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( also see.. COMPUTER: §Unit Testing§, §Extreme Programming§ )

Scott W. Ambler - UML Modeling Guidelines, Links & References - Agile Databases, Links

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): Special Interest Group on Supporting Group Work
Coalition for Networked Information transformative promise of networked information technology
Electronic Messaging Association (EMA) secure global electronic commerce & messaging
Institute for High Performance Computing & Data Bases Russia

Storage Networking Industry Association, Links & Publications ( Education )
Education: Links, Tutorials
Technical Activities

• database modeling, management & reporting, ER diagrams, generate SQL scripts & HTML/RTF reports - Data Modeling Tools Links
Database Tools: JavaWorld Developer Tools Guide
Dia Home Page; Win32 version - Linux Open Source GNOME Office - Dia drawing program

Handbook of Data ManagementUse It! Online Book by Bhavani Thuraisingham

June 1997 / Special Report: (Data Modeling)
The NIAM Suite DOWNLOAD full function demo, NIAM/ORM data modelling (Windows and Macintosh)

SchemaMania.orgUse It! - (Non-profit) database design Forum - tedia2sql create a database ERD in Dia & convert into a SQL DDL script
Yahoo Search CASE
Gartner Group, Inc. research, analysis, measurement, decision making, product/vendor selection
Net Reference low-cost semi-automated system architecture design & analysis

International DB2 User Group

DBASE III, XBASE - xBaseJ shareware Java Objects, Read and Write to dBase Files, FAQ

Dbase.comUse It!
about Dbase Inc. (acquired dBAse products in March - 99)
Knowledgebase: Search, Articles:
    • Data File Header Structure for the dBASE Version 7 Table File
    • A personal History of dBASE
    • Using dBASE III PLUS on DBFs after 01 January 2001Use It!

dBase/dBXL utilities dBase/dBXL year-2001 solutions by Henrik Rosenberg
dBASE WebRing (Ads!)
dBUG UK User Group (Visual dBase)
FastBean - dBASE III+ & IV Archive
Microsoft MSDN Library: Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) - dBASE Driver Programming Considerations freeware and shareware software downloads - msDos-Database programs: Multiformat DBF editor and viewer dBase programmer's utility free open source software
dbfextract converts dbf files to HTML or XML, free open source Java
Python Xbase Module

Y2Kscan. Fixing dBASE DOS Applications for Year 2000 Compliance
dBASE for 2000 article
Year Zero

xBaseJ Platform Java Shareware - Read & Write to dBase III & IV, FAQ

Attunity Inc., Attunity Connect integrate web apps & servers with back-office apps/databases
Calling All Data Article and product reviews by Robert L. Scheier:
IBM Garlic Database Middleware for Heterogeneous Data Sources
Metagon DQbroker software & hardware independent unions/joins across data
Oracle Transparent Gateways based on Attunity Connect
Sybase Enterprise Connect Data Access transparent access-heterog db's, dev common interface apps

( also see...OLAP )
CSC 549 Advanced Database Technology Term Project, Data Warehouse Hardware Paul Rescino

Data Mining Group - About, FAQ
• data mining standards, as Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML)

The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit : Expert Methods... book:
The Data Warehouse as a Means to Support Knowledge Management Michael Erdmann: U Karlsruhe
Data Warehouse Notes creation, history, survey, references

The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), SiteMap
What Works News & Resources

Data Warehousing Information CenterTu Guru! ( data warehouse tools & techniques

Data Warehousing Knowledge CenterUse It! (

Data Warehousing Technology article: Ken Orr Institute (

Decision Support Data Warehouses & TIME Zissis Palaskas : TOOBIS
Dimensions Oracle8i Tuning

Executive Information Systems:
Papers and Briefs on Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and OLAP:   White Papers and DKMS Briefs

German OLAP and Data Warehouse Forum Data Warehousing, OLAP & Data Mining Portal
Getting Started with Learning About Data Warehousing: Data Warehousing Information Center
Glossary of Data Mining Terms: U Alberta, CA

Handbook of Data ManagementUse It! Online Book by Bhavani Thuraisingham back issues, business intelligence, site map

ITtoolbox Data Warehousing Knowledge Base
• articles, code, database, Forum, jobs, Links, News, web...

