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The Aetherius Society UFO's, Yoga, Channeling - Sir George King
The Findhorn Foundation spiritual and holistic education - Scotland
Movement for Beloved Community
The Peace Page
Sun Angel Innovations
Tantrik Home Page
The White Buffalo Society "Universal Truth"


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Glossary of Astrological Terms from Logos Professional Astrology


also see.. Agnotisticism

The Bizbag
    º Memorial Service

Green, R. F., U Minnesota Duluth
Daniel Dennett and the Science of Religion Library, Historical Documents - Subject Index
Wheless, Joseph 1868-1950
    º Forgery In Christianity 1930
    º Is It God's Word? 1926

Johnny Reb's Freethought Website
H. L Mencken on Religion

One Atheist's View of the Ten Commandments
Rejection of Pascal's Wagera skeptic's guide to Christianity: Jesus, by Paul N. Tobin, atheist
    º Category:Books critical of religion
    º Category:Criticism of creationism
    º Category:Criticism of intelligent design
    º Category:Criticism of religion
Dawkins, Richard (1941)
    º The Blind Watchmaker
    º The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution
    º The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True
Grayling, A.C. (1949)
    º The God Argument
Hitchens, Christopher (1949)
    º God is not great
    º The Good Book (book)
A.C. Grayling - The Good Book [2011]
A.C. Grayling - What's Next for Atheism [2012]
Christopher Hitchens and A.C. Grayling - Among the Dead Cities
Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and A.C. Grayling
Darwin, Humanism and Science - A C Grayling
New Atheism- A.C.Grayling (Big Idea)
'Setting Prometheus Free': A Lecture by A C Grayling

Bahai Resources on the Internet Links to Bahai texts

(Also see Christianity and Judaism below.)

The Bible in English Full text, 21 editions from 10th to 21st Cent.

The Bible, Revised Standard Version online Old and New Testaments, with Apocrypha
from the Electronic Text Center, U Virginia

Bible Society in Australia

ChristNotes.orgUse It! Bible Search & Bible Commentary
• Coommentaries
    º John Darby’s Synopsis
    º Matthew Henry’s Commentary
    º Wesley’s Explanatory Notes
    º Easton’s Bible Dictionary
    º Hitchcock’s Dictionary of Bible Names
    º Smith’s Bible Dictionary

Gospel Communications Network, Bible GatewayUse It! read, research with translations, Search ( Advanced )
Study Tools

The Holy Bible (King James Version) Searchable: Notre Dame U Kyoto, JP
King James Version - Old & New Testament Universal Translator Assistant Project
Online Douay Bible and Vulgate & more

Resource Page for Biblical Studies Torrey Seland, e-text translations, original languages, resources
Scrolls from the Dead Sea Exhibit
Shroud of Turin
Translators Reference Translation from Greek
Web Ministry of Life Bible Class


Alternative Religions Educational Network
History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom Andrew Dickson White
Gilmore, Albert Field
    º The Bible Beacon Light Of History 1935
    º Who Was This Nazarene A Challenging And Definitive Biography Of The Master 1941
Malinowski, Bronislaw (1884-1942)
    º Sex and repression in savage society
    º The sexual life of savages in north-western Melanesia
Page, Kirby
    º Jesus or Christianity a Study in Contrasts 1929
    º The Sword Or the Cross: Which Should be the Weapon of the Christian Militant? 1921

