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DIRECTORIES-ASCII Open Directory | |

DIRECTORIES-Unicode Open Directory | |, Documents - ASCII tables & calculator
HTML Entities for symbols, mathematical symbols, and Greek letters Web Design Group (WDG)
Entities for Symbols and Greek Letters

IBM Developer Works - Search for Unicode
Unicode Character Map For HTML Design, About, Search, SiteMaps
Web Authoring
HTML Document Character SetUse It! ASCII & Unicode, plus ASCII-EBCDIC Chart & FAQ, FAQ, Glossary, Search, SiteMap
Code Charts, Where is my Character?
Mathematical Operators Range 2200-22FF
Greek (pdf)


Association for Computing Machinery
Digital Library - Journals, Magazines, Special Interest Groups (SIGs)..
Education - Curricula Recommendations, Grants Resources, Special Interest Groups
Student Members

Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC) competitiveness, economic development, education, workforce training


Marion M. Graham Collegiate Institute - Hexadecimal to Decimal and Decimal to Hexadecimal Tutorial

Vinay's World of Programming, Links, Search
Beginners' Section - Binary/Hexadecimal Tutorial with calculator

( also see..§Books (Shopping)§ )

BargainBookCo.comUse It!
    º Access, Oracle, SQL
Games, Graphics and Illustration
Operating Systems
Web Programming
    º Javascript, Perl, Php, XML club
Delphi Programming Book Reviews
Safari | InformIT Books Online ($) - 30 day free trial

Netsurfer Digest Book Reviews
Category:Character sets


Wrox DOWNLOAD book code, Reference, Resources, Sales, Samples, Search


    º Category:Cloud computing
Cloud computing

also see.. Programming

10th International World Wide Web Conference
Support concepts for Web navigation: a cognitive engineering approach

Cognitive Engineering as the development of information spaces
•ay David Benyon, Professor of Human Computer Systems, HCI Group, Napier U Search: Cognitive Engineeerng

Nancy Leveson, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT
High-Pressure Steam Engines and Computer Software (pdf)
Software Engineering: A Look Back and A Path to the Future
Software and System Safety Research Group: A White Paper

Software City 30,000 hardware and software products

also see.. §Automation§, §SCADA§

CVS (Concurrent Versioning System)
also see.. §Open Source§
DIRECTORIES-CVS Open Directory |

ArgoUML ( free Open Source UML modelling tool
About source code version control with CVS
Using WinCvs..
Subversion to build a compelling replacement for CVS, Developer Tools, free Downloads: Jalindi-Igloo , MacCVS, TortoiseCVS, WinCvs
• plus SSH Clients: OpenSSH for Linux, PuTTY for windows

Concurrent Versions System ( by CollabNet, Inc.) the open standard for version control
FAQ, Help, Manual, Overview of Hosted Tools, FAQ
• Community: Downloads, Mailing Lists
Documentation, Manual
Projects CVS Home Page, GNU Manuals Online
CVS--Concurrent Versions System - Table of Contents choice of formats: TOC (1 page per Chapter)
    º CVS commands

Pascal Molli's CVS page, The CVS Book, Open Source Development with CVS by Karl Fogel and Moshe Bar
HTML format
A Day With CVS

WinCVS home page (

DIRECTORIES-Data Compression
dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo

Canterbury Corpus benchmark to evaluate lossless compression methods, Links
Cryptography and compression from the The Mandala Centre

DataCompression.infoUse It! Links, Rated code, Search
Data Compression - Systematisation by T.Strutz
DataCompression.infoUse It! by Mark Nelson
Source Code

Mark Nelson's,
A Fresh Cup of Zip with source code (Greg Goebel / In The Public Domain) Search, SiteMap
    º Introduction / Lossless Data Compression

Eco Data Recovery Services hard drive recovery & repair, data recovery for RAID, RAID 5, CD & Mac - Links

Alison Chaiken's Magnetic Recording Websites Links to magnetic data storage sites

Hpss-Collaboration ($) software managing petabytes of data on disk & robotic tape libraries, FAQ

MacDOS Card Mail Group Thread
Mac Fixit Page - Troubleshooting
Tech Tool Free Copy...Reset PRAM (DOS Compatiblity Card)_
Northstar System 7.5.3 Advice Page & Connections
Anthony Chan Archive MacDOS Card Mail List
MacDOS Card Mail Group Thread
Tai Morris' Home Page


