials
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials and Tips: Khiba's Page
Paint Shop Pro Tips & Tutorials: Jasc Software

Paint Shop Pro Users GroupUse It! Chat, Forum, Gallery, News, Tips/Tricks, Tutorials, Web Ring

PSP Interactive ZoneUse It!

Retouchpro.comUse It! 2 Gigabytes of free information & illustrations
    º Technique, Photo-Based Art: Stained Glass using Paint Shop Pro PSP
Photoshop, Elements, Paintshop Pro, Painter, PhotoImpact, The Gimp, Picture Window Pro, and all other photo editing applications

Robin's ( Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and Web Design Resources
Paint Shop Resources Use It! Paint Shop Pro Tutorials Links
General Resources Links to PSP tutorials ($) supplies, Woodinville, WA, Stocklist stained glass images Webgraphics, tutorials for PSP 4, 5, 6 & 7 + BladePro presets & tutorials
• PSP4
    º Stained Glass
    º Text: 3D Metal, Frozen, Glass, Jade, Vanishing Point
• PSP5
    º 3D Embossing
    º Screws from Scratch
    º Text: 3D Metal, Burning Ember, Flame, Glass, Varnishing
• PSP 6
    º Eyes
    º Text Around a Circular Path
    º Vector Shapes
• PSP 7
    º Paint Effect, Impressionism, Watercolors from Photos
    º Pen and Ink Color Illustration

Sumrall Works Inc. Paint Shop Pro Tutorials, alt: Web Studio PSP tubes, vector shapes, plugins, Blade Pro Tips & Tricks
Tricks, Tubes, Vector Shapes
Paint Shop Pro tutorials
    º Brandy Snifters ( & from Vector Shapes ) or any other blown glassware
    º Drilled Glass Beads, Glass Domed Frames
    º Stained Glass Butterflies

Visual Sonnets
Tutorial on Stained Glass Effects
Paint Shop Pro 5 Tutorials

HELP (HTML) Beginners to Advanced, TUTORIALS
also see.. Special Characters (HTML)

AX2NET ActiveX/COM, Links, OCX, tools, VBScript, Visual Basic

Bare Bones Guide to HTMLUse It! from Kevin Werbach

Beginner's Guide to HTML National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Bellcrest Web Design, Tips and Tricks Links
The Common Gateway Interface (cgi): NCSA
Create Your Own Web Page Small Planet Home Page
Creating Killer Websites based on the book:, Chat, Code Snippets, Forums, Tutorials
• Web Design, Hosting, Promotion

Demonstration of Basic and Advanced HTML Tags: U Texas, El paso

Developing Webs.netUse It! "Total Guidance for Building and Maintaining Web Sites&quot;

DevGuruUse It! ASP, JavaScript, Jet SQL, Knowledgbase, Quick Ref's, Style Sheets, Tutorials, VBScript

Document OzoneCool Site! tutorials, design, images, backgrounds, animations “complete guide to HTML”
Dynamic HTML Guru, Forums, Search, Tutorials
Free Resources
Online Tools

EEVL: the Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing, About, SiteMap
• from the UK's institutional and university information specialists
Web Tutorials: The RDN Virtual Training Suite (VTS)
    º Internet AviatorUse It!

Elementary HTML Tags Brian Collamore, Cornell U
Elements of Style (pdf) Strunk, W., Jr. and White, E.B. HTML Code Tutorial by Idocs Inc.
    º Attribute for APPLET ... ARCHIVE = “URL”

General Page Creation Information Internet Tools Summary Links
Georgetown Guide to the Web admin/MAINT, advanced, copyright, getting started, organization/design
Gorin & Cook, Inc. - A Fifteen Minute Class: How to Write Web Pages in HTML 2.0
How to Write for the Web
HTML 3.0: A Guide for Web Developers tutorials Links

HTML 4.0 ReferenceA Source! Web Design Group (WDG)
Elements, Entities

HTML 4.0 SpecificationA Source! W3C

HTML 4.0 Specification (2) W3C

HTML BasicsHelp! Jump Start

HTML for Beginners Microsoft MSDN Online - Web Workshop - Adding Email Forms

HTML Development Home PageUse It! by Ross Koning,   Eastern Connecticut State U

HtmlFixit.comUse It!
    º XHTML vs HTML
W3C Validator Error messages.. what they actually mean

HTMLib Index: Referenced by Tag Type
HTML Made Really Easy

HTMLprimer.comUse It! create your own web pages in a few minutes

HTML Resources class outlines: U Memphis
HTML Resources HTML Writer's Guild
HTML With Style HTML Help, Web Page & Site Design Tutorials:
Hypertext Markup Language
Hypertext Markup Language

Ian Graham's Web/HTML Documentation and Developer's ResourceUse It! from U Toronto

Ideography electronic publishing & graphics techniques, information design, typography: Conrad Taylor

InformITCool Tool! Free Online Library (formerly from McMillan)   HTML Advanced Topics, Tips, Tools, and Helpware
Joe Expert HTML & web technologies Search Engine, forum, Q&A

