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AFRICAN Mount Kenya Art Galleries
Art and Life in Africa Project

The Alliance of African-American Artists online gallery & African American resource service
Selected African American Artists at the National Gallery of Art: National Gallery of Art

NATIVE AMERICAN Native American Artists, FAQ, SiteMap
Gallery by Artist
The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990

Art.Online contemporary Native American and African American prints
ArtNatAm - Links: Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI)

Virgil C. Stevens western wildlife pencil drawings & bronze


The cave of Lascaux, Links
from Le Minstre de Culture France
Discover & Learn
Great Archaeological Sites
    º by Locations, Periods

Odyssey Online by Michael C. Carlos Museum, U Rochester, Forum, Glossary, Links
    º Category:Prehistoric art
Cave painting
Dutch Golden Age painting
Finger fluting

also see.. Master Painters

Ai Weiwei (1957)
• Ai weiwei interviewed on CNN's Amanpour: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Ai Weiwei: 'Life is never guaranteed to be safe'
Ai Weiwei: Sunflower seeds
Ai Weiwei's Sunflower seeds at the Tate
Bloomberg Voices: An Interview With Ai Wei Wei
China's Ai Weiwei: battling propaganda with art

also see.. Self-publish

also see.. Contemporary, Home Pages, Master Artists, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern, Painting, Artists

Carol Gerten's Fine Art
Artist's Indexes, by ( Featured Artists, Name, Nationality or Time frame ), Search

The Leornardo Museum Vinci - Leornardo's home town
(Leonardo) da Vinci, Biography from Carol Gerten's Fine Art, Featured Artists & Artist's Indexes

Leonardo da Vinci Scientist, Inventor, Artist from the Museum of Science, Boston
Exploring Leonardo - Biography, Perspective, mirror writing, Inventors Workshop

Leonardo da Vinci..The Drawings of from david reuteler
Leonardo da Vinci..The Genius of from, American Masters, About
Masters List: Visual Arts

Picasso, Pablo from the

WebMusem, Paris
( mirror site) [  Artists Index ]

Botticelli, Sandro | Cezanne, Paul | Salvador DALI Museum | da Vinci, Leonardo | Degas, Edgar | de Goya, Francisco | Durer, Albrecht | El Greco | Gris, Juan | Manet, Edouard | Matisse, Henri | Michelangelo | Monet, Claude | Raphael | Rembrandt | Renoir, Pierre-Auguste | Rodin, Auguste | Rousseau, Henri | Rubens, Peter Paul | Sargent, John Singer | Seurat, Georges | Titian | Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de | Vermeer, Jan | van Gogh, Vincent

Web Gallery of ArtUse It! European Gothic, Renaissance & Baroque (1100-1850) virtual museum, Search
    º Artists Index
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
Michelangelo (1475-1564)
Masaccio (1401-1428)
    º Tribute Money
Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1520)

    º Category:Abstract painters
    º Category:Art history
    º Category:Dutch Golden Age painters
    º Category:Expressionist painters
    º Category:Gothic art
    º Category:Gothic painters
    º Category:Impressionist painters
    º Category:Italian Renaissance painters
    º Category:Medieval art
    º Category:Medieval artists
    º Category:Medieval painters
    º Category:Modern painters
    º Category:Painters
    º Category:Paintings by artistUse It!
    º Category:Renaissance art
    º Category:Renaissance artists
    º Category:Renaissance painters
    º Category:Renaissance paintings
    º Category:Painters by period
    º Category:Watercolorists
    º History of painting
    º Lists of painters
    º; Medieval art
    º Old Master
    º Outline of painting history
Alberti, Leon Battista (1404-1472)
    º De pictura
Botticelli, Sandro (1445-1510)
Cezanne, Paul (1839-1906)
Dali, Salvador (1904-1989)
da Panicale, Masolino (c. 1383 - c. 1447) first to paint in oils
da Vinci, Leonardo (1452-1519)
    º A Treatise on Painting prior to 1542, from manuscripts gathered by Francesco Melzi
    º Adoration of the Magi
    º Ginevra de' Benci 1474
    º Lady with an Ermine 1489–1490
    º The Last Supper
    º Madonna of the Carnation 1478-1480
    º Madonna Litta 1480's
    º Mona Lisa, Speculation about Mona Lisa
    º St. Jerome in the Wilderness
    º St. John the Baptist 1513-1516
    º The Virgin and Child with St. Anne
    º Virgin of the Rocks 1483-1508
Degas, Edgar (1834-1917)
de Hooch, Pieter (1629-1684)
Durer, Albrecht (1471-1528)
    º Adam and Eve 1507
    º The Four Apostles 1526
    º Great Piece of Turf 1503
    º Knight, Death, and the Devil 1513
    º Portrait of the Artist Holding a Thistle
    º Portrait Diptych of Durer's Parents
    º Praying Hands (Durer)
    º Saint Sebastian at the Column 1500
    º Self-Portrait (Durer, Madrid)
    º Self-Portrait (Munich) 1500
    º Young Hare 1502
Paul Gauguin (1848-1903)
    º The Green Christ 1889
    º The Yellow Christ 1889
    º Vision After the Sermon 1888
Ghiberti, Lorenzo (1378-1455) early statuary perspective
Goya, Francisco (1746-1828)
El Greco (1541-1614)
    º The Burial of the Count of Orgaz
    º The Disrobing of Christ 1577
    º Modena Triptych
    º Opening of the Fifth Seal
    º Works of El Greco
Juan Gris (1887-1927)
Manet, Edouard (1832-1883)
Masaccio (1401-1428)
    º Brancacci Chapel
    º Expulsion from the Garden of Eden c. 1425
    º Saint Paul 1426
    º San Giovenale Triptych 1422
    º Tribute Money 1420's
    º Virgin and Child with Saint Anne c. 1424
Matisse, Henri (1869-1954)
Michelangelo (1475-1564)
Monet, Claude (1840-1926)
O'Keeffe, Georgia (1887-1986)
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
Uccello, Paolo (1397-1475)
Raphael (1483-1520)
Rembrandt (1606-1669)
    º Andromeda Chained to the Rocks1631
    º The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp 1632
    º Danae
    º Jacob de Gheyn III
    º The Mill
    º The Prodigal Son in the Tavern
    º Self Portrait (Vienna) 1652
    º Self Portrait with Beret and Turned-Up Collar 1659
    º Self Portrait with Two Circles c. 1665–69
    º The Storm on the Sea of Galilee 1633
    º Syndics of the Drapers' Guild
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919)
Rodin, Auguste (1840-1917)
Rousseau, Henri (1844-1910)
Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640)
Sargent, John Singer (1856-1925)
Seurat, Georges (1859-1891)
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de (1864-1901)
Titian (1473/1490-1576)
Jan van Eyck (c. 1395-1441) the first painter in oils
    º Arnolfini Portrait 1434
    º Annunciation 1434-1436
    º Ghent Altarpiece 1432
    º Madonna of Chancellor Rolin 1435
    º Portrait of a Man (Self Portrait?) 1433
van Gogh, Vincent (1853-1890)
Vermeer, Johannes (1632-1675)
Benjamin West (1738-1820) American, teacher of Robert Fulton

Yahoo Search: Artists
Yahoo Search Painters@Arts: Artists: Painting: Masters

also see.. Stagecraft (Sales) Paint & Pigments

ArtMail, UK

Art Tips (Douglas & Sturges, Inc.) San Francisco
Daniel Smith
Dick Blick Art Materials and information, since 1911, Galesburg, IL

also see.. §Creative Arts Therapy§, §MENTAL HEALTH§, §Music Therapy§

dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo

American Art Therapy AssociationUse It! (AATA) About, FAQ, News, Search
About Art Therapy ( 2 ), Arts Empowerment Links, Links
Art Therapy on the Web, Forum, Links

British Association of Art Therapists, Links

International Networking Group Of Art Therapist (ING/AT), Links
Articles & News art for the health of it Books, Bio, Links
Virtual Arts Therapies Network, About
History of Art Therapy

American Arts Alliance legislative advocacy for national policies that recognize, enhance & foster the arts - Links Index, Search
Galleries Index - Masters
Articles, Archives

Americans for the Arts clearinghouse, About, News, Search ( Organizations )
Arts Exchange, Audio/Video Library
YouthArts Toolkit online programs for youth at risk, Forum, Links (communities, colleges & organizations), Search

British Antique Dealers' Association

Chinese Fine Art Association (CFAA)

Chinese Fine Arts Society
Decorative and Fine Arts Society of The Hague
Fine Art Dealers Association (FADA)
Fine Arts Association
Graphic Artists Guild Copyright Law, News, Links
International Association of Art (IAA) Europe
National Art Education Association
National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies, UK
National Cartoonists Society Award Winners, Cartooning 101, Links, News
National Endowment for the Arts (

Traditional Fine Arts OrganizationUse It! (TFAO) non-profit American art advocacy, publication, research, education & online resources

Washington Art Association

Building Mycotecture
Growing Mycotecture
New Fungal Order


inside information cultural, genetic, personal and psychological information theories
Google Books (Public Domain)
da Vinci, Leonardo
    º A treatise on painting Tr. by John Francis Regaud, 1802

Erich Harth
    º Art and the brainUse It! Editor: Joseph Goguen: “The Emergence of Art and Language...” by Erich Harth, p.97
    º The creative loop: how the brain makes a mind, 1995
    º Windows on the mind: reflections on the physical basis of consciousness, 1982 Muntz, Eugene
    º Leonardo da Vinci: artist, thinker and man of science
Reinach, Salomon
    º Apollo: an illustrated manual of the history of art throughout the ages, 1907
Van Dyke, John Charles
    º American painting and its tradition
    º Renaissance painting in Italy: a catalogue of carbon photographs, with descriptions
    º Studies in Pictures: an introduction to the famous galleries
    º A text-book of the history of painting
Woltmann, Alfred Friedrich Gottfried Albert
    º History of Ancient, Early Christian, and Mediaeval Painting Vol. 2

Google Books (Art for the general reader)
Capra, Fritjof
    º The science of Leonardo: inside the mind of the great genius of the Renaissance

    º Category:Wikipedia books
    º Category:Wikipedia books on arts
    º Category:Wikipedia books on visual arts
The arts
Museo del Prado

also see.. §WEB AUTHORING Graphics & Images§

DIRECTORIES-Christmas Graphics
dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo, Christmas Cards elves

AllPosters.comUse It! search for Christmas

Anne Fox Studios (, Christmas

Annes PlaceUse It! images to decorate pages but NOT for gif site collections, Christmas Gifts (gifs), Christmas, 2

Betty's Place, Holiday Graphics
Free Graphics: Borders & Tiles, Ornaments, Christmas Art GalleryUse It!, Christmas Pictures and Art GalleryUse It!, Art Gallery
Christmas: Santas, Snowmen

Christmas Galleries ResourceUse It!, Christmas Links unchecked, Graphics Index
Easter with Sassy, Candles'n Other Things
Embroidery Library Inc., Santa Directory

Ginger's Old Tyme Graphics EmporiumUse It! Virginia A. Cisewski, Holiday Sets
Christmas Graphics

Globes and Eggs, Holidays

Hellas Multimedia, Web Images and Clip Art
• ChristmasUse It! Clipart, Images

Henry's Home Page embroidery designs
• Christmas 1, 2, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, Outline, Art
Faerie's & Little People ($) About, e-cards, Macromedia Flash presentations

Joyce's Holiday Pages copyrighted 2, SiteMap
Christmas Greetings

J's Magic Index
New Years

LaceFairy's, Santa CollectionUse It! with printable gift tags, Christmas Cards

LeoLicensing.comUse It! (copyrighted, use prohibited), bringing artists & mfrs together, Holiday

Mollie's Holiday Haven
Christmas, New Year

MonsterismUse It! on original artwork, prints and cards by Marcelo Gallegos

My Holiday Clip Art

Not Just for Kids! Christmas
Pictures for you to Color
Traditions of the New Year, Father Time, Christmas Graphics

PosterShop.comUse It!

TheRuckerArchive.comUse It!, SnogirlUse It!
Christmas Index
Christmas Borders and Archive, Christmas Images just too hilarious!Use It!

Templars Christmas Completely Christmas Portal

VintageTravelTrailerArt.comUse It! by Paige Bridges: Christmas Trailer Art

Watton On The Web, Christian Clipart Site
from the Gurney Charity Server, Weihnachten

Wooden Garden 2D plywood yard & garden images
Christmas see Christmas/Winter category and Disney


RodneyPike social network dedicated to the Art of Caricature
Johnson, Michael
Lali, Lali
McMahon, Scott Jones
Pike, Rodney
Vandecruys, Jasper

also see.. Illustrations

Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
Bud Plant Comic Art art, books, cards, figurines, glamour, photos...

