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^ AI

also see.. Heuristics

Complete Collection of Algorithm Animations (CCAA)
• links to Internet-based algorithm animations that aide in learning & understanding of algorithms

Paul E. Dunne (PED), U Liverpool, Computer Science
Techniques for the Design of Algorithms from Algorithm Design Paradigms - Overview of Course

The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository, Steven Skiena, Stony Brook U, Computer Science, Algorithm

^ AI
Artificial Creativity
ArchiKluge small online experiments written in Java
Glot-Bot: The Application of Genetic Algorithms Towards the Creation of a Functional English Vocabulary
    º Draw-Something

Wikipedia: Artificial Creativity

^ AI

Douwe Osinga, Artificial Life and other simulations
Google Hacks (not ai)
Visual Poetry (not ai) matches words with images from Google image search
Wordcolor (not ai) download Windows executable, determines word color from 6 Google images

Selmer Bringsjord, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Logic and Artificial Intelligence: Divorced, Still Married, Separated ...?

Robotics Institute ( Carnegie Mellon U ), About
Intelligent Software Agents Lab
Publications - Learning to Learn & Links from Sebastian Thrun
Robot Learning Laboratory

SRA Automated Reasoning Systems Software

WikipediaUse It!
Artificial Creativity
Artificial Intelligence
Strong AI

^ AI

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Founder, Paul Allen
• Projects
    º Semantic-scholar key papers, citations, and results
• Research
    º Tutorials

American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Links & NewsUse It! Search
AAAI Press
AI Magazine
AI Topics a dynamic library of introductory, non-technical information
Member's Library

Association for the Advancement of Artificial IntelligenceUse It! A-Z Index, SiteMap
Artificial Intelligence Topics
Library restricted to AAAI members
Video Archive

Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
Decision Analysis Society - Links; Field of Decision Analysis - References, Journals, Software, Web-Aids
Decision Sciences Institute - Links
Evolutionary Programming Society
International Society for Bayesian Analysis - Books, Links

International Society for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (ISGEC)
Santa Fe InstituteUse It!

Society for Judgment and Decision Making - Links
Society for Artificial Intelligence and Statistics
^ AI
Bayesian Bioinformatics tutuorial by Charles Lawrence
Free Bayesian Network Packages by Marek Druzdzel
International Society for Bayesian Analysis - Books, Links

^ AI
also see.. §BIOLOGY§

American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology

^ AI
also see.. Complexity
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig
• Code: Java ( Online ), Lisp, Python Java Files & Directory Structure


    º Category:Cellular automata
Artificial life
Cellular automaton
Conway, John Horton
    º Conway's Game of Life
    º Doomsday rule
Core War
Gosper, Bill (1943)
Gun (cellular automaton)
Hash table
Langton, Chris (1949)
    º Langton's ant
Self-replicating machine
Sigmund, Karl (1945)
von Neumann, John (1903-1957)
    º Von Neumann neighborhood
    º Von Neumann Universal Constructor
    º Lecture 12.3: The Amazing Alan Turing - Richard Buckland (extension lecture) UNSW 2008
    º 32: What is Life? The Amazing R.H. Conway - Richard Buckland UNSW Conway's Game of LIfe

^ AI
also see.. §ART§, §Fractals§, Game Theory, §Global Consciousness§,
§MATH (Computing)§, §MUSIC§, §PHYSICS§, Wolfram, Stephen e-Print archive
Nonlinear Sciences (since 1/93), Browse (use Subj-class: CD Chaotic Dynamics <Listings&gt;) or Search
Chaotic Dynamics: Authors and titles for..
    º recent submissions
    º January - 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03 change Jan entry 01 in URL, to 02 - 12 for Feb - Dec

Boids & Java Boids Background and Update by Craig W. Reynolds, Reynolds Engineering & Design
Boids & Boids Pseudocode by Conrad Parker
Chaos Demonstrations, Java Applets (Some Source) Michael Cross
Chaos, Fractals, and Arcadia Robert L. Devaney
Chaos Game Applet: Bill's Java Page, Bill Clagett
Chaos out of the order ( ads!) article

Complexity of Cooperation Web Site companion site for book by Robert Axelrod ( Links )

Complexity Digest collects and disseminates online complexity science; Forum, Search
Resources, Archive

Complexity International Journal
Complexity On-line

Constance, Cara
Bulla gouldiana period Exhibits Unique Regulation at the mRNA and Protein Levels
Casein kinase 1 delta regulates the pace of the mammalian circadian clock
The circadian clock-containing photoreceptor cells in Xenopus laevis express several isoforms of casein kinase I

