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DIRECTORIES- Rapid Prototyping Open Directory | applictions, news, entertanment, industry insights integrated 3D printing hardware/software, fabicate using over 100 materials, About

AMIE, the integrated 3D printed home & vehicle being developed at Oak Ridge National Lab with industry leaders
Open design

AutoDesk 3D Printing Software
Meshmixer casting & mold-making material supplier
Video Library

Blue Eagle Labs Kossel Clear delta-printer start-up company
Makerbot Replicator

Fab@home open source personal fabricator project 3D printer utilizes liquid resin & laser stereolithography (SL)

Gizmo 3D Printers affordable high speed top down printers, Australia sharing virtual videos of 3D Printing, About fabrication supplies, 3D printers, CNC mills, laser cutters, injection molding, plastic bending strip heaters
3D Printers
The Buccaneer $350 3D printer raised $1,438,765 Jun 29, 2013
FORM 1 raised $2,945,885 Oct 26, 2012
Kossel Clear full sized delta 3D printer has raised $153,733
Printrbot: Your First 3D Printer raised $830,827 Dec 17, 2011 3D Printer manufacturer
MakerBot Store

Maker Education Intitiative
Mcor Technologies3D Paper printing in color

Mebotics.comUse It! start-up needs investors & pre-orders
Microfactory prints in 4 colors or 2 materials, plus it mills!

MIT Media Lab SOLID 3D CAD Modeller software, free for Linux/UNIX, MS Windows & Mac OS X printed electronics & laser additive manufacturing systemsx
3D Printing is Merged with Printed Electronics
3D Printers
Printrbot Kits self-replicating, open source, GNU General Public Licensed 3D printer
Alternative electronics
Build A RepRap
Automated Circuitry Making
PCB Milling
Stepper motor ($) draw in 3D, About (USA) About
Google SketchUp 3D modeling software

Aerospace Parts Additive Manufacturing
3D Printers
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology

Ted talks
Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people
Lyman Filament Extruder build extruder for filament from pellets
Lyman Filament Extruder II build filament extruder; download/Open Source fabrication/operation manual; parts less than $250
Search: geodesic dome

UP 3D Printer manufacturer

Wikihouse creative commons open source housing

    º Category:3D printing
3D printing (Additive manufacturing) automated fabrication of a 3D object from a digital model by adding successive layers of material
3D Systems provides personal, professional & production 3D printers/software; developed stereolithography & STL file format
Additive Manufacturing File Format (AMF) XML-based format
BJB Enterprises liquid resin formulator and supplier
Building printing attempts to 3D print structural buildings
Computer aided design (CAD) computer assisted creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design
Crump, S. Scott invented fused deposition modeling (FDM); Stratasys, Ltd. co-founder
Electron beam melting electron beam in a high vacuum melts metal powder in consecutive layers; dense, void-free, strong parts
Fab@Home first publicly available multi-material 3D printer; open source DIY
Fused deposition modeling dispenses multiple materials; can integrally fabricate disposable support structure of separate material
Hull, Chuck invented solid imaging process of stereolithography; 3D Systems co-founder
Laser engineered net shaping metal powder injected into a molten pool created by high-powered laser beam
Lyman filament extruder less than $250, DIY open source extruder makes filament from ABS or PLA pellets
MakerBot Industries produces 3D printers; previous founding member of RepRap Research Foundation; acquired by Stratasys Inc.
Maker culture engineering-oriented pursuits as electronics, robotics, 3-D printing, CNC tool use + traditional metalworking, woodworking, arts&crafts
Mcor Technologies Ltd design, development, manufacture paper-based 3D printing systems
Numerical control (NC) & Computer numerical control (CNC)
Objet Geometries merged with Stratasys
Open design
Open hardware
Open Hardware and Design Alliance
PLY (file format) to store 3D data from 3D scanners
Printrbot low-cost assembly kit or fully assembled 3D printer
Rapid prototyping techniques for quickly fabrication a scale model using 3D computer aided design (CAD)
RepRap ProjectUse It! for a 3D printer to print its own parts
Selective laser melting (SLM) creates 3D metal parts by fusing fine metallic powders using a laser beam
Selective laser sintering (SLS) laser fusing plastic, metal, ceramic, or glass powders into a mass that has a desired 3D shape
Self-replicating machine
Stepper motor
Stereolithography additive manufactures 3D object by focusing ultraviolet light to solidify sequential layers using a liquid photopolymer
STL (file format) describes 3D surface geometry without color, texture, etc.
Stratasys manufacturer of 3D printers
Von Neumann universal constructor logical requirements for self-replication, allowing open-ended growth in complexity within cellular automata environment
    º Cellular automaton

The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping physical objects directly from CAD
3D Systems - Selective Laser Sintering
BJBEnterprises casting & mold-making material supplier
    º BJB Enterprises company video
Hugh Lyman
    º Lyman Filament Exrtuder II Video
Optomec's channel
    º LENS_850R_5b_HD.wmv Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) 850-R system
    º Non-Contact Printing of Solar Wafers
    º Printed Smart UAV Wing Structure with Printed Functional Electronics
Popular Mechanics
    º 3D-Printed Ceramics
    º 3D Printer Makes a 'Ship in a Bottle'
    º 3D Printing Materials Quarterly example matrials
    º Rapid Prototyping with FDM and PolyJet-based Stratasys 3D Printers at Hyphen
    º Revolution in Art & Design using 3D Printing | Objet for Neri Oxman


ADHESIVES, Adhesion Guide (Selector) structural epoxy resin

dmoz Open Directory | Google | Yahoo

American Petroleum Institute (API)
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
American Society for Engineering Education events, fellowships news, surveys & statistics
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
The American Society for Nondestructive Testing: (ASNT) certification, events, marketplace, pubs
American Society For Testing and Materials (ASTM)
ASME International The American Society of Mechanical Engineers MechTalk Forums
Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE)

Association of Iron and Steel EngineersUse It! (AISE) books, calendar, Links, news

Association for Iron & Steel Technology, SiteMap
• Iron & Steel Technology: Current Issue, 2004 FeatureArticles

CIBSE The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
The Ductile Iron Society Ductile Iron News, links, technology library
Engineering Council awards, competitions, education, events, facts, industry, Links, News: UK
Fluid Power Distributors Association (FPDA)
Fluid Power Educational Foundation (FPEF)
Fluid Power Society certification, events, forum, industry links, other Links
Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA)
Industrial Safety & Maintenance Network (ISM)
Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) catalog, events, jobs, news, solutions magazine, Search
Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), UK
Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA)

International Fluid Power Society (IFPS)

National Academies
National Academy of Engineering

National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)
National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Standards - Search & Order
National Engineers Week

National Fluid Power Association, Links, SiteMap
What is hydraulics?
What is pneumatics?
What is water hydraulics?
• Fundamentals of Pneumatics ( Intro, Preliminary Preparaton )

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) or alt web address
Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc. (SEM) materials, structures, and systems
Society of Flight Test Engineers Links
Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT),   Links

Society for Maint & Reliability ProfUse It! (SMRP) benchmarks, events, Forum, jobs, library, Links, suppliers

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Houston
• certification, education, events, Forums, Industry Links, jobs, pubs,

Structural Engineers Association of California books, FAQ's, jobs, software
ThinkCycle Forum, distributed open-source design for underserved communities & the environment
U.S. Metric Association (USMA), Inc., Chronology of the SI Metric System, Correct SI Metric Usage
World Scientific and Engineering Society (WSES) books, events, journals, News-Letters

also see.. §ARCHITECTURE§

Audio Engineering Society education, events, journal, publications, search, standards, Audio Links by Geoff Martin
    º Season 2 with On Q by Legrand home intercom, camera, audio & lighting control systems

CAO and SKO design software

Claus Mattheck head of Dept. Biomechanics, Karlseruhe U
Learning from trees article from BioPro Biotechnology and Life Sciences magazine
Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action
Mitchell Joachim: Don't build your home, grow it!
Robert Full: Robots inspired by cockroach ingenuity
Claus Mattheck
    º Secret design rules of nature
    º Thinking tools in nature and engineering

CaltechBOOKUse It! Browse by Subject
Mechanical Engineering
    º The Analysis of Stress and Deformation George W. Housner & Thad Vreeland Jr. 1965
    º Applied Mechanics Dynamics George W. Housner, and Donald E. Hudson, 1980
    º Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics online Book, Christopher Earls Brennen (1995)
    º Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers Karl Johan Astrom & Richard M. Murray, 2008
    º Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow Christopher Earls Brennen, 2005
    º Hydrodynamics of Pumps Christopher Earls Brennen (1994)

CK-12 Flexbooks ( K-12 digital textbooks- free, customizable, standards-aligned
Technology, Open Source Physics
Statistical and Thermal Physics (STP) Textbook by Harvey Gould & Jan Tobochnik
    º download chapters for statistical mechanics, thermal physics or thermal & statistical physics classes,

A Heat Transfer TextbookUse It! 3rd edition, free (8.8MB pdf) Download
• by John H. Lienhard IV (Professor ME, MIT) & V (Professor, U Houston)
• adopted as a classroom textbook at dozens of universities worldwide

McGraw-Hill books, Engineering
Publications Home Page
U Oklahoma, eCourses, Search
Math - Calculus
Micro Electromechanical Systems

Yahoo Directory Engineering Journals

BOUNDARY ELEMENT METHOD (BEM) for solving partial differential equations
also see.. FEA, §Numercal Analysis§

Boundary Element Resources Network (BENET) Introduction, Links
Bibliography, Books ( Online ), Journals
Computer Codes
Professional Societies, Research Groups
Science Resources Nets

National Concrete Bridge Council, Bridge Engineering

also see.. 3D Printing, §ARCHITECTURE-Software§, Software

DIRECTORIES-CAD/CAM Open Directory | |

A/E/C Systems computer solutions magazine: Architecture, Engineering, & Construction Automation

CADalog Web ($) CAD add-on superstore
The CAD Depot CAD shareware
Engineering Software Center
The Harrison Abode, Links
Computer-Aided Engineering magazine & newsletter
DE Onine Desktop Engineering ad kit, archive, books, events, news, products
Knowledge Base ($) Professional Engineering & Design Software
Plan Net Architecture Online: Links - CAD
Robert McNeel & Associates CAD products, supplies, software online tools
Sweet's Group Online (see CAD Library) construction resources CadCam Web Portal


also see... Conversions, Formulas, §Graphing Calculators (MATH)§, §JAVA§, §MATH§, Software, §SOFTWARE§

AJ Design Software (ads)
Fluid Mechanics Equations Formulas Calculator
Math Equations Formulas Calculator
Physics Equations Formulas Calculator

ASCIIMath.orgeasy-to-write math markup language, (alt):
ASCIIMathML.js: Translates ASCII math notation to MathML & graphics just add one line to your HTML file to load ASCIIMathML.js
ASCIIMath Scientific Calculator

atomphysik, Mathe, Chemie und sonstiges mit java, physik mit java: U Wurzburg, Germany ($) automated (webMathematica) Algebra & Calculus Online Engineering (& other) Calculators - Conversions & Const's, Links, Online jCalc98, Free Calculator Software

Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics: CECM Interfaces and Demos
Inverse Symbolic Calculator older version of the RevEng online center for Computational Fluid Dynamics, Forums, Links, Search
Online Tools Javascript
    º RPN CalculatorUse It!
    º Scientific Calculator

Computational Science Education Project: E-book
• teaching advanced undergraduate level & higher Computational Science & Engineering, online calculator

Duke U, Libraries - Reference Resources: Calculators (EDA, Inc.)
Engineering Calculators Links

EducyPedia educational encyclopedia - SiteMap, Science - Calculators (physics & more)

Efunda.comUse It! online tutorials, calulators, software

engAPPLETS Java Applets for Engineering Education
Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator (JavaScript) isentropic flow, shock waves, for/backwards fnctns
Mohr's circle

Engineering Problem Solving (EPS) java bsed: Rochester Institute of Technology Computer Science, Links
CalulatorsUse It! Online
• Design Forum, Resources, Freeshare - Freeware & Shareware
Flow Between Two Reservoirs U Texas, Austin, Visflow Applet

Fluid Mechanics: OverviewUse It! books, online calculators, theory:

FluidMech.netUse It! Javascript Calculators ( & Gallery of Fluid Dynamics ), Links
Javascript from Professor M.S. Cramer, Virginia Tech, Eng Dept with background discussions
Engineering Fluid Mechanics
    º Bluff Body Drag Calculator
    º Drag Calculator for Cylinders and Spheres
    º Friction Factor Calculator (A Virtual Moody Diagram)
Physical Property Calculators
    º Gas Property Calculator
    º Liquid Thermal Conductivity Calculator
    º Liquid Viscosity Calculator
Wave Propagation
    º Calculator for Waves in Solids includes Young's modulus &Poisson's ratio
    º Gravity-Capillary Waves Calculator on-line applications for engineering design, About, Courses, Search, SiteMap
Civil & Structural
Equipment Data Sheets
Fans & HVAC
General Engineering
Heat Transfer
Liquid & Gas Flow
Separation Equipment
Valves & Piping
Vessels & Tanks

Free Engineering Software by Michael J. Rocchetti, PE from Connel Internet Marketing Solutions
• Engineering Calculators: Air Duct, Economics, Fluid Flow, Psychrometric, Units Conversion
Saturated Steam Tables

The Geometry Center
Dave's Math Tables

Google Calculator, Engineering
Inflation Calculator from S. Morgan Friedman
Inflation Calculators from NASA: Johnson Space Center

Inverse Symbolic Calculator (ISC) & Reverse Engineering Calculator constants & real numbers (Maple)
from the.. Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM), Simon Fraser U

LMNO Engineering, Research, and Software, Ltd. ($) Fluid Flow Calculations
Moody Friction Flow Calculator

Martindale's Reference Desk, Calculators OnlineUse It! by David Manura, formerly Dave's Math Tables, Forum
Site DownloadUse It!

Math-on-Web (JavaScript), Interactive Math Utilities Page
Mathematics on the WWW: Russian Academy of Sciences

Mathtools.netUse It! computer programming Links for math & science

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses, governed by Creative Commons license
    º Computational Science and Engineering I: Video Lectures
    º Mathematical Methods for Engineers II: Video Lectures

MotionNet.comLearn It! electronic & mechanical design Portal & online Utilities
• products, manufacturers, distributors, standards & reference information
Calculator online (Java) plus English, Math & Units utilities Bar, Line
Tabulator & cooking units converter,
Graphing Calculator online

Pneumatics Online, Online Calculators, Cylinder & Valve flow, force & size
Pressure Drop Calculator Online (Shockwave) with equations, More Online Calculators for Process Engineers (ads) by Ben Langton
• online (webMathematica) solutions to common math problems: algebra, calculus, equations, graphs: equations, inequalities, matrices, percentages, scientific notation

RPN - Stack Calculator (JavaScript) Full Fnctn Scientific, Rev Polish Notation, modeled after HP48
Servo Motor Sizing CGI Resource Online Precision MicroDynamics Inc.

Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis online
Simpson's Numerical Integrator (JavaScript): at
Specific Geometries (Free registration) Engineering knowledge bases/Excel/VBA libraries

Statistical Thermodynamics Computational Site, Links
• from U Cologne, Institut of Physical Chemistry

Symbolic Calculator (JavaScript) solves equations symbolically, About, Links, News
Pump Software ($)
Pump Engineer's ToolboxUse It! Javascript Calculators
    º Conversions: Pressure & Head, Temp
    º Conversions (Flow): Mass, Heat, Volumetric
    º Conversions: Force, Power, Torque
    º Conversions: Length, Mass, Velocity, Volume
    º Liquid Properties
    º Pipeline: Dynamic Head, Friction Loss, Orifice Sizing, Pipeline Velocity
    º Pumps (calulators): Affinity Correction, Hydraulic Power, ns, Suction ns, Tip Speed

Texas Instruments: Education Technology & Calculators: Graphing Calculators
Download Central
    º TI-83 Plus Developer Guide (pdf)
TI-83 Plus Features Summary
    º Guide Books

UTFLOW - Pipe System EGL and HGL: U Texas, Austin Applet
Virtual Calculator (JavaScript) Full Function Scientific
WATER CALCULATORS: D.R. Milam, wastewater, stormwater, water pipes & pumps

Wolfram ResearchUse It!
Online Derivative Calculator
Online Integral calculator

The World of Grumpy by David W. Mikolaitis: Calculators: Colebrook ƒ, Fanno, Rayleigh

Engineering Case Studies Center for Case Studies in Engineering

also see.. §Concrete§, §Construction§, §Geotechnical Engineering§, Structural

DIRECTORIES-Civil Engineering Open Directory | | WWW Virtual Library |

AECInfo Architecture, Engineering & Construction

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Finding Your Way Around the World Wide Web

American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM)
BridgePros Engineering, History & Construction of Bridges

CEW - Civil Engineering WebUse It! (Spanish, see English translation) news, links, software

Civil Engineering ResourcesUse It!

Civil Projects job locator, Haestad Methods
Civil & Structures Engineering Resource Web Chua Yin Hsiang, Ian
dmoz Open Directory - Civil Engineering Journals & Magazines
Engineering Links: Civil (
Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), UK - Virtual Library ($)

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Engineering Systems Division
Media Arts and Sciences
Urban Studies and Planning

New Civil Engineer Plus, UK
The Shilstone Companies, List of On-Line Civil Engineering Resources
Steel Structures: U Oklahoma
UK Civil Engineering and UK Civil

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers civil, military, safety
Engineering ManualsUse It!
Information by Topics, Search & Reference, Site Map

nptelhrd National Programme on Techhology Enhanced Learning: Playlists
    º Soil Mechanics Mod-01 Lec-01 Application of


Astro-Physical Calculator programs & math constants tables - real numbers: U Wisc
Favourite Mathematical Constants:   Steven Finch Math Constants Essays
NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty, Physics, National Institute of Standards & Technology

Inverse Symbolic Calculator (ISC) & Reverse Engineering Calculator constants & real numbers (Maple)
from the.. Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM), Simon Fraser U

Standard Reference Data Products:   NIST, National Institute of Standards & Technology Constants and Equations Pages, About, Site Download
sponsored by the Institute of Physics
    º Constants, interactive Conversions , Equations

U Wisconisin-Stout, Physics Dept: Strength of MaterialsUse It! on the Web
Tables & Links

Yahoo Search: Science: Measurements&Units: Scientific Constants

Lawrence Kamm books, consultation, tutorials, Inventor Help, Links, author: Minimum Constraint Design

also see... Calculations & Math, Formulas, Links
Conversion Factors all online cgi calculators:   Process Associates of America
Conversion factors for energy equivalents: NIST
Conversion of Units:   The Institute of Chemistry, Germany

A Dictionary of Units - alphabetically or by category; Links, Conversion Tables
from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, U Exeter

A Dictionary of Units of MeasurementUse It! Links:   Russ Rowlett, U North Carolina

The Foot Rule:, const's, conversion, def's, historical units, origins, tables...
K-Convert freeware metric/US unit conversion: KTron Bulk & Liquid Feed products Base conversions, Library of Units & Constants, utilizes dimensional analysis
Length, Mass and Metrology conversions 1 page multiple javascript conversions:   Maryland Metrics
Measuring Units Conversion Tables & calcuators metric / imperial / US :, also with MegaCalculator online scientific calculator
The Metric System (SI) A Concise Reference Guide many unit conversions
Online metric converter: Constants and Equations Pages, About, Site Download
sponsored by the Institute of Physics
    º Constants, interactive Conversions , Equations

UK Metric Association

Unit Conversion Calculator in JavaScriptUse It! physical units: Precision Measurement Equipment Labs

Unit Conversion TablesUse It! L,m,p,E,T,V: UNC-Chapel Hill Chem Fund Prog, Shodor Educ Fnd, Inc.

The Unit ConverterUse It! Utility Applet TEST Library for thermodynamics problems

UnitsConverter.netUse It!

U.S. Metric Association (USMA), Inc., Chronology of the SI Metric System, Correct SI Metric Usage

also see.. HVAC, Refrigeration
Sizing a Cooler: Sizing Residential Applications (pdf file)
What is Evaporative Cooling?

Choosing Whether or Not To Install Evaporative Cooling from K & Sales, Inc.
Cooling Towers: Design and Operation Considerations types, design, operation, Christopher Haslego
Cooling Your Home with Fans and Ventilation from EERE US Dept of Energy

Evaporative Cooler Applications & Sizing from Premier Industries Inc.

Evaporative Coolers: An energy-saving way to beat the heat from
Evaporative Cooling or Mechanical ?? from
How Evaporative Cooling Works from
Aerocool Industrial Engineering Data
WayCool Evaporative Cooler Cleaner 16 oz bottle ($12)
Dial Cooler Cleaner 1 gallon ($12)
• Dial Cooler Cleaner 1 qt ($6 SKU# 663943)

Should I Buy an Aircooler ? from

Sunflower Anode Manufacturing ( prevents fungus, bacteria & algae; controls rust, corrosion and mineral buildup

Swamp Coolers sizing, from
Swamp Cooling FAQ from

U Arizona: Publications of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - Search
ACE Evaporative cooler water use:  

U Arizona   College of Architecture.. : House Energy Doctor - Publications
Design and Application of Natural Down-Draft Evaporative Cooling Devices

    º Copper(II) sulfate
    º Antimicrobial copper-alloy touch surfaces
    º Antimicrobial properties of copper
    º Biofouling
    º Copper
        ◊ #Antibiofouling applications
    º Copper alloys in aquaculture
        ◊ #Copper-zinc alloys
    º Muntz metal
Cooling tower
    º #Water treatment
Evaporative cooler
Galvanic anode
    º Zinc
    º Zinc toxicity
Industrial water treatment


US Army Corps of Engineers Manuals
Civil Works Construction Cost Index System (CWCCIS) Use It! EM 1110-2-1304 (pdf)


Concordia U, Courseware Review Links

Design Information Group, U Bristol:
Rolling Element Bearings:   Multi-Media Handbook for Engineering Design hyper-media machine design

Design-Related Links

Efunda.comUse It! online tutorials, calulators, software

Electronic Design Library, U Massachusetts, Links
Calulators Online
• Design Forum, Resources
    º Resume Database Search & Post
    º Technology Career Center Search & Post Job Opportunity

GlobalSpec.comUse It! Directory, Mechanical Design Componants, Search, Tech Library

JISCMAIL.AC.UK mail lists
Archives of ENGINEERING-DESIGN, Search

MotionNet.comLearn It! electronic & mechanical design Portal & online Utilities
• products, manufacturers, distributors, standards & reference information
Calculator online (Java) plus English, Math & Units utilities Bar, Line
Tabulator & cooking units converter

Motion System DesignUse It! PT motion systems industry & engineering articles, design basics
• Google Search: "Motors"

Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society (SMC) communicate, control, cybernetics, stochastics, optimize

US Army Corps of EngineersUse It!
Manuals civil, military, safety

The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping physical objects directly from CAD


dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo

Ergonomic Resources ( commercial products posture, movement and ergonomics

Ergonomics Society, UK - Search, What is ergonomics?
Links - Associations, Ergonomics
Publications - Buyer's Guide, News, Resource Center
Human Factors & Ergonomcs Society, ErgoWorld - Search
Ergonomics of Web Browsing
• Links - Computer Interfaces, Design, Education, Industrial, Office, Safety

Office Ergonomics Training articles
OSHA, Safety & Health Topics - Ergonomics

Typing Injury FAQUse It! Site Map, SiteMap
• ergonomic assessment, consultation, design, & training, workplace ergonomics
• Links:
    º Ergonomic Products, Human Factors
    º Forums, Organizations
    º Searches
    º Technical: Documentation, Training
    º User Interface Design

FE/EIT & PE FAQS Great Lakes Press
Great Lakes Press-The Engineering Educators FE/EIT and PE Exam Resource

National Society of Prof Engineers (NSPE), Forums
Education: PE & FE Exam Review Course

Professional Publications, Forums: Engineering Exam Forum
Archive, FAQs, Search

dmoz Open Directory | Google | TenLinks | Virtual Library | Wikipedia | Yahoo

All Engineering resources on the InternetUse It! from EELS

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Finding Your Way Around the World Wide Web

Australasian Virtual Engineering LibraryUse It!
•(AVEL) books, e-theses, events, jobs, Links, papers, pub database, Search, Scitech Library Newsletter

Brief Guide to Engineering Information on the World Wide Web:   U Virginia Library
BUBL LINK:   Engineering and Technology  Directory
Center for Research on Computation and its Applications (CERCA)   Engineering Links to planning, design, construction of structures, machines, systems
Clearinghouse for Training- DOE
Compnent Database 25,000 Global Manufacturers, Engineering Links
Databases on STN International science and technology literature, patents, and catalogs (EDA, Inc.)
Acronym List, SI Conversion
Computer Code Library
Engineering Calculators Links
• Links: HVAC, Water

EEVL: the Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and ComputingUse It! About, Links, SiteMap
Web Tutorials: The RDN Virtual Training Suite (VTS)

Electronic Design Library U Massachusetts
Engineering Central
Engineering and construction top 100 sites (ads!)
Engineering Council awards, competitions, education, events, facts, industry, Links, News: UK
Engineering and Electronics:   Learn Network Springboard

Engineering E-Library, SwedenUse It! (EELS) & " All" Engineering resources on the Internet auction, Forum, gears, jobs, Links, software, store, thermal, tips, tech, tutorials
Engineering Information Inc.
Engineering Journals, Magazines, and Publications: Parker Hannifin Corporation
Engineering Journals Reference: The Canny Link Internet Guide
Engineering Links:
Engineering Sites: engineering product News article Directory
The Engineering Technology Site books, companies, Software, tech. information: UK
Engineering Tools & Useful Links from adds, events, jobs, Links, News
EngNet - Engineering Directory Forums, News, tips & tools Forums Career Corner, Forums, Links, Search, product ratings
EngWho.hypermart engineering Directory, News, Search Engine
Flow Simulation Ltd:   Engineering Links

GlobalSpec.comUse It! ( alt ) Portal: Mechanical Design Componants, Search, Tech Library product/service specific vertical directories
Internet Connections for Engineers (ICE):   Cornell U Engineering Library
Internet Scout Project, Math, Engineering, and Technology

Librarians' Resource Centre: Engineering, Science & Technology, commercial & Free Databases
Linda Hall Library: journals, maps, proceedings, patents, research, standards & specs engineering, formulas, jobs, management, News, process, Search, techniques: UK

MotionNet.comLearn It! electronic & mechanical design Portal & online Utilities
• products, manufacturers, distributors, standards & reference information
Calculator online (Java) plus English, Math & Units utilities Bar, Line
Tabulator & cooking units converter

National Society of Prof Engineers (NSPE), Forums
    º PE & FE Exam Review Course
    º State Continuing Education Opportunities
Engineering Practice
Engineering Times online, Archive

NIST Virtual Library National Institute of Standards and Technology
Nybro Links (also see Miniature Gas Turbines at) Nybro Engineering Designs & Products , Australia
Research Literaure - microgravity NASA

sci.engr.* WWW SourcesUse It!

Scientific and Technical Information Network (public access), Search ( Help )
from the Defense Technical Information Network, SiteMap A-Z
Specifications and Standards (DOD Index)

SciNet Science Search Engine

SciTechResources.govUse It!

Sightseer's Guide to Engineering museums Portal gateway to engineering knowledge bases & Excel/VBA based function libraries

STN International ($ Scientific & Technical Information Network) About, Search, SiteMap
• Databases: A-Z, by Category, Summary Sheets ( ASM Materials Database ) , Engineering Links aerosp, books, chem, civ, elect, env, jobs, mfr, mat'l, mech, nuc, software...
Top-Halyava Engineering Directory, Russia Links
Yahoo Search Engineering: Libraries

also see.. Software, BEM, §Numercal Analysis§

ADINA R & D, Inc. ($) software - solids, structures, heat transfer & fluid flows
ANSYS ($) software - biomedical, civil engineering, electronic packaging, transportation...