CartoonBank.comUse It! from The New Yorker magazine
Weekly New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest, Cartoon Art
Cartoon Connections Teaching Cartooning Skills, the Art of Cartooning online Animation Art Cels
Cartoon Trust, Collection
College of Cartoon Art home study, Professional Freelance cartoonist instructors: UK
Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum & Encyclopedia Images, Links...
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
International Museum of Cartoon Art, Artists Correspondence Courses, Links, School, Supplies, Tel-A-Graphics
Joe Kubert's World of Cartooning Correspondence Courses
National Cartoonists Society Award Winners, Cartooning 101, Links, News
New York Comic Book Museum, Exhibits
Noel Ford's Cartoon Gallery & the College of Cartoon Art Comic Life for Windows software

Political Cartoon Society, UK, Forum, Links

Punch, UK
Galleries by Subject, Library cartoon art available for licensing
History of the Cartoon

    º Category:Animation
    º Category:Caricaturists
    º Category:Cartooning
    º Category:Cartoonists

Yahoo Search Artists @Entertainment/Comics&Animation/Animation

ZAKS Illustrators SourceUse It! artists plus Links
Ajhar, Brian
Beha, Philippe
Carruthers, Roy, Couch, Greg
Day, Rob, Dearth, Doug
Gewiss, Gibbs, Michael, Gothard, David
Hargreaves, Greg, Huffaker, Sandy, Hofkin, Bonnie, Hughes, Marcia Klioze
Juhasz, Victor
Libert, Raphael
Mcmahon, Mark, Morris, Don
Rush, John
Salina, Joseph, Spalenka, Greg
Toelke, Cathleen, Tull, Bobbie

also see.. Santeros
Vincent Valdez


I am a Child (children in art history)

Gallegos Family Galleries (Galerias de la Familia Gallegos de Nuevo Mexico)

Designs of the Desert Jewelry by Thomas Gallegos

ELApro Art Galleries
George T. Gallegos Gallery
Patrick L. Gallegos Gallery

Gallegos Artistry @

Marcelo Gallegos ( About with short artist's profile
Artist Profile: Marcelo Gallegos Loves Monsters
at FaceBook
Monsterism blog @ related works by Marcelo & artists of interest

Michael Scott Gallegos photography, painting, sculpture & drawings from (Michael Scott Studios) Pleasonton, CA
Artist Profile
Tiki Man

Rich Alires Studios (brother of Michael Scott Gallegos) Bio
Still lifes

also see.. §Gardening§, Links, Products
Tyber Katz cast stone garden cats & pugs by Peter & Patricia Tyber.
Dorset Toadstools frost resistant toadstool ornaments; available direct
Handcrafted Doorbells stone, tile, metal and wood accents, plus custom doorbells, by Sean Smith
Northlake Custom Woodworks red cedar patio furniture & accessories
Uniquely Garden Art paver molds/stepping stones
I P Woody Creative Woodworking affordable cedar raised bed garden kits
Designs In Masonry mantel art, stepping stones, walls and signs since 1994, plus custom orders
Chemungtech humorous site with handpainted yard art
Exquisite Sculpture for your Home & Garden or Office hand crafted sculptures, water fountains, wall hangings..
Arizona Pottery terra cotta, decorative, painted, seasonal and Southwestern pottery
Earthmarks Garden Markers
Artistic Designs in Ornamental Wrought Iron for Home and Garden accessories and displays


Society of Gilders, FAQ
Overview Gold Leaf Information & Sales from Sinopia, LLC
Tools & Methods
Oil Gilding easy application with gold size
Water Gilding ancient method, laying onto a clay ground

SOFTWARE Graphics Before You Buy a Graphics Tablet
Graphics Tablet Brands and Models An Overview of Graphics Tablet Models
Top 9 Art-Oriented Software Programs
Top 12 Pressure-Sensitive Graphics Tablets ArtWeaver Plus and ArtWeaver Free version Free Open Source (GNU General Public License) 3D content creation suite for all major operating systems, model, shade, animate, render, composite, interactive 3d, Chatboxes, FAQ, Forums
Features & Gallery: Gallery
Hot Keys
Wiki Documentation
User's Manual
Tutorials Main Index & Links Free Open Source vector graphics editor

Wikimedia Commons: Graphics Lab
GIMP free software raster graphics editor

Blender create & edit 3D images
GIMP similar to Photoshop, retouch images, create raster graphics (PNG, JPG, GIF), create animations with GIMP Animation Package (GAP)
hugin cross-platform open source panorama photo stitching program
Inkscape creation of vector images (SVG)


DIRECTORIES-Stained Glass Open Directory |, SiteMap
    º Brilliant Glass Brilliant Cut and Acid Etched Glass Decoration by Rodney Bender
    º Glass Painting Techniques in an Historical Context by Petri Anderson
    º Plain Glazing by Ben Sinclair
    º Stained Glass and Its Decay by Drew Anderson

Angels At Work, six artists in search of a poet (with videos) Images directory
Vrouwen in glas

Medieval Stained Glass gallery from San Jose State U ($) supplies, Woodinville, WA, Stocklist
Stained Glass Overlay of Albuquerque, SiteMap

U Pennsylvania, Press
• Books by Keith Cummings
    º A History of Glassforming
    º Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass
• Books Joe Finch
    º Kiln Construction A Brick by Brick Approach


Nanoartfestival - Stuttgart



Chicago Public Schools Art Collection, Links, Search
Exhibits, Tour

Lane Tech Art Collection
Chicago Public School, States Murals, Works Progress Administration

Chicago - The City in Art Chicago: Art Institute of Chicago & Chicago Public Schools recently restored murals

New Deal Network classroom & online resources, photograph collection, Links
Classroom instructional materials
Library large collection of documentation photographs, social issues

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (at - Roosevelt and the New Deal, resources
Roosevelt, Franklin D. overview of programs, bibliography

National Archives, SiteMap, Exhibit Hall
A New Deal for the Arts: posters, paintings, murals & photographs
    º Activist Arts, 2
    º Useful Arts, 2, 3
    º Work Pays America


American Rock Art Association
Well-Managed Rock Art Sites, and Public Visits

Bradshaw Foundation recording of cave paintings around the world

Cave Digger documentary film

CBS News: Sunday Morning
The cave digger: Hewing art from the very landscape CaveDigger Documentary official trailer

    º Category:Rock art
Cavedigger documentary film by Jeffrey Karoff about artist Ra Paulette
Cave painting
Rock art

also see.. Kiln

American Ceramic Society, About, Clayart Forum (mailing list), Links, Search
Intro to Ceramics
Swajana-Pottery Video magazine, About, Search
    º The Origins of the Potter's Wheel
Gallery, Links
Articles, Links

Digital Fire Corp Cramics Resource
Ceramic Glossary
Ceramic Materials Database
Ceramic Minerals Directory
Ceramic Oxides Directory
Ceramic Troubleshooting
Ceramics Technical Articles education
Library Reference Database
Recipe Database
Temperatures Database

Eva Kwong ceramics gallery Japanese pottery learning center, About, SiteMap
Photo Tours
    º Jomon Fire Festival Encyclopedia of polymer clay information BY Diane Black

Glendale Community College (GCC) Ceramics
History Of World Ceramics (Art 198) Fritware (soft paste porcelain) of Seljuk Turks

Google Books
Jacquemart, Albert
    º History of the ceramic art: a descriptive & philosophical study of the pottery of all ages & all nations, 1877 Forum (Italian), About the Artist
Decorative Murals

RAM Products, Inc. ( Columbus, Ohio ceramics industry hydraulic presses & equipment manufacturer for 40 years
The RAM Process lower cost for higher quality products using Gypsum cement
Studio Press

UK Potters forums, links
The Wedgwood Museum UK, Josiah Wedgwood, 18th-19th century ceramics Darwin's letters

Wikipedia: Ceramic art
    º Category:Ancient Greek pottery
    º Category:Ancient Roman pottery
    º Category:Art pottery
    º Category:Ceramic art
    º Category:Ceramic materials
    º Category:Ceramic engineering
    º Category:Ceramics
    º Category:Chinese porcelain
    º Category:Etruscan ceramics
    º Category:Glass-ceramics
    º Category:History of ceramics
    º Category:Japanese porcelain
    º Category:History of ceramics
    º Category:Kilns
    º Category:Porcelain
    º Category:Potters
    º Category:Pottery
    º Category:Stoneware
    º List of pottery terms
Ancient Roman pottery
    º African Red Slip
    º Arretine ware
    º Dolium
    º Samian ware
    º Terra sigillata
Barro Negro pottery Oaxaca, Mexico black mud pottery
Bisque (pottery) fired, not yet glazed pottery
Burnish polish and /or pattern a pot using a hard smooth surface while in a leathery green state before firing, to leave extremely shiny surface after firning
Catawba Valley Pottery
Ceramic chemistry
Ceramic engineering
Ceramic forming techniques
Ceramic materials
    º Bone ash
    º Ceramic flux used in glazes to lower the high melting point of silica
    º China stone
    º Clay
    º Feldspar one of 4 main ingredients in Chinese porcelain
    º Fire clay
    º Grog (clay)
    º Kaolinite Kaolin, china or white clay, one of 4 main ingredients in Chinese porcelain
    º Mullite produced artificially during various melting & firing processes, used as a refractory
    º Paper clay clay with added cellulite fiber makes single glaze firing possible
    º Petunse wide range of micaceous or feldspathic rocks used as one of 4 main ingredients in Chinese porcelain
    º Pitchers (ceramic material) broken pottery, biscuit pitchers are crushed, ground and re-used
    º Quartz one of 4 main ingredients in Chinese porcelain
    º Slip (ceramics)
Ceramic molding
Ceramography science of ceramic microstructures
Chinese ceramics (including porcelain)
    º Celadon ancient Chinese, primarily Zhejiang Province
Chinese influences on Islamic pottery
Clay pit
Comb Ceramic culture 4200-2000 BC name derived from ceramic decoration
    º Asbestos-Ceramic ca 3900-1800 BP, adiabatic characteristics
Container Revolution
• Cracking
    º Types of pottery cracking
Crock (dishware) pottery container sometimes used for food & drink
Delftware 16th-18th century Delft, Netherlands blue blue & white tin-glazed pottery
Deritend ware
Dipped ware
Edomite pottery
Egyptian faience
FritUse It! used since 2900 BC
Fritware clay with frit to reduce fusion temperature
    º Iznik pottery since early 14th century Seljuk Empire
Glass-ceramic materials that share glass & ceramic properties
    º CorningWare pyroceramic glass cookware resistant to thermal shock
Glass transition or vitrification - transformation of a glass-forming liquid into a glass, usually upon rapid cooling
• Glaze: Ceramic glaze
    º Ash glaze
    º In-glaze decoration decoration applied before glost firing
    º On-glaze decoration decoration applied after glazed
    º Salt glaze pottery
    º Shino (glaze)
    º Tin-glazing white, shiny and opaque tin-based glaze valued for decorating with colour
    º Underglaze
    º Vitreous enamel
Gouda (pottery) 20th century Dutch pottery named after the city of Gouda
Green glazed pottery of Atzompa
Impasto (pottery)
History of pottery in Palestine
Islamic pottery
    º Islamic stone-paste 9th century Iraq earthenware, combining clay with quartz (or siliceous material) & glass frit, adjoined with organic binder as gum or glue; glaze hardened
Kakiemon 17th century Japan
    º Anagama kiln
    º Crucible refractory container usually made of clay
    º Fire brick
    º Pyrometric device
    º Reducing atmosphere reduced oxygen, incomplete combustion carbon bonds with and removes oxygen in metal oxide glaze colorants, changing to color of unoxidized metals
    º Refractory material retaining strength at high temperatures
Lug (knob)
Maiolica Renaissance Italian tin-glazed pottery
    º Kaolinite
Miletus ware 14-15th century Anatolia pottery, especially Iznik
    º Iznik pottery transformed from Miletus ware after 15th century
    º Pyrometric cone
Minoan pottery from 18th century BC Crete
Native American pottery
Pit fired pottery
Porcelain or fine china
    º Bone china bone ash, feldspathic material, kaolin
    º French porcelain
    º Medici porcelain
    º Porcelain tile
    º Semi-porcelain
    º Soft-paste porcelain bone china & soft porelains - Seger, vitreous, new Sèvres, Parian & soft feldspathic; narrowly, clay bodies mixed with glass frit
Pottery ceramic ware made by potters, including earthenware, stoneware & porcelain
Pottery of Ancient Greece
Potter's wheel
Raku ware low firing temperatures, water cooled, Japanese tea ceremony bowls
    º Horse hair raku
RAM press
Saggar fired pottery
Salt glaze pottery
Sea pottery
Sherd historic or prehistoric fragment of pottery, stone or glass vessel
Single-fire process
Sintering heating a powder below its melting point in a sintering furnace until the particles adhere
    º Barbotine
    º Slipcasting
Sprigging (decorative)
Staffordshire Potteries
    º Flow blue
    º Jasperware first developed by Josiah Wedgwood
Studio pottery
Talavera (pottery)
Terra cotta a clay-based, usually unglazed ceramic
    º Architectural terracotta
    º Cittacotte miniature copies of historical or monumental Italian terracotta buildings
    º Glazed architectural terra-cotta
    º Terracotta Army 210 BC China funerary art, ~10,000 figurines
Vase painting
Vitrified Tile
Yuchanyan Cave 17,500-18,300 year old pottery
Christopher Ro
    º African Pottery Forming and Firing
Coydog Outdoors
    º making primitive pottery part 1 creating temper, 2 finding and processing natural clay , 3 simple clay projects
    º making primitive pottery part 4 cleaning up before firing, 5 making a kiln firing and finished product
Craft in America
    º Jugtown & Mark Hewitt Pottery
    º Making Pottery Clay : Weighing Materials for Making Pottery Clay includes list of 15 videos
    º Making Pottery Clay : Types of Clay for Ceramics, Pottery Clay Properties, Safety
    º Making Pottery Clay : Using Natural Clay for Pottery, Cleaning Natural Clay for Making Pottery, Testing Properties of Natural Clay
    º Making Pottery Clay : Wet Mixing Materials for Pottery Clay
    º Making Pottery Clay : Conditioning Pottery Clay, Wedging Pottery Clay, Processing Clay with a Pug Mill
The Folklife Chronicle
    º Red Clay Pottery - Ned Foltz & Lester Breininger
Hewitt, Mark
    º Pottery Traditions of India - Kutch
Jerad Spencer
    º Refining Dug Up Clay
LaughingMoonCeramics (need to fast forward often)
    º getting and processing local clay part 1, part 2
Primitive pottery wheel
Primitive Survival Tools Series- Clay Skillet, Bowl, and Ladle
Steve Bootonceramics
    º art in the gardens Sheffield 2011
    º CLAY....Can You DIg It? part 1, part 2, part 3

also see.. §NM (Arts)§ §NM (Penitentes)§

Art of Adan Carriaga: New Mexico Santero @

Designs of the Desert Jewelry by Thomas Gallegos

ELApro Art Galleries
George T. Gallegos Gallery
Patrick L. Gallegos Gallery

Harwood Museum of Art of the University of New Mexico (Taos)