Libri e articoli Data Warehouse, OLAP & Knowledge Management articles: Memex Consulting
Ralph Kimball Associates articles, books, classes, design Tips, FAQs, Links
Ralph Kimball books:

Turning Date into DecisionsUse It! U Nebraska

What is OLAP? vs. OLTP: Nova Southeastern U

Computer Associates International, Inc. Jasmine db & business computing software & integration
Database Jump Site

dBAse, InterBase, JBuilder: Inprise (was Borland)

InstantDb Open Source Java DBMS: Enhydra.Org
InstantDB - A Java Database Engine free to noncommercial (Windows/OS2/Mac)
Intelligent Enterprise Magazine formerly known as DBPD and DBMS
Kanchenjunga: (free beta)Visual RAD Java tool for PostgreSQL
mSQL (MiniSQL): Hughes Technologies, Unix Shareware
mySQL Indexed Sequential Access Open Source DBMS: Unix/Linux ($) Java database server used in Sun's JDWSDP Tutorial, Support

PostgreSQLFreedom! Open Source Object-Relational DBMS (Solaris, SunOS, HPUX, AIX, Linux, Irix, FreeBSD)

PostgreSQL ODBC Driver: Insight Distribution Systems, (free)
Raima Corporation free RDM/CE SDK
Simple Text Java Database:, free with Java Source Code

also see.. §TextEditing§

Docutils: Documentation Utilities (Python) & at
• transforming plaintext documentation into HTML, XML, TeX..
• Includes reStructuredText plaintext markup language
README: Quick-Start
Documentation ( Overview )
Download at Sourceforge

jEdit Text EditorUse It! GNU Java Open Source code; JavaDoc, Mail List Archives - Users, Developers

Managing Gigabytes (book) Compressing and Indexing Documents and Images, LinksUse It!
• and at MIT

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Text REtrieval Conference (TREC)

Seft a Search Engine For Text index Web pages & other files (PHP): fast, powerful, flexible, free, easy to use

PC DOCS/Fulcrum Search, analyze, classify into browsable heirarchy Powerize Server peronalize intranet and web intelligence from browser

ECOMMERCE theory & practice of e-commerce & marketing, .edu & .com marriage
Ecommerce Technology Links: Institute for eCommerce, Carnegie Mellon U News
Gartner E-Business:
MSIS 491 Electronic Commerce articles & Links: U Missouri, St. Louis

ITtoolbox Portal for ERP Professionals
•articles, code, database, Forum, jobs, Links, News, web...
Less pain, more gain: PCWEEK Enterprise management evaluation
DIRECTORIES-Databases Open Directory | |

ARTICLE INDICES Databases Directory

Ardan Scientific Programming, L.L.C. - About by John Ardan, Links
Databases - Data Modeling Tools Links, Site Map
Database development Directory:
Database Jump Site

Database Systems Laboratory DeptUse It! events, Links, public domain, pubs, standards: U Mass

Data Warehousing Information Center

DBLP BibliographyUse It! (Digital Bibliography & Library Project) >460,000 articles plus 1,000's of links, FAQ
Conferences & Workshops
Links : Associations, Database, Logic Programming, Related Services
• Mirrors: ACM SIGMOD, Chungnam NU (Korea), SunSITE (Central Europe), UCLA, VLDB Endow
Search: Advanced, Author, Title, Home Page Search Open DirectoryUse It! Databases at Computers: Programming, Databases
FindTutorials.comUse It! Databases at Computer & Internet, home

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine Database articles and resources

KdNuggets.comUse It!
• Links: Software

ITtoolbox Portal for Data Warehousing & for Knowledge Management Professionals
• articles, code, database, Forum, jobs, Links, News, web...

MIT E-Commerce Architecture Program information architecture legal, business, technical inputs
Other Database Information database server & TP monitor technology Links: UC, Berkely
SchemaMania.orgUse It! - (Non-profit) database design Forum
Understanding Computers, Databases, and Software articles, Books, Data Access, events: Ken North articles, forum, Links, tutorials..
VB-World Database Development articles, books, Links, reviews, tips...
Yahoo Search ...Databases: Shareware Databases at Computers & Internet: Software

FORUMS Data Warehouse Conference registration searchable archives of discussion forums
• Mailing List Archives MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL

Storage Networking Industry Association, Links & Publications
Technical Activities
    º Data Management Forum

( also see.. MySQL )