Autodesk simulation software ($) originally Algor

CADRE Analytic ($) structural engineering analysis services & software

CalculiXUse It! A Free Software Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program. Authors: Guido Dhondt & Klaus Wittig

CERFACS (France) numerical simulation & algorithmic solutions for fluid dynamics

Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience

Deal.IIUse It! Free Open Source finite element library

Directory of Computational Geometry Software (1997)

Elmer ( alt ) Free Open Source Finite Element Software for Multiphysical Problems: Download
git repository of Elmer FEM software

F.E.A. Resources on the Internet
FeaTure free open source (C++) Finite Element Analysis Toolkit, library only, not a program

FELIBUse It! ( alt ) The Finite Element Library 4.0 (Fortran77)
User Documentation

FElt & WinFElt (Windows) free Open Source: Download (Mar-2000)

FEMCI Finite Element Modeling Continuous Improvement, Engineering and Analysis LinksUse It! & Downloads
from the NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

FEniCS free software for the Automation of Computational Mathematical Modeling (ACMM)

Finite Element Method MagneticsUse It! & related programs, eg, heat conduction (free)

Finite Element Method Universal ResourceA Hub! (FEMur) top ten Links, Search, Tutorials
from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Finite Element People list of researchers/scientists
• from Leopoldo P. Franca, U Colorado, Denver

FRacture ANalysis Code 2-D/Layered (FRANC2D/L) free small deformation analysis of 2D structures
• Gallery:
    º Crack growth, hole in plate, Curving crack growth, plate/2 holes
    º Adhesively bonded patch over crack, Nonlinear blunt notch
    º Tearing: Elastic-plastic CTOA, Multi-site damage, Mixed mode

FreeFEM from Debian GNU/Linux (last update 2004)
see.. description from the Internet Finite Element Resources

FreeFem+ (ftp site)
see.. description from the Internet Finite Element Resources

GeoCrack fully coupled structural deformation/fluid flow/heat transfer; flow in fractured rocks
• 3D Gallery: Single fracture with three wells, Multiple fractures with three wells
see.. description from the Internet Finite Element Resources

GiD interface for geometrical modelling, data input and visualisation
Gmsh: a 3-D finite element mesh generator with pre- and post-processing facilities
Grape Software ($) 3D Finite Element beam/truss program

HexagonPPM ($)
GT STRUDL structural analysis and design modeling for concrete, steel & reinforced concrete structures

Impact Free Explicit Dynamic Finite Element Program (Java)

Internet Finite Element Resources PortalUse It! by Cathy Stewart
• from Ian MacPhedran, U Saskatchewan
• Software: Public DomainUse It! ( Freeware with source code, PC, Shareware )
    º FEMSET library of FEM routines
    º GeoCrack 2D coupled structural deformation/fluid flow/heat transfer program
• also see FRacture ANalysis Code 2-D/Layered

Jordan, Apostal, Ritter Associates, Inc. ($) finite element technology, services, software, About SiteMap
Books recomended reading

MARC Analysis Research Corporation Software
Mesh Generation & Grid Generation on the Web by Robert Schneiders

Meshing Research CornerUse It! by Steve Owen, Sandia Labs, Keyword Index, Links
• unstructured mesh generation literature abstracts & complete International Meshing Roundtable papers
• Article Index: Authors, Topics
Meshing Software SurveyUse It!
Overview of Fundamental Algorithms, Quick Introduction to Mesh Generation

NASA, Langley Research Center, Geometry Center
Software grid generation/midification tools

NE/Nastran ($) software from Noran Engineering Inc., SiteMap
OOFEM free object oriented C++ finite element solver (Linux X-Windows)

Paul Heckbert, articles & Links ( mesh generation, multiresolution modeling, Ray Tracing, shadow algorithm.. )
Mini Glossary of Mesh Generation

Peter Bird, Prof. Geophysics & Geology
Library of Finite-Element Codes for Geologic Modeling Freeware zip file download: Read-Me
    º Online Guide: Begin the Guide (Step 01)
Reference (1999 FEM.htm)
Thin-plate and thin-shell finite element programs for forward dynamic modeling of plate deformation and faulting , Computers & Geosciences, 25, no. 4, 383-394

PETSc/Tao Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation from Mathematics and Computer Science, Argonne National Laboratory
Radioss software

Reliability Analysis Center, About, Links, Search (note: "finite element analysis" returns ~500 doc's)
• government/industry: maintainability, quality, reliability, supportability..
Ask an Expert (Technical Inquiries)
Data, Library, Standards

Rhinovault ETH Zurich Institute of Technology in Architecture, Thrust Network Analysis (TNA) software: create/explore compression-only structures; Introduction

SALOME Create/modify, import/export, Mesh CAD models. Open-source generic Pre- & Post-Processing for numerical simulation
SLFFEAUse It! San Le's Free Finite Element Analysis (GNU/Linux) GUI Software Thermal Hydraulics & Fluid Dynamics Central
Finite Element analyses and methods, commercial links

Triangle:Use It! A Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator (free)
• C program from Jonathan Shewchuk, UC, Berkeley Computer Science Division

    º Finite element method (FEM)
    º List of finite element software packages
    º List of numerical analysis software
Calculix free and open-source finite-element analysis application generates grid data for computational fluid dynamics programs & input data for FEM programs
Deal.II free, open source library to solve partial differential equations using the FEM
Elmer FEM solver free, open-source, Unix/Windows; includes structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, heat transfer & acoustics models
Simulia (company) Formerly known as Abaqus Inc.

calculix09: Playlists
    º CalculiX CGX: How to run CalculiX exe under Windows7 (video #4)
Math 676 Playlist: Finite element methods in scientific computing (utilizing Deal.II software), Wolfgang Bangerth, Texas A&M
nptelhrd National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning, India
    º Finite Element Method Playlist beginning with Module 1 Lecture 1

Z88 free Finite Elements Program for Windows and UNIX

also see.. §Aerodynamics§, §Flow Meters§, Fluids Software, §Hydrology§, Pneumatics, §Ships§

Aerodynamics of BicyclesCool Tool! Fluids Tutorial & Tools

Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital textbook
Applied Fluid Engineering Laboratory University of Tokyo
Argyll Wind Tunnel: U Glasgow, Scotland
bHr Group international process technology & fluid engineering

CAL - Fluid DynamicsUse It! online Tutorial: U Glasgow & U Paisley

Cavitation and Bubble DynamicsUse It! online Book, Christopher Earls Brennen (1995)

Center for Research on Computation and its Applications (CERCA)

CFD codes list (Dec 2002) from Wayne Christopher, ICEM CFD Engineering
• Mirrors: Japan, UK
public-domain, shareware, freeware
consulting services, academic sites, and other links
• Others: Related Software, NACA airfoils, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics online center for Computational Fluid Dynamics, Forums, Links, Search
Books Guide
Jobs Database, Events Calendar conferences, courses..

Chemical Engineers' Resource Page ($) Free Page, Forum, Links, Search, SiteMap
Articles, Archive
Physical Properties on the Intermet
Pipe Size Optimization (xls) Spreadsheet
Software articles on valves, piping, fluid flow, SearchUse It! Archive

Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator (Java) isentropic flow, normal & oblique shock

Computational Fluid Dynamics mail listUse It! archives, FAQ, join, Search:

Designing process piping systems Chemical Processing

dmoz Open DirectoryUse It! Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics

E241- Modern Numerical Methods for Fluid FlowA SOURCE! online book: U.C. Berkeley & Davis

EFI-332, DIY-EFI, and gmecm ( electronic fuel injection, engine management, GM ECMs
EFI332 Fuel Injection Equations by Al Grippo, FAQ, Hardware, Links, Software

Engineering Applets for Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics
Flow Models pipe & orifice, Links (formerly Pumps R Me)

Fluid Flow AdvancedCool Tool!: LC Smith College air, calculate, convert, sound, visualization...

Fluid Flow Calculator HVAC (free) Perl & CGI scripts: ASME
Fluid and Mechanical Engineering Systems: Linköping U, Sweden
Fluid Mechanics Net Guide from, Chemistry

Fluid Mechanics: OverviewUse It! books, online calculators, theory:

FluidMech.netUse It! Javascript Calculators ( & Gallery of Fluid Dynamics ), Links
Javascript from Professor M.S. Cramer, Virginia Tech, Eng Dept with background discussions
Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Fluids at Virginia Tech Links to Educational Sites

Glenn Learning Technologies Project (LTP) from NASA Glenn Research Center: Aeronautics Resources
Wind Tunnel Index
Bernoulli's Equation
Boundary Layer
Ideal Lift of a Spinning Ball
Lift of a Rotating Cylinder

Hazen-Williams Head Loss Calculator at, Donald R.Milam, PE
International Journal of Fluid Dynamics (1997-2000) Contents, Links

Introductory Fluid Dynamics Lectures: U California San Diego, Carl H. Gibson Home Page
Java Virtual Wind Tunnel (inviscid) MIT Fluid Dynamics Research Lab: MIT Aero/Astro

John M. Cimbala, Dept Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering , Penn State U
Learning Modules
    º Fluid MechanicsUse It!
    º General
    º Math: Complex Variables, Ordinary Differential Equations

Kelvin-Helmholtz instability/Von Karman vortex street Computer simulations for MSDOS

Klaus Weltner, U Frankfurt
Misinterpretations of Bernoulli's Law
Physics of Flight - reviewed Weltner, Klaus and Ingelman-Sundberg, Martin

Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) high altitude wind turbine with Magnus effect stabilization

Modelling & Simulation of the Dynamic Behaviour of a Pump/Pipeline System critical settling velocity

Motion of an inviscid and incompressible fluid: Technical U Cottbus Dept Math, Angela Pawell
M.S. Cramer's Fluid Mechanics Links automotive/bicycle aerodynamics, Gas dynamics, history...

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), NIST at 100: Foundations for Progress
NIST Proves It: The Ball Does Curve
Eminent Scientist Reports How Far A Baseball Curves

Numerical Methods for 1D Compressible Flows an Interactive Book

Ohio State U ( Mechanical Engineering ), Computational Fluid Dynamics
Publications, Papers: AIAA conference, Journal, Other conference

Parker Hannifin Manufacturer of motion, flow and pressure control products
Princeton U, Gas Dynamics Lab ($) software, Windows ( English )
Download, Manuals

Reynolds Number Calculator for water: ovara hiromichi, Japan

Shiels, Doug (1998-05-15) Simulation of Controlled Bluff Body Flow with a Viscous Vortex
• from Cal Tech, Electronic Theses

SimScience Fluid Dynamics Modules Trilevel instruction

Team for Advanced Flow Simulation and Modeling development of advanced computational methods
from the Dept ME & Materials Science, Rice U
    º Air Circulation and Contaminant Dispersion
    º Airdrop Systems
    º Basic Fluid Mechanics Problems
    º Complex Shapes: Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics
    º Free-Surface Flows
    º Interactions: Fluid-Object, Fluid-Structure
    º Ground Vehicles
    º Two-Fluid Flows

THcentral.comUse It! Thermal Hydraulics & Fluid Dynamics Central, Links
Turbulance Research Laboratory State U NY, Buffalo

U Pittsburg
Artificial Organ Research
Artificial Lung Laboratory U Pittsburgh

US Bureau of Reclamation, Water Resources Research Laboratory, SiteMap
Library, Publications Online ( Search )
    º Cavitation Detection in Hydraulic Turbines
    º Operation and Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems (
    º Water Measurement Manual

Category:Fluid dynamics
Category:Fluid mechanics
Acoustic theory
Bernoulli, Daniel
Bernoulli's principle
Boundary layer
Coanda effect
Condensed matter physics
Conservative vector field
    º Irrotational flows
Continuity equation
    º Fluid dynamics zero local volume dilation rate
Continuum mechanics
Dimensional analysis
Computational fluid dynamics
Continuity equation
    º for Fluid dynamics
Deformation (mechanics)
Euler equations (fluid dynamics)
Flow measurement
Fluid dynamics
Fluid mechanics
Fluid statics
Froude number
    º Froude, William
Gas dynamics
Hydrodynamic stability
Incompressible flow
Inviscid flow of an ideal fluid with no viscosity
Isochoric process
Laminar flow
Mach number
Magnus effect
    º Mach, Ernst
Mass transfer
Navier–Stokes equations
    º Navier, Claude-Louis
    º Stokes, Sir George, 1st Baronet
Newtonian fluid
    º Newton, Isaac
Potential flow
Pressure measurement including gauges
Reynolds number
    º Reynolds, Osborne
Speed of sound
Surface tension
Turbine, Water turbine
Wind tunnel

The World of Grumpy by David W. Mikolaitis: Calculators: Colebrook ƒ, Fanno, Rayleigh
WWW Virtual Library: Fluid Power


Asco Joucomatic Ltd solenoid valves & pneumatic products: UK
dmoz Open DirectoryUse It! Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics

Exploratorium: Science Snacks
Snacks about Fluids

Fluid Power Educational Foundation (NFPA) Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Downloads, Links, Search
Curriculum & Resources for Middle & High Schools
Free Pneumatic Online Training

Fluid Power Journal

Fluid Power Society journal, Links, Search

GROW (Geotechnical, Rock and Water Resources Laboratory)
Rock Engineering FundamentalsUse It! Software Links
Water Resources -- Buoyancy

Glenn Learning Technologies Project (LTP) from NASA Glenn Research Center: Aeronautics Resources
Wind Tunnel Index
Buoyancy: Archimedes Principle

Highlights in the History of Hydraulics ( Library Collection ): U Iowa
Hydraulic Institute Pumps & Standards since 1917

Hyperphysics: Mechanics
    º Buoyancy

Junior Engineering (K-6) from Utah State U, SiteMap
Teacher Workshop
Buoyancy Archimedes of Syracuse: The Father of Buoyancy
    º Properties of Air

National Fluid Power Association, Links, SiteMap
What is hydraulics?
What is pneumatics?
What is water hydraulics?
• Fundamentals of Pneumatics ( Intro, Preliminary Preparaton )

National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) calendar, industry, news, training

Category:Fluid mechanics
Category:Fluid power
Category:Pneumatic tools
Buoyancy (Archimedes' principle)
Condensed matter physics
Deformation (mechanics)
Fluid statics (Hydrostatics)
Fluid mechanics
Fluid power
Hydraulic ram
Pascal's law
Pressure measurement including gauges
Surface tension

also see.. Fluids, Software ($) advanced computationally-based engineering solutions ( alt )
Computer Fluid Dynamics Software CHAM (shareware) fluid/heat flow, chemical reaction, solid stress

Donald R.Milam, PE
• Stormwater: Chezy-Manning3, Open Channel, Rational Method, Help
• Structural: Seismic
• Wastewater: Chezy-Manning, Chezy-Manning2, Hazen-Williams
• Water: Hazen-Williams Coefficient (C), Pump Efficiency Calculator

Finite Element Heat and Mass Transfer Code (FEHM) Los Alamos National Laboratory ($) flow & heat transfer modeling software, About, Products

FluidMech.netUse It! Javascript Calculators ( & Gallery of Fluid Dynamics ), Links
Javascript from Professor M.S. Cramer, Virginia Tech, Eng Dept with background discussions
Engineering Fluid Mechanics
    º Bluff Body Drag Calculator
    º Drag Calculator for Cylinders and Spheres
    º Friction Factor Calculator (A Virtual Moody Diagram)
Physical Property Calculators
    º Gas Property Calculator
    º Liquid Thermal Conductivity Calculator
    º Liquid Viscosity Calculator
Wave Propagation
    º Calculator for Waves in Solids includes Young's modulus &Poisson's ratio
    º Gravity-Capillary Waves Calculator

Free Engineering Software by Michael J. Rocchetti PE from Connel Internet Marketing Solutions
Air Duct Calculator
Fluid Flow Calculator

LMNO Engineering, Research, and Software, Ltd. ($) Calculators & equations
Moody Friction Flow Calculator ($) flow physics simulation software, "a new wave in fluid dynamics" from Beacon Engineers Inc.
On-Line Friction Piping Loss
Software Technology for Fluidmechanics for researchers; publications: Institute of Fluidmechanics

UTFLOW - Pipe System EGL and HGL Visualization ToolUse It! U Texas, java source code

Viscous Grid Spacing Calculator by Bill Jones, Geometry Center ( Software ), NASA Langley Research Center
• estimate normal CFD spacing, Sutherland formula for viscosity

WIND, NPARC Alliance flow simulation system
Obtaining the WIND Code and Tools
NPARC Software Release Instructions
User's Guide

FOCUS on these sites!