Marcelo Gallegos ( About with short artist's profile
Artist Profile: Marcelo Gallegos Loves Monsters
at FaceBook
Monsterism blog @ related works by Marcelo & artists of interest

New Mexico Museum of Art Modernist Explosion
    º Holy Week in New Mexico
    º El Santo

Ríchard Alíres fine art

also see.. §NEWS§
Arts: BBC - BBCi Home Page daily digest of arts, culture and ideas
British Journal of Photography forum, gallery, news, tutorials


Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi
Art Gallery - Image Gallery
Sistene Chapel
Stanze e Loggia di Raffaello
Giotto (Ambrogio Bondone, detto) 1267 - 1337

Fine Art Image Gallery museum & artists Links:
The Holy See - The Vatican Museums
Religious Image Gallery of Art slideshow exhibitions: Eternal Word Television Network
The St. Michael Institute of Sacred Art articles, Links, workshops
Vatican Museum Rome Links, original religious (commercial) artwork

also see.. §Chaos§

Ned Kahn, artist
Portfolio: Fire & Light, Fog, Sand, Water, Wind


The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
Articles, Outreach Materials, Brochures, and Information

Blagbrough Galleries, Inc. Restoration, Conservation, Appraisals; St. Louis, MO

Conservation OnLine (COOL) for library, archives & museum materials, including photographs, Links
from Stanford U

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, About, Search
Article Index, Issue Index

Lithuanian Art Museum ( English ) Application of Modern Technologies for Parchment Conservation

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training from the National Park Service
Materials Research
    º Training: Cemetery Monument Conservation

Northeast Document Conservation Center, Andover, MA
Conservation Treatment for Works of Art and Unbound Artifacts on Paper

The Textile Museum
Care & Display
    º Guidelines for the Care of Textiles
    º Pest Busters
    º Storing Oriental Carpets

Washington Conservation Guild, About

also see.. Master Painters, Modern

Charles Wysocki Gallery, primitive style Americana, family owned and operated
EGallery (formerly the Electric Gallery) Wings: abstract realism, contemporary, jazz & blues, southwest

ELApro Art Gallery

Eric Grohe Murals 3D wall murals

Gloria J. Coker Fine Art, Links

Irvine, Martin, Georgetown U
Art/Non-Art Binaries: the Logic of the Artworld and the Art Market
Contemporary Art: Theory, Practice, Institutions, Modern, Postmodern, Contemporary - Course CCTP 738
Institutional Theory of Art and the Artworld

Jeremy Sutton ( or ) About
    º Collage
    º Paintings

Marcelo Gallegos (
Artist Profile: Marcelo Gallegos Loves Monsters
at FaceBook

Michael Scott Gallegos photography, painting, sculpture & drawings from (Michael Scott Studios) Pleasonton, CA
Artist Profile
Tiki Man

The Physics Room, New Zealand, About, Links, Search
Publications art & crimes of Ron English, Bio
Still lifes

Varnish Fine Art cast metal sculpture emphasis

WikiPedia.orgUse It!
    º Category:Contemporary art
    º Category:Contemporary artists
    º Category:Postmodern art
    º Category:Postmodernism
Art history
Contemporary art
Installation art

Will Beckers environmental art

dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo

AccessDance Network Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom Dancers' Federation
Dance Books Ltd. (Gaynor Minden), NY, About, FAQ (Ballet/Modern), Forum, Links

Michigan eLibrary (MEL), Links “Best of the Internet”
Arts & Humanities
    º Dance

National Dance Council of America (NDCA)
ProDVIDA ($) commercial Ballroom Dance Learning System, Links
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS): America's Ballroom Challenge, Forum

List of folk dances sorted by origin (by country)
Traditional Dance


Decorative concrete


Wikipedia: Design
    º Category:Architectural design
Decorative arts
Spatial design

also see.. Paper, Pigments, Prints
DIRECTORIES-Drawing Instruction Open Directory | |

Carol Gerten's Fine Art
Artist's Indexes, by ( Featured Artists, Name, Nationality or Time frame ), Search
    º Italian

The Charcoal Page (dead link?)

Color Pencil Challenge

• how to draw Animals, Monsters, using Perspective

Drawing lessons - illustrated lesson notes for teachers and students by John Hagan
Mark Harden's Texas Net Artchive

Overview and History of Silverpoint Drawing

U Evansville - Figure Drawing LABUse It!, Links & bibliography, SiteMap

    º Category:Art materials
    º Category:Drawing
    º Category:Inks
    º Category:Writing instruments
Binder (material)
Charcoal: Charcoal Art
Clay tablet
Cuneiform script
    º Kneaded eraser
Grease pencil
    º India ink
Laser engraving
Sketch (drawing)
    º Stencil
Study (art)
Writing implement


" Colors of Cezanne" digital painting after “Foilage” by Paul Cézanne


Will Beckers

dmoz Open Directory | Google | WikiPedia | Yahoo

ADAM ProjectA Hub! Search UK Libraries Gateway to art, design, architecture & media

All-Creations.comUse It! Arts Portal: film, literature, music, painting, photography, sculpture, theatre

American Art Directory museums, libraries, organizations and schools, Search Sales with Search & Artists by Movement Index - Links ( Museums: U.S., Other )
Artlex.comUse It! illustrated, hyperlinked Art Dictionary
Art Library Directory (IFLA) libraries & library departments with specialized holdings
Art on the Net: - artists, galleries, links archives, classroom, library, gallery, playground,
Arts & Culture: BBC Online Web Guide
ArtServe: Australian National U, Art & Architecture Images

Arts Education Partnership arts in schools essential for the development of every child, About, LinksUse It!
Publications and Resources

ArtSource architecture, e-exhibitions, images, journals, museums, new media, vendors
Artists - Gopher Menu
Artists - Index of /ftp/pub/pictures/art/
Art-Smart Art Links - Index of Artists and Art Resources database for buyers/sellers, FAQ, Links
The Art Timeline & Related Links: U Texas, Austin

AskArt.comLearn It! extensinve American Artist Index

Association for International Display of Art see "Examples of Available Exhibitions"
Boston College
Art Links on the World Wide Web
• Online Galleries: Faculty, Students

BUBL LINK UK Portal, the Arts
CFGA Artists Index & Search by Carol L. Gerten (Jackson)
Collage Portal Search Guildhall Library & Art Gallery image (20,000) database, London
Detroit Institute of Arts Search Art Image Database by Artist or Title
Digital Librarian: Art
DIVA: Monash U Visual Arts Library Digital Images
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Search, Collections, Education, Exhibitions, Imagebase... ($) art sales, Links

Google Art ProjectUse It! 1000 leading museums & archives partnering with the Google Cultural Institute

Images - By Discipline Design, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture...
Images - Index of /ftp/pub/pictures/
Image Site - Museums search for address & telephone number
Index of Artists: 3w Art,

InfoMine: Scholarly Internet Resource CollectionsUse It!
from the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Internet Art Resources artists, forums, galleries, museums, news, reviews art directory & artist resources
Art Education
Visual Artists, Painters: American, Contemporary, Expressionists

Matthew Joseph Peak ( artist ) Links

Michigan eLibrary (MEL), Links “Best of the Internet”
Arts & Humanities
    º Art (Visual Arts)

Monoskop wiki for collaborative studies of art, media and the humanities
OCAIW: Orazio Centaro's Art Images on the Web arch, gallery, painting, photography, sculpture...
Olga's Gallery ( 10,000 works online, poster sales, American MastersUse It! About
Masters List: Film/Television, Literature, Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts

ReNATssance Art Natale Williams' image archive
Research Guides, Tools & Tutorials: Otis College of Art & Design Library

SILS Art Image BrowserCool Tool! U Michigan Directory/Search art, architectural & museum object images

Site Map Art: NerdWorld artists, culture, education, festivals, forum, history, movements, pubs...
Traditional Fine Arts Online, Inc. articles, Links to museums & associations

University of the Arts London, SiteMap
Library and Learning Resources Web Gateway
    º Web Guides

Voice of the Shuttle Portal
from UC Santa Barbara
Art History

WebMuseum, ParisA Source! U Central Florida Mirror

WebMuseum, Paris: (center for the public domain & unc-ch) (free registration req'd) Chat, Forums
Articles & Tutorials

WikiPedia.orgUse It!
    º Category:Visual arts
    º Category:Visual music
Art ( Types of art )
Art history: Modern art
• Painting: History of painting, Painters
Synesthesia stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads simulataneously to another

World Art Treasures
World Wide Arts Resources Artists, Education, Galleries, History, Museums, News, Supplies...
The WWW Virtual Library The History of Art Virtual Library

The WWW Virtual Library Humanities
Art History
Art Galleries


Anthology Film Archives preservation, study & exhibition of film & video, American independent a& avant-garde, classic European, Soviet & Japanese film, History
New Art of Virtual Moviemaking on-line cult film entertainment

Center for Visual Music, Library reviews, encyclopedia, bigraphies
Postmodernism Postmodernism and Film, Glossary independent culture - film, music & politics Video: writing, directing, producing, cameras lighting, sound, pre-production, on the set, post productions, technical articles
Glossary of Video Terms

Internet Movie Database (
Bicentennial Man (1999)
French Kiss (1995)
The Hangover (2009)
In the Name of the Father (1993)
The Yearling (1946) abstract cinema & visual music, preserve classic abstract films, release DVDs, produce contemporary & historical screenings, Forums, Reviews, Search
Radient audiovisual arts playing images in the way that musicians play with sound
    º Light and the Artist (pdf)
Al Seckel says our brains are mis-wired
Alwar balasubramaniam Art of Substance and Absence
Arthur Ganson makes moving sculpture
Building a Museum of Museums on the Web Amit Sood, director of Google Cultural Institute & Art Project
Golan Levin Makes Art that Looks Back at You
Raghava KK: Five lives of an artist
Theo Jansen creates new creatures
Ursus Wehrli Tidies up Art
Vik Muniz makes art with wire, sugar

TopDocumentaryFilms.comUse It!
Documentary List watch online, Film & Video
Cinema of Transgression

WGBH: Lab open call filmmakers in residence
    º Sandbox

The Absent-Minded Professor
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Baby's Day Out (1994)
A Beautiful Mind (film)
The Bellboy (1960)
Bicentennial Man (film)
Castaway (film)
The Cider House Rules (film)
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
A Few Good Men
Field of Dreams
Forrest Gump
French Kiss (film)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (film)
The Hangover (film)
Heaven Can Wait (1978 film)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
In the Name of the Father (film) 1993
The Nutty Professor (1963)
Searching for Sugar Man (2013)
The Shawshank Redemption
The Sting (1973)
The Time Traveler's Wife (film)
The Usual Suspects
The Wizard of Oz (1939 film)
It's a Wonderful Life
The Yearling (film) (1946)

Category:Cinema by country
Abstract film
Act structure
Appropriation (art)
Art film
Art intervention
Audiovisual art
Auteur theory
Avant-garde (dvd collection)
Chroma key
Cinema pur
Cinema of Transgression
Color organ
Conceptual art
Concert film
Digital art, Digital media
Documentary film
Drawn on film animation
Ethnographic film
Experimental film
Film analysis
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Grupo Cine Liberacion
History of film, Silent film, Sound film
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Independent Film Channel, IFC Center
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Lists of directors and producers of documentaries
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Screenwriting, Shooting script, Spec script
Sound art, Sound effect, Sound poetry, Sound sculpture, Audium (theater), Cymatics, Libvisual, New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)
Special effect
Synesthesia, Clavier à lumières, List of people with synesthesia
Super 8 mm film
Underground film
Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant Garde Film 1894-1941
Video art
Video poetry
Video sculpture
Video synthesizer
Visual effects
Visual music
VJ (video performance artist)
Women's cinema


Art of Fire Dance & Music in the Sky!
Shanghai world expo 2010 HD, opening ceremony fireworks


Aesthetics: What is "art?"
Art history
Art therapy
Category:Art history
Category:Visual arts theory
Littoral art
Psychology of art

Leo Tolstoy
    º What is Art? (1896)

FOLK ART folk art & craft exchange, Newsletter, Search

FORUMS display your art for critical review & review other works, Forums

TheISpot.comUse It! over 1,000 top illustrators, ($) stock illustrations, About, Forum

Talent Art ( English ) virtual gallery & project for art publicity - Czech & Moravian Art-Designers
Universal Art Forum (free registration req'd) Chat, Forums

FRESCO (Affresco)
also see.. Master Painters, Medieval & Renaissance, Murals, Painting
Buon Fresco (True Fresco)

The Architect of the Capitol
The Brumidi Corridors, United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. Constantino Brumidi paintings

The Art of Gerald Steinmeyer - The Frescoes of Gerald Steinmeyer Buon Frescoes
Demonstration Panel
The Making of a FrescoUse It!