InstantDB - A Java Database Engine: Java RDBMS free to non-commercial, non-government
Kanchenjunga: (free beta)Visual RAD Java tool for PostgreSQL
mSQL (MiniSQL): Hughes Technologies, Unix Shareware

PostgreSQLFreedom! (NT, Win 95, Linux, Unix) US Mirror
Archives, Books, Download, Interactive Documentation, online Book, tech documents, Windows
connecting StarOffice Win or Lin to PostGreSQL using ODBC

Raima Corporation free RDM/CE SDK
Software Research Center: D. Data Links, (see D.m.1 Free Database)
VODAK 4.0 [Unix] free for use for educational, research, & non-profit

Scott McGee's GenWeb Page

also see.. §HEALTH & MEDICAL§

Misys Healthcare Systems & MisysEMR ($) healthcare systems & electronic medical records (EMR)

ADABAS by Software AG

also see.. §JAVA§

"last step in the tranformation of information into of minimizing inconsistency, inaccessibility or isolated islands of expertise; documenting intellectual capital; creating and utilizing knowledgemaps or navagational tools to gain efficiency, innovation, productiviy and faster, more effective decision-making for your personnel and ultimately for your customer"

DIRECTORIES-Knowledge Management Open Directory | | WWW Virtual Library |

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM):
• Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Datamining (SIGKDD)

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): Special Interest Group on Supporting Group Work
American Society for Information Science (ASIS)
Artificial Intelligence Lab: U Arizona - Forum, WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management
The Data Warehouse as a Means to Support Knowledge Management Michael Erdmann: U Karlsruhe
DON IM/IT U.S. Navy Information Management Information Technology

Eprints.orgUse It! free author/institution self-archiving software & Links:
•>part of the Open Citation Project, a DLI2 International Digital Libraries Project funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the Higher Education Funding Councils, in collaboration with the National Science Foundation

The GFP Knowledge Model: Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC)
History Computerization Project Database for exchange & organization of historical information, Links
InfoImage freedom 2 decision portal software (VENDOR)
Information Systems that Really Support Decision-making Gio Wiederhold: Stanford U

ITtoolbox Portal for Knowledge Management Professionals
• articles, code, database, Forum, jobs, Links, News, web... - Links, Resources
Knowledge Connections (David Skyrme Associates) - Knowledge Management Resources (Links)
Knowledge Management:   Knowledgebase,
Knowledge Management Consortium
Knowledge Management in the DON U.S. Navy
Knowledge Management Portal:
Knowledge Management Professional Society (non-profit - Body of Knowledge, Solutions
Knowledge Management Research Center - ABCs of KM, It Takes a Community:
Knowledge Management Resource Center ( - Links, Search

Knowledge Management Server - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Knowledge Management
from: McCombs School of Business:   U Texas,Austin

Knowledge Networks:   International Institute for Sustainable Development (Knowledge Research Institute) - Articles, Links, Site Map

LIGHTUse It! Open Source Java Knowledge Management Software: CERN

links about KM, Document Management, Content Management - Asia/Pacific Computer Services - Links
Lotus Notes Portal Builder Notes Add-on to customize pages with several windows (VENDOR) brainstorming & mind mapping sotware

Organizational KnowledgeUse It! articles, Links
from: Digital Commerce Center, The EC2 Incubator Project - About, Site Map

Owl Intranet Knowledgebase Engine
• multi user PHP document management system (DMS) for web publishing files/documents
• free Open Source software from (language: PHP)

Svieby Knowlege Management - Search
WWW Virtual Library: Knowledge Management
Microsoft Universal Data Access Download Page (UDA) Overview - OLE Db, ADO, ODBC
MSDN - Library, (MDAC) SDK Overview

DIRECTORIES-Microsoft Access Open Directory |

( In this section )
3rdParty | FAQs | Microsoft | NewsGroups | Source Code | Tips | UserGroups | VBA Microsoft Access Links
About designing a database Concise intorduction & overview:
Access 97 Tutorial: U Regina
Access Database: Tutorial Introduction Derek Charlwood (1996): LMU
ACCESS Design Tips & Code - Code, Query & Record Set Tips from.. ACG Soft

Access-Object JavaScript DatabaseUse It! Kevin Gibney:

Access Power User Website articles, Code, Forum, News/Usergroups, reviews, TechSupport, Tips

Access WebUse It! ( Contents, code & downloads, utilities & addins

Allen Browne's tips for Access usersUse It! from.. Allen Browne's Database and Training

Conquer Access RunCommand Constants - Code Examples, Links, List ($) - Access Converter, Java Edition & VB Converter, Java Edition
Doug Steele's Beer & Programming Emporium - Microsoft Access with Links, Access Reference Problems
ExportSQL Export tables in MS-Access database:

FindTutorials.comUse It! free Access Tutorials Links, home

InfoSoft Access developer support, Database Tutorials Links
Lebans, Steven Microsift MVP - Code

the ManxMan's MS Access 97 Pages advanced users and beginning VBA,   TipsUse It!