JR's Education PageUse It! Quick Notes - HTML, Quick Reference Guide, SiteMap

Internet Technologies and Products Netscape DevEdge Online

IT and communication by Jukka “Yucca” Korpela
The Internet at large
Web authoring and surfing

Jump StartUse It! Tutorials, Tools & Links

Karren J. Wcisel ( - Web Development HTML Resources
Kira's Web Toolbox Modifies Sun Java documentation bookstore, color, links, training videos, tutorials
Mavweb ASP, Color Chart, Javascript, HTML, Mouseover Wizard, Style
Media Builder Free Web Tools Downloads, Search
META Tagging for Search Engines Web Developer's Virtual Library

Mike Smith, U of Brighton
A guide to HTML and to CGI scripts

The NCSA HTTPD Home Page Links to Image Mapping & CGI
Netscape - Controlling Document Backgrounds

Netscape DevEdge OnlineCool Tool! Web Building, Documentation, Technologies, Support, News, Code...

Oregon State U, Web Support: Tutorials

Pagetutor.comUse It! FAQ, Links, SiteMap
Barebones HTML Guide
ColorPicker II
CSS/Stylesheet Primer
Download Tutorials
Javascript Tutor
How to keep an idiot busy...
Meta Tag Primer
PageTutor: Basic HTML, Forms, Frames, Tables

PC Webopaedia: Hypertext Markup Language, Links

Programming TutorialCool Tool! Web Developer's Virtual Library

ProjectCool Searchable Microsoft Interdev Site, Links
Review of Web Style Guides NCSA - National Center for Supercomputing
Site Builder css, editors, ftp, html, scripts, xhtml, xml: UK
Site Building and Human Factor: State of Israel
Sites Related to Web Site Development 1996 Links, HTML Tutorial by David K. Small
TeamWeb:   U Texas
The Tools of the Trade:
Tutorials QuaLitty Design

U Kansas, Academic Computing Services - How To's and Guides
HTML Quick Reference
An instantaneous introduction to CGI scripts and HTML forms

Using inline framesUse It! with scrollable tables

Using Perl for Web ProgrammingUse It! covers cgi, databases, DHTML, search, security, etc: David Harlan

The Virtual Library of WWW DevelopmentCool Tool!
Visibone.comUse It!Color, HTML, JavaScript, Regular Expressions, Style Sheets

W3C - Use It! HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
Alternative Web Browsing
Getting started with HTML by Dave Raggett
Advanced HTML, Adding a touch of style
MarkUp Validation ServiceUse It! checks documents online for conformance
Web Accessibility Resources - Content Guidelines 1.0: Checklists for ( Authoring Tools, Content, User Agents ), Evaluating, Evaluation and Repair Tools
XHTML Modules and Markup Languages (ads!), HTML ReferenceUse It! tags & attributes database
Web Authoring - Site Builder Network Microsoft

Web Design GroupUse It! (WDG) (HTML Help by the..)
Web Authoring FAQ
    º Which should I use, &entityname; or &#number; ?
    º ISO 8859-1 character set overview

Web Developer's Handbook
Web Developer's Virtual LibraryCool Tool! (2) Microsoft

WebmasterBase.comUse It! Domain Names, Hosting, Java & J2EE, Scripts, Stylesheets, PHP & MySQL, XML articles, Links, tools, services

WebSiteTips.comUse It!

Web Style Microsoft Magazine
WebTeacher: Tips & Tutorials
Web Technology Made Really Easy

The Web WriterUse It! Tools, Links, Articles

The Wererat's Tutorials Javascript and Graphics (some specific uses)
Wide Area Networks Reference Materials: U Tenn forms, graphics, HTML, Java, Javascript, Perl...
Web Developer's Virtual Library
3D CAfe Graphic Artist Resources
Web Publishing Online Resource

Window Spawning in RemotesUse It! Launching a Window with HTML:

Writing HTML Documents Links to fancy HTML, color, standards, tables...

WWW Development Resources HTML Writer's Guild
WWW Help Page Best Design Links, bare bones guide, FAQ...
XML Tutorial

Yale U, Yale-New Haven Medical Center - Web Style GuideUse It! online & Book

ZDNet Developer tag library, Java, Javascript, HTML, Links...

DIRECTORIES-HTML Open Directory | |

HTMLscript interactive documents using a few extra HTML tags


BigNoseBird.Com's IMAGE MAP Page:
Clickable Image Maps, by Russ Jones:   O'
Client-Side Image Maps by Patrick Corcoran (1996):   WebMonkey at Hhotwired! (
Creating HTML Image Maps:   Web Building tutorials,
Creating Imagemaps (clickable images):   HTML Guide,
Developing "Total Guidance for Building and Maintaining Web Sites&quot; free funny hand-drawn electronic greeting cards
Imagemap Authoring Guide and Tutorial Sites:
Imagemap Help Page
Image Maps:   Web Graphics, TeamWeb, U Texas
Image Maps:   Web Tools, Curry School of Education, U Virginia
ImageMap Tutorial:   CIX Internet Tutorials (Web Authoring),
Image Map Tutorial Main Page:, Kaspar Stromme
Image Map Tutorials:
Karren J. Wcisel ( - Creating Image Maps (Paint Shop Pro 6) Web Development HTML..
Lesson Twenty - Image Maps:   HTML tutorials by John C. Gilson
Lightwave Group, Generating Accurate Image Maps
Links to Tutorials & Software: web: authoring: graphics: imagemaps
MapEdit imagemap editing Software:
NCSA Imagemap Tutorial:   Tutorials, NCSA HTTPd, Home

Web Design Group (WDG) (HTML Help by the..)
HTML 4.0 Elements, MAP - Image MapUse It!

