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also see.. §ENGINEEERING (3D Printing)§

AMIE (Advanced Manufacturing + Integrated Energy) integrated 3D printed home & vehicle being developed at Oak Ridge National Lab with industry leaders
China is 3D Printing Full Apartment Buildings & Mansions
Clayton Home Building Group 3D Printed House AMIE with Oak Ridge National Lab
Contour Crafting: Automated Construction: Behrokh Khoshnevis at TEDxOjai
Fully-customized, modular solar house is 3D printed prefab
Video: Giant Chinese 3D printer builds 10 houses in just 1 day

ADHESIVES, About, Glossary, SiteMap (minor adds) SiteMap
Epoxy adhesives
Glass Bonding
Physical adhesives requiring temperature or pressure applicatioN
Polyurethane adhesives
Silicones, adhesives and sealants Knowledge Centre
Glossary of Terms
Peel & Adhesion Testing
Technical Library

    º Category:Adhesives
    º Category:Woodworking adhesives
Wood glue

also see.. Owner-Builder, Sustainable Architecture

DIRECTORIES-Affordable Housing Open Directory | |

DIRECTORIES-Housing Open Directory | |, About, FAQ, Links
Publications, Resources
Requests for Assistance

Digital-Ocean (InsituMixing Corp.)
• new building technologies for attractive, inexpensive, safe housing, easily constructed with unskilled labor
Forums - ferrocement, PVA fibers - About

Habitat for Humanity International - Search for Affiliates, News and Events, SiteMap
Habitat World Magazine, using dirt to make cement?

Institute for Planetary Renewal
Life Support Technologies - Agriculture, Solar Energy
Stirling Solar Energy Electric Generator
Ultra Low-Cost Construction
    º Examples, Forms, Hexagonal Dome Design, Insulation, Materials, Models, Principles

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - About, Links, Search
• Programs - State, Tribal

National Affordable Housing Training Institute (NAHTI)
• technical assistance & training to improve production and government performance

Rural Studio - About
Samuel "Sambo" Mockbee, 2

Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA)

VastuShilpa founded by Balkrishna Doshi - About


    º Category:Architectural elements
    º Glossary of architecture
Arcade (architecture)
Architectural glass
Articulation (architecture)
Atrium (architecture)
Cant (architecture)
Cantilever construction
Escutcheon (furniture)
Fascia (architecture)
Fluting (architecture)
Foundation (engineering)
Lintel (architecture)
Molding (decorative)
Niche (architecture)
Post and lintel
Pylon (architecture)
Roof garden
Saddle roof
Solar chimney
Span (architecture)
Stilts (architecture)
Terrace (building)
Stoop (architecture)
Wall footing
Wall plate

also see... Domes, Geodesic Domes, Shells

Brantacan, Search, Sitemap
Architecture beams arches & keystones

Equilibrium systems Studies in Masonry Structure by Philippe Block

Google Search
structural arch analysis

The Ironto Wayside Footbridge: Historical Survey and Structural Analysis, Elaine Huffman

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses, governed by Creative Commons license: Architecture
Analysis of Historic Structures 4.448
    º Lecture Notes

Godden Structural Engineering Slide Library
Set B: Arch Structures Set E; Domes and Shells

Category:Arch bridges
Category:Arches and vaults
Arcade (architecture)
Arch bridge
Barrel vault
Blind arch
Catalan vault or timbrel vault made from bricks or tile
Centring (or Centering) temporary structure supporting arch or vault stones during construction
Corbel arch
Flying buttress
Guastavino, Rafael
Guastavino tile
Neutral axis
Roman Architectural Revolution, Roman concrete
Skew arch
Span (architecture)
Vault (architecture), List of architectural vaults
Catalan vault - Topic
Escalera de boveda catalana construction of a Catalan tile arch stairway
Escaleras tabicadas... Catalan tile vault stairways, 150 pics
Gothic Vaulting East Tennesse State University
John Ochsendorf, PINC Conferences
    º "Form and Forces" - John Ochsendorf
    º Guastavino Vaulting: From Barcelona to Black Mountain, John Ochsendorf
Ramón Guarda Parera
    º Cómo construir un techo con bóveda catalana 1..., 2, 3
A Tribute to Eladio Dieste, Structural Artist

Asphalt Contractor Online
Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association

The AIA Home Page: The American Institute of Architects

American Architectural Foundation (AAF), About
Community Grants program public education programming, Education teacher resources & activities
AIA/AAF Scholarship Programs

Architectural Research Institute connecting architects
Associated General Contractors of America - site map
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)
Assoc. for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA)
The Better Contractors Bureau ethical reliable contractors, fair pricing, good products, workmanship
BSRIA: Building Services Research Infirmation Association, UK
Building Research Establishment (BRE) UK - building performance, construction, fire prevention teaching youth all phases of green construction
How To Videos

Center for Understanding the Built Environment (CUBE)
Construction Specifications Institute
Federation of Master Builders (FMB), UK, Links "plu
National Association of Home Builders

National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), Links, SiteMap
Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences (JNIBS)

National Society of Architectural Engineers (NSAE)
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Structural Engineers Association of California books, FAQ's, jobs, software

    º Truss Loft Conversion Process Start to Completion, Stage 1, 2


Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Construction by Francis E. Brink & Paul J. Rush, U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Labaoratory
Bamboo Thoughts

Environmental Bamboo Foundation
Grow Your Own House animation
    º Vertical Soak Diffusion Treatment Manual bamboo preservation procedures
    º Termite Testing (pdf)

Google Books
Villegas, Marcelo
    º New bamboo: architecture and design

Guidelines for Building Bamboo-Reinforced Masonry in Earthquake-Prone Areas in India by Sreemathi Iyer, Master's Thesis, USC

NetWorks Productions
Bamboo Architecture and Construction with Oscar Hidalgo

Performance Evaluation of Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Beams by Leena Khare, Master's Thesis, U Texas, Arlington

BASALT FIBER ($) [Belgium] ($) FAQ

Basalt Fiber & Composite Materials Technology Development ($)
Materials made from Basalt Fibres
Production Techniques

Basalt Guru ($)

Basalt fiber composite reinforcement for concrete ($) (Kamenny Vek)

Mafic ($) [USA & Ireland]
Mafic Basalt Fiber
    º for Concrete (pdf)

MagmaTech ($) [UK]
RockBar basalt fibre composite reinforcing bars
Teplo L Tie tie masonry to other materials (low thermal conductivity )
Teplo Tie low thermal conductivity wall ties for masonry

Monolithic Dome Institute education & construction company
Basalt Fiber Rebar ($)

Reade International Corp ($) [USA]
Basalt Rock, Basalt Powder & Basalt Fiber / Strand ($) [Houston, TX] Basalt-based fiber technology.
    º Ph: (281) 496-5427
Fiber Strands
Reinforcement rods
Roving ($) [Ukraine]
Basalt fiber
Basalt rebar
Basalt roving
Geo-meshes and fabrics

Basalt Fiber & Composite Materials
    º Basalt rebar 1
Innovative Basalt Technologies
Technologies of Basalt Materials
Monolithic Dome
    º Basalt Rope
    º Basalt Roving Dome
    º Thin concrete with basalt rebar
Talyn71 Gmail
    º Basalt products
Totally Concrete Club
    º Nanoland introduces the Rockbar [construction]

also see.. Floors, Pressure Treated Wood, Radiant Heat
Residential projects
    º Schluter-Shower System brochure
    º Tile Shower - Residential
Waterproofing Membrane (pdf) sheet-applied, fleece webbed, pliable polyethylene
    º Best Bathroom Flooring Options
    º Worst Bathroom Flooring Options
Adding a Bathroom to a Home: Waste Line Needs for New Bathrooms
    º Buildipedia DIY - How to Install a Toilet Kohler Watermiser with special fittings
    º Bathroom Flooring Demolition: Preparation for Tile
Cool Plumbing Videos: Toilet repair DIY
    º Replace Toilet Flang with Repair Flang
    º Toilet Flange PVC Replacement Trick
    º Toilet Floor Repair 1 of 2
    º Toilet Floor Repair 2 of 2
Dans Custom Travertine Master Bath with Neo angle stand up shower using rubber membrane & red guard water barrier
Home Inspection - Bathrooms
How to Install a Toilet: setting the wax ring
How to Tile a Bathroom Floor
    º Choosing the Best Underlayment for Bathroom Drywall
    º How to Prep for a Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Floor
Bathroom Remodeling Ceramic Tile Pebble Floor Tile Ceramic Tile Shower Tile Waterproof Part 1, Part 2 using waterproof membrane, Part 3
Rocking or Leaking Toilet Flange Repair using a spanner flange
Schluter Systems
    º Next Generation Bathroom Barrier free shower
    º Schluter-Kerdi-Board
    º Floor Tiling Preparation - Part 1 - Removing Baseboards
    º Floor Tiling Preparation - Part 2 - Removing Fixed Furnishings - The Toilet
Toilet Flange Install
    º Toilet Bowl Sealing and Grouting
    º Toilet Installation and Replacement - cast Iron with caulked lead joint
USG Corporation
    º DUROCK Tile Membrane Installation PART I, PART II
    º How to choose the right substrate for bathrooms

also see.. Organic
Building Mycotecture
Growing Mycotecture
New Fungal Order
Mitchell Joachim: Don't build your home, grow it!