EEVL: the Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing: About, Links, SiteMap
Web Tutorials: The RDN Virtual Training Suite (VTS) engineering fundamentals, About, Ask an Expert, Chat, Forum, SpecSearch
Engineering Formulas

Mechware Portal: Mechanical Engineering Software


Corso di Operazioni Unitarie (Italian) Prof. Marco Riva, Translate
Main Lesson Index

also see.. Calculate, Convert engineering fundamentals, About, Ask an Expert, Chat, Forum, SpecSearch
Engineering Formulas
Units, Ask Dr. Math: FAQ

FORUMS Forum, FAQ, Search
Daily Active Threads, Forum Directory, Links
Calulators Online
• Design ForumUse It!, Resources
    º Resume Database Search & Post
    º Technology Career Center Search & Post Job Opportunity Forums by topic (free subscription)

JISCMAIL.AC.UK mail lists
Archives of ENGINEERING-ALL, Search

Welcome to MechTalk Forums: ASME International The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

also see.. Cooling (Evaporative), Psychrometric, Refrigeration, Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
§ARCHITECTURE: ( §Insulation§, §Radiant Heat§, §Software§, §Woodburning§ ), §ENERGY & POWER§,

Acta Horticulturae International Society for Horticultural Science
• ($) Similitude Model for Testing Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling Pads Under Hot-Arid Conditions..

Air-Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)
The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News Online web Portal
The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC) technical support for ventilation technology R&D
Air Movement & Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA)
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
Bell & Gossett (Fluid Handling University) - HVAC Links

City Water, Light & Power (CWLP) Springfield, IL
Efficiency RatingsUse It! AFUE, COP, EER, HSPF, R-Value, SEER, U-Value
Home Efficiency Handbook, Links, News
Design/Build national seminar & showcase sponsored by Contracting Business

Cool Chips plc thermionic converter cooling, one-way electron quantum tunneling across 10 nm gap
dmoz Open DirectoryUse It! Mechanical Engineering: HVAC energy-efficient, heat-activated absorption systems & fluid contact equipment, Links
Absorption Process

Engineered Systems Magazine, Forum, Glossary, Links, Search (articles, classified, news, products or site)
Article Archive & Search
HVAC Designer Tips (pdf) archive by date

Engineering Notes Blower/Fan theory & applications: Comair Rotron

Georgia Institute of Technology, School of ME, Energy Systems Research, Links

Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium (GHPC)
Goodman Manufacturing Company World's Largest Air Conditioning, Heating & Appliance Mfr

Heating, Airconditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI), About, LinksUse It!
Home Study Institute
    º Self Study Training Materials ($)
    º FAQ (HPC) international information service for heat pump technologies, applications & markets live & archived video, News ( Links )
Channel Guide & Video Search
    º HVAC Business
    º HVACtv Live!
    º New Products
    º Technical Training, Chat, Glossary, Forum, Links, Search
DownLoads, Software
TechNotes nanocomposite materials company
    º Air-D-Fence thin butyl rubber sealant with suspension of nano-dispersed silicates
    º Nanolok PT gas barrier polymeric coating

MarkeTech Solutions LTD, HVAC Links
Masonry Heater Association heat from short hot fire stored in thermal mass
Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

NanoCommunity Canada Research Network, ask or answer questions Browse or Search

National Air Filtration Association (NAFA)
UL 900 Update

North American Technician Excellence, Inc.
• consumers, educators, Links, manufacturers, news, products, utilities, wholesalers

Service & Contracting Online (S&C) Editorials, Forum, Links, Ads
Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA)

Switch Materials materials science, single layer thin films of organic molecules react to solar & electrical stimulation, switching optical properties on command ( Search ) Applied Thermodynamics
Air Conditioning

Thunder Scientific humidity generators/calibration equipment - Humidity Definitions, Ref Library
Western HVACR News

Wikipedia: HVAC
    º Category:Building automation
    º Category:Cooling technology
    º Category:Domestic heating
    º Category:Heat exchangers
    º Category:Heaters
    º Category:Heating
    º Category:Heat pumps
    º Category:Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
    º Category:HVAC manufacturing companies
    º Category:Residential heating
    º Category:Solar architecture
    º Category:Solar devices
    º Category:Solar towers
    º Category:Solar water pumping
    º Category:Temperature control
    º Glossary of HVAC
    º History of passive solar building design
    º List of photovoltaic power stations
Absorption air cooler
Air changes per hour
Air conditioner
Air conditioning
• Associations
    º Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)
    º American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
    º American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE)
Architectural engineering
Biomass heating systems
British thermal unit (BTU)
Building Management System (BMS)
    º Water chiller
Chiller boiler system
Cool roof high solar reflectance & thermal emittance
Cooling tower
Constant air volume
Damper (flow)
    º Dehumidifier
Dropped ceiling
Duct (HVAC)
    º Duct sealing
• Earth based Heating & Cooling
    º Downhole heat exchanger
    º Geothermal heat pump
    º Ground-coupled heat exchanger
Earth sheltering
Energy-plus building
Evaporative cooler
Fan (mechanical)
    º Fan coil unit
Free cooling
Gas compressor
Geothermal heat pump
Ground-coupled heat exchanger
Heater core
Heat exchanger
    º Loop heat pipe
Heating degree day
Heat pump
Heat pump and refrigeration cycle
Heat recovery ventilation
Heat sink
Heat transfer
HVAC control system
Hybrid heat
    º Hydronic Balancing
Hyperboloid structure
Indoor air quality
    º Sick building syndrome
Industrial fans
Infiltration (HVAC)
International Mechanical Code
Inverter (air conditioning)
Joule-Thomson effect
Mass transfer
Mechanical room
Natural ventilation
Operative temperature
Passive cooling
Passive house
Passive solar
    º Dry-bulb temperature
    º Wet-bulb temperature
Radiant heating
    º Underfloor heating
Raised floor
Room air distribution
Rumford fireplace
Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) cooling
Seasonal thermal store
Sol-air temperature
Solar air conditioning
Solar air heat
Solar chimney
    º Windcatcher
Solar gain
Solar thermal collector
Solar thermal energy
Storage tank
Sun path
Sustainable design
Thermal barrier coating
Thermal Comfort
Thermal efficiency
Thermal energy storage
Thermosyphon pumpless liquid circulation with passive heat exchange based on natural convection
Underfloor heating
Variable air volume
Ventilation (architecture)
Zero energy building
Dr. Neil Branda: On-Command Control of Molecular & Nanomaterials Using External Stimuli

also see.. Manufacturing

DIRECTORIES-Industrial Engineering
dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo

IndustryLink Industry & Manufacturing Directory

Institute of Industrial EngineersUse It! (IIE), About, FAQ, Forum, Links
About Industrial Engineering
Ask the Expert
Career Center (Jobs)
Industry Marketplace
• ($) Periodicals ( Archives ), Resource Library

Material Handling Industry of America
Part.Net Parts Searches
Products and Services Cahners Business Information "smart" site, About, SiteMap
Google Appliance: search: historical data, standards & military specs, parts, suppliers
Business Centers

WWW Virtual Library: Industrial Engineering

also see.. §HISTORY of Technology§, §Kinetic (ART)§, §LAW-Patents§ (ads) Inventors
AllGadgets directory of Gadget sites & companies (a class project), About
Inventions and Inventors

Inventors' Digest magazine, About, FAQ, Links, News
Inventor Resources, Inventor ABC's

Lemelson-MIT Program, About, Search, SiteMap
    º Invention & Patents
    º Kids Sites
    º Science & Invention Education, News
Invention at Play: Does Play Matter?, Inventor's Stories, Playhouse
Inventor's Handbook
Prizes and Awards Make Magazine
National Inventor Fraud Center, Inc. for Kids, About
Explore Your World
How to Invent, Inventors & Inventions
Teachers and Parents

United Inventors Association, SiteMap
Free Patent Search for new and renewing nonprofit inventor support groups

including.. Sky Lights also see.. §ARCHITECTURE-Software§, §Optics§, §Stage Lighting§

ACEEE's list of other web sites that concern energy efficiency ($) design software, raytracing & radiosity, educational discount
• calculate transparency, diffusion, reflection, refraction & realistic shadows
• produce photorealistic images & animations from within AutoCAD

Advanced Light Source (ALS), Lawrence Berkeley National Lab dimmable Xenon, 35% less heat, 500% longer lamp life than halogen, ZeeLights, Zee-Line, Zee-Puk, ZeeLED, About

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Architectual Lighting (, About, Glossaries, Links, News, SiteMap
Product Guide

Art of Lighting Larry Hillier

Australasian Lighting Industry Association ( & The Kilowatt Company
    º CAD & Symbol Libraries, Reference Information, Software
    º Companies, Forums & Industry News, Organisations, Trade Shows & Conferences
    º Health & Safety Information
    º Lighting & Production, Film & Television, Special Effects/Pyrotechnics
    º Publications & Publishers
    º Training
    º Miscellaneous

Building Technologies Department: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Commision Illumination Engineering (CIE, Ikeda Laboratory, Dept Elect and Electronics Eng, Chiba U)
Design News
Residential Light Fixtures
    º Energy Star Residential Light Fixtures Product List

Don Klipstein (electrical engineer & entrepreneur)'s Lighting Info
Discharge Lamps: Some Tech Principles
Flashtubes (some popular.. )
The Great Internet Light Bulb Book
High Voltage Stuff: Carbon Arcs, Generating Circuits, Jacobs Ladders, Plasma/Lightning, Tesla Coils
Infrared Filtering
• Lamps: Car Headlight HID / Xenon, Common HID, Fluorescent ( Compact, Some Better Compact.. )
• Lamps: Incandescant & Halogen, Neon (silly tricks), Short Arc, UV, Odd & Unusual
Lasers ( FAQ )
LEDs: Bright and Efficient
• Strobes: FAQ, Parts Suppliers ( for Building Big Strobes ), Xenon ( Hazards and Safety )
Volt/watt/joule general guidelines

High-Efficiency Lighting in Industry and Commercial Buildings from "Power Eng Journal, IEE, Oct 98"
HUVCO - The Daylighting Experts Makers of the Sun Star tubular skylight

Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Bauphysik
Adeline ($) (DOS &Windows 95/NT) software, integrated natural & electrical lighting design, About

International Association for Energy Efficient Lighting, ( Search: Site, Links, Newsletter or Archives )
Lighting Crossroads Links:
    º Businesses, Products & Services, Industry & Professional Organizations, Market Data
Case Studies
    º Energy Efficiency
Fun With Lighting
    º Lighting: Design & Analysis Tools, Programs & Initiatives, Publications & Other Information Sources
    º News Groups & Discussion Groups
    º Research Centers
    º Solar Photovoltaic Lighting

International Light Technologies
Light Measurement Handbook

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Environmental Energy Technologies Div ( Links )
Building Technologies Dept
    º Software Tools: Adeline, Radiance, Superlite, Glossary, Links
Layout Calculator estimate of fixtures needed & average illuminance using zonal cavity method
Photometry & Software free tools to help determine product & layout needs
White Papers
    º Case Studies
    º Design Perception, Optical Design
Lighting Safety
    º Photometry, Radiosity

Legrand lighting controls
Lighting Crossroads Portal: Lighting Design & Analysis Tools, About
Commercial, Residential
• Pacific Northwest Utilities: education, auditing, financing, incentives & rebates commercial Links with Ads by Goooooogle
Decorative Lighting Neon
Fiber Optic Lighting
Aquarium Lighting

The Lighting ResourceUse It! Links ( Education, Design, Manufacturers, Sales & Distribution, Stage Lighting )

Lutron Electronics, Inc. green lighting controls
Dimming CFLs and LEDs optical consultancy, technical visualizations, physics & numerical simulations
Introduction to Radiance
Radiance & LightScape comparison
• Technical visualizations: Animations, Still Images

• open source lighting design analysis & visualization software, Synthetic Lighting System
from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Desktop Radiance, Download, Gallery, Links, What is it?
    º Technical Support list from Yahoo Groups
Radiance, Download, Gallery, Links, Reference, What is it?
Materials and Geometry Format (MGF) Parser and Examples, data & software
Virtual Lighting Simulator online: Daylighting & Electric Lighting advanced tubular skylights
Solstice: Sustainable Energy and Development Online
Streetlighting Gallery (& Evolution) green lighting, EnergyStar dimmable CFL & LED's, Litetronics, Solais About, Catalog
    º Turolight LED
    º CFL and LED with Turo Light
    º Custom Home 2012 automated LED lights, including tape lights
    º Dimming with Lutron
    º First time home owner guide for 2012 pt. 1
    º iPad Integration with Lutron
Season 2, Episode 2 with Alico! Zeelights, Zeeline zenon lights
    º Season 2 with On Q by Legrand home intercom, camera, audio & lighting control systems

SKY LIGHTS advanced tubular skylights

also see.. §ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE§, §BUSINESS§, §Control Programming§, §ECONOMY§,
§FINANCE§, Industrial, §MAINTENANCE§, §Parts,Components§ §ROBOTICS§, §SCADA§

American Productivity and Quality Center benchmarking (regist. req'd) automation, manufacturing, supply chain, About, Links, News, Search, SiteMap
• Research
    º Free Reports
Web Forums: Archive

Association for Manufacturing Technology promoting technological advancements & improvements

Automation World magazine, Links
Article Archive, Search
Searchable Product Database spec your components/systems, jobs, News, products, Tech Library
Industry Net news, technologies, links, demo software
Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences (IAMS)
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) international consortium archive
Lean Production Resources

Managing Automation Magazine, News
Research News, About
Control Engineering
Design News
Industrial Distribution
• Key Economic Indicators: U.S., International
Logistics Management
Modern Materials Handling
Plant Engineering
Supply Chain Management Review
The Manufacturing 50 stocks

Manufacturers Information Net classified listings
Manufacturing Technology Information Analysis Center (MTIAC, limited registration), Links
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)
The National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing (NACFAM)
National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI) government-industry consortium
Part Net: The Distributed Component Information System
Product Data Management Information Center
SMTnet surface mount technology information exchange

ThomasNet.comUse It! formerly Thomas Register of American Manufacturers product catalogs & literature

also see.. §CHEMISTRY§, §MATERIALS§ (under construction), Structural Engineering

American Ceramic Society (ACerS) Links ( Arts, General, Science & Industry )
About Ceramics

ASM International ($) [ alt ] the materials information society
The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) certification, events, marketplace, pubs
American Society For Testing and Materials (ASTM)
CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory (CANMET-MTL) SiteMap Links to Other Sites: Materials Technology Laboratory

Google.comUse It! Materials @ Science: Technology

Granta Design Limited ($) Software, About
MIL-HDBK-5H (pdf) Donwload by Chapter
    º Military Handbook, Metallic Materials and Elements for Aerospace Vehicle Structures

The Institute of Materials calendar, education, jobs, magazine, news, Links

Materials Research Society Gateway, Links ( Data, more ), Search, SiteMap

Materials Science and EngineeringUse It! ( proceedings, research papers, letters & pre-publication
Materials Science Keyword Listing

Materials Technology Laboratory, Canada
Metallurgy for Cyclists,
by Scot Nicol, San Jose State U
Microworlds - Exploring Structure of Materials

MIT Open Courseware: All Courses Index - Materials Science and EngineeringUse It!
Introduction to Modeling and Simulation: Video Lectures from Part II: Quantum Mechanical Methods by Jeffrey C. Grossman

NanoHubUse It! created by the NSF-funded Network for Computational Nanotechnology: Teach & Learn
nanoHUB-U transcending disciplines, short, accessible science & engineering courses
    º Fundamentals of Atomic Force Microscopy with videos
Resources: Tools
Simulate modeling & simulation online tools

Other Societies: ASTM

Plasticity Theory book (pdf) by Jacob (Coby) Lubliner, UC Berkeley Civil & Environmental Engineering

PSIgate Physical Science Information Gateway
Materials Science Gateway

The Sol-Gel Gateway events, Forum, jobs, organizations, research, pubs, suppliers, Tutorials

STN International ($ Scientific & Technical Information Network) About, Search, SiteMap
• Databases: A-Z, by Category, Summary Sheets ( ASM Materials Database )

Stony Brook U, Materials Science and Engineering, LinksUse It!
Strength Of Materials - on the Web U Wisconsin-Stout
Tensile Test Exercise with Java Applet: U Minnesota
U New Brunswick, Fredericton: Microscopy and Microanalysis Facility Materials Science

U Wisconisin-Stout, Physics Dept: Strength of MaterialsUse It! on the Web
Tables & Links

US Forest Products Laboratory, Publications
Wood handbook--Wood as an engineering material.

List of alloys
    º Ceramic matrix composite
Composite material
    º Reinforced concrete
    º Ferrocement
Electrical conductor
Insulator (electrical)
Joseph-Louis Lambot
    º Base metal

Category: Materials science Category:Metallurgy
    º Category:Nanomaterials
List of alloys
List of materials analysis methods
List of materials properties
Amorphous solid
• Constitutive laws, Constitutive equation
Continuum mechanics
Creep of materials
    º Crystal growth
    º Crystallization
    º Crystal structure
Deformation (engineering), Deformation (mechanics)
    º Deformation-mechanism maps
    º Deformation tensors
Diffusion in materials
Elasticity (physics)
    º Elasticity of materials
Fatigue of materials
Fracture toughness
Heat treatment
Linear elasticity
Materials science
    º History of materials science
    º Material selection
Maxwell material
• Microstructural evolution
    º Microstructures of materials
• Oxidation of materials
    º Redox
Physical compression
Plasticity of materials
Shear flow
Software quantum & solid-state physics Schrodinger equation solvers
    º ABINIT solids
    º GAMESS (US) molecules
    º NWChem molecules
    º PWscf solids
    º SIESTA (computer program) solids
Strain hardening exponent
Strength of materials
Stress-strain relations
Stress (physics) & Stress as a tensor
Surface integrity
Tension (physics)
    º Glossary of tensor theory
Thermal expansion

Mechanics Channel by Mark Barkey
    º Lecture-03-Stress-Strain Curves and Hooke's Law
    º Mechanics of Materials Playlist @Lecture-01-Introduction and Normal Stress
    º Theory of Plasticity Playlist beginning with Introduction
Mechanics of Materials (Libre)
    º Lecture 13, Stress in beams subjected to bending moment and axial force

also see.. §Automotive Engineering§, §ROBOTICS§, System Dynamics, Thermodynamics

DIRECTORIES-Mechanical Engineering
dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo

ASME International (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) About, Forums, News
Codes & Standards

Automotive Manufacturing & Production archive, books, events, jobs, Links, news, products

CaltechBOOKUse It! Mechanical Engineering
Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics online Book, Christopher Earls Brennen (1995)
Hydrodynamics of Pumps Christopher Earls Brennen (1994)

Center ForAutomotiveResearch

Design Information Group, U Bristol:
Rolling Element Bearings:   Multi-Media Handbook for Engineering Design hyper-media machine design

dmoz Open DirectoryUse It! Science: Technology: Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Links: Mechanical ( Links to jobs, equipment, literature, magazines, software...
Dynamics Research: Dept of ME, U Wales Swansea
Fluid Power Journal: Fluid Power Society: events, Links, products
Fluid Power Society certification, events, forum, industry links, other Links
Georgia Institute of Technology, Systems Realization Laboratory, ME3110 Online Catalog ( SiteMap )
Electrical Components
Springs, Statics

HPAC Interactive Engineering Mech Eng Freeware (Perl & CGI scripts), MICHAEL J. ROCCHETTI, PE
Hydraulics & Pneumatics: FluidPowerWeb applications, design guide, ideas, mfr index, software - Mechanical Engineering Calculators
Industrial Heating Magazine: Thermal Technology
Institute of Mechanics - Articles 1980-97
Journal of Mechanical Design Subscription Required
Kele & Assoc: Technical Reference

Kinematic Models for Design Digital LibraryUse It! (KMODDL) open access, multimedia resource for teaching kinematics & machine history & theory, Cornell U
Clark Collection of Mechanical Movements
    º Kinematics of Machines Richard John Durley, 1907
    º Mechanics of Machinery Alex B.W. Kennedy, 1886
    º Principles of Mechanism...for Engineering Students, Robert Willis, 1841
    º The Young Mill-wright & Miller's Guide Oliver Evans, 1834
• Resources:
    º Interactive Simulation
    º Movie: Cylinder Clock Escapement, Three-tooth Clock Escapement
The Reuleaux Collection of Kinematic Mechanisms at Cornell University

Machine Design Online Links
Mechanical Engineering Magazine Online: (ASME) Links, back issues, Forum, jobs, product Directory, Search
Mechanical Engineering - Yahoo Search
Mechanical SOLUTIONS Resource for Autodesk Mechanical Users
Mining Equipment Design: U Queensland, Hal Gurgenci - Power, Mechanical & Fluid Systems

MIT Open Courseware: All Courses Index
Mechanical EngineeringUse It!

MK Automation industrial profile systems & modular material mandling, linear motion Links

Modern Machine Shop OnlineUse It! advice, archive, books, events, forums, jobs, news, Suppliers Index

Monachos Mechanical EngineeringUse It!
• articles, calculators (Darcy Weisbach, kvar, units, water hammer), elements, Forum, Links, motors, thermo..

Ohio State U, Computational Fluid Dynamics ( Publications )
• Google Search: "Fuel Injection" "Equations"

Power Transfer Systems directory for E4360 Lectures & Tutorial Sheet (pdf), U Queensland
Quality Digest Search, News, ISO9000

Rotor Dynamics HomepageUse It! theory/practice: balance, bearings, condition monitoring, seals, shafts, stability, Mechanical Engineering Links ( Journals, Magazines, Societies )

Society of Automotive Engineers: SAE International
South African Institute of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE), Forums
Standardization of Routine Anlaytical and Design Procedures article: design handbooks & computers
Thermodynamic Property Calculator Online Caltech

Wikipedia (Mechanics)
Category:Engineering mechanics
Category:Machine Fault Diagnosis
Category:Mechanical engineering
Bearing surface
Crank (mechanism)
Differential (mechanical device)
Disc coupling
Eccentric (mechanism)
    º Diesel engine
    º External combustion engine
    º Heat engine
    º Internal combustion engine
    º Napier Deltic opposed-piston valveless, two-stroke diesel engine
    º Steam engines, History of the steam engine
    º Stirling engines
    º Wankel engine
Interference fit
Linkage (mechanical)
Machinery's Handbook
Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers
Mechanical advantage
Mechanical efficiency
Mechanical engineering
Mechanism (technology)
Proactive maintenance
Ratchet (device)
Rayleigh–Ritz method vibration analysis
Simple machine

Wikipedia (Fluids)
Category:Wind power
Category:Wind tunnels
Aerodynamic drag
Aerodynamics, Aerostatics
Airborne wind turbine
Automotive aerodynamics, Automobile drag coefficient
Drag coefficient
External flow
Fluid dynamics
Lagrangian and Eulerian specification of the flow field
Laminar flow
Mach number
Navier–Stokes equations
Orifice plate
Rayleigh flow
Relief valve
Reynolds number
Sonic boom
Speed of sound
Stall (flight)
Static pressure
Streamlines, streaklines, and pathlines
Subsonic and transonic wind tunnel
Streamlines, streaklines, and pathlines
Subsonic and transonic wind tunnel
Subsonic flight
Wind turbine
Wind turbine aerodynamics
Wind generator
Wind tunnel

Wikipedia (Heat & Thermodynamics)
Category:Electro mechanical engineering
Category:Heat exchangers
Category:Heat transfer
Category:Steam power
Caloric theory
Friction loss
Heat transfer
History of thermodynamics, Timeline of thermodynamics
internal combustion engine
Internal energy
Otto engine
Systems: Closed system, Isolated, Thermodynamic
Standard conditions for temperature and pressure
Thermal engineering
Thermodynamics Laws: Zeroth, First, Second, Third, Fundamental thermodynamic relation
Thermodynamic cycles: Carnot
Thermodynamic processes: Adiabatic, Isobaric, Isochoric, Isenthalpic, Isentropic, Isothermal

WWW Virtual Library: Mechanical Engineering ( alt: )
Yahoo Directory: Automotive Engineering
    º Mechanical Principles (1930) by Ralph Steiner

Mechanical Systems Qualification Standard Competencies
Technical Qualification Training Material DOE

also see.. Tutorials

Basic Engineering's Engineering Mechanics Statics OnlineUse It!
• from David B. Oglesby, Professor, Basic Engineering Dept, U Missouri - Rolla
First Visit Introduction & Overview
Dynamics ( Req: Registration ), Forums, Links, SiteMap
• (Dredging Engineering Research Laboratory) Dredging, Tunneling
• Utilities: Basic EquationsUse It! Converters, Scientific Calculator KnowledgeBase

Jack Zecher, P.E. Professor of Mech Eng Technology
from Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis
Publications Instructional Based Software Downloads
    º BeamBoss
    º Interactive Beam--Shear Moment and Deflection Program
    º STATICS Tutorial Software

Ohio U ME Dept. & CE Depts Statics Tutorial Slide Show
Statics Tutorial from Lafayette College


Engineering related newsgroupsUse It! from the U Oxford, Dept Engineering Science

alt: | | cad.autocad | comp.robotics | comp.robotics.misc | comp.robotics.research | construction | engr.dynamics | engr.explosives | engineering.electrical | engineering.nuclear | sci.physics.acoustics |

cad.autocad | infosystems.gis |

wisenet |

materials |

basics | cad | components | design | equipment | misc | repair | | hydrogen |

sci.engr/ | advanced-tv | analysis | biomed | chem | civil | coastal | color | control | electrical.compliance | electrical.sys-protection | geomechanics | heat-vent-ac | joining.misc | joining.welding | lighting | manufacturing | marine.hydrodynamics | materials | mech | mech.fluids | metallurgy | micromachining | mining | radar+sonar | safety | semiconductors | surveying | television.advanced | television.broadcast |

fluids | geology | hydrology | petroleum | satellite-nav |

mech.fluids |

computational.fluid-dynamics |



ELA note: is a stable electron in orbit about its nucleus in perpetual motion?

AREA X: A WWW Site of Evangelical Skepticism
Strange Machines: Free Energy and Anti-Gravity FAQ
Perpetual Motion

Google Search: "perpetual motion" magnet
Eric's History of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines

Museum of Unworkable Devices
Basement Mechanic's Guide to Testing Perpetual Motion Machines
    º see 4. Magnet Motors movie Minato motor hand holding magnet supplies work

MIT, news office
Rotating magnetic device wins 'perpetual motion' contest

Perpetual Motion by Kevin T. Kilty
Perpetual NonsenseUse It! US Patent 6,362,718 issued March 2002, Thomas Bearden

Today in Science History
Perpetual Motion

Why there aren't any Perpetual Motion Machines by Bob Jenkins
WikipediaUse It!
History of perpetual motion machines
Perpetual motion

including.. Sales

Composites from
Plastic @ Science: Technology: Materials: Polymers
Polymers @ Science: Technology: Materials (Open Directory Project)
Plastics @ Industrial Materials

American Plastics Council (alt: - FAQs, Links, Site Map
History, Search
Literature & Forms
Material Selection Guide
Product Features
Sortable Materials Properties TableUse It! Suppliers List K-12 - Glossary, Links, Site Map, SiteMap
Engineering Handbook pdf PVC & CPVC Piping Systems
Clear Rigid PVC ($) Plastics Database

International Association of Plastics Distributors education, events, publications excess inventory program, About
Find a Distributor
IAPD Magazine
    º Search: Article Archives, Fabrication Distributors & Manufacturers of Resin and Semi-finished Plastics
Understanding the Basics of Plastic Materials (pdf)

Materials Properties Table specific gravity, tensile strength, thermal conductivity: Boedeker Plastics, Inc.
Plastic Injection Moulding FAQ - plastics, injection moulding, About, Search
    º Forums: FAQ, Search, UserGroups
    º News
Resources encyclopedia, library, reference desk, technical area

The Plastics Network Buy/Sell online, Forums, News & Community, Search
Buyers Guide, Buy or Sell Online
• Links: Industry Associations
Search Periodicals
• Software Download Library
Technical Training
Tools: Search articles, categories, downloads, products, suppliers archives, e-business, Links, opinions, products, rankings, reports, resins, Search
Plastics Resource plastics and the environment, FAQs, glossary, Links, recycling, Tutorial

PlasticsUSAUse It! auctions, database, Forum, materials, News, polymer science, processors, suppliers, terms

Rapra.netUse It! plastics & rubber analysis/testing, abstracts database, books, events, Links, software, training

Regal Plastics - Technical Data Portal

Society of Plastics EngineersUse It! education, foundation, jobs, Links, News, publications, training

Society of the Plastics Industry US trade assoc, business, Links, public policy
Withersdale Plastics Plastic injection moulding specialists
Plastic Injection Moulding FAQ

IAPD - Find a Distributor
Norva Plastics fabricator & supplier, Norfolk, VA, plastic scale model parts SiteMap
Regal Plastics - Technical Data (download pdf's)
San Diego Placstics

also see.. Fluids - Gases - Product StewardshipUse It!
gases & equipment: Air Products

Compressed Air Technical Database: Cashflo Limited, UK

Compressed Gas AssociationUse It! pubs, free Safety Pubs, Search

EEVL Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics & Computing, Engineering
• Search: Fluid Flow, Hydraulics and Pneumatics Links: Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library sells pnumatic training kits

Fluid Power Link Directory associations, distributors, manufacturers, technical
Fluid Power Web ads, apps, archive, articles, events, ideas, software, store,

Google Search
pneumatic systems how they work

The History of Screw Compressors: Cashflo Limited, UK
Ingersoll-Rand Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Compressors

KnowPressure.orgUse It! Sourcebook, The Compressed Air Challenge
Library: Improving Compressed Air System Performance
Toolbox: Download AirMaster+ Compressed air system assessment and analysis software

PG&E, Equipment Guides
Compressed Air Systems Guide

Pneumatics OnlineUse It! Associations, distributors, Forum, mfrs, News, products, Search, software
Online Calculator Cylinder & Valve

Fluid dynamics
Fluid statics
Gas compressor
Pneumatic actuator
Pneumatic motor
Pneumatic tool
Pressure regulator
Pressure sensor
Pressure switch
Vacuum pump


Wikipedia: Pressure vessel
    º Category:Pressure vessels
Autoclave (industrial)
    º Fire-tube boiler
    º Water-tube boiler
Bulging factor
Composite overwrapped pressure vessel
Diving chamber
Diving cylinder
Fisher-Porter tube
Fusible plug
Gas cylinder
Head (
Hydrogen tank(vessel)
Maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP)
Oxygen tank
Reactor vessel
Recompression chamber
Relief valve
Safety valve
Vacuum insulated evaporator
Vessel dished end

also see.. HVAC
Air Psychrometrics
Changing Air Conditions by Heating, Cooling, Mixing, Humidifying or Dehumidifying the Air
Difference Between the Mollier Diagram and the Psychrometric Chart
Heating Humid Air
Mixing Humid Air

Square OneUse It! ( resource & software for energy efficient design of buildings, SiteMap
Basic Psychrometrics
    º Dry Bulb Temperature
    º Wet Bulb Temperature
    º Relative Humidity
    º Vapour Pressure
    º Specific Volume of Air
    º Enthalpy Values

Ohio State U, Ag Engineering Fact Sheet Index
Using a Psychrometric Chart to Describe Air Properties ( Search ) Applied Thermodynamics
Hygrometer or Psychrometer
Psychrometric Chart
Psychrometry or Hygrometry

U Arizona, College of Architecture
Introduction to the Psychrometric ChartUse It!

U Nebraska, Lincoln
Air Properties Temperature and Relative Humidity

PUMPS - FAQ, Glossary (short), Troubleshooting
AIR LIFT American Turbine PumpsUse It!
Installation and Operation Manual

British Fluid Power Assoc (BPFA) hydraulic&347;pneumatic products, News, pubs, research, teaching
British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) buyer guide, Links, News, pumpSearch, training: UK
Bubble Pump Performance Einstein Refrigeration Cycle
Cavitation in Centrifugal Pumps:   Industrial Distribution Experts (DXP)
centrifugal_pumps Yahoo! email newsgroup forum subscription

Centrifugal Pump & Mechanical SealUse It! Technical Information - Mc Nally Institute

Chemical Engineers' Resource Page:
Centrifugal Pumps: Basic Concepts of Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting (Part- I)
Understanding Centrifugal Pump Performance Curves

Donald R.Milam, PE Pump Efficiency Calculator ( Req: Registration ), Forums, Links, SiteMap
• (Dredging Engineering Research Laboratory) Dredging, Tunneling
• Utilities: Basic Equations, Converters, Scientific Calculator
Downloads Use It!(see "Centrifugal Dredgepumps"),   KnowledgeBase

EDIS Florida Cooperative Extension's Electronic Data Information Source, Search
Principles of Water Recirculation and Filtration in Aquaculture (PDF)
Pumps for Florida Irrigation and Drainage System (PDF)

Effect of High Solids Concentration on Characteristics of a Slurry Pump

Engineered Software, Inc. 30 day free demo
ENV 352 Lecture Topics Fluid Mechanics, Pipe Forces, Pumps, Water Dist & Collection

Fairbanks Morse Pump
• Pump Selection SoftwareUse It! ( alt )education, Ingersoll Rand, Pumps, seals & valves
PROS+ SE pump selection program (formerly Pumps R Me) Links

General Dennis J. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library
FM 5-484 Multiservice Procedures for Well-Drilling Operations, Chptr 4 Pumps - Information; U.S. & world-wide pump manufacturing company

Hydraulic InstituteUse It! master index, News, Search, Standards
Internet Glossary of Pumps All About Pumps

Irrigation Water PumpsSee It! North Dakota State U

Java Applets fluid pumping & piping system project Jeff Pulskamp, class project
KICC - Assembly Products
Little Giant Pump Company Aquarium, Magnetic, Sewage, Submersible, Pond, Pool, & Wastewater Pumps
March Manufacturing, Inc. Seal-Less Magnetic Drive Pump

National Oil Well drilling, engineering & project management, pumps, well & service completion

Nc Nally Institute
Glossary of Pump and Seal Terms
Centrifugal pump selection, installation, modifications
Learning About Centrifuagal Pumps
Mechanical Seal Selection, Seal FAQs
Pump Rules of Thumb

MICRO-HYDRO POWER RESEARCH pumps run as turbine
On-Line Pump System Design Beacon Engineers Inc.

PACO Pumps, Links
Certifications/Standards Association Links
• Guides: Application, Materials
Select Pump, Products
Pumping Machinery, LLC, Pump Magazine - Pump Articles
Article #1: How Does Pump Suction Limit the Flow?
Article #2: Specific Speed (NS) - Why Is It Dimensionless, or Is It?
Article #3: Suction Specific Speed (NSS) & more.., links to companies:
Mechanical Seals

Pump.netUse It! pump engineer's information toolbox; basics, constants, data, properties...
Pumps and Compressors Software, Forum, Links (Mfr), Search, SiteMap
    º Chemical Resistance
    º Fittings
    º Pressure: Atmospheric, Vapor
    º Pipe Pressure Drop
Centrifugal Pump Tutorial
    º Curves ( System Head ), Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH), Total Dynamic Head (TDH)
    º Operation
    º Pumps in: Series, Parallel
    º Terms
    º Viscous Liquids
Mechanical Seals Troubleshooter
Positive Displacement Pump Tutorial
Total Dynamic Head Calculator
Troubleshooting Tutorial: General, Cavitation, Vortexing

Pump-Zone.comUse It!
Archives from Pumps and Systems Magazine

Sizing and Selecting Metering Pumps: Neptune Chemical Pump Company
Specific Equipment Manufacturer of water pressure sets, water purification & pump packages

Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, U Utah
Human Heart simulation (shockwave)
Principles for the Design of Pump Installations
Pump - Problem Solver
Your Pump Product Finder

Szivattyú, Szivatty Pump Galleries & Links from Iván Szedõ
Chemical Resistance Charts (jpg files), About, Links, News
Pump Software ($)
Pump Engineer's ToolboxUse It! Javascript Calculators
    º Conversions: Pressure & Head, Temp
    º Conversions (Flow): Mass, Heat, Volumetric
    º Conversions: Force, Power, Torque
    º Conversions: Length, Mass, Velocity, Volume
    º Liquid Properties
    º Pipeline: Dynamic Head, Friction Loss, Orifice Sizing, Pipeline Velocity
    º Pumps (calulators): Affinity Correction, Hydraulic Power, ns, Suction ns, Tip Speed

Tecquipment Inc. Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment
Technical Resources Water Wells, Pumps, Storage, Lifewater Canada

Texas A&M U, Turbo Lab: Forums
International Pump Users Symposium
Software ($?) lateral rotor-dynamic analysis of rotating machinery: compressors, pumps, turbines..
Technical Publications

Troubleshooting Chart:   Booster Pump Service Manual & Troubleshooting Guide, HVAC Links
from.. Bell & Gossett (Fluid Handling University)

Unsteady Simulations of Impeller Diffuser Interactions in a Centrifugal Pump
US EPA - Software for Environmental Awareness - Private Water Education System
Pumping Installation - Types of Pumps (1), (2)

VSX-VOGEL Software ($) Pump Selection Software for PC and Internet

    º Category:Fluid dynamics
    º Category:Pumps
    º Category:Ultrasound
Cavitation number
Directional sound
Erosion corrosion of copper water tubes
Hypersonic effect
Internal rotary inspection system
Megasonic cleaning
Supercavitation propeller
Ultrasonic cleaning
Water hammer

Yahoo Groups, Centrifugal Pumps
DIRECTORIES-Quality Engineering
dmoz Open Directory | Google

American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)
Bernie Hertlein's NDT site
Center for Nondestructive Evaluation from Iowa State U
e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing
Nondestructive Testing Information Analysis Center (NTIAC), Nondestructive testing

also see.. Cooling, HVAC

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI)
Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES)

also see.. §ARCHITECTURE (Geodesic)§, §ARCHITECTURE (Shells)§, §ARCHITECTURE (Vaults)§, Structural
Hangai Prize
International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) & IASS Journal

Mark Ketchum's Online Scrapbook, Concrete Shell Page
Basic concepts, Brief tutorial , Types and Forms
A Failure, Preliminary design, Possibilities
Programs for shell analysis
Photo Gallery
Questions and Comments
Types and Forms Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov
Vladimir Suchov Russia

All-Russia Exhibition 1896
Concrete shell
Foster, Norman (architect)
Fuller, Buckminster
Geodesic dome
Hyperboloid structure
Otto, Frei
Saarinen, Eero
Shukhov, Vladimir
Tensile structure
Thin-shell structure, List of thin shell structures

also see.. CADCAM, Calculators, §CHEMISTRY§, FEM, Fluids Software, §GIS§, §SOFTWARE§

DIRECTORIES- Engineering Software Open Directory | | Fusion-360 1 yr free use

CADRE Analytic download Windows 3D FEM,structural loads, deflctions, vibration
CEW - Civil Engineering Web (Spanish) news, links, software
Concordia U, Courseware Review Links

CSSINFO: free Technical Software
Emhart Conversion Calculator convert any number quickly from one unit to another:

Engineering Software Center, FAQ, Forums, Search

Engineering Software Database ($) from ASME
Engineering Information Village ($) - SiteMap, Engineering Village 2 Search Software
Engineering Software Libraries

EPANET pipe network & other software Environmental Protection Agency
Google Search: "software database" site:
Engineering Software Database, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has been offline

GROW (Geotechnical, Rock and Water Resources Laboratory)
Rock Engineering Fundamentals Software Links

Industry.Net Shareware Library download Shareware-Windows DOS Eng Applic's
Knowledge Base ($) Professional Engineering & Design Software, Sourcebook, The Compressed Air Challenge
Library: Improving Compressed Air System Performance
Toolbox: Download AirMaster+ Compressed air system assessment and analysis software

Marv Klotz's UtilitiesUse It! ( 2 ) - DOS freeware for people who build things!

Mathematische Funktionen mit dem PC (German) Freeware by Gerhard Feix Site Download not functioning

Mathtools.netUse It!O computer programming Links for math & science

MechwareUse It! Portal: Mechanical Engineering Software

OpenSees free Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation finite element apps & framework for developing such apps simulating structural/geotechnical systems, since 1998

Safe Roof design software for Storage Tanks with Frangible Joints
from Kansas State U, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering

Software & Programming, Mainly for Engineering Links, Antonio Gorni
Structural Analysis for Windows free FEM (Finite Element Method) Software
Structural Engineering Analysis free structural eng software

THIN-WALL ($) from Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering, U Sydney
• calculating the section properties and stresses in thin-walled cross-sections of general geometry

Unicade Inc. c-max systems analysis: Pumps & piping, Compressors, fans & blowers
United Engineering Foundation
Universal Technical Systems, Inc. (UTS) TK Solver Engineering Analysis, Forum. SiteMap

US DOE, Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyUse It! (EERE)
Industrial Technologies Program: Best Practices
    º Software Tools

U.S. DOE Energy Science and Technology Software Center (ESTSC) - About Software, FAQ, Links
Note most software includes source code
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Wind Energy Engineering Toolbox of Mini-Codes freeware
• Data analysis/synthesis, Rotor aerodynamics, Electrical, Dynamics, Turbine/System Performance

Yahoo Directory:
Engineering Software
Programming and Development: Tools: Software Engineering


SPECIFICATIONS spec your components/systems, jobs, News, products, Tech Library
Langley Technical Reports Server (LTRS)
Military and Industry Standards and Specifications from the Los Angeles Public Library
Software & Forms (

SPECSintact (Specifications-Kept-Intact) About, News, Search, SiteMap
• automated system for standardized facility construction specifications from NASA, Kennedy Space Center
Software, Help

US Army Corps of Engineers TECHINFO


Virginia Engineer engineering consultants & services Links from Virginia & surrounding area , News Bits
Professional Challenge typical examination problems from registration examination preparation manuals

    º Category:Structural analysis
Factor of safety
Mohr's circle
Stress-strain analysis

CPPMechEngTutorials Cal Poly Pomona
    º Stress Analysis: Introduction Mohr's circle

also see.. §ARCHITECTURE§, Civil Engineering, Shells, Trusses

DIRECTORIES-Structural Engineering Open Directory | |
Graphical Statics by Luigi Cremona, (1890) Tr. Thomas Hudson Beare

Brown U, Div Engineering, EN113 analysis and design of structures, Links
Issues in Truss Design

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning InitiativeUse It! Free Online Courses
Engineering Statics

Fracture: MSE 2094 Class Project Contents ( Without Frames )
History and Brief Introduction of Fracture
Modes of Fracture
Stress Concentration

Godden Structural Engineering Slide Library
Set B: Arch Structures
Set D: Truss Structures
Set E; Domes and Shells

Google Books
A History of the Theory of Elasticity and of the Strength of Materials: Galilei to Saint-Venant, 1639-1850 (1886) Isaac Todhunter, ed. Karl Pearson
A History of the Theory of Elasticity and of the Strength of Materials: Saint-Venant to Lord Kelvin (1893) Isaac Todhunter, ed. Karl Pearson
A Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity (1906) 2nd ed., Augustus Edward Hough Love

Java Applets for Engineering Education, Virginia Tech
Beam Under Transverse Loads
Mohr's Circles For 2-D and 3-D Stress Analysis

Milo Ketchum Archive Structural Engineering Practice articles & editorials

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses, governed by Creative Commons license: Architecture
Analysis of Historic Structures 4.448
    º Lecture Notes
Architectural Construction and Computation 4.501
Architectural Design, Level I: Perceptions and Processes 4.123
Architectural Design, Level II: Material Essence: The Glass House 4.131
Architectural Design, Level II: Material and Tectonic Transformations: The Herreshoff Museum 4.131B
Architectural Design Workshops: Computational Design for Housing 4.184
Building Technology, Introduction to 4.401
    º Lecture Notes
Building Technology Laboratory 4.411
Building Technology I: Materials and Construction 4.461
Building Technology III: Building Structural Systems 4.463
    º Active Statics interactive, basic principles of structural behavior, including Hanging Cable/Arch Applet by Simon Greenwold
Building Technologies III: Building Structural Systems II 4.463/4.442
Computational Design I: Theory and Applications 4.520/4.521
Design Computing, Introduction to 4.500
Digital Design Fabrication 4.510
Integrated Design, Introduction to 4.191
Form-Finding and Structural Optimization: Gaudi Workshop 4.491
    º Lecture Notes minimal
    º 4.491: Special Problems in Building Technology Form-Finding and Structural Optimization: Gaudi Workshop
    º stuff from the Gaudi seminar
Furniture Making 4.296
Materials, Emergent II, 4.493
Natural Light in Design 4.493
Special Problems in Architectural Design 4.195
Special Problems in Architecture Studies 4.297
Structural Design, Basic 4.440/4.462
Sustainable Design and Technology Research Workshop 4.183
Theory and Method in the Study of Architecture and Art 4.661
Thinking About Architecture: In History and At Present 4.607

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses, governed by Creative Commons license: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering Design, Introduction to 1.012
Engineering Mechanics I 1.050
    º Lecture NotesUse It!
Fundamentals of Energy in Buildings 4.42J/1.044J/2.66J
Laboratory, Civil Engineering Materials 1.103
Masters of Engineering Concepts of Engineering Practice 1.133
Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures 1.054 / 1.541
Mechanics of Material Systems: An Energy Approach 1.033/1.57
Modeling and Simulation, Introduction to 3.021J/1.021J/10.333J/18.361J/22.00J
Soil Behavior 1.322
Soil Mechanics, Advanced 1.361/1.032/1.366
Structural Analysis and Control 1.571
Structural Engineering Design 1.051
    º Lecture Notes
Structural Mechanics 2.080J/1.573J (13.10J)