Google Books
Acosta, Joseph de
    º The Natural and Moral History of the Indies 1880br /> • Adeney, Walter Frederic
    º A Biblical Introduction 1907
    º The Construction of the Bible 1898
    º The Greek and Eastern Churches 1921
Bailey, Cyril
    º The History of Christianity in the Light of Modern Knowledge: a collective work, 1929 (snippet view, need find public domain copy)
    º The Religion of Ancient Rome 1907
Balmforth, Ramsden
    º Bible from the Standpoint of the Higher Criticism 1905
    º The Bible from the Standpoint of the Higher Criticism: the Old Testament, 1904
    º The New Reformation and its Relation to Moral and Social Problems 1893
Bethune-Baker, James Franklin
    º Influence of Christianity on War, 1888
Bovet, Pierre
    º The Child's Religion: a study of the development of the religious sentiment, 1928
Brace, Charles Loring
    º Gesta Christ, or, A History of Humane Progress under Christianity 1888
Buckle, Henry Thomas
    º History of civilization in England Vol.1, 1867 Vol.2, 1913
• Cadoux, John Cecil
    º The Early Christian Attitude to War 1919 see Online Library of Liberty
Coulton, G. G. (1858-1947)
    º The Death Penalty for Heresy from 1164 to 1921 AD, 1924
    º Five Centuries of Religion Vol.1 1923, Vol.2
Cudworth, Ralph
    º The True Intellectual System of the Universe: wherein all the reason and philosophy of atheism is confuted, and its impossibility demonstrated, 1820
Flick, Alexander Clarence
    º The Rise of the Mediaeval Church 1909
Flower, J. Cyril
    º Approach to the Psychology of Religion, 1927
Foster, Stephen Symonds
    º The brotherhood of Thieves: or, A True Picture of the American Church and Clergy
Frazer, J. G.
    º The Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead 1913
    º The Golden Bough 2005
Galloway, George
    º The philosophy of Religion 1920
    º Studies in the Philosophy of Religion 1904
Gore, Charles
    º A New Commentary on Holy Scripture: Including the Apocrypha 1928
Guignebert, Charles
    º Christianity, Past and Present 2011 (originally 1927)
Hardman, Oscar
    º The Ideals of Asceticism: An Essay in the Comparative Study of Religion, 1921
Harnack, Adolf von
    º Christianity and History 1896
    º The expansion of Christianity in the first three centuries, Vol.1 1905
    º History of Dogma, Vol.3 1907
    º The Sayings of Jesus: The Second Source of St. Matthew and St. Luke, 1908
    º Sources of the Apostolic Canons: With a Treatise on the Origin of the Readership and other Lower Orders, 1895
    º What is Christianity?: Lectures...1899-1900, 1908
Hastings, James (1852-1922)
    º Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics: Suffering-Zwingli Vol.12, 1922
Herbermann, Charles George
    º The Catholic Encyclopedia Vol.17, 1922
Hopkins, E. Washburn
    º Origin and Evolution of Religion 2003
Inge, William Ralph
    º Christian Mysticism: Considered in Eight Lectures... University of Oxford, 1899
    º Faith and its Psychology 1910
    º Light, Life and Love: selections from the German mystics of the middle ages, 1904
    º Outspoken Essays 1920
    º Truth and falsehood in religion: six lectures... at Cambridge... 1906, 1907
    º Types of Christian Saintliness 1915
James, William
    º The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature, 1902
Labriolle, Pierre De
    º History and Literature of Christianity from Tertullian to Boethius 2003
Lea, Henry Charles
    º An Historical Sketch of Sacerdotal Celibacy in the Christian Church 1867
    º A History of Auricular Confession and Indulgences in the Latin Church Vol.1: Confession and Absolution, Vol.2 Confession and Absolution (cont.)
    º A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages Vol.1 1922
    º A History of the Inquisition of Spain Vol.2 1922
    º History of Sacerdotal Celibacy in the Christian Church, Vol.2 1907
    º Studies in church history: The rise of the temporal power, 1883
Lecky, William Edward Hartpole
    º History of European Morals: from Augustus to Charlemagne Vol.1, 1919 Vol.2, 1869
    º History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe Vol.1, 1895
Leuba, James H.
    º A Psychological Study of Religion, Its Origin, Function, and Future 2009 (original was 1912)
    º Psychology of Religious Mysticism 2003 (original was 1925)
Lowie, Robert H.
    º Primitive Religion 2007
Malinowski, Bronislaw
    º Magic, Science And Religion And Other Essays 1948 2004
    º Sex and Repression in Savage Society 2001
    º The Sexual Life of Savages in North Western Melanesia 2005 (originally 1925)
Mencken, H. L.
    º Treatise on the Gods 2006 (originally 1930)
Moore, George Foot
    º History of Religions 1922
Murray, Gilbert
    º Four Stages of Greek Religion 1912
    º The Rise of the Greek Epic 1911
Osborn, Henry Fairfield
    º Evolution and Religion, 1923
    º From the Greeks to Darwin: an Outline of the Development of the Evolution Idea, 1905
Page, Kirby
    º Jesus Or Christianity a Study in Contrasts, 2011 (original 1929 see
    º The Sword or the Cross: Which Should be the Weapon of the Christian Militant? 1921
Pearlson, Gustav
    º Twelve centuries of Jewish Persecution 1898
Perry, W. J.
    º Origin of Magic and Religion 2003 (originally 1923)
Pratt, J. B.
    º Psychology of Religious Belief, 1907
Radin, Paul
    º The Legends of the Jews: From Joseph to the Exodus 1920
    º Primitive Man as Philosopher 2002 (originally 1927)
Reinach, Salomon
    º Orpheus: a general history of religions, 1909
    º A Short History of Christianity 1922
Reyburn, Hugh Young
    º John Calvin: His Life, Letters, and Work, 1914
Sayce, Archibald Henry (1846-1933) Assyriologist and linguist
    º The Chronology of the Bible connected with Contemporaneous Events in the History of Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians 1874
    º The Early History of the Hebrews 1899
    º The Egypt of the Hebrews and Herodotos 1895
    º Fresh light from the ancient monuments: a sketch of... confirmations... Bible, from... discoveries in Egypt, Palestine, Assyria, Babylonia, Asia Minor, 1884
    º A History of Classical Greek Literature: Pt. 1 The Prose Writers, from Herodotus to Plato, 1895, Pt. 2 The Dramatic Poets 1890
    º An Introduction to the Books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther 1889
    º Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion: as illustrated by the religion of the ancient Babylonians, 1887
    º The Life and Times of Isaiah: as illustrated by contemporary monuments, 1889
    º Patriarchal Palestine 1895
    º The Races of the Old Testament 1891
    º The Religions of Ancient Egypt and Babylonia: The Gifford Lectures on the Ancient Egyptian and Babylonian Conception of the Divine, 1902
    º Troja: Results of the Latest Researches and Discoveries on the site of Homer's Troy, 1884
Schaff, Philip
    º History of the Christian Church A.D. 1-311 Ante-Nicene Christianity A.D. 100-325, 1884, Vol.2 1910, Vol.8, 1910
Schweitzer, Albert
    º The Mystery of the Kingdom of God: the Secret of Jesus' Messiahship and Passion, 1914
    º The Quest of the Historical Jesus A Critical Study of its Progress from Reimarus to Wrede, 1910
Scott, Ernest Findlay or E. F. Scott
    º The Apologetic of the New Testament 1907
    º The Beginnings of the Church 1914
    º The First Age of Christianity 1935
    º The Fourth Gospel: its purpose and theology, 1908
    º The Historical and Religious Value of the Fourth Gospel 1910
    º The New Testament Today 1921
Singer, Isidore
    º The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol.7, 1912
Smith, Preserved
    º The Age of the Reformation 1920
    º A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Books of Samuel, The International Critical Commentary on the Holy Scriptures... Vol.8, 1902
Sperry, Earl Evelyn
    º An Outline of the History of Clerical Celibacy in Western Europe to the Council of Trent 1905
• Stratton, G. M.
    º Psychology of Relilgious Life
Swain, Joseph Ward
    º The Hellenic Origins of Christian Asceticism 1916
Taylor, Henry Osborn
    º Ancient Ideals: a Study of Intellectual and Spiritual Growth from Early Times to the Establishment of Christianity, Vol.2, 1921
    º Deliverance: the freeing of the spirit in the ancient world, 1915
    º The Mediaeval Mind: a history of the development of thought and emotion in the Middle Ages Vol.1 1919 Vol.2 1919
    º Prophets, Poets and Philosophers of the Ancient World 1919
Toy, Crawford Howell
    º The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel: critical edition of the Hebrew text with notes, 1899
    º Esther as Babylonian Goddess, 1898
    º Judaism and Christianity: a sketch of the progress of thought from Old Testament to New Testament, 1892
    º The History of the Religion of Israel: an Old Testament primer 1910
    º Introduction to the History of Religions 1913
Trattner, Ernest R.
    º Autobiography of God, 1930
    º The Story of the World's Greatest Thinkers, 1942
    º Unravelling the Book of Books 2011 (originally 1929)
    º Understanding the Talmud, 1955
Uren, Albert Rudolph
    º Recent Religious Psychology, 1928
Wall, William
    º The History of Infant Baptism 1819
Weigall, Arthur
    º Paganism in Our Christianity 2003 (originally 1928)
Edward Westermarck
    º The History of Human Marriage, Vol.2
    º The Origin and Development of the Moral Ideas, Vol.1
Wheless, Joseph
    º Is It God's Word? 2007 (originally 1927)
White, Andrew Dickson
    º A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in ChristendomUse It! Vol.1, Vol.2
    º The Warfare of Science 1877
Whitehead, Alfred North
    º Process and reality: an essay in cosmology 1929
    º Religion in the Making 2011 (originally 1926)
Wheless, Joseph 1868-1950
    º Forgery In Christianity 1930
    º Is It God's Word? 1926