Biomimetic architecture


Dan Brunn Architecture Blog “design, architecture, and awesome”
[un]grounded architecture research


Google Books
Vitruvius Pollio
    º The Ten Books on Architecture

Google Books (UK)
Groat, Linda N.
    º Architectural research methods


Brantacan, Search, Sitemap
Architecture beams arches & keystones
    º All Bridge Pages

Mark Ketchum's Online Scrapbook
Bridge Engineering
    º Bridge Collapse Page including resonance failures
Concrete Shell, NOVA
    º Build A Bridge
    º Resources
    º Tacoma Narrows Bridge Oscillation
    º Teacher's Guide

( also see... Woodworking )

Cabinet Making "If you love working with wood you will love this site"


Antoni Gaudí
    º Sagrada Família

also see.. Earth Construction Nader Khalili's site
Ceramic Houses & Earth Architecture: How to Build Your Own ($) Octavio Mendoza's site

Google Search
Octavio Mendoza Casa Terracota, Images
Ceramic house Nader Khalili, Images

House Made Entirely of Clay Attracts Visitors Octavio Mendoza's Casa Terracota in Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Ceramic houses
Khalili, Nader
De visita en la Casa Terracota
• Search
    º Octavio Mendoza Casa Terracota
    º Ceramic house Nader Khalili


A-1 Block Orlando, Fl.
Screen Wall


ASTM International American Society of the International Association for Testing and Materials

Building Codes Assistance ProjectUse It! (BCAP) Links, Search, site map bulk access to government information, run by
CodesUse It! by state: Building, Electrical, Energy, Fire, Fuel & Gas, Mechanical, Plumbing, Residential, Links ( Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing )
Sample Guides
    º Electrical (pg 25-26): Grounding, Service Conductors, Panels
    º Electrical (pg 27-28): Appliances, Boxes, Cables, Conduit, Rough

Building Energy Codes from U.S. DOE - Links & State Codes
Building Officials & Code Administrators International, Inc. (BOCA) codes, services, site map, training
CMD - Building Codes Library, Building Codes, Structural Design:
Part VI Sturctural Design Steel
Section 5A Plain and Reinforced Concrete

International Code Council, SiteMap

National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards (NCSBCS) Links, Search building permits, inspections, licensing, ordinances, maps, zoning Homebuilding Industry Technical Resource, technology inventory

also see.. Additives, §CIVIL ENGINEERING§, Soil Cement, ECC, FerroCement, FiberCement, Foam Concrete,
Gypsum, Insulated Concrete Form, Light Weight, Masonry, Pavement, §Wire§ Links to U.S. manufacturers' websites - Concrete
Acid Etching and Surface Cleaning

AIA Colorado - Sustainable Design Resource Guide (* home )

Advanced Civil Engineering Research Laboratory (ACE-MRL) cement, concrete- About, Search
Communications, Letters and Notes
Inventions and Patents
Journal Papers
Patents, Books and PhD Disertations
Proceedings Papers

American Concrete Institute ($) books, certification, education, events, pubs, Search
Andre Haufe - Publications,
Architectural Precast Association
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products Association high strength, weighs 25% less, works like wood
British Cement Association
Buddy Rhodes Studio floors, furniture, signage, walls, showers, decks, walkways...
Cement Association of Canada events, News, solutions, tech support
Cement and Concrete Promotion Council of Texas (CCPC), Insulating Concrete Forms (') Directory
Concrete & Asphalt Online ads, articles (archive), events, News, Search

Concrete Centre UK concrete industry's central development organisation
Codes and standards
    º Code for Sustainable Homes: Document
Insulating Concrete Formwork
    º Specifying Cement Sustainability and factory-made cements
Special concretes
    º Lightweight concretes
    º No-fines concrete

Concrete Colors Inc. - About, Why use Colored Concrete?
• Coloring, Texturing, Imprinting & Presentation of Decorative Architectural Concrete
Products, MSDS Sheets, Specifications
    º Dry Shake Color Hardener and Antiquing Release Agent
    º Alkali Reactive Chemical Stain (ARCS)Use It!
    º Integral Colors
    º Stamping Tools/Textures
Technical Bulletins (pdf file index) ads, events, calculators, Forum, Links, News, products, Search
Concrete Fastening Systems concrete anchors & fasteners: wedge anchors, sleeve anchors & concrete tapcon screws
Concrete Foundations Association of North America events, Forum, Links, News, poured walls, resources Insulating Concrete Forms
Forum information, , Links, Search from the Portland Cement Association (PCA)
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
Concrete Masonry
Decorative Cast Stone & Flatwork, Manufactured Stone, Driveways, Fencing
Fiber Cement Siding, Panel Systems, Retaining Wall Systems, Stucco
Floor and Roof Systems, Roofing Tile
Insulating Concrete Forms, Removable Forms (Cast-in-Place)
Safe Rooms
Shotcrete ($) - Archives (ads!) Concrete Equipment, Auctions, Classifieds

Concrete Masonry Online applications, association, events, pubs, technical abstracts Search

ConcreteNetwork.comUse It! calculator, construction topics, decorative concrete, maintenance & repair, Search
The Art of Acid-Etch Staining

ConcreteOn-Line.comUse It! from the Concrete Society
Discussion Forums
Concrete @ Your Fingertips information tree (compendium, dictionary/glossary) with Search &
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
Concrete Timeline

Construction Chemistry DirectoryUse It! - Do-It-Yourself Deco-Etching slide-show
Decorative Concrete Institute, Bob Harris
Books & DVD's

Decorative-Concrete.Net contractors, Links, News, photo gallery, seminars, suppliers

Decosup (Decorative Concrete Supply Inc.)
Gallery - Acid Stain, Color Charts, Polymer Stamping, Spray Deck, Stamped Concrete, Stamping Mats

FirstMix: Software for Concrete Mix Design (commercial)

Glossary for concrete terminology Moxie International
Revealed: The cement that eats carbon dioxide Nikolaos Vlasopoulos, Novacem: magnesium silicates reduces concrete emmissions from 5% of the world's CO2 to absorbing 0.6 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of concrete produced

High Performance Concrete Center US Dept Transportation

Industrial Processors (Inpro), New Zealand Perlite mine - pumice, sand and perlite
Atiamuri Sand & Pumice
Construction Applications
Perlite Characteristics

JISCMAIL.AC.UK mail lists
Archives of ENGINEERING-CONCRETE, Search Home Improvement
Can you pour concrete over an existing foundation?, Ltd., Japan KuralonTM/ Kuralon K-IITM PVA-fiber for mortar/concrete applications
Lehrstuhl und Institut für Massivbau (German) - Downloads - Links
Master Builders University (MBU) [free registratn req'd, slow loading slideshow]
    º ConcreteCollege - Concrete Components,

Milan Jirasek - Publications
Mold Rubber for Casting Concrete Molding Rubber & Casting Concrete:
The Monolithic Dome Institute, concrete domed homes, SiteMap
How to Attach an Airform, (pdf download) Instruction Booklet

Moxie International Admixtures, cleaners, sealers, waterproofing - Glossary, Site Map

National Aggregates Association sand, gravel & crushed stone producers

National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA)
Tek Manual

National Precast Concrete Association manufacturers

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA)
basics, benchmarks, books, environment, events, News, safety, Search, technical

Novacem carbon negative cement company utilizing magnesium silicates for magnesium oxide
Carbon Negative Cement Overview
Novacem carbon negative cement to transform the construction industry
The Novacem solution

Ohio State U: Knowledge Bank
Manufacture Of Cement by Fred A. Kremser

Permanent Buildings And Foundations ( Business News - ads, archive, events, Links
Pikehaven Limited Concrete Repair, Waterproofing, Resin Flooring: Concrete Defects and Degradation

Portland Cement Association (PCA), About
Architectual & Decorative, Bridges, Homes, Pavements, Transit & Rail, Waste Treatment, Water Resources
    º Architectural and Decorative Concrete
Cement & Concrete Basics
Concrete Technology
Sustainable Development

Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) precast & prestressed concrete screening/seiving machines

RIB MC2 - Construction Estimating Software for Contractors
Estimators' Reference
Concrete Strengths
Mortar Mixes types N, M, S, O, also glass block mortar, straight lime mortar & type K for historic preservation - Concrete Products
Singapore Concrete Institute (SCI)
Solomon Colors Concrete Colors
Building Protection: Penetrating Damp, Rising Damp building applications, construction details, gallery, learning center, Search
The Tilt-Up Concrete Association builders & architects, buildings, events, Forum, Links, products, Search

Translucent Concrete
Translucent Concrete Videos @ YouTube
Translucent concrete_Sound

US Army Corps of Engineers Manuals (pdf)
Standard Practice for Concrete for Civil Works StructuresUse It!
Architectural Concrete

WADE Industries Concrete Pumping Equipment (boom or trailer type), New & Used
Concrete Fiber Reinforcement

    º Category:Concrete
    º Types of concrete
Calcium hydroxide slaked lime
Cement kiln pyroprocessing hydraulic cements, as Portland, whereby calcium carbonate reacts with silica-minerals forming calcium silicates
Composite material
    º Concrete slump test
    º Water-cement ratio
Decorative concrete
Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC)
LiTraCon translucent concrete
Portland cement
Properties of concrete
Reinforced concrete
Roman Architectural Revolution, Roman concrete
Soil cement
Structural engineering
Translucent concrete
    º LiTraCon - SiteMap
from Hanley-Wood, LLC
Buyers Guide
Article Archive - Search
Problem Clinic - Search
• Publications - Concrete Construction, Concrete Producer, Masonry Construction
World of Masonry Trade Show

