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Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC)
Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)
Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW)

Animal welfare

American Society for Microbiology
Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE)
Assoc of Systematics Collections (ASC), - Specimen Databases, Links, Bioinformatics
Australasian Society For Human Biology (ASHB)

BioMedNetSee It! Library, news, trends & opinions for biological & medical scientists

Biopolitics International Organization (BIO)
Canadian Society for Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology (CSBMCB) education, events...
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)
Heraclitean Biology Group stochastic & selective models, database, forum
Histochemical Society cell & tissue biology, molecular & morphological techniques
International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)
Linnean Society of London, diversity & interrelationships of organisms
Society for Industrial Microbiology
Society of Ethnobiology flaura, fauna & human cultures
Southwestern Association of Naturalists (SWAN) southwestern US, Mexico,Central America
Washington Biotechnology Foundation information clearinghouse, include medical

AUDIO public domain
On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Charles Darwin
The Voyage of the Beagle, Charles Darwin 1859

Charles Darwin
Great Thinkers and Visionaries

also see.. §Bioinformatics§, §GENETICS§, §NANOTECHNOLOGY§ education, health, News, resource center
National Center for Biotechnology Information

Public Perception Issues in Biotechnology, Hagedorn
•with ... Annotated Dictionary:   Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U

WWW Virtual Library: Biotechnology Directory


Kimball's Biology PagesUse It! online biology textbook: Topics Table of Contents

Developmental Biology: Online book by Scott F. Gilbert
Developmental Biology Cinema: Purdue U
WWW Developmental Biology Links: U Lyon

ZygoteUse It! Developmental Biology Website

Cow's Eye Dissection: Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA
The Sheep Brain Dissection Guide: U Scranton
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Info Page
The Whole Frog Project (
LBL ITG Whole Frog Project: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (

About Biotech careers, ethics, graphics, issues:

Access ExcellenceUse It! Portal for Health & Bioscience Teachers & Learners

Beyond Bio101 transformation of biology education
BioChemNet Directory for biology & chemistry teachers
Biological Education Portal:
Biology 100/101 Online U Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Biology Education Online Interactive Electronic Journal:
Doing Biology "real life" biology

Exploratorium, Teacher Institute

The Fundamentals of Microbiology Washington State University
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Let's Collaborate scitalk, mentornet, biology education online:
MyBiology: Books from Pearson Higher Education
National Centre for Biotechnology Education (NCBE): U Reading, UK

National Science Digital Library open source technology & standards, Browse
funded by the National Science Foundation
BioSciEdNet (BEN) tools & services to support your teaching
Exploratorium's Digital Library informal learning
K-12 Teacher Resources
Middle School Portal, About
Participate in NSDL events, network, contribute knowledge/resources
Teacher's Domain K-12 Video & Digital Media

Peregrine Publishers

Embryology Tutorial U Wisconsin-Madison navigate 40 weeks, 3 trimesters
Visible Embryo:

including.. Arachnids
also see.. Eusociality, §Termites (ARCHITECTURE)§

DIRECTORIES-Entomology Open Directory | |

Bishop Museum - The Insect and Spider Collections of the World information clearing house
Canadian National Collection (CNC) of Insects, Arachnids & Nematodes:   Agri-Food Canada Online Open DirectoryUse It! Links to Insects at Zoology: Arthropoda

Fact Sheets: Australian Musem Online - Insects Links

Iowa State U, Insects on the Web (Dept Entomology)
Chat Room, MailingList - Archives
Entomology Image Gallery
LinksUse It! - K-12 Educator Resources, Software, Tutorials

Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute Bugs, Insects, Arachnids, entomology

Texas A & M U, Discover Entomology ( Links, Search )
Field Guide to Common Texas Insects: Gallery, Glossary, Orders (taxonomy)
Youth Education

University of Colorado Entomology and Arachnology
The Wonderful World of Insects


ARACHNIDS (Harvestmen, Mites, Scorpians, Spiders, Ticks)

DIRECTORIES-Arachnids Open Directory, ( 2 ) | |

The American Arachnological Society journal, Links, photo gallery
American Tarantula Society Tarantulas, other spiders, scorpions & other arachnid orders, Links
Arachnids Links:
Arachnids - spiders, mites and harvestmen care in captivity, Australian Museum Online

ArachnologyUse It! Portal: Acari, Amblypygi, Araneae, Silk & Webs...