What's wrong with image maps?:   David Warren Steel

Zen and the art of image mapsUse It! ZDNet Article

also see... §ART§, Graphics-3D, Graphics Tutorials & Software, §Photographic§ §SOFTWARE§

Image Focus
Google, Wikipedia Public Domain

120 Rule Bar Collection Michael Hildebrandt, Forums just a few images per page, time consuming
Banners, Bullets, Buttons
Dividers, Flags
GUI Tools
Icons, Maps
Signs & Symbols
Textures, Backgrounds
• Web: Elements, Templates

Absolute Web Graphics ArchiveoK arrows, balls, bullets, buttons, clipart, icons, lines... Andre Noel's Cartoons Comic Strips and Caricatures
Andrew's GraphXKingdom Icons, well organized categories plus Links
Anthony's Icons - drawing one page list

AntiqueMapsAndPrints.comUse It! SiteMap

Art Today (commercial, $29.95/yr) 40,000 free images
Background Paradise free for non-commercial use

Backgrounds by MarieUse It! from

Boostmom's, Links
Graphics - GD Graphics LibraryUse It! open source freeware)

Busybee Free Web GraphicsNice! animated gifs, banners, bars, basics, bullets, wallpaper

Catch the Wave: ZDTV article - jpeg 2000 fast download wavelet technology
CatStuff Graphics animations, backgrounds, banners, buttons, clipart, icons, tips...
Chemistry Images:
Clip Art: Image Paradise

Clip-Art.ComBy Subject! free downloads, lots of categories

Clip Art Connection
Clip Art SearcherO'Tah! Search the Web for gif, jpeg, wav... files

Clip Art Universe Free FAQ
CountryLaneGraphics.comUse It!
Creative Insanity Inc. Cute Image Library, Links to Free Graphics
Paint Shop Pro Gallery with Links to related Tutorials

The Early American Digital Library unique, many one-of-a-kind, 200 year old engravings from paintings
Eos Development, Graphics
EuroSeek Search: clipart
FindLaw Medical Images 10,000 images:
Fingers and Toes counter & clock digit styles, graphics Links

FlamingText.comUse It! (Ads!) HTML, Search, Online Tools
Backgrounds, Bullets, Buttons
Logo Tool online
Photo Tool online
Rule Bars not the greatest stuff
Free Motion (Freemo) Graphics, some nice work, borders, tips categorical folders
GIFPILE top 2600 FREE links & Homepages at

Ginger's Old Tyme Graphics Emporium, Virginia A. Cisewski
Google Books Ngram Viewer word/phrase usage graph builder: Info

Google.comUse It! image web Search Engine

The Graphics Place
the Graphics Ring Web Ring
the Graphics Station

Gro's Web ArtCool Site! backgrounds, bars, borders, buttons, Celtic designs, dragons, gallery, Links...

Horizontal Rules (cartoony), Free Images
IconArchive.comUse It! over 7000 high quality icons (gif, ico, jpeg), Construction Signs

The Icon Browser Searchable Database (gif)
The Icon and Image Bazaar**
Image Files Database** Links & Descriptions of Download Sites
ISU HTML ICON Catalog: Indiana State U
Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site

Link CityA Hub!   Web Graphics

Lipstick Motif borders, free for non-commercial
Media Link
NASA Photo Gallery

Octagamm's Ball BoutiqueHave a Ball! free graphics spheres, orbs, round things...

Painter's Workshop

Paint Shop ProUse It! Jasc Software & NEWSGROUP

Pambytes Free Web Graphics
Patti's Place
plotutils C++ Plotting utilities & graphics export library: GNU free Software Project
Shawn's Clip Art & Webateria free for non-profit use, shadowed mad characters, Tshirts
Strawberry Field Graphics free for non-commercial
Testing Interpolator Quality plus Panorama Tools by Helmut Dersch
Tom's Gallery collection of Artists animated gif's
the Virtual Foliage Home Page: U Wisconsin
Web Design by Rita Peitz, commercial Floral & Romantic Design Sets
Web Graphics Data Bank animated gifs, backgrounds, buttons, icons, lines (& donate yours)
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Computer Graphics & Visualization Computer Graphics Directory
Yahoo Search: clip_art @computers & internet: graphics

also see.. §Web Bots, Crawlers, Spiders§

BiggByte Software's Home Page InfoLink Checker Software
bugkilla java tools for the functional test of J2EE Web Applications, JavaDoc