Association for Computing Machinery
Digital Library - Journals, Magazines, Special Interest Groups (SIGs)..
Education - Curricula Recommendations, Grants Resources, Special Interest Groups
Student Members

Computer Science Resources Educational Resources
Department of Computer Science, Monash University: Home page

CiteSeer (NEC) | | | Wikipedia |

Google SpecialSearches: BSD, Linux, Macintosh, Microsoft

Ardan Scientific Programming, L.L.C. - Links

ASPNUse It! latest technologies needed to build applications with open source tools

BizWeb Category - Computer: Hardware Hardware Manufacturer Links

Chuck Elliott's Bookmarkss
Associate Director, Customer Services, Marshall U Computing Services

CiteSeer.IST Scientific Literature Digital LibraryUse It!

Comspec OnLine Catalogue and Order System Online Product Catalogues

EEVL: the Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and ComputingUse It! About, Links, SiteMap
ComputingUse It!, Computing Coolsites Links

Erik Max Francis, Links ( Computer scienceUse It! ), SiteMap

Favorite Bookmarks algorithms, databases, design, discreet mahh, electronics, open source, modeling.. :   Sue's Home Page
Rémi Peyronnet (French) Bookmarks
Society for Political Methodology, Computing Resources
Yeni KitaplarUse It! Online Programming Books
Useful Links U of Illinois (Wah)


FORENSICS Law Enforcement & Computer Forensic Systems, Links, Search, SiteMap

FORTRAN, PORT Mathematical Subroutine Library
PORT Mathematical Subroutine Library (third edition) Fortran 77 source, Manual (pdf)

CCLRC, SiteMap, Computational Science and Engineering Department
Numerical Analysis Group
HSL (Formerly the Harwell Subroutine Library)
    º Contents
LinksUse It! (External Numerical Analysis Source)
    º Numerical Subroutine LibrariesUse It! Links - Free Fortran Software, Links, Product Directory - Links
• on the way to more public domain utilities

Fortran Programers Software Club, Links
Documentation, Downloads
• GUI: Exercises, Wizards
Tutorials, GCC Compiler Collection: front ends for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada,
Fortran g77, free Fortran 77 compiler, Documentation online

Google Groups, Fortran News Group

Hewlett Packard commercial Fortran site
Compaq Fortran Language Reference Manual, Sep99

Intel, Forums: Intel® Fortran Compiler for Windows & Visual Fortran

Jugoslav Dujic's Fortran Resources, FAQs: ( General Fortran, QuickWin, Win32 )
Free Extended Fortran Libraries (@Geocities) open source: wrap Win32 functionality for building GUIs
for Compaq/(Intel) Visual Fortran compiler Full Fortran 95/90/77 - FAQs, Forum, Price List
Code Repository
Compatible Products

Mathtools.netUse It! math/science programming - Applications and Industries, Learing and Education (Tutorials)

NetLib Library ( Browse, Search )
• Repository of mathematical software, papers, and databases
LAPACK -- Linear Algebra PACKage
Numerical Analysis Net

Application Technologies: NCSA

C-SPAN Video Library
Book Discussion on Who Owns the Future May 15, 2013 Jaron Lanier

rhinoRC's Home Page, GWbasic
Forum at Invision
Trailing Edge 'R Us, Free Ebooks for Download: BLUE - BASIC Language Users Essay & GW-BASIC and QB 2.0 - Porting and Compiling

HAND HELD handheld computers

The Documentation Library Domino & Notes User Assistance on Notes.Net: online magazine
Using Python to create a command line interpreter for Notes (Beyond Lotusccript)
MacFixIt (Home Page) Downloadable Software

Dr. Laxton's Strategic Visioning new societal and marketplace paradigms


DIRECTORIES-SuperComputing Open Directory | |

Gleicher Enertprises, Tuson, AZ consulting & support services for High Performance Storage Systems (HPSS) Sitemap

JazzNet:   National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
The National Center for Supercomputing (NCSA)
ProcessTree Network Connect your computer: For-Pay Distributed Processing Network
SETI@home Connect your computer to Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence


The Computer Museum Fun, History, Educational Materials

NETWORKS BelManage Web server, manage desktops, servers...
Broadband DSL and Home Networks: Microsoft

Cisco Knowledge SuiteLearn It! Cisco Systems

DESIRE Project Caching, Resource Discovery and Directory Services
Glossary for Home Networking Terms: Microsoft
Home Networking with Windows 98 Second Edition: general introduction