Judaic Digital Library (registration required for free access)
Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics
The Jewish Encyclopedia

Online Library of Liberty (
John Cecil Cadoux
    º The Early Christian Attitude to War [1919]

Project Gutenberg: Browse by Author, Title
Hopkins, Edward Washburn, 1857-1932
    º The Religions of India
Inge, William Ralph
    º Christian Mysticism
Toy, Crawford Howell, 1836-1919
    º Introduction to the History of Religions
White, Andrew Dickson 1832-1918
    º History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom
• Ames, Edward Scribner
    º The Psychology of Religious Experience
• Guignebert, Charles
    º Christianity, Past and Present

Raven's Bookshelf: Contents
Bertrand Russell
A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom by A.D. White
Thr Profits of Religion by Upton Sinclair

Frazer, James George
    º The Golden Bough 1922
Leuba, James Henry
    º The Psychological Origin and the Nature of Religion
Ludlow, James Meeker
    º The Age of the Crusades 1896
    º Deborah: a tale of the times of Judas MacCabaeus, 1901
Moore, George Foot
    º A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Judges 1910
    º 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Jehovah
Taylor, Henry Osborn
    º Deliverance: The Freeing Of The Spirit In The Ancient World
    º The Mediaeval Mind
    º Thought and Expression in the Sixteenth Century
Trattner, Ernest R.


The Middle Path to Freedom From Suffering
"Fair goes the dancing when the Sitar is tuned,
Tune us the Sitar neither low nor high,
And we will dance away the hearts of men.
The string overstretched breaks, the music dies,
The string overslack is dumb and the music dies,
Tune us the Sitar neither low nor high."

"If you pull a guitar string too tight, it will snap. If you let it out too loose, it will make no noise.
Only medium tensions allow the guitar to work. So too is the path to contentment." -summery of ancient tale

"Be not a victim or an aggressor, merely a human in conflict with nothing."
"Do not starve or become greedy, merely use only what you need to live and find happiness."

Buddhist Writings from AllSpirit
Buddhist Electronic Resources Directory Electronic Archival Links, Buddhism, other Asian religions
International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism (IRIZ) Kyoto, Japan - Hanazono University, Links
Buddha'S Teachings
Types of Buddhism

Serendip, About
from Bryn Mawr College
Buddhist Meditation and Personal Construct Psychology

The Tricycle Hub - Interactive Buddhist Forum

Wikipedia: Buddhism (Portal), Buddhism(Category)

WWW Virtual Library Links Zen Stories

(Also see Bible above.)

The Adwaitha Hermitage Links

Answers in Genisis, About, SiteMap
Biography IndexUse It!
Creation Education Center
Racism Questions and Answers
    º Inter-racial marriage: Is it biblical?

The Aquinas Translation ProjectUse It! translations of St. Thomas Aquinas's showing both Latin & English versions

Bible: King James VersionUse It! online from the U Michigan Digital Library

AUTO DA FÉ (Jewish Encyclopedia)
1 Corinthians Chapter 3, Verse 18/KJV
Mark Chapter 4, Verse 12/Douay

Christian Classics Ethereal LibraryUse It! Classic Christian books in electronic format news topics, magazines, Forums, Links Bible Search & Bible Commentary
Dictionary: Jesus Christ

Dead Sea Scrolls - ( see.. Scrolls from the Dead Sea )

ELApro's Quotes from Jesus or Christianity by Kirby Page (1929)

Internet Medieval SourcebookUse It! Search, Articles, Links, Full Texts, Saints:   Paul Halsall, Fordham U
Full Text Sources
    º Medieval Thought
    º Reformation Texts
    º Renaissance Texts
Maps and Images
Saints' Lives
    º Theodore of Studium: Reform Rules [d.826], Jesus: An Islamic Perspective - About, ($)books, the Truth: physics-based argument for the existence of God
Chat, Education Links, ( learn Hebrew - pdf), Science/Tech Links

Jesus or Christianity by Kirby Page (1929) quotes

Jesus-Institute, Historical Jesus of Nazareth Helping You Understand Difficult Verses
The Sayings of Jesus Christ Mormanism, Library: What Think Ye of Christ?, Jesus Christ (Christology), Who is Jesus Christ?, Catholic Encyclopedia: Jesus Christ
Orthodox Christian Homepage Links - Patristic texts, saints, liturgical texts, icons...

