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Internet Modern History SourcebookUse It!

Yahoo search Arts: Humanities: History: By_Time_Period: 20th_Century


MAPS TIMELINES BRITAIN TIMELINES CELTS TIMELINES Ancient Civilizations and Lost Cities Interactive Technologies, LLC
Ancient/Classics in General: U North Texas
Ancient Europe: Boise State U, Greece & Rome
Ancient History Scotch College

Ancient History and GeographyUse It! U Reading, UK

The Ancient WorldCool Tool! Indexed by Subject or Geographical Location

Ancient World Civilizations

Antiquity OnlineUse It! Texts & Maps, Frank Smitha

The AtriumCool Tool! David Meadows

Classics and Classical Antiquity Links (Dec 97)
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology links for classicists & Mediterranean archaeologists
Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations
Department of Classics and Ancient History: U Queensland, Brisbane

Didaskalia, UK, ancient Greek and Roman drama as performed today, Links, Search
Online Playtexts & Electronic Journals
Online Theatre Resources

Dr. Silvestri's WWW Ancient World History Resource
Early Iron in China, Korea, and Japan
Egyptology Resources: U Cambridge

Exploring Ancient World Cultures (EAWC)Cool Tool! Extensive Introduction, Index, Search

Internet Ancient History SourcebookUse It!   Paul Halsall, Fordham U

Ancient Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures: Odyssey Online
An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors: U South Carolina
The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age
U Michigan Dept Classical Studies Search, Links

    º Category:Ancient art
    º Category:Ancient Egypt
    º Category:Ancient Greece
    º Category:Ancient history
    º Category:Ancient Israel and Judah
    º Category:Ancient Jewish history
    º Category:Ancient Near East
    º Category:Ancient Persia
    º Category:Ancient Rome
    º Category:Ancient timelines
    º Category:Classical antiquity
    º Category:Ancient Macedon
    º Category:Greco-Roman world
    º Category:History of ancient medicine
    º Category:Mesopotamia
    º Category:Minoan civilization
    º Category:Persian history
    º Category:Religion in Ancient history
    º List of Persia-related topics
    º Outline of classical studies
    º Outline of ancient Egypt
    º Outline of ancient Greece
    º Outline of ancient Rome
    º Timeline of ancient Greece
    º Timeline of ancient history
    º Timeline of ancient Rome
    º Timeline of classical antiquity
    º Timeline of prehistory
Alexander the Great
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient History
Ancient Rome
Ancient Near East
Ancient Rome
    º Culture of ancient Rome
Arts of the ancient world
Classical antiquity
Classical Greece
Greco-Roman world
Greek mythology
Hellenistic art
Hellenistic civilization
Hellenistic Greece
Hellenistic period
Hellenistic philosophy
Hellenistic religion
History of ancient Israel and Judah
History of Mesopotamia
Macedonia (ancient kingdom)
Minoan chronology
Minoan civilization
Murray, Gilbert (1866-1957) scholar of Ancient Greek language & culture
    º Five Stages of Greek Religion, 1925
Religion in ancient Greece
Religion in ancient Rome
Religions of the Ancient Near East
Roman Greece

Yahoo search Ancient_History at Arts: Humanities: History: By_Time_Period

TIMELINES Ancient China
Ancient Chinese Fables Ancient Chinese fables (~300 BC to ~300 AD) with philosophical tones
Art of China Images of artifacts & links to Chinese Arts
Asian Arts - Treasures of the Chines Scholar Zhou (770-256 BC) through Qing (1644-1911): U Penn
Bibliography of China Sources: U of Maine

CHINA : History in GeneralCool Tool! or People's Republic of China: Council on East Asian Libraries

Chinese Cultural Studies: TextsCool Tool! Brooklyn College Core 9 Chinese Culture Web site

Chinese Culture - The Course: Brooklyn CUNY links to ,lectures, maps, technology images
Chinese Culture - Texts Links to Chinese text translations: Confucian, Legalist, Daoist...
Chinese Fantasies children's myths
Chinese Mythology Chinese mythology Directory, Encyclopedia Mythica
A Chronology of Chinese History Dynasties from Xia (2100-1600 BC) to Qing (1644-1911 AD)
The Complete Reference to Chinese Games By Weiqing Huang
Daily Life in Ancient China
The Earliest Use of Iron in China: etals in Antiquity, smelting, cast iron as a Chinese invention
History of China Links to history, timeline, map
Image Index: China: xploring Ancient World Cultures
Indo-Europeans in Ancient China? more than 100 4,000 year old Caucasian corpses found
Introduction to Confucius: ources from Ancient China
Main Room - China the Beautiful
Mathematics in China developments & mathematicians, bibliography
The Rise and Fall of Han China
Site Index: China: xploring Ancient World Cultures
Story of the Hakkas migrations of Hakka or guest people, clues to modern Chinese origins

Student Links ChinaCool Tool!

TIMELINE Egipt Starozytny history & chronology
The Ministry of Tourism, Egypt Egyptian Antiquities, Pharaonic Village

MAPS - GREECE Ancient City of Athens Photographic archive

Ancient Europe*** Boise State U, Greece & Rome

Ancient Greece: WWW Ancient World History Resource, Ch 8
The Ancient Greek World: Daily Life descriptions of life & utilization, artifacts: U Penn Museum
Costume decorative function & non-white Greek clothing
Deformity in the Ancient Greek World exposure not based on ancient literature
Greece Photo Gallery 2000, Photo Galleries: Robert Viau, Ph.D., Georgia College & State U
Greek Civilization Home Page: Portland State U, Professor K.E. Carr
Greek History
Introduction: Geometric Period to Late Antiquity jewelry production & socio-economic status
Introduction to Bronze Age Jewelry in Greece Jewelry in burial sites and on wall paintings
Jewelry from the Geometric Period to Late Antiquity: Hellenic Ministry of Culture, 100 pieces
Jewelry Making Techniques gold leaf, wire, hammering, & filigree from Mesopotamians & Egyptians
Ships of the Ancient Greeks Annotated Links

The Softrat
Ancient Greek Chronology (Timeline)

A User-Friendly Guide for Reading Ancient Greek: Boston Latin School, 1994

TIMELINES INDIA JAPAN Ancient Korean History 2333 BC to 661 AD, chronologies, culture, essays, legends
Brief History of Technology in Japan: ICT, Inc. Prehistory, Jamo-Yayoi Periods
Discovery of the New Continent Japanese/Chinese discovery of America?
The History of Japan: An Historical Outline people, imperial system, warrior government

Exploring Ancient World Cultures at U Evansville

Antiquity OnlineUse It! Texts & Maps, Frank Smitha

Augustus: and other Roman Emperors: Monetary History of the World
Bibliography: Historical Outline of the Roman Empire Wm. Clay Poe: Sonoma State U
The Fall of the Roman Empire Short Essay, Mank: U Kentucky
The Geography of Roman Gaul: U South Carolina
The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Edward Gibbon: Calvin College
Roman Civilization from Troy to the End of the Republic, pics, maps...: Furman U
Roman Empire: Compton's Encyclopedia Online

Asia For EducatorsUse It! Portal, About, Links
from U Columbia

Directory of Affiliated Societies:   American Historical Association
Organization of American Historians - Links

Peace History Society
H-Peace international electronic network for contemporary peace, justice & disarmament concerns
    º Discussion Logs
    º Reviews
    º Syllabi

Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP)

American Memory: Library of Congress
A&E BIOGRAPHY from the television series
Historical Biographical Dictionary Search database, over 18,000 complete biographies
Historical Biographies & Links: Ohio U, Dayton


Google Books (Public Domain)
Jacob Burckhardt
    º The civilization of the renaissance in Italy Tr. by S.G.C. Middlemore, 1904, Copy 2, 1890


Great Britain's HistoryCool Tool!

Old English Pages Electronic texts, translations, manuscript images, art, history...

Academy of Accounting Historians

Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology extensive links
Classics Home Page: U Adelaide, South Australia
Electronic Resources For Classicists including TLG
Classical Texts and Resources general
Diotima gender studies
Forum Romanum
American Philological Association professional
Perseus Project large databases of texts, images, resources
George Mason University Site general
Classical Association of Canada professional
Maecenas images
Bryn Mawr Classical Review
Bryn Mawr Electronic Review
Classics at Oxford
Greek, Attic and Hellenistic Sites

Clothing and Appearance of the Pagan Anglo-Saxons at
The Costume Site:
The Fashion Page: A Small History of Undergarments Part 1, Part 2
Historical Costuming FAQ: Ohio State U
The Regency Fashion Page historic 18th & 19th cent clothing, images, painters, style
Tracy's Costume Page Links & Elizabethan Resources on the Web
Yahoo Search for Costuming Links


also see.. §GENEALOGY (Oral History)§

British Library National Sound Archive
California State U Fullerton-Oral History Program
Chemical Heritage Foundation Oral History Program
Columbia University Oral History Research Office
International Oral History Association
Living Legacies Historical Foundation
National Library of Australia Oral History Collection
New England Association for Oral History

Oral History Association - LinksUse It!