Microsoft Access Query Optimisation: Advent-IT
Microsoft Access Database Tutes basic skills, creating database, queries, forms...
Microsoft Access Webring promoting Microsoft Access web sites
Naming Conventions for Microsoft Access Leszynski/Reddick Guidelines - Microsoft MSDN Library

Moscow Microsoft Access User GroupUse It! (MAUG)
Access 97 Expert Solutions
Allison Balter's Mastering Access 95 Development

PC Solutions, utilizing Microsoft Access
Peer Web Services to Create Searchable Databases Part 1, 2 from.. Windows & .Net Magazine
Peter's Software some shareware & Tips
Porter's Page Access, Excel, Delphi Tutorials: Sebastopol Secondary College - Code

Roger's Access LibraryUse It! Code, Links, Reference

Running Microsoft Access 97, John L. Viescas copy of the Microsoft Press publication

Tony's Main Microsoft Access Page
• Acctg, FAQ
Best Practices, Fixes
Misc Tips
Naming Conventions
Report Printing Criteria Selection Form
SQL Queries in Code
UserGroups, Utilities, Y2k (Kaplan, Michael) - Book, Code, Resources, Utilities
Welcome to my Microsoft Access Pages computers, databases, graphics & more: Lars M. Hansen
Yahoo Groups: accessaskme Messages (Forum)
Yahoo Search: Access from Computers&Internet: Software: Databases
( also see.. Freeware, §JAVA Servers§, §PHP§)

DIRECTORIES-MySQL Open Directory | - MySQL BitKeeper repository - MySQL BitKeeper repository - MySQL Driver - JDBC, requires Resin JSP engine
DBTools Software MySQL Database Management Freeware, Install Tips, SQL Book

Developer ShedUse It! ( - MySQL articles, database theory, Tutorials
Remote Database Table Copier (PHP)
Quick and Dirty Search Engine with PHP and MySQL
Setting Up Database Driven Websites
The Soothingly Seamless Setup of Apache, SSL, MySQL, and PHP
Website Database Basics With PHP and MySQL

DeZign for MySQL development tool using an entity relationship diagram (& free version)
Download from, DB/MySQL FAQ

Index of /ftp/mirror/database/mysql - MyODBC: InnoDB is included in MySQL-4.0
Java Servlets,JSP,Jakarta-Tomcat,JDBC,PostgreSQL,MySQL: - Setting Up a MySQL-based Web site - MySQL Myths Debunked
MySQL at Oregon State U - Index of /Downloads/MyODBC

mySQL.comUse It! (open source freeware) Documentation -online, - all
Dynamic FAQ, Documentation: Mailing Lists & Archives ( FAQ, Search )
Graphical Clients (GUI's)
Installing MySQL on Windows, Download MySQL ODBC Drivers ( MyODBC required)
MySQL Connector/J Downloads JDBC Driver, formerly MM.MySQL
MySQL Control Center (MyCC) GUI - Download

MySQL Designer ($) 3rd party GUI & database design tool, free non-save version
MySQL-Front Windows GUI Front end for MySQL, Download, FAQ, Forum:   Ansgar Becker
MySQL Manager ($) Administration Tool - Download:
MySQL ODBC driver connect to MySQL on your virtual server & MySQL with Access:, Open Books ProjectUse It! "open" copyright online books
MySQL Reference Manual

phpMyAdminUse It! web administration of MySQL
• free Open Source software from

SQLyog fast, compact mySQL database management GUI, export CSV, HTML, XML; import from textfiles reference Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache in 24 Hours, Julie Melonie - Books, Tutorials
Tomcat/mySQL TutorialUse It!   Porting JDK 1.2.2 Java on FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD, Kee Jan Koster