Project Gutenberg online texts
• Saint Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologica, Part I (Prima Pars), Summa Theologica, Part I-II (Pars Prima Secundae)

Rejection of Pascal's Wager a skeptic's guide to Christianity: Jesus, by Paul N. Tobin, atheist
Jesus Index
Historical Jesus Theories
The Life of Jesus from the Gospels Latin-English Study Bible
The Sacred Bible: The Gospel of John
Scrolls from the Dead Sea Ancient Library of Qumran & Modern Scholarship:
Scrolls from the Dead Sea Ancient Library of Qumran & Modern Scholarship:   Exhibits, Library of Congress
Lexicons, Dictionaries

Thesaurus Precum Latinarum Treasury of Latin Prayers, Contents ( by Date, Title ), Links
Libelli Precum (Booklets for Downloading) Blessed Virigin Mary & Stations of the Cross

United Reformed Church, About
The Basis of Union

U North Carolina at Charlotte
Jewish Roman World of Jesus historical Jesus by Dr. James Tabor

Unravelling Wittgenstein's Net - Christian Think Tank philosophy, theology, spirituality, apologetics by Glen Miller

The Vatican: Archive
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Documents of the 2nd Vatican Council
    º Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, Pope Paul VI, 1965
Sacred Scripture
    º The New American Bible, Jehovah's Witnesses: Jesus Saves—How?
Christ, theopedia
Jesus, overview

    º Category:Anabaptist history
    º Category:Christian history
    º Category:Christianity
    º Category:Chronological lists of saints and blesseds
    º Category:History of the Papacy
    º Category:Protestant history
    º Category:Protestantism
    º Category:Roman Catholic Church
    º Category:Roman Catholic Church history
    º Category:Theology
    º Timeline of the Catholic Church
    º Timeline of Christianity
    º Munster Rebellion
Arius (AD 250 or 256-336)
    º Arianism
Christian theology
The Christ Myth
Christ myth theory
Church History (Eusebius)
Development of the New Testament canon
Divine Soul
Early Christianity
Eusebius Roman historian, exegete, Christian polemicist, Bishop of Caesarea
Fourth Council of the Lateran
Fulgentius of Ruspe (462/467 - 527/533) bishop of Ruspe, saint
    º #Canonical gospels
    º Gnostic Gospels
    º Gospel of John
    º Gospel of Judas
    º Gospel of Luke
    º Gospel of Mark
    º Gospel of Mary
    º Gospel of Matthew
    º Gospel of Thomas
Historicity of Jesus
History of the Catholic Church
History of Christianity
History of the papacy
History of Protestantism
History of theology
James the Just
    º Historicity of Jesus
Mary (mother of Jesus)
    º Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)
    º Queen of Heaven
    º Regina Coeli
Pope Gregory I (c. 540-604)
Porphyry (philosopher)
    º #Against the Christians
Saint Peter
Seven deadly sins or Cardinal sins, Capital vices
    º Anger or Wrath
    º Envy
    º Gluttony
    º Greed
    º Lust
    º Pride
    º Sloth (deadly sin)
The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things painting

    º Category:Christianity
    º Category:Literary works
    º Category:Religion
Augustine of Hippo (354-430)
The Bible
Calvin, John (1509-1564)
Book of Daniel
Chrysostom, John (347-407) early Christian theologian, archbishop of Constantinople, saint
Epistle to Diognetus
Epistle to the Romans
Jerome (ca. 347-420)
Jesus (8-2 BC/BCE - 29-36 AD/CE)
Knox, John (1510-1572)
Luther, Martin (1483-1546)
Paul of Tarsus (c. 10 - c. 67)
Tertullian ca. 150-160 - ca. 220-240)
Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-1274) philosopher and scholastic theologian

Bible (King James)/John

World Council of Churches Links to many denominations

Anglicans Online News, information and documents

Access to Catholic Social Justice may be hazardous to hard-heart, complacency, skepticism & hubris!
The Catholic Encyclopedia (1908):
Catholic Faith and Reason beauty of the Catholic faith, dispelling myths & misconceptions
Catholic Information Service (at
Catholic Mystics Information about and teachings of...: advice, articles, The Baltimore Catechism, events, experts, News
National Conference of Catholic Bishops, Office for the Catechism: US Catholic Conference Catholic Supersite
Office for Social Justice, Catholic Social Teaching
Resources for Catholic Educators >6,000 Links: clip art, lesson plans, News, zine...
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church of Picayune, MS, Catechism
The Seven Dolors of Mary prayers, meditations & devotions
Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict Saint Benedict's Monastery, St. Joseph, MN
Theology Library >100 pages & 5,000 Links
Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, Traditionalist & Schismatic Catholics Index Page articles & Links
True Catholic Opposing arguments to the papacy
Una Fides Apologetics for Catholics and Other Christians

The VaticanUse It! the Holy See, Rome

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


Project Wittenberg Sermons, Catechisms, Hymns & Prayers


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (
What Think Ye of Christ? (Recovery from Mormonism), Who is Jesus Christ?

The Religious Society of Friends



    º Category:Religious philosophers
    º Category:Religious philosophy
    º Category:Theology
History of theology
Natural theology based on reason and ordinary experience
Religious philosophy
Revealed theology

History Timeline of World Religions and its Founders

also see.. Mythology

Exploring Religions U of Wyoming
Internet Resources on Comparative Religion Academic Info Religious Studies

Wikipedia: Religious_comparison Category: Comparative religion
Max Müller

also see.. Atheism, §Evolution (BIOLOGY)§

    º Category:Creationism
    º Category:Criticism of creationism
    º Category:Criticism of intelligent design
Argument from poor design
Intelligent design
Omphalos hypothesis
Watchmaker analogy
Teleological argument
Ussher chronology

    º Category:Deism
The Age of Reason
Natural theology

World Union of Deists (


Google Books (Public Domain)
Halliday, William Reginald
    º Greek divination: a study of its methods and principles 1913