Yossarian70038's Home ( Ads) - Alternative Concrete Construction Google Search Terms
    º Do it yourself concrete staining: How to stain concrete floors
Concrete Staining - Learn How to Stain Concrete Floors & More
    º Concrete Staining Guide 1. Important Things to Know about Acid Staining Concrete Floors & Exterior
confast Concrete Fasterning Systems
    º How to Install Concrete Wedge Anchors
    º How To Use Tapcon Concrete Screws
    º How To Stencil Concrete
NewLook International, Inc.
    º "Stamp" Concrete with Impression Patterns by NewLook
5,838 Rust-Oleum
    º Rust-Oleum Concrete Stain
Smooth-On, Inc
    º How to Make a Custom Concrete Stamp out of Urethane Rubber
SolomonColors Solomon Colors Inc., decorative concrete products
    º How to Stamp Concrete
    º DIY Concrete Countertops | Liqui-Crete System
    º Installing Concrete Countertop Sink Form - Z Counterform

also see.. Contracting, Do-It-Yourself §Civil Engineering§, §Energy Efficient Buildings§, §SHOPPING§ Links to U.S. manufacturers' websites & Forum

Abacus Construction IndexUse It! online resources for architects, engineers and construction professionals

Ask the Builder Home Page article archive, product index, Links, store, tips

ASC Info, UK building products & construction industry online resource ads, architecture, books, business, design, house plans, products, Search
Construction Glossary:
The Construction Site UK knowledge centre, construction intelligence, Links
The Construction Site (tm) Construction's Best Directory erosion control, industry, Links, technology
The Global Construction Network industry's work process models, business, industry standards
Home Central design, events, Links, Material Selectors, Tool Dictionary...
Home Improvement and Repair from Hometime

Institute for Research in ConstructionUse It! Building Digest articles, engineering & practical, pubs, Canada, EHandbook

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Environmental Energy Technologies Div ( Links )
Building Technologies Dept
    º Commercial Building Systems: Building Design Advisor (BDA) software, Download
    º Interoperability
    º Software

NOCON - International Heavy Construction forefront engineering technology, blasting, Tunnelling...
Associated General Contractors of America - site map & construction community, procurement & project solutions

Consulting-Specifying Engineering, About, FAQ, Glossary, Links, News
Electrical/Power Quality
Fire, Life Safety and Security
HVAC and Building Automation
• Online Tools
    º CustomCost Estimator
    º Project Reporting
    º QuickCost Calculator for Projects, select from more than 50 building types Mechanical Contracting, Links, News
Contractors Hot Line auction, ads, Construction Equipment & Parts, events, pubs, Search book sale promotions - Links
InformationAreas: Calculators/Conversions, Licensing by State, Repair Articles Index..
Software, free (registration req'd)

Electronic House Online home automation & management systems

also see.. Glass Block
DIRECTORIES-Doors & Windows Open Directory | | Links to U.S. manufacturers' websites - Metals
American Window Alliance
Builders Express Listing surplus custom doors & windows products
Door-Doors Directory manufacturers & suppliers
Edgetech Super Spacer insulating glass spacer, FAQ, Homeowner info
Efficient Windows CollaborativeUse It! (EWC) unbiased recommendations & information
Energy Star, Use It! Resources for Window, Door and Skylight Manufacturers and Retailers
Google Search: low emissivity glass
Morris Glass Inc.
OSI Professional Grade Adhesives and Sealants
QUAD Advanced Formula Window, Door & Siding Sealant

Replacement Window Center information, installation quotes, referrals
Bandit Latch modified strike plate prevents thieves kicking open a door

Tim Johnson's Replacement Windows GuideUse It! Forum, Links
Knowledge Center Types of materials & glass, layers of glass & air spaces
Windows 101

Window and Door Magazine archives, buying guide, classified, industry news replacement windows buyers guide, double glazing tips, gallery
BuildIQ Video Channel
    º Best Practice Window Flashing Installation


also see.. Insulation
BuildIQ Video Channel lots of duct board videos
    º Sealing Flex Duct to Flex Duct
    º Sealing Rigid Duct to Rigid Duct
Cheap DIY sheet metal brake
Corey Binford
    º Installing Flexible Duct - Insulated Duct - DIY
    º Sealing Ductwork DIY - How to Seal your Ductwork
    º How to Seal an HVAC Duct with Mastic - Duct Sealant
    º Repairing Ductwork - How to Repair Large Holes in Ductwork
DIY Ductwork Installation sart at 2:40
DIY - sealing ductwork
Ductwork fabrication.wmv hand-crafted
• The Fine Art of Ductwork Installation (using bending tool) 1, 2, 3
Fritz Rochester
    º HVAC : How to Make & Install Sheet Metal Panning & Headers for between joist return air
How-To install a round tap
Installing Return Air Duct circle cutter use
    º How to Make Sheet Metal Duct (in a Shop) 1) plasma cutter, 2) Edging, 3) Roll former, Hammer time
Quick Tips - Bending Sheet Metal with a vice & 2x4's
R & J Sheet Metal - Custom Spiral Duct Work (shop fabricated circular duct)
    º Vanstone Flange Field Mounting Installation
T&N Services LLC.
    º Amana Furnace Prep Part 2
    º Field Fabricated HVAC 3 Piece Sheet Metal 90 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
    º HVAC Sheet Metal Video Series (field fabrication wit simple tools) Pt1, Pt2, Pt3, Pt4, Pt5, Pt6, Pt7, Pt8a, Pt8b
    º Commercial Metal Duct Installation
    º Replacing Old Air Conditioning System With Ducts
Using my homemade sheet metal bending brake

also see.. Ceramic Buildings, Earth Berm, Soil Mechanics, Sustainable Architecture, Underground Construction

Adobe Alliance, Presidio, TX - About, Design, Projects ($) - SiteMap

ASTM International American Society of the International Association for Testing and Materials
Standard Guide for Design of Earthen Wall Building Systems ASTM E2392/E2392M-10e1
Standard Practice for Classification of Soils for Engineering Purposes (Unified Soil Classification System) ASTM D2487-11

Auroville Earth Institute
Technique Introduction, SiteMap
    º Earth Buildings and Their Repair by Dirk Bouwens

Cal-Earth Institute Hesperia, CA - FAQ
Emergency Shelter
Home Sweet Dome: How You Can Buy Your Own Adobe Abode from CBS Los Angeles
Museum Galleries - Domes, Photos, Sandbags
Planetary Architecture, Lunar Structures earth mixed with calcined gypsum (plaster of paris)
Construction History Society - Menu

Earth Structures (Europe) stabilised rammed earth (SRE)
The Process

Lehm Ton Erde (Loam-Clay-Earth) Martin Rauch
Residential Projects David Easton, About (Volunteers in Technical Assistance) - Search: Construction
Understanding Ferrocement ConstructionUse It! by J.P. Hartog

    º Category:Rammed earth
    º Category:Soil
Burdei half dug-out shelter
Cast earth
Cob (material)
Compressed earth block
Dugout (shelter)
Earthbag construction
Earthen plaster
Earth house
Earth lodge
Earth sheltering
Fogou stone-lined underground structure
Pit house
Rammed earth
Retaining wall
Sod house
Soil cement
Soil nailing
Underground home
Underground living
Wattle and daub
Zemlyanka dugout or earth house
Cal-Earth Institute
    º Cal-Earth on CBS News
    º Eco Dome, Building a Small Home Use It!
    º Eco Dome, Building a Small Home 2

also see.. Earth Construction, Soil Mechanics, Ventilation

The $50 and Up Underground House Book: How to Design and Build Underground, by Mike Oehler, paperback, Mole Publishing Company/Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York, 1981, ISBN: 0-442-27311-8, 116pp.

American Underground-Construction Association
British Earth Sheltering Association (BESA) registration required pre-fab earth sheltered
Davis Caves Construction, FAQ, Links ($) commercial home sales
Earth Sheltered Architects

Earth Sheltered Homes (Rocky Mountain Research Center)
World's First Passive Annual Heat Storage Home, Winter
Earth Bermed PAHS Home, Earth Tube HVAC, Tube Details

Earthship Biotecture: Putting Housing Back into the hands of the People, Links ( Earth-based )
Earthwood Building School - Earth Shelter

Google Books
Deep gallery shelters by Army War College, US War Dept 1917
Design of underground installations in rock: space layouts and excavation methods by US Army Corps of Engineers
Shield and compressed air tunneling by Hewett & Johannesson 1922
subject:“Underground construction”
    º Engineering and design: design of structures to resist the effects of atomic weapons; buried and semiburied structures, Natural / Alternative Building Photo Gallery
Underground Shelters, 2, 3

Radius Engineering, Inc. self-contained underground fiberglass survival shelters, About, Links
Choosing a Shelter

U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Consumer Energy Information - Fact Sheets
Earth-Sheltered HousesUse It!

Underground (earth bermed and sheltered) Home, Richard S. Olsen, PhD
Self-heating Ecological House

    º Category:House types
    º Category:Puebloan architectural elements
    º Category:Soil mechanics
Dugout (shelter)
Earth house
Earth lodge
Earth sheltering
Icelandic turf houses
Monolithic architecture
Quiggly hole
Reynolds, Mike (architect)
    º Earthship
Rock cut architecture
Sod house
Sod roof
Wells, Malcolm (1926-2009) “father of modern earth-sheltered architecture”
Young, Earl (architect) (1889-1975)
Underground home
Underground living
Underground Architecture

also see.. §GEOLOGY-Earthquakes§ the work of Randolph Langenbach
EARTHQUAKE Hazard Mitigation Handbook FEMA

FEMA: Media Library, Search
Designing for Earthquakes: A Manual for Architects

National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering (NISEE) databases, SiteMap, Table of Contents
Software and Manuals free Downlaods & Links

WBDG Whole Building Design Guide, program of the National Institute of Building Sciences
Seismic Safety of the Building Envelope by Chris Arnold

including.. LightweightAggregate Suppliers
also see.. Concrete, Ferrocement

A J Voton LLC
Foam Concrete - Advantages, Properties, Foamed Concrete and Lightweight Concrete

ASTM International American Society of the International Association for Testing and Materials
Standard Specification for Foaming Agents Used in Making Preformed Foam for Cellular Concrete ASTM C869/C869M-11(2016)
Standard Test Method for Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Volumetric Method ASTM C173/C173M-16 for dense, cellular or lightweight concrete
Standard Test Method for Foaming Agents for Use in Producing Cellular Concrete Using Preformed Foam ASTM C796/C796M-12 expanded shale lightweight aggregate - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete: Is North America Finally Ready?