Google Search for
"link checker" site:
"link checker" "java" site:
"Link Checker" "Open Source"
"Link Checker" "Open Source" "Java"

htCheck, FAQ
• free, open source GNU/Linux C++ link checking software with MySQL database
Features, General Info

Internet Archive Wayback Machine, surf more than 10 billion web pages from the past

JCheckLinks java hyperlink validator; Open Source GNU & GNU Lesser General Public License

Jenu multithreaded, Java 1.3 (swing) based Web site URL Link checker download

Link Checker V1.6B (ads!) for JDK 1.1, by Robert J. Tiess
source codeUse It! compiles with JDK1.4
• source code contains tripod javascript and so appears as html page; use view source

Link Checker for Java 2 instructions, Software for Java (TM) 2
(see Link Checker download, ~$15 registration)

Linklint - fast, free Open Source Perl html link checker, Documentation
LinkVerify Java 1.1 free Open Source
OpenSourceTesting.orgUse It! Link Checkers Link CheckerUse It! online tool & Open Source Perl Download: Install Locally install instructions with links to other dependent modules
Documentation, Error Messages
Web Site Link Checking Tools

Wired News, News, School
Rotten Links Hamper Learning

Xenu's Link Sleuth

XML for <SCRIPT>'s Link Checker

MACROMEDIA UTILITIES ($) - SiteMap, Designer & Developer Center:   XML; Products
ColdFusion Server; for JEEE
DreamWeaver - Tutorial & Article Index
Homesite Text Editor
JRun J2EE compatible Server, Support, Tutorial & Article Index & Free Developer Version Download
Studio integrated suite of tools & ColdFusion: Application Development Center;   Upgrade Pricing
UltraDev4: Support, see ISP's recommended Tutorial & Article Index

WebMonkey ( - Becoming a Flash 5 Master

NIST Web Metrics: Web Usability Resources, VUG group,
MOZILLA, Why Mozilla matters
Mozilla Development ( Free Project Hosting for the Mozilla community
Community, About, Chat, FAQ, Links
Creating Applications with Mozilla, ContentsUse It! online book
Projects: Top 50, Categories, Active, External,     Start new project
Resources: Bug Tracking, Documentation, Mailing Lists, Source Hosting, Wiki,     All Resources, About, SiteMap

15 Seconds
Action Jackson Web Developer Central
Australian Visual Developers Forum Visual Basic, Delphi and Internet development
Developers Domain
The Development Exchange
Intrnet Design Magazine
Mind: Microsoft Internet Developer, Code & Backissues
W3J: World Wide Web Journal Library: security, scripting, html, specifications
Web Developer's Journal Search articles, authoring, design, Search, XML
Wrox Web Developer Community Pages


    º Category:Link analysis
    º Category:Search engine optimization
Google matrix
Topic-Sensitive PageRank
Web search engine

PDF (Adobe Acrobat) Files
also see.. PDF to HTML Transform

Access.Adobe.comUse It! online PDF to HTML file Conversion & Advanced Form Acrobat, Acrobat Reader... Acrobat Plugins,  free Command-line PDF tools-register & Convert to PDF/HTML

DocMorph (free registration required):   US Natinal Library of Medicine
• Optical Character Recognition, File Conversion, create PDF or TIFF Files/images, Speech Synthesize

Essential Windows NT Software on the NetUse It!
from Ross Garrett Cutler, Ph.D. Computer Science Dept, U Maryland

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSviewUse It!
• interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF, and related software and documentation

PDFcreator creates PDFs from any Windows program
• Free Open Source (Visual Basic) from Free Open Source Download to PDF-enable your software or generate server-side PDF
Aladdin Free Public License

PDF Utilities Links to third-party plug-ins & utilities for Acrobat Viewers & PDF Files - Knowledgebase
Document Management
Utilities Free Open Source Projects
gnujpdf Java package (gnu.jpdf.*) for generating & printing PDF files, formerly retepPDF by Peter Mount
JPedal Java Pdf Extraction Decoding Access Library is a java class library to rasterize the pages, extract images and text as well as to access the more basic pdf object tree
PDFBox Java PDF Library, access all PDF document components; PDF to text output
PJX PDF Java programming library for reading, combining, manipulating & writing PDF documents

also see.. PHP, §Programming§

ELA NOTE: to build Perl you need a § C § compilation environment
ActivePerl free Download for Linux, Solaris or Windows: Downloads Home Page standard library for creating Perl CGI scripts (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) collection of Perl software & documentation, FAQs ( CPAN, Perl ), Links module to download & install software from CPAN archive
Mirror Sites ( Interactive Map )
Modules, Distributions & Authors

Index of Perl/HTML archives
Matt's Perlscript Pages
Matt's Script Archive, Open Books ProjectUse It! "open" copyright online books
Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason
Web Client Programming with PerlUse It! Automating Tasks on the Web by Clinton Wong, 1st Ed Mar-97, FAQs, Search ( Advanced )
Article Archive
CPAN Mirror Site
Downloading the Latest Version of Perl ( Help; Binaries: Macintosh, Win32, Unix, Linux; Source Code: Stable Release, License )

perlinfo at Feenix
The Perl Language Home Page
Books & Articles
Online Documentation
    º Online Library
Win32 Perl Wiki Installing Perl on Windows

Perl scripts rtf feeder connverts to html:   Theory.orgUse It!