Dan Freeland, Links
The Game of Life Java Applet

Egwald Web Services: Mathematics, Nonlinear Dynamics
Bifurcations and Two Dimensional Flows
Limit Cycles and Two Dimensional Flows
Systems of Equations

Exploratorium, Complexity exhibits: Menu
Complexicon concepts, terminology & thinkers
Complexity Timeline
Turbulant Landscapes

Goldbeter, Albert
Biochemical Oscillations and Cellular Rhythms book 1996

Google - Complex Systems

Google Books
Goldbeter, Albert
    º Biochemical Oscillations and Cellular Rhythms: The Molecular Bases of Periodic and Chaotic Behaviour
Ruelle, David
    º Chance and Chaos 1993
    º Chaotic evolution and strange attractors: the statistical analysis of time series for deterministic nonlinear systems 1989
    º The mathematician's brain 2007
    º Turbulence, strange attractors, and chaos Editor 1995
Winfree, Arthur T.
    º The geometry of biological time 2001
    º Timing of biological clocks 1987
    º When time breaks down: the three-dimensional dynamics of electrochemical waves and cardiac arrhythmias 1987

Google Scholar search articles
Biological Rhythms
Journal of Biological Rhythms, Chaos HypertextbookUse It! by Glenn Elert, Links
A.2 Annotated Bibliography of Software Resources for Mac OS computers

Journal of Biological Rhythms
Double Pendulum
Double Spring 2D, Chaos Rules

Princeton U
Complexity Theory: A Modern Approach by Sanjeev Arora & Boaz Barak
    º Online Book DraftUse It!

Santa Fe InstituteUse It! conducts & fosters transdisciplinary & catalytic scientific research, About, Events, Search
    º Messy Futures and Global Brains by Gottfried Mayer-Kress
Summer Schools
Undergraduate Fellowship Program
Working Papers peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia: Encyclopedia of dynamical systems
    º Category:Bifurcations
    º Category:Chaos
    º Category:Ergodic Theory
    º Category:Fluid Dynamics
    º Category:Mappings
    º Category:Oscillators
    º Category:Pattern Formation
    º Category:Statistical Mechanics
    º Category:Synchronization
• Attractor
    º Attractor dimensions
    º Lorenz attractor
    º Plykin attractor
    º Rossler attractor
    º Smale-Williams attractor
    º Strange attractor
    º Shilnikov bifurcation
    º Butterfly effect
    º Controlling chaos
    º Hyperchaos
    º Quantum chaos
    º Symmetric chaos
    º Transient chaos
Coherence resonance
Complex systems
• Free Energy
    º Interface free energy
Gibbs states
• Oscillators
    º Asymptotic cycles
    º Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction
    º Brusselator
    º Oregonator
    º Periodic orbit
    º Voltage-controlled oscillations in neurons
Periodic orbit
Perturbation theory (dynamical systems)
Phase model
Phase response curve
• Resonance
    º Coherence resonance
    º Stochastic resonance
Scaling laws
Self-organizationUse It!
    º Self-organization of brain function
Stochastic dynamical systems
Symmetry breaking in reaction-diffusion systems
    º Desynchronization
Synchronization of chaotic oscillators
Time's arrow and Boltzmann's entropyUse It!
    º Transition to turbulence

Sci.Nonlinear FAQ 2.0
Self-Organizing Systems Biology 576: U New Mexico

Serendip, About
from Bryn Mawr College
Complex Systems

Stanford U: Qwiki quantum physics wiki
Complexity Zoo

Susan Stepney, U York, Computer Science
Non-Standard Computation
    º Chaos and Fractals Links

Ulam, Stan from the site dedicated to his brother, Adam B. Ulam (1922-2000), Complexity

The Visual Math Institute Education, Euclid Projecy, FAQ
Chaos Center or VMI Chaos (
    º Lexicon of Chaos Theory
    º On Complexity Theory, Timeline