Uniform ServerUse It! Project page, free Open Source Windows minimal database server
• with latest versions of Apache, PhP & MySQL database MySQL Tutorial ($)PHP & MySQL based Web forums package articles, forum, Links, Tutorials..
WebMonkey ( PHP/MySQL Tutorial


MP3 Boss: MP3 Database/MP3 Manager rate songs, find problem filenames for burning CD's

( also see...DATA WAREHOUSING ), Jeff Cahoon's
Data Warehouse Resources Open Source or Free
Dr. Dobbs Journal ( Code )
    º Faster Development Through Modeling by Jeff Cahoon CubeModel meets Open Source (pdf)
Oracle Warehouse Builder
SQL2java SQL to Java Code Generator

OLAP and DataMining: Bridging the Gap
OLAP's Place in the Warehouse Architecture, Steven B. Elkens, April 1998
Open OLAP article reviewing products, Steven B. Elkens, April 1998

German OLAP and Data Warehouse Forum Data Warehousing, OLAP & Data Mining Portal
Libri e articoli Data Warehouse, OLAP & Knowledge Management articles: Memex Consulting
the OLAP Council News, research, membership
OLAP AND OLAP Server Definitions: the OLAP Council
OLAP and OLAP Server Definitions OLAP Glossary: Erasmus U Rotterdam
The OLAP Report: products & market

Online Analytical ProcessingUse It! MGT 492 Research Paper, Canobbio, Keck & Williams
MondrianUse It! free Open Source Java OLAP server
    º analyze very large datasets stored in SQL databases without writing SQL

Tek-Tips Forums - OLAP technical support forum, mutual help forprofessionals

CIO Enterprise magazine IT Links, Research, Services
Datamation Profit and Value from Information Technology database, client/server & Internet/Intranet application development magazine
Executive Information Systems white papers Data WArehousing, OLAP, and KM
Intelligent Enterprise Magazine formerly known as DBPD and DBMS Employment, Events, IT Forum, Q&A, VBA, Product Guide, Pubs, Search, VBA Objects
KMWorld Knowledge Management Magazine Online
Oracle Magazine
PCWEEK Online Columnists, Downloads, Labs, News, Reports

( also see.. §OOP§ )

DIRECTORIES-Object-Oriented Databases Open Directory |

Building Successful Web Apps Mark Palmer
comp.databases.object mini-faq object-relational database systems : Stanislaw Staszic U
DB: Browsing Object-Oriented Databases over the Web
The Evolution Of Data Models And Approaches To Persistence In Database Systems
Favorite OODB-related sites: Stanislaw Staszic U Index
Foundations of Object-Relational Mapping Mark L. Fussell
Arthur M. Keller's recent papers

Introduction to Object-Oriented DatabasesLearn It! H. Maurer & N. Scherbakov: GENTLE-WBT

Links2Go: Object-Oriented Databases Links (takes two hits to link out)
Object Data Management Group ODMG 3.0 Std - storing objects, downloads, Forum, library, Links, News
Object-Oriented and Database Programming for Bioinformatics and Internet, Resources
Object-Oriented Databases books, facts, Links, reviews, web:
The Object-Oriented Database System Manifesto
Object-Oriented Data Warehousing white paper, Joseph M. Firestone, PhD:
OBST Open Source OODBMS, (SUN Sparc, UNIX): FZI, Karlsruhe, Germany
Persistent Objects in Cogito tools for easier scientific software development
Query Processing in Advanced Database Systems
Rock&Roll Open Source Deductive OODBMS: Heriot-Watt U, UK
Temporal Object-Oriented Databases in Information Systems (TOOBIS) EEC-funded project

COBRA automatic mapping of Java objects to the RDBMS:
DbGen Object Relational Mapping Tool for Java:

Hibernate.orgUse It! About, FAQ, Forum
• free Open Source Java Download from, Info
Wiki Community

Java Data Objects (JDO):   Sun Microsystems
jStorm Simple Tool for Object Relational Mapping, mapping Java objects to relational db's:
Object Data Management Group ODMG 3.0 Std - storing objects, downloads, Forum, library, Links, News

OJB - ObjectRelationalBridge XML based Object/Relational Mapping:   Apache &
Tutorial1, 2, 3, 4

Osage - User Guide, JDBC-based, maps Java objects to RDBMS, maintains dependent objects & relations,
• generates SQL, autogenerates keys, XML<=>RDBMS:

Persistence Layer objects stored, retrieved, updated, & deleted in RDBMS without coding (Java API):