Perl for Web Site Management book by John Callender
Beginner's Guide to CGI Scripting with Perl online Tutorial
• Code examples (from book) Archive: pwsm_ex.tar.gz,
Confessions of an accidental programmer
Perl debugging tips for beginners

Teach Yourself CGI Programming with Perl

U Birmingham SupportWeb, Tutorials: Online or Download: LatestTutorialArchive.tar.gz,
Perl 5

PHP Scripting
also see.. §JavaScript§, Scripts, §MySql§, PERL, §Programming§

DIRECTORIES-PHP Open Directory | |

BantliSolutions - Links to PHP/MySQL and Web Database Resources!) - PHP Code, Forum - alt.php & PHP forum archives

Developer Shed ( PHP articles, Tutorials
ARTICLES from Developer Shed:
Building an Extensible Menu Class with OOP
PDF Generation
PHP3 Introduction
The Soothingly Seamless Setup of Apache, SSL, MySQL, and PHP
Using PHP with Java Articles, Code, Quick Reference, Scripts, Search, - Links, PHP Guidelines, Tip Harvester
Forms and Javascript
Multiple Pages With PHP
Regular Expression Basics (Cold Fusion tested phrases) searchable archives of discussion forums

Firepages.comUse It! free PHP Dev Package, integrated PHP & MySQL with Apache Server (11.5 Mb)

HotScripts.comUse It! : PHP
Links, Links(Articles), Search, Scripts and Programs, Software and Servers, Tips and Tutorials

Jax Homepage - PHP scripts - PHP Complete: Links, Tutorials (O'Reilly's), PHP DevCenter - PHP Pocket ReferenceUse It!
Basic Installation of PHP on a Unix System
PHP and Java
Universal Web Form Processor

Owl Intranet Knowledgebase Engine
• multi user PHP document management system (DMS) for web publishing files/documents
• free Open Source software from - Articles, Code Library, Forums, Search manual, Tutorials
ARTICLES from PhpBuilder:
Graphing With PHP and GDUse It! (using the GD Graphics Library open source freeware by

PHP Classes Repository - Mirror site selection - Scripts, Search, Tutorials
PHP Developers Network - Forums (Ads!)
Articles & News, general Documentation Manuals
Forums (other), Links
MySql Reference, PHP Reference
Scripts, Tutorials, Tutorial Web Links
ARTICLES from PHPfreaks:
Function Based PHP Tutorial

PhpGedView parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files & displays internet formats & charts
• free Open Source software from ($??) - Formproc v3 form processor script ($) a few free downloads

PHP.netUse It! Hypertext Preprocessor scripting language, project of the Apache Software Foundation
Documentation, Downloads, Download Docs FAQ, Links, MailingLists, Manual, Tutorial articles, book reviews, database related, Design, Forum, Script/Software, Tutorials..
Rémi Peyronnet (French) Bookmarks
Sheridan: School of Computing - MySQL/PHP Database Scripting

Simple File Manager SFM (ONEdotOH) web based file management utility, alternative to FTP
• Free Open Source download from project (language: PHP)

TECFA's PHP Page - Links, Links( Applications / Examples) Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache in 24 Hours, Julie Melonie - Books, Tutorials
ARTICLES (pdf) from
Custom Error Messages When Using $PHP_SELF as Form Action

WebCalendarUse It! (PHP) calendar for a single user or an intranet group
• free Open Source software from Articles, Forums, Links, Tutorials - PHP and MySQL - FastTemplate [ FastTemplate Article ]
WebMonkey ( PHP/MySQL Tutorial (p2p Resource Center) PHP- Archive, Faq, Function Reference, How To
• PHP Forum Archive: questionnaire Thread
Applications, Articles, Code, Forums, Help
PHP Documentation & Downloads, PHP Links
Tips, Tutorials, XML, Intelligent CMS: Web Form Best Practices
Top 21 PHP progamming mistakes
Using Java objects in PHP scripts


also see.. SiteMaps
About /robots.txt

A Standard for Robot Exclusion: The Web Robots Pages
HTML 4.01 Specification
    º robots.txt file

Internet bot
Robots exclusion standard
Web crawler
Web search engine



    º Category:Assistive technology
    º Category:Screen readers
    º List of screen readers
Screen reader

( also see.. §JavaScript§, PHP ) - ClipScripts
Jan-s Script Portal plus ASP, Java/JSP, PERL, Visual Basic, Web Design, Tutorials, XML...