    º Category:Complex systems theory
    º Category:Non-linear systems
    º Category:Thermodynamics
    º List of chaotic maps
    º List of thermodynamic properties
Andronov-Pontryagin criterion
Anisotropy directionally dependent
Autocatalytic reaction chemical reaction product itself is the catalyst for that reaction
    º Autocatalysis
    º Autocatalytic set
    º Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction
    º Bray-Liebhafsky reaction
    º Briggs-Rauscher reaction
    º Brusselator
    º Chemical clock
    º Oregonator
    º Reaction-diffusion system
    º Iodine clock reaction
Boris Pavlovich Belousov (1893-1970)
    º Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction
Bendixson-Dulac theorem
Bifurcation theory
    º Hopf bifurcation
    º Period-doubling bifurcation
    º Bifurcation diagram
Biogeochemical cycle
• Biological clocks
    º Biorhythm classified as pseudoscience
    º Cell division
    º Cell growth
    º Chronobiology
    º Circadian oscillator
    º Circadian rhythm
    º Constantly dividing cells
    º Glycolysis
    º Photoperiodism
Biological organisation
    º Morphogenesis
Butterfly effect
Cellular automaton
    º Oscillator (cellular automaton)
Chaos theory
    º Control of chaos
    º Synchronization of chaos
Chemical clock see Autocatalytic reaction
Chemical kinetics
Communication complexity
Complex system
Complex systems
Computational complexity theory
Critical point (mathematics)
Differential equation
    º Dispersive partial differential equation
    º Partial differential equation
    º Fick's law of diffusion
    º Mass diffusivity
Dissipative system
    º Dissipative solitons
Dynamical systems
    º Dynamical system (definition)
    º Orbit (dynamics)
    º Phase plane
    º Phase portrait
    º Structural stability
Entropy (information theory)
Fick, Adolf Eugen (1829-1901)
    º Fick's law of diffusion
Fractal geometry
Fractal dimension fractional dimension describing how completely a fractal fills space upon zooming in
Henri Poincare (1854-1912)
Hopf, Eberhard (1902-1983)
    º Hopf bifurcation
Kolmogorov, Andrey (1903-1987)
Poincare-Bendixson theorem
Intensive and extensive properties
Irreversible process
Lorenz, Edward Norton (1917-2008) meteorologist & chaos theory pioneer, discovered strange attractor & coined “butterfly effect”
Lotka-Volterra equation
Nonlinear system
Numerical weather prediction
    º Harmonic oscillator
    º Oscillation (mathematics)
    º Oscillation theory
    º Parametric oscillator
Population dynamics
    º Lotka-Volterra equation
Power law
Prigogine, Ilya (1917-2003) dissipative structures, complex systems
Reaction-diffusion system
Ruelle, David (1935)
    º On the Nature of Turbulance, with F. Takens Communications in Mathematical Physics 20, 167 (1971)
Santa Fe Institute
Scale-free networks
    º Generalized scale-free model
    º Molecular self-assembly
Self-organizationUse It!
Spontaneous orderUse It!
Thermodynamic free energy
    º Gibbs free energy
    º Helmholtz free energy
    º Work content
    º Entropy
    º Entropy in thermodynamics and information theory
    º Thermal equilibrium
    º Thermodynamic equilibrium
    º Wave turbulence
Turing, Alan (1912-1954)
    º The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis 1951
Unsupervised learning in machine learning, distinguished from supervised & reinforcement learning
    º Adaptive resonance theory
    º Self-organizing map
Winfree, Arthur (1942-2002)
Wolfram, Stephen (1959-)
    º A New Kind of Science

WWW Virtual Library - Topics

^ AI
AUTOCLASS C C code for a Bayesian Classifier
GAlib C++ library

^ AI
Decision Analysis Courses and Syllabi: Decision Analysis Society (DAS) Index
Decision Analysis Society - Links; Field of Decision Analysis - References, Journals, Software, Web-Aids
Decision Analysis Software: Decision Analysis Society (DAS), Pitt U
Decision Research Center: Cal State U, Fullerton
Decision, Risk, and Management Science:   National Science Foundation
Decision Theory and Adaptive Systems: Microsoft Decision Theory & Adaptive Systems Group
GeNIe SoftwareCool Tool! U Pittsburgh Decision Systems Laboratory (Free)
IS World Decision Support Systems Research PageUse It! DecisionAids,
Michael H. Birnbaum's Home PageTry It! Cal State U Decision Research Center (Javascript Decision Tool)
The Simplex Optimization Methods - Experimental Design/Optimizations Software:
Reference Page for CPT 352: Purdue School of Eng & Technology
Society for Judgment and Decision Making - Links
Society for Medical Decision Making: The George Washington U
Software for Manipulating Belief Networks: U Washington Statistics Dept, David Madigan
U Baltimore, Dr. Hossein Arsham
^ AI
Genetic Algorithms FAQ (The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation)

^ AI
DIRECTORIES-Artificial Intelligence Open Directory | | CiteSeer (NEC) | (Ai Research) About
AI on the WebUse It! LinksUse It!

