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Art E-Cards Free, original Rose floral e-cards over 400 electronic postcards, attach music, free backgrounds
The Cyber Greeting Collection - Directory of free cyber greetings & tutorial
Electronic Postcards from Around the World - Directory of virtual postcards by category nice selection free funny hand-drawn electronic greeting cards
Lake Cards moving water reflections
Make Me Happy Dot ComBe Nice! Free e-mail picture of flowers for your friend
Pinkheart Flower's Art - flower with music
VIRTUAL CYBER HUGS and KISSES Links from St. Claire Associates
Virtual Flowers Homepage - send a FREE VIRTUAL BOUQUET
Virtual Kiss: 123Greetings
Yahoo Greetings
Yahoo Search Home: Entertainment: Virtual Cards
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COURTLY LOVE Courtly Love book links
Arthurian Legend from Professor Talarico, College of Staton Island, City U of NY
Transmigration of Music significance of itinerant musicians in Mediterranean Cultures

Backgrounds to Romance: "Courtly Love" & Images of Courtly Love by Dr. Debora B. Schwartz , Cal Poly State U
The Romance of Lancelot and Guinevere: Problematic Elements of Summer Love in Camelot

The British Library: Catalog of Iluminated Manuscripts

Chivalry and Courtly Love from David L. Simpson, DePaul U

The Classical Music Pages
Troubadours and Trouveres

Courtly Love from Sian Echard U British Columbia, Faculty of Arts

The Crusades online course from Boise State U
Picture Catalog

The Knight's Tale by Geofrey Chaucer from Bonnie Wheeler, Southern Methodist U
Knight's Tale Geofrey Chaucer

Medieval Arts and Humanities by Dr. Michael Delahoyde , Washington State U
Courtly Love

Greg's Guide to Chivalry
Gypsy Scholar: On knights errant and courtly love

Internet Medieval Sourcebook from Paul Halsall, Fordham U, Center for Medieval Studies>
Andreas Capellanus: The Art of Courtly Love, (btw. 1174-1186)

Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library
A Code of Chivalry
Glossary of Terms

Lapetite Zine: Tristan & Isolde: AN Autobiography
The Medieval Conception of Love from Prof. Michael Markowski, Westminster College

Le Moyen-Age (French)

Love, Faith, and Myth Illuminated Manuscripts Facsimilies at the UCF Libraries

Minstrels Gallery

New World Encyclopedia
Courtly Love

The Psychocosm of the Renaissance

Richard Stockton College of NJ: Literature Program Wiki
Courtly Love

Rose and Chess, U Chicago Library
Le Jeu des échecs moralisé (The Moralized Game of Chess)
Le Roman de la Rose (The Romance of the Rose)

Thoughts and Places: Abe's Ever-Evolving Understanding A Chronicle of Changing Belief by Abe Van Luik Cathars & Troubadours
Dante's Divine Comedy
RumiRuminations Rumi, Francis and Courtly Love
Sexuality, Spirituality, and Ecstacy

Shoshone School District
The Medieval Age, Chivalry and Courtly Love

Virtual Medieval Church and Its Writings, U Saint Thomas–Saint Paul
Ce Futen Mai by Moniot d’Arras (c.1213-39), French Toubadour song online
Troubadours and Courtly Love

Courtly love


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