ODBC & ODBC DRIVERS Open Source, Platform Independent ODBC
FreeODBC Forum, Links, Driver Managers, ODBC Drivers
JDBC™ Drivers: SUN
ODBC Architecture and Database Drivers
ODBC Drivers for S-Designor Powersoft Demos
PostgreSQL ODBC Driver: Insight Distribution Systems, (free)
Raima Corporation - Raima Database Manager - ODBC Gateway - Search for ODBC free open source applications and drivers
Win32:: ODBC FAQ

crossDb @, home page
D-Lib Forum and D-Lib Magazine - Reference Links

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) interoperable online standards:
Bibliography, Documents, FAQ, Software

Eprints.orgUse It! free author/institution self-archiving software & Links;
part of the Open Citation Project, a DLI2 International Digital Libraries Project funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the Higher Education Funding Councils, in collaboration with the National Science Foundation

The Open Archives Initiative - FAQ, Metadata Harvesting Protocol
The Open Citation project - About, software collaboration: Southampton U, Cornell U &
The Santa Fe Convention of the Open Archives Initiative (Feb-2000):   D-Lib Forum and D-Lib Magazine

OPEN SOURCE & PUBLIC DOMAIN (see individual sites for verification)

DB2XML 1.2Use It! Java tool with Source transform relational databases into XML Open Directory Open Source Databases
EOS AT&T Bell Labs' Storage Manager
Exodus Extensible DBMS, SPARCstations/SUN-OS, DECstations/ULTRIX: U Wisconsin, Databases: Catalogue of Free Database Systems (1990's) open source solutions based on the PostgreSQL database
Ingres RDBMS: UC Berkeley
InstantDb Java RDBMS: Enhydra.Org (Lutris Technologies, Inc.)

InterbaseGet It! first fully standards-compliant open-source database: Corel Corp. (Borland/Inprise)

InterClient Java interface to InterBase
LEAP RDBMS, database educational tool, books, guide (Unix, Win95/NT)
Mariposa Distributed scalable DBMS, local autonomy (DEC OSF/1 3.2): UC, Berkeley

mySQLUse It! FAST Indexed Sequential Access DBMS (Unix/Linux)

OBST OODBMS, (SUN Sparc, UNIX): FZI, Karlsruhe, Germany Object-Relational DBMS (Solaris, SunOS, HPUX, AIX, Linux, Irix, FreeBSD)
PostgreSQL old download site - Xelopes Library for Embedded Data Mining, Download
• open, data-source-independent & platform-independent; C++, Java, CORBA implementations

QueryForm free open source Java JDBC database GUI at
• creates on-the-fly browse & query table forms
• insert, update & delete table rows without SQL
• multiple concurrent database connections, custom WHERE-clause editor
• export query results can to CSV files or INSERT statements
• table metadata (column types, sizes; primary & foreign key fields) view for each table

RocketAware.comUse It! Open source Databases Directory

Rock&Roll Deductive OODBMS: Heriot-Watt U, UK

SourceForge DatabaseUse It!   Topics:
MyTextReport multiple format reports from MYSQL, Manual
SQL2Java no XML, manual mapping, complex architecture or hand coded queries, About
TableGen generates classes to represent/access database tables:   Joe Carter, Project
UML2SQL database independent DDL generation, database synchronization
Uniform Server, Project - Windows, minimal, includes Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin installation, no registry dust

Texas Persistent Store U Texas, Austin

All Things Oracle: Saraswati Systems Corp
Allexperts Oracle Q&A Free advice

Atul Mehta's Oracle WorldUse It! Portal, newsgroups

Basic Discussion of Oracle 7 Relational Database Index

Code ArchiveUse It! Download source code: Oracle Press books - Oracle Knowledge Repository
Computer Mentors Oracle books, download, Links, News, Tips
CS 310: Information Organization and Processing Oracle Tutorial tutorial for using the sqlplus