Ben Long Fine Art

CFGA Virtual Art Museum (Ads!) - Benozzo Gozzoli Florentine school

Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi
Art Gallery - Image Gallery
Sistene Chapel
Stanze e Loggia di Raffaello
Giotto (Ambrogio Bondone, detto) 1267 - 1337

Florence by Net: comprehensive city & art guide with maps for tourists & residents
The Frescos of Santa Croce (14th century) Basilica of Santa Croce, Italy

The Fresco short overview, Early Frescoes, Techniques, Modern Use, Renaissance Artists, Examples iLia Anossov, Los Angeles, CA
FrescoSchool Videos at Sales and Instructions
High Calcium Hydrated Lime Ca(OH)2
What is Lime? the lime cycle, limestone CaCO3, quicklime CaCO, Types S & N hydrated lime Ca(OH)2, About
Dolphin Fresco
Fresco Technique Overview
iLia Anossov - fresco artist, 2 Contemporary Fresco Gazette

Josep Minguell pintura mural, large fresco mural paintings (in Spanish)

Liana Sofia Tumino

A Life in Art and Spirituality (
The Art and Nature of FrescoUse It! by Sr. Lucia Wiley, (frames, no frames), Links high calcium lime products
Calcium Hydroxide/Hydrated Lime

Real Color Wheel Drawing and Painting On Location Color Course by Don Jusko, Forum, SiteMap
Painting a Fresco, Lessons and Examples Buon and Secco Fresco

Serbian Unity Congress Arts
Dragoslav Paja Aksentijevic artists religious frescos & downloadable chants

Storytellers Media Group
High Fresco Fresco Technique by Mark Wade Stone

The Sigiriya Frescoes, Mary B. Wheeler Special Collection from U Penn Library - Links
Albuquerque Fresco - Preparation
Gallery - Technique
Image Database
• Modern Fresco - Gallery, History, Technique

Wayne State U - Exploring the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, The Ceiling Cleaned

Web Gallery of Art
Giotto di Bondone biography & paintings
Simone Martini biography & paintings
  Frescoes in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo
ceiling frescoes
Genesis Scenes
Prophets and Sibyls
Triangular Spandrels
Lunette Frescoes Encyclopedia of fine arts, About
    º Fresco

    º Category:Fresco painting
    º Category:Fresco paintings
Buon fresco (true fresco) alkaline resistant pigments (watercolors), ground in water, applied to plaster while still wet
Fresco-secco watercolors are applied to previously dry but moistened plaster: longer working time, retouchable, less durable
Parry, Thomas Gambier
    º Gambier Parry process
Verdaccio monochromatic underpainting

Yahoo! - The Fresco List Archive fresco artists Forum
Fresco School Productions
    º How to Make Practice Lime Putty for Fresco
Michelangelo's fresco painting technique demonstration from a NOVA episode
Rings Road Art Studio
    º Buon Fresco with Eolo Paul Bottaro
Simon Brown
    º Slaking rocklime
    º Vasari Plaster & Stucco - Artistic Techniques
    º Vasari Plaster for Your Business and Customers
What is Fresco?


National Endowment for the Arts ( About, Forum, News, Search, SiteMap
Publications: General Research, Learning

also see.. Tyler, Christopher
dmoz Open Directory | Google | WikiPedia | Yahoo

Art History Research Centre: Concordia U, Canada
Art History Resources on the Web (ads!) by Professor Chris Witcombe, Sweet Briar College
Art Images for College Teaching: AICT royalty-free image exchange resource, by Period
Art Images by Period: U Haifa, Israel
Artist Douglas Carpenter on art history: Van Gogh, Turner, Impressionist and Silhouette Art

The Art of Renaissance ScienceMust See! Astronomical Observatory of Padova

The Art of Renaissance Science: Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development
Inside Art: An Art History Game: Educational Web Adventures Teachers' Resources
The Art of Renaissance Science: McMurry U
ArtServe art & architecture, Mediterranean Basin: Australian National U
CFGA Artists Index by Carol L. Gerten (Jackson)

Dictionary of the History of IdeasUse It! Contents, Search
• from the Electronic Text Center, U Virginia Library
Art ideas in literature & the arts in aesthetic theory and literary criticism

DIVA: Monash U Visual Arts Library Digital Images
I am a Child (children in art history)
The PartheNet Combined Internet Resources for Students of Art History
Virtual Renaissance: A Journey Through Time
Voice of the Shuttle: Art History Page copyrights, Courses, design, museums, politics, pubs, theory, ...
WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)>: U Central Florida

    º Category:Art history
    º Category:Fresco painting
    º History of painting
20th century Western painting
Art history
Art Movements
Flemish Baroque painting
Flemish Baroque painting
Historic paint analysis
Italian Renaissance painting
Marine art
Renaissance art
Theophilus Presbyter (1070-1125) high Middle Ages applied art techniques, earliest oil paint reference
Western painting

World Wide Arts Resources artists, education, galleries, history, museums, news, supplies...
Virtual Library: Art History

Voice of the Shuttle Portal
from UC Santa Barbara Art History

Yahoo Search Art History@: Home: Arts

GRAFFITI ART, STREET ART Alan Streets, New York City

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis at
Muto Wall Animation By at

also see.. §Animation§, Cartoons, §Graphics Tutorials & Software§, §Music Scores§
American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
Association of Medical Illustrators
Graphic Artists Guild

IllustratorsPartnership.orgUse It! Forums, Links
Articles with Search by Author or Content

TheISpot.comUse It! over 1,000 top illustrators, ($) stock illustrations, About, Forum
Portfolios, Illustrator Links ( U.S., World )
Mazza Collection original art of children's picture books
Virtual Tour slide show

Michel Bohbot Illustration
Articles (Extras) very short overviews & a few Links
Portfolio by Subject

MikeWimmer - About
• Gallery: Portfolio, Fine Art Prints for Sale

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

Society of Illustrators, About
Career Guidelines with Research and Scholarship database

also see.. Master Painters

Achoura, Sonia Ben
Alires, Richard (Rich Alires Studios)
Carol Allen Anfinsen
Armstrong, Joel
Baeckmann, Sabine
Bagan, Barbara
Baker, Miles clown artist
Bank, Carla paintings, murals, hand painted furniture
Barliga, Dumitru
Barton, Will
Bayomi, Ahmed @
Bayley, Garth
Benatar, Rami YouTube Videos
Bick, Ana
Biryukoff, Alexei (naked fat men)
Blankenbeckler, Dreama
Blank, Jerry
Boguszewski, Thomas
Bonilla, Horacio Lopez
Brand, Tom
Brander, Carmen
Brosnan, Kathy
Burton-Sousa, Joyce Ann watercolor artist
Cameron, Margaret screen painting
Campbell, Jenny @ screen painting
Campbell, Jessi YouTube Videos
Campbell, Michelle
Chack, Alan Kruger
Christy-Moore, Nancy
Colter, Leeonna
Daley, Gail
Davis, Gordon
Deming, Dan ( ceramic paintings & oil pastels, ( Alt )
Dmitriev, Dima (ADS!)
Doner, Kristin
Dutta, Santwana
Erdie, Virginia
Field, Lee M. (ads)
Ferguson, Judy
Fleep, Ebrahim
Fletcher, Donna Louise
Fox, Todd Dayton painter of surrealism/impressionism
Frazier, Suzanne
Gall, Deborah
Gallegos, George T. Jr.
Gallegos, Marcelo (
Gallegos, Michael Scott
Gallegos, Patrick (Elapro Art Gallery)
Gamble, Judith
Gedak, Justin
Gillis, Ronald
Grant-Koch, Irena
Green, Maya
Gregory, Allison
Gwyneth, R
Hansen, Angela
Hawk, Jacqui
Jones, Mila
Kelly, Mike
Keohane, Lea LeaK Arts
Krunic, Slavko
Hamilton, Jennifer Kirk
Hannema, Edo watercolors
Hoover, Linnea
Horn, Betsy
Ippolito, Keri
Jensen, Lisbeth Sahl
Johnson, Stephent T.
Kelly, Mike
Kelly, Thomas
Koment, Ellen stoneware & wax encaustic painting, Santa Fe, NM
Kuntz, Kathryn
La Scala, Damon
Lee, Meeli
de Leeuw, Frank
Leona, Rachel resident artist at
Lephilipponnat, Aurore
Levy, Esther
Loney, Justin figurative oil paintings
MacKay, Judith wildlife and landscape artist
MacKenzie, Elena
Magda, Phyllis
Marie, Isabelle
Marx, Susan
McGill, Tom
Megens, Paul
Merness, Victoria
Mertz, Charlotte watercolors
Mim Art
More, Anne
Moser, Jemia
Musseau, Jeff seascape, landscape, nature artist
Neff, Kathleen
Neumann, Jeffrey L.
Ogiela-scheck, Lizbeth
Panyapeang, Wichan
Pearce, Wayne
Plater-Shaw, Helen artist at Artista Eli
Porcaro, Susan Tait fashion artist
Romhild, Elizabeth
Rosa, Murilo de Sousa
Rosier, Deborah
Ryan, Fergus A.
Ryk, Mila
Sage, Alanna
Sarantos, Leon
Scheidt, BaBette Pauline
Seemel, Gwenn
Shadur, Beth murals

Sheridan, Duffy
Tutorials start class at bottom of video list

Sidenberg, Diane
Singer, Alan
Skvor, David
Smith, Michel Angelo portraits from photographs
Smith, Patricia Wilson
Smith, Tyler
Soldatenko, Andrey
Sosh, Shar
Sponer, Anna
Stein, Carla oils & acrylics
Stevens, Lynda
Stounberg, Lars
Street, Caroline
Swarthout, Jennifer acrylics
Szewc, Tom Figurative Artist
Thompson, Diane
Thompson, Warren
Todd, Jaimee
Turlej, Joanna watercolorist
Uchekwo, Jody
Vachon, Linda oil paintings
Valetova, Nina Tokhtaman
Viztes, Liz oil portraiture & figurative works, pets, wildlife, landscapes
Ward, Sharon
Weir, Josie
Weisburd, Harry
Welch, Mary-Anna fricano
Wharton, Charlotte
Wieder, Diane F.
Wilson, Randy
Yamamoto, Michelle
Yuan, YuanUse It!
Zerbato, Paulo psychological portraits
Zhivetin, Oleg

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning ArabArt, Country Guide, Gallery
Art.Online Black History
Asian Arts
ArtServe Australia,16,000 images,search tool.
Art of China Homepage (AGEN-MC)
Florence by Net (Art) comprehensive city & art guide with maps for tourists & residents
Louvre W3 The Louvre Palace and Museum
Louvre W3 mirror@Mexico, The Louvre Palace and Museum
Louvre W3 mirror@Rio, The Louvre Palace and Museum
National Museum of American Art home page Smithsonian Institution.
WebMuseum, Paris
WWW Virtual Library: Tibetan Art


JAPANESE for Woodblock Printmaking
Handbook of Japanese Printmaking Technique, About, Glossary, Search
Artists Biographies
Auction (
Online Exhibitions
Sell Your Artwork

PBS Newshour
Colorful Realm 18th Century Japanese Silk Paintings Make Rare U.S. Appearance

Journal of Fine and Studio Art

also see.. Ceramics, §Masonry Domes (ARCHITECTURE)§, §Fireplace, Oven (ARCHITECTURE)§, §Foundry, Forge (METALS)§

Kiln Construction A Brick by Brick Approach by Joe Finch

Fairfax County Public Schools: Fine Arts
Outdoor Kiln Firing

Google Search
” glass kiln” site:*.edu
” kiln construction” site:*.edu

Harvard U, Ceramics
Green Fire: An Efficient, Sustainable and Smokeless Wood Kiln

Increasing Efficiency in the Brickmaking Process
Kiln Types and Features for drying lumber
Manufacture of Coke at Salem No. 1 Mine Coke Works

Ohio State U: Knowledge Bank
Biography of a Brick by Curtis A. Garver
Tke Modern Method of Firing Clay Wares by Carl B. Harrop, E. M.