ScriptSearchGreat Site! 5200 CGIs and scripts indexed - EcmaScript

SERVER-SIDE - The Soothingly Seamless Setup of Apache, SSL, MySQL, and PHP

Java™ Web Services Developer PackUse It! Sun Microsystems - JRun J2EE compatible Server, Support, Tutorial & Article Index & Free Developer Version Download

Uniform ServerUse It! latest versions of Apache, PhP, & MySQL database Project page, free Open Source Windows minimal database server

Gentle Introduction to SGML: C. M. Sperberg-McQueen & Lou Burnard
Getting Started with SGML Arbortext Glossary; SGML application characteristics & SGML concepts
James Clark's Home Page DSSSL (transforming SGML), free SGML parser (SP formerly SGMLS), XML
OASIS: Organization for Advancement of Structured Information Standards, SGML, XML
Overview of SGML Resources: W3C, Dan Connolly, Editor - HTML 2.0 spec
SGML Home Page, Ikeda Lab: Directory - archives, documents, FAQ, standards, tools, tutorials
sgmltools-lite Python interface to SGML software, DocBook/OpenJade environment
The WWW Virtual Library: SGML
Yahoo Search SGML @Computers & Internet: Information & Documentation: Data Formats
also see.. Robots

Google: Webmasters/Site owners Help
    º Using Sitemaps
XML Protocol

Robots exclusion standard
Web search engine Help
Site Explorer
    º Authenticating your Site for Yahoo! Site Explorer
    º Submitting your Sitemap file to Search Engines

including.. Commercial Software
also see.. Utilities Online affilate marketing Forum, Chat - 101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site a book by Susan Sweeney, Sample Pages compatability, site polish, promotion
Art of Business Web Site Promotion Registering at the top of search engines, free WebMaster Center
Submit your site to Bing

The Chicken's Guide To Search Engines
• optimization, validation, verification, commerical add-ons & agencies, tips... ($) affiliate network
Articles How to suggest a site to the Open Directory
• Note: You grant Netscape license to use, publish, copy, edit, modify, or create derivative works!
Dmoz public forums check site status after submission
Search Results for Your SiteUse It! see how to get a better search ranking WebmastersUse It!
• Note: This is same site submission as
• Note: You grant Netscape license to use, publish, copy, edit, modify, or create derivative works!

iSeekTraffic.comUse It!
online meta tag generator, Metatag FAQ Page

LinkPartners.comUse It! FAQ, Resources, Search
• free categorized directory of quality websites trading reciprocal links

PHP Submit PHP script for submitting webpages to search engines
• free Open Source Software from

Promotion WorldOk! cheap & free web site promotion
Search Engine Optimization Tools
    º Google Link Popularity Analysis Tool
    º Google PageRank Prediction attempts to determine future Google PageRank value
Website Tools
    º Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool guide to selecting keywords

Search Engine Tutorial Northern Webs, How To Use HTML Meta Tags Forums, News
Find Services
Rank Checking Tool (free registration req'd)
• Search - Engine Spiders, Optimization
• Optimization: Google, MSN, Yahoo
SEO Tools
    º Analyzers: META Tags, Site Link
    º Link Popularity
    º PageRank: Lookup, Search, Future
Website Promotion

Sitelaunch.NET simple, effective ways to promote websites 25 free Managed Links (see FAQ) About, Signup

SubmitExpress.comUse It! FAQ
Keyword Suggestion Tool choose optimal keywords
Link Popularity Check Tool
• Meta Tags Analyzer, Generator (with Help & Tutorial)
Page Snooper ($) link checking & site promotion services “the human face of web marketing”
Free Training Courses
Search Engine Optimization articles

Web Site Banner Advertising introduction, Mark Welch

    º Category:Internet marketing
    º Category:Internet marketing by method
    º Category:Search engine optimization
Anchor text
Article spinning
Bounce rate
Internet bot
Keyword density
Keyword research
• Linking
    º Link exchange
    º Link farm
    º Methods of website linking
Meta element
Robots exclusion standard
Search engine optimization
    º Search engine optimization methods
Search Engine Strategies
Search engine submission
Site map
    º Sitemap index
Web crawler
Web search engine How to Suggest Your SiteUse It!
International Directories for foreign languages
List of Important Pointers

Zen and the Art of Website Promotion Simple Guide to Getting Noticed on the Internet
Meta Tag Guide
Guide to Search Engines
Reciprocal Links Guide

COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE (SITE PROMOTION) visual, cutting edge web analytics, FAQ, Forum
Affiliate program ( NetIQ Corporation ), About

also see... Graphics Software, PDF, Utilities Online

TRANSFORM TOOLS, RTF TO HTML & PDF TO HTML CONVERSION OTHER TRANSFORM TO HTML TOOLS free detailed visitors statistics & site ratings, counters, forums..
Adobe SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Viewer

Adobe Muse on Youtube
Adobe Muse
Adobe Muse
Adobe Muse: First Impressions Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3
Adobe Muse - New method for building a website
Adobe Muse Tutorial Part 1: Getting Started, Part 2: Learning/Creating

Advanced Distributed Learning Network (ADLNet) Dwnload SCORM-SharableCourseware ObjRefModel

Alchemy Mindworks Inc. - Software ($ PC)
Gif Construction Set & Graphic Workshop (evaluation download)

Amaya W3C's Open Source Web Editor/Browser easy combined Apache, MySQL, PHP, ProFTPD, phpMyAdmin, OpenSSL download
A-Prompt Toolkit download accessibility verifier & correction tools: U Toronto
AutoFTP (PrimaSoft) Free version at ZDNet

BiggByte Software's Home PageUse It! InfoLink Checker Software from Microsoft: Webmaster/

Bobby: auto, manual, local Java or online checks - accessibility, browser compatibility:
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY & other Editor Downloads, Dave Raggett
Colorfield Insight  model/predict image legibility for color deficient viewers: Colorfield Digital Media, Inc. Search Software
Desktop Software - Store, Package Comparisons ( 2 )
Download Free Copernic Agent (with ad banners)

CuteFTP FTP Shareware, ($35 Registration)

Docutils: Documentation Utilities (Python) & at
• transforming plaintext documentation into HTML, XML, TeX..
• Includes reStructuredText plaintext markup language
README: Quick-Start
Documentation ( Overview )
Download at Sourceforge

EasyHTMLUse It! at Nick's Javascript Page freeware HTML editor by Toni Helenius

EDIS Author's FASTWIN Toolkit: U Florida (formerly the The English Server)
• Windows: Web Developer

Evaluation, Repair, and Transformation Tools for Web Content Accessibility downloads:
Evaluation, Repair, and Transformation Tools W3C Intitiative, France

Evrsoft.comUse It! - 1st Page 2000, free HTML Editor Download add a free search engine to your web site
Free Web Tools: WebTechs

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSviewUse It! interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF, and related software and documentation

GIF Construction Set ProfessionalCool Tool!: Alchemy Mindworks Animated Gif Utility

Graycorp Online Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, Manufacturing Information & Software
Great Free Graphics Software: The Free Graphics Store
the Greenspun family server Web collaboration tools Free Open Source, generates html files from ht template files; also at SourcForge.Net
HTML Editing Freeware
HTML Editors: The Free Graphics Store

HTML-kitUse It!

HTML Tidy fixes HTML mistakes automatically & notes accessibility issues
HTML validators keep Web designers in check: PCWeek, Review & Links to HTML Validation Tools

HTTrack.comUse It! free GPL offline browser utility, download a Web site to a local directory apps, Applets, beans, classes, dev tools, javascript, Links, servlets,

jEdit Text EditorUse It! free Java Open Source code; JavaDoc, Mail List Archives - Users, Developers

JTidyUse It! Java version of HTML Tidy - Downloads: Authorware, Flash Player, Shockwave Player

MapEdit inexpensive imagemap-editing shareware from, plus Freeware
Simple Search Engine in Perl
Baklava - create animated objects in your Java programs

Mapuccnio: IBM, Java Web Site Management Map
Media Builder Free Graphics Tools Downloads

MediaWiki developmentUse It! @
• free technology base for Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikibooks, and Wikiquote
Documentation and Discussion on new features

Microsoft XML Notepad: Microsoft (free Beta Download)
MicroWay "best internet prices," Australia
NetCognition’s SiteAccelerator web enhancement tool, eliminate bottlenecks, maximize bandwidth
Octagamm’s Ball Boutique see Interactive (graphics) Tools Directory open source platform for development/delivery of Internet applications
PHP: Hypertext PreprocessorUse It! FREEWARE (GNU)

Programs For Download HTML Editors discussions & examples using free text editng & format transformation tools Ulead Systems, Inc. graphics, animation, tutorials
Software Downloads: Cornell U Web Development Utility Links
Web Metrics Testbed testing & evaluation prototypes DOWNLOAD: VUG group,

WebSter's Dictionary 2.0Use It! online WWW (HTML) document spell checker using ispell: Patrick J. Hennessey

WebTracker Web visitor tracking software
List of XML and HTML character entity references

World Wide Web and HTMLTools an archive page; no longer maintained
Yahoo User Interface library (YUI)
Infinite Scrolling DataTable Yahoo User Interface Library

Embedding Sound in Web Pages: (& JavaScript)
Free Files on the Farm: The MIDI Farm Internet
The MIDI Farm Internet Downloads
Midis, Midis, Midis Downloads & Instructions


Internet FAQ Archives
Internet RFC Index, Search Internet Standards, About, Public ftp Intro
ftp download site
RFC Database, Search
    º RFC Repositories Directory

Netscape Standards Challenge web browser standards, FAQ
    º including Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting - Site Map, Technical Reports and Publications - Cross-Browser DHTML, CSS, EcmaScript, Educational FAQ, Links, Resources ftp doc/: rfc


Design Ideas for HTML Tables ... from organizing data to highlighting information
from K. W. Bridges & Jon Pitko, U Hawaii, Manoa, Botany Dept
sorttable: Make all your tables sortable using javascript sorttable.js & table class="sortable", Table Sampler, Non-scrolling table header
HTML 4 Specification
    º Tables in HTML Documents
HTML 4.01 Specification
    º Notes on tables

also see.. §LANGUAGE§

BabelfishUse It! web page translations (previously Altavista, now at Yahoo!)

Google TranslateUse It!
Tools translate your web page
Translated Search

also see... Site Promotion, Software Tools & Utilities, §XML UTILITIES ONLINE§

Access.Adobe.comUse It! online PDF to HTML file Conversion & Advanced Form compatability, link check, site polish, promotion, html validatoin
Bobby: auto, manual, local Java or online checks - accessibility, browser compatibility:

Delorie Software, Search
HTTP Header Viewer
    º inspect HTTP headers your web server sends to verify MIME type (the Content-type: line)
HTTP Request Viewer what your browser is sending to delorie server
Server Information
    º about YOUR browser
Spider Simulator: Lynx Viewer how Lynx text-mode browser views your pages like seach engines do
Web Page Purifier

Dinger's Web Templates

DocMorph (free registration required):   US Natinal Library of Medicine
• Optical Character Recognition, File Conversion, create PDF or TIFF Files/images, Speech Synthesize

Dr. Watson download speed, search compatibility, spelling, link popularity, syntax, validity, word count, Forums, Search, Tutorials
Free Resources
Online Tools

File and URL Conversion acrobat, binhex, excel, gif, html, jpeg, pdf, rtf, quicktime, text, word, wordperfect... image creation/manipulation - Logo Tool, Photo Tool
Free Web Site Test Report: Link to Website Garage
GIF & JPEG compression & optimization: Spinwave

Google Webmaster ToolsUse It! improve your site's visibility in Google for free

HitBox Doctor at with free tools, Tutorials check Links to your site

MotionNet.comLearn It! electronic & mechanical design & English utilities & Portal, plus reference information
Text Tools including sort & HTML conversion

Optimize an Image make your Web graphic small for fast downloads: Adobe Systems Inc.

SiteMaps.orgUse It!
XML SiteMap Protocol

Site Valet ($) Monitoring Service & Online Tools, intranet & internet

SubmitExpress.comUse It! FAQ
Keyword Suggestion Tool choose optimal keywords
Link Popularity Check Tool
• Meta Tags Analyzer, Generator (with Help & Tutorial)
Page Snooper attach long URL's to email using abbreviated URL's to prevent transmission loss

W3C.orgUse It!
HTML Validation Service
Link Checker Open Source Perl Documentation

WDG HTML ValidatorUse It! with PERL source code
Weblint Form syntax & minimal HTML style checker, Perl script
from Computing Technology and Services, Washington U, St. Louis

Web Site Garage*** Excellent Critical Evaluation of your Site!

WEB Validation Service check your web page

Yahoo Search: Submit your site

CoffeCup Software HTML Editor, Image Mapper, HTML Express, Java Applets Add a site search engine & site map to your website, free or professional version
PerForm Windows NT Server Side Scripting Language

Devices and Gadgets on the Net - Outdoor Cameras: publish desktop videos

WEB 2.0


    º Category:Web directories
    º List of web directories
Web directory

also see.. Web Hosting Companies below comparisons of free web hosting service providers

Cnet, Reviews, Web Hosting
Are cheap Web hosts worth the cost?
Find a Host
    º Interactive Web-host Chooser
How to pick the right Web host

ICANN Registrar Accreditation: Overview
Registrars, by Company, ISPs Supporting Servlets Java, Hostmatch
Web Host Directory Web Hosting Comparisons - Basic Plans


Free Webspace Inc.
Free_Web_Space: The Freebie Directory
GeoCities free with your $35/yr Domain Registration, FAQ, Links
Free Software
    º Getting Started, Uploading Site, Setting up Email
Value Added Services & free personal CGI-BIN information
Webmaster Resources, Email

COMMERCIAL WEBHOSTING JSP, MySQL enabled free webhosting with Java servlet & database support $35/mo + free software

Digitalspace.netUse It! MySQL, JSP, PHP, About, hosting mySQL, JSP, PHP, Web Hosting Plans, since 1996; your own Virtual ISP, MySQL, JSP, Standard Features
iMagine Internet Services since 2000; MySQL, JSP from IPowerWeb, Inc., MySQl, JSP since 1996: MySQl, JSP

JSPHosting.caUse It! JSP, MySQl, PostgreSQL, Basic PackageUse It! MySQl, PostgreSQL, JSP, Perl, PHP

LunarPages.comUse It! PHP, JSP (+$2), ASP (+$1), & PERL

Mister.netUse It! free web hosting with low cost domain registration or transfer, no hidden charges


SolarHostUse It! powered solely by the sun!, Plans, JSP, MySQl, PHP, Hosting MySQL, JSP
Virtual AvenueUse It! range of packages from $7/mo

Web Intermediaries (WBI) information stream entities to customize/enhance data: IBM



WebRing HELPThe Source! Paul Campbell's Ringmaster FAQ

Welcome to the WebRing!: Starseed, Inc., Directory of Ringed Sites
Wendi's Webring FAQ


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