The Database Domain's Oracle Tips PageUse It! Links, News, Training Oracle DBAs & developers scripts...
DŘ Databases codes, documentation, Oracle, scripts, SQL, Python, Tutorials,
Exploring Oracle ZiffDavis Journals
freebies articles, presentations & answers:
Generic Tips and Tricks for Oracle on Unix commands, moving files, security
G & J Piper Oracle and Oracle Applications Tech Tips
Guy Harrison's Home Page articles, Download (author: Oracle Desk Reference & Oracle SQL)
Installation Tips Oracle 8i Personal Edition
International Oracle Users Group - Americas (IOUG) events, search, vendors
Java, Javascript and Oracle Tutorial Site Saksham Shukla
Jim's TableSet Compare Utility download: James A. Gray scripts, tuning articles, OCP certification help, jobs... Links, News, scripts, shareware tools/utilities
Modern Systems Analysis and Design - Oracle Resources, Forum: Prentice Hall
Oracle 8 Tutorial create a DB, Links, live application: U North Carolina
Oracle 8i Tutorials Links: Santa Clara U
Oracle8i Tuning Indexed Articles
Oracle8 Server Documentation (8.0.4) SQL *Plus Guide & Quick Reference
Oracle/Access/PowerPoint Tutorial and Help Page Richard Holowczak, Rutgers U
Oracle Articles and White Papers Hervé Deschamps, Oracle Corporation (

Oracle AssistUse It! Links apps, books, forum, jobs, News, peer publishing, software, training...

Oracle Bookmark Oracle Tutorials & introductions
Oracle Corporation
Oracle DBA Lessons
Oracle DBA Scripts and tips:
Oracle Development Tools User Group Journal, Links, News, tools
Oracle Documentation Center
Oracle Documentation Library Oracle 8i (8.1.5)
Oracle Documentation Library Oracle 8i (8.1.6)
Oracle General FAQ Table of Contents Categories & FTP archive: RMIT
Oracle Magazine
Oracle On OpenVMS DBA & programmer solutions/news
ORACLE - Resources how-to, tables & indexes, PERL, TCL, tuning,
Oracle/SQL Tutorial detailed intro SQL & Oracle RDMS: UC Davis

Oracle/SQL Tutorial ContentsUse It! functions, joins, reports, SQL, tables: Kennesaw State U

Oracle: SQL*Plus Tutorial commands, editing, intro, Links
Oracle Technology Network, Training & Certification events, Forum, software: Prentice Hall
Oracle Tips... configuration, Javascript: The Oracle of Hapert
Oracle Tips and Answers by Ari Kaplan-well organized article index, Links
Oracle Tips & Techniques

Oracle Tips, Tricks, and ScriptsUse It! plus articles, books, Docs, Links, PERL, SQL: U Arkansas

Oracle tools Erwin Dondorp
Oracle Troubleshooting 300 technical documents & bulletins by Oracle, Search
Oracle User Resource, Inc. archives, Knowledge transfer, vendors
Oracle via Perl Tutorial Mike Moxcey
Oracle View Archives Search: Intelligent Enterprise
Oracle WebDB Tutorial Guide Release 2.2

Orafans.comUse It! Ads, books, Forum, jobs, Links, Search Oracle articles, snippets, datamart, design, objects, scripts, SQL, technotes, Tips
OraPub, Inc. Oracle Training & Consulting, articles, News, tools
OraWorld training for Oracle server
Peter Koletzke's Oracle Stuff articles, design, Links, Tips & Techniques
PHOAKS archinve (People Helping One Another Know Stuff)
Presentation on Oracle Useful Sites: Marquette U
Product Documentation Library Oracle8 and the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition: U Texas
SQL*Forms in Oracle: Ball State U
QA: Quick Access Windows utility form-access any Oracle database table
Tips 2000 Oracle Magazine Tips Archive
TUSC Document Catalog Oracle Documentation and training schedule
TUSC Oracle Portal Forum, Links, News, products, Search
Tutorial for Designer/2000 Saonee Sarker
Tutorial for Oracle 8 Olivia R. Liu Sheng: U Arizona
Tutorial on Oracle MIS 331 Spring 2000: Eller College
Users Groups Oracle Magazine:
Using SQL in the Oracle Database Environment U Arkansa (~scoving)
Using SQL in the Oracle Database Environment U Arkansa (uaclasses)
Various Oracle Tutorials 5 tutorials
What Is an Oracle Relational Database? (1994) Tim McLellan
Yahoo Search Oracle @Computers and Internet: Software: Databases

