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PEN American Center world’s oldest international literary & human rights organization of writers, journalists, translators, historians, & literary professionals
World Voices Festival of International Literature: Videos, Podcasts, Photos, Blogs
    º Opening Night: Written on Water

also see.. Authors, Beat, Poetry, §US HISTORY§

American Collection Educator's Site, Links, SiteMap
• Authors:
    º James Agee
    º Willa Cather
    º Langston Hughes
    º Henry James
    º Esmeralda Santiago
    º Eudora Welty
Interdisciplinary Units segregation within American literature
Literature Resources, Literary Timeline events occuring on selection of days of the month
US Literary Map Project student created author bios for each state

American Information Web, Key Sites on American Literature Links
American Literature Keele U

American Studies @ The University of Virginia
Baldwin, James, Black Elk, Cooper, James Fenimore,
Emerson, Ralph Waldo,
Fitzgerald, F. Scott, Franklin, Benjamin, Faulkner, William,
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, Hemingway, Ernest, Kerouac, Jack,
Sinclair, Upton, Steinbeck, John,
Thoreau, Henry David, Twain, Mark

Dickinson, Emily   Paul E. Black
Electronic Archive of Early American Fiction: U Virginia Library

Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures Georgetown U
Electronic Texts and Interactive Platforms

Eliot, The T. S... Page
Faulkner, William American Writer 1897-1962 from John B. Padgett, U Mississippi
History of American Literature P. Timothy Ervin, Yasuda Women's U
Hurston, Zora Neale
James, Henry   Richard D. Hathaway

Jill Diesman ( Northern Kentucky U ), Links
Poetry and Prose of the Harlem Renaissance

Literature and Hypertext ResourcesUse It! American Studies Web search, Georgetown U

Longfellow, Selected Poetry of Henry Wadsworth   U of Toronto
Louisiana Authors Index

Making of America (MoA) primary source digital library: American social history (Antebellum-Reconstruction)
Books Search, Contents

Melville, The Life and Works of Herman

MIMI: American Literature e-texts, 18th/19th-CenturiesUse It!

Mississippi Writers and Musisicans, Artists and Actors
Mississippi Writers Page

New York Public Library, Digital Library
African American Women Writers of the 19th Century, Selection of Published Works
    º Biographies

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature, research & reference guide by Paul P. Reuben
from Californai State U, Stanislaus

Poe, Frazuh's Edgar Allan... Collection
Poe, Edgar Allen... - Complete Works   Nevermore
Rutgers Newark, Jack Lynch, Literary Resources — AmericanUse It!
SALLY ANNE: American Literature 20th Cent

San Antonio College, LitWeb
African American Literature
American Women Writers
Brief Chronology of African American Literature
Chicano Literature online resources for teaching American Women's Literature

Society for the Study of American Women Writers, Links

Thoreau, Henry David   Sean Mahoney and Joe Smith
The Transcendentalists

TWAIN, MARK U Pennsylvania, Celebration of Women Writers

U Virginia, American Studies
Electronic Classroom
HypertextsUse It! by Author

VIDAL, GORE Voice of the Shuttle Portal, American Literature
Whitman, The Walt... Hypertext Archive   Kenneth M. Price and Ed Folsom
Whitman, Poet at Work: Recovered Notebooks   Library of Congress
Wright's American Fiction, 1851-1875 electronic text collection, About, Browse by Author, Search
Writing Black Portal: Literature & History written by & on African Americans


Perseus Digital LibraryUse It!

also see.. Book Dicussion Groups

American Library Association improve services & profession, universal information access
PEN American Center world’s oldest international literary & human rights organization of writers, journalists, translators, historians, & literary professionals
World Voices Festival of International Literature: Videos, Podcasts, Photos, Blogs
    º Opening Night: Written on Water

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. (SFWA)


Archive.orgUse It!
Audio ( Search ): Audio Books & Poetry
Choosing a Digital Audio Player
How LibriVox Works
How to Listen computer, iPod, mp3 player... ($)

The British Library: Archival Sound Recordings
Public Collections

LibriVox.orgUse It! Public Domain
Forums subscription downloads $10/yr

    º Category:Audiobooks
    º Category:Sound archives
British Library Sound Archive
Internet Archive

also see.. American Authors, Shakespeare

The Author Guru Is In writing, author email addresses
Corwin's AuthorWeb searchable database by Stan Paregien, database of Western writers & entertainers
Gale Literary Database (restricted access) biographical data, 90,000 contemporary authors
Great writers Piet Wesselman
Gombrowicz, Witold (1904-1969) existentialism before Jean-Paul Sartre
Index of the Online Book Initiative
Individual Author Guides LSU Libraries Webliography
The Literary Menagerie, Radio: HarperAudio! online recordings

Oxford Review hear online author interviews:, American MastersUse It! About
Masters List: Film/Television, Literature, Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts

AwardWeb Laurie Mann
Book Stacks Hall of Fame

also see.. American, §Jazz§

Epistrophy: the Jazz Literature Archive
Bohemian Ink literary underground review

Literary Kicks (ads!) The Beat Generation
Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac
Jazz and the Beat Generation

also see.. Associations, Reviews, §Collaboration (EDUCATION)§

GoodReads.comUse It! social reading & publishing company, free publications, upload & download, About

Book discussion club
Collective intelligence
Collaborative learning
Cooperative learning
Literature circle classroom organization
Thesis circle

BOOKLISTS & REVIEWS review search engine: Literature Division
American Booksellers Association Bestseller list, bookstore, News, reviews, Search

Booklist Home PageUse It! American Library Assoc: adult, audiovisual, childrens, electronic, reference... author index, current & past reviews, Search
BOOKNews on the Internet science, technology and medicine: UK

BookPage.comUse It! monthly reviews, author interviews: national review publication

The Bookpress newspaper of the literary arts, Upstate New York
BookReviews.Net children's books, classics, best sellers, & review newsgroups, Links

BookWireUse It! multiple critical reviews

Boston Book Review articles, interviews , reviews:
Braille Book Review: US Library of Congress - Books author interviews, News, reviews
Danny Yee's Book Reviews fiction & non-fiction, broad range of genre & subject

GoodReads.comUse It!

Google BooksUse It!