    º Category:Deism
    º Category:Deists
    º Category:Divination
    º Category:Prayer
    º Category:Prophecy
Altered state of consciousness
Argument from religious experience
Contemplative prayer
Divine presence
Divine providence
Divine simplicity
Enlightenment (spiritual)
Great Architect of the Universe
Higher consciousness
Inner light
Light (theology)
Lucid dreaming
Religious ecstasy
Religious experience
Self-knowledge ( psychology)
Supernatural revelation
    º History of theology
Time perception
Transcendence (religion)

also see.. §Cyclical (TIME)§

    º Category:Apocalypticism
    º Category:Eschatology
    º Category:Time in religion
    º List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events
Book of Revelation
End time
Entropy and life
Eschatology study of the final events and ultimate destiny of humanity
Last judgment
Risks to civilization, humans and planet Earth
Ultimate fate of the universe

also see.. §PHILOSOPHY-Ethics§

    º Category:Christian ethics
    º Category:Ethics



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New York Open Center largest urban holistic learning center in the US
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U Pennsylvania, Dept Religious Studies
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Wikisource, Religious texts
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    º Category:Freemasonry
    º Category:History of Freemasonry
    º Category:Masonic books
    º Category:People known for their contribution to Freemasonry
Great Architect of the Universe
History of Freemasonry
Masonic manuscripts
Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Regular Masonic jurisdictions

Satsang with Gangai

also see.. §ECONOMICS - Globalization§ §Global Governance§, §MATH-Chaos§,
§Human Rights§, Spirituality, §WORLD§

Celestine Vision, About, Links, SiteMap
• by James Redfield, author "uplift everyone.. trust your synchronicity"

Club of Budapest (Founded by Ervin Laszlo) About
• Books: Macroshift, You Can Change the World
    º Manifesto on Planetary ConsciousnessUse It!
    º Statement on War - War: A Crime Against Humanity
    º The Wise Response to Violence

Context Institute, In Context Quarterly of Human Sustainable Culture, About, Links, Search
Colombia's Model City (Gaviotas)
Ecospirituality articles

Earth C.A.R.M.A. connection of all living things, Links
• (Communal Association for the Rehabilitation of Mainstream Awareness)
We need to know this ($) Foundation of Conscious Evolution, by Barbara Marx Hubbard, About, SiteMap

FourmilabUse It! by John Walker (AutoCAD fame), tailor your own inspection of the Earth
RetroPsychoKinesis project

The Global Art Project create & exchange global unity art, About
• Galleries: 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02,

Global Consciousness Project at Princeton U, About, Links

Global Vision ( alt ) Sustainability as a Global Goal, About, Links, Search, SiteMap

Infinity Affinity "join the Vision Holder's Network", About, LinksUse It!
Principles of Action

Messy Futures and Global Brains by Gottfried Mayer-Kress

OneWorld.netUse It! human rights, sustainable development; equitable, sustainable distribution of wealth About
• Campaigns: Archives, Climate Change, Corporate Accountability
    º AIDS emphasizes not only a health but development, social, economic & human rights issues
    º Digital Opportunity information technologies for sustainable development & ending poverty
    º Kids action guides, quizzes; find out how Earth-friendly we are
    º Learning portal highlights initiatives, innovations & success stories
    º Media a challenge to the nine transnational conglomerates
In-Depth Full Coverage News Article Archive by Topic, Region
    º Economy, Politics, War and Peace
    º Environment
    º Development, Health, Human Rights
• World News

World Harmony Network "co-creating a new society"
New Paradigm Pioneers Course, Building the Road as We Travel, Principles
New Society Prototype


American Light and Healing Circle (ads!), Links
Planetworkers information technology, ecological survival, Links
The Spirit of Zeroes and Ones I Ching, poetry, randomness
Stardrive by Jack Sarfatti, post-modern physics & imagination.
Starlab Website technical, future science, Links
The Universal Festival Calendar
Webcom's Gaia earth as an organism, Links & summaries
The World Healing Website events, interconnectedness
The World Mind Society enlightenment through "education, meditation & group mind force
Young Rebels short discussions on human life & where we are

Societas Gnostica Norvegia Gnostic Writings
    º Category:Gnostic Gospels
    º Category:Gnosticism
Gnostic Gospels

also see.. §HEALTH & MEDICINE§

DIRECTORIES-Spiritual Healing Open Directory | |, About, Links
The Power of Thought to Heal: An Ontology of Personal Faith, dissertation by Arthur Preston Smith

National Federation of Spiritual Healers, FAQ
New Vistas human energy fields, promotion of health & enlightenment, shroud of Turin

Russell Targ ( book sales, Links

White Rose Foundation School of Healing & Psychic Studies, UK About, Links, FAQ, Links
Definition & Description of Spiritual Healing
Definition of Wholisitic Healing


Bhajans Hindu Songs of Devotion
Biographies of Great Indians
The Enchanted Land Saints in India
Encyclopedia of Hinduism Project India Heritage Research Foundation (IHRF)

Global Hindu Electronic NetworkUse It!

Indian Philosophy and Religion Saints in India

Upanishads: The Books of KnowledgeUse It! Global Hindu Electronic Network




Isis Unveiled

also see.. §HISTORY OF SCIENCE§ Islam Web Directory - Salafi Islamic view, excludes Shi'ism & Sufi

Dr. Akbar S. Ahmed (2), American University, Washington D.C.
• Author of Islam Under Siege: Living Dangerously in a Post-Honour World (Themes for the 21st Century)
Author Biography for articles at the Globalist Forum, Links, research, Search: Al Azhar Al-Sharif Islamic U
Association of Muslim Researchers events, Links, publications, societies
Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) About Islam, News
Cybermuslim Islamic, Middle Eastern, Arabic studies Resouces

DEED Islamic Resourses Repository (IRR)
•articles, Downloads, Glossary, Lawbase, Links, Quran: International Islamic U

Free Islamic Resources Download Quran: at

Internet History Sourcebooks Project
Internet Islamic History Sourcebook

The Holy Quran, Meanings Of The Holy Qur'an, Abdullah Yusufali: books, knowledge, Holy Books, Links, non-Muslims, prayer, religious acts, scholars...
Islam Portal-ethics, law, modern, Muhammad, philosophy, Quran, science, Sufism, Women
Islam PageUse It! Sunni Muslim site, Salafi/Wahhabi articles, Links, documents (Ibrahim Shafi)

Islamic Civilization ($ - Science and Technology
The Islamic Page Bukhari, Christianity, Islam, Hadith, Holy Quran, Islam, Links, Muhammad, Search, Trinity...
Islam | Religions of the World | BBC basics, five pillars, intro, Links, Muhammed, the 4 Caliphs

Islamic Server of MSA-USCUse It! Salafi Islam-economics, fundamentals, Glossary, history, law, Links, politics, Search Qur'an & Hadith English databases, Women

Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, and Religion arts, questions, Glossary, history, Holy Books, maps, Orders, Muhammed, mysticism, philosophy, science, studies, Women

Islamic Texts and Resources MetaPage,  Muslims - culture, news and issue forums:   U Buffalo & Wings
Islamic Yellow Pages business, classified, infobank, localities, matrimony, mosques... classified, matrimonials, Links, News, Q&A, Quran, Search  books, downloads, Holy Quran, prayer, Search, software Portal & Search Engine to Quran, Web sites & Health
Muslim Net Guide & Islamic Web Portal My-Muslim Network downloads, Forum, Links, News, shopping

U Georgia, IslamUse It!