Alexander Chislenko public page, AI, VR, AlifeUse It!

Alta Vista Directory World: Computers&Internet: ComputerScience: AI&Robotics: GeneticAlgorithms
American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Links & NewsUse It! Search
AAAI Press
AI Magazine
Member's Library

Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC) language, perception, representation, reasoning (fuzzy, evidential...)
Artificial Life Online archive, database, issues, lexicon, Forum, Links, News, pubs, software

CiteSeer.IST Scientific Literature Digital LibraryUse It!

Computer stuff :-): Dima's page
Decker, Keith S., Links (see "Research Pages")

Erik Max Francis, Links ( Artificial lifeUse It! ), SiteMap

The GA Tutorials Notebook Directory of genetic algorithms tutorials, Forum, Glossary, Links, Search

Google Search: Greedy Best-first search

Lotus Artificial LifeUse It! Java ai based applications,   Links

Stanford Humanities Review articles (ceased production year 2000)
Constructions of the Mind: Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities

UCI Machine Learning Links

WikipediaUse It!
Artificial Creativity
Artificial Intelligence
Strong AI

^ AI
AIMA-talk at Yahoo! Groups

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)
IEEE Virtual Communities free registration required
    º IEEE Neural Networks Society Forum

^ AI
A brief course in Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Control (with download option)
Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Automatic Path Tracking of Outdoor Mobile Robots
The AI CD-ROM: Network Cybernetics Corporation, fuzzy logic and neural networks.
BISC (Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing)
Building Fuzzy Expert SystemsLearn It! tutorial & demo download
Center for Fuzzy Logic, Robotics & Intelligent Systems (CFL)
ERUDIT (European fuzzy information network)
FAQ: Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems
FAQ: Fuzzy Logic in Neural Network's
FAQ, Hybrid Systems: Andrew Gray
"Fit" the Fuzzy Bit free Java source code & documentation
Fuzzy CLIPS: Institute for Information Technology
Fuzzy Control And Neural Networks Course Notes
Fuzzy Filtering Dan Simon
Fuzzy Logic: CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Fuzzy Logic: Argonne National Laboratories
Fuzzy Logic: Galaxy Directory
fuzzy logic: PC Webopaedia definition, Links
Fuzzy Logic in Environmental Sciences References
Fuzzy logic index: Institute for Information Technology
Fuzzy Logic (Links): Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Gateway to the World
Fuzzy Logic and Musical Decisions by Peter Elsea U of California, Santa Cruz
Fuzzy Logic Reservoir: Togai InfraLogic Directory
fuzzy logic resources: artificial intelligence:
Fuzzy Logic Sources of Information Directory by Bob John
Fuzzy Logic Sources of Information: UK
Fuzzy Logic Tools and Companies Directory
Fuzzy Sets and Pattern RecognitionLearn It! Course by R. Benjamin Knapp, San Jose
Fuzzy Sets & Systems Directory by R. Fuller
FUZZY SYSTEMS - A TUTORIALLearn It! by James F. Brule It! web Portal
Fuzzy Logic Links

Imprecise Probabilities by Peter Walley
Intelligent Fuzzy Systems Laboratory: U Toronto
International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA)
Introduction to fuzzy sets Siu-ki Wong
Introduction to Radial Basis Function Networks Mark Orr
Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Systems: SOFT, search documents, events
Lecture Notes: Fuzzy Decision Making by Robert Fullér
Lecture Notes: Neural Fuzzy Systems by Robert Fullér
North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society (NAFIPS)
Personal Home Pages of Fuzzy Researchers Links
The Rule Extraction From Trained Artificial Neural Networks Robert Andrews
Soft Computing and Artificial Life by Victor V. Miagkikh, Fuzzy Logic Links
The Uses of Fuzzy Logic in Autonomous Robotics a catalogue raisonne Alessandro Saffiotti
Weather prediction using similarity between temporal cases & fuzzy sets
Xfuzzy 2.0 home page free GNU UNIX Software: fuzzy logic systems design, verification & synthesis

^ AI
including.. NewsGroups
also see.. Complex Systems, §Experimental Economics§, §GAMES§, §MATH§

DIRECTORIES-Game Theory Open Directory | |

Alexander Mehlmann`s WEIRD Page:
optimal bloodsucking strategies for vampires
a rational prelude to the Trojan war
the princes in the tower
Game Theory

Al Roth's game theory and experimental economics page
from Harvard U, Dept Economics

Ariel Rubinstein, Tel-Aviv U
Experience from a Course in Game Theory limited relevance of game theory for advice & predictions

Behavioral and Brain Sciences Online, About, Prints Archive, Contents issues from 1978-
Browse by Subject, Search
Re-introducing Group Selection to the Human Behavioral Sciences by David Sloan Wilson

Brookings Institute, Economic Studies, Policy Centers:
Center for Social and Economic Dynamics (CSED) Papers
Growing Artificial Societies ($) book, and
    º Sugarscape bottom-up agent-based modeling, Movies Java programs for instructors & students to design, run & analyze Internet games
Discrete and Strategic Form Module
Free form and Market Module

Complexity of Cooperation Web Site, book & software by Robert Axelrod
from U Michigan
Study of Complex Systems
Drone automatically runs batch jobs of a simulation program
Software libraries

Compuserve, WebSearch
Game Theory

Computer Architecture Simulation & Visualisation
from the Institute for Computing Systems Architecture, U Edinburgh, School of Informatics

David Eppstein's Links ( Combinatorial Game Theory ) Recreational Math, non-geometrical Publications

David Levine's Economic and Game Theory Page or Economic Theory Center (
Learn About - What is Game Theory?
LinksUse It!
Online Games

Didactic Web-Based Experiments in Game Theory (registration req'd) by Ariel Rubinstein & Eli Zvuluny
• College Teacher Resource: free didactic tools for conducting web-based thought experiments

Drexel U, William King Server
Outline of the History of Game Theory Timeline by Paul Walker

European Voting Games game theory for assessing European Union decision-making
Evolutionary Economics et al. Portal ( Single Page ) from Aalborg U, Business Studies

Evolutionary Theories in the Social Sciences ( ) Portal, About, Forum
Teaching Tools
Working Papers

Evolution and Game TheoryUse It! interactive learning with Java simulations & Source Code, Links

Gambit: Software (open source freeware) Tools for Game TheoryUse It! Links
from Texas A&M, Dept Economics
Documentation, Download @

Game AI papers, source code, Links
Game Theory:   Geoff Wong
Game Theory Links:   Richard Tucker, Vanderbilt U
Game Theory:   SFB Glossary, SonderForschungsBereich 504, U Mannheim

Game TheoryUse It! Strategy and Conflict: An Introductory Sketch of Game Theory
...Permission is freely granted for reproduction and display for personal use:   Dr. William King

Game Theory:   Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems, Principia Cybernetica Web, U Brussel
Game Theory and Experimental Economics Page - Al Roth, Economics Dept, Harvard U
GameTheory.netUse It! less rigorous presentations for student, business professional & layperson
Game Theory Society [dead link?]
Game Theory:   The Math Forum

Game Theory.netUse It! resource for educators & students, About, FAQ, Glossary, Links, News
Books reviews
Games Strategy games to test your skill, Interactive Materials Java applets & online games
Lecture Notes cooperative & noncooperative game theory, coalition formation emphasis
History of Game Theory by Paul Walker:   William King Server, Drexel U
Marcelo Clerici-Arias evolutionary game theory & computational economics ( Stanford U ) Links

Martin J. Osborne of U Totonto:
What is Game Theory?
•($) book  "An introduction to game theory" with online..
    [Postscript] excerpts: Introduction, ( Nash equilibrium: theory and illustrations), References

Mathematical AtlasUse It! a Gateway to Modern Mathematics, by Dave Rusin, About, Links, Search, SiteMap
Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC), Math Subject Indexn
91: Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences
Minesweeper game clones, including analysis

Max Plank Institute for Research into Economic Systems
Research Evolutionary Economics Group... Publications

New School U, History of Economic Thought ( nonframe ), Contents, Links, Schools of Thought, Search
Uncertainty, Information and Games

Philosophical Toys:   The Philosophical Computer ($book)
The Prisoner's Dilemma online by M Daniels

The Prisoner's DilemmaUse It! Java Applet & Links, by Serge Helfrich

Prisoner's Dilemma Page - Computer Game, Glossary

Prison Project - Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma or text only, Playing Online
Properties of Dice by Klaus . Mogensen Professor Eric Rasmusen

Rick L. Riolo

Stanford U, DAGS complex domains involving large uncertainty
Game Theory compact representations for structured games in real-world settings
    º A Continuation Method for Nash Equilibria in Structured Games (pdf) by Blum, Shelton & Koller
    º GameTracer ( ReadMe ) calculating Nash equilibria in normal-form games (global Newton method)

StormingMedia.US ($) science, technology, strategy & policy Pentagon reports “below NTIS prices”
Game Theory

Swarm multi-agent simulation of complex systems, FAQ, Tutorials
originally developed at the Santa Fe Institute

U Canterbury, Economics
Game Theory by Michael Carter
Chronology of Game TheoryUse It! by Paul Walker

U Mannheim, SBF 504, GlossaryUse It!

U Rochester, Economics
Game Theory slide show

Undecidability in the Spatialized Prisoner's Dilemma: Some Philosophical Implications

^ AI

The ADATE System for automatic programming i.e., inductive inference of algorithms

Artificial Intelligence for Ruby :: ai4r, Forum
Backpropagation neural networks
Genetics Algorithms in Ruby, Download Page at RubyForge
Machine Learning with ID3 Decision Trees Neural and Evolutionary Computing
Towards a Sound Theory of Adaptation for the Simple Genetic Algorithm (pdf) by Keki Burjorjee

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Topics
    º Genetic Algorithms & Genetic Programming
    º Traveling Salesperson and NP-Complete Problems

Bibliography on Genetic Algrorithms: Computer Science Bibliography Collection.

Brains, Minds & Media neural & cognitive sciences eJournal for interactive & visual media
GENESIS Modeling Tutorial

C++ Genetic Programming Kernel: Vienna U of Economics class library for GA programming
Hello World in Genetic Algorithms
Human Projects-based Education

GAlib A C++ Library of Genetic Algorithm Components
The GA Playground General purpose GA toolkit in Java, genetic algorithms and optimization problems
The Genetic Algorithms Archive: US Naval Research Laboratory
Genetic Algorithms FAQ: Carnegie Mellon U, AI-related FAQs
Genetic Java!!!! A Sample Genetic Algorithm Applet: Stable Version 0.2
7 Differences Between Genetic Programming and Other Approaches to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
36 Human-Competitive Results Produced by Genetic Programming
Definition of Human-Competitive
Sources of Software for Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Genetic Programming (GP)Use It!
Touched by nature Putting evolution to work on the assembly line by Charles W. Petit
User's Guide to GENESIS by John J. Grefenstette
What is Genetic Programming?
38 Completed Ph.D. Theses on Genetic Programming (as of October 1999)

Google Video
Probabilistic Model-Building Genetic Algorithms

Hacking Evolution by Keki Burjorjee, understanding (NP-hard or poorly understood) combinatorial optimization problems, About
The Dubious History of the Building Block Hypothesis
VectorGA: A Vectorized Implementation of a Genetic Algorithm in Matlab
VectorGA DownloadUse It! GNU Open Source at Google Code

High Altitude Observatory (HAO) div. Earth & Sun Systems Lab (ESSL)
PIKAIA Homepage public domain function optimization FORTRAN-77 subroutine based on a genetic algorithm
    º Genetic Algorithms
    º Models for Total Maximum Daily Load Studies, Washington State Dept of Ecology: PIKAIA written in Excel/VBA zip file Download

Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (IlliGAL) at U Illinois
International Society for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (ISGEC)
Introduction to Genetic Algorithms with Java AppletsGuru! Examples, Tips

Joone Free Neural Network framework, Java Object Oriented Neural Engine, About, Download
The Joone Complete Guide

Journal of Artifical Societies and Social Simulation (JASS)

Luis Marti On the Net Neural Networks, Links
Research Publications
Online Corporate Bibliography
Do Evolutionary Processes Minimize Expected Losses? by David B. Fogel & Hans-Georg Beyer
Evolving an Expert Checkers Playing Program without Using Human Expertisel by Kumar Chellapilla & David B. Foge
Evolving Strategies in Blackjack by David B. Fogel
...Fitness Distributions in Evolutionary Algorithms... by Ankit Jain & David B. Fogel
A Historical Perspective on the Evolution of Executable Structures by Peter J. Angeline
Parameter Optimization of an Evolutionary Algorithm for RNA Structure Discovery by Gary B. Fogel & Dana G. Weekes
A Platform for Evolving Characters in Competitive Games by David B. Fogel & Timothy J. Hays

Neural Networks & Reinforcement Learning: Charles Anderson Public-Domain C & Matlab Code
Radio emerges from the electronic soup by Duncan Graham-Rowe

Paradiseo C++ object-oriented framework, FAQ, Forum, News
API documentation
Download Windows, Unix, or Mac Os

Principia Evolvica intro Evolution Strategy (ES) & Genetic Algorithms (GA) by example
Software the Writes Software