H-Oralhist Email Discussion List
• to subscribe to the H-Oralhist send a message to with no subject and the following information in the body: SUBSCRIBE H-ORALHIST firstname lastname affiliation

Oral History Mid-Atlantic Region (OHMAR)
Oral History Review
Smithsonian Institution Oral History Collection
St. Andrew's Oral History Project
Texas Oral History Association
U California at Berkeley Regional Oral History Office
UCLA Oral History Program
U New Mexico Oral History

also see.. §WAR & PEACE§

Peace History Society
H-Peace international electronic network for contemporary peace, justice & disarmament concerns
    º Discussion Logs
    º Reviews
    º Syllabi

Pages of Stones Stonehenge & other mysterious English sites
U.S. National Archaeological Database Telnet Login as 'nadb', search United States digs
WWW Virtual Library: Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe

also see.. §History of Philosophy§, §HISTORY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY§

DIRECTORIES-History Open Directory | | Wikipedia | WWW Virtual Library |

Center for History and New Media educatoinal project, Links, Search: George Mason U
DMOZ OPEN DIRECTORY PROJECTUse It! Dictionary of the History of IdeasUse It! Contents, Search
• from the Electronic Text Center, U Virginia Library

English Server: History & Historiography, Online Texts, Carnegie-Mellon U
Ethics of Civilization: Chronological Index (timeline) 30 BC to 1095 CE

GOOGLE History by Region by Time Period

The Historical Society Page historical societies & history site Links
Historical Studies Sites Paul Halsall, Fordham U
Historical Text Archive Dan Mabry's, Indexed by region & topic

HistoryCool Tool! Indexed by period & subject

History Links: Carroll College
History Beat by Topic
History Channel: A&E Television Networks
History Computerization Project Database for exchange & organization of historical information, Links

The History Guide 3 European history courses online, Links
• Lectures:
    º Ancient and Medieval European
    º Early Modern
    º Modern European Intellectual
    º 20th Century Europe
Student's Guide

History for Home Schoolers! Resources for Teaching History

History Internet ResourcesCool Tool! Rhodes College, Memphis, TN

History MattersUse It! from George Mason U

History Net Cowles History Group, Inc.
History Online Project Period & Subject

H-NetUse It! humanities & social sciences educational email discussion lists & associated web sites
Lists - Discussion Logs Center
H-Peace international electronic network for contemporary peace, justice & disarmament concerns

Horus' History Links Over 1700 links by Subject, U California, Riverside online exhibits from the Texas Council for the Humanities, HyperHistory OnlineUse It!

Internet History Resources

Internet History Sourcebooks Project
ModernUse It!
• Subsidiary History Sourcebooks
    º African
    º East Asian
    º Global
    º Indian
    º Islamic
    º Jewish
    º History of Science
    º Women's
    º People with a History: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans

Mr. Jenkins History Links for students
Open Directory Project Society: History

Organization of American Historians - LinksUse It!

Resources for the Study of World Civilizations Learning Modules
Top Humanities Websites EDSITEment Tools for Schools

Voice of the Shuttle Portal
Humanities Bookshelf: History

World History: Antiquity, 6th to 17th, 20th Texts & Maps, Frank Smitha
The World History Links Page
World History Web Resources: An Annotated Guide by Michael Lorenzen, Central Michigan U
WWW Historical Resources: U Chicago
WWW services for historians George M. Welling


also see.. §ART (History)§, §HISTORY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY§, §MUSIC (History)§, §WAR (History)§

The History Guide, Links
• Lectures:
    º Ancient and Medieval European
    º Early Modern
    º Modern European Intellectual
    º 20th Century Europe
Student's Guide

History News Network, Links (
Magazine ( current events in historical perspective Essays on History & New Media, HyperHistory Online

    º Category:Aesthetics
    º Category:Ancient history
    º Category:Ancient Egypt
    º Category:Ancient Near East
    º Category:Ancient ships
    º Category:Anthropology timelines
    º Category:Apocalypticism
    º Category:Architectural design
    º Category:Architectural history
    º Category:Architectural styles
    º Category:Architecture
    º Category:Art history
    º Category:Art history by medium
    º Category:Arts by culture
    º Category:Art media
    º Category:Automobile history eras
    º Category:Aviation history
    º Category:Aviation pioneers
    º Category:Beauty
    º Category:Biology timelines
    º Category:Boats
    º Category:Book history
    º Category:Building engineering
    º Category:Building materials
    º Category:Buildings and structures by type
    º Category:Celestial navigation
    º Category:Centuries
    º Category:Colonialism
    º Category:Concepts in aesthetics
    º Category:Conservation
    º Category:Cooling technology
    º Category:Crops originating from the Americas
    º Category:Cultural history
    º Category:Digital history projects
    º Category:Diasporas
    º Category:Early Modern period
    º Category:Economic history
    º Category:Electricity
    º Category:The Enlightenment
    º Category:Famines
    º Category:Farming history
    º Category:Feminism and history
    º Category:Feudalism
    º Category:Fields of history
    º Category:Geology timelines
    º Category:Glass architecture
    º Category:Glass art
    º Category:Globalization
    º Category:Jewish history
    º Category:Historians
    º Category:Historians by century
    º Category:Historical deletion
    º Category:Historical eras
    º Category:Historical foods
    º Category:Historical revisionism
    º Category:Historical revisionism (negationism)
    º Category:Historiography
    º Category:Historiography of science
    º Category:History
    º Category:History books by topic
    º Category:History books about agriculture
    º Category:History books about Catholicism
    º Category:History books about Christianity
    º Category:History books about civilization
    º Category:History books about culture
    º Category:History books about economics
    º Category:History books about exploration
    º Category:History books about Hinduism
    º Category:History books about Islam
    º Category:History books about Judaism
    º Category:History books about medicine
    º Category:History books about politics
    º Category:History books about science
    º Category:History books about society
    º Category:History books by period
    º Category:History by continent
    º Category:History by period
    º Category:History by topic
    º Category:History of Africa
    º Category:History of African-American civil rights
    º Category:History of agriculture
    º Category:History of alcoholic beverages
    º Category:History of Asia
    º Category:History of astrology
    º Category:History of astronomy
    º Category:History of the automobile
    º Category:History of banking
    º Category:History of biology
    º Category:History of ceramics
    º Category:History of civil rights in the United States
    º Category:History of communication
    º Category:History of computer science
    º Category:History of education
    º Category:Histories of empires
    º Category:History of environmentalism
    º Category:History of Europe
    º Category:History of evolutionary biology
    º Category:History of fishing
    º Category:History of food and drink
    º Category:History of furniture
    º Category:History of games
    º Category:History of geography
    º Category:History of glass
    º Category:History of ideas
    º Category:History of chemistry
    º Category:History of cosmetics
    º Category:History of earth science
    º Category:History of economic thought
    º Category:History of dance
    º Category:History of economic thought
    º Category:History of engineering
    º Category:History of geography
    º Category:History of linguistics
    º Category:History of literature
    º Category:History of mass media
    º Category:History of mathematics
    º Category:History of medicine
    º Category:History of mental health
    º Category:History of metallurgy
    º Category:History of mining
    º Category:History of money
    º Category:History of musical instruments
    º Category:History of the petroleum industry
    º Category:History of philosophy
    º Category:History of photography
    º Category:History of physics
    º Category:History of poetry
    º Category:History of printing
    º Category:History of psychiatry
    º Category:History of psychology
    º Category:History of rail transport
    º Category:History of religion
    º Category:History of religion by period
    º Category:History of road transport
    º Category:History of salt
    º Category:History of science
    º Category:History of science by discipline
    º Category:History of sculpture
    º Category:History of socialism
    º Category:History of social movements
    º Category:History of social sciences
    º Category:History of spaceflight
    º Category:History of the steam engine
    º Category:History of tea
    º Category:History of technology
    º Category:History of the textile industry
    º Category:History of theatre
    º Category:History of thermodynamics
    º Category:History of transport
    º Category:History of water supply and sanitation
    º Category:History of writing
    º Category:History of wine
    º Category:The Holocaust
    º Category:Holocaust denial
    º Category:Human genetic history
    º Category:Human migration
    º Category:Imperialism
    º Category:Industrial history
    º Category:Industrial Revolution
    º Category:International law
    º Category:Iron Age
    º Category:Islamic architecture
    º Category:Islamic art
    º Category:Islamic Golden Age
    º Category:Islamic music
    º Category:Islamic technology
    º Category:Labor history
    º Category:Law
    º Category:Legal history
    º Category:Lists of historians
    º Category:Lost books
    º Category:Maps of the ancient Near East
    º Category:Maritime history
    º Category:Mathematics and culture
    º Category:Matriarchy
    º Category:Medicine timelines
    º Category:Meteorology in history
    º Category:Middle Ages
    º Category:Modern history
    º Category:Modern human genetic history
    º Category:Musical eras
    º Category:Music history
    º Category:Mutualism (movement)
    º Category:National histories
    º Category:Nautical terms
    º Category:Naval architecture
    º Category:Navigation
    º Category:Neolithic
    º Category:Oral history
    º Category:Orientalism
    º Category:Painting
    º Category:Painting by culture
    º Category:Painting materials
    º Category:Periods and stages in archaeology
    º Category:Philosophy by field
    º Category:Philosophy of history
    º Category:Philosophy of mathematics
    º Category:Philosophy of mind
    º Category:Philosophy of music
    º Category:Philosophy of science
    º Category:Pottery
    º Category:Prehistory
    º Category:Printing
    º Category:Printmaking
    º Category:Rail transport timelines
    º Category:Religious music
    º Category:Renaissance
    º Category:Science timelines
    º Category:Ship construction
    º Category:Ships
    º Category:Ships by era
    º Category:Social history
    º Category:Social science timelines
    º Category:Sociology timelines
    º Category:Spaceflight
    º Category:Spanish art
    º Category:Steam power
    º Category:Stone Age
    º Category:Tattooing
    º Category:Technology timelines
    º Category:Theories of historyUse It!
    º Category:Transport timelines
    º Category:Underground cities
    º Category:United Nations
    º Category:Visual arts
    º Category:Watercraft
    º Category:Water transport
    º Category:Weather
    º Category:Women in history
    º Category:Women rulers
    º Category:Woodcarving
    º Category:Woodworking
    º Category:World history
    º Geologic time scale
    º Glossary of nautical terms
    º Glossary of woodworking
    º History by period
    º Index of history articles
    º List of artistic media
    º List of aviation pioneers
    º List of book burning incidents
    º List of books banned by governments
    º List of bridges
    º List of buildings and structures
    º List of building types
    º List of cartographers
    º List of female rulers and title holders
    º List of geographers
    º List of historians
    º List of house types
    º List of human habitation forms
    º List of pottery terms
    º List of religions and spiritual traditions
    º List of revolutions and rebellions
    º List of technologies
    º List of time periods
    º List of years in science
    º Outline of history
    º Outline of law#History_of_Law
    º Portal:History
    º Table of years in architecture
    º Table of years in art
    º Table of years in literature
    º Table of years in music
    º Timeline of architectural styles
    º Timeline of architecture
    º Timeline of biology and organic chemistry
    º Timeline of biotechnology
    º Timeline of clothing and textiles technology
    º Timeline of environmental events
    º Timeline of environmental history
    º Timeline of evolution
    º Timeline of European exploration
    º Timeline of extinctions
    º Timeline of geology
    º Timeline of heat engine technology
    º Timeline of historic inventionsUse It!
    º Timeline of the history of environmentalism
    º Timeline of human evolution
    º Timeline of labor issues and events
    º Timeline of materials technology
    º Timeline of medicine and medical technology
    º Timeline of meteorology
    º Timeline of Jewish history
    º Timeline of low-temperature technology
    º Timeline of meteorology
    º Timeline of microscope technology
    º Timeline of the Muslim presence in the Iberian peninsula
    º Timeline of plant evolution
    º Timeline of prehistory
    º Timeline of psychiatry
    º Timeline of psychotherapy
    º Timeline of space exploration
    º Timeline of thermodynamics
2nd century BC
    º Armillary sphere (water powered) invented by Zhang Heng in China
    º paper invented by Cai Lun in China
    º Ptolemy compiles catalogue of all stars visible to the naked eye & the Almagest, Tetrabiblos & Geographia
    º seismometer invented by Zhang Heng in China to detect cardinal direction of earthquakes
1st century BC
    º Antikythera mechanism invented
    º first dome was built by the Romans
    º Glass blowing is invented in Roman Syria
    º water-powered trip hammer
    º Sunspots, first recorded by Chinese
1st century
    º Bookbinding
    º Codex replaces the scroll
    º hydraulic-powered bellows to heat the blast furnace in smelting cast iron, powered by a waterwheel
    º saqiya & square-pallet chain pump
    º water cycle accurately described
2nd century
3rd century
4th century
5th century
6th century
7th century
8th century
    º Heavy plough
    º Horse collar
    º Horseshoe (iron)
    º Clockwork escapement mechanism to operate and rotate his astronomical celestial globe
9th century
10th century
11th century
12th century
13th century
14th century
15th century
16th century
17th century
18th century
19th century
20th century
    º Twentieth century
Absolutism (European history)
Academic history
Age of Enlightenment (Age of Reason) centered upon the 18th century
    º Enlightenment in Western secular tradition
Ancient Egypt
    º Index of ancient Egypt-related articles
    º List of ancient Egyptian sites
    º Outline of ancient Egypt
Ancient history
Ancient Near East
Ancient philosophy
Anthropology of art
Architectural design values
Architectural engineering
Architectural structure
Architectural style
Art history
Astrology and astronomy
Aviation history
Big History field of historical study that examines history from the beginning of time to the present day through a multi-disciplinary approach
Blast furnace#History
Boat building
Book burning
Bronze Age
    º Bronze Age collapse transitional period between the Stone Age & Iron Age
    º Capitalism#History
Celestial navigation
Cement#History of the origin of cement
    º Self-censorship
    º Ceramic art
    º Ceramic engineering#History
    º Ceramic materials
Chalcolithic (Copper Age)
Civil liberties
Civil and political rights
    º African-American Civil Rights Movement(1955–1968)
    º Civil rights movement
Clean living movement
Class conflict
Class struggle
Clock (also see History of timekeeping devices)
Comte, Auguste (1798-1857) positive philosophy to remedy social malaise of the French revolution, impacted Karl Marx & John Stuart Mill
    º Positivism
    º Quantitative research
Conceptual history evolution of paradigmatic ideas and value systems over time; etymology & changes in meanings as a crucial basis for cultural, conceptual & linguistic understanding
Conflict theory
Conservation movement#History
Conservation in the United States#History
Courtly love
Cultural evolutionism
Cultural history
Cultural pessimism
Cyclic history
Destruction of libraries
Divine right of kings
Dugout (shelter)
Early modern period
Earth sheltering#Earth_shelter_construction:_history_and_examples
Earth house
    º Pit-house
Earthship passive solar house made of natural & recycled materials
Economic history (also see History of Banking, History of Capitalism)
    º Economic determinism
    º Economic freedom
Efficiency Movement
Energy#History (also see History of thermodynamics)
    º History of energy
• Enlightenment (see Age of Enlightment)
Ethics branch of philosophy addressing morality with concepts such as good/evil, right/wrong, virtue/vice & justice
Ethnic history branch of social history studying ethnic groups & immigrants
Family history
    º Great Famine of 1315-1317
Fertile Crescent
Food history
Form of the Good from Plato
Free will
    º Academic freedom
    º Civil liberties
    º Economic freedom
    º Freedom of assembly
    º Freedom of association
    º Freedom of education
    º Freedom of information
    º Freedom of movement
    º Freedom of the press
    º Freedom of religion
    º Freedom of speech
    º Freedom of thought
    º Intellectual freedom
    º Political freedom
    º School speech (First Amendment)
    º Scientific freedom
Gender history
Global intellectual history
    º Globalization and disease
Guns, Germs, and Steel (book) by Jared Diamond
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831)
    º Hegelianism
Historical determinism
Historical materialism
Historical realism
Historical revisionism
Historical sociology branch of sociology focusing on how societies develop through history
Historicity (philosophy)
Historic preservation
Historic recurrence
Historiography of science
    º Outline of history
    º Portal:History
    º Schools of history
History of Africa
History of agricultural science
    º History of fertilizer
    º Plough#History of the plough
History of alcoholic beverages
History of anthropology
History of archaeology
History of architecture
History of art
History of Asia
History of astrology
History of astronomy
History of the automobile
History of banking
    º Monetary policy#History of monetary policy
History of beer
History of biology
History of books
History of bread
History of capitalism
    º Capitalism#History
    º The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (book) by Max Weber
History of cartography (maps)
    º Cartography#History
    º Early world maps
    º List of cartographers
History of cheese
History of chemistry
    º Electrochemistry#History
    º History of electrochemistry
History of chocolate
History of classical music traditions
History of coal mining
History of coffee
History of communication
History of communism
    º The Communist Manifesto (book) by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
    º Marxist philosophy
    º Historical materialism
History of computer science
History of the concept of creativity
History of construction
History of the cooperative movement
History of cosmetics
History of dance
History of economic thought
    º Capitalism#History
    º Distribution (economics)
    º Justice (economics)
    º Monetary policy#History of monetary policy
History of education
    º Education in the Age of Enlightenment
    º History of education in France
    º History of virtual learning environments
    º List of abandoned education methods
    º Medieval university
    º Progressive education
    º Quadrivium
    º School speech (First Amendment)
    º Socratic method
History of electromagnetic theory
    º Cathode ray tube
    º Crookes tube
    º Electrical generator#Historical developments
    º Electric battery
    º Electricity#History
    º Electrochemistry#History
    º Electrostatic generator
    º History of electrical engineering
    º History of electrochemistry
    º Induction motor#History
    º Leyden jar a type of capacitor for storing electricla charge
History of energy
History of engineering
History of Europe
History of evolutionary thought
History of feminism
History of ferrous metallurgy
    º History of the modern steel industry
History of fertilizer
History of fishing
History of games
History of geography
History of geology
History of glass
History of ideas
History of the Levant
History of linguistics
History of literature
History of longitude
History of Marriage
History of materials science
History of mathematics
    º History of statistics
History of medicine
History of Mesopotamia
History of money
    º History of coins
• History of Music (see Music History)
History of navigation
History of newspapers and magazines
History of painting
History of paper
History of the petroleum industry
    º History of the oil shale industry
History of philosophy
History of photography
History of physics
History of poetry
History of political thinking
History of printing
History of psychology
History of rail transport
History of religions
History of road transport
History of salt
History of sanitation and water supply
History of science
    º History and philosophy of science
History of sculpture
History of slavery
    º Slavery#History
History of socialism
History of the social sciences
History of social work
History of sociology
History of spaceflight (also see Space exploration)
History of statistics
History of the steam engine
History of steam road vehicles
History of structural engineering
History of sugar
History of tattooing
History of tea
History of technology
History of theatre
History of thermodynamics
    º Caloric theory
    º Energy#History (also see History of thermodynamics)
    º History of energy
    º History of entropy
    º History of heat
    º Mechanical equivalent of heat
    º Timeline of heat engine technology
    º Timeline of thermodynamics
History of timekeeping devices
    º Clock
    º History of sundials
History of transport
History of whaling
History of wine
History of wood carving
History of the world
History of writing (see also Printing & Printmaking)
    º History of the alphabet
    º History of the Arabic alphabet
The Holocaust
    º Holocaust denial
Homage (feudal)
Human evolution
Human migration
Idea of Progress
    º Cultural imperialism
    º Scientific imperialism
Inception of Darwin's theory
Industrial history
Industrial Revolution
    º History of the steam engine
    º Industrialization
    º Modernization
    º Steam power during the Industrial Revolution
    º Textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution
    º Urbanization
Industrial society
Information revolution
Intellectual history
International development holistic and multi-disciplinary context of the development of greater quality of life for humans
    º International law
Iron Age
The Iron Bridge
    º Arab Agricultural Revolution
    º Book of Ingenious Devices
    º Islamic architecture
    º Islamic art
    º Islamic Golden Age
    º Islamic music
Justice concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity, with punishment for a breach of ethics
    º Distributive justice
    º Redistributive justice
Justice (economics)
Major religious groups
    º #History of religious categories
Labor history (discipline)
    º History of labor law in the United States
    º History of union busting in the United States
    º Labor history of the United States
    º Labour legislation
    º Labor movement#History
    º New labor history
Legal history
    º History of companies
    º History of competition law
    º History of copyright law
    º History of criminal justice
    º History of the legal profession
    º History of patent law
    º History of public international law
    º Labour legislation
    º Legal history of wills
    º Outline of law#History of Law
    º Portal:Law
    º Rule according to higher law
    º Rule of law#History
    º Sources of law
    º Classical liberalism
    º Negative liberty
    º Positive liberty
    º Social liberalism
Local history
Lost history
• Maps (see History of cartography)
Marine propulsion
Maritime history
Materials science
Mathematical beauty
    º Ethnomathematics
Mathematics and architecture
Mathematics and art
Mathematics and fiber arts
• Medieval (see Middle Ages)
Memory hole
Middle Ages following the Iron Age, fully underway 5th -15th centuries, preceding the early Modern Era
    º Church and state in medieval Europe
    º Medieval art
    º Medieval music
    º Medieval technology
    º Medieval Warm Period
    º History of coal mining
Modern Age
Modern history after the Middle Ages
Morality a sense of behavioral conduct that differentiates good/bad or right/wrong intentions, decisions & actions
Music history
    º History of the classical guitar
    º History of the harpsichord
    º History of the violin
    º Prehistoric music (previously called primitive music)
    º Piano history and musical performance
    º Social history of the piano
Music and mathematics
Mutualism (movement)
Narrative history
Nationalization of history
Natural history the scientific research of of any category of natural objects or organisms, leaning more towards observational rather than experimental methods of study
Natural philosophy the study of nature and the physical universe that was dominant before the development of modern science.
Naval architecture
Neolithic founder crops
New World crops
Non-Darwinian Evolution
Official history
One-place study
Oral history
Outline of the visual arts
People's history
Philosophy of biology
Philosophy of education
Philosophy of history
Philosophy of mathematics
Philosophy of mind
Philosophy of physics
Philosophy of science
Philosophy of technology
Political freedom
Political history of the world
Political philosophy#History of political philosophy
    º Legitimacy (political)
Political science#History
Popular history
    º Potter's wheel#History
Progress (history)
Progressive Era (US)
Rationalization (sociology)
Recorded history
Refrigeration#Historical applications
Religious music
Rule of law#History
Rural history
    º Shipbuilding#History
    º Watercraft
Social Darwinism
Social history
Social isolation
Social progress
Social relation
Social Science History
    º Antipositivism
    º Positivism
    º Qualitative research
    º Quantitative research
    º Verstehen
Space exploration#History of exploration in the 20th Century
    º History of spaceflight
    º Timeline of space exploration
    º History of Spain
    º Economic history of Spain
    º Spanish architecture
    º Spanish art
    º Spanish Empire
Stained glass#History
Stone Age
Structural engineering#History of structural engineering
    º Oral tradition
Truth#Notable views
Underground city
Underground living
United Nations
    º Criticism of the United Nations
Universal history the presentation of the history of humankind as a whole coherent unit
Victorian era 1837-1901
Visual arts
    º Aqueduct
    º Groundwater
    º Irrigation#History
    º Outline of water
Max Weber (1864-1920)
    º Antipositivism
    º Qualitative research
    º Verstehen
Whaling#History of whaling
    º History of whaling
Whig history
Women's history
Wood carving
World government
World History is a field of historical study that looks for common patterns across all cultures
World-systems theory individual states can gain or lose the core, semi-periphery, periphery status over time
    º Core countries focus on higher skill, capital-intensive production
    º Periphery countries
    º Semi-periphery countries

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1910! The Mexican Revolution U Texas El Paso
The History of the Conquest of Mexico William Hickling Prescot
Pancho Villa Information: U Texas


BrainBank, Religion from Cool Fire Technology
Important Dates in the History of Religion

Dictionary of the History of IdeasUse It! Contents, Search
• from the Electronic Text Center, U Virginia Library
Religion & Philosophy religious and philosophical ideas

International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR)

Internet History Sourcebooks Project
• Subsidiary History Sourcebooks
    º Islamic
    º Jewish

The Natural History of Religion by David Hume, 1757

Wikipedia (Authors)
Bethune-Baker, James (1861-1951)
Brace, Charles Loring (1826-1890)
Coulton, G. G. (1858-1947)
Frazer, James George (1854-1941)
    º The Golden Bough
Harnack, Adolf von (1851-1930)
Hastings, James (1852-1922)
    º Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics
Herbermann, Charles George (1840-1916)
    º Catholic Encyclopedia
Hopkins, Edward Washburn (1857-1932)
Inge, William Ralph (1860-1954)
James, William (1842-1910)
    º The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature
Leuba, James H. (1867-1946)
Lowie, Robert (1883-1957)
Malinowski, Bronislaw (1884-1942)
Mencken, H. L. (1880-1956)
    º Treatise on the Gods
Moore, George Foot (1851-1931)
Murray, Gilbert (1866-1957)
Page, Kirby (1890-1957)
Radin, Paul (1883-1959)
Reinach, Salomon (1858-1932)
Smith, Preserved (1880-1941)
• Taylor, Henry Osborn
Toy, Crawford Howell (1836-1919)
Weigall, Arthur (1880-1934)
Wheless, Joseph (1868-1950)
White, Andrew Dickson (1832-1918)
Whitehead, Alfred North (1861-1947)
    º Philosophy of Organism
    º Process and Reality defends theism

Anima mundi
Christianity and Judaism
The Christ Myth
Christ myth theory
    º Perfection of Christ
Exegesis critical explanation or interpretation of a religious text
    º Binitarianism
    º Shema Yisrael “the Lord is our God, the Lord is one”
    º Non-Trinitarian
    º Trinity
        ◊ God the Father
        ◊ God the Son
        ◊ Holy Spirit (Christianity)
    º Biblical hermeneutics
Historicity of Jesus
Judaic Digital Library
Psychology of religion
Resurrection of Jesus
Tacitus on Christ
Typology (theology) doctrine or theory concerning Old and New Testament relationships

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The Art of Renaissance ScienceMust See! Astronomical Observatory of Padova

The Art of Renaissance Science: Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development
The Art of Renaissance Science: McMurry University
Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy Jacob Burckhardt
Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
The Real Landsknechten High Renaissance Clothing
Renaissance by Nancy B. Mautz
Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture SunSite, UNC-Chapel Hill
Virtual Renaissance: A journey through time
Yahoo search Arts: Humanities: History: By_Time_Period: Renaissance


    º Category:Religion
Treatise on the Gods

Images of War and Empire Cartoons from San Francisco 1898 Newspapers
New Mexico's Rough Riders in the Spanish American War Wm. Charles Bennett, II
Spanish Armada (1588) Military History


Historical criticism

The History Channel Links, cable TV schedule

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EServer.orgUse It! (formerly the The English Server)
History and Historiography

Historical Text Archive Complete online historical texts


    º Category:Ancient timelines
    º Category:Culture-related timelines
    º Category:Historical timelines
    º Category:Medicine timelines
    º Category:Modern history timelines
    º Category:Science timelines
    º Category:Technology timelines
    º Category:Timelines
    º List of timelines
Timeline of ancient history
Timeline of early modern history
Timeline of European exploration
Timeline of the Middle Ages
Timeline of prehistory
Timeline of world history


The History Guide, Links
• Lectures:
    º Ancient and Medieval European
    º Early Modern
    º Modern European Intellectual
    º 20th Century Europe
Student's Guide

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses

Resources for the Study of World Civilizations Learning Modules


Victorianan WebUse It! art, authors, books, history, philosophy, religion, science, Search: Brown U

DIRECTORIES-Women's History Open Directory | |

DIRECTORIES-Feminism Open Directory |, Women's History links

Internet History Sourcebooks Project
• Subsidiary History Sourcebooks
    º Women's

Natinal Park Service, Women's Rights National Historical Park ( alt )

National Women's History Project
Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement 1848 - 1998

U Rochester, Libraries
Upstate New York and the Women's Rights Movement, About, FAQ, Links
Book Reviews
Essays Historical background, selected topics


Washington State U, World Civilizations

World History
World History Blog
World History Web Resources: An Annotated Guide by Michael Lorenzen, Central Michigan U


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