    º Category:History of Islam
    º Category:Islam
    º Category:Islamic holy places
    º Category:Life of Muhammad
    º Category:Muhammad
    º Glossary of Islam
    º List of Islamic texts
    º Timeline of Muslim history
Abrahamic religion
Allah “the God”
Al-Safa and Al-Marwah small mountains between which Muslims travel seven times during pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah
Apostle (Islam) also see Prophets in Islam
• Articles of belief (Sunni) are belief in:
    º Allah
    º Angels, Islamic view of
    º Islamic Holy Books (kutub) (including the Qur'an, Gospel and Torah / Tanakh
    º Apostles (Islam) including Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, and Adam
    º Last Judgment (Day, Islamic view of the) and Resurrection ( Afterlife ), Jannah (Heaven) & Jahannam (Hell)
Five Pillars of Islam
    º Shahada Islamic creed, complete only with both Quran and hadiths; Shahid witness or martyr for the passion of truth
    º Salah daily prayer
    º Zakat almsgiving
    º Ramadan month of fasting ( Sawm )
    º Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime
Hadith sayings traditionally attributed directly to Muhammad, serving as explanations of the Quran & second source of legislation
    º Al-Kutub Al-Sittah the Authentic Six: Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan al-Sughra, Sunan Abu Dawood, Jami al-Tirmidhi, Sunan ibn Majah
    º Muwatta Imam Malik first written hadith collection comprising Muslim law
    º Hadith of Gabriel
    º Hadith studies
Injil Gospel or the New Testament
    º Shia Islam see also Shia Islam below
    º Spread of Islam
    º Sunni Islam
Islam and science, Qur'an and science
Islamic calendar
Islamic eschatology
    º Al-Qiyama
    º Islamic view of the Last Judgment
    º Masih ad-Dajjal the false messiah
Islamic holy books
    º Injil
    º Tawrat
    º Zabur
Islamic law
    º Sharia
Islamic science 8th - 16th centuries, during the Islamic Golden Age
Islamic theology
Jesus in Islam Isa
Jahannam Hell
    º Fatimah (the Shining One, Leader of the Women of the Universe) daughter
    º Hijra (Islam)
    º Khadija bint Khuwaylid (Khadija the great) 1st wife
    º Last prophet
    º Mecca
    º Medina
    º Sunnah Muhammad's words, habits, practices & silent approvals clarifying issues not addressed in the Qur'an
    º Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, fifth pillar of Islam, a demonstration of submission & solidarity
    º Umrah the minor or lesser pilgrimage to Mecca
Prophets in Islam
    º Apostle (Islam)
    º Hud (prophet
    º Prophets and messengers in Islam
    º Saleh
    º Shuayb (prophet)
Qiblah direction faced for prayers during salah
    º Sura division of the Qur'an see Sura below
Salah the practice of formal worship
Sharia infallible Islamic moral code and religious law
Shia Islam
    º Twelver, Ancillaries of the Faith
Shirk (Islam) worshipping other than Allah, associating partners with Him, characteristizing other than Him or not believing in His characteristics
Sura division of the Qur'an
    º Al-Baqara
Tawhid (Islamic Monotheism) Oneness of God
    º Pan-Islamism
Umrah a pilgrimage to Mecca, meaning “to visit a populated place”
Women and Islam
    º Complementarianism

    º Category:Islam
Fatimah (the Shining One, Leader of the Women of the Universe) daughter
MuhammadUse It! (570-632)

WWW Virtual Library Historical Index of Religious Missions: Islamic; Jewish; Buddhist

Seeking the Kingdom of God Psycho-Spiritual Evolution

also see.. Bible, §Israel§

Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) international Rabbinic association of Reform Judaism

Conversion to Judaism Resource CenterUse It! Search
Differences Between Judaism and Christianity
Guide to Jewish Books and Videos
Movements in Judaism

Dr. Benton's Home Page, About
Jewish Healing
Like Water, Like Torah, Lone Star Kabbalah, Texas Talmud
Random Talmud Server
Sefer Yetzirah an interpretation of what tradition holds to have been written by Abraham

Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR) academic & professional development center of Reform Judaism

Internet History Sourcebooks Project
Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
The Origins of Sephardim and Ashkenazim

Judaism and Jewish Resources Tannenbaum, Religion and Culture, News, Museums, e-resorces
Jewish World Review
Israel Museum - Tour

Jewish Reconstructionist Federation, About ( History ), FAQ, Forums, Search, SiteMap
Adult Education
Reconstructionist Divrei Torah

Jewish Theological Seminary, About, SiteMap
• major rabbinical seminary for the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism - see below
Judaism 101 (
Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews

Lifaafaa, Religion Religions Religious Studies
Jewish Tradition(s)

Orthodox Union (, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations), SiteMap
GlossaryUse It!
Jewish Action Magazine
Jewish Holidays
    º Elul, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot

Reform Judaism, What is Reform Judaism? be a commentator on the Torah

Union for Reform Judaism, About, Links ( Education ), Search
Becoming a Jew: Q & A
Glossary of Jewish Terms for Jewish Living, unique words & sayings with universal Jewish meanings
Interfaith Issues
Jewish Holidays, Calendar of Jewish Holidays
Recommended Reading
Reform Judaism Magazine
Resources, Learning
Transcontinental Music Publications Jewish songbooks, choral & sheet music & recordings

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ)
Find a Synagogue, Holidays & Candlelighting
Lifelong Learning
Serving You
Synagogue Resource Center information & program materials for Jewish holidays & special events

Wikipedia: Judaism Portal
    º Category:Anti-Semitism
    º Category:Jewish history
    º Category:Jewish holy days
    º Category:Jewish law and rituals
    º Category:Jewish music
    º Category:Jews and Judaism
• Books: Halakha, Tanakh, Torah
Children of Israel

Holidays, Jewish Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Shavuot, Sukkot, Yom Kippur
• Holidays, Rabbinical: Purim, Hanukkah
Jewish ethnic divisions: Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardi Jews
Jewish history
Jewish music
    º Nigun
    º Sephardic music
Jewish law and rituals
    º 613 mitzvot
    º halakha
Maimonides (1135-1204)
Temple in Jerusalem

Maimonides (1135-1204)

Worldwide Orthodox Minyan Database ( About, Links & Articles, Search
WWW Virtual Library Historical Index of Religious Missions: Islamic; Jewish; Buddhist

The Ramakrishna Movement
Seeking the Kingdom of God Krishna Consciousness Writings


    º Category:Mathematics and mysticism
    º Category:Numerology
    º Category:Pythagorean philosophy
Biblical numerology
Monad (philosophy)
Musica universalis
    º Numerology and the Church Fathers
    º Pythagorean tuning
Sacred geometry
Significance of numbers in Judaism



Angels Online Angel Stories, miracles, dreams & visions
The Way, Doma Daughters of Ma Alien Genesis

Vatican Museum
Israel Museum - Tour

DIRECTORIES-Mysticism Open Directory | |

Hermetic Philosophy & the Mystery of Being by Alice Ouzounian ( alt ) Forum, Links, Search ( 2)
• our real nature (rooted in absolute consciousness) vs. the vehicle (ego and five senses) serving it
Links (Mysticism, Mythical & Esoteric)
    º Art, Personal Development, Spiritual Psychology & Healing
    º Advaïta - Vedanta, Mithraism
    º Astrology, Esoteric
    º Ancient Greece, Egypt
    º Buddhism-Tibetan, Japanese-Zen, Taosim
    º Christian, Gnostic
    º Geometry, Sacred
    º Kabalistic, Hermetic Tarot
    º Plotinus Philosophy & Enneads, Plotinus & Neo-Platonism
    º Sufism & Islamic
    º Western Myths & Philosophies, New Age
Introduction to Mysticism, Duality, Reality and Consciousness
A Higher Aspect of Contemplation, 2, 3
Emptiness or the Void
The Master Within
Mystery of Man, 2, 3, 4
Plato's Allegory of the Cave without commentary, Alice's Interpretation
Sixth and Seventh Senses
• & many more nicely illustrated pieces..
Glossary history, principles, teachings, techniques, About, Links
Basic Essentials: How To Succeed
Higher States: Awakening, Stages, Transcendental, The Six Planes
Advancement: Fulfillment, Universal Self, Mystical Faith, Power of Faith
Mystical Life: Mystical Wedding Links, About
Mystica on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal
    º Contents, Index pages A-Z, Topics
    º Contents, Index single page, Topics

Mysticism in World Religions Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism & Taoism; Glossary


also see.. Comparative Religions

Jung Land (Russian): Library (English)
Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers The Power of Myth script

Wikipedia: Mythology Category: Mythology
Campbell, Joseph
Comparative mythology
Levi-Strauss, Claude
Origin belief

Christian mythology
Christ myth theory
Greek myths
Joseph Campbell
White, Andrew Dickson
    º A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom

The Softrat
Mythological Links

also see.. §Native American§, Native American Spirituality

New Age Online

The Hazel Nut Journal of Celtic Spirituality
Servants of the Light Not For Profit School at a Cost
The Virtual Pomegranate Online Magazine

Natural Pantheism: a spiritual approach to nature and the cosmos, by Paul Harrison, Links
Christianity and Pantheism by Michael W. Fox

Pantheist Association for Nature by Gary Suttle, Links
Articles, Quotes
What Is Pantheism?

Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, Pantheism

Universal Pantheist Society ( Forum, Search
    º Devotion to Truth

    º Category:Pantheism
    º Category:Pantheists

The Pathless Path


Project Gutenberg
Tragic Sense Of Life by Miguel de Unamuno

Miguel de Unamuno

Wikiquote: Religion
Blaise Pascal
Baruch Spinoza
Miguel de Unamuno


Brian Holtz, author of Human Knowledge, Foundations & Limits
Critical Notice: Frank J. Tipler (1995) The Physics of Immortality

Frank J.Tipler, Tulane U, Math
The Physics of Immortality book

The Omega Point and the Final Fate of Life

Santa Fe Institute, George Johnson
The Odds on God, 1994 The New York Times article


Eliot, T. S. (1888-1965)
    º Choruses from The Rock (1934)

also see.. §PSYCHOLOGY§

Psychology of Religion Page Michael E. Nielsen
Religion and Social Sciences in Dialogue Manuel Dussault
Wikipedia: Psychology of religion


    º Category:Christianity
    º Category:Religion
Inge, William Ralph (1860-1954)
Mencken, H. L. (1880-1956)
    º Treatise on the Gods
Page, Kirby
    º Jesus or Christianity
White, Andrew Dickson
Eliot, T. S. (1888-1965)
    º Choruses from The Rock (1934)

Esalen Institute, About, SiteMap
Inner Worlds

Noetic Sciences, About, Search, SiteMap Knowledge Center, Browse

The Peace Pilgrim Home Page Bruce Nichols
Sunbow 5

also see.. §PHILOSOPY§, §SCIENCE§

DIRECTORIES-Religion & Science
dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo, Science & Religion articles & Links
Faith & Reason Ministries, Links
God, Humanity and the Cosmos, ed. by Dr. Christopher Southgate; selection of topics from the book
Google Books
Buber, Martin
    º I and Thou