Quality Concrete in Construction of Dry Kilns
Virginia Tech Solar Kiln for drying lumber

Wikipedia: Kiln
    º Category:Kilns
    º History of heat
Anagama kiln
Annery kiln
Beehive ovens
    º Dunlap Coke Ovens
Buffalo Grove Lime Kiln
Cement kiln
    º Crucible refractory container usually made of clay
    º Hessian crucible
    º Fire brick
First fire
Ganister used in the manufacture of silica brick
High-temperature insulation wool
Lehr (glassmaking)
Lime kiln produces quicklime by calcination of limestone (CaCO2)
Open hearth furnace
Pit fired pottery
Pyrometric cone
Pyrometric device
Reducing atmosphere reduced oxygen, incomplete combustion carbon bonds with/removes O2 in metal oxide glaze colorants, changing to unoxidized metal's color
    º Refractory material retaining strength at high temperatures
Refractory cement under Types of concrete
Rotary kiln
Silica gel
Sodium hydroxide lye, caustic soda
Sodium silicate
Talc hydrated magnesium silicate
Single-fire process
Christopher Ro
    º African Pottery Forming and Firing see 57:46 "Pottery firing.."
Coydog Outdoors
    º making primitive pottery part 5 making a kiln firing and finished product, part 1 creating temper
Darius Namdaran
    º DIY Lime Kiln (1 hr) Make Your Own Lime Cement in 12 hrs
    º Pottery Traditions of India - Kutch see 3:34
Mats Svensson
    º Building an Anagama step by step
    º How to make Sodium Silicate (water glass)-DIY Refractory cement-Part 1, Part 2
Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild
Wood Firing 101 Anagama & Nobori kilns, plus US wood firing history
    º barrel kiln firing
Reitzagama walk-in Anagama kiln development & construction, narrated by Don Reitz
Simon Leach
    º Construction of a small raku kiln -pt 1, part 2, Buttoning the fiber, Raku kiln completed, firing result
    º how to make a simple RAKU kiln

also see.. §Invention (ENGINEER)§, Wind, Links
Gallery, Photos ( home ) FAQs, Forum, Links
Artist Directory
Virtual Exhibits
Triefeldt, Rein by David C. Roy, geometric spring & weight driven, FAQs
Archive from 1975 to present
Maker Profile - Kinetic Wave Sculptures on MAKE: television
Theo Jansen - Kinetic Sculptor

also see.. Drawing, Paper, Pigments for Woodblock Printmaking, FAQ
Encyclopedia of Woodblock Printmaking
Exchange Gallery
Handbook of Japanese Printmaking Technique

What is a Print?

    º Category:Art materials
    º Category:Engravers
    º Category:Engravings
    º Category:Etchers
    º Category:Etching
    º Category:Lithography
    º Category:Printing processes
    º Category:Printmakers
    º Category:Printmaking
    º Category:Prints (art)
    º Category:Relief printing
    º Category:Woodcuts
History of printing
Ink, India ink
Intaglio (printmaking)
Laser engraving
Letterpress printing
Offset printing
Old master print
Planographic printing
Printing, Printmaking
Relief print
Viscosity printing
Woodblock printing
    º Woodblock printing on textiles
Wood engraving
Artsmia Minneapolis Institute of Arts
    º Printmaking Processes: Intaglio Etching, Aquatint, Burnishing, Scraping & Drypoint
    º Printmaking Processes: Lithography
    º Printmaking Processes: Screenprinting


The British Library: Catalog of Iluminated Manuscripts

also see.. §Restoration (ARCHITECTURE)§, CONSERVATION

Association For Preservation Technology International (APT) Links

Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. distributors of restoration mortars, paint strippers, mineral coatings, Stonecutting Tools
Replical Marble Restoration Mortars ($)
    º Monuments and Sculpture

Creative Sculpture and Restoration ($) Lee's Summit, MO

Marble Institute of America
Care & Cleaning Instructions
• Standrds: ANSI, ASTM the Online Journal of Nondestructive Testing, Forum, Search, Sitemap & Search
Archive Articles and News
Marble monuments examination using the NDT method of ultrasounds
• Search Marble




Fiberglass World - Industry Index

specialized aerospace transparency solutions:

also see.. Fresco, MASTER PAINTERS §Optics (HISTORY OF SCIENCE)§
Images of Medeival Art and Architecture, Glossary of Medeival Art and Architecture, Alison Stone: U Pittsburgh

    º Category:Art history
    º Category:Byzantine art
    º Category:Christian art
    º Category:Gothic architecture
    º Category:Gothic art
    º Category:Gothic artists
    º Category:Gothic painters
    º Category:History of sculpture
    º Category:Italian Renaissance
    º Category:Italian Renaissance painters
    º Category:Medieval architecture
    º Category:Medieval art
    º Category:Medieval artists
    º Category:Medieval European sculptures
    º Category:Medieval music
    º Category:Painting techniques
    º Category:Renaissance
    º Category:Renaissance art
    º Category:Renaissance artists
    º Category:Renaissance architecture
    º Category:Renaissance music
    º Category:Renaissance painters
    º Category:Renaissance paintings
    º Category:Western art
    º Outline of painting history
Byzantine art
Christian art
Gothic art
History of art
History of painting
History of sculpture
Illuminated manuscripts
Illusionistic ceiling painting
International Gothic
Medieval art
Medieval music
Middle Ages
    º Early Middle Ages
    º High Middle Ages
    º Late Middle Ages
    º Renaissance of the 12th century
Perspective (graphical)
Quattrocento 15th century Italy transition from Medieval to Renaissance, artistic styles of the late Medeival & early Renaissance
Renaissance 14th–17th centuries
    º High Renaissance
    º Italian Renaissance
Renaissance art
Renaissance music
Stained glass
Western art history
Western painting

Figure Models Guild Washington, DC chat, registry

also see.. Contemporary, Master Painters

Art Minimal & Conceptual Only multiple works by 30 Artists with discussions, Main Index, Links

Hishhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, SiteMap
The Story of Modern Art

Modernism art, literature, culture, music, drama

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), NY
the Collection online exhibits
    ºArchitecture/Design, Drawings, Film/Media, Painting/Sculpture, Photography, Prints/Illustrated Books

WikiPedia.orgUse It!
Art history: Modern art


AeroMarine Products
Silicone RTV Rubber Mold Making 101 mold making & casting materials; how-to videos

BJB Enterprises casting & mold making materials
Flexible Foams
Specialty-Gels & Skins

Brick In The Yard (BITY) Mold Supply: silicone rubbers, etc.

Fumed Metal Oxides including fumed silicas
    º Hydrophilic Fumed Silica (Cab-O-Sil) Silicone Rubbers high temperature vulcanized (HTV) & liquid silicone rubber (LSR)
Silicone Sealants

Chemical Concepts distributor of adhesives, silicone, specialty chemicals & fasteners
Mold Making

The Compleat Sculptor Inc.

Dow Corning
MS-1003 Moldable Silicone A&B Kit

EasyComposites UK
Video Tutorials
    º How and Why to Vacuum Degas RTV Silicone Rubber and Casting Resins

Gardenweb Forums (Ads)
Using Silicone Caulk as a Mold Material

Glen Kuban
Common Mold and Cast Making Materials
Making Silicone Rubber Molds

GT ProductsUse It! informative PDF files in each product, technical support services
Mold Making Silicone

Hobby Silicone silicone & polyurethane casting supplies, including food grade silicones for chocolates, candies, etc. moldable plastic
Lure Factors UK, soft plastic fishing lure making materials
MakeLure fishing lure mold making, dyes, fillers & release agents; how-to videos

MBFibreglass UK
Fibreglass Mats & Fabrics
Polycraft GP-3481-F General Purpose RTV Condensation Cure Mould Making Silicone Rubber

My Heap DIYer notes & resources
The Mold Making and Casting Book
    º Chapter 8 - Silicone Caulk Molds polyurethane & silicone mold rubbers
Catalog (pdf)

Reynolds Advanced Materials
QM 140
QSi's Moldmaking Series Brochure (pdf)

Sher-Fab Unlimited fiberglass supplies & how-to videos

Silicones, Inc. product information, locate distributors in Canada, Europe & USA
Smooth-On sculpture & art casting products

Silicones Europe silicone chemistry information

Silicones, Inc.

Specialty Resin casting resins, pigments, & silicone rubber
Casting Resins
Mold making RTV silicones

Tap Plastics fiberglass fabric, mold release agents, resins & publications
Fiberglass Fabrics
Mold Making Supplies
Molding & Casting Forum 1998-2006
    º Silicone Catalyst & thickening agent

West System Boat repair kits, Specialty epoxies, 105 System
    º Mold release, PVA and hairspray using hairspray as a mold release agent

    º Category:Molding processes
Alginic acid (Alginate) compunds for short-lived, soft molds of delicate or living specimens; used by dentists
Full-mold casting
Fumed silica (cab-o-sil) used as a silicon & liquid latex thickening agent
Gelcoat applied to moulds to provide a smooth finish transferred to composite molded parts
Glycerol (Glycerin) can be added to 100% silicone caulking for its hygroscopic properties
Injection moulding
Liquid latex
Lost-foam casting
Molding (process)
Polycaprolactone moldable plastic, AKA Instamorph or Deco thermoplastic maleable in hot water
Plastisol suspension of PVC particles in liquid plasticizer, pourable into heated mold
Polymer clay
Polyurethane (Urethane Foam) used in pourable foams
Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) can be sprayed as a Release liner
RTV silicone room temperature vulcanizing silicone
Sand casting
Semi-solid metal casting
Shore durometer hardness ratings
Silicone rubber
Sugru modeling silicone rubber
Vacuum assisted resin transfer molding
Vacuum bag moulding composite materials such as carbon fiber
Vacuum forming
AeroMarine Products Tech Support
    º How to make a 2 part mold 14 videos
    º Pour Foam 2 + urethane safety video
    º Adding Bolts & Hardware into Silicone Mold Designs
    º How To Make A Silicone Mold Of A Helmet Pt 1 of 4
    º How to Slush Cast A Helmet (last step, Pt 5)
    º Polyurethane Foam ExplainedUse It!
    º Mold Making on a budget
Dan Wilson (Specialty Resins)
    º How to make a two part silicone mold using Specialty Resins Cast-a-Mold silicone rubber
David Jensen RubberMoldMan: concrete statues from fiberglass reinforced latex rubber molds
    º Where to find the materials to make latex rubber molds like ours
DIY Silicone mould putty
Don Rice
    º Corsair #56, Making Yet Another Canopy Plug Moldy Thingy Again applying PVA & 2 part epoxy primer under fiberglass mold
Easy Composites Ltd
    º How To Do Perfect Vacuum Resin Infusion of a Carbon Fibre Part - Basic Tutorial
Gray's School of Art
    º Silicon Mold Making & Casting
How To Fiberglass - Two Part Mold Constuction - #2 PVA & gelcoat under fiberglass (Mute your volume)
    º Silicone mold making part 1, part 2
KyleofAsgard - Homemade casting silicone substitute using gelatin & glycerin heated in the microwave
MechanicalMashup Episode 26 silicone caulk, corn starch & mineral spirits pourable mold
Paul Adams the Handmade Fisherman
    º Making A Soft Plastic Fishing Lure. The Sushi Whip Tail Grub using Polycraft RTV Silcone mold & plastisol cast
    º Making Homemade Injection Molds For Soft Plastic Worm Fishing Lures
Polytek Development Corp.
    º Casting with PolyFoam R2
    º Casting "Warped" Concrete Tables in Rubber Molds
    º How to Bend or Warp Decorative Concrete in Rubber Molds
    º Foam filling masks with home depot foam (Sika Fence Post Mix)
    º How to foam fill masks cheaply using water and gorilla glue
    º Silicone caulk mold prt 1 paintable silicone/naptha mix over hot Johnson's wax as release agent, prt 2 with cheesecloth reinforcement, prt 3 plaster of paris/burlap support reinforcement over hot paste wax release agent
TAP Plastics
    º How To Make Fiberglass Part (& Fiberglass Mold) Part 1, Part 2
Thinning silicone for seam sealing @Franco Darioli camping tent repairs



ELA Notes: Pebble mosaics are the earliest type of mosaic in the eastern Mediterranean and are seen in excavated floors of Asia Minor as early as the 8th century BC.

British Association for Modern Mosaic ( Exhibitions Online, News, Links, Mosaicists Mosaic Murals
Lyn Miller Community Mosaic

Lula Geddes, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London
Differences between Pebble Mosaics, Opus Tessellatum and Opus Vermiculatum

Painted Reproductions of Greek Mosaics:   U Mississippi - Dept Classics, Classics Links
Pebble Mosaic step by step instructions:
Pebbles - Grouts, Adhesives, Primers, Applicators:   Mosaic Mercantile
Pella - Greek Architecture, Archaeology of Greece, U North Carolina at Chapel Hill
PellaMuseum:   Greece Photo Gallery 2000, Photo Galleries: Robert Viau, Ph.D., Georgia College & State U

Perseus Digital Library
Polychrome pebble mosaic, Vergina ancient Macedonian Hellenistic palace & royal tombs

Sonia King Mosaics - Books, Links, Technical

Mural#Tile mural
How to tile and grout a mosaic in a tub/shower
Katy Galbraith
    º Making Mosaics with Recycled Materials
sandy robertson
    º Mosaic Art - Pique Assiette/China - OzMosaics - How to mosaic a dressing table Part 1


also see.. Fresco

    º Category:Graffiti artists
    º Category:Mexican muralists
    º Category:Muralists
Haas, Richard (1936)
Diego Rivera (1886-1957)

    º Category:Murals
Bogside Artists
Brixton murals
Cave painting
Detachment of wall paintings
Detroit Industry Murals
The Manchester Murals
Miró Wall
Murals of Kerala
Murals of York, Pennsylvania
Post Office Murals
Presencia de América Latina
Public art
San Bartolo (Maya site)
Sgraffito contrasting layers of colored plaster over a moistened surface
Tiled printing
Trains (Mural)

also see.. §ART & SCIENCE§, §Exhibit Design§, §MUSEUMS & SCIENCE CENTERS§, Set Design Cedarcreek, Missouri

Ned Kahn
Portfolio: Fire & Light, Fog, Sand, Water, Wind

    º Category:Design
    º Category:Exhibition designers
    º Category:Exhibitions
    º Category:Traveling exhibits
Exhibit design
Exhibition designer
Online exhibition
World's fair

also see.. Artlogs, §Images & Graphics§, Museum Exhibit Arts, §PHOTOGRAPHIC§

Image Focus
Google, Wikipedia instruction vendor, prizes
Art and (UK)

