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CONTESTS Staples Grand prize $25,000; 9 finalist prizes $5,000

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No. Rolled Combinations Chances
2 1-1 1
3 1-2   2-1 2
4 1-3   2-2   3-1 3
5 1-4   2-3   3-2   4-1 4
6 1-5   2-4   3-3   4-2   5-1 5
7 1-6   2-5   3-4   4-3   5-2   6-1 6
8 2-6   3-5   4-4   5-3   6-2 5
9 3-6   4-5  5-4   6-3 4
10 4-6   5-5   6-4 3
11 5-6   6-5 2
12 6-6 1
2,3,4,9,10,11,12   16
5,6,7,8   20

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• Poker Computations, Digest

BJMath.comUse It! BlackJack Math Articles, Forums, Links, Contents, Search
Mathematics of Gambling by Dr. Edward O. Thorp, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
Risk of Ruin, About, Forums, Links
Gambling Library
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“Bullet Bob's” Poker Rules Strategies and Tips, Dictionary, Forum
Articles, Columnists
Hand Rankings, Rules

Card Game Rules
Video Poker Tips, Strategy Table
Learn to Play Tutorials
Table Games
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    º Craps
Video Poker, Poker (Texas Hold'Em)
Poker Book Zip Download & HTML Index

CiteSeer, Artificial Intelligence and Poker Articles, Video Poker books, software & videos FAQ (official site) Open Directory Project
Games: Video Games: Recreation: Browser Based: Free Gambling Games FAQ Newsgroup FAQs
Frugal Video Poker ($) by Wolf Gaming Software
Help Files free downloads (executables *.exe)
Why a Hand with a Higher ER may be Ranked Under a Hand with a Lower ER by Jim Wolf ($) Video Poker Calculator & Video Poker Coach Software
• Expected Value & Return
Video Poker, Hands, Rules
    º Calculation of the video poker strategy
    º Deuces Wild
    º Jacks or Better Payback Table Returns & Probablities including Bonus Pokers, (99.9%) basic strategy
    º Joker Wild
Video Poker Analyzer Risk of Ruin Analyzer & Calulate Bankroll needed for a certain
VPAnalyzer.jar evaluate risks of gambling problems
• consumer (player) protection policies, strategies, information, products & services
Play the Tutorial online
• ($) safe@play Slot Machine tutorial how slot machines really work
Advantage Play & Commercial CasinosUse It!, SiteMap tutorials, tips, professional profiles
Texas Hold'm Odds Calculator
Probability and PokerUse It!

Jazbo's Poker and Video PokerUse It!
Poker Information, Links
    º Computing Kelly Bankrolls (Perl script)
    º Heads Up Hold'em Percentages exact rankings, all 169 hands based on EV heads up vs. random hand
Video Poker Information
    º Optimal Strategy for 9/6 Jacks
    º Probability Distributions
    º Volatility

Jeff Lotspiech's Video Poker PageUse It! Links (most are broken)
“Gambler's Ruin” Calculator Java applet
Strategies for Video Poker, Calculating Video Poker Strategies, mathematical details
• Strategy sheets (pdf) also see notation explanation
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    º Double Bonus
    º Five Wilds
    º Jacks-or-Better
    º Jokers Wild
    º Tens-or-Better
Tables Of The Precise Return
Video Poker Training Program Java Applet
Video Poker EngineUse It! free source code for above Applet, download from
    º JavaDoc Documentation
    º Rules, Payoff Tables
    º Strategy

JeffsVille, Jeff's Simple Video Poker Applet

Journal of Gambling IssuesUse It! problem gambling, Links
from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
How do slot machines and other electronic gambling machines actually work?
Suckers progress: An informal history of gambling in America (1927, 1928) by Herbert Asbury, Index
Problems 61 - 80
    º Problem 62 Solution - Probabilities in PokerUse It!, Poker free open source software, Poker3D online multiuser, multigame

National Indian Gaming Commission
25 CFR part 291, Class III Gaming Procedures

Niko's, QA - Poker Probabilities

Pascal's Triangle From Top to Bottom
How many different poker hands are there?, Forum, News
Poker 101

Poker as a Testbed for Machine Intelligence Research by Jonathan Schaeffer, U Alberta computer science

Probability in PokerUse It! FAQ (official site)

Saliu.comUse It! Free Software
Best Mathematical Casino Gambling Strategy
Fundamental Formula of Gambling & Mathematical Foundation Of The Fundamental Formula
Gambling Analysis, Daniel Y. Kimberg

Skip Hughes On Video Poker commercial software, this site is not current
Articles and Analysis
    º Strategy
Software Review

SourceForge.netUse It! Open Source Software, Search: “Poker”

SticiGui: Online Text  by P.B. Stark:   Dept Statistics, U California, Berkeley
Card Hands
The Long Run and the Expected Value (gambling and fair bets)

TK's Video Poker Basics
• Jacks or Better Simple Strategy, Full Pay Table (9/6), Short pay Table (8/5)
• Deuces Wild Playing Tips, Full Pay Table, Poker Odds Calculator Publishers of poker & other gambling books, Forums ( Forum Digest Archives )
Internet Magazine

U Alberta Computer Science, Games Group: Poker Research Group
Darse Billings
    º Learning to Play Strong Poker & artificial intelligence
    º Using Probabilistic Knowledge and Simulation to play Poker
• Pena, Lourdes
    º Probabilities and Simulations in Poker.

U Nevada, Las Vegas, Center for Gaming Research: Articles, News,
Casino Math ( pdf )

United States Playing Card Company Card Game Rules
    º Poker

U Utah Math: Optimal Drawing Strategy for Deuces Wild Video Poker (pdf) by Stephen Jensen
Video Poker LessonsUse It! a beginner's guide

Viktor Nacht's, Video Poker Channel: FAQ, Forum
Dan Paymar's OptimumPlay ($) Analyzer & Trainer software, About Dan, Software Forum
Intro to Video Poker ($ subcription) video poker by Skip Hughes & Viktor Nacht
Skip Hughes' Video Poker Player Magazine ($ subscription) Video Poker Player
    º Category:Casinos
    º Category:Gambling
    º Category:Gambling legislation
    º Category:Gambling regulation
    º Category:Gambling regulators
    º Category:Gambling technology
Black Book (gaming)
    º Cheating (casino)
    º Locals casino
    º Regional casino United Kingdom
Gaming law
    º Gambling Act 2005 United Kingdom
    º Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
Gambler's fallacy
    º Gambling in the United States
    º Problem gambling
Gaming Control Board
Harris, Ronald Dale
National Indian Gaming Commission
Native American gaming
    º Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
Poker also see Videopoker
    º Cheating in poker
    º Poker calculator
    º Poker probabilityUse It!
Probability theory
    º Gambler's fallacy
    º Law of large numbers
    º Regression toward the mean
Pseudo random number generator
    º Payout percentage
    º Progressive jackpot
Video Poker, SiteMap
Poker OddsUse It!
VideoPoker, Probabilities
    º Deuces Wild
    º Jacks or Better
Pseudo random number generator

World's Greatest Gambling Catalog ($)
Yahoo NewsGroups: vpFree Video Poker Forum, Links ($) “Bob Dancer Presents WinPoker” video poker training & analysis software, Description


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