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Fixturlaser Products Page see alignment forum
Alignment articles by John Piotrowski:   Reference Library

Specifying Shaft Alignment Draft standard by Victor Wowk, P.E., Machine Dynamics, Inc.
Qualify and Certify Staff for Shaft Alignment by John Piotrowski, Turvac Inc. - Archives:
Coupling Alignment
Coupling and Alignment Strategies
Piping-to-Pump Alignment: Getting It Right!
Machinery Alignment Vs. Coupling Alignment

also see.. §SHOPPING (Appliance Parts)§
TheApplianceMan washers & dryers
    º Checking timer in a Whirlpool electric or gas dryer when is not starting
Appliance Repair Videos and Stuff range, refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer
    º Gas Stove Top Burners Not Lighting / Not Working spark modulator: ignitor wiring harness
    º Kenmore Whirlpool Dryer Won't Start - Easy Fix voltage check & thermal fuse
Kenneth O'Banion, Jr. (CanyonMan1963) Kenmore washers & dryers
    º Dryer Repair #01 - Won't Start or Run - Diagnose
PartSelect range, refrigerator, washer, dryer
    º Troubleshooting Why Your Dryer Won't Start

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Assoc Facilities Engineering (AFE) awards, books, certification, events, journal, store, technical info
Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE)

Association of Iron and Steel EngineersUse It! (AISE) books, calendar, Links, news

Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) best practices, concepts, events, resources
Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) or alt web address
Industrial Safety & Maintenance Network (ISM)
Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), UK
National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)

National Association of Industrial Technology
Forums: Electricity, Electronics & Computer Technology - Links
Journal - Search ( Author, Current Issues, Keyword )

National Fluid Power Association (NFPA)
Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA)
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International)
Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc. (SEM) materials, structures, and systems
Society of Tribology & Lubrication Engineers (STLE)
Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT),   Links

Society for Maintenance & Reliability ProfessionalsUse It! (SMRP)
• benchmarks, events, Forum, jobs, library, Links, suppliers

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) certification, education, events, Forum, jobs, Links
The Steel Foundation

Machine Balancing in Field Conditions: Vibration Technologies


Anchor Bronze & Metals
Oil impregnated-sintered
Sleeve Bearings compositions, properties, PV Eqns, tolerances
Wrought Copper Alloys Database

Argo International- Products (GE parts) Parts Supplier, About, Links
• continuous cast copper & iron alloys; bearing, aluminum & manganese bronzes; cast & ductile irons

Bearing Design Manual:   Business Industrial Network (BIN)
Bearing Dictionary SKF Bearings
Bearing fit Tolerance Chart
Bearing Life, Calculating Timken Tapered Roller Brg Fundamentals
Bearings: Mechanical Engineering Design, David Price
Bearing Selection factors, component movement, ball, plain, roller, thrust
Bearings Reference Articles glossary, fault detection, Life, selection, vibration...
Boca Bearing Company see online engineering catalog

Brenco QBS BearingsUse It!   menu of Technical Forums,   Roller Bearings 101,  service

Carborundum High performance applications, data sheets, Hitherm, Hexoloy
Components Reference Guide Bearings HomePage: Design and Selection, California State U

Design Information Group, U Bristol:
Rolling Element Bearings:   Multi-Media Handbook for Engineering Design hyper-media machine design

Engineering Information DynaRoll Bearing Selection
Fault detection of rolling element bearings review of existing fault detection techniques
Interchange Inc. Bearing Interchange Guides
International Source index Inc. Commercial Bearing & Vibration Database
Kaman Industrial Technologies Machine Parts
Kingsbury babbitted fluid film thrust & journal bearings
Machinery Condition Monitoring for process, maintenance & condition monitoring engineers, David Stevens
NTN Bearing Corporation, News, Links - Archives:
Anti-Friction Bearings in Centrifugal Pumps (Part 1), (Part 2)
Bearing Isolators Increase Rolling Element Uptime and Reliability
Bearing Reliability in Centrifugal Pumps

Rotor Dynamics: U Bradford, UK - apps, balance, bearings, cond monitoring, instability, seals, shaft

SKF Bearings

SMB Bearings, UK specialists in miniature, corrosion resistant, & motor bearings
Technical Data

THK America- Inc. download product DXF files
Timken Bearings News, products, research, Search, Tools
Torrington Company - Ingersoll Rand
VMT Home Page Commercial vibration analysis consultants & sales
Welcome to Timken Online


Tools and Techniques of Effective Benchmarking Studies: American Institute of CPA's (AICPA)

also see .. §ENGINEERING§, Parts & Components, Tools

American Remote Vision Corporation (ARVC) "SureBolt" measures bolt tension, not torque
Sensor Products Inc., BoltFast bolted joint analysis software   articles, failures, FAQ, Glossary, Links, software, tutorial, units converter, vibration

Fastenal CompanyUse It! Industrial & Construction Supplies
    º Cutting Tools, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Tools and Accessories,
    º Electrical
    º Fasteners
    º Welding Supplies

Kundan Industries Limited, India: stainless steel fasteners - Catalogues, Products   charts, material properties, nylon, punch kits, shims, specs, stamping


Center for Disease Control, SiteMap
•Search: Chain saw Safety

CyberLawn ( Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Inc.)
Guide to Outdoor Power Equipment
Lawn and Garden Information Link Library
Safe Operating Tips
    º Operate Your Chain Saw Safely

Gränsfors Bruks, Safe Woodcutters GuideUse It!
Basic rules in logging
Where does the chain saw chain cut the body?
Warning for kickback from the nose of the guide bar

How to maintain chain saws, Chain Saw Maintenance Routines

Logging and Transportation Safety, Links
Chain Saws and Manual Felling
Timber Harvesting Safety Manual
Oregon Maintenance and Safety ManualUse It! in parts or Download entire (pdf) manual

Professional Logging Contractors of Maine, Safety Library Links

Product Safety Manuals: Chain Saw Safety Manual (pdf)
Know How - Tips & How To Information
    º Sharp Advice - A Guide to Saw Chain Maintenance (pdf)

U New Hampshire, Technology Transfer Center
Chain Saw Safety

U New Hampshire, Safe Timber Harvesting Handbook (pdf)
US Coast Guard, kse Chain Saw Safety
Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia
Fallers' and Buckers' Handbook (pdf)


California Compressor Inc., About
• Industrial & Medical Air Compressor engineering, sales, service; Vacuum Systems; aftermarket Parts

Thomas Industries! Thomas Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

including:  CMMS.. Articles, Consultants, Evaluations, Software

DIRECTORIES-Maintenance Management Open Directory | |

CMMS Connection Directory of CMMS Vendors
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems: Vendor list/operating systems
Control Magazine on the Web
Maintenance Mall guide to suppliers & magazines of CMMS software

Management / CMMS Forum MessagesUse It! Reliability Magazine

Plant Maintenance Resource CenterCool Tool! Search maintenance software database & Vendor List, Articles



Enhancing Productivity Through Improved Operation and Maintenance:
• Energy Technologies Server at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Prime Machine Inc. Commercial rotating machinery problem consultants & sales
Straight Shooters Mechanical Analysis Consultants Consultants, Training, Plant eff/Downtime reduction
VIBRATION CONSULTANTS, INC. Commercial machinery engineering & manitenance

Lovejoy Home Page - Application Guide 99% eff, mechanical load isolation, overload protection, variable speed


1997 APICS Buyers Guide-Electronic Data Collection

Access I/O Products Inc. computer hardware, analog<=>digital, kits, signal conditioning
• RTD, Thermoc, 4-20mA, Votage in, serial communicatoins, optical isolatn, digital I/O, bus expand..

Data Acquisition Buyers' Guide
Fluke Instrument Systems
Gould Instruments
Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA)
Instrumentation Buyers Guide
Keithley Instruments
National Instruments computer-based measurement & automation, Glossary, tutorials, Catalog
Nicolet Instrument Technologies, Inc. data acquisition, oscilloscopes, Phazer PC-based FFT...
Ono Sokki Technology Inc. analysis, catalog, events, FFT, portable FFT analyzer,
Precision Filters signal conditiong modules & boards - charge, current, freq, RTD, strain, volts...
Preston Scientific high speed/resolution A/D & D/A conversion
Sensors Magazine
Sensors Magazine Jun96 DATA ACQUISITION
Stanford Research Systems
Wayne Kerr Electronics Ltd
Yokogawa of America

Dynamic Properties of Damaged Materials

Reliability Engineering Snapshot
• Illustrated Case Studies in failure analysis, predictive maintenance & non destructive evaluation

Trace Laboratories Commercial Analysis

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Reliability and Predictive Maintenance Links
Barringer & Associates, Inc.:   Links, Weibull Database maintenance portal, data warehouse & analysis software Articles, Forum, Product Directory, AS&HM Magazine ($) technical training books, publications & software, Search
Download free e-books for Facility Maintenance

Handy Links to Other Web Pages: The Mc Nally Institute

Business Industrial Network (BIN)
• Maintenance & Engineering articles, consultants, databases, Forum, Links
OEM, Reference Links, Search, tools,

Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation ( Forum, Links, News, Search, store
Buyer's Guide
Product Search
Maintenance Links, Links

MaintenanceResources.comUse It! books, cmms, events, forum, jobs, Library, Links, products articles, benchmark, knowledge-base, Links, products, Software Portal
• associations, cond monitoring, CMMS, Forum, planning, quality / ISO 900, reliability, safety, training engineering, formulas, jobs, management, News, process, Search, techniques: UK
Marshall Links
Mechanical Engineering Design bearings, gears, materials, screw threads, tolerances, projection
NVHmaterials Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) performance Links, Search, vendors
Plant Engineering, Maintenance and Reliability Resource Site bookstore, events, library, Links, zines
Plant Engineering Online News. Links, Discussions, Associations, News, Links
History of Plumbing

Plant Maintenance Resource CenterUse It! Industrial Maintenance Portal:
• associatons, benchmark, books, events,
• Forum, jobs, Links - Training and Reference Materials and Job Aids
Maintenance Articles Index & Search, news..

Plant Maintenance Resource CenterUse It! articles, assoc, benchmark, books, events, Forum, jobs, Links, News...
Reliability Books

Reliability Center Inc.Use It! (
• consulting, Links, Maintenance and Production Articles, news, Reliability Articles
Reliability Discussion Network, Reliability Terms (Glossary), seminars, software Product Vendor - catalog, Forums, Links, instruments, News

RELIABILITY magazineUse It! Forums, Q&A, Archives classifieds, Forums, Knowledge Bases, Links, news, search

Rotating Machinery WorkshopUse It! (& Coffe House) for machinery geeks Forums, Links
Data Sheet Depot free blank data sheets
Programs Free or Exchange Software & Vendor Programs
Technical Articles

SAE-Society of Automotive Engineers

SM Global FastMaint software, Links, SiteMap
• focusing on results for small to mid-size preventive maintenance management teams

Technical Information:   Turvac Incorporated Consulting locate parts, suppliers, standards, military specs, Links
    º Hydraulics
Root Cause Analysis
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
W. Edwards Deming 14 Recommendations

Universal Technologies, Inc.:   Links

U.S. DOE, Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyUse It! (EERE)
Industrial Technologies Program: Best Practices
    º Software Tools
Industrial Systems
    º compressed air
    º motors and pumps
    º process heating
    º steam

Welcome to Maintenance Resources


Reliability Center Inc. (
Reliability Discussion Network

Vibration Institute:
Discussion Zone

Amarillo Gear Company
American Gear Manufacturer's Association

also see.. §HVAC§

ASHRAE-American Society of Heating & Air Conditioning Engineers
ASHRAE Journal Online
Chillers On-Line


Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc., Links, Search
Published Papers and Presentations

Wikipedia, Infrared

Advanced Solid Lubricants Lab Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
American Oil Change Association
American Petroleum Institute (API)

Automotive and Industrial LubricantsUse It! wholistic introduction - articles, conversion calculators, FAQ, Glossary, grease, references, viscosity- charts

Chapter 5-Lubricating Systems Army Docrine & Training Digital Library
Compundings - Publication ILMA from Professor M.S. Cramer, Virginia Tech, About, Links
Lubrication TheoryUse It!

Independent Lubricant Manufacturer's Association (ILMA)
Industrial Lubrication & Tribology Journal Homepage access fee - 30 day trial
Institute of Petroleum
Journal of Tribology   Table of Contents:   ASME Tribology Div

US Army Corps of Engineers Manuals:
Lubricants and Hydraulic FluidsUse It! EM 1110-2-1424 (pdf)

LUBRICATION...a short course

Lubrizol Corporation - KnowledgeUse It! Links, Theory:   Home

MEMOLUB Links: PLI, LLC - Commercial Automatic Lubricators Mfr

Migdal's Lubricant Additive & Oil Industry Favorite Links
• associations, companies, educational, pubs, testing equipment/labs (Oil Analysis Services) Glossary books, dictionary, education, events, newsletter, zine, vendors: Noria Corporation

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE)
• certification, education, events, Forums, Industry Links, jobs, pubs,

Swiss Tribology Online events, Forum, institutes & companies, jobs, Links, pubs

Tribology GroupUse It! Naval Research Lab, fundamentals, monitoring, engineering...

Tribology Group Home Page archive, events Links: The Institute of Physics   Search
Tribology Laboratory:   U Florida

Tribology Resources on the InternetUse It! Friction, Lubrication and Wear Links:

World Tribologists Database & tribologists around the world
WWW Tribology @ Sheffield   books, research, teaching, Tools & Information:   U Sheffield

MANUALS engine driven rotary equipment

MachineWorks: Cal State U, an on-line component reference guide
Space Mechanisms Project , NASA

Eastland Industries- Energy Eff Motors Q&A
GE Motors & Industrial Systems
GE Motors Industrial Systems Motor Service Centers-NM
GE Motors Industrial Systems Stock Product Catalog
Horner Electric - GE Motors
Industrial Systems - AC and DC electric motors Products and Services
MagneticProd&Serv - Shaft Magnetism
Motor Terminology - GE Industrial
Reliance Electric Energy Eff Motors
Seiminars - Motor and Drives Advanced Energy Corporation

NEWS "for facilties decision makers," Buildings Magazine
Ductile Iron News: The Ductile Iron Society
Engineering Maintenance Info Forum, Glossary, Jobs, Links, Magazine
Engineer's Digest Online Archives: Sponsor: American/Canadian School & Hospital Maint
Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation forum, archives, links archives, articles, benchmarks, events, jobs, Links, News, products, research, Search
Machine Design Magazine Online Penton Publications, Links, Search
Classified, Jobs

Maintenance Technology Online articles - plant equipment maintenance & reliability, Links

Maintenance World
• articles, associations, cond monitoring, CMMS, Links, planning, safety, teamwork, training archives, associations, books, classifieds, events, links, mfg Directory ( - same as above engineering product News article Directory books, cmms, events, forum, jobs, Library, Links, products
MRO Today Industrial maintenance, engineering, production, purchasing, quality, repair & safety
Plant Engineering Online News. Links, Discussions, Associations
Plant Services Magazine MRO Central - analysis, articles, archive, Search, technology, Tutorials
Plant & Works Engineering Magazine Britain
Quality Digest Search, News, ISO9000
Quality Industry ads, books, classifieds, forum, news, products, software, suppliers directory

Reliability magazineUse It! Forums, Q&A, Archives classifieds, Forums, Knowledge Bases, Links, news, search

Tooling and Production Magazine books, classifieds, media kit, metalworking, trade shows

NDT Link American Society for Nondestructive Testing Informative the Online Journal of Nondestructive Testing, Forum, Search, Sitemap & Search
Archive Articles and News
Virtual Library
Web Crawler

NTIAC Nondestructive Testing Information Analysis Center
NDT Societies - International
Reliability Engineering Snapshot failure analysis case studies, predictive maintenance & ND evaluation
Welcome to ASTM - American Society for Testing & Materials

Pipetronix Ltd. - UltraScan
Remote Field Eddy Field Current
Russell Technologies Web Site

Integrated Solutions
Petroway- Inc.
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Subsurface Technology Products & Services-SubTech


US Army Corps of Engineers ManualsUse It! (pdf)
Painting: New Construction and Maintenance, EM 1110-2-3400

also see .. §ENGINEERING§, Bolts & Fasteners, §SHOPPING§, Tools

including.. Vendors

Articles, Publications, ManualsUse It! VibroTech Inc., condition dignostic software & balancing software

Bretech Engineering LTD professional engineering & technical services
Defining & Achieving the Reliability Culture, Charles J. Latino: Reliability Center, Inc.
DLI Engineering machine diagnostic products, service, training articles, Reference Center
Articles, Glossary, OEE (OverallEquipmentEffectiveness), Site Map, Standards, TDC (TrueDowntimeCost)

Dr. Hum's Home Page Reliability or Condition Monitoring & Vibration Analysis topics
Fault Diagnosis Of Rotating Machinery: Shock & Vibration Digest, Vol30, No1, pp4-13, 1998
Laborelec/ULB research rotating machinery articles, research, software

Machine Dynamics, Inc. Professional! alignment fixtures, balancing, books, consulting, training, vibration analysis

Machinery Condition MonitoringUse It! for process, maintenance & condition monitoring engineers, David Stevens

MaintenanceResources.comUse It! CMMS, events, Foprum, Links, PEM, pubs, ref library,

Maintenance Technology Online articles - plant equipment maintenance & reliability, Links Portal
• associations, cond monitoring, CMMS, Forum, planning, quality / ISO 900, reliability, safety, training

Mechanical Solutions Inc.Use It! analysis, cavitation, pubs, software, tribology, vibration...

Mitchell Instrument Co. Portable Industrial Test & Measurement Instrumentation
NVHmaterials Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) performance Links, Search, vendors

Reliability Analysis Center, About, Links, Search
• government/industry: maintainability, quality, reliability, supportability..
Ask an Expert (Technical Inquiries)
Data, Library, Standards

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) GuideUse It! (pdf)   US Army Corps of Engineers

Reliability Center Inc.Use It! (
• consulting, Links, Maintenance and Production Articles, news, Reliability Articles
Reliability Discussion Network, Reliability Terms (Glossary), seminars, software

Reliability Engineering National Information Center U Maryland

Reliability magazineA Hub! Forums, Q&A, Archives classifieds, Forums, Knowledge Bases, Links, news, search

Rotor Dynamics: U Bradford, UK - apps, balance, bearings, cond monitoring, instability, seals, shaft
Schematic Approach, Inc. Forum, Glossary, News, equipment, pubs, seminars, services, training
Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT),   Links
Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP)
Teva Ltd. services - vibration analysis, laser alignment, thermography: UK
Turvac Incorporated Consulting,   Technical Information
Update International ($) consultation & training: Denver, CO, SiteMap
• eTexts: Accelerated Life Testing, Life Data Analysis, Reliability Growth, System Analysis
Reliability HotWire eMagazine
Forum, Discsussion


Mechanical Seal Troubleshooting GuideUse It! & Calculators:   A.W. Chesterton Company - Engineers Toolbox
• mfg mechanical seals, packing, coatings, pump repairs - Archives:
Controlling the Seal Environment- A Key to Seal Reliability
Maximize Seal Flush Performance for Longer Seal Life
Mechanical Seal Classification and Evaluation
Mechanical Seal Failure Analysis
Packing in the 21st Century

Seal troubleshooting:   McNally Institute

also see.. CMMS-Vendors, §SOFTWARE§

American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME Engineering Software Database

Cams Consulting Group
software for property professionals - calculators, eff, estimators, environment, life cycle cost, profit

Emhart Conversion Calculator convert any number quickly from one unit to another: ($) software & consultants: process optimization, quality & emissions control, Links, Search
Automation And Process Control PLC, HMI´s, SPC etc, certified system itegrators
Energy Production

Links: Test Equipment and Software: articles, benchmark, knowledge-base, Links, products, Software
MaintSmart Software, Inc. ( CMMS: Asset & Inventory Management, Reliability-Skill-Failure Analysis & Reports, PM's, Work Orders...

Plant Maintenance Resource Center
free software, articles, assoc's, books, events, Forum, jobs, Links, News...

• evaluate complex system reliability, availability, maintainability, system design/modification:

Remote Diagnosis House
• web based Machine monitor, diagnose, maintain; PC data acquistion, signal processing, FFT...

• Availability, Fault Tree, FMEA, FRACAS, IETM Authoring, Process Hazard, Reliability, Vulnerability..

Rotating Machinery Workshop (& Coffe House) for machinery geeks Forums, Links
Data Sheet Depot free blank data sheets
ProgramsUse It! Free or Exchange Software & Vendor Programs
Technical Articles

Safety/Lockout/Tagout/Environmental web based MSDS management system, MSDS lookup

U.S. DOE, Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyUse It! (EERE)
Industrial Technologies Program: Best Practices
    º Software Tools

also see.. Bolts & Fasteners, Parts & Components

Design Assistance Corporation ($) training devices for industry
Reference Library

ITC Multimedia interactive courseware ($)
The New Standard Institute maintenance management Articles, consulting, training

Plant Maintenance Resource Center Industrial Maintenance Portal:
Maintenance Articles Index & Search
Training and Reference Materials and Job Aids - Links

Reliability Center Inc. (
Maintenance and Production Articles
Reliability Articles
Reliability Discussion Network
Reliability Terms

TapRoot: System Improvements, Inc., Human Performance Improvement Software/Training

also see .. §Acoustics & Noise§

Banner Engineering Corporation Home Page Instrumentation
Bently Nevada machinery protection and management, Orbit Magazine archives
Building Vibration Isolation and Structural Dynamics Analysis animations, causes, fatigue, FEA, floors, Links
Canadian Machinery Vibration Association (CMVA) The Vibrations Institure: Vibrations
Carl Howard: Vibration & Noise research publications
Cavitation Detection in Hydraulic Turbines
Computer Resources commercial vibration frequency calculation
Condition Monitoring of Fluid Power Pumps and Systems Teresia Ramdén
Cosmic Gardening: The Physics of Shocks, Forum, Links
Reference Materials
Technical Articles Open Directory Search: Vibration machinery vibration analysis hardeware/software, articles, Use It! ETNERACT Technical Papers

Fluid-induced instabilities of rotors Whirl and whip
Improved Automotive Suspension Testing
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) Centre for Noise & Vibration Technology: Europe
Inverted Pendulum Design Using MATLAB software
Journal of Sound & Vibration
Vibration Measurement and In-place Balancing
knowledge desk: Wilcoxon Vibration Instrumentation news, sensors

Laborelec/ULB researchUse It! rotating machinery articles, research, software

Machinery Condition Monitoring for process, maintenance & condition monitoring engineers, David Stevens

Machinery Vibration Resources
• Portal to associations, instruments, News, pubs, research, software, training...

Machinery Information Management Open Systems Alliance (MIMOSA) standard data exchange format

Machinery Vibration DiagnosticsUse It! case histories, glossary, Machinery Condition Monitoring David Stevens

MIM2001 - Vibration Analysis bearing analysis, Fault Diagnostics, monitoring set up: Wolfson Maintenance
Newport - Literature (Vibration Isolation) environmental & occupational vibration, instrumentation, Links to consultants & suppliers
NVH Materials(.com) Links to materials, noise & vibration, suppliers, test equipment
Pneumatic Vibration Isolation - Tutorial powerful, precise vibration control technology & consultation

Reliability Magazine - Vibration ForumUse It!

Resonant Response of Frictionally Constrained Turbine Blades
Rotor Bearing Technology & Software Machinery Analyis & Lubrication Software

Rotor Dynamics HomepageUse It!
• theory/practice: balance, bearings, condition monitoring, seals, shafts, stability

SAVIAC Shock & Vibration Information Analysis Center
Sales Technology, Inc. (STI) manufacturer of condition monitoring & machine protection solutions
Signal Processing for Manufacturing & Machine Monitoring National Science Foundation Workshop

Solo Mantenimiento Industrial (Spanish) Guide for Spanish Maintenance Companies, services and supplies
English Translation from AltaVista's Babel Fish Translate

Sound and Vibration Magazine articles, free professional magazine - Forum
Stress and Vibration Group:   Institute of Physics
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure
The Center For Automotive Research

Trouble Shooting AccelerometersLearn It! from Ref Library

Uptime! Utilization of Predictive Maintenance Technology in Maintenance Eng
VIBRANET associations, events, instruments, Links, pubs, Newsgroups, software
Vibrating Beam Experiment Online Courseware
Vibration Analysis Free Informational Web Site by Erik Concha
Vibration Engineering Research Section - Links: U Sheffield
Vibration Glossary Technical Associates of Charlotte, P.C.
Vibration Institute not-for-profit vibration & condition monitoring info, vibration terminology

The Vibration Institute of Southern Africa
• commercial/technical, Forum, instruments, jobs, News, pubs, Training (VMS) mfr vibration analysis products, meters, Links, switch boxes ($) Web Based Vibration Analysis Distance Learning, Links ( News )
Vibration and Waves AnimationsUse It! Dan Russell, Kettering U, Flint, MI events, jobs, Links, mfr's, pubs, software, training

VibroTech Inc.Use It!   Articles, Publications, Manuals, diagnostic & balancing software

Wind Energy Engineering Toolbox of Mini-Codes freeware
• Data analysis/synthesis, Rotor aerodynamics, Electrical, Dynamics, Turbine/System Performance

Winter 98 Pump Review FTT Examples - deep well turbine pumps

WWW LibraryUse It! Acoustics & Vibrations - associations,   government,   Universities


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