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AL 13 Airstream restoration & camping in Texas
Restoration Links

Vintage Airstream (Ads)

Vintage Airstream Club
Technical Library
Upcoming Rallies
Airstream Caravan Restoration, time lapse @Kamil Napieraj
Airstream restoration @charleydodge0001
Airstream Restoration - 01-1 Introduction; 48 Classic Rides videos @Ken Nishikats
Airstream Restoration: Walkthrough; 7 videos @LaneVids
Jay Leno's Garage (full length ads)
    º 2013 Airstream Land Yacht Concept
Man Turns '70s Airstream Into a Cool, Happy Home @HouzzTV
Stephanie Matney
    º 1966 Airstream Safari Renovation
    º The Airstream Project set to the Blue Danube Waltz
    º The restoration of 'Birdy' - Part 1, Part 2

CAMPING sales gear reviews & tests, Links ( Mfrs )
Eydon Kettle Company water boiler/thermos water boiler
How it Works Mountain Safety Research, tents, cookware, hydration, snow equipment, water treatment
    º Dragonfly burns white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel & jet fuel articles, gear reviews & tests, Links
Kelly Kettle water boiler
How to Choose a Backpacking Stove water boiler kettle & cook stove Zen Backpacking Alcohol Stoves, Links


Fishing Online, UK Links

FLY FISHING Fly Rods, Chat, Fly Patterns, Knots, Links, Swap low budget fishing & fly tying online magazine, Fly Tying Patterns, Forums, Search

Fishing-Scotland, LInks
hooked - Advanced Fly Tying
Archive of Just Old Flies - The Collection
    º Adams, Hare's Ear, Irresistible, Leisenring Black Gnat, Rainbow, Trout Fin Wulff Flies

Flyfish@ discussion group, Links, Swaps, Tutorials

FlyFishing at (ads!)
Fly Archive - Deer-hair Caddis, Green River Cicada
Yellow Humpy, Links, Links
Ask our Experts: Ask T. C. Fly Tying: answers, Ask Robert - Fishing & Casting: answers
Fly Fishing - Forum
Fly Fishing Information by State - Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
Fly Tiers Forum: Ask TC, Pattern Library, Techniques, Tips
Licenses & Regulations by State for all states
Match the Hatch Tools: Fly Picker, Hatch Charts, Latin, Matchers ( Insect, Pattern ), Top 25 Trout Patterns
    º Southern Rockies - NM: San Juan Hatch

Fly Fishing in Mid Wales, Glyndwr Fishery online tackle store, Search Sussex, UK stillwater site, Links

Len Gorney's Fishing Links NotebookUse It! and flyfishing for trout pages, US Links by state

LW's Fishing Site, Sweeden, Europe, fly-patterns, Links
Biot Parachute Hendrickson tying instructions
Fly Tying Material
Photo Gallery internet fly fishing magazine, Forums, Links
TutorialsUse It! - Adams, Hair's Ear

New Mexico Game and Fish: Fishing
Weekly Fishing Report
Hike Routes and Descriptions a few free, others $5
Fishing on the Valles Caldera $15/day

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Light My Fire Firesteel Scout Firestarter
• Recreation: Outdoors: Survival and Primitive Technology

How to Build a decent Wilderness Survival Kit

Lansignburgh Scouts
How to Make a Quality Fire Piston 1/8 in brass nipple pipe, 1/8 brass cap, 1/4 Bolt 6 in long, 1/4 OD x 1/8 ID x 1/16 thick O rings, JB Weld
Cut O Ring Groove in Bolt-Piston (video)
Fire Cloth insertion & pressure stroke
Making Char Cloth
FireSteel ( Albuquerque )
Survival Is a state of mind!

Celestial navigation
Fire piston
Survival skills, Wilderness Survival: Fire
Fire from a Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar
Fire by "Cans" Part II
Fire Piston Video (ads)

TRAILS Find State by State Trails

USDA Forest Service
Pecos - Las Vegas Ranger District Recreation Map


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