ADVISOR DISKS - Search Databases
Java & Power Builder Journal PB&J
Ken Howe's Powerbuilder
PAD Powerbuilder Applications Developer
PB Newbie - Ashok's PowerBuilder Beginners
PB-L PowerBuilder web pages
PowerBuilder Development Resource - Ken Howe
Pblinks.htm (
PowerSoft Sybase Download Now
Pure Power Tips & Articles Newsletter
PowerBuilder Software Scripts
PowerBuilder Advisor Magazine
PowerBuilder Developer's Journal

Ashok's PBNewbie Forum
Ask the PowerBuilder Pro
PBNF - Archive Index
PowerBuilder Objects - Ken Howe
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DIRECTORIES-PostgreSQL Open Directory |


Raima Corp.- Database Cross-Platform

RELATIONAL ALGEBRA, Relational Algebra

Databases and the World Wide Web Slide Show: Management Software Choices, Queries, Standards, Research..
DBMS Online Buyer's Guide

Database Research Group: Heriot-Watt U
Scientific Data Management Research and Development Group: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

MN Open SAN User Group Area Networks Designers, Managers, Users and other interested parties

(MS) Access Utility Library (4 CD's) ($59.50)
Sybase Shareware useful Sybase tools, links, and documentation

DIRECTORIES-SQL Open Directory | |

CodeHound SQLUse It! Search Engine

ExportSQL Export tables in MS-Access database:

FindTutorials.comUse It! SQL at Computer & Internet: Databases, home - SQL Reference and Example Site

A Gentle Introduction to SQLUse It! ( Access, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server
• by Andrew Cumming, School of Computing, Napier U, Edinburgh, UK

Google Web Directory SQL at Programming: Languages, Tutorials
Introduction to Structured Query Language selects, joins, grouping
JCC's SQL Std. Page standards process & current state
SQL Reference Page Links (obsolete)
SQL In Simple English
SQL for Web Nerds Oracle article: Queries, transactions, triggers, plus RDBMS concepts
Steve Litt's SQL Troubleshooting
Summarizing data with SQL ANSI-SQL 92 standard (& some SQL Server 7)
SQL School from
also see.. TOOLS & UTILITIES )
SQL SERVER (Microsoft)
Ask the SQL Server Pro
Object Data Management Group The Standard for Storing Objects, FAQ
    º including Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting

WESST Web-Enabled Star Schema TutorialUse It! Drexel U

( also see.. SQL Utilities )

Generic Report Writer (open source freeware)
•Java Menu-driven Report Writer for PostgreSQL, MySQL & Access, Jim Ridenour

Data Junction Data Transformation Software, xml support


Database Management Systems, Links, Zicklin School of Business - Baruch College City U New York
    º Entity Relationship Modeling
    º Normalization
    º Relational Algebra
    º File Organization ($) Training site, Glossary
Getting Started with Data Warehousing: Data Warehousing Information Center

Introduction to Object-Oriented Databases H. Maurer & N. Scherbakov: GENTLE-WBT, Database Tutorials Links
Learn SQL:
Online Database Tutorials Mac & Windows Links: U Alberta
Relational Database Design Resource Center:

Sample CoursesLearn It! deductive & funcitonal, OODB, RDB, SQL: GENTLE-WBT examples, interpreter, practice with live database

Storage Networking Industry Association, Links & Publications ( Education )
Education: Links, Tutorials

Virtual classroom of Health Informatics - Database Tutorial (see sections 7 - 11):   Virtual classroom

Web DatabasesUse It! Web Dev Virt Library GUFE, normalization, SQL, software, PERL, web db's...

Webmonkey - Backend Databases
Web Page Databases At Your Service Web Developer's Virtual Library (WDVL)

VENDORS Integrated Internet Information Interchange & Knowledge Management ASP
Yahoo Search: Business & Economy: Companies: Computers: Software: Databases

An Annotation Engine for Supporting Video Database Population: Boston U

VISUAL BASIC (ads) - Visual Basic - Using VB with Databases
SQL Fundamentals
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)

FreeVBCodeUse It!   - Database
Modules - Links, Visual Basic and Data Mining
Oracle / Access Database Demo from Visual Basic (32Bit) Info, AngEll Home Site, UK Forums ( Visual Basic)
• VB database - Advanced, - Beginning
• VBA - Access - cTREEVIEW Class Wrapper with ADO Code by Graeme Grant - Databases, Visual Basic
VB-World - Visual Basic Database Tutorial - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 by Karl Moore
Visual Basic Answer Network - Professional Visual Basic 6 Databases Book & code, & P2PWrox Forums above


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