Arachnology, Studies on the Ecology of central Amazon Spiders
Arachnology in Southern California annotated list, Links
aracnis at
British Arachnological Society

Colorado Spider SurveyUse It! database, ID, glossary, references: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Entomolgy - Spiders and other Arachnids:   Dept of Entomolgy,   U California, Riverside
Identifying the Spiders of Kentucky anatomy, common, poisonous, Spiders of North America
Jumping spiders of America North of Mexico: U Arizona
Nick's Spiders of Britain and Europe & by Family pictures and photographs by Nick Loven
Salticidae (Araneae) of the World   Diagnostic Drawings Library, Catalogue if Salticidae (Araneae)
The Scorpion Files care in captivity, Gallery, Links, literature, medicinal importance
Some Spiders New Mexico & Florida: NM State U
Spider Glossary
SpydaWeb anatomy, beginners, gender, feeding, Links, molting, pictures, reptiles
Spider Lab classes, cool stuff, research, resources, Links, Search: Bellarmine U
Spiders insect answers: Washington State U
Spiders: Invertebrate Zoology Section, Milwaukee Public Museum
Spiders & immunology:   images of European and Australian spiders, Ed Nieuwenhuys, Netherlands
Spiders in Ohio movies, pictures, study: Ohio State U
Texas A & M U: Discover Entomology, Links ( ArachnidsUse It! ), Search

also see.. Entomology, Evolution

    º Category:Behavioral ecology
    º Category:Sociobiology
    º Category:Superorganisms
Alpheidae eusocial pistol shrimp
Austroplatypus incompertus first recognized eusocail beetle
Burying beetle progressive provisioner, rare for a non-eusocial insect
Evolution of eusociality
Group selection
Hamilton, W. D. (1936-2000)
Haplodiploid sex-determination system
Inclusive fitness
Kin selection
    º Hamilton's rule
Naked mole rat
Progressive provisioning rare insect parental behavior of feeding young, universal among ants & widespread among the social bees & wasps; common in birds & mammals
Social evolution
Wilson, E. O. (1929)

also see.. §ARCHEOLOGY & PALEONTOLOGY§, §Creationism (RELIGION)§ Eusociality, §GENETICS§, §HISTORY OF SCIENCE-Evolution§

DIRECTORIES-Evolution Open Directory | | Wikipedia |
Journal of Evolutionary Biology Research open access, About
The causes of evolution, J. B. S. Haldane (1932)

BBC's Feature on Charles Darwin and Evolution

Becoming Human ( Institute of Human Origins, Arizona State U, Dept Anthropology) - Contents, Links
• Documentary (Macromedia Flash 5, high speed connection) plus..
Learning Center: Calculating Cousins, Chromosome Connection, Building Bodies
News & Book Reviews
• Resources: Glossary, Links, Media

Biology Links - Evolution,   Biology Links: Harvard U
Bionet Molecular Evolution Newsgroup archive

Carl T. Bergstrom Theoretical Biology, U Washington, Biology
Theory of Honest Signalling

Committee On Evolutionary Biology - - Links: U Chicago
Darwinian Medicine by Lori Oliwenstein: U Virginia
Debunking Science Homepage Creationism argument by Daniel Anderson

The Emergence of the Idea of Evolution in the Time of Goethe by Frank Teichmann, from the Research Institute for Waldorf Education

Evolution Go Species Surfin' on Evolvovision: Ray Troll's Fine (Cartoon) Art
Evolution Homepage classification & phylogeny, fossil record, molecular, references, religion
Evolution Update Evolution Research Center for Biology Students & Teachers
Evolutionary analysis José R. Valverde, Centre for Bioinformatics, Peking U
Evolutionary Architecture of Reproduction