The Artchive - Links ( Museums, Resources )
Theory and Criticism marketing ( &/or ) Links
Art & Links Sales with Search & Artists by Movement Index - Links ( Museums: U.S., Other )

Art Institute of Chicago, SiteMap, Collections:
Ancient, Modern & Contemporary
Asian, African & American Indian, American Art, European Painting
Prints & Drawings
Science, Art & Technology ( Introduction )
    º Art and Astronomy
    º Chemistry and Physics of Light and Color, Perception, Light, and Color

Art Resource ( free Registration, Search
• 100,000 keyword-searchable fine art images ($) display your work yearly fee or critique others to display your work free, Forums

Bent Wash Studio 16 artists

Boston College
Art Links on the World Wide Web
• Online Galleries: Faculty, Students

The British Museum
CFGA Virtual Art Museum - Artists Indexes, Search contemporary abstract art gallery
New Artists show & sell your work for a sales percentage charge

ELApro Art Gallery

Electric Art Gallery contemporary work, “since 1994” will link to your art work
The Frick Collection USA, FAQ, Search

Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Italy ( English )
    º Index of Works
    º List of Artists
    º 360 degree IPIX photograph a network introducing artists to galleries

The Getty - Explore ArtUse It! About, Search, SiteMap
Browse Artists by Name, Collection Types

GLYPHS Online Artist Reviews, Exhibits

Harvard U, Art Museums
Collections Online

The High Museum of Art
Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
Indiana Museum of Contemporary Art

Kansas U, The Printroom Max Kade-Erich H. Markel Dept of Graphic Arts, Spencer Museum of Art, Index
    º Glossary of Printmaking Terms

Kunst Indeks Danmark, Links

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art (lacda)

Louvre site officiel du musee du Louvre, Paris
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
Michael C. Carlos Museum: Emory U
Minnesota Center for Arts Education
Musea Antwerpen
Musee du Louvre Links

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam, Netherlands ( English)
    º Decorative Art
    º Modern Art
    º Old Masters
    º Print Room

Museums/Galleries Yellow Pages address & telephone numbers

National Archives, Search, SiteMap, Exhibit Hall
A New Deal for the Arts WPA artwork, documents, and photographs
Panoramic Photography
Powers of Persuasion ( skip Intro ) posters from World War II

National Gallery of ArtYes! Washington D.C.

National Gallery of Canada French or English
National Museum of American Art home page: Smithsonian Institution.
The National Portrait Gallery figures of American history ($) pay to display your work in juried shows

Opera Gallery Asian, masterpieces, European, North and South American, sculpture, 19th century

Pallazo Ruspoli, Italy contemporary art, FAQ, Search
Barnes, Ernie
Delgado, A.I.
Goodnight, Paul
Guest, Chaz

The Pixel and Paper Gallery London
Prado Museum, Museo Nacional del Prado ( English)

Royal Musem of Fine Arts of Belgium ( English )
    º Paintings
    º Drawings
    º Sculptures

SILS Art Image Browser University of Michigan
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Society For Art Of The Imagination, About, Links
• fantastic realism, magic realism, surrealism & visionary art
Gallery contemporary Artists, FAQ, Glossary, Search

Spencer Museum of Art, Print-making Glossary
Online Resources

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin ( English)

Tate UK
General Collections, Posters

Timken Museunm of Art, About, SiteMap

U de Liège - Belgique, Galerie Wittert Collections
Artists Index

Vatican Museum Rome

Visual Music (Early Colour organs) by Maura McDonnell
Web Gallery of ArtUse It! European Gothic, Renaissance & Baroque (1100-1850) virtual museum, Search
Artists Index

WebMuseum, ParisUse It! U CentFlorida or U NCarolina

World Wide Art Gallery Links
World Wide Arts Resources
WWW Virtual Library museums pages
Xenonarts Art Photography, Performance Arts, Music

Peter Benjamin Graham

also see.. §HISTORY of (Optics) Science§, §Optics§, §PHOTOGRAPHY (Optics)§, Tyler, Christopher
Camera Lucida
Camera Lucida: An Optical Illusion for Artists
Secret Knowledge by David Hockney (First Edition)
The Magic Mirror of Life: An Appreciation of the Camera Obscura
D.A. Woodward, Photographic Educator and Inventor
Toys Art Optics
Art and Optics by Christopher W. Tyler, argues against Hockney/Falco claim

Camera lucida
Camera obscura
Claude glass
della Porta, Giambattista perfected the camera obscura
Hockney, David
    º Hockney-Falco thesis
Perspective (graphical)
Pinhole camera
Wollaston, William Hyde (1766 – 1828) inventor of the camera lucida

including.. Fabric Paint & Stencil
also see.. Art Supplies, §COLOR§, §Mineralogy§, Painting, Stagecraft,
§WEB AUTHORING-Color§, §Woodworking§

Artists Paint and Pixel, About, Links ( Galleries, Reference ) SiteMap
Library download articles for artists
Paint resources for traditional painters
Pixel science of computer graphics
Theory basic colour theory

Art Studio Chalkboard ( home ) technical fundamentals: perspective, shading, color & painting, Links
• by Ralph Larmann, U Evansville, Art
Figure-Drawing LAB
Painting including colorUse It!

Astoria Paints Single page color swatches

Behr paint, stains, varnishes
Stays Clear Acrylic Polyurethane Low Lustre 423, SiteMap
    º Awash with Colour The Use of Limewash as a Decorative and Protective Coating by Bob Bennett
    º Limewash and Distempers
    º Vapour Permeable Paint by Gareth Davies colors: Colors
NBS/ISCC P - Plochere Color System

Flood Company Australia, Product Fact Files
Floetrol.pdf, Penetrol.pdf

Gamblin Artists ColorsUse It! About, FAQ, Glossary, Links
Article Archive Newsletter
• Products: Artist Grade Oils, Art Sketching Oils, Conservation Colors, Etching Inks
Painting Secrets Revealed
Oil Painting Mediums working with Old Masters' knowledge of working (physical) properties
    º Painting Techniques and Palettes, including paint, ground & size information
    º Palletes: High Key Basic, Impressionists', Transparent Glaze Colors
    º Safety
Sizes and Grounds background & product information plus MSDS Color; Mediums & Additives; Gesso & Grounds; Varnish
Applications & Techniques
how watercolor paints are made plus pigments
• Pigments
    º Inorganic (metal or earth): Natural, Synthetic
    º Organic: Natural animal or plant matter, Synthetic, petroleum based, Historical Information Gums & Resins; Glues, Adhesives and Cements..
Historic Pigments & Dyes

Jo Edkins: MineralsUse It! ( Frames ), About, Glossary, Links
Ancient Gems, Birth Stones & Anniversaries, Jewelry
Combine colour online: light (additive), paint (subtractive)
Minerals in fireworks
Optical illusions
Pigments pigments and raw materials for paint making

Kremer PigmenteUse It! ( English ) historic binding media & pigments outside of standardized, manufactured paint
Product guide, Main Categories
Product Selector
    º Fusion for plastics

MAX Grumbacher Artist's Oil Colors - Curry's Color Chart

Modot Cookbook for Artists or Making Homemade Artist Paints
Paint Education
Oil & Colour Chemists' Association South African Division, Links

OnLine Color Chart R&F Handmade Paints discount online art supplies

Real Color Wheel Drawing and Painting On Location Color Course by Don Jusko, Forum, SiteMap
History Of Painting Mediums cera colla, egg, fresco, glue, mastic, Paints (acrylic, casein, oil, wax)
Real Color Wheel Color Course for Painting on LocationUse It!
Real Color Wheel, Pigment and RGB HTML Palette, Colorwheel

Rosco International ( US ), Catalog (zip), Products
Scenic Products Paints: chroma key, flameproofing, foamcoat, light bulb, stage, scenic, TV..
    º Iddings Casein Paint FAQ, includes Working with "re-wettability"
    º Scenic Paint FAQ

Serendip, About
from Bryn Mawr College
the Stuff of Art ( Overview )
    º Experiments
    º Pigments pigments & materials for restoration, interior design & fine arts
    º SAFETY information
    º Casein Paints & Grounds
    º Encaustic Paints
    º Fresco How to Paint a..
    º Grounds & Gessos traditional
    º Oil Paint & Oil Painting Mediums
    º Pastels
    º Waterbased Paint
    º What is Paint?

Society of Tempera Painters ( Home, Forum, Links
Resources: Exhibitions, Suppliers, Tutors, Workshops
Technical Aspects of Egg Tempera
About Pigments
    º Grounds (Gesso Recipes), Supports
    º How to make Egg Tempera Paint
    º Painting Demonstration from start to finish Registration Req
Acrylic Latex Paints: Still the Gold Standard for Exterior Performance manufacturer of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Amsterdam & Art Supplies, Links
Learn to Paint
    º Color Origin, Mixing ( Talens primaries & secondaries), Properties, Theory
Mediums and Varnishes for Acrylics...
Where to Buy “ materials information rarely taught at art schools today” by by Steven Saitzyk About
Artist's Material primarily from the book Art Hardware by Steven Saitzyk, Links
    º Painting Supports and Grounds: Sizing, Grounds, Priming
    º Safety
Creative Process Links

Virtual Color Chart with pigment composition:   Williamsburg Art Materials

WebExhibits.orgUse It!
Causes of Colors
Color Vision and Art visison science & the emergence of modern art
Pigments through the Ages
    º 32 Minerals jpeg Directory
    º Intro: Blacks, Blues, Browns, Greens, Oranges, Purples, Reds, Whites, Yellows

    º Category:Dyes
    º Category:Inks
    º Category:Inorganic pigments
    º Category:Iron oxide pigments
    º Category:Natural dyes
    º Category:Pigments
    º Category:Shades of brown
    º Category:Watercolor painting
Acrylic paint
Binder (material)
Clay earth pigment primarily ochre, sienna & umber
Gloss (paint)
Goethite brown iron ore, clay earth pigment
Gum arabic
Hematite mined as the main oxide ore of iron, black to steel or silver-gray, brown to reddish brown weathered soils, or red
Historic paint analysis
Iron oxide
Ochre hydrated iron oxide: yellow, red, purple, brown, prehistoric art
Oil paint
    º Drying oil
Sienna yellow-brown limonite clay with ferric oxides, prehistoric art
    º Burnt sienna
Umber natural brown clay pigment containing iron & manganese oxides
    º Burnt umber
Watercolor painting

Wolman Wood Care Products, Catalog, FAQ
Application Tips, Wood Care Basics

also see.. Stagecraft, FAQ, Products
Tips: Techniques, Tips, Trends & Painting Terms
Ceramcoat craft paints & fabric textile medium, Product Categories
Resource Guides including sections: Projects, Techniques, Tips
Techniques, Tips & Examples: Fabric Stamping
Scenic Art
Watercolor Techniques

StenSource International, Inc., FAQ, Site Map
Products & Online Catalog
Projects & How To's

ZimPrints Rubber Stamps, Permanent Acrylic Fabric Paint

also see.. Fresco, Master Painters, Paper, Paint & Pigments, Screen Painting, Links
Airbrush 101 Encyclopedia of fine arts, About
    º Fresco

    º Category:Art history
    º Category:Art history by medium
    º Category:Artist authors
    º Category:Art movements
    º Category:Asian art
    º Category:Baroque painting
    º Category:Cubism
    º Category:Fresco painting
    º Category:Gothic art
    º Category:Impressionism
    º Category:Maritime paintings
    º Category:Medieval art
    º Category:Modern art
    º Category:Modernism
    º Category:Painting
    º Category:Prehistoric art
    º Category:Renaissance art
    º Category:Surrealism
    º Category:Painting materials
    º Category:Painting techniques
    º Category:Watercolor painting
    º Category:Western art
    º History of painting
    º Outline of painting
20th century Western painting
Acrylic paint
Acrylic painting techniques
Abstract art
American scene painting
Art Movements
Binder (material)
Chinese painting
Digital painting
Dutch Golden Age painting
Flemish Baroque painting
French standard sizes for oil paintings
Glaze (painting technique)
Graphics tablet
Historic paint analysis
Ink brush
Ink and wash painting
Italian Renaissance painting
Japanese aesthetics
Japanese painting
The Joy of Painting
Live painting
Marine art
Oil Painting
Paintbrushes under general Brush
Painting knife
Paint robot
Palette (painting)
Palette knife
Pittura infamante
Portrait painting
Post-painterly abstractionism
Rabbit-skin glue
Renaissance art
Representation (arts)
Screen painting painting over door screens
Semiotics (signs)
Shaped canvas
Sizing incorporated substances acting as a protecting filler or glaze
Spray paint art
Street art
Study (art)
Symbolism (arts)
Wash (painting)
Watercolor painting
Western painting

also see.. Conservation, Drawing, Pigments, Prints, Glossary, Links
Reference Guide
Teck Talk Giclee digital fine art printmakers, About, Links
Watercolor Papermaking??? a Brief History by Elizabeth Edwards

    º Category:Art materials
    º Category:Writing media
Carbon paper
Coated paper
Glassine very thin, smooth air and water resistant paper, generally translucent unless dyed
Vellum skin prepared for writing or printing

Albrecht Durer: Theoretical works
    º Book of Optics
Descriptive geometry allows representation of 3-d objects in 2-d
Filippo Brunelleschi: Invention of linear perspective
Gaspard Mongeinventor of descriptive geometry
Gerard Desargues one of founders of projective geometry
Graphical projection
Jean-Victor Poncelet (1788-1867) a reviver of projective geometry
Karl Georg Christian von Staudt (1798-1867) first to develop a purely synthetic theory of imaginary points, lines & planes in projective geometry
Leon Battista Alberti: Study of perspective
Leonardo da Vinci
Lorenzo Ghiberti
Mathematics and art
Projective geometry
    º Duality (projective geometry)
Projective space


Dictionary of the History of Ideas
Art for Art'S Sake
The Spiritual in Modern Art, Wassily Kandinsky

Leo Tolstoy What is Art?

    º Category:Aesthetics
    º Category:Beauty
    º Category:Perception
    º Category:Philosophers of art
    º Category:Theories of aesthetics
    º Category:Visual arts theory
    º Index of aesthetics articles
    º Outline of aesthetics
Aesthetic Theory
Art for art's sake
Artistic inspiration
The arts and politics
Authenticity (philosophy)
Conceptual art
Ecstasy (emotion)
Erotic art
Fine art
Formalism (art)
Formalism (philosophy)
History of aesthetics before the 20th century
Kandinsky, Wassily (1866-1944)
Mathematical beauty
Moral sense theory
Philosophy of design
Principles of art
Representation (arts)
Reverence (emotion)
Sentimentalism (literature)
Theological aesthetics
Tolstoy, Leo
    º What is Art?


Jonathan LeVine Gallery (formerly Tin Man Alley Gallery) New York, NY

Minna Street Gallery San Francisco, CA
MOCA DC and A&M Galleries
Robert Berman Gallery Santa Monica, CA

Upper Playground San Francisco, CA, Links


Aksel, William: Portraits

Alires, Rich, Bio
Still lifes

Hynes, Diane: Portrait Gallery

ELApro Art Gallery

Noel, James Smith Collection Noel Memorial Library, Louisiana State U, Shreveport
The Letters of Horace Walpole

Vanderbur, Cindie Underwood-

also see.. Stagecraft

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, About
Automata Maker’s Kit
Cabaret Mechanical Movement
Hints and Tips

Puppetry Home Page
Shadow Puppets: Designing, Building, and Performing by Bill Woodburn

Random Acts Puppet Theater: creative puppetry in Austin, Texas, About, Links


Leo Tolstoy
    º What is Art? (1896)

also see.. §Religions & Spirituality§

DIRECTORIES-Religious & Spiritual Arts Open Directory | |

    º Life of Buddha

Daniela Sabina's Website, Buddhas
Image a Journal of the Arts & Religion
Religion and the Arts
Buddhist Paintings
Chakras & Yantras
Hindu Gods, Goddesses, Gods & Goddesses
Indian Epics

SANTEROS Carlos A. Rael, following Gustavor Victor Goler & Robert Lavadie

SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION / VISUALIZATION anatomical, biological, conceptual, surgical, interactive illustration & design
The Image Galleries:   Center for Polymer Studies

also see.. Painting John Iampieri

Campbell, Jenny @ screen painting
Video at YouTube

Dolores Monet
Folk Art The Baltimore Tradition of Screen Painting

Herget, Dee screen painter
Lipka, Tom window screen painting
Southern Screens by Margaret Cameron
Screen painting
Maryland Traditions - Screen Painting John Octavec
Jenny's screen painting opening Jenny Campbell

also see.. architec.htm#MASONRY§Masonry (ARCHITECTURE)§
Dennis W. Bernhardt steel sculptor
Elizabeth Romhild ($) commercial marble & bronze
Kevin Caron Studios

Peggy Campbell
My Process Bookstore, Links, Museums, Online Galleries, Sculptor's Pages

    º Category:History of sculpture
    º Category:Sculptors
    º Category:Sculpture
    º Category:Sculpture collections
    º Category:Sculpture techniques
    º List of sculptors
3D printing, Rapid prototyping, RepRap Project, Self-replicating machine
Embossing (paper)
    º Engraved gem
    º Laser engraving
    º Photoengraving
Pargetting decorative plastering, pinking
Potbelly sculpture
Relief relievo, rilievo
Repoussé and chasing
Sculpture: Materials of sculpture through history
    º Monumental sculpture
Stone carving
Stone sculpture
Wood carving
3d Reliefs & CNC Machining (ArtRelief)
    º 3D Acrylglass Relief from a Single Painting
    º Wall Relief Decoration - interior design
Aden Hynes Sculpture Studios (commercial)
    º Architectural Polystyrene Styrofoam Carving by Sculpture Studios
    º Fibreglass Sea Shells by Sculpture Studios
Brick In The Yard Mold Supply
    º Casting and skinning Flex Foam
    º Silicone Makeup FX: Matching Fair Skin Tones
Drywall Art Sculpture
    º Sculpted Wall Murals
    º Sculpted Wall Murals Public Locations

DIRECTORIES-Periods & Movements
dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo

SIGNS Portal, Forum, Links, SiteMap


Context Institute, In Context Quarterly of Human Sustainable Culture, About, Links, Search
Art and Ceremony in Sustainable Culture, articles

including.. Books, Jobs, Lighting, NewsGroups, Rental, Sales
also see.. §COLOR§, Exhibit Arts, §Exhibit Design§, Fabric Paint, §Lighting Design§, Paint, Puppetry, Theatre

Designers Open Directory |
Set Design Open Directory | |
Stagecraft Open Directory |

Alcone Company, Inc., NY
technotesUse It! Scenic Painting, fluorescents, respirators, dry paints & aniline dyes, Lighting, Molding
Color Matching, Color Mixing Chart
    º How to Use Aniline Dye, Dry Scenic Paint, Para-Casein Paint
Theatrical Makeup Tips

Artslynx International Art Resources, Theatre Resources
Set Design Links to Theatre Design and Technology

Big Bad Wolf's Fur Suit Page making costumes

Blue Room technical forum, Search (Google)
Effects & Pyro
Props & Wardrobe
Staging and Rigging, Stage, Technical & Production Management
Video & Projection

Boston U, Scientific Computing and Visualization
SCV Deep Vision Display Wall

Butler U, Dept of Dance, Links
The Ballet Russe Scenery Collection
    º CityScape
also see Theatre, LinksUse It!, Links ( Costume Supplies, Dye & Paint, Makeup & Masks, Theatre History... )

Development of Scenic Spectacle Renaissance & Baroque, Links ( 2 ) from Appalachian State U
Catalog of Theatrical Machinery Manuscripts
QuickTime Movies

Didaskalia, UK, ancient Greek and Roman drama as performed today, Links, Search
Ancient Theatre
    º Introduction to Greek & Roman Stagecraft

Grosh Scenic RentalsUse It! Hollywood, CA since 1932, About
Care and Maintenance of a Backdrop
History of Scenery
    º The Medium: Paint and Fabric

High School Tech Production, Links, Search
• How-to: Design ( Research, Scenic ), Tech

International Theatre Design ArchiveUse It! from Southern Illinois U, Edwardsville
• Scene Designs by: Designer, Playwright, Producer, Title
also see Costume Designs & Lighting Designs

McCoy's Guide to Internet Resources in Theatre and Performance StudiesUse It!
Links: Stagecraft and Technical Theatre, Mailing Lists
Stagecraft mailing list archive with Search, Gallery, Links
Theatre-L Mailing List archive with Search, Links, UK, About, Links ( Exhibitions ), Search
Prop Directory
Style Guide Timeline, About, Links, SiteMap
Forum & Chat Center at
Tips & Resources

Proptology Journal of Props Professionals, About
• Books: Bookshelf, Review
Breakdown and Distressing tips & techniques
Creating a Convincing Metallic Surface
• Paper Mache: Recipes, Rediscovered
PropChem 101 for professional backstage staff, About, Links ( 2 )
Books: Lighting, Props
Venues US ) TechNotes
Choosing a screen
Creating Scenic Surfaces U Florida School of Music, Theatre Links

Society of British Theatre Designers (SBDT), About, Links

Society of Prop Partisan Managers (S*P*A*M), Links

Stagecraft mailing list, Links ( Other lists )
Archives: Browse, Search ( Advanced ), Digest Archive
Members' Pages

The Stage Crew, LinksUse It! magazine ArchiveUse It!
Sets, Scenery & Rigging (Feb 03)
Aug03 Suppliers:
    º Audio, Lighting & Electrical, Platforms, Risers & Stagelifts, Special Effects
    º Books, Music & Multimedia
    º Costumes, Drapery & Tracking
    º Design & Software
    º Digital City the ins and outs of digitally printed backdrops
    º Education
    º Plays & Musicals
    º Props, Rigging & Safety, Sets & Scenery.. Portal, Theater
• Props: Designers and Consultants, Rentals, Shops

Theatre Central, Links
Techie Central (?)
Scenic, Links
Glossary of Technical Theatrical Terms
    º Portable Staging Systems, The Art and Science of Theater, Stage Craft & Links

Trinity U, Steve Gilliam, Scenic Designer
DROPS Scene Painting Drama 3315 Gilliam
Sample Drops
United Scenic Artists Local 829, Links
Designer's ShowcaseUse It! links

United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Search
Engineering Commission

U Virginia, IATH, Uncle Tom's Cabin and Americal Culture
Scenic Drops aniline dye, designed by M. Armbruster & Sons, Scenic Artists

WPI Technical Theatre HandbookUse It! iqp (online) by Steve Richardson, aka “Prefect”
Download (5.3 Mb pdf file)

WWW Virtual Library: Theatre and Drama
Theatre image collections online

BOOKS (Stagecraft)

Internet Theatre Bookshop, Stagecraft
WPI Technical Theatre HandbookUse It! iqp (online) by Steve Richardson, Download (5.3 Mb pdf file)
British Theatre Design. Goodwin, John. St. Martin Press. 1989. ISBN: 0-312-03724-4
The Prop Builders Molding and Casting Handbook. ISBN 1-55870-128-1
plans for building a vacuum forming machine.
Theatrical Design in the Twentieth Century. Atkinson, Patrick, W. ISBN 0-313-29701-0
Designing and Drawing for the Theatre. Pecktal, Lynn. McGraw-Hill. 1997. ISBN 0-07-557232-X
Theatre Design and Technology ISSN 1052-6765
Entertainment Design, The Art and Technology of Show Business. Primedia Intertec ISSN 1520-5150

JOBS (STAGECRAFT), Job Listings, Contacts (by Geographic arew)


Association of Lighting Designers, Forum, LinksUse It!

Blue Room technical forum
Effects & Pyro

Indiana U, Dept Theatre Drama, Faculty & Staff
see Robert A. Shakespeare, Professor (Lighting and Sound Design)
• co-author of Rendering with Radiance: The Art and Science of Lighting Visualization
• and look for the “Theatre Computer Visualization Center” recently offline

Center for Innovative Computer Application (dead link?)
Four IU Bloomington professors selected as Fulbright Scholars
Shakespeare in lights
Talking to Light, Links

Professional Lighting Resources, Stage Lighting Design 101Use It! comprehensive overview of the art and science, Contents, Copyright Notice
from Bill Williams Lighting Design for Architecture and the Arts
100 - Introduction
200 - Design Methods
300 - Applied Methods
400 - Procedures
500 - Lighting Fixtures
600 - Mechanics
700 - Education

R. Lee Kennedy's LightingDesignSource, Glossary, Links
• Assoc Professor, Lighting Design, Dept Drama, U Virginia
Bibliography of Lighting Resources by author & subject, film/tv, concert
Lighting TechNotes notes on cue writing & misc
Lighting Unit Specifications searchable data: lighting instrumentation, photometric, technical
Stage Lighting CAD Symbols

Society of Television Lighting Directors, Forum, Glossary, Links, SiteMap
Theatrical Lighting Design Interactive ($) CD

(Google Groups)
RENTAL (Stagecraft & Display) Rental & Services lighting, electrical, grip & rigging
Rigging Speedrail & Fittings

Musical Theatre Southwest Albuquerque, NM
Props & Drops Rental

SALES (Stagecraft & Display)
also see.. Art Supplies

80/20 Inc. T-Slotted aluminum framing system

Advanced Lighting & Sound Solutions, Rentals

Alcone Company, Inc., NY
• Products: Dry Paint & Analine Dye, Fabrics, Makeup cotton muslin manufacturer
• Flame Retardant Muslin: Natural, White
• Non Flame Retardant Muslin: Natural, White

Bosch Rexroth Corp., Aluminum Structural Framing
Centre Stage Manufacturing Company theatrical & fiber-optic curtains & soft goods
Charles H. Stewart scenic backdrop rentals, About, Catalog

Chicago Canvas & Supply, About
Canvas, Muslin, Theatre Fabric
Curtain Track, Dyes/Paints, Dropcloths
Misc. special effects: bubbles, fluids, fog, haze, mist, wind.. Products scenic design & backdrop rentals, Products, Themes gallery

Freed Co. Masks, silks, beads, leathers, furs, scarves, ethnic clothing & custom costumes
• 415 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87103 (505) 247-9311

Georgia Stage, Inc. drapes manufacture & distributor: ShowMasters Theatrical Products
Metallics & Rain Curtain

Gerriets International Online, Catalog
Dance Floor, Platforms
• Fabrics: Contra Textures, Chromakey, Drapery, IFR, Muslin/Gauze, Scrim/Net, Unusual
Opera Print, machine printed digital scenery
Projection Cyclerama (Procyc) translucent medium illuminated by images & layers of light
Projection Screens
Scenic Brushes
Stage Curtains