Internet Top 100 SF & Fantasy Books Tristram Cooke
Jim Trageser's Book Reviews particularly experimental literature, histories & popular science
John's Nautical Literature Page extensive reviews & lists
Multicultural Book Review Homepage Links, review of the month, submit your own books
Native American Books all ages, by tribe & subject, Native perspective, short reviews
The New York Review of Books audio readings, essays, Forums, Links, criticism, News, Search
Reviewers International Organization: at

SlashDot.orgUse It! News for Nerds with great commentary, even yours, FAQ
Book Reviews

USA Today BookShelf: bargains, bestseller guide, out-of-print, publishing world headlines BookWorld full first chapters, reviews, discussions
Women's Books Online world-wide reviews:
19th Century Authors in UK
British Authors on the Web chronological
British Poetry Archive
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Jeremy Hylton

CARLYLE, THOMAS Sartor Resartus: the life and opinions of Herr Teufelsdrockh: ( htm )
Book III, Chpt 8
    º Philosophy complains that Custom has hoodwinked us, from the first; that we do everything by Custom, even Believe by it; that our very Axioms, let us boast of Free-thinking as we may, are oftenest simply such Beliefs as we have never heard questioned. Nay, what is Philosophy throughout but a continual battle against Custom; an ever-renewed effort to transcend the sphere of blind Custom, and so become Transcendental?
    º Innumerable are the illusions and legerdemain-tricks of Custom: but of all these, perhaps the cleverest is her knack of persuading us that the Miraculous, by simple repetition, ceases to be Miraculous.
    º Ever, as before, does Madness remain a mysterious-terrific, altogether infernal boiling-up of the Nether Chaotic Deep, through this fair-painted Vision of Creation, which swims thereon, which we name the Real.
    º But deepest of all illusory Appearances, for hiding Wonder, as for many other ends, are your two grand fundamental world-enveloping Appearances, SPACE and TIME. These, as spun and woven for us from before Birth itself, to clothe our celestial ME for dwelling here, and yet to blind it,-lie all-embracing, as the universal canvas, or warp and woof, whereby all minor Illusions, in this Phantasm Existence, weave and paint themselves. In vain, while here on Earth, shall you endeavor to strip them off; you can, at best, but rend them asunder for moments, and look through.

Sartor Resartus
Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)

Wikiquote: Thomas Carlyle
Sartor Resartus

Publius Censorship Resistant Publishing System relatively anonymous

BookHive Reviews books for children birth through 12
Book Nook book reports on kids literature by kids
Books for Children .. and More
Children's Book Awards David Brown
Children's Literature WWW Page
Children's Newbery Award Winners
Fairy Tales and Fables Gopher directory at
Ewe Books for Free Ebooks downloadable childrens' books
The Hunting of the Snark Lewis Carroll
inkspot: Children's Writer's Resource
The Page at Pooh Corner History of Winnie-the-Pooh, author, and illustrator, 100 Best Books for Kids by age level, selected by the National Education Association

Classic Chinese Literature in English


Our Lady of Zeitun Online “The Holy Bible Web Site”
Early Church Fathers Collection in Microsoft HTML Help or WinHelp Format

Third Millennium Ministries, Links, SiteMap
Online Resources, Electronic Books, public domain HTML, RTF, TXT, ZIP formats, Browse by Author, Subject or Series
    º John Calvin and the Early Church Fathers

also see.. Digital Libraries, Latin

American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy
from U North Carolina, Department of Classics

Armarium Labyrinthi: Labyrinth Latin Bookcase Georgetown U

Classics Technology CenterUse It! AbleOne Education Network,

Focus ($) Classics Catalog
Latin And Greek Languages: Greek, Latin,

A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples

The Internet Classics ArchiveUse It! Search over 440 works, from MIT

LabyrinthUse It! Resources for Medieval Studies from Georgetown U
Armarium Labyrinthi: Labyrinth Latin Bookcase

Lady Leonia's Classic Literature literary guide web ring.
Links:   Dept Classics, U Mississippi
Metamorphoses of Ovid: The Analytical Onomasticon Project
MIT Internet Classics Archive online

Perseus Digital LibraryUse It!
Greek and Roman Materials (Classics Collection)

Project Libellus library of classical Latin (and Greek) texts from HHH Associates
Suzanne Bonefas' Classics On-line Course Database ( All Courses ), Search
Course Materials

Online Medieval and Classical Library Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE

CONTEMPORARY Asher, Dery, Gach, Gans, Gehr, McKenna, Seabrook, Silberman

Frayn, Michael (1933)
    º Copenhagen (play)
    º Democracy (play)
    º Headlong (Frayn novel)
    º The Human Touch: Our part in the creation of the universe
    º A Landing on the Sun
    º Noises Off
    º Now You Know (play)
    º Spies (novel)
    º Sweet Dreams (novel)
    º The Tin Men
    º Towards the End of the Morning
    º The Trick of It
    º A Very Private Life (novel)

also see.. §Copyright (LAW)§

British Library Search Main catalogue
Library of Congress Online Catalogs


Google Books
Charles Dickens
    º Barnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of 'Eighty

(also see... Classics, §Open Archiving§), Public Domain

DIRECTORIES-Digital Libraries Open Directory | |
Wikimedia Portal: Wikipedia | Wikibooks | 33 Wikipedia:Books | Wikiquote | Wikisource | Wiktionary |

ABU: la Bibliotheque Universelle, Catalogue des Textes (French) ~700 Fables
AKAMAC E-text Links
Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts collection of public domain documents from American & English literature, plus Western philosophy

Archive.orgUse It!
U Florida Duplicates

Avalon ProjectUse It! Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy, About, FAQ, Search
at Yale, Law School
Document Collections literature, reference & verse by author, subject, title or Search online literature library of searchable full text classics VENDOR: instant delivery of books, periodicals & newpapers adaptive technology: text-to-speech, computer display, Braille access; Free Daisy reader with membership free to students & educational institutions
Reading Tools

The British Library

Cambridge Digital LibraryUse It!
Document Express with DjVu ($)
DjVu Browser Plug-in

Carrie: A Full-Text Electronic LibraryUse It! U Kansas

CiteSeer.IST Scientific Literature Digital LibraryUse It!

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
from the MIT Tech newspaper

Consciousness, Literature and the Arts Archive from U Wales, Dept Theatre, Film & TV Studios
Articles and Essays
Book Reviews
Creative Writing

Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR): Digital Library Federation (DLF)

Digital Library Federation (DLF)

Digital Text International ( Links ( etexts, Search Engines )
Philosophical Topics: Online Papers and Books

Division of Information and Intelligent Systems - Digital Libraries Initiative
from: Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering, National Science Foundation

D-Lib Forum and D-Lib Magazine - Reference Links
eBooks@Adelaide online texts, U Adelaide
Electronic Beowulf
Electronic Books Penn State U Libraries Gopher

Electronic Texts Scanned and edited by Jack Lynch: Rutgers U
eLib: The Electronic Libraries Programme UK - Programme Background, Towards the Hybrid Library, Search
The Revolt Of The Masses Jose Ortega Y Gassett free open source software for self-archiving research
• Sites Utilizing EPrints Software
    º cognition related research papers

EServer.orgUse It! (formerly the The English Server)

FictionBook description based on the XML standard from W3C VENDOR: e-books, enhanced book reading

Google BooksUse It! Search using Public Domain only tab (&as_brr=4 in URL)

Gutenberg ProjectUse It! (Project Gutenberg) Search/Download Electronic Texts
Contents (catalog) browse by Author or Title
Distributed Proofreaders volunteer for distributed web-based proofreading

Haiti Trust Digital LibraryUse It!

ibiblio.orgUse It! Collection Index, Ebooks

IBIC list of online Books and Magazines most books available in the public domain computer information technology:
Free Library
Safari | InformIT Books Online - 30 day free trial ($) academic & professional publications, fax & Ariel delivery

Internet Archive & Wayback Machine, surf more than 10 billion web pages from the past
Open Source BooksUse It!

Internet Archive of Texts and Documents: History Dept, Hanover College
Internet History Sourcebooks Project from Fordhan U, Paul Halsall, editor

Internet Public Library, Books, Online Texts Links
Reading Room
    º Books, Magazines, Newspapers

Jacksonvillle State U
Internet Sites Related To Electronic Literature Portal digital archive for participating libraries ($) ($) About
• biosciences, engineering, behavioral sciences, computer sciences, environmental & plant sciences, physical sciences, humanities & social sciences
eBooks, eReference, Journals Michael E. Lesk
Digital Libraries
Information Retrieval public domain audiobooks (mp3/ogg)
Catalog Search
Volunteer to Read/Record

Medieval, Renaissance, 17th c.

Mead Project 2.0 at Brock U, Project Inventory Arranged by Author
• see James Baldwin, Henri Bergson, Charles Darwin, John Dewey, William James, George Herbert Mead, William I. Thomas, Thorsten Veblen, Alfred North Whitehead Organize, share & discover research papers (like iTunes for research papers)
Million Books Project
MIMI: American Literature "e-texts"
MIT Internet Classics Archive
Muse Creations VENDOR: eBooks for the fiction reader

National Federation of the Blind (NFB)
Paperless Electronic BooksUse It! Download zipped files

New York Public Library, Digital Collections
History & Literature
    º African American Women Writers of the 19th Century
Fernando Ortiz (1880-1969), studies dedicated to..
The Romanovs: Their Empire, Their Books
Treasures of the American Performing Arts 1875-1923
Utopia: The Search for the Ideal Society in the Western World
A War in Perspective, 1898-1998: Public Appeals, Memory, and the Spanish-American Conflict

New Zealand Digital Library

The Online Books PageUse It! listing over 2 million free books @ U Pennsylvania, Libraries

Online Library of LibertyUse It! classic books about individual liberty, About, HowTo, Search
User Created Reading Lists

The Online Medieval and Classical Library online texts, Search; U California, Berkeley
• Browse by Author, Genre, Language, Title
Download Info: ftp

The Online Books PageUse It! Book Listings, Links to all major repositories; U Penn, Digital Library Projects
• Browse by Author, New Listings, serial archives, Subject, Title
Search by Author or Title

OpenLibrary.orgUse It!

Oxford Text Archive, Browse, FAQ, Search ( Advanced, Full Text, Web Site )

Perseus Digital LibraryUse It! ( plain text)
Classics Greek, Latin, Archaeology
Papyri Duke Data Bank
English Renaissance Shakespeare, Marlowe..

Project GutenbergUse It! Search/Download Electronic Texts
Contents (catalog) browse by Author or Title
Distributed Proofreaders volunteer for distributed web-based proofreading

Public Bookshelf download books in the public domain ($) a few free articles & books Online Books by Author (commercial)
Rensselaer Writing Center Online Handouts
Rocket eBook VENDOR: NuvoMedia, Inc. (now Gemstar International Group Ltd)
Sailor's Project Gutenberg Server (
Sally Anne: American Literature 20th Cent VENDOR: e-books

Thinking Library literature: books on-line, e-texts
By Author

Third Millennium Ministries, Links, SiteMap
Online Resources, Electronic Books, public domain HTML, RTF, TXT, ZIP formats, Browse by Author, Subject or Series
    º Early Church Fathers
    º Medieval & Reformation
    º Post Reformation VENDOR: download MP3 audio book library for low yearly fee

U Michigan Digital Library Collections

U Michigan Humanities Text Initiative: Content, About
Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience
Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln
Historical Math Collection
Public Domain Modern English Collection, Browse, Search ( Simple, Boolean, Proximity )

U Nebraska, Digital Commons: Disciplines
U Pittsburgh, Digital Research Library (DRL)
19th Century Schoolbooks 140 schoolbooks & 2 historic schoolbook surveys by John Nietz
Image Collections
Parallax Project from the Allegheny Observatory (1910-69)

U Toronto, Digital Library with the following & more..
Anatomia 1522-1867: Anatomical Plates
Canadian Poetry and Poets
English Library
TSpace intellectual digital products of UT faculty

U Virginia, Electronic Text Center
English Online Resources

U Virginia, Institute for Advanced Technologies in the Humanities (IATH)
Virtual Paper Digital Equipment Corporation
    º Literature

Amazon Kindle, buy a Kindle: Amazon, Ebay
Category:Electronic paper technology
Category:Dedicated e-book devices
Comparison of e-book formats
DAISY Digital Talking Book
EPUB electronic publication epub format
International Digital Publishing Forum standards for ebook publishing
Internet Archive
Comparison of e-book readers
Project Gutenberg

Wikipedia:Books Wikipedia articles that can be easily stored in PDF or OpenDocument format, or ordered as a printed book
    º Category:Wikipedia books
    º Category:Wikipedia books on arts
    º Category:Wikipedia books on literature
    º Category:Wikipedia books on mathematics
    º Category:Wikipedia books on science
    º Help:Books
    º Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikipedia-Books
Divine Comedy
Shakespeare's Sonnets


WWW Virtual Library: Theatre and Drama
Electronic text archives and plays onlineUse It!

Yale U, Libary, Digital Collections


The Avalon Project (Yale Law School)
Baen Free Library
B&R Samizdat Express
Banned Books On-Line
Bibliomania -- The Network Library
Bibliotheca Augustana
Blackmask Online
Book Lovers: Fine Books & Literature
Books about California History and Culture
CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts
Center for Electronic Projects in American Culture Studies (CEPACS) Georgetown U
Le Chβteau (French)
The Children's Literature Web Guide
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Classics Archive
Classic Horror Short Stories
Classics in the History of Psychology
Digital Library Program, Indiana U
Documenting the American South
Early Canadiana Online
eBooks@Adelaide: Free Web Books, Online
Eldritch Press
Electronic Text Collection formerly Retexts or Looking-Glass Library
The Etext Archives
The Ex-Classics Web Site
Global Language Resources
Great Books Index
Great Books of Western Civilization
Henry James Scholar's Guide to Web Sites
The Hockliffe Project
Humanities Text Initiative
Humanistic Texts
HUMI Project (Keio University)
Hyperizons: The Hypertext Fiction Homepage
Hypertexts, U Virginia
The Internet Classics Archive
Internet Library of Early Journals: A digital library of 18th and 19th Century journals
Juggling Books
Labyrinth Library: Middle English Bookcase
The Lawyer's Story: Legal Narrative E-texts
Liberty Online
Library of Congress
Literary Resources on the Net
Literature Project
Litrix Reading Room
Malaspina Great Books
Making of America
Marxists Internet Archive
National Academy Press
National Library of Canada Electronic Collection
Online Book Initiative (OBI)
An Online Library of Literature
Page by Page Books
Project Libellus
Project Runeberg
Renascence Editions
Secular Web Library
Southwestern Classics On-line
The Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive
Victorian Women Writers Project
Wayback Machine: archiving the entire web, from 1996 to now
The Wiretap Electronic Text Archive
World Wide School: Library

also see.. Shakespeare, §Theatre§

DIRECTORIES-Drama Open Directory | | McCoy's Guide | WWW Virtual Library |

Didaskalia, UK, ancient Greek and Roman drama as performed today, Links, Search
Online Playtexts & Electronic Journals
Online Theatre Resources

ELAC Theatre Site, FAQ, Glossary, Forums, SiteMap
Historical Texts, Research Tools
Play Collection & Online Play Collaborations, Plays, Playwrights
Writers' Workshop, Writing ( Academic, Dramatic ), Playwriting

English Verse Drama Search Form
•aate 13th through 19th Century plays by Cast List, Epigraph, Genre, Play Title, Playwright or Spoken Line

Internet Theatre Bookshop (sales) "most comprehensive Catalogue of Plays in the World"
Cinema & TV & Radio
Music, Dance
Plays by Genre
Study & Theory

McCoy's Guide to Internet Resources in Theatre and Performance StudiesUse It!
Links: Electronic Journals and Magazines, Electronic Texts, Online Indexes and Databases

Dramatists Play Service, Inc. play-licensing agency, FAQs, Links ( Authors )
Author Bios
Music, Sound Effects
• Plays Browse, Catalogues, Manuscripts, PlayFinder

Theater Studies Research Guide from Yale U, Library, Links
Basic Guides
Full-Text Electronic Journals Links
Research Resources

WWW Virtual Library: Theatre and Drama
Electronic text archives and plays onlineUse It!


also see.. §Dewey, John§

Book Bytes by Marylaine Block, "online educators super site"
Book Reviews: HomeworkSpot, best K-12 homework resources in many subjects
Education Review: A Journal of Book Reviews: Arizona State U
ERIC/AE Bookstore ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Assessment & Evaluation bookstore

dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo
Wikimedia Portal: Wikipedia & Category:Books | Wikibooks | Wikiquote | Wikisource | Wiktionary |

Lesson Plans

bibliofindUse It! ten million used & rare books, periodicals & ephemera from worlwide booksellers

BookFinder.comUse It! 15 million new, used, rare, & out of print books

Book Links portal-Links, reviews

Book Lovers: Fine Books and Literature
• writers, poets, libraries, publishers, booksellers: new, second hand, antiquarian

The Book Lover's Resource Page indexed according to genre
BookZone's Literary Leaps comprehensive

DealPilot.comUse It! compare prices from online vendors

Dictionary of the History of IdeasUse It! Contents, Search
• from the Electronic Text Center, U Virginia Library
Art ideas in literature & the arts in aesthetic theory and literary criticism

EJournalUse It! Search for Electronic Journals & Magazines

English Language and Literature Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U
English Literature VoS, for research accessible writing
Books book-length nonfiction & miscellaneous literatures
Drama collection of plays, modern works & classics
Education resources for students & teachers
Eighteenth Century cultural history
Electronic Labyrinth implications of hypertext for writers
Feminism select resources
Fiction classics, new works, novels, short fiction
Film, Television & other media studies
Government, law & their social implications
History & historiography
Internet guides, essays, articles..
Journals links to academic journals & popular magazines
Languages studies & theory
Lectures on Demand scholarly audio recordings
Libraries worldwide library catalogue links
Music works in music and music theory (vast collection)
Philosophy modern & classical writings
Poetry verse, literary & poetic theory, original & classic, Sudden original poetry: imagination & intelligence
Reference materials for research
Rhetoric scholarly and pedagogical resources
Thoreau Reader works of Henry D. Thoreau
Web Design discussion of new media design
Zine375 writings on contemporary American life

Internet Book Information Center (IBIC) news, reviews, on-line ordering
Jeff Frost's English Language Links English and the Liberal Arts digital archive for participating libraries

Library of Congress
Online CatalogUse It!

Links to Electronic Book and Text SitesUse It!

Literary Index overview and a review of literature websites
Literary Links Gloucester High School
Literary Resources Links & site reviews

Literary Resources on the NetUse It! Indexed by period, Jack Lynch, U Penn

Literature Resources for students
LitLinks for literary and humanities researchers, U Alberta
MERLOT multimedia educational resource for learning and online teaching

Michigan eLibrary (MEL), Links "Best of the Internet"
Arts & Humanities
    º Literature

Netopia Literary Hotlist
Nobel e-Museum, Literature
One Woman's Writing Retreat links for a writer's life
Online Book Initiative (OBI) ftp
Penn On-Line Literary Research Tools
The On-line Books Page - Poetry Resources
Stokke's Literature Links
Top Humanities Websites EDSITEment Tools for Schools
US Library of Congress

Voice of the Shuttle Portal
Literary Theory
• Literature ( English, non-English )

Web-Cite search for online articles, reviews, conference papers

    º Category:Books by author
    º Category:Books by date
    º Category:Books by topic

WorldCat.orgUse It! Find items in libraries near you

Yahoo Search Reference

Taco Nation: History of Mexican-American Food authors Gustavo Arellano & Jeffrey Pilcher

FORUMS, READING GROUPS start or join a book topic group

dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo


DIRECTORIES-German Literature Open Directory | |

Franz Kafka's Texts on the Web
Google Directory, Works of Literature:
Kafka, Franz
Schiller, Friedrich

Kafka-Franz.comUse It!
Leni's Franz Kafka Page

Nobel e-Museum, Literature: autobiographies
Hermann Hesse
Thomas Mann

The Kafka Project (

Yale U, Library, German literature Research Guid
German literature online links

African Writers: Voices of Change: U Florida, Gainesville
Browse Alex Global e-texts, UK Gopher

The Bloomsbury Good Reading Guide 90 genres
English Language & Literatures: Center for Liberal Arts, K-12 teacher assist, U Virginia
On-Book: Introduction to the Study of Literature for students, literary terms glossary, analysis guide

Native Web cyber-community indigenous peoples

Scott William's Inspirational Books & Author Links


BookSources locate title and library sources with known ISBN @
Bowker Identifier Services $ assigning ISBN numbers free books & ISBN database

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) book number identifier
International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for periodicals (serial publications) number identifier
International Standard Music Number (ISMN)printed music number identifier

also see.. Classics, §REFERENCE - Latin§

Greek and Latin Classics Portal to online texts
from the IN AEDIBVS ALDI: The Legacy of Aldus Manutius and His Press

Greek and Roman Authors on LacusCurtius
Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies from Georgetown U
Armarium Labyrinthi: Labyrinth Latin Bookcase

ludus sanae mentis latin   Dictionaries/Wordlists, Links to Latin texts , Resources

Manfred Clauss
• from Johann Wolfgang Goethe-U, Dept Ancient History
Data Bank in progress compilation of Latin inscriptions
    º Access Single Volumes

Suzanne Bonefas' Classics On-line Course Database ( All Courses ), Search
Course Materials

Thesaurus Precum Latinarum Treasury of Latin Prayers, Contents ( by Date, Title ), Links
Libelli Precum (Booklets for Downloading) Blessed Virigin Mary & Stations of the Cross


Cadillac Cicatrix
“ Fire and Ice”

Slow Trains Literary Journal
“ Forty Years”

War, Literature and the Arts
“ Accelerated Biology”

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Library of Congress, Index A-Z, SiteMap
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Literature Webliography guide to library resources, Lousiana State U

Reference at Your Desk from Archives Library Information Center (
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WorldCat.orgUse It! world's largest network of library content, includes members of the Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC)

WWW Virtual Library: Libraries
WWW Virtual Library: Vietnam

including... Romance
also see... §HISTORY§

Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies from Georgetown U
Armarium Labyrinthi: Labyrinth Latin Bookcase
Christian Classics Ethereal Library: public domain early Christianity texts, Church Fathers, Classics, Search
Dante; Poetry of Dante Alighieri; full text of Dante's Divine Comedy:
Geoffrey Chaucer WebsiteUse It! plus works by earlier & later writers: Harvard U

Hill Monastic Manuscript Library medieval & Renaissance Links & Resources
Internet Classics Archive: MIT
Internet Medieval Sourcebook Medieval and Early Renaissance literature archive: Fordham Jesuit U
The Labyrinth ( alt ) Guide to Medieval Studies on the Web: Georgetown U

LuminariumUse It! online texts
Medieval, Renaissance, 17th c.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library online texts, Search
• Browse by Author, Genre, Language, Title
Download Info: ftp

Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies (ORB)
• written & maintained by medieval scholars: Rhodes Liberal Arts College

Project Gutenberg: e-text archive

Staford U, Libraries (SULAIR)
Medieval Studies (publications list of) English Translations of Medieval Works

U Virginia, Electronic Text Center
English Online Resources

also see.. §HISTORY§, Romance

Alianora's Virtual Chateau
A Survey of Tokens in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Project Gutenberg
Don Quixote in English ( Spanish )
• Le Morte Darthur: Vol 1 , 2 ( zip files: 1, 2 )

U Virginia Electronic Text Center
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Courtly Love
Le Morte d'Arthur
Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Romantic Fiction

Modernism art, literature, culture, music, drama

Book Links - Mystery
Mysterious Strands monthly reviews & links
Polar Web
Yahoo Search: Arts: Humanities: Literature: Genres: Mystery

Aaron Rester's Mythology Home Page
Encyclopedia Mythica
The Mining Company: Mythology&Religion
Myths and Legends

Mr. Showbiz mostly entertainment, movies & TV a magazine of writing and art
Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource international news, online magazine

DejaNews archive

arts.books |


New Yorker Archive

Google Search
Malcolm Gladwell
Malcolm Gladwell

Old English Pages Electronic texts, translations, manuscript images, art, history...

also see.. §Rhymes§, Tongue-twister

@Amy King: Poems

Bob's Byway a poetic diversion by Robert G. Shubinski, Direct Route, Scenic Route
Glossary of Poetic Terms, Examples
Tips for the Enjoyment of Poetry

U Michigan, Humanities Text Initiative electronic texts, Contents
American Verse Project
Academy of American PoetsUse It! About, Forums, Links, Search
• Find a.. Poet, Poem
Listening Booth
National Poetry Map leading to individual State Links, Events, Poets and Associations

American Poetry Database 40,000 17th Century to early 20th Century poems

American Verse ProjectUse It! pre-1920 poetry electronic archive

Carol Willette Bachofner's Home Page Poet
British Poetry Archive
Confederate Broadside Poetry Collection
CMU Poetry Archive
The CMU Poetry Index of Canonical Verse
Cyber Poetry Gallery Interactive Poetry
Database of African-American Poetry (DAAP) 3,000 poems between 1760 & 1900
Drama, Fiction, and Poetry VoS
The Electronic Poetry Centre State Uof NY, Buffalo
English Poetry Database Search Form 160,000 7th to 19th Century poems
The Internet Poetry Archive
Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe translated by George Madison Priest

Library of Congress: Poetry and Literature
Public Readings by Philip Levine
The Poetry Room
Timeline of Poets Laureate: 2001-present

Literary Kicks ( Beat About, contribute
Literature and Poetry Page
LitWeb's Poetry page "classic poetic works & study of poetic form."
Modern and Contemporary American Poetry: U Pennsylvania
Open Source Poetry create, read, share online
Poetry Resources on the Web - Poetry Resources (Links) - Online-Poetry
Representative Poetry On-Line: U of Toronto
Robert Frost's Page:
Russian Poets of the 20th Century
Twentieth-century Poetry in English Professor Eiichi Hishikawa
U Buffalo, Electronic Poetry Center
An Evening with Philip Levine, U.S. Poet Laureate

WebSnorph Literature Links

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Accentual-syllabic verse
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American poetry
Ancient Greek literature
English poetry
Foot (prosody)
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    º Iamb (foot)
    º Trochee
Free verse
History of poetry
Iambic pentameter
Inversion (prosody)
Latin poetry
Literary consonance
Metre (poetry)
Old English literature#Old English poetry
Poet laureate
    º Rhyme scheme
    º Shakespeare's sonnets
United States Poet Laureate
    º Adams, Léonie (1899-1988) 1948–1949
    º Aiken, Conrad (1889-1973) 1950–1952
    º Auslander, Joseph (1897-1965) 1937–1941
    º Bishop, Elizabeth (1911-1979) 1949–1950
    º Bogan, Louise (1897-1970) 1945–1946
    º Brodsky, Joseph (1940-1996) 1991–1992
    º Brooks, Gwendolyn (1917-2000) 1985–1986
    º Collins, Billy (1941) 2001–2003
    º Dickey, James (1923-1997) 1966–1968
    º Dove, Rita (1952) 1993–1995
    º Eberhart, Richard (1904-2005) 1959–1961
    º Fitzgerald, Robert (1910-1985) 1984–1985
    º Frost, Robert (1874-1963) 1958–1959
    º Gluck, Louise (1943) 2003–2004
    º Hall, Donald (1928) 2006–2007
    º Hass, Robert (1941) 1995–1997
    º Hayden, Robert (1913-1980) 1976–1978
    º Hecht, Anthony (1923-2004) 1982–1984
    º Hoffman, Daniel (1923) 1973–1974
    º Kooser, Ted (1939) 2004–2006
    º Jacobsen, Josephine (1908-2003) 1971–1973
    º Jarrell, Randall (1914-1965) 1956–1958
    º Kumin, Maxine (1925) 1981–1982
    º Kunitz, Stanley (1905-2006) 1974–1976, 2000–2001
    º Levine, Philip (poet) (1928) 2011–2012
    º Lowell, Robert (1917-1977) 1947–1948
    º Meredith, William Morris, Jr. (1919-2007) 1978–1980
    º Merwin, W.S. (1927) 2010–2011
    º Nemerov, Howard (1920-1991) 1963–1964, 1988–1990
    º Pinsky, Robert (1940) 1997–2000
    º Ryan, Kay (1945) 2008–2010
    º Shapiro, Karl (1913-2000) 1946–1947
    º Simic, Charles (1938) 2007–2008
    º Smith, William Jay (1918) 1968–1970
    º Spender, Stephen (1909-1995) 1965–1966
    º Stafford, William (poet) (1914-1993) 1970–1971
    º Strand, Mark (1934) 1990–1991
    º Tate, Allen (1899-1979) 1943–1944
    º Untermeyer, Louis (1885-1977) 1961–1963
    º Van Duyn, Mona (1921-2004) 1992–1993
    º Warren, Robert Penn (1905-1989) 1944–1945, 1986–1987
    º Whittemore, Reed (1919-2012) 1964–1965, 1984–1985
    º Wilbur, Richard (1921) 1987–1988
    º Williams, William Carlos (1883-1963) 1952

Yahoo Search: Arts: Literature: Genres: Poetry
• Adams, Léonie
    º 5 Poems by Léonie Adams
BernardShakespeare Bertram Selwyn
    º Sonnet no 148: By William Shakespeare
    º Sonnet no 154: By William Shakespeare
Charles Simic, 2007 Poet Laureate Cornell U (starts 7:25; 11:47)
• Collins, Billy - Poet Laureate
    º Forgetfulness Animated Poetry
    º The Dead Animated Poetry
    º Charles Simic, 2007 Poet Laureate
    º David Ferry, poet
    º Eavan Boland, poet
    º Lyrae Van Clief Stefano, poet
    º Mark Doty, poet and nonfiction writer
    º M.H. Abrams: On Reading Poems Aloud
    º Terrance Hayes, poet
JustAudio2008 Poetry & Audio Classics
    º Sonnet 2- 'When forty winters...William Shakespeare
    º Sonnet 29 'When ,in disgrace...William Shakespeare
    º Shakespeare Sonnet 12 'When I do count the clock
    º A Chat with Poet Laureate W. S. Merwin - Part 1, 2, 3
LearnFree2007 ESL & Language Teaching
    º Shakespeare Sonnet 2 with text
    º Shakespeare Sonnet 12 with text
    º Shakespeare Sonnet 18 with text
    º Shakespeare Sonnet 29 with text
    º Shakespeare Sonnet 30 with text
    º Shakespeare Sonnet 43 with text
    º Shakespeare Sonnet 65 with text
    º Shakespeare Sonnet 73 with text
    º Shakespeare Sonnet 104 with text
    º Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin Opens the Literary Season
A Poetry Reading Donald Hall, Poet Laureate (starts at 1:54)
Poetry Reading: Ted Kooser Pulitzer Prize-winner Poet Laureate
PoetryReincarnations PoetryAnimations
    º Edwin Markham “The Man with a Hoe”
    º Emily Dickinson “I died for Beauty”
    º George Orwell “Art and Obscenity”
    º “The Hollow Men” by T.S. Eliot Poem
    º Walt Whitman “Has any one supposed it lucky to be born?”
    º Walt Whitman “Space and Time”
    º William Shakespeare “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow”
PoemsBeingReadALOUD Early 20th Century Poetry
    º 5 Poems by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)
    º 5 Poems by Langston Hughes
    º 5 Poems by Osip Mandelstam
    º 5 Poems by Robert Frost
    º 5 Poems by Theodore Roethke
    º Federico Garcia Lorca 5 Poems from Poet in New York Spanish translation
    º Guillaume Apollinaire Selections from Alcools French translation
    º Hart Crane Voyages
• Poet Laureate Philip Levine
    º “Call it Music”
    º “Gin”
    º on lying
    º “A New Day”
    º at the NYS Writers Institute in 1996 Part 1, 2
    º Reads His Work at the AFL-CIO
    º 'Starlight'
SpokenVerse read by Tom O'Bedlam
    º “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe
    º “The Day is Done” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    º “from Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman
    º “If” by Rudyard Kipling
    º Love Is Not All by Edna St. Vincent Millay
    º “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop
    º “Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines” by Pablo Neruda
    º “The Unknown Citizen” by W.H. Auden
What is Poetry? Carl Sandburg

also see.. §POLITICS§ conservative author

Thomas Frank liberal author
The Baffler Magazine founded by Thomas Frank, Archive
    º The Gilded Mean by Thomas Frank
    º One Market Under God
    º Pity the Billionaire
    º What's the Matter with Kansas?
    º The Wrecking Crew Essays

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arXiv.orgUse It! Quantitative Sciences (including Computer Science) About, Help on submitting & retrieving papers
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Barnes and Noble, Help Desk
Publisher & Author Guidelines, FAQ
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Getting Your Book In Barnes & Noble
• Book Listing: Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print, and Sell Your Own Book

Book Industry Study Group, Inc. (BISG) About, Links ( Int. Publishing, Research: Industry, Statistical ) News
• non-profit voluntary: standards & research in print & electronic media
Document Express with DjVu ($)
DjVu Browser Plug-in short-run perfect bound books and galley proofs
Documation runs from 10 to 10,000

EServer.orgUse It!, About

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ISBN.orgUse It! About, Links
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International, U.S. digital publishing platform for magazines, catalogs & more, About   Book Store, Author Services, Publisher Services, About, Forums, Search, SiteMap
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Matrix Books small press and service bureau

National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health
Archiving and Interchange DTD
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On Demand Press large or small runs
PublishAmerica, Inc.:   AuthorInfo, Helpful Marketing Hints, Online Store

RPI softbound books, manuals and tutorials

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. (SFWA): Writer Beware
Self-Publication without Pretense by Teresa Neilsen Hayden

Scribd.comUse It! online self-publishing

Self-pub.netUse It! Contacts, FAQ, Forums, Search (Self Published Books)
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U Buffalo, Assistive Technology Training Online Project (ATTO)
Creating Talking Books with PowerPoint

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List of English language book publishers
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Open access (publishing)
Open publishing
Print on demand
Writing circle

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FedFlix best movies of the US Government, available for reuse without restriction

Google Books: Search Public Domain only (&as_brr=4) Replace “Example” with your search topic in the URL of you browser

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Project GutenbergUse It! Search/Download Electronic Texts
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    º Category:Open methodologies
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American Memory archive for public domain images, audio, video & archived Web content
Communia European based
Free culture movement
Free Knowledge Foundation
Google Books Library Project
Open Knowledge Foundation
Project Gutenberg
Public domain
Public Domain Enhancement Act
The Public Domain Review
Public domain in the United States
Public.Resource.Org “making government information more accessible”
    º Literature
Open educational resources

Free culture movement

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AcqWeb's Directory of Publishers and Vendors Alphabetic, Geographic & Subject Directory
Barnes & Noble
Cambridge University Press, About, browse books & journals
Ed's Internet Book Review fiction, non-fiction, miscellaneous, Author Gateway, About
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Granta Publications author index, library, zine
Harper Collins

LemonPress.comUse It! Publish your book for free or Invest in other authors, vote for books

Oxford University Press Search
Penguin Books
Perseus Books Group ( Browse, Search, skip intro page ), Contact

Project Gutenberg Home PageUse It! Search/Download Electronic Texts

Project Gutenberg Mirror Site Search/Download Electronic Texts
Publishers' Catalogs Home Page Global Search & Index

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Annabelle's Quotation Guide by Topic & Author, Newsletter
Aphorisms articles, links, jokes, contributions
Aphorisms Galore by author & category, contributions Quotations searchUse It!
Simpson's Contemporary Quotations the most notable Quotations: 1950–1988, compiled by James B. Simpson

John Bartlett's Familiar QuotationsUse It! 1901, by Author or search (Bartleby Project)

Book of Famous Quotes at
The Commonplace Book collection of striking passages
Conventional Wisdom illusions of Popular History
Cool Quotes Collection Voltaire to restroom graffiti by Topic
Curmudgeon Quotelist acerbic & biting cynicism

ELA Quotations by AuthorUse It! our own selected single page list

The Flummery Digest politics: the art of the possible, the silly & dangerous

Furman U, Math
Mathematical Quotation Server by Mark R. Woodard

Gem of Proverbs and Poems short articles, biographies, quotes, Links, proverbs, web design
Good Quotes by Famous People**
Great Aviation Quotes by Topic
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Greg's Holy Quotes of Antiquity by Topic
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Jim's Favorite Famous Quote, Quip, Axiom, and Maxim Repository by Topic
Kerrie's Quote Page by category
Labor Quotes LaborNet
The Land of Quotes David Borenstein, Quuote Archives
List of Quotations about Libraries and Librarians Listed by Author or by Subject
Listening Quotes about listening
Love and Marriage Quotations
MacTutor History of Mathematics archive:   Quotations,   Indexes of Biographies
Mark Twain Quotations Barbara Schmidt
Mathematical Quotation Server by Mathematician, Search or Download All
Mathematics Quotations from Platonic Realms by Mathematician
Mfx' world-renowned Quotations File randomn, funny, some computer programming related
On Matters of Most Grave Concern** alphabetical by person under topics
Michael Moncur's Quotations Page
Murphy's Laws Sam Lau, Software
Proverbs and Sayings search, games, FAQ, English & Dutch
Psycho-Proverb Zone collection of the provoking & hilarious
Quotations by Person, historical, famous & not so famous

The Quotations ArchiveUse It! by Subject, Author or Search

The Quotation Guide by topic
Quotations Gopher

QuotationsUse It! Collected by Donald Gudehus

Quotations From Hell: A Cynic's Chrestomathy of Endearing and Irreverent Quotations
The Quotations Home Page at by Author, Subject, SearchUse It!
The Quotations Page

QuotesUse It! Search, Larry Charbonneau

The Quotations Site by Subject
Quote Of The Day Archives & Quotes by Author, book reviews, FAQ, News
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Snow's Quotation Treasury quotes and short essays by Topic
Subtle Witness at Quotations from the Daily Miscellany

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Adler, Mortimer (1902-2001)
Buddha, Gautama (563-483 BC)
Dewey, John (1859-1952)
Drucker, Peter ((1909-2005)
Galilei, Galileo (1564-1642)
Jeans, James (1877-1946)
Lightman, Alan (1948)
Pascal, Blaise (1623-1662)
Peirce, Charles Sanders (1839-1914)
Piaget, Jean (1896-1980)
Postman, Neil (1931-2003)
Reichenbach, Hans (1891-1953)
Rushdie, Salman (1947)
Russell, Bertrand (1918-1902)
Spinoza, Baruch (1632-1677)
Tolstoy, Leo (1828-1910)
de Unamuno, Miguel (1864-1936) - Quotes
Wisdom Quotes by Topic, at

Words of WomenUse It! search database

Yahoo Search: Reference: Quotations

READING SOFTWARE adaptive technology: text-to-speech, computer display, Braille access; Free Daisy reader with membership free to students & educational institutions
Reading ToolsUse It!

DAISY consortium develops, maintains and promotes international DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) Standards
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also see.. §HISTORY-Renaissance§, Shakespeare

Digital Dante   Library, Links, News, Italian Renaissance
The Don Quixote Exhibit Johns Hopkins U
Hill Monastic Manuscript Library medieval & Renaissance Links & Resources
Literary Resources -- Renaissance Jack Lynch, U Penn
The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe   Perseus Project, Tufts U
Perseus Digital LibraryUse It!

Renaissance & 17th Century Literature VoS
Renascence Editions (Online): Works Printed in English, 1477-1799, by Author
Renaissance Electronic Texts English Renaissance, Toronto
Renaissance Texts Continental & English Guide ca.1300-1600, Towson State U
Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture SunSite, UNC-Chapel Hill
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare   MIT
Mr. William Shakespeare & the Internet   Works, Life & Times, Criticism

RESEARCH Organize, share & discover research papers (like iTunes for research papers)

also see..
Medieval Renaissance

dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo, Romance Author Roundtable
The Romance Authors Page Forum, interviews, Links, reviews top ten list, love poems..
Romance Novel Database reviews & news
Yahoo Search ...Literature: Genres: Romance

also see.. Romance

The William Blake Archive Hypermedia archive


Depauw U, Science Fiction Studies Kepler's Somnium: Science Fiction and the Renaissance Scientist

Wikipedia: Science fiction
    º Category:Science fiction
    º Category:Science fiction genres
    º Category:Science fiction literature
    º Category:Sci-fi templates
    º Category:WikiProject Science fiction
    º History of science fiction
Amis, Kingsley (1922-1995)
Asimov, Isaac (1920-1992)
Blish, James (1921-1975)
Clarke, Arthur C. (1917-2008)
Burroughs, William S. (1914-1997)
Dick, Philip K. (1928-1982)
Knigh, Damont (1922-2002)
Kubrick, Stanley (1928-1999)
Merril, Judith (1923-1997)
Pohl, Frederik (1919-)
Golden Age of Science Fiction
Heinlein, Robert A. (1907-1988)
Red Dwarf British TV comedy with science fiction pastiche as backdrop
Roddenberry, Gene (1921-1991)
Rosny aine, J.-H. (1856-1940)
Stapledon, Olaf (1886-1950)
Technology in science fiction
Verne, Jules (1828-1905)
van Vogt, A. E. (1912-2000)
Wells, H. G. (1866-1946)
Wollheim, Donald A. (1914-1990)

also see.. Masters, Drama & Playwrights, Renaissance, §Theatre§

DIRECTORIES-Shakespeare Open Directory | |

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
from the MIT Tech newspaper

Folger Shakespeare Library world’s largest collection of Shakespeare materials plus other rare Renaissance books, manuscripts & art
the Collection
K-12 Teacher Resources

Google Books
William Shakespeare
    º; The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Internet Shakespeare Editions from U Victoria, Search, SiteMap

The OCF Online Library from the UC Berkeley, Open Computing Facility
Index of /Library/Shakespeare
    º Glossary from The Complete Moby(tm) Shakespeare
    º Plays ( Comedies, Histories, Tragedies ), Poems, Sonnets, Radio: HarperAudio!
William Shakespeare online audio recordings

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet, About, Links ( Searching ) from Palomar College
Life & Times

U Virginia, Library: Digital Library
Shakespeare Resources

the Works of the Bard, Search
from James Matthew Farrow, U Sydney, School of Information Technologies

Web del Sol comprehensive guide

Technical Writing Ronald B. Standler
Technical Writing 101: A Real-World Guide to Planning and Writing Technical Documentation: Scriptorium Publishing Services

also see.. Poetry

Tongue twister


MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses
Writing and Humanistic Studies


Book authors, biopgraphy, history, interviews, Search, schedules: CSPAN
Video Library
    º The Hidden Brain


Perseus Digital LibraryUse It!
Richmond Times newspaper articles
19th-Century American (civil war)

U Pennsylvania, Celebration of Women Writers

DIRECTORIES-World Literature Open Directory | |

IBIC World Literature page



The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation ( reference guide & workbook, Jane Straus

Brigham Young U, Humanities
Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric terms of classical & renaissance rhetoric, Dr. Gideon Burton

Capital Community College
CCTC Guide to Grammar and Writing by Charles Darling
Guide for Writing Research Papers

The Columbia Guide to Online Style ($) book, models for the humanities & sciences
Basic CGOS Style - Writing Links
dmoz Open Directory Project web Links - Writers Resources, Reference/Style Guides - Grammer
Subject Index, Table of Contents

The English Server Carnegie-Mellon U - Wired Style principles of English usage in the Digital Age The Writer's Resource

MotionNet.comLearn It! electronic & mechanical design & English utilities & Portal, plus reference information
Text Tools including sort & HTML conversion

Nottingham Trent U: Libraries and Learning Resources (LLR)
Quick Reference A-Z

Right Words New Zealand Limited - Punctuation, grammar and related matters
Rutgers-Newark U - Guide to Grammar and Style by Jack Lynch. a spot for copy editors by Bill Walsh
Sharp Points "vociferous rants" on style

Teachers & Writers Collaborative ( home ) About, Links
WriteNet e-mail listserve, Forums & Lessons, Archive
    º Fiction Writers On Fiction Writing
    º Poets Chat, Virtual Poetry Workshop Exercises & Workshops Archive
    º Writers on Teaching with Lesson Plans & Featured Book Reviews

U Ottawa - HyperGrammer electronic grammar course: Writing Centre, U Ottawa
U South Florida, Chuma - Punctuation Made Simple by Gary A. Olson
U Texas, Austin - Undergraduate Writing Center

U Victoria, English Dept
Writing Centre
Hypertext Writer's Guide
Writer's Guide Jakob Nielsen's Website
Writing for the Web how authors should write & how users read on the Web, John Morkes & Jakob Nielsen

Washington State U - Common Errors in English by Paul Brians - Writing on the Internet

Citation Styles & Links
Grammar: Grammatical Terms

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