U Nebraska-Lincoln, Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Statics (EngM 223)
    º The analysis of trusses
    º Area Moment of inertia
    º Equilibrium of rigid bodies
    º Internal forces
    º Mass moment of inertia
    º Moment of a force: Part 1
    º Moment of a force: Part 2
Mathematics for Mechanics

U Oklahoma, VirtualCity: Structural Analysis
Frame Structures
Stability of Columns
Stiffness Method
Truss Structures

Wikipedia (personages)
    º Category:Civil engineers
    º Category:Engineers
    º Category:Engineers by specialty
    º Category:Lists of engineers
Euler, Leonhard
Freyssinet, Eugène major pioneer of prestressed concrete
Galileo Galilei
    º Two New Sciences early analyses of bars, beams & columns
Hooke, Robert
    º Hooke's law
Love, Augustus Edward Hough
    º A Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity
Mariotte, Edme
Maxwell, James Clerk
Mohr, Christian Otto
    º Mohr's circle
Poisson, Siméon Denis
    º Poisson's ratio
Timoshenko, Stephen
    º Timoshenko beam theory
da Vinci, Leonardo
Vitruvius, De Architectura
Young, Thomas (scientist)
    º Young's modulus

    º Category:Elasticity (physics)
    º Category:Materials science
    º Category:Mechanical failure modes Buckling, Corrosion, Creep, Fatigue, Fracture, Impact, Mechanical overload, Rupture, Thermal shock, Wear, Yielding
    º Category:Structural analysis
    º Category:Structural system
    º Category:Thin-shell structures
Bending, Bending moment, Bending stiffness
Bulk modulus
Cauchy elastic material
Compressive strength, Compressive stress
Continuum mechanics
Couple (mechanics)
Creep (deformation)
Deflection (engineering)
Deformation (engineering), Deformation (mechanics)
Elasticity (physics)
    º Elastic modulus (Modulus of elasticity) intensive property of the material; resistance to an elastic (non-permanent) deformation due to stress
    º Elastic instability
    º Linear elasticity
Euler-Bernoulli beam equation
Factor of safety
Failure analysis, Structural failure Catastrophic failure, Ultimate failure
Fatigue (material), Fatigue limit
Finite element method
Fixed end moment
Flexural modulus
Fracture, Fracture mechanics, Fracture toughness, Supersonic fracture
Free breaking length
Geodesic airframe, Geodesic dome
Ground-structure interaction
History of structural engineeringUse It!
Hooke's law
Hull (watercraft)
Impact (mechanics)
Intensive and extensive properties
List of structural elements
Materials science, History of materials science, Material selection, Strength of materials, Strengthening mechanisms of materials
Matrix method
Mechanical equilibrium
Mechanical overload
Moment distribution method
Plasticity (physics), Plastic deformation in solids
Poisson's ratio
Post and lintel
Radius of gyration
Rigid body
Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain
Rupture (engineering)
Saint-Venant's principle
Second moment of area
Section modulus
Shear modulus, Shear and moment diagram, Simple shear
Space frame
Specific modulus
Specific strength
Stability, Instability
Statics, Statically indeterminate
Stiffness extensive property dependent on material, shape & boundary conditions
Strain gauge
Strength of materials
Strengthening mechanisms of materials
Stress analysis, Stress concentration, Stress functions, Stress (mechanics)
Stress-strain curve
Structural analysis, Structural dynamics, Structural failure, Structural load
Tenacity customary measure of strength of a fiber or yarn
Tensile strength
Tensile structure
Thermal shock
Thin-shell structure
Timber framing
Timoshenko beam theory
Torsion (mechanics)
Traction (engineering)
Tube (structure)
Virtual work
Yield (engineering)
Young's modulus
Zero force member
BioMechie) Playlists:
    º Beam Bending (10 videos)
Introductory Mechanics of Materials from BYU, Nathan J. Harris) Playlists:
    º 08.1 Plane stress transformation
    º 08.2 Mohr's circle for plane stress transformation



Google Scholar search
Modelica PELAB

OpenModelica modeling language with SystemDynamics library from the Open Source Modelica Consortium

Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica 2.1 online book (pdf)

    º Category:Complex systems theory
    º Category:Dynamical systems
    º Category:Scientific modeling
    º Category:Systems
    º Category:Systems theory
Dynamical system
Modelica modeling language for component-oriented modeling of complex systems
System dynamics
H. K. F. System Dynamics Tutorials 1-12

also see.. §ENERGY Efficiency§, §Fireplace (ARCHITECTURE)§, HVAC, §History of Steam§, §History of Thermodynamics§,
§Phase Diagrams§, §PHYSICS (Energy)§

Annenberg Media
Learning Science Through Inquiry
Mathematics and Science for All
The Mechanical Universe...and Beyond
    º 45. Temperature and Gas Laws behavior of gases, connection between temperature & heat
    º 46. Engine of Nature Carnot engine (i), beginning with simple steam engines
    º 47. Entropy The Carnot engine (ii), matter & flow of time
A Private Universe why even Ivy League graduates don't really grasp basic science concepts

Carlos Rodriguez, U at Albany, State U of New York
Sketching the History of Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Clark U, Statistical and Thermal Physics (STP) Curriculum Development Project undergrad curriculum materials: computational projects, conceptual learning/labs
Java Simulations for Statistical and Thermal Physics

Clemson U Physics Labs, Physics Instructional Laboratories: 223 -- Calculus-based Thermodynamics and E & M
Ideal Gas Laws
Linear Thermal Expansion
On-line Laboratories
    º How to use the vernier caliper
Specific and Latent Heat

The Colour Blue
The Mpemba Effect

Combustion Basics burners, combustion & boilers efficiency:, Open Source Physics
Statistical and Thermal Physics (STP) Textbook by Harvey Gould & Jan Tobochnik
    º download chapters for statistical mechanics, thermal physics or thermal & statistical physics classes,

A Concise History of Thermodynamics overview from biography of J. Willard Gibbs: permission Yale U
Cool Cosmos Heat, Temperature & Multiwave Astronomy, About, SiteMap
Cooling Towers: Design and Operation Considerations types, design, operation, Christopher Haslego
Design Analysis of the Einstein Refrigeration Cycle Georgia Institute of Technology, Andrew Delano

dmoz Open DirectoryUse It! Chemical Engineering: Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics

Dr D's Home Page from Eastern Illinois U: General Physics II, Course Calendar
Ch 19, Temperature
Ch20; Heat and the First Law of Thermodynamics
Ch21; The Kinetic Theory of Gases
• Link to TMU47; The Mechanical Universe: Entropy
• Link to TMU 45; Temperature & the Gas Laws
Ch22; Heat Engines, Entropy, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
    º Heat Engines and the Second LawUse It!

Dr James B. Calvert, U Denver: Physics
Boltzmann's Factor

Dr. Kyle Forinash, Indiana U, Physics
Thermodynamics Simulations

Elisabeth Moyer, U Chicago Dept Geophysical Sciences
GEOS 24705/ENST 24705: Science, Technology, and Human Usage of Energy
    º Reflections on the Motive Power of Fire, and on Machines Fitted to Develop that Power Sadi Carnot, 1825 (excerpts)
    º The Refrigerator and the UniverseUse It! Understanding the Laws of Energy, Martin Goldstein & Inge F. Goldstein
    º Sadi Carnot, 'Founder of the Second Law of Thermodynamics' Herman Erlichson

Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics, Human Chemistry, and Human Physics

Engineering Software
Coursework Material tutorials
    º Energy Conversion (EC) Systems
    º Engineering Formulas, Plots, Schematic Layouts
Mathematical Modeling Excel Files: Power Cycle, General Math & Physical Properties
Online CalculatorsUse It! Javascript
    º Compressible Flow: Diffuser, Nozzle, Normal Shock, Thrust
    º Engineering Equations Ideal Gas State, Velocity of Sound
    º Power Cycle Analysis, Cycles: Brayton, Carnot, Diesel, Magnetohydrodynamics
    º Power Cycle Components/Processes: Isentropic Compression & Expansion, Stoichiometric Combustion
    º Physical Properties (not working?): Air, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen
    º Steam Approximations saturated area
    º Unit Conversion
    º Miscellaneous Engineering Tools: Expression Evaluator
Slide Shows

Expert System for Thermodynamics & Registration page ( alt ), Daemon MapUse It!
• a visual solution for what-if people by Subrata Bhattacharjee, Engineering, San Diego State U
Daemons Java Applets ( Map ie, Contents ), Help
    º Closed System: Psychrometry/HVAC
    º Open System: Combustion ( Gas Dynamics ), Cycles ( Power, Refrigeration ), Psychrometry/HVAC
Purchase site CD

Fourmilab Switzerland, Sitemap see Physics
The Einstein-Szilard Refrigerator U.S. Patent 1,781,541

Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Tutorial Regan Young: Purdue U

Galileo and Einstein, Michael Fowler, U Virginia, Lecture List:
Physics 152: Heat and Thermodynamics
    º Heat Engines: the Carnot Cycle, Carnot Cycle Flashlet Simulation
    º Teaching Heat: the Rise and Fall of the Caloric Theory

Google Books (Public Domain)
Gibbs, J. Willard
    º The Scientific Papers of J. Willard Gibbs: Thermodynamics

Google Books
Entropy and its physical meaning by John Sydney Dugdale (J. S. Dugdale)
The refrigerator and the universe: understanding the laws of energy by Martin Goldstein, Inge F. Goldstein
The Second Law by Peter William Atkins

Google Search
Carnot cycle
milk and coffee problem physics site:*.edu
Mpemba effect
Rumford Fireplace site:*.edu
derivation of S=klogW site:*.edu

A Heat Transfer TextbookUse It! 3rd edition, free (8.8MB pdf) Download
• by John H. Lienhard IV (Professor ME, MIT) & V (Professor, U Houston)
• adopted as a classroom textbook at dozens of universities worldwide

How to teach statistical thermal physics in an introductory physics course Koo-Chul Lee, Seoul National U

LightAndMatter.comUse It! Benjamin Crowell, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license: introductory one-year physics survey textbooks for biology majors & open-source software & Courses
Chapter 5. ThermodynamicsUse It!
    º 5.2 Microscopic Description of An Ideal Gas

Matt Brower: Classes taken for Engineering Major
Project 1 - A Refrigeration Cycle (pdf)

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses, governed by Creative Commons license: Physics
8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics with Exams & Solutions, Lecture Notes & Video Lectures
    º Heat - Thermal Expansion
    º Kinetic Gas Theory, Ideal Gas Law, Isothermal Atmosphere, Phase Diagrams, Phase Transitions

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA): The Science Teacher, NSTA Conncetions
Constructing your digital thermometer ($10 materials) a step-by-step approach using an LM35DZ or LM35 (Kelvin) sensor and multimeter

PhET Interactive SimulationsUse It! virtual labs, About
Blackbody Spectrum

Physics 115 Heat, Thermodynamics, Electricity and MagnetismnUse It! Paul Boynto, U Washington Physics
Solutions to Homework Questions and Problems
Milk & Coffee Problem

Statistical Thermodynamics Computational Site, Links
from U Cologne, Institut of Physical Chemistry ( Search ) Applied Thermodynamics

Thermal WizardUse It! from About
• Calulators: Conduction, Convection, Radiation
• Headloss Coefficients
• Material Properties: Air, Gases, Liquids, Metals, Non-metals, Water..
• Units Conversion

TemperatureWorld.comUse It! controls, Courses, environment, industry, Links, materials, News, reference...

the Thermal Connection calculators, FAQs, Links, thermal data, wizards: K&K Assoc
the buyer guide, community, product/service, Library, News, Search, suppliers...

U.C. Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Book C: Properties of Heat and Matter

U California, Santa Barbara, M Scott Shell
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics: Fundamentals

U Nevada, Reno, Mechanical Engineering: Thermodynamics II Instructor: Jesse Adams, Spring 2001
Refrigeration Cycles Chapter 10 by Matthew Cloutier

UniData Earth-system education & research, About, Forums, Search ( Glimpse, Ultra Seek ) SiteMap
About Temperature

U Plymouth Mech Engineering : Combustion for heat engines (pdf)

What is Thermodynamics? Courses Home Page, Newcastle U School of Engineering and Advanced Materials
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 1
Isochoric Process
Chemical Plant Thermodynamics, Engineering ThermodynamicsUse It! Contribute! copyright free