Heinemann Drama Theatre Books
Costume Technician's Handbook Shopping Guide, select Links by region

Hogle's Theatrical Supply, Santa Fe, NM; with manufacturer links, New Mexico's Rosco Distributor
Online Shopping
    º Rosco Paints
Fiber Optic Curtains
Pipe and Drape
Projection Screens
Rain Curtains

J & C Joel Lt, UK, theatrical drapes & stage equipment scenic backdrops, downoad catalog
• Scenic: Construction, Painting, Prop Making, Catalog
Mylar Rain Curtains, Huntington, WV, Stage Effects
Pro Fogger, Mini Fogger
    º Mylar Rain Curtains

McDougall Ltd, UK
Stage Drapes
Scenery Materials rental & sales, general stage supplies, Mfr Links Props
•Pipe & Drape, Price List
    º Uprights: Fixed or Telescoping

Rosco International ( US ), Catalog (zip), Products
Connectors & DMX Cables
Designer Products breakaways, candles, Fabrics, glitter, Materials, mirrors, Slit Drape
Film / Video
• Lighting: Color Filters, Control, Dimming, Gobos, Software
    º Motion Effects
Paints (Scenic)
    º Iddings Casein Paint FAQ, includes Working with "re-wettability"
    º Scenic Paint FAQ
Roscodigital backdrops, murals, RoscoJet
Scenic Products Paints: chroma key, flameproofing, foamcoat, light bulb, stage, scenic, TV..
Screens, Choosing a screen
Stage Hardware

Rose Brand (free user registration)
Catalog Search: Rain Curtains
Digital Imaging Fabrics
Projection Screens
Rain Curtains: Cracked Ice, Diffraction, Metallic images; one-off & short run images on a range of fabrics, vinyls, laminates...
Portable Display Stands
TV, Film & Theatre Backdrops ( Theatre )

Sculptural Arts Coating, Inc. saturated paints, sculpt or coat, artist's supplies
Painted Backdrops
    º CityScapes, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    º City Night Views, David's Theater Backdrops rentals

Sofi's Stitches costumes curtains, lighting, rigging, staging

Steven Cohen Productions, LTD the art of lighting
Light Curtains rigid rear projection screen material, Modu-Tek modular support structure

TEI Lighting
    º Fog Machines
    º Rope Lights

Texas Scenic, San Antonio, Links, SiteMap
    º Curtains theatrical special effects: confetti, fog, lighting, pyro, snow.. Theatrical Supplies
Fabrics, Distributors, Products
Literature (Pricing & Technical)
Metal Framing
Telespar Telescopic Tubing, Catalog (pdf) manufacturer of metal framing & components buy fabrics on-line, Search
Textile A-Z Glossary

Zinc Studio, FAQs, Links (Image Resources), SiteMap
• photography backdrops, trade show displays, set design & theatrical backdrops
Materials Guide

45 Houses Index Page
Le Surréalisme aujourd'hui à Paris
Magnetic Fields surrealists in minnesota
O Voo de Osíris - O Surrealismo em Portugal e no Mundo Chicago Surrealist Group & participants coast to coast
The Surrealist group in Stockholm


Susan Klebanoff Albuquerque, NM

including.. NewsGroups
also see.. Neon, Set Design & Stagecraft, §LITERATURE-Drama§

Bubl Link | Open Directory | | McCoy's Guide | WWW Virtual Library |

American Alliance for Theatre & Education (AATE) About, Forum, Links
Networks & Projects
Theatre In Our Schools

Arts-Info International Theatre Resource, About, Links, companies, festivals, venues..

Artslynx International Arts Resources, Theatre Resources
AWOL's Thousands of Great Acting Links

BUBL LINK UK Portal, the Arts
Theatres & Theatre: Guides, Links, Studies
Why a non-profit theater company?

Consciousness, Literature and the Arts Archive from U Wales, Dept Theatre, Film & TV Studios
Articles and Essays
Book Reviews
Creative Writing,
Links: Costume Supplies, Dye & Paint, Makeup & Masks, Theatre History...

Didaskalia, UK, ancient Greek and Roman drama as performed today, Links, Search
Online Playtexts & Electronic Journals
Online Theatre Resources

Digital Librarian: Performing Arts

Dramatists Play Service, Inc. play-licensing agency, FAQs, Links ( Authors )
Author Bios
Music, Sound Effects
• Plays Browse, Catalogues, Manuscripts, PlayFinder

ELAC Theatre Site, FAQ, Glossary, Forums, SiteMap
Historical Texts, Research Tools
Play Collection & Online Play Collaborations, Plays, Playwrights
Writers' Workshop, Writing ( Academic, Dramatic ), Playwriting accessible writing
Drama collection of plays, modern works & classics
Film, Television & other media studies
Reference materials for research

Heinemann Drama Theatre Books
Theatre Historical Society of America Theater
Internet Theatre Database by the fans for the fans
Literary Resources -- Theatre and Drama from Jack Lynch, Rutgers U

LYCOS: TheaterUse It!

Michigan eLibrary (MEL), Links “Best of the Internet”
Arts & Humanities
    º Theater

National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA)

New York U, Libraries
Theater and Performance Studies Resources

Playbill On-Line Broadway, off-Broadway, regional & London theatre listings, daily news, About, Search ( Play Catalog ) ( alt ) Search catalogs of every North American Publisher
Submission Guidelines
Script Samples

Theater Connections by Judith Van Noate, J. Murrey Atkins Library, UNC Charlotte

Theater History on the Web, Links
Technical Performing Arts Links
Theatre Museum, UK, Links, Search
Learning Online & Education Mailing list

Theater Studies Research Guide from Yale U, Library, Links
Basic Guides
Full-Text Electronic Journals Links
Research Resources, Theater
UK Theatre Web

University of the Arts London, SiteMap
Library and Learning Resources Web Gateway
    º Web Guides: Theatre and Performance

UTSE: Worldwide Performing Arts Search Engine, About

Voice of the Shuttle: Drama, Theater & Performance Studies
from UC Santa Barbara

World Arts and Cultures Web Directory, New Zealand
Theater and the Performing Arts

also see.. Christopher, Tyler

Christopher Tyler vision scientist, psychologist, invented random-dot autostereogram

also see.. §EDUCATION§

DIRECTORIES-Visual Arts Education/Tutorials Open Directory | | search database of U.S. art schools, FAQs, Links

Access Arts Network Search database of artists, activities, lessons, software, tutorials

American Alliance for Theatre & Education (AATE) About, Forum, LinksUse It!
Networks & Projects
Theatre In Our Schools

A. Pintura: Art Detective The Case of Granpa's Painting, teacher's resources

Art 104: Design and Composition, 2D Design Notes ( home ) by Jim Saw
from Palomar College, Academic Technology
• I Basics
• II Painting and Color
• III Design and Color
• IV Principles
• V Elements

Art by Jennifer pastel paintings & pencil drawings
Lessons very short non-graphic overviews of color, design, perspective, practice, technique commercial art instruction

Art Tips: Canvas, Linen vs Cotton & Priming, Paper

ArtNews download, galleries, supplies, tutorials, Forum, Links (communities, colleges & organizations), Search
Art Safari adventure in looking for children & adults from the Museum of Modern Art
ArtsEdNet African American History

ArtsEdgeUse It! National Arts & Education Network, Links, Search, SiteMap
from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Connect: Articles & Reports
Explore activities, Quotes
Teach: How-To's, Lessons, Standards,

ArtsEdNet, Contents, Forum & Archive, Search, SiteMap from the Getty
Galleries & Exhibitions
Lesson Plans & Curriculum Ideas

Arts Education Partnership arts in schools essential for child development, About, LinksUse It! SiteMap
Publications and Resources

Art Studio ChalkboardUse It! ( home ) technical fundamentals: perspective, shading, color & painting, Links
• by Ralph Larmann, U Evansville, Art
Figure-Drawing LAB
Painting including color

Art Studio Chalkboard: Color, Acrylic & Oil, Canvas, Modifiers, Process, Surface, Tools...
Barbara Safran's Artist's Corner Watercolor: horizon, composition, still life
Bear's Clover Portrait Art Tutorial (at

Chicago Public Schools Art Collection, Links, Search

Digital Fire Corp:   Education on Glazes & Clays,
TutorialsUse It!, begin classes at the bottom of the video list

Eyes on Art artspeak 101, teacher's guide...
How to Read a Painting Art Criticism Skills to Enrich Museum Experience
Fresco Technique Overview
Murals on Canvas - How-To?

Irvine, Martin, Georgetown U
Art Survey Modern, Postmodern, Contemporary
Art/Non-Art Binaries: the Logic of the Artworld and the Art Market
Image Library
Institutional Theory of Art and the Artworld free Lessons: Architecture, History, Draw, Paint, Print, Sculpt
Learning About Leonardo

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses
Media Arts and Sciences
Music and Theater Arts

National Art Education Association
    º NAEA Classroom Galleries
    º NAEA - National Art Honor Societies Gallery

National Association for Fine Art Education (NAFAE) UK
Open Studio: The Arts Online ToolKit
• Computer & Internet access and training for artists and nonprofits
• from the Benton Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts

PainterCreativity, LinksUse It!
Articles & Tutorials

Painting Beyond Fashion prinnciples & techniques from the Renaissance to the present John Hagan
A Painting Demonstration by Charles Harrington Acrylics

Real Color Wheel Drawing and Painting On Location Color Courseby Don Jusko, Forum, SiteMap
History Of Painting Mediums cera colla, egg, fresco, glue, mastic, Paints (acrylic, casein, oil, wax)
Real Color Wheel Color Course for Painting on LocationUse It!
Real Color Wheel, Pigment and RGB HTML Palette, Colorwheel ( About, Search, SiteMap )
Art & Writing Awards, About, Galleries, How to Enter

Tadspurgeon.comUse It!

Tutorials: PIXART computer art
Virtual Renaissance: A Journey Through Time
Watercolor-Online Articles and Tutorials
What Is Watercolor? History, Watercolorists Links

WikiPedia.orgUse It! Art history
• Painting: History of Painting, Painters

William Powell on using transparent color Painting Exercise: Painting Rocks Under Water
    º Painting Class
Duffy SheridanUse It! begin classes at the bottom of the video list

also see.. OPTICS, History, THEORY
Christopher William Tyler on computer art as a spin-off from experiments in visual perception

Smith-Kettlewell Brain Imaging Center (SKBIC): Christopher Tyler: Art InvestigationsUse It!
Evaluations of Hockney's Optical Hypothesis
Perspective Studies
    º Chiaroscuro and Depth Art Optics
Art and Optics by Christopher W. Tyler, argues against Hockney/Falco claim

NM Watercolor Society
Painting Maui Hawaii on Location Watercolor & Acrylic: painting, color and proportion.
Painting Maui Hawaii on Location Watercolor & Acrylic: painting, color and proportion.
Watercolor-Online Articles and Tutorials
Watercolors of Sharon Burgmayer, chemistry professor, Bryn Mawr
What Is Watercolor? History, Watercolorists Links

William Powell
Painting & Drawing Exercises
    º Acrylic lesson - Majestic Sunset
    º Color Mixing Info and Formulas
    º Drawing Still Life - Books and Glasses
    º Painting Exercise: Painting Rocks Under Water Glazing Techniques (using transparent color)
    º Watercolor lesson - “Homestead”

also see.. §Jewelry§, §METALS§, §Metalworking§, §Soldering§, §WELDING§

Art is OK ( 2 ), Albuquerque, NM Gallery and Sculpture Garden
Artists List
OK Harris sculptor, owner - About
    º Gallery ( 2 )
    º Photos ( 2, 3 )

The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA)
Galleries (the ArtMetal Village)Use It! Sculptural Art Railings
Artists Showcased
• Jeweler's Forum Archives - Casting, Fabrication, Forging,
• Jeweler's Learning Center & Forum - Casting, Fabrication, Forging, Misc.
Jeweler Resources - Soldering Non-Ferrous Metals, Hydrogen Peroxide Pickle
• Jeweler Resources (cont.) - Copyrights, 2, 3
Life Force at the Anvil, The Blacksmith's Art from Africa

Bead Fairies, FAQ, Glossary, Links
Designs of the Desert, Online Book
Howard Academy for the Metal Arts - Links
Diamonds, Gemstones

Rio Grande Jewelry Making Supplies, everything for creating, manufacturing & displaying fine jewelry

Southwest Artist-Blacksmith Assn. (SWABA)

WIND SCULPTURES, Wind Sculptures of Lyman Whitaker


Alma: Life & Works
Australian Women's Art Register feminist collective, womens' art heritage archive/repository
Bracquemond, Marie: Web Museum, Paris
Cassatt, Mary: Web Museum, Paris
Georgia O'Keeffe: CFGA
Georgia O'Keeffe: Great American Women
Georgia O Keeffe art prints: 3w art
Mary Jean Olivelli: Paul Olivelli

The National Museum of Women in the ArtsSee It! Washington D.C.

Tanning, Dorothea: Web Museum, Paris

The Varo Art RegistryA Hub! electronic registry of women's artwork

WIC - History of Women through Art Artist Joanne Battiste
Women @rt History Links
Women Cartoonists: Cybergirl
Women and Surrealism: Laura Seabrook

Women On the Web/ElectronMedia, Links ( Visual Art, Music )
• for high school & college women intersted in music and art

The Women's Art at Eberly Center for Women Cyber Gallery: U Toledo

The World's Women On-Line!A Hub! Artist Directory


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