Home PC Network FAQ, Forums, Links, News
Hardware & Software
how tos

homePCnetwork Discussion Forums & Chat Registraton & email address required (
How to Set up a LAN local area network

IPNetRouter demo: Sustainable Softworks, LAN share cable modem, ADSL, dial-up Internet

J.Helmig's World of Windows NetworkingSource FAQ, Newsgroups, Troubleshooting Win95-98 & NT4

Networking 101
The Perils of Wireless Networks

Microsoft HomeClick Network Description home network kits
NetGear Web Support phone support 1-888-NETGEAR (1-888-4327)
Networking: Windows 98 Annoyances Personal Web Server: Microsoft
Personal Web Server: Correct bad install - Registry Error 0x80004005, 0xfee662: Microsoft

SOHOinter.netUse It! Downloads, FAQ, Newsgroups, Glossaries, Windows Peer to Peer, Small Networks Broadband, Cable modems, DSL, Forum, Hardware reviews, Overclocking, WinTips

Steve's FAQUse It!

Tom's Hardware GuideUse It! News, Search, SiteMap

VirtualDr Support Forums Networking

Category:Computer networking
Category:Local area networks
Computer networking
Local area network
Shared resource
Wide area network Computer Networking


Partitioning A Hard Drive Basics using FDISK

PC Lube and Tune introductions, tutorials & education for the beginner
Das Boot plan, partition, install & remove multiple operating systems: FDISK, Dual Boot, sectors, partitions..

including.. Jobs, Projects & Contracts, Tutorials
also see..
§C++§, Cognitive Engineering, §JAVA§, §LINUX§, §MATH§,
§PERL§, §PHP§, Scrum, §Subversion Clients§, §Text Editors§, §VISUAL BASIC§, XP

DIRECTORIES-Programming Open Directory | | | WWW Virtual Library |

DIRECTORIES-Software Engineering Open Directory | |

DIRECTORIES-Languages Open Directory | | | WWW Virtual Library |

ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest

ACM Progamming Contest European Division
Problem Set Archive ( News
The Analytical Engine Online: Hamilton College onlinecomplementt to Computer Sceince text
Advanced Systems Technology Home Page: Northwestern State U Course Materials
The Art of Assembly Language Programming Sep-96, About, Forums & Interest Groups, News, Search
Articles: C++, Design, Java, Python, Testing, XML..
Pavilion online trade show for developers

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Teamwork in Programming Contests: 3 * 1 = 4 24-hour programming contest
2009, FAQ
    º Gallery
    º History

Central European Programming Contest

Codehaus.orgUse It! team project development, About, FAQ, Docs
promoting interesting business-friendly or business-friendly open source projects
• Project Releases Links!) PHP, PEAR, Databases, System Admin
• Forums, Tutorials, Source Code

Daniel Marx
Programming Contest Problems Archive, Chat, Code Snippets, Forums, Tutorials
Computer Science

DBLP BibliographyUse It! (Digital Bibliography & Library Project) >460,000 articles + 1,000's of links, FAQ
Conferences & Workshops
• Links: Associations, Database, Logic Programming, Related Services
• Mirrors: ACM SIGMOD, Chungnam NU (Korea), SunSITE (Central Europe), UCLA, VLDB Endow
• Search: Advanced, Author, Title, Home Page Search

Eclipse.orgUse It! free open source IDE
• Plugins
    º MathEclipse Eclipse Plugin
    º Documentation: Help
    º Tutorials: Eclipse And Java: Free Video Tutorials
    º Eclipse and Java Video Tutorials for Total Beginners

Experts-Exchange.comUse It! Forum

FANGroup - Fuzzy and Neural Group: U North Carolina searchable archives of discussion forums
goBruen Disinformation Gateway: Computers

Google CodeUse It! Open Source
Google Code University tutorials & sample course content: current computing technologies & paradigms
    º Algorithms

Handbook of Algorithms and Data StructuresUse It!
• by Gaston H. Gonnet & Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Dept Ciencias de la Computación, U Chile
Basic Concepts
• Algorithms: Arithmetic, Searching, Selection, Sorting, Text

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
from The Open Book Project, (Groovyweb tutorials) Links
IEE Computer Society
Developer Zone
Free Software
Intel Open Source from the Linux kernel to focused projects
Math Kernel Library
Performance Libraries Free
Inno SetupUse It! About, FAQ, Links
• free open source ( not public domain) installer for Windows programs
    º Knowledge Base, 3rd Party Files & Inno Setup QuickStart Pack

League for Programming Freedom Amicus Brief
Links of Interest to Software Engineers search for Programming Contests
Mathtools.netUse It! math/science programming - Applications and Industries, Learing and Education (Tutorials)
C++, Fortran, Java, Visual Basic
MATLAB News, Source Codes, Tutorials
Mike Smith, U Brighton, Links
MPI Related Books, Presentations, and Tutorials Parallel Programming
The Object-Oriented Page commented links

PC Lube and Tune introductions, tutorials & education for the beginner
Character Encoding and Web Standards, Distributed Applications and the Web
Computers, Video Files, and HDTV
Das Boot plan, partition, install & remove multiple operating systems: FDISK, Dual Boot, sectors, partitions..
Exception Handling in Java and C# "best practices" for program design in the new languages
The Graphic User Interface based on a small number of simple programming techniques
Introduction to PC Hardware the dozen standard, interchangeable components
• Introduction to APPC, SNA, TCP/IP
The Storm Before the COM COM port settings, modems, ISDN

P2P - Programmers' resource centre mail lists, News groups: Wrox
Planet Source Code (ads) source code libraries, search A Programming Search Engine compilers, downloads, Forum, Search, tutorials many articles & links: applications, languages, platforms, web development..
Programming Netscape Plug-Ins
Scott R. Henninger: U Nebraska-Lincoln
Shoulders of Giants -- A Paper on the Inevitability of Open Source Dominance
Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon U, transition of software engineering technology, About, Forum, Links, Search
Articles, News
Downloads, Tools

Software Industry Issues Silicon Valley Software Industry Coalition

Software Methods & ToolsUse It! books, events, News, Forums, industry, Links, methods, resources...

SourceForge.netUse It! OPEN SOURCE bugs, forum,, file archival, backups, web-based administration

StormingMedia.US ($) science, technology, strategy & policy Pentagon reports “below NTIS prices”
Computer Programs

The TeachScheme! Project Teach Programming materials - software, support: Rice U, NSF

Testing Standards Working Party, UK, Forum, Glossary, Links, SiteMap
• developing new software testing standards

United States Association for Computational Mechanics (USACM)
Universidad de Valladolid , International ACM Programming Contest
Contests Hosting Service to setup your own programming contest
Problem Set Archive and the online judge system online book on mathematical specification & design, About
Table of contents, Exercises

Vinay's World of Programming, Links, Search
Advanced Section
Beginners' Section
C Tutorial

C (programming language)
Intel Parallel Studio
Math Kernel Library

Wotsit's FormatUse It! animation, archive, binaries, database, GIS, graphics, hardware, printer, spreadsheet

^ Programming

also see...§SEARCH(Jobs)§ Select from >50 prog languages, ERP's & apps (also Employers Page)

^ Programming

CONTRACTS, PROJECTS Post project RFP, profiles, quotes
eWork Exchange Project Work Solutions, look for people, look for work Expert Advice Portal Project Marketplace for freelancers, consultants & independent contractors connecting independent professionals with contract projects IT advice exchange service; Post projects, prices, solutions Post projects, rates, bids Post RFP, Search qualified service providers, Access leads Post projects, prices, profiles, proposals, bids

^ Programming

Assembly Language Tutorials all levels, html coach interactive, integrated, graphical programming environment
Documentation: PLT DrScheme: Manual online, All PLT Documentation, Tour (overview)
Learning modern program design principles
    º interesting, practical examples, including games, Web page construction & file-system modelling
    º How to Design Programs (HtDP) book
    º Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days tutorial

PROGRAMMING - EXTREME & AGILE (or "lightweight")
also see..
Programming, Refactoring, Scrum, Unit Testing

AgileAlliance - Articles, Membership, News, Programs, UserGroups
Coadletter by Peter Coad - Back Issues, Links Don Wells' gentle introduction, Site Download, Links, Books, Resources
What is XP?
When to use XP
Why Lightweight Methodology?
Simple Rules and PracticesUse It! - Code the Unit Test First, Collective Code, CRC Cards ( example ), Integrate, Iterate, Pair Program, Refactor out Complexity, Simplicity, Small releases, Velocity..
Lessons Learned - System Metaphor, XP and Databases
XP MapUse It! development methodologies ( Iteration Zoom )
How do I Start? Articles - The New Methodology

Object Mentor, Inc. - Search
Articles - Agile Development, Extreme Programming, Refactoring, Test Driven Development..
Book recommendations

Portland Pattern Repository's WikiWiki - Search from Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.
Design Patterns
Extreme Programming Roadmap
PatternsForBeginners, HistoryOfPatterns, ObjectFunctionalPatterns

Rick Hightower - Articles
Java Tools for eXtreme ProgrammingUse It! book on using Open Source Tools

Scott Ambler: - Essays, Links & Resources, Principles exploring extreme programming, news, Links

XP Agile Universe conference, FAQ (UK) - DoingGoodUserStories Extreme Programming Resource, Search
eXtreme Programming Practices - Intro, Unit Testing & more
DownloadUse It! Unit Testing Framework Software
Publications - Extreme Programming.., Extreme Testing, [pdf: Optional Scope Contracts]
Q and A

The Astronomical Python (AstroPy) Home Page development & use in research:   NASA
Daily Python-URL Daily news Links:

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
from The Open Book Project,
Learning with Python

IBM Software Library ftp sote for PDF's

Instant Hacking tutorial
Internet Programming with Python (Chapt 1) by Watters, van Rossum & Ahlstrom
Learn to Program using Python by Richard Baldwin
O'Reilly Network: Python DevCenter
• books, community, database, education, GUI's, Links, math, scientific, tools, tutorials

Paul Boddie   Web modules sustainable, convenient Web application development
PYGTools the use of GNU's development tools with the Python scripting language
pyPit Library modules and code snippets Links
Python 1.52 Quick Reference by Chris Hoffmann
the Python Cookbook,   Python  code, comments, and ratings for recipes: ASPN
Python Journal online magazine articles

Python: Yet Another Object Oriented Interpretive Scripting Language by Enno Davids
Python.orgUse It! ( Python Software Foundation ) Search
Beginner's Guide, Introductions, Topic guides
Database API
Documentation: Download ( Search App ), Browse
    º Language Reference, Library Reference, Tutorial
Regular Expressions free Open Soure: Boa ConstrictorUse It! cross platform Python IDE and wxPython GUI Builder
• visual frame creation/manipulation, object inspector, source multi-views eg, object browsers, inheritance hierarchies, doc string generated html documentation, advanced debugger, help

Starship LibraryUse It! central repository of tools, utilities & information

Using Python to create a command line interpreter for Notes (Beyond Lotusccript):

Vaults of Parnassus : Python ResourcesUse It!
• apps, books, database, games, graphics, Links, math, tools, tutorials

( also see.. Extreme Programming, Unit Testing )

Refactoring Home Page by MartinFowler

The Refactory, Inc.
Publications: Adaptive Object Models, Frameworks, Patterns, Refactoring, Reflection

RUBY (free & Open Source), Getting started with Ruby Neumann Technologies
xmlrpc4r - XML-RPC for Ruby
Programming Ruby Online book
Reference open source Ruby projects
Code Snippets (browse by Language or Category) share code snippets, scripts & functions
Project Tree browse by ( Operating System, Programming Language )
    º Communications
    º Database
    º Office/Business
    º Scientific/Engineering
    º Software Development
Text Editors Documentation
Standard Library Documentation browse online or offline, FAQ, Forums, Wiki
• Community
    º RealWorldRuby
    º RubyOnTheNet
    º RubyProjects
    º RubyUserGroups
• Hints, Tips and Documents
    º CodingInRuby algorithms, cookbooks, ruby for design
    º Ruby-Doc Ruby Documentation Project, DocumentingRuby FAQ, translations...
    º RubyAndTesting unit & system testing
    º SystemSpecificStuff Mac, Linux, Windows...
• Wiki Help: Formatting, HowToCreateUserPages, HowToCreateWikiDocuments

Ruby-Lang.orgUse It! ( English )
CVS Repositories
Downloads ( Windows ) Documents ( Online Docs )
• Projects
    º RDP: Library Documentation
    º Ruby App Archive (RAA) Mirror open source web-application framework
• About
    º Compare, Presentations, Real World Usage
    º Road Map
    º FAQ
    º Overview
• Documentation
    º Database Drivers
    º Getting Started With Rails
    º Production Environments
    º Rails Academy
    º Reference Documentation
• Tutorials
    º Demo Applications
    º HowTos
    º A Tutorial by Rails’ users

Wikipedia: Ruby programming language

SCSI (Small Computer System Interface Devices):
Adaptec Products and Technology

comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
DSS Spreadsheet Links
Introduction to Spreadsheets: Duke U


Subject-oriented programming:   IBM Research, IBM
Concepts-Overview, Patterns, Problems, Readings, Rules
From Dynamic Supertypes to Subjects: A Natural Way to Specify and Develop Systems
Subject-Oriented Composition Rules
Subject-Oriented Programming (A Critique of Pure Objects)
•(Download - Subject-Oriented Programming: Supporting Decentralized Development of Objects)
Subject-oriented design and the Watson Subject Compiler
Supporting Subject-Oriented Programming in Smalltalk
Using Delegation for Software and Subject Composition

also see.. §Jobs§, §Transportation§

Gil Gordon Associates, About, FAQ & Tools, Search & SiteMap
Books Amazon Links
Download articles
Law links
Real Estate & Virtual Office, Links

International Telework Association and Council, About, Forums, Links, SiteMap
Reference Library
    º Home Office Setup Brochure
    º Telework-Related Books

National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse, About, Search
from the National Center for Transit Research, U South Florida
Handbooks and Manuals

Romanian Association for Telework and Teleactivities, About, Forum, Links, Search, SiteMap
State of Arizona Telecommuting Program
Telecommuting Jobs
TeleWork.govUse It! interagency site, FAQs
• from the Offices of Personnel Management, GSA
Manual Guide for Managers, Supervisors, and Telework Coordinators


comp.theory NEWSGROUP
Comp.Theory FAQ: Theoretical Computer Science

WikipediaUse It! Theoretical computer science


Ask A Scientist Archive - Search:   NEWTON/ANL, Argonne National Lab
Computer Science

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) programming ($ membership) - Free Tutorials Tutorials Portal, Forums
Our Tutorials

UNIT TESTING( also see.. Extreme Programming, Refactoring )

Extreme Programming: A gentle introduction by Don Wells - Site Download, Links, Books, Resources
Simple Rules and Practices - Collective Code, Code the Unit Test First, Unit Tests, Unit Testing Framework

Simple Smalltalk Testing: With Patterns by Kent Beck Extreme Programming Resource, Search
eXtreme Programming Practices - Intro, Unit Testing & more
Download Unit Testing Framework Software
Simple Rules and Practices
XP Lessons Learned: Unit Tests - Worth the Investment, Save Time, Test First
XP Map

Universal Device Access

Atlas Recall one simple search across all your devices

The PC Users Group Canberra, Australia

also see.. Programming, XP, Search ( Scrum ) "home of Scrum," Links
Scrum Library
    º Articles on Scrum
    º Essential Scrum Vocabulary
    º FAQ
    º Philosophy of Scrum
    º Scrum and Process Improvement
    º Scrum Rules
What is Scrum ?

Jeff Sutherland's Object Technology Web Site
SCRUM Log, Scrum by Mike Cohn
Scrum Development Process overview
Scrum References

ScrumAlliance.orgUse It! FAQ, Links, News, Search
How To
Scrum Practices

Yahoo Groups: scrumdevelopment


DIRECTORIES-Virtual Reality
dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo

Ecole polytechnique de Montreal, Virtual Reality Lab
Sci.virtual-worlds FAQ, publications
Virtual Terrain Project creation of tools for reconstructing the world in interactive 3D News, articles, discussions

also see.. §CONSUMER§, §Spam§

Ad-Aware Freeware, scan & remove spyware & advertising systems from LavaSoft
The Anatomy of File Download Spyware Gibson Research Corporation
Antivirus Online alerts, archinves, education, hypes & hoaxes, news, wildlist: IBM ($) About, FAQ, SiteMap
• Security Linux firewall: content & URL filtering, intrusion- virus- spam- protection, VPN gateway
Download ( register for Free Home Use by creating a MyAstaro account ), Online Demo
White Papers

AVG AntivirusUse It! Freeware from certified by the Center for Internet Security (CIS)
• Free Download Belarc Advisor, FAQ WikiUse It!
ATI Control Panel

(CDO) Security Tools: Communication Dot Org
CERT alert summaries
CERT Coordination Center: Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute
Charlie Register's Security Resources Page

Computer Associates Virus Information Center information on viruses, worms & Trojan horses
Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC)
Computer Security Resource Center (CSRC) FAQ, News, products, research, virus : NIST, Security Links, resources
Cryptography.Com books, Links, virtual library,
Cryptography: The Study of Encryption cryptography, cyber-cash, cypher-punks, FAQ's, Links, pubs
Dr Solomon Download and Updates

Electronic Frontier Foundation protecting rights & promoting freedom, News, privacy
Action Center
Privacy - Surveillance & Wiretapping Archive

Electronic Information Privacy Center books, policy archives, resources, Search
Encryption export controls US Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) licensing, regulations, Search
Encryption Issues Page: Center For Democracy & Technology
Encryption and Security-related Resources Peter Gutmann's
European Cryptography Page Search selected categories

FedCIRCUse It! advisories, detection, events, FAQ, News, patches, statistics, Tools...

File types Safe vs. Unsafe Downloads Description

GetNetWise.orgUse It!
Kids' Safety

Gibson Research CorporationUse It! Protection, Testing, Verification & Disaster Recovery Tools
    º UnPlug n' PrayUse It! toggles Windows dangerous Universal Plug and Play
Projects Page
AVG AntivirusUse It! try the.. Free Edition

History, How to Recognize, What to Do
• Hoax Categories, Index (all), Search

Hoaxes current list of bogus email messages regarding viruses & promotions from
Hot Topics Security Engineering: James Madison U
Information Security and Privacy Links: Stanford U

Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center, About

Inoculate IT Computer Associates FREE Antivirus Software & Updates

The International Computer Security AssociationUse It! certification, events, labs, library, Links, News

LavaSoftUse It! Ad-Aware removes spyware & advertising systems, scans memory, registry, hard drives
Customer Care Center

LurkHere.comUse It! - Downloads (Nice Files to Download), Links
Forums - Lurkers' Library
Links: Startup Programs
News & Archinves
Nice Files to Download

McAfee.comUse It! ($) Security Center, Virus Hoaxes

The National Security Agency Web Page U.S. (NSA) cryptography, technology transfer
Network Associates Download Page Virus, Internet & Desktop Utilities
NSA Glossary of Terms used in security and intrusion detection
OptOut Relinquish Spyware! (Gibson Research Corporation)

PC HellUse It! Solutions & Links to.. ( Hardware, Internet problems, Software, Support with mfrs & drivers )
• also see... "Top 5 Viruses"
10 Steps to Trouble-Free ComputingUse It!
Computer Cliff Notes
Computer Virus Hoaxes and Myths
How to Remove MSBLAST.exe worm virus
Sacred Hall of Computer and Internet Terms and Acronyms
Virus Center

The PC PitstopUse It! antivirus, diskHealth, FAQ, glossary, internet connection, tests

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Research Center
    º Backweb online library of processes to know the nature & purpose of every process running on their PC
The Resource - Firewalls basics, books, periodicals, reviews, training: Zeuros Limited
Robert Chu's Anti-Virus Page
RSA Laboratories downloads, events, Forum, News, products
The SANS Institute System Administration and Network Security Symantec Security ResponseUse It! latest virus threats & security advisories

security Neal Hannon's Links
Security and Cryptography: UCL Microelectronics Laboratory - Crypto Group
Security Information Resources: The MITRE Corporation

Security.orgUse It! alerts, catalog, forum, reports, reference, training

ShieldsUp!Use It! Gibson Research Corporation, test your vulnerability online free Open Source Software
• see SpamAssassin and ClamAVUse It!

SurfinGuardUse It! FREE Worm & Trojan Protection: finjan software

Spybot-S&DUse It! Search & Destroy Freeware - About, Links
from by PepiMK Software
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Public License
Support Forum, Links
Start-Up Applications Cheklist
Spyware Scanner online

SurfingGuardUse It! FREE Worm & Trojan Protection: finjan software
Norton Antivirus
Norton AntiVirus Technical Support News Bulletin latest technical info
Norton Internet Security 2000
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center's Online Encyclopedia
Symantec Security Response ( It! latest virus threats & security advisories

Virus HandbookRead It! Quarterdeck Software (now Symantec)

VIRUS-L Forum at NIST Archived by date (ads!) Computer Virus Myths, "truth about computer security hysteria" About, Search

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    º Category:Privacy of telecommunications
Gpg4win free/open source email/file encryption package for most versions of MS Windows

WM Software, About
Download CheckTrust used in verifying Syamantec Virus downloads

Zone LabsUse It! Download ZoneAlarm Internet Security


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