    º Category:Heat pumps
    º Category:Hot air engines
    º Category:Internal combustion piston engines
    º Category:Laws of thermodynamics
    º Category:Thermodynamic cycles
    º Category:Thermodynamics
    º (data page) Boiling points of the elements
    º (data page) Heat capacities of the elements
    º (data page) Heats of fusion of the elements
    º (data page) Heats of vaporization of the elements
    º (data page) Thermal conductivities of the elements
    º (data page) Thermal expansion coefficients of the elements
    º History of thermodynamicsUse It!
    º History of entropy
    º History of perpetual motion machines
    º List of state functions
    º List of thermal conductivities
    º Table of thermodynamic equationsUse It!
    º Timeline of hydrogen technologies
    º Timeline of low-temperature technology
    º Timeline of temperature and pressure measurement technology
    º Timeline of thermodynamics
    º Timeline of steam power
    º Absolute zero
    º Heat energy at absolute zero
    º Thermodynamic temperature
Atomic theory
Amedeo Avogadro
    º Avogadro constant
    º Avogadro's law
Biological thermodynamics
Black body
Boltzmann, Ludwig
    º Boltzmann constant
Caloric theory
    º Calorimeter
    º Reaction calorimeter
Carnot, Nicolas Leonard Sadi
    º Carnot cycle
    º Carnot heat engine
    º Carnot's theorem (thermodynamics)
Chemical thermodynamics
    º Stoichiometry
    º Standard enthalpy change of formation
    º Thermochemistry
Clapeyron, Benoit Paul Emile
Classical mechanics
Clausius, Rudolf born Rudolf Gottlieb (1822-1888)
    º Clausius-Clapeyron relation
Closed system
Coefficient of thermal expansion
    º Fire
    º Heat of combustion
Conduction (heat)
    º Advection
    º Diffusion
    º Mass transfer
Critical point (thermodynamics) (critical temperature & pressure)
    º Supercritical fluid
    º Dissipative system
Einstein, Albert: Thermodynamic fluctuations and statistical physics
    º Einstein relation (kinetic theory) explained Brownian motion
Endothermic & Exothermic
Energy harvesting
Engine (see heat engine)
    º Enthalpy of fusion (heat of fusion)
    º Enthalpy of vaporization (heat of vaporization or evaporation)
    º Entropy (statistical thermodynamics)
    º History of entropy
Equation of state (also see gas)
    º Thermodynamic state
Equilibrium: Dynamic
    º Chemical
    º Mechanical
    º Radiative
    º Thermodynamic
    º Exergy efficiency
Fahrenheit, Daniel Gabriel (1686-1736)
    º Fahrenheit temerature scale
Fourier, Joseph (1768-1830)
    º Fourier's law heat transfer, law of heat conduction
Free energy, ThermodynamicUse It!
    º Avogadro's law
    º Boltzmann constant
    º Brownian motion
    º Boyle's law
    º Einstein relation (kinetic theory) or Einstein-Smoluchowski relation
    º Fluctuation dissipation theorem
    º Gas constant (universal or ideal gas)
    º Gay-Lussac's law
    º Ideal gas
    º Ideal gas law
    º Kinetic theory
    º Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics
    º Mean free path
    º Pneumatic chemistry
    º Randomness
    º Statistical mechanics, Partition function (statistical mechanics)
    º Weather: Chinook wind, Dew Point, Foehn wind, Orographic lift, Rain shadow
Gibbs, Josiah Willard
    º Gibbs free energy
    º Heat of combustion
    º Heat flux
    º History of heat
    º Mechanical equivalent of heat
Heat engine (see thermodynamic cycle)
    º Carnot cycle
    º Carnot heat engine
    º Diesel engine
    º Four-stroke engine
    º Internal combustion engine
    º Steam engine, Condenser (heat transfer), Firebox (steam engine)
    º Steam turbine
    º Stirling engine
    º Two-stroke engine
Heat exchanger
Heat flux
Heat pump (see refrigeration)
    º Heat pump and refrigeration cycle (see refrigeration)
Heat transfer
Helmholtz, Hermann von
    º Dew point, Dew point depression
    º Dry-bulb temperature
    º Enthalpy
    º Hygrometer
    º Partial pressure
    º Psychrometrics, Carrier, Willis modern air conditioning
    º Relative humidity
    º Vapor pressure
    º Water vapor
    º Wet-bulb temperature
    º Air conditioning
    º Refrigeration
    º Space heater
    º Thermal comfort
Insulation, Thermal
Intensity (physics)
• Irradiance (see radiation)
Internal energy
Isochoric process
Joule, James Prescott
Kinetic energy
    º Oscillation
    º Rotation
    º Translation Physics
Kinetic theory (see gases)
    º Einstein relation (kinetic theory) or Einstein-Smoluchowski relation
    º Fluctuation dissipation theorem
    º Kinetic theory of solids
    º Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics
    º Mean free path
    º Partition function (statistical mechanics)
    º Statistical mechanics
Kirchhoff, Gustav
    º Kirchhoff's law of thermal radiation
Laws of thermodynamics
    º Conservation of energy
    º 0th law of thermodynamics
    º 1st law of thermodynamics
    º 2nd law of thermodynamics
    º 3rd law of thermodynamics
    º Maximum power principle
    º Philosophy of thermal and statistical physics
Maxwell, James Clerk
    º Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution
    º Maxwell relations
Mole (unit)
    º Molar mass
    º Molar volume
    º Mole fraction
Mpemba effect
Melting point
    º Enthalpy of fusion (heat of fusion, melting/solidification)
Phase (matter) (see enthalpy, state of matter)
    º Boiling point
    º Condensation, Condenser (heat transfer)
    º Critical point (thermodynamics), Supercritical fluid
    º Enthalpy: Enthalpy of fusion (heat of fusion), Enthalpy of vaporization (heat of vaporization or evaporation)
    º Liquidus
    º Melting point
    º Phase diagram
    º Phase space
    º Phase transition
    º Solidus (chemistry)
    º Supercooling
    º Triple point
Philosophy of thermal and statistical physics
Power (physics) (also see Work)
    º Motive power
Power law
    º Atmospheric pressure
    º Partial pressure, Dalton's law
    º Vapor pressure
Process, Thermodynamic
    º Adiabatic process
    º Irreversibility
    º Isenthalpic process
    º Isentropic process
    º Isobaric process
    º Isochoric process
    º Isothermal process
    º Reversible process (thermodynamics)
• Properties
    º Conjugate variables (thermodynamics)
    º Intensive and extensive properties
    º Absorbance
    º Absorption (electromagnetic radiation)
    º Attenuation
    º Attenuation coefficient (Absorption coefficient)
    º Beer-Lambert law
    º Black body
    º Color
    º Crookes, William, Crookes radiometer, Crookes tube, Vacuum tube
    º Electromagnetic radiation
    º Emissivity, Emission spectrum
    º Form factor (radiative transfer)
    º Ionizing radiation
    º Irradiance
    º Nichols, Ernest Fox, Nichols radiometer
    º Opacity (optics)
    º Optical depth
    º Planck's law of radiation
    º Radiant barrier
    º Radiant intensity
    º Radiation pressure
    º Radiative transfer
    º Reflection (physics), Diffuse reflection, Reflection coefficient, Reflectivity, Surface type, Scattering from rough surfaces, Specular reflection
    º Refraction, Refractive index
    º Scattering
    º Stefan-Boltzmann law
    º Thermal radiation, Transmission coefficient
    º Transmittance
    º Transparency and translucency
    º Wien's displacement law
Refrigeration (see thermodynamic cycle)
    º Heat pump
    º Heat pump and refrigeration cycle
    º Refrigerant
    º Vapor-compression refrigeration
Resistance thermometer (RTD)
Reversible process (thermodynamics)
Seebeck, Thomas Johann (1770-1831) discovered the thermoelectric effect
Specific heat capacity
    º Thermal mass
State of matter (see phase)
    º Condensed matter physics
    º Fluid
    º Gas (see gas)
    º Liquid
    º Liquid crystal
    º Plasma (physics)
    º Plasticity (physics)
    º Solid
    º Superconductivity
    º Superfluid
    º Vapor
Statistical mechanics
Statistical physics
    º Statistical mechanics
Steam engine
Stefan, Joseph
    º Stefan-Boltzmann law
Stirling engine
    º Closed system
    º Dynamical system
    º Isolated system
    º Open systems
    º Thermodynamic system
    º Temperature conversion
    º Thermodynamic temperature
Thermal conductivity
Thermal contact
    º Thermal equilibrium
Thermal efficiency
    º Thermal insulation
Thermal expansion
    º Coefficient of thermal expansion
    º Induction shrink fitting
Thermodynamic cycle (see heat engine & refrigeration)
    º Enthalpy
    º Fundamental thermodynamic relation
    º Gibbs free energy
    º Grand potential (Landau Potential)
    º Helmholtz free energy
    º Internal energy
    º Legendre transformation: Thermodynamics
    º Maxwell relations
    º Thermodynamic free energyUse It!
    º Thermodynamic potentialUse It! energy
Thermodynamic properties, List of
    º Intensive and extensive properties (scale invariant vs. scale dependent) with examples
Thermodynamics (see Laws)
    º Atmospheric thermodynamics
    º Chemical thermodynamics, Thermochemistry
    º Classical thermodynamics
    º Equilibrium thermodynamics
    º Non-equilibrium thermodynamics
    º Thermodynamic cycle
    º Thermodynamic databases for pure substances
    º Thermal efficiency
    º Thermodynamic equations
    º Thermodynamic equations, Table of
    º Thermodynamic equilibrium
    º Thermodynamic process (see process)
    º Thermodynamic properties, List of
    º Thermodynamic state (& variables), Equation of state (also see gas)
    º Thermodynamic system (see system)
    º Thermodynamic temperature (absolute temperature)
Thermoelectric effect
    º Galileo thermometer (Thermoscope)
    º Resistance thermometer
    º Thermistor
    º Thermoelectric effect, Seebeck, Thomas Johann
    º Thermocouple
Thomson, William, 1st Baron Kelvin “ it is impossible... to derive mechanical effect from... matter by cooling it below the temperature of the coldest of surrounding objects” 1848
    º Kelvin scale of thermodynamic (absolute zero) temperature
    º Horror vacui (physics)
    º Vapor pressure
Waste heat
Water (data page)
Work (physics) (also see Power), Work (thermodynamics), Wilderness Survival: Fire
Fire from a Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar
Fire by "Cans" Part II
Fire Piston Video
Model T Fire Piston

Lego Technic
    º Designers

Category:Educational toys
Lego Mindstorms
Lego pneumatics

also see.. §ARCHITECTURE§, Structural, Glossary of Truss Design Terms

Brantacan Bridges, Use It! Art and Science of Bridge Building, Part II
Starter Pages, bending, forces, strains, stresses..

Brown U, Div Engineering, EN113 analysis and design of structures, Links
Issues in Truss Design

Canadian Wood Council

East Jessamine Middle School, Bridge Information and Links

Google Search: "truss.. design & design software"
Hancock Joist steel joist company, Joist and Structural Glossary, How Bridges Work, The Beam Bridge, BuildingBig ( SiteMap ), Bridges

Sabrefix (UK) LTD, Timber to Timber
Hand Nail Plate

Simpson Strong-Tie, All Products by Category
Connectors - Visual Selection Guide
Truss Bracing
Wood to Wood Connectors
    º Framing Angles & Plates
    º T & L Strap Ties

State Farm Insurance, Roof Truss Bracing, Links
Glossary, Truss Design Terms
• Links: Architectural Associations, Building Code Agencies, Engineering Associations, Wood
• Suggested Specifications for Wood Trusses - Section 06192
Wood Truss Roof System Failure

Truss Plate Institute (, Links
Publications: Technical Reports

U Denver, Dr James B. Calvert, Truss Bridge Design history and principles of rational truss bridge design

U Nevada, Reno Dept Computer Science, Sushil J. Louis
Domain Knowledge for Genetic Algorithms
    º Genetic Algorithms and Truss Design

Wood Truss Council of America, Glossary of Truss terminology, FAQ: Truss Design & Specifications
TUNNELING ( Req: Registration ), Forums, Links, SiteMap
• (Dredging Engineering Research Laboratory) Dredging, Tunneling
• Utilities: Basic Equations, Converters, Scientific Calculator
Downloads, KnowledgeBase

also see.. §PHYSICS§, Statics, Thermodynamics Tutorials search U.S. engineering schools database, from associate's to doctoral degrees, FAQs, Links

American Society for Engineering Education events, fellowships, hoor societies, news, surveys
Engineering K12 Center, About, SiteMap
    º Educators
    º Students
Engineering: Your Future, Links

American Society for Engineering Education
Ask an Engineer engineering principles, day-to-day engineering : Society of Women Engineers

Ask A Scientist Archive - Search:   Newton BBS, Argonne National Lab

Carnegie Mellon U: Open Learning Initiative, Open & Free coursesUse It!
Engineering Statics

Class Web Pages CE, math, programming: Allan S. Hugo (

Computational Science Education ProjectUse It! electronic book
• teaching advanced undergraduate level & higher Computational Science & Engineering,

Concordia U, Courseware Review Links
Continuing Education for Engineers, Architects...Professionals: U Wisconsin, Madison child-friendly Portal, About

Discover Engineering Online, FAQs, Links
Software Downloads
Cool Stuff: cars, jet airplanes, ocean, roller coasters, soft drinks, water slide.. - Student Resources
• apublic service from Agilent Technologies

EEVL: the Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and ComputingUse It! About, Links, SiteMap
• from the UK's institutional and university information specialists
Web Tutorials: The RDN Virtual Training Suite (VTS)

Efunda.comUse It! online tutorials, calulators, software

The Engineering Alphabet: An Overview of Engineering Disciplines
An Engineering Student's Survival Guide Richard M. Felder: North Carolina State U
Fluid Power Educational Foundation Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Downloads, Links, Search
Curriculum & Resources for Middle & High Schools
Free Pneumatic Online Training
Pneumatic Transmission of Energy

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, low cost interdisciplinary & innovative education for top students, About

Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Tutorial Regan Young: Purdue U
Guide Me NACME road map to engineering, Links Marshall Brain's
International Journal of Engineering Education (IJEe) articles, News
Java Applets for Engineering Education Fluids, Dynamics, Statics: Virginia Tech U (NSF funded)
JETS and EngineeringNET pre-collegeinfo, preparation, what is engineering

John M. Cimbala, Dept Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering , Penn State U
Learning Modules
    º Fluid Mechanics
    º General
    º Math: Complex Variables, Ordinary Differential Equations

Johns Hopkins U: What is Engineering?
Virtual Laboratories - Experiments

Learning Factories (campus courses)
Penn State
U Washington

Junior Engineering from Utah State U

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Biological Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Engineering Systems Division
Materials Science and Engineering
    º Computational Science and Engineering I: Video Lectures
    º Mathematical Methods for Engineers II: Video Lectures
Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Science and Engineering

National Engineering Resource Center: American Society for Engineering Education

National Grid for Learning
• Search: Engineering

Passing the Professional Engineering Exam William A. Levinson, P.E., MBA NOVA
Build A Bridge educational game scholarships for high-school seniors, Robotics Competition
Prism Magazine: American Society for Engineering Education

Project LinksUse It! Tutorial modules in science & engineering:   Rensselaer Polytechnic

Rotor Dynamics HomepageUse It! theory/practice: balance, bearings, condition monitoring, seals, shafts, stability

Royal Navy (RN), UK Maths and Engineeering, About, Links, Site Map
Maths Problems Practice
The Navy Quadrant - online magazine RN Maths and Engineering in Action

Singapore Polytechnic ME Diploma Course, Singapore

Strength of Materials Over The WEB
from U Wisconsin-Stout, Physics Dept

Thermal Sciences Related Pointers Southern Methodist U
Thoughts on Problem Solving: U Michigan
Truly Dangerous Co.: Motion Simulators from IEEE & IBM
Lesson Plans

U Nebraska–Lincoln, Engineering Mechanics
Mathematics for Mechanics

University of Strathclyde Mechanical Engineering Studies, Glasgow, Scotland
West Point Military Academy
Bridge Design Contest software download

US Mil) this site is phasing out
US Mil) ATIA-M nonclassified, non-sensitive, non-privacy act use only

US Mil) Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA), About, Library, SiteMap
Privacy & Security Notice
Civil Engineering Division (CESC)
    º Domestic Water Systems, Wastewater Systems
    º Roof Management
Field Support Directorate (CEM)
    º HVAC Systems
    º Power Systems
Electrical Engineering
    º Electrical Power Plants and Generators (pdf) AFI 32-1062
    º Electrical Safe Practices (pdf) AFI 32-1064 & AFI 32-1064
    º Energy Efficient Motors and Adjustable Speed Drives (pdf) AFP 32-1192
    º Grounding
    º Interior Electrical Systems (pdf) # UFC 3-520-01 (AFMAN 32-1181)
    º Lightning Protection
    º Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries (pdf) AFPAM 32-1186
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
    º Corrosion Control
    º Facility Energy Program
    º Heating Systems
    º Plumbing/Natual Gas
    º POL (Fuels)

Vision Engineer articles on the engineering profession
Yahoo Search Science: Engineering: Education

e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing, Ceramic Automotive Valvesg - Chances and Limitations of Nondestructive Testin

VARIABLE SPEED - Knowledge Center, Library energy efficient speed control, torque management, soft-start, vibration control
Retrofits of Lift and Pump Motors is Generating New Capacity... :
Using Variable Speed Drives Technology to Reap Rewards of Efficient HVAC Design from the's: Electricity-Today Magazine

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