Internet Archive
Buber, Martin
    º I And Thou (1937)

U Pennsylvania, Science and the Sacred, Professor William Grassie, visiting lecturer
from the Dept Religious Studies ( Sacred Texts )
Public Lecture Series
Religion and Science Glossary

Science & Theology News, About, Contents, Search
    º Study asks whether chemicals and communion are one by Jennifer Woods (May 2004)
    º Study: Brain chemicals key to spiritual experience by Frederica Saylor (Mar 2004)

Buber, Martin (1878-1965)
    º I and Thou
    º Philosophy of dialogue
de Chardin, Pierre Teilhard (1881-1955)
    º Noosphere
    º Law of Complexity/Consciousness
    º Omega Point
    º The Phenomenon of Man
Chet Raymo (1936) author of Skeptics and True Believers, the exhilerating connection between science and religion
    º Frankie Starlight
Religious Naturalism
Spinoza, Baruch (1632-1677)

Buber, Martin (1878-1965)
de Chardin, Pierre Teilhard (1881-1955)
Spinoza, Baruch (1632-1677)

Church of Scientology (Official)
Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, & the Prison of Belief

The Pilot Scientology Reform
Scientology-opinions online book

    º Category:Scientology
    º Category:Scientology organizations
    º Timeline of Scientology
Auditing (Scientology)
Church of Scientology
Church of Scientology International
Cooper, Paulette
    º The Scandal of Scientology
DeWolf, Ronald son of L. Ron Hubbard
    º L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?
Golden Era Productions
Hubbard, L. Ron
    º Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science
    º Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
    º Early life of L. Ron Hubbard
    º Scientology: A History of Man
Miller, Russell
    º Bare Faced Messiah
Miscavige, David
Operation Freakout
Operation Snow White
A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack
Reactive mind
Sea Org
Sterling Management Systems
World Institute of Scientology Enterprises
Anderson Cooper 360 Interview with Lawrence Wright
The relationship between Scientology and Hollywood. Lawrence Wright NBC Today Show

Gaia Friends Awakening
The Kundalini Resource Center
Landmark Education Links
The Omega Institute Holistic Learning Center
Spirit over Mind over Matter
The Third Circle, White Eagle (Joshua Gomeh) Self-Dependence, Elimination of Suffering

also see.. Global Consciousness

DIRECTORIES-Spirituality Open Directory | | Wikipedia |

The Cave Spiritual/Transformational Resource (The Chopra Center ) by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Forum ( Q&A ), Search, SiteMap
The Wisdom Within (Flash), tunnel.jar, tunnel.class
George Gurdjieff

The Lorian Association
MotherPage Mysticism and Spirituality
Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness
NewHeaven NewEarth Transformation
The New York Open Center Non-profit courses - health, spiritual, meditation
The Perspective Objective Magazine of Spiritual Perspectives
Resonate Spiritual/Transformational Resource
Sacred Transformations Awakening Stories
Science Of Spirituality Web Center
Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. (SHEN), About, SiteMap
Library articles, block diagrams & poems
    º On Yoga Philosophy by S.D. Talwar with Glossary

Spirituality Commentary Nagualism and Esoteric Buddhism Book
Spirituality Learned the Hard Way by Rei, MIT
Spirituality SIG ISSS Special Interest Group
Spiritual Rebirth and Cosmic Consciousness
Spirituality and Yoga Nagualism and Esoteric Buddhism Book
Well Being Sharing the Emergence Experience
Windows in Eternity Spiritual Emergence

The Haqqani Foundation
The Haqqani Foundation
Sufi Traditions Overview

DIRECTORIES-Tao Open Directory | |

Buddhist Writings from Taoism
Lao Tzu: the Tao of Reality from Pantheism, Links
Taoism Information Page (WWW Virtual Library) of Links from Lifaafaa


Adi Da - Adidam
Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Official Sathya Sai Organisation
Matthew Blais Healing and Spiritual Crisis
Maitreya Share International, new age political-religious
The Divine Mother Page Mother Ammachi (Del Marshall)
The Official Ammachi Homepage Mother Ammachi
Dadaji - Look Within
Gururaj Ananda Yogi International Spiritual Unfoldment Foundation
Holy Mother Sri Sarada's Cyber-Tantu
Meher Baba
Neem Karoli Baba Ashram The Kashi Foundation
Foster Perry The Hummingbird Foundation
Ramana Maharshi
Sai Baba
Sai Baba (Sai Darshan)
The Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Singapore
The Sai Baba Gita (Al Drucker)
Sathya Sai Baba Sai Ram - a Devotee's View
Shirdi Sai Baba Center of North America
Seven Ray Institute Alice Bailey & the Tibetan Master
Sri Ramana Maharshi
U.G. Krishnamurti - Mind is Myth
Julia White Innerspace


    º Category:Theosophical philosophical concepts
    º Category:Theosophy

International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance religious diversity & freedom as positive cultural values

Voltaire (1694-1778): Letters on the English or Lettres Philosophiques, c. 1778 "inquiry, a different way of thinking"
• Google Zetetics Site Search
    º Religion
    º Religious Tolerance
    º Tolerance
Origin of Religious Tolerance: Voltaire


Wikipedia: Transcendentalism
Alcott, Bronso
Brownson, Orestes
Channing, William Ellery
Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Fuller, Margaret
Hedge, Frederick Henry
Thoreau, Henry David


Blackpool Unitarian Church, UK
First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque
Unitarian Universalist Association

The Seers Cave Vedic Astrology and Mysticism

The Vedanta Society of Southern California Ramakrishna Order of India

The Grandmothers Women's Perspectives

DIRECTORIES-Yoga Open Directory | | Directory
Religion, Spirituality, Yoga

Spirituality and Yoga Nagualism and Esoteric Buddhism Book
Yoga Network, About, Search ( Events, Practitioner, Schools ) in your area

Yoga Anand Ashram meditation, Postures, philosophy, books, Moksha Journal, Gurani Anjali
Bhagavad Gita
Meditation, Philosophy
Yoga sutras



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