SIGEVO, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) special interest group on genetic & evolutionary computation
Genetic & Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO)>

Silyeek-Tech: Artificial Intelligent (AI)
Genetic Algorithm (GA) In Solving Vehicle Routing Problem, Download
Darwinian Selection of Satellite Orbits for Military Use
Selecting better orbits for satellite constellations

Stewart W. Wilson., Ph.D Publications
What Is a Learning Classifier System? Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary ComputationUse It! by Adam Marczyk, with Links

Technology Exponent, Free Software
Neural Networks - An Introduction

Terence Soule, U Idaho, Dept of Computer Science
Publication List

Thomas Weise: Global Optimization Algorithms Theory and Application (pdf) book & PhD Dissertation

Technology Research News (
Algorithm evolves more efficient engine by Kimberly Patch

Virtual Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to neural networks
Principles of fuzzy logic
Principles of genetic algorithms
Principles of training multi-layer neural network using backpropagation
XOR problem Theory, Simulation

WEBSOM map - clickable map to find Usenet articles

White Dwarf Research Corporation, Software & Dissertation Archive
Parallel PIKAIA Homepage FORTRAN-77 optimization subroutine for Linux cluster or supercomputer

Wikipedia: Genetic algorithm
Artificial neural network
Computational complexity theory
Human-based genetic algorithm
John Henry Holland
Travelling salesman problem
Darwin in a Box by Kristi Coale
It's Alive! by Jennifer Kahn, artificial intelligence is everywhere

^ AI
also see.. Algorithms, Heuristic

^ AI
Algorithms for Inductive Learning: Carnegie Mellon U
Inductive Learning: National Center for Supercomputing Applications slide show
Inductive Learning: National Institute of Standards & Technology Manufacturing Engineering Lab
Object-oriented Induction short description

^ AI
Applets for Neural Networks and Artificial LifeCool Tool! Links
Genetic Algorithm Maze Solver Java applet
Genetic Java applet with instructions & sample problems
Introduction to Genetic Algorithms with Java tips, Java applets
Java Bayes Bayesian Networks in Java
Lotus Artificial LifeUse It! Java ai based applications, Links

^ AI
Anderson, Charles W., Colorado State U, Computer Science

Goldberg, David E. Author of Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning
Minsky, MarvinUse It! home page at MIT
Norvig, Peter
Russell, Stuart, U California, Berkeley, Computer Science
Salampasis, Mike or see his Design page with Bayesian Inference & Neural Networks references
Searle, John. R. (1980) Minds, brains, and programs from BBSonline

U Delaware, Computer & Information Sciences
Decker, Keith S., Links (see "Research Pages")
Lesser, Victor R.
Multi-Agent Systems Lab

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Artificial intelligence
Bobrow, Daniel G. (1935)
Feigenbaum, Edward (1936)
Fogel, Lawrence J. (1928-2007)
Hodes, Louis (2008)
Hopfield, John (1933)
Luckham, David
John McCarthy (computer scientist) (1927-2011)
Michie, Donald (1923-2007)
Minsky, Marvin (1927)
Newell, Allen (1927-1992)
Papert, Seymour (1928)
Pitts, Walter (1923-1969)
Nathaniel Rochester (computer scientist) (1919-2001)
Rosenblatt, Frank (1928-1971)
Rumelhart, David (1942-2011)
Samuel, Arthur (1901-1990)
Searle, John (1932
Selfridge, Oliver (1926-2008)
Schank, Roger (1946)
Shaw, Cliff (1922-1991)
Simon, Herbert A. (1916-2001)
Turing, Alan (1912-1954)
Von Neumann, John (1903-1957)
Walter, William Grey (1910-1977)
Werbos, Paul (1947)
Winston, Patrick)

    º Category:Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Minsky, Marvin (1927
McCarthy, John (1927-2011)
Newell, Allen (1927-1992)
Problem solving
Searle, John (1932)
Herbert A. Simon
Simon, Herbert A. (1916-2001)
Turing,Alan (1912-1954)
Von Neumann, John (1903-1957)
Walter, William Grey (1910-1977)

Zilberstein, Shlomo, U Mass Amherst, Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence, CMPSCI 683 Lectures (pdf)

^ AI
also see.. §MUSIC (Computer)§

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    º Category:Cognitive musicology
Music and artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence and music (AIM)

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including.. NLP Programs, ChatterBots
also see.. §Computational Linguistics§, Software, Turing Test

^ AI or NLP
NLP Programs, ChatterBots promoting ALICE & AIML Free Software
AIML: Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
Downloads Free

CharlieBot free open source Java @
MegaHAL (Debian GNU/Linux) conversation simulator create & virtual personalities, based on A.L.I.C.E./AIML, About
Most Popular
    º AmyTheBot
    º Dawnstar
    º LaurenBot winner of the 1st Annual Divabot Pageant
    º Laurie
    º Twi ( Forums ) dozens of Chatterbots, 9 categories:
Classic, Complex, Friendly, Teachable
AIML, Alternative, JFred, NativeMinds, Non-English

Stanford Humanities Review articles (ceased production year 2000)
Constructions of the Mind: Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities
    º dialogues with colorful personalities of early ai

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AI Magazine from the American Association for Artificial Intelligence
AI Magazine archive at DBLP Bibliography
Artificial Life Online archive, database, issues, lexicon, Forum, Links, News, pubs, software, Forum, Glossary, Links, Search

The Genetic Algorithms Archive: GA-List mailing list
Journal of Artificial Intelligence
Journal of Artifical Societies and Social Simulation articles, Forums, Links, News, reviews, Search (Flash)
WEBSOM map - clickable map to find Usenet articles
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Google Books
Qualitative Reasoning: Modeling and Simulation with Incomplete Knowledge by Benjamin Kuipers

U Texas, Austin Computer Sciences
FTP Public Directories: Qualitative Reasoning FTP site, research software developed under Benjamin Kuipers with Download instructions

^ AI
Artificial Intelligence Lab: U Arizona
Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (IlliGAL)
Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (IlliGAL)
Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems research group: U Southampton

^ AI
also see.. §Automation§, §Control Programming§ ($) OMNIA production & integration of SCADA software & hardware
Download free version: 32 inputs or outputs, SCADA

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Computational Semiotics Ricardo R. Gudwin

^ AI
also see.. NLP, Search, SiteMap
Learn promoting ALICE & AIML Free Software
AIML: Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
Downloads Free

Bayesian Knowledge Discovery: Intelligent Data Analysis, Forum, Glossary, Links, Search
JDK Java Development Kit making ai & artificial life easy & fun
    º Free Open Source Download @

Knowledge Server: Autonomy Autonomy, Inc. Knowledge Management Products (neural networks)

SoarUse It! ( alt ) Linux/Mac/Windows & at
• Open Source general cognitive architecture for developing intelligent systems
• from U Michigan, Elect Eng & Comp Science (EECS)
Getting Started Documentation, Archives - formal papers and publications, FAQ
Downloads, Tools and Projects
Visual Soar development environment written in Java for creation of agents

Soar Web Site, U Nottingham
EPAM-Soar, Diagram of EPAM-III Functionality

^ AI

Georgia Institute of Technology: The Traveling Salesman Problem
Wikipedia: Travelling salesman problem

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Alan Turing & the Alan Turing Home PageUse It! by Andrew Hodges
Alan Turing: the enigma (book)
Alan Turing Internet Scrapbook with links
Alan Turing Philosophy Area
Alan Turing: Primary Sources
My publications on Alan Turing
on-line biography 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, oration

Wikipedia: Alan Turing

^ AI
also see.. NLP

The Loebner Prize by Hugh Gene Loebner
Beware: Marvin Minsky describes this as an “obnoxious and unproductive annual publicity campaign”, About
the blurring test not imitating a human, asks us to look at our humanity

The Turing Test Alan Turing and the Imitation Game
The Turing Test Is Not A Trick: Turing Indistinguishability Is A Scientific Criterion

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Artificial intelligence
Commonsense knowledge problem
Evi (software) (formerly True Knowledge)
Turing, Alan (1912-1954)
    º Turing test
Watson (computer)

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AIExplained, Glossary, SiteMap
Applications, Techniques
History, Future

The GA Tutorials Notebook Directory of genetic algorithms tutorials
Intelligent Systems and their Societies free e-book by Walter Fritz

Stanford Engineering Everywhere free computer programming courseware: Courses
• Artificial Intelligence
    º Introduction to Robotics
    º Machine Learning
    º Natural Language Processing

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Wolfram, Stephen
also see.. Complexity
Guests: Steve Wolfram: A conversation with scientist and author Steve Wolfram
A New Kind of Science 2003 BookTV interview of Stephen Wolfram Technology-Entertainment-Design
Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything 2010 Triangulation technology related interviews
Stephen Wolfram audio of video downloads

Wolfram, Stephen (1959)
A New Kind of Science 2002
Wolfram, Stephen works by

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