Cellular Concrete LLC - FAQ, Search
Products, MSDS Sheets, Specifications

Clean Washington Center, Seattle, WA - Recycled Glass in Portland Cement Concrete

Columbia U Civil Eng Dept.
• Christian Meyer's Glass Concrete research and testing to reduce alkali-silica reaction (ASR) effects
• replaces part of the cement with metakaolin (a clay mineral)

Concrete Fibers, Inc. - Pricing
Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene

The Concrete Institute Midrand, South Africa
Foamed concrete (pdf)

Construction Chemistry DirectoryUse It!

Digital-Ocean (InsituMixing Corp.)
• new building technologies for attractive, inexpensive, safe housing, easily constructed with unskilled labor
Forums - ferrocement, PVA fibers
Air-crete high tensile strength, dense, non-reinforced ECC: (pdf) Specification

Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC, - About, Search
• international; organizations for research , development & commercialization of ECC materials & applications
Historical Timeline
Publications (pdf docs")

Expanded Shale Clay and Slate Institute
Manufacturing Facilities find one near you - engineers
The Fly Ash Resource Center Home Page

Flying ConcreteUse It! Steve Kornher - Links
• structural & sculptural forms in light weight concrete
Doors & Windows, Roof Forming, Barrell Vaults, Roofs, Stairs and Rails
• Houses: Adria's, Low Income, Our, Tim Sullivan's, Barrell Vaults
Steve's Introduction to Light Weight Concrete
Concrete Manual, US Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation reprint
Wine Cellar

FRC (Japan) with high-rise building photos, article: FRC Curtain Walls (Fiber-reinforced concrete) Interlocking Pavers & Molds, John August
Light Weight Concrete
Modular Concrete Furniture
Permanent Shelter in Hawaii: LWC vs. Regular Concrete, Q&A, Structures + more

Gemini, Making lightweight concrete for the year 2000
Gimme Shelter! an owner-bult home, lightweight Perlite aggregate insulated ferrocement roof
Geology, Pumice Stones
Light Weight Concrete, Pumice Specification
Plant Tour

Google Search:
Lightweight Concrete, Light Weight Concrete,, Lightweight Concrete (LaFarge)
About Ductal: Aesthetics, Ductility, Durability, Strength, Technical Characteristics (current research ref's)
FAQs (pdf file index)

Kouray PVA fibers, Kuraray America, Inc. and Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Lafarge see Concrete products:
Agilia low labor self-consolidating, no vibration, surface finish
Ductal 5x strength, steel or polymer fibers eliminate reinforcing steel bars

• aerated Lightweight Concrete Technical Information: 1, 2
KiBlock mortar-less interlocking building block - Technical Imformation, Photos

Litracon translucent concrete continaing optic fibersUse It!

LivingInPaper.comUse It! Papercrete site, Note: Technical Reports have ($) monetary charges but much free info
Domes & Vaults

Moxie International - Glossary, Site Map
• concrete admixtures, sealers, waterproofers, cleaners, and repair products

Northeast Solite Corporation, Links
• manufacturers of structural grade lightweight aggregates since 1953

Papercrete.comUse It!
Basic Information, Alternative and Free Materials: Papercrete Ideas continued & the American Perlite Company

Perlite Institute Inc. (
Perlite Information
    º Basic Facts
    º Perlite in Simulated Stone, Masonry and Wood Products

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) from

Portland Cement Association
Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC)

PowerPozz High Reactivity Metakaolin pozzolan
Process and Properties

Pozzolans, lime, and alternative cements & A brief Introduction to Pozzolans from
Pozzolans for Lime Mortars from, Articles

Pultrusion of Smart, Hybrid FRP Reinforcement for Concrete
from Penn State U, Dept Engineering Science & Mechanics ( text only )
• carbon, aramid, glass, & polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers; polyester & vinylester resins

Pumicecrete Building Systems of New Mexico, Scott MacHardy, owner
Introduction What is Pumice-crete and How is it Used?
Affordable Housing and Large Scale Projects

PVA High Strength & Modulus Fiber from
Schundler Company, Construction Uses of Perlite And Vermiculite Articles - Silica Fume, a very reactive pozzolan, Joun Hall
DomeHouse Home, papercrete on steel, also at SunStar-Solutions Gallery
Papercrete: Barrel Mixer, DogHouse Dome, History of Papercrete
• Papercrete Mailing List: Archives, Subscribe (write the word subscribe in the subject line)

Structural Engineers Association of California books, FAQ's, jobs, software Boulder, CO
Expanded Shale & Clay

Universal Aggregates, LLC construction aggregates from coal combustion by-products, Bridgeville, PA
Technical Library

U.S. Dept of Transportation, Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center - Library
• subject Index -- Fiber Reinforced Concrete
• subject Index -- Plain and Structural Concretes
Guidelines for Detection, Analysis, & Treatment of Materials-Related Distress In Concrete Pavements I, II, III
High Performance Concrete Library - High-Performance Concretes (1989-1994):
    º Abstract, Exec Summary, Acknowledgements, Annotated Bibliography
    º 1. Introduction
    º 2. Materials and Production
    º 3. Behavior of Fresh Concrete
    º 4. Behavior of Hardened Concrete
    º 5. Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
    º 6. Applications of High Performance Concrete
    º 7. Recent Activities of Organized Programs on HPC
    º 8. Conclusions
(pdf,395kb) Materials and Methods for Corrosion Control of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete...
Portland Cement Concrete Pavements (PCCP) Publications
Portland-Cement Concrete Rheology and Workability: Final Report
(pdf) Testing the Chloride Penetration Resistance of Concrete: A Literature Review

U Dundee, Civil Engineering, Concrete Technology Unit, Research, Glass Cullet Surplus Project
Suitability of Glass Cullet as a Cement Component in Concrete

U Sheffield
Centre for Cement and Concrete (CCC), Links
    º Sotiris Demis, Assistant Manager
ConFibreCrete Network, Links

US - Japan Composite and Hybrid Systems Research Program papers

Wade Industries Concrete Pumping Equipment, New & Used
Concrete Fiber Reinforcement

    º Category:Concrete
    º Types of concrete
Asphalt concrete (Asphalt)
    º Rubberized asphalt with crumb rubber from recycled tires
Autoclaved aerated concrete
Basalt fiber
Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC)
Foam Concrete also known as Air-Crete
    º Pozzolanic reaction
Reinforced concrete

Clever House Foam Cement Method 20 11 2013
Off Grid World
    º 10 Houses Printed in 24 Hours - 3D Printed Concrete Homes
Hajjar Gibran
    º Domegaia Dome Building with air-crete
    º Mixing AirCrete by Hand
Monolithic Dome
    º Basalt Roving Dome
TrinicLLC commericial cement additive applications

also see.. History, §Distance Education§

ACE Mentor Program Volunteers mentoring youth toward architecture, construction & engineering, Links
• FAQs for: Companies, Students

American Architectural Foundation (AAF), About
Community Grants program public education programming, Education teacher resources & activities
AIA/AAF Scholarship Programs

American Society for Engineering Education - Engineering: Your Future, Links

Anne B. Nichols, Texas A&M
ARCH 631 - Applied Architectural Structures resource page architecture for children
Architectural Education for the 21st Century forum/journal - architectural education & technology
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)

Boston Architectural College
Practicing Professionals Distance Master of Architecture DegreeUse It! online learning from anywhere in the U.S. teaching youth all phases of green construction
How To Videos

Learning through Architecture using Architecture in the Classroom

MIT Open CoursewareUse It! All Courses Index, Audio/Video Courses
    º Basic Structural Design
    º Structural Mechanics under mechanical or areospace engneering
    º Building Technology III: Building Structural Systems
    º Building Technologies III: Building Structural Systems II
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Media Arts and Sciences
Urban Studies and Planning
Distance Learning Projects
How to Library with videos

National Architectural Accrediting Board
Resources for Students
    º see NAAB Accredited Programs in Architecture

Pennridge School District: Structural Concepts

U Dundee, School of Town & Regional Planning
Conservation Glossary
Links - Europe, North America, UK

U New Mexico, School of Architecture & Planning
Gaduate School Online Application
Search Course Catalogue