Hitching, Francis

Evolution WWW Links:   Biology 404,   Cal State Fullerton Dept Biol Science
Explorations Through Time interactive on-line educational modules
Galapagos Islands, The Charles Darwin Foundation Charles Darwin Research Station

Google Books (books for the general reader)
Chambers, Robert
    º Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation 1844
Desmond, Adrian & Moore, James
    º Darwin's Sacred Cause abolution of slavery & animal rights as motivations for Darwin's research
James, Constantin
    º Du darwinism: ou, L'homme-singe (French) 19th century arguments against Darwinism
Osborn, Henry Fairfield
    º From the Greeks to Darwin: an Outline of the Development of the Evolution Idea

Gordon's Introduction to Evolution with Links: The Wonderful World of Insects
Gould, Stephen Jay Lecture Excerpts:   Stanford Presidential Lectures
How Humans Evolved web book: W.W. Norton & Company College Books
Introduction to Evolutionary Biology by Chris Colby: archive

Laszlo, Ervin, Founder (General Evolution Research Group, The Club of Budapest) articles by or about
New Concepts of Matter, Life and Mind
Ervin Laszlo by Beatrix Murrell, , Stoa del Sol, Consciousness In The Cosmos: Perspective of Mind:
Planetary Consciousness: Our next Evolutionary Step from Cybernetics & Human Knowing
Center for Theoretical Study, Is There a Purpose in Nature?
    º Where No System is entirely Closed

Lectures Notes: Global Change Project: U Michigan
Molecular Systematics and Evolution of Microorganisms,   Glossary: Natural History Museum, London

Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley:
Introduction to Cladistics, Phylogeny Entrance, World of Cladistics

Origin of Life Research Mike Russell and Allan Hall: U Glasgow

PAUP* Phylogenetic Software, inference of evolutionary trees, purchase at, EvolutionUse It! SiteMap, Shows 1 - 7:
Darwin's Dangerous Idea - Diary, in the Name of Darwin (misapplied principles), An Origin of Species
Great Transformations - All in the Family, Deep Time Life's Grand Design
Extinction! - What Killed the Dinosaurs?, A Modern Mass Extinction?
The Evolutionary Arms Race - Coral Reef Connections, The Evolving Enemy
Why Sex? - Sex and the Single Guppy, Sex and the Single Guppy, The Mating Game, The Advantage of Sex
The Mind's Big Bang - Riddle of the Bones
What About God? - Science and Faith (round table), Evolution Revolution
•(Project Resources) Evolution Library
• Polls - Babies by Design, Is Intelligent Life Inevitable?, Is Love in Our DNA?
• Teacher and Student - multimedia resources, containing the following:
• Teachers - Online Course, Teacher's Guide, Videos
• Students - Online Course, Videos
Your Inner Fish series

The Phyletic Gradualism - Punctuated Equilibrium Debate U Minnesota
Molecular Systematics & Biosystematics WWW Links: Biology 402 & 403 by Prof. Douglas J. Eernisse
Reading Room

National Center for Science Education - Defending the Teaching of Evolution in Public Schools
Species, Kinds, and Evolution by John Wilkins, Creation/Evolution Controversy - Archive Index, Topics in Evolutionary Biology
Evidences for Macroevolution Theory of Common Descent with Gradual Modification
Time line of Evolutionists

The Tree of Life: U Arizona

VCE Biology Students' SiteUse It!   Index,   Biochemistry at LaTrobe U
Cat 1: behavior, cells, disease, homeostasis
Cat 2: interviews, links
Cat 3: genetics, evolution

Wikipedia (scientists)
    º Category:Criticism of creationism
    º Category:Evolutionary biologists
    º Category:Human evolution theorists
    º List of geneticists
Chambers, Robert (1802-1871)
    º Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation 1844
Crick, Francis discovery of the structure of DNA with James Watson
Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)
Eigen, Manfred (1927)
    º Hypercycle (chemistry) model for the chemical origin of life
    º Quasispecies model
Fisher, R.A. (1890-1962)
    º Modern evolutionary synthesis
Nash, John Forbes Jr. (1928)
    º Nash equilibrium
Stephen Jay Gould (1941-2002)
    º Punctuated equilibrium
Haldane, J. B. S. (1892-1964)
    º Haldane's dilemma
    º Haldane's rule
Kimura, Motoo (1924-1994)
    º Neutral Theory Of Molecular Evolution 1968
    º Genetic Drift
Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste (1744-1829) early proponent of evolution according to natural laws
Margulis, Lynn (1938) theory on the origin of eukaryotic organelles & contributions to the endosymbiotic theory
Martin Nowak
    º Supercooperators: The Mathematics of Evolution, Altruism and Human Behaviour, 2011
Schrodinger, Erwin (1887-1961)
    º What is Life?
Schuster, Peter (1941) worked with Manfred Eigen on Quasispecies model
Smith, John Maynard (1920-2004)
    º The Major Transitions in Evolution
Szathmary, Eors (1959) wrote The Major Transitions in Evolution with Smith
Valentin Turchin (1931-2010)
    º Metasystem transition
Wallace, Alfred Russel (1823-1913) codiscoverer with Darwin of evolution by natural selection
Watson, James (1928) discovery of the structure of DNA with Francis Crick
Wilson, E. O. (1929)

    º Category:Biology theories
    º Category:Evolutionary biology
    º Category:History of evolutionary biology
    º Category:Origin of life
Abiogenesis or biopoesis: how biological life arises through natural processes from inorganic matter
Anthropic principle
Autocatalytic set collection of entities, each created catalytically by other entities within the set, such that the whole set is able to catalyze its own production
Cosmic ancestry
Endosymbiotic theory
    º Endosymbiont
    º Evolution of eusociality
    º Natural selection
Evolution of eusociality
Evolution of sex
Evolutionarily stable strategy
Evolutionary biology
Evolutionary game theory
Evolutionary history of life
Evolutionary psychology
Fitness (biology)
Genetic drift
Group selection
Haldane's dilemma
Haldane's rule
Hypercycle (chemistry) model for the chemical origin of life
Intelligent design
Iron-sulfur world theory
Last universal ancestor
The Major Transitions in Evolution
Metasystem transition
Miller-Urey experiment
Modern evolutionary synthesis
Nash equilibrium
Natural Selection
Neutral theory of molecular evolution
Primordial sandwich
Principia Cybernetica organization for transdisciplinary computer-supported evolutionary-systemic philosophy
Punctuated equilibrium
Quasispecies model
Rare Earth hypothesis
RNA world hypothesis
Social Effect of Evolutionary Theory
Social evolution
Spiegelman Monster
Spontaneous generation
What is Life?

A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom by Andrew Dickson White (1896)

Willi Hennig Society Homepage (
The World of Richard Dawkins Website evolution, science and reason; books, news, Links, software


DIRECTORIES-Biology Open Directory | | Wikipedia | WWW Virtual Library |

Access Excellence Portal for Health & Bioscience Teachers & Learners
Archives of Microbiology: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
BioBooks Sales
BioChemNet Directory for biology & chemistry teachers
BioCentrum links
Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW Server Portal for organismic systematics: U new Orleans
Bioinformatics Glossaries
Biology Base by Robert B. Hole, Jr.
Biology Courses and Resources:   Deambulum BIO- NETosphere thematic exploration
Biology Lecture Series by Dr. John C. Perez
Biology Links: Harvard U
Biology Links: Harvard U
Biology on the Internet links Directory: U Miami
The Biology Place

The Biology ProjectUse It! U Arizona

Biology Resources Guide Links to databases, eJournals, topics: U Wisconsin
BIOME Health and Life Sciences Search Engine

BioMedNetSee It! Library, news, trends & opinions for biological & medical scientists

Bio NetbookUse It! database, Links, Search - by resources, organisms, domain: Pasteur Institute

BioTechUse It! Life Science Resources, Tools & Links: U Texas

California Academy of Sciences, Research & Collections - Library

CELLS alive!See It! U Sheffield (...since 1993)

Deambulum BIO- NETosphere thematic explorationUse It! Biocomputing, Biology, Medicine, Molecular biology

Frontiers in Bioscience Links to guides, Tutorials, manuals and protocols
Interactive Web Sites: Leiden U free service to publicize research protocols in bioscience
National Centre for Biotechnology Education (NCBE) Links: U Reading, UK
Online Dictionaries and Reference Databases: Rice U

Public Library of Science (PLoS) Open-Access Community Journals, About, FAQ, News, Search
    º Biology
    º MedicineUse It! (Collaborative Genetics, Inc.)
SciEd Science and Mathematics Education Resources
Science Hobbyist ( alt ) by William J. (Bill) Beaty
Specimen Databases, Links, Bioinformatics:   Assoc of Systematics Collections (ASC),
SEM: Science, Engineering, & Math Links:   U Delaware
Society of Cal Integrative Biology Undergraduate Students Directory

U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) - Site Map
EntrezUse It! database retrieval system

Web Resources in General Biology: U Connecticut
The WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences

also see.. §Aquaculture, Aquariums, Ponds§ Cape Cod Bay Deep Sea Fishing
Field and Stream/Outdoor Life
Fish Behaviour Associated with Dominance Hierarchies: Biological and Soil Science Home Page
Fisheries Society
Fish Information Service (FINS) aquariums - Beginning Fishkeeping, Glossary, Links, Search, Species.. (Outdoors, Inc)

FishScope developmental biology of fish, confocal images & time-lapse
• from U Washington

Fish Searches: Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW Server United States & Canada guides and outfitters directory fishing guide service, Lake Tawakoni, Texas - Links
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Marine Fisheries Service: US NOAA
National Shellfisheries Association forum, Links, News, pubs, Search - Gides & Outfitters - Library
Trout Unlimited
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

WATERSHEDSS decision support system/nonpoint source pollution control, About, Glossary, Links
from the NCSU Water Quality Group
Decision Support
EducationalUse It! Aquatic Life

Hypostomus plecostomus tropical northeastern South American suckermouth catfish or common pleco cultured in ponds or aquariums

also see...§Flora§

DIRECTORIES-Flora & Fauna Open Directory |

South Dakota Flora & Fauna, The Natural Source, Dan Tallman, Northern State U

Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW Server organismic, systematics: U new Orleans
Biology 100/101 Online U Illinois, Urbana Champaign
The Biology Place

U Arizona - The Biology Project Use It! SiteMap
Cell Biology
Chemicals & Human Health
Developmental Biology
Human Biology & Genetics
Mendelian Genetics
Molecular Biology

General Biology Program U Minnesota, Online Courses & links
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Natural History Museum, London botony, entomology, Site Map & Search, zoology
An On-Line Biology Book with thermodynamics Glossary:  Biology, Estrella Mtn Comm College
Online Course Companion: Biology Campbell Reece Mitchell
The WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences:
The WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences:

Darwin-related Images
Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery: Dept Entomology

Invertebrate Anatomy Descriptions and Dissection Guides by Richard Fox, Lander U
Invertebrate Pages Links:
What are invertebrates? from the Australian Museum Online


CyberLab for Modern Biological Methods methods utilized in modern biological laboratory research
• by Dr. Rolf E. Christoffersen: MCDB Tutorials, UC Santa Barbara

Protocol Online Portal, Forums, mailing list, protocols, "reference book"
BioProduct Directory
PubAlert Free Literature Service (PubMed Medline database search)

also see.. §Oceanography§

DIRECTORIES-Aquatic Ecology/Marine Biology
dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo

Brief History of Marine Biology and Oceanography conservation, news, new species, research
Ocean Link marine life
The Plankton NetUse It!

The Natural History Museum, London botony, entomology, Site Map & Search, zoology
National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution

also see.. §Science & Technology News§

Directory of Open Access JournalsUse It!
Mathematics and Statistics
Biology and Life Sciences
Science General

BIOSCI Newsgroup Network for Biology

Origin of Life Research Mike Russell and Allan Hall: U Glasgow

also see.. §CHEMISTRY§, §SOFTWARE§

DIRECTORIES-Biology Software
dmoz Open Directory | Google | Yahoo

CONGEN 1995 CONformation GENerator program, protein segments conformational searches
Phylogenetics Programs, NONA, TNT, and WINCLADA:
Molecular Biology Software Training Manual: Requires AGRENET Software
PAUP* Phylogenetic Software, inference of evolutionary trees, purchase at

Rasmol HomepageUse It! Molecular Visualization Freeware Protein Explorer, Chime & RasMol

DIRECTORIES-Taxonomy Open Directory | | WWW Virtual Library |

Assoc of Systematics Collections (ASC), - Specimen Databases, Links, Bioinformatics
Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW Server Portal for organismic systematics: U new Orleans

BiognomenUse It! (Linnaean), point and click diagrams: Adams State College

Classification of Living Things (Linnaean)
•class, glossary, Kingdoms, Links, principles, subclass... Anthropology Home Page: Palomar College

Glossary of Phylogenetic Systematics ( & critic of mainstream cladism, Günter Bechly, 1998
The Natural History Museum, London botony, entomology, Site Map & Search, zoology

Natural PerspectiveUse It! tutorials  Site Map, Species Index; Animalia, Fungi, Plantae, Protoctista

NCBI Taxonomy - Resources: National Resource for Molecular Biology, Nat'l Library Medicine
Taxonomy Table (Linnaean):   Sciences Explorer, Library,

The Tree of Life (Phylogenetic) - Root, Popular GroupsUse It!, Search Taxon name: U Arizona

U California, Berkeley, Museum of Paleontolgy - Phylogeny EntranceUse It!
Journey Phylogentic Systematics, Cladistics
UCMP Web Lift to Taxa Viruses, Archaea, Bacteria, Eukaryotes (Animals, Plants, Protists, Fungi)

What Plants Talk About


Ask A Scientist Archive - Search: from Newton BBS, Argonne National Lab

Bio Books,Tutorials and Practice Exams Links
Bioinformatic tutorials Links: Daresbury Laboratory, UK
BIOL 121 Human Biology U Virginia
Biology Hypertextbook Chapters chemistry, celular, enzymes, genetics, immunology, photosynthesis: MIT

Biology Lessons for Prospective and Practicing Teachers
•cells, chemistry, organic molecules, water, mitosis, osmosis, processes: San Diego State U

The Biology ProjectUse It!

Carnegie Mellon U: Open Learning Initiative, Open & Free coursesUse It!

Hypertexts for Biomedical Sciences: Colorado State U
The Incredible World of Mammals Introduction, with Links

Kimball's Biology PagesUse It! online biology textbook

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses

MIT's Biology Hypertextbook
On-Line Biology Book:   Estrella Mountain Community College
Online Courses:   International Society for Computational Biology
Space Biology an Educator's Resource, Glossary, Links, Modules

WWW Virtual Library: Zoos


Ask A Scientist Archive - Search: from Newton BBS, Argonne National Lab

Bryozoans Moss Animals:   South Dakota Fauna, The Natural Source, Dan Tallman, Northern State U
Internet Resource Guide for Zoology Directory of Links by Animal Group, Search:   BIOSIS Open Directory Zoology at Science: Biology, Arthropoda, Chordates Zoological Miscellania & Unusual Natural History
Internet Resource Guide for Zoology from Biosis & Zoological Society of London
Michael's Zoology Page books, facts, Links


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