U Texas, School of Architecture
Graduate Degrees

    º Architectural GlossaryUse It!
    º Category:Architectural education
    º Category:Architectural elements
    º Category:Architectural history
    º Category:Architectural styles
    º Category:Architecture by region
    º Category:Architecture schools
    º Category:Bridge design
    º Category:Bridges
    º Category:Building materials
    º Category:Buildings and structures
    º Category:Computer-aided design
    º Category:Computer-aided design software
    º Category:Concrete
    º Category:Concrete shell structures
    º Category:History of construction
    º Category:History of engineering
    º Category:Lattice shell structures
    º Category:Low-energy building
    º Category:Professional certification in architecture
    º Category:Roofs
    º Category:Stadiums
    º Category:Structural analysis
    º Category:Structural engineering
    º Category:Structural system
    º Category:Tensile architecture
    º Category:Tensile membrane structures
    º Category:Timber framing
    º List of building types
    º List of lighting design applications
    º List of low-energy building techniques
    º Timeline of architectural styles
    º Arch bridge
    º Keystone (architecture)
    º Springer (architecture)
    º Voussoir
Architectural animation
Architectural educator
• Architectural elements
    º Alcove
    º Arch
    º Architrave
    º Barrel vault
    º Capital (architecture)
    º Ceiling
    º Colonnade
    º Cornice
    º Cupola
    º Dormer
    º Entablature
    º Fireplace
    º Floor
    º Frieze
    º Roof
    º Soffit
Architectural engineering
Architectural geometry
    º Honeycomb (geometry)
Architectural lighting design
    º Daylighting
Architectural Registration Exam
Architectural rendering
Architectural sculpture
Architectural structure
    º Air-supported structure
    º Tensairity
    º Tensegrity
    º Tensile structure
    º Tessellated roof
Architectural style
    º Classical architecture
        ◊ Composite order
        ◊ Corinthian order
        ◊ Doric order
        ◊ Ionic order
        ◊ Tuscan order
    º Gothic architecture
    º Modern architecture
Architecture studio
Artificial architecture
Bachelor of Architectural Studies
Bachelor of Architecture
    º Architecture of cathedrals and great churches
    º Basilica
    º Church (building)
    º Church architecture
    º Eastern Orthodox church architecture
    º Mausoleum
    º Palace
    º Stadium
Computer-aided engineering
Distance education
Doctor of Architecture
    º Geodesic dome
    º Home wiring
European Architecture Students Assembly
Geodesic airframe
History of architecture
History of construction
History of engineering
HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
    º Active solar
    º Air conditioning
    º Evaporative cooler
    º Geothermal heat pump
    º Heating
    º Heat pump
    º Passive solar building design
    º Radiant cooling
    º Thermal mass
    º Underfloor heating
    º Ventilation (architecture)
Master of Architecture
National Aptitude Test in Architecture
National Architectural Accrediting Board
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
    º Tessellated roof
Structural engineer
Structural engineering
    º List of thin shell structures
    º Thin-shell structure
    º Structural load
Sustainable architecture
    º Active solar
    º Adobe
    º Autonomous building
    º Cob (building)
    º Cordwood construction
    º Earth house
    º Earthbag construction
    º Earthen floor
    º Earth sheltering
    º Gabion
    º Geothermal heat pump
    º Green building
    º Green roof
    º Heliotrope (building)
    º Low-energy house
    º Mudbrick
    º Natural building
    º Off-the-grid
    º Passive solar building design
    º Rammed earth
    º Rubble trench foundation
    º Spar and Membrane Structure
    º Straw-bale construction
    º Superadobe
    º Thatching
    º Thermal mass
    º Timber frame
    º Wattle and daub
    º Zero-energy building
Vault (architecture)
    º Barrel vault
    º Keystone (architecture)

also see.. CONCRETE
Exterior Products
Interior Products HardieBacker board

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Abacus Construction IndexUse It! online resources for architects, engineers and construction professionals
AECInfo Architecture, Engineering and Construction
The Architecture Project fundamentals & history - U Arizona, College of Architecture
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Architecture Resource Directory education, exhibits, firms, organizations, services, technology

The Blue Book of Building and ConstructionUse It! 550,000 listings, ads, company profiles, Search

BricsNet.comSee It! associations, catalogs, Forum, materials, News, Search, services Directory of building & home improvement industry Portal - Construction applications, materials, prodcuts & services
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WWW Virtual Library: Architecture
Yahoo Search: Arts: Design Arts: Architecture


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Ceramic Tile Education Foundation ($) local, regional, and national training programs

Ceramic Tile Institute of America ( - Reports
Basics of Layout
Bonding To Concrete Surfaces
Exterior Glass Mosaic Tile on Portland Cement Mortar
Preparation Of Concrete Slabs for Bonding Ceramic Tile
Working with Portland Cement Concrete

Custom Saltillo International, Paver Facts & Efflorescence tips
Ceramic Tile Installation Forum, FAQ suction technolog, no adhesives required, water tight fit
Masonry and Ceramic Tile Institute of Oregon - Links, Tech Notes Online, How-to - How to Install Ceramic Tile installations systems for tile and stone
    º Ditra prevent expansion and contraction crack stresses

Tile Council of North America, Inc. (TCNA)
Ask an Expert
Publications: ($) Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation ( Order Form )
Latex Leaching on Ceramic Tile Veneer (efflorescence)
Working with Portland Cement Concrete Ceramic Tile Network: Online Brochure - How to Install Ceramic Tile

Poured Flooring
    º Backerboard
Tile, Flooring and Membranes
    º Durock Tile Membrane & Adhesive

    º Category:Building materials
    º Category:Ceramic art
    º Category:Mosaic
Ceramic tile cutter
Porcelain tile
Quarry tile
Vitrified tile radiant floors FAQ's, products, training
    º How to fix anchor bolts for toilet pans into tiled floors sponge water cool your bit
    º Brick Cleaning using oxygen bleach (not chlorine bleach)
    º How to Cut Ceramic Tile using a hand rod saw
    º Sanded Grout matching existing colors
    º Thinset for Ceramic Tile Floors
Bathroom Ceramic Tiling Project. Outside Corners
Bathroom Tiling: How to Prepare Bathroom Walls for Tile
    º Buildipedia DIY - How to Install a Tile Floor
Danny Lipford
    º How To Grout Tile: Correct Technique Makes It Easy
    º How to Lay Tile in the Bathroom
    º Preparing A Shower Or Bathtub Area For Tile
    º Tips and Techniques for Tiling a Shower Surround with corner shelf
Isaac Ostrom
    º Tile Floor Layout and Installation diamond wheel on 4” grinder
    º How To Install Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Floors
    º How To Prep For Procelain & Ceramic Tile Floors
    º Floor Preparation for new flooring removing vinyl tile
    º Floor Tile Installation
    º Tiling A Backsplash
    º Tile Redi Shower Pan with flashing & Redi-Niche wall niche
National Tiles
    º Cutting & Corners: National Tiles DIY Tiling 07
    º Tiling Walls: National Tiles DIY Tiling 08
    º Mosaics: National Tiles DIY Tiling 09
    º Toilet Seating
Sal DiBlasi
    º How to cut a hole in ceramic tile for toilet flange... angle grinder
Schluter Systems
    º Schluter-Reno-Ramp Installation
    º Floor Tile Layout - Part 1 - Floor Tile Alignment, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
    º Floor Tile Mortar - Part 1 - Types Of Mortar For Floor
    º Floor Tile Cutting - Part 1- Angle Grinders & Diamond, Part 2 Part 3
    º Floor Tile Cutting - Part 1 - Ceramic Tile Breakers, Part 2
    º Floor Tile Cutting - Part 1 - The Wet Tile Saw Part 2
    º Floor Tile Subfloors - Part 1 - What Are Subfloors?, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
    º Floor Tile Mortar - Part 2 - How To Mix Floor Tile Mortar
    º Finishing corners with subway and chair rail tile bullnose
tile day 3 rondec metal Schroeder outside corner
    º Tiling a Wall - Borders and Edges
USG Corporation
    º DUROCK Tile Membrane Installation PART I, PART II
    º FIBEROCK Installation Video

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IBP Glass Block
Canopies and Awnings
GlassWalk Floor Systems
Shower Systems

Glass Block Shop Ireland

Innovate Building Solutions: Glass Block
Accessories for Glass Block Showers
Colored and Frosted Glass Blocks
Columbus Glass Block: Products & Installation Services
Glass Block Windows for Basements and Bathrooms also Door Sidelites
Vinyl Framed Glass Block Windows

IBP Glass Block

Pittsburgh Corning
LightWise Residential Windows
    º GuardWise Basement Security Windows
    º Residential Windows
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price List (MSRP) Glass Block Units & Accessories, Jan 1, 2011 (pdf)
Where to buy

    º Category:Glass architecture
    º Category:Masonry
Glass brick
Glass Block Windows for Basements and Bathrooms
    º IBP Glass Block Grid System Shower Installation
    º IBP Glass Block Interior Partition System mortarless prefab aluminum frame frame
    º Glass Block
The Glass Block Channel Columbus Block, Innovate Building Solutions
    º Glass & Acrylic Block Windows for Kitchen, Basement, Bathroom Remodeling
    º How to Grout a Glass Block Wall Using Urethane Grout
    º Using Glass & Acrylic Block Windows for New Home, Replacement & Remodeling...
    º Building glass block windows
    º Diy glass block building
    º How to Form a Door Opening in a Glass Block Wall
    º How to Build A Wall Using Glass Blocks - Method 1
    º How to Build a Window using Glass Blocks
Installing a basement glass block window (DIY) with vent
Installing a basement glass block window with vent
TheMrBanjocat's channel
    º How I install Glass Blocks in basement windows set in a stone wall
Outdoor HowTo: Home Work With Hank
    º Glass Block Installation Types and Use
    º Installing Glass Block... The Easy Way (Installation Types and Use continued)
    º Glass Block - How It's Made
    º How To Install Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block ProVantage system


Aerogel: Energy-Efficient Material for Buildings at Berkeley Lab

Airglass AB - FAQUse It!, Links

Hubert van Hecke's aerogel page

Litracon translucent concrete continaing optic fibersUse It!

The Sol-Gel Gateway - Links ( Associations ), News
Tutorials - articles Polycarbonate, PVC and Acrylic Architectural Panels
U New Mexico - Brinker Group Homepage

U Virginia Aerogel Research, Norris Reserch Lab - Links
Resources - History, How.. Made, Properties ( Optical, Thermal, Physical )

Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology - Links

Dispersion (optics)
LiTraCon glass fibered light transmitting concrete
Fused quartz
    º Architectural Glass, Glazing in architecture, Insulated glazing
Low dispersion glass
Optical fiber

WWW Virtual Library: Geotechnical Engineering Directory


The Architect of the Capitol - United States Capitol Complex
Architectural Features and Historic Spaces, Chronology, Construction History

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Environmental Energy Technologies Div:
Building Technologies Dept
Indoor Environment Dept

also see.. Concrete building materials manufacturer
Education & Engineering
    º Gypsum Construction HandbookUse It! download (pdf)
Product Literature

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American Institute of Architects

Association For Preservation Technology International (APT) LinksUse It!
Articles, SiteMap
• Articles by Author, by SubjectUse It!

Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC) from Stanford U
Selecting a Conservator - Form

Associated General Contractors
Campbell Center, Mount Carroll, Illinois
Institute of Classical Architecture
International Council on Monuments and Sites ( ICOMOS, English ) About, Links
Masonry Conservation Research Group, Robert Gordon U

National Park Service, Historic Buildings and Structures
Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings Secretary of the Interior
National Historic Landmarks
National Register of Historic Places
    º National Register Information System (NRIS) database, Help
Preservation Tech Notes Case Studies
Tax Incentives

National Preservation Institute, Links
National Trust for Historic Preservation ($) Workshops on Architectural Conservation Techniques, Links
Society of Design Administration
Product Database & Search

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    º Category:Architectural styles
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    º Category:History of construction
    º Category:History of engineering
    º Timeline of architectural styles
Ancient Greek architecture
    º Agora
    º Ancient Greek temple
    º Theatre of Ancient Greece
Ancient Roman architecture
    º Circus (building)
    º List of Roman amphitheatres
    º List of Roman dams and reservoirs
    º List of Roman domes
    º Roman aqueduct
    º Roman concrete
    º Roman temple
    º Thermae baths
    º Vitruvius
        ◊ De Architectura
    º Roman Architectural Revolution
Architectural conservation
Building restoration
History of architecture
History of construction
History of engineering
International Institute for Conservation
Metals conservation
Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

also see... §HISTORY of Science§, Education, Master Architects

DIRECTORIES-History Open Directory | | |

The Ancient City of Athens Kevin. T. Glowacki & Nancy L. Klein

The Architecture Project fundamentals & history - U Arizona, College of Architecture
Glossary - General Terms, Greece, Roman

Buddhist architecture and its tradition
De architectura, Vitruvii: Latin text from Bill Thayer
Digital Archive of American Architecture, Prof. Jeffery Howe, Boston College
Timeline of Western Architecture

European Architectural Theory of the 1880s James Duncan Berry
Greek Architecture, Archaeology of Greece, U North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Images of Medieval Art & Architecture Alison Stones
International Archive of Women in Architecture Guide to the Collections
Medieval Architecture Page Beau A.C. Harbin
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture University of Virginia Library - Last of the Xanadus early 1980's wet polyurethane foam sprayed over balloons
Society of Architectural Historians

    º Category:Architectural history
Alberti, Leon Battista (1404-1472)
History of architecture
Vitruvius (75-15 BC)
    º De architectura



Professional Home Inspection Company
Reference Material
    º Home Maintenance Checklists
    º Mold Information / Testing

    º Category:Real estate
Home inspection
Educating the Homeowner

also see.. Concrete

American Polysteel, LLC.,   technical information
Durisol ICFUse It! green building insulated wood forms, certified LEED, FAQ
Eco-Block gallery, Links, specs, training polystyrene: advantages, Forum, specifications, typical structures
ICF Builders Network articles, facts, features & benefits, Q&A, safe rooms, technical info
Lite-Form polystyrene - commercial & residential applications, installation guide
RASTRA Building System insulated forms, site map & Search
Reddi-Form polystyrene - CAD details, energy facts, specifications & technology
Reward Wall Systems polystyrene - events, FAQ, installation manual, site map, specifications
SmartBlock (American ConForm Industries, Inc.) expanded polystyrene, variable width or standard (US Dept Energy)
Insulating Concrete Forms
Forms and Function
Technical Centre, FAQ, SiteMap
Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF)

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, SiteMap
Publications: Housing Production and Technology
    º Costs And Benefits Of Insulating Concrete Forms For Residential Construction
    º Category:Building technology
Insulated concrete form
APEX Block
    º Build it Smarter With Apex Block

also see.. §HVAC§, Roofing & Moisture/Vapor Protection
3M Venture Tape Non-Adhesive FSK Facing 1527 for insulation, ASTM E84: 5/10 Flame/Smoke Rating Links to U.S. manufacturers' websites - Thermal and Moisture Protection

Aerogel Insulation and Air Sealing
Foam Board Insulation

Insulation Fact Sheet from Oak Ridge National Lab, Dept. of Energy
Adding Insulation to an Existing House (Smart Approaches)
    º Insulation Recommendations for Existing Wood-Framed Houses U.S Map (Figure 3)
    º Retrofit Best Practices Guide (pdf)
    º Zip Code Insulation Program
Insulating a New House
Which Kind of Insulation is Best? products

National Insulation Assoication
Simple Calculators

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Building Envelopes ProgramUse It! (roofs+walls)
    º Modified Zone Method
    º Simplified R-Value Recommendation
    º Whole-Wall Thermal Performance
    º ZIP-Code R-Value Recommendation recommended climate-based insulation
Fact Sheets and Handbooks
    º Insulation
Venture Tape
    º 3M 1527 Venture Tape non-adhesive FSK aluminum Foil/Scrim/Kraft facing for various insulation, 2 ft x 200 ft
    º 3M 1527 Venture Tape as above, 4 ft x 150 ft

Radiant Barriers 95-97% reflectivity, Ultima-foil aluminum & Xtreme-MET poly film with liquid aluminum coating products

    º Category:Building insulation materials
    º Category:Thermal protection
    º List of thermal conductivities
Building insulation
    º Building insulation materials
Double glazing
Heat transfer
Insulated glazing
Low emissivity
Multi-layer insulation
Pipe insulation
R-value (insulation)
Radiant barrier
Spray foams (insulation)
Thermal barrier coating
Thermal bridge
Thermal comfort
Thermal conduction
Thermal conductivity
Thermal insulation
Thermal mass
Thermal resistance
Window insulation
Corey Binford
    º Cellulose Insulation -How To Install Blown Insulation by Yourself
    º DIY Spray Foam Insulation - Poor Man's Spray Foam
    º Overcoming Fiberglass Insulation's 3 Main Problems

INTERNATIONAL Ireland (ads), About, Forum, Glossary
Architects Archive
Buildings Archive
Competitions Archive

also see.. §Gardening§

American Society of Landscape Architects
WWW Virtual Library: Landscape Architecture
Search “retaining wall blocks”
How to Plan a Retaining Wall Project


Building Trades Directory (.., Links:
Construction Law.. firms & legal services
    º NM, TX, Building Contractor's Exam Preparation Guide:
Contents, Introduction, Chapter 1, Back Cover

State of New Mexico, Regulations and Licensing Dept, Construction Industries Division
Rules and Law, Title 14 - Housing and Construction:
    º Chapter 1   Housing General Provisions
    º Chapter 6   Construction Industries Licensing, Part 3 Contractor’s License Requirements
    º Chapter 7   Building Codes General
    º Chapter 8   Fire Codes
    º Chapter 9   Mechanical Codes
    º Chapter 10 Electrical Codes
    º Chapter 11 Other Building Codes and Standards

also see.. Concrete, §Fresco (ART)§, Glass Block, Leaning Walls, §Mosaics (ART)§, §Sculpture (ART)§
The Allan Block System mortarless and built-in interlock/drainage retaining walls
Commercial Installation Manual (pdf)

Brick Industry Association (BIA)
Technical Notes, SiteMap
    º The Analysis of Mortar: The Past 20 Years by Peter Ellis
    º Dramatic Plasterwork Fibrous Plaster in Theatres by David Harrison
    º Exterior Stucco by Ian Constantinides and Lynne Humphries
    º Gauging Lime Mortars by Peter Ellis
    º Lime: The Basics by Jonathan Taylor
    º Lime Mortars and Renders: The Relative Merits of Adding Cement by Graham O'Hare
    º Lime Plaster and Render Reinforcement by Bob Bennett
    º Limewash and Distempers
    º Pozzolans for Lime Mortars by Pat Gibbons
    º Soluble Salts In Masonry by Catherine Woolfitt
    º The Technology and Use of Hydraulic Lime by John Ashurst
    º Traditional Lime Plaster: Myths, Preconceptions and the Relevance of Good Practice by Ian Constantinides
    º The Use of Gypsum Plaster by Tim Ratcliffe
    º What is Lime? by Jonathan Taylor

Building Stone Institute, Buyer's Guide (Search by Company, City or State)
Concrete Masonry Online applications, association, events, pubs, technical abstracts Search
Masonry Columns, Piers and Pilasters

JISCMAIL.AC.UK mail lists

Keystone Walls decorative retaining or free-standing walls
Marble Institute of America
Masonry and Ceramic Tile Institute of Oregon - Links, Tech Notes Online

Masonry Fence Walls and Retaining Walls standards from the City of Mesa, AZ

Masonry Institute of America (MIA)

MasonryMagazine.comUse It! Archives, Search

The Masonry Society ( advancing knowledge of the art & science of masonry: Membership Benefits
2016 Masonry Standards Joint Committee
    º 2013 TAC Review Version

National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA)
Allowable Stress Design of Concrete Masonry Pilasters

Operative Plasterers' & Cement Masons' International Association (OP&CMIA),   site Search

RIB MC2 - Construction Estimating Software for Contractors
Mortar Mixes types N, M, S, O, also glass block mortar, straight lime mortar & type K for historic preservation

Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute Denver, CO
StoneWall SELECT Retaining Wall System, calculator, Links, manuals, technical: ICD Corporation quartz mosaic floor and wall tiles
Ebay site
    º Diamond Veneer Basecoat Plaster see resource center documents

Western States Clay Products Association (WSCPA) of brick manufacturers

Whole Building Design Guide a program of the National Institute of Building Sciences
Building Envelope Design Guide - Masonry Wall Systems

    º Category:Masonry
    º Category:Plastering
    º Category:Stonemasonry tools
    º List of decorative stones
Calcium carbonate CaCO3
Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 (slaked or hydrated lime)
Calcium oxide CaO (quicklime or burnt lime)
    º Roman concrete
Joint compound
Lath and plaster
Lime plaster also see “Calcium oxide”
    º Gypsum plaster (plaster of Paris)
    º Lime plaster
Polished plaster
Portland cement
Slipform stonemasonry
Stone mason
    º Bush hammer for texturizing stone and concrete
    º Knapping shaping conchoidal fracturing stone tools
    º Lesbian rule for reproducing an irregular curve
    º Lewis (lifting appliance)
    º Plug and feather stone splitting wedges
    º Scabbling reducing a stone to a rough square
Stone wall
Wattle and daub
TheMrBanjocat's channel
Stucco marble -Scagliola -Artificial Marble

also see.. Structural Pests & Damage

Exposure to mould and other dampness-related microbial agents increases the risks of rare conditions, such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic alveolitis, chronic rhinosinusitis and allergic fungal sinusitis. (World Health Organization, “Dampness and Mold”)

3M Particulate Respirator 8210, N95 (see “Where to Buy” button for your zip code)

Atrix International commercial EPA, RRP, HEPA vacuum cleaners
Cyclonic Turbo HEPA Vacuum [CYC-3] bagless

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation: Mold
Mould and Your Health (pdf) booklet

Centers for Disease Control ( Mold
Cleanup and Remediation
Facts about Stachybotrys chartarum and Other Molds
General Information
NIOSH-Approved N95 Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators
Related Issues
Resources (Links)

Concrobium Mold Removal Products
Mold Control attacks mold spore roots leaving invisible antimicrobial barrier
Mold control Fogger
Mold Resources articles & information
Mold Stain Eraser
Tyvek Coveralls

EPA U.S. Molds and Moisture
A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home
    º Cleanup and Biocides
    º Hidden Mold
    º How do I get rid of mold?
    º What to Wear
Mold Resources
    º Asthma and Mold
Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings procedure if mold growth is over greater than 10 sq. ft.

Fiberlock Technologies
Advanced Peroxide Cleaner mold & mildew stain remover
AfterShock Fungicidal Coating
Disinfectants, Sanitizers, Fungicides and Cleaners
Mold Resistant Coatings and Sealants

Minnesota Department of Health
Mold and Moisture in Homes

New York State Department of Health
Molds and Your Home: What You Need to Know

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Dept of Labor
Molds: Control & Cleanup

    º Category:Hypocreales
    º Category:Lung diseases due to external agents
Dyspnea shortness of breath
Hazmat suit
    º Tyvek
HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters used in vacuums
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis or allergic alveolitis: inflammation of the lung alveoli caused by hypersensitivity to inhaled organic dusts
Hypoxemia low oxygen in the blood
Pulmonary fibrosis excess fibrous connective tissue in the lungs sometimes causing the sound of fine inspiratory crackles
Sinusitis inflammation of the paranasal sinuses
Stachybotrys (Black mold)

Wood and Tree Fungi biology, damage, protection, and use by Dr. Olaf Schmidt, University of Hamburg

World Health Organization (WHO)
Dampness and Mold Guidelines for Indoor Health Quality
    º Atrix Cyclonic Turbo HEPA Vacuum CYC-3 bagless
Corey Binford
    º Killing Toxic Black Mold - How to Remove Mold Safely
    º Mold Remediation Video
How to Repair a Split Rafter
Mold Wranglers Montana
    º Kalispell Mold Stain Removal Testing Modec's MDF-500

Museums by Project LAVA Index of Museums
National Building Museum
Quondam Virtual Museum of Architecture Stephen Lauf


Commission of Public Record
Administrative Code
    º Building Codes General TITLE 14 - Housing & Construction, CH.7

Archibot.comUse It!
Building Research Establishment: BRE, UK, online newsletters, research, Publications
The Construction Site news, jobs, summaries from major arch/eng/const zines
Design Architecture News
Dxfout The E-zine for CyberArchitecture
E.Scape - Criticism & Reviews
Inter-Américas Adobe Builder Magazine
Metropolis Online contemporary life through design
Vitruvius Online Electronic Magazine- Building Professionals

VirtualPROMOTEA Source! site promotion, traffic logs, awards, search engine forum

Web Architecture Magazine (WAM) Spain Art & Architecture
Yahoo Search - Architectural Magazines
including below.. YouTube Videos
also see.. Floors, §HVAC§, Woodburning

LATICRETE Floor Warming Installation Video & Product Data Sheets

NuHeat electric radiant floor heating & freeze protection
Cable System stone & tile or laminate & engineered wood floors: Videos
Standard Mats with videos
    º Shower Mat, Installation manual

Radiant Floor Company Barton, Vermont USA
Heating System Types
Heat Sources
Installation Details
Prices & Sample Quotes

Radiant Panel AssociationUse It!, Search
Couses and Schools, Dates and Locations
Standard Guidelines For the Design and Installation of ResidentiaL Radiant Panel Heating Systems
Technical Papers electric radiant floor heating
Electric Floor Heating Warm Tile
    º How To Install Radiant Floor Heating

SSHC, Inc., EnerJoy Radiant PeopleHeaters

SunTouch electric floor heating and snow melting
Do It Yourself
    º DIY Installation Manual (pdf)
Technical Information electric radiant heat, free custom design layout
Floor Plan Layout Guide (PDF)
Installation/Homeowner's Manual for WarmTouch floor-warming systems
Intuititve Thermostat Instructions
Intuititve Thermostat User Manual radiant floors FAQ's, products, training
    º Preparing a Floor for Radiant in Floor Heating
    º How we install Radiant in-floor heat
Bumford Heating UK
    º Worcester Greenfloor Underfloor Heating Installation Guide Worcester Bosch
Electric Floor Heating With Nuheat
Flooring Supply Shop
    º SunTouch Mat -Introductory lnformation on how to Install 1of4, 2, 3, 4
    º SunTouch Mats Floor and Mortar Technique
    º SunTouch Radiant SlabHeat Cables Installation Instruction
    º Warm Tiles - How To Install
Radiant Floor Heat Tubing Installation in Floor Joists
ThermoSoftCorp electric radiant heat
    º ThermoSoft Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mats - ThermoTile Installation
World Class Tiles
    º Tile Floor Heating
    º Warm Tile Installation on Concrete
    º Warm Tile Installation on Plywood
    º Warm Tiles Installation - Thermostat Wiring, 120V Units, 240 V

CleanSpace - Crawl Space Encapsulation System
Cleanspace crawlspace encapsulation system another
crawlspace encapsulation, vapor barrier, no more mold & radon gas
HouseSmarts TV
    º HouseSmarts “Crawl Space Encapsulation” Episode 109, Part 2, Part 3
How to encapsulate your crawlspace

DESIGN building and desingn industry advertising platform

Whole Building Design Guide a program of the National Institute of Building Sciences

Wikipedia: Design
    º Category:Arches and vaults
    º Category:Architectural design
    º Category:Architectural elements
    º Category:Architectural lighting design
    º Category:Baroque architectural features
    º Category:Courtyards
    º Category:Doors
    º Category:Fireplaces
    º Category:Floors
    º Category:Furniture
    º Category:Interior design
    º Category:Japanese architectural features
    º Category:Lighting
    º Category:Masonry
    º Category:Ornaments
    º Category:Saltbox architecture
Architectural lighting design
Architectural light shelf
Decorative arts
Glass Pavilion
Interior design
    º Interior Design Education
Law of flat surfaces
Light Reflectance Value
Open plan
Ornament (architecture)
Room divider
Spatial design
The Salt Box

also see.. Construction, Ferrocement, Plumbing

Armstrong ceilings, floors, walls
Ask the column & project archives, Links, News, products, tips, Search
Bob Vila's Home Site(.com) how to, gardening, remodeling, projects Home Page Directory - home improvement products and info ads, architecture, books, business, design, house plans, products, Search
builders BOOKSITE Construction and Design Industry References and Links home of free woodworking plans and projects Portal - Construction applications, materials, prodcuts & services
COBS Homes & Home Depot offers home construction services
Create-A-Bed Murphy bed or wall bed mechanism by Katje Sana Erickson, Belen, NM, About, Links
Design-Build Teamwork Process
Energy Efficiency
Custom Homes
Online Plans calculators, contractors, Forum, Links, loans, News,
Fine Homebuilding Magazine articles & tips, back issues, design, Magazine Index, materials, tools
Free Woodworking Info setting up a shop, pricing, Links

Google Books
Kern, Ken
    º The owner-built home 1972, low-cost evolutionary architecture lots of photos
Project Archives decks, foundations, finish carpentry, flooring, framing, roofing, windows, doors...

HandyMan USA Articles, Classifieds, Experts, Forum, Hints & Tips, Mall, SEARCH
Home Energy the Magazine of Residential Conservation
Home & Garden Television   calculators, do-t-yourself, Forum, Search Triad Systems articles & Links, lumber inventory control & accounting, FAQ, Links
House and Home Online commerce, design, gardening, renovation
How to Build Your Own Home: degeorgeinc.comu
Individual Homes, building & renovating UK
Iron-N-Time fold away ironing board cabinet kit or
LogKit Inc. Log Homes, Log Houses, Log Buildings, Log Cottages, Log Kits: Kingston, Ontario, Canada TV show, Links to home building, buying, remodeling, do-t-yourself, Search, FAQ, Links, Search articles & advice on drywall, flooring, granite, painting, plumbing, roofing, siding, windows; submit your questions, SiteMap, How-to directory artcles, consumer guides, design ideas, project planning, troubleshooting decorating, design, home improvement, Links, Material Selectors, Tool Dictionary...
Single Family Residential Construction Guide - Contents, DwelOnIt:

Toolbase.orgUse It! Homebuilding Industry Technical Resource, technology inventory

US DOE, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Use It! Building Technologies Program
Building Toolbox

How to align the pulleys on an HVAC blower

also see... Arches, Concrete Domes, §ENERGY§, Fuller, §ENGINEERING (Shells)§, §Greenhouse§, Shells, Space Structures, Vaults

Acidome Geodesoc Dome Calculator (Russian) requires Google translate

Adobe Alliance - Design inlcludes adobe domes & roofs

American IngenuityUse It! (Ai) since 1974
Design Science University information & Links - Synergetics,
DomeUse It! free GNU Open Source coordinate generating software, FAQ, ReadMe
• Dome Software Image Galleries - VRML, Ray-trace
Geodesic Dome LinksUse It!
Journal, Archive - Computational Cosmography
• Links - Ergonomics
Open Source Software

Ardan Scientific Programming, L.L.C. - About by John Ardan, Links
Geodesic Domes (PVC pipe greenhouse); Construction Details from old AOL site

Auroville Earth Institute
Introduction to Vaulted Structures (AVD)
    º Catenary Vault
    º Egyptian Vault
    º Stability Notions

Buckminster Fuller Institute (
Domes - Manufacturers
R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ
    º Geodesic DomesUse It!

DesertdomesUse It! FAQ, Formulas
Bamboo Domes assembly instructions with diagrams
Conduit Dome Tips calculating, cutting, drilling, flattening, assembly, paint, with diagrams
Dome CalculatorUse It! frequency: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
• & Reverse Dome Calculator frequency: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
• Dome Diagrams - frequency: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
FAQUse It!
Links builders, calendar, designers, equipment, how-to
DomeHome CompanionUse It! ( Forum Archive, Links

Drexel U - Tent Structures
Earth 360 Home Page - Geodesic Dome Education article

Geometry Center ( U Minnesota ), Graphics Archive - Platonic and Archimedean Solids graphics
Geo Tech Systems. Inc. - About, Prices
Commercial Greenhouses
Dome facts and general informationUse It!
Domes - 20Foot, "Pacific Pearl" 30 ft Resort, 70Foot..
Quonsets, Oklahoma City - Contents, FAQUse It!, Links
Dome Basics

Horton Dome
Design/Tour, Lessons Learned, Shell Construction

Howard's - Home Dome
•atruts - Cutting, Drilling

How to Build a Geodesic Dome out of Cardboard

Jay SalsburgUse It! (
Dome technology, Fly's Eye Dome Home (slow download Quicktime movies)

Dome technology will change society for the better Geodesic Math (pdf)
NASA Geodesic Design Concepts (pdf)

Mark Somers (Angelfire Ads) - Desert Water Dome Project

Michael J. Gourlay, Ph.D. Colorado Research Associates:
Geodesic Dome Design (portable robust shade structures with photos)
    º Bibliography
    º Covering Patterns
    º High Frequency Designs
    º Math of HexayurtsUse It!
    º Misting Systems
    º Small dome details
    º Software - Algorithms, Graphics, Java ( repulsive points on the surface of a sphere ), JavaScript..

The Monolithic concrete domed homes

Nature's Structural Elements by Robert Conroy
13' Ferrocement Dome-Cellar
24' House - Energy Calculations
32' House
Conduit Domes
Gunnite-Rebar Open Face Dome
Solid Geometry Shareware Workbook - Building Big: All About Domes

Shelter Publications Inc. articles, books
• Articles on Negative Aspects of DomesUse It!
    º Domebuilder’s Blues
    º Domes/Rectangles
    º Refried Domes
    º Smart But Not Wise

Solar Concentrators WebsiteUse It!
Concentrating sunlight
Current systems - EUCLIDES, SolarTrak, Sunflower Facetted Dishes (geodesic)
Software - Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud (about the PBS "American Masters" film) with clips
Geodesic Domes & Megastructures by J. Baldwin
• (alt Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud PBS "American Masters" film

Timberline Geodesic Domes wood dome frame kits - FAQ
to Build a Dome, Plans
Big, Bigger, Biggest - Series 2: Episode 9 - Dome

Worldflower Garden Domes Geodesic Domes - About, SiteMap
Octahedral Domes & Dome Terminology

Wolfram Research
Dome: Bohemian Dome, Geodesic Dome, Hemisphere, Sphere, Spherical Cap, Torispherical Dome, Vault
CNC-milled house dome inspired by Bucky Fuller's tensegrity
Expanded Polystyrene Made Dome House mass production
Kristoffer Tejlgaard
    º BL's Dome på Bornholm
    º Dome of Visions
    º People´s meeting Dome a Deconstructed Geodesic Dome
Michael Davister
    º A Class I 6-frequency Geodesic Dome Structure Constructed with "Hinged" Triangles
    º A 6-Frequency Icosahedral Dome Roof Setting on A Pentagonal Base Structure

Composite geodesicDomes - Links & Photos, Products Growing Dome Greenhouse kit

Worldflower Garden Domes lumber domes

also see... Concrete, Domes, ECC, FerroCement, §Kiln (ART)§, Shells

Domes for the World Foundation since 1976 - About, Gallery
Construction, DomeSizer
Q&A ( Architectural, Structural ), Why?, for Storage,
Dome Project: Dome Shell Construction History

Monolithic Dome Institute [Italy, TX] air-form, super-insulated, reinforced - About, SiteMap
Articles - Construction, Cost, Gallery, What is it?, Why Build it?
Basalt Fiber Rebar by Marina Presley, Sudaglass Fiber Technology Inc., Photos
Cold-bending rebar, EcoShell Construction, EcoShell II, Shapes, Soil Bearing
Design Your Own Dome Home, Passive Solar Design Handbook
History of Monolithic Domes
Practical Design of Concrete Shells by Dr. Arnold Wilson ($49.95 pdf) with stress calculation program, 398 pages

Peter Roberts' Masonry Design, designer of triangular concrete blocks, founder of Spherical Block LLC, Introduction
Building a water storage tank
The curious case of masonry building code for triangular block
Evaluating a masonry dome
Geodesic frequencies and masonry domes
Interlocking Triangular Block and Shell Theory
Kilns and furnaces
Monolithic Domes

R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ - Geodesic Domes

Skylight Construction L.L.C. - Search
•aalleries - Domes, Coatings, Joun Hall
DomeHouse Home, papercrete on steel, also at SunStar-Solutions Gallery - January 2002, Feb, Mar..
Papercrete: Barrel Mixer, DogHouse Dome, History of Papercrete
• Papercrete Mailing List: Archives, Subscribe (write the word subscribe in the subject line)
Solar Oven.. in 1 Hour
Why Circles? Why dome homes are better - Alternative or Standard Construction, ( 2, 3 / materials )
• Materials: Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC, using cellulose, ie, paper), Sraw Bale Contruction
Gallery of Starship-Enterprises Dome Home

Turner, LloydUse It!
California Sphere House at
FerroExamples at
 º DerivationOfGoreFormula, GoreForHemisphere, GorePattern
 º Hemispherical Airform, TorisphericalAirform, TorisphericalGoreDesign
Foam Dome at

    º Category:Concrete - Concrete
    º Category:Concrete shell structures
Basalt fiber also used as rebar or rope
Concrete shell
Geodesic dome
Monolithic dome
Thin-shell structure
Coleman Priske
    º Bricklayers defy gravity, Impressive dome building without any support
    º Impressively skilled brick layers, Vault contructión
Ferrocement tank in a remote community
Hajjar Gibran
    º Domegaia Dome Building with air-crete
    º Mixing AirCrete by Hand
Monolithic Dome Institute
    º Introduction to Monolithic Domes
    º Basalt Rope Video
    º Basalt Roving Dome
    º FEMA Dome Taking Shape in Lumberton, Texas
    º Monolithic Ecoshell Introductory Video
    º Monolithic Dome structures tops physics professor's list of durable safe shelters
    º Styrofoam Bead Insulated Ecoshells
Monolithic Dome Construction with a Stucco Sprayer Hildebrand Construction in Haiti
Monolithic Ecoshell Introductory Video

also see.. Ferrocement, Sustainable
Mick Pearce architect for termite inspired Eastgate Centre
Biomimicry Taxonomy: Biology Organized by Challenge
Site Tutorial
Thank a genius (video) Janine M. Benyus book
Chapter 1 Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature
Recent Case Studies
    º Termite-Inspired Air Conditioning (video)

Flying ConcreteUse It! Steve Kornher - Links
• structural & sculptural forms in light weight concrete
Doors & Windows, Roof Forming, Barrell Vaults, Roofs, Stairs and Rails
• Houses: Adria's, Low Income, Our, Tim Sullivan's, Barrell Vaults
Steve's Introduction to Light Weight Concrete
Concrete Manual, US Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation reprint
Wine Cellar

Google Books
Kern, Ken
    º The owner-built home 1972, low-cost evolutionary architecture

Google Images
Evolutionary Architecture
Green Building in Zimbabwe Modeled After Termite Mounds Eastgate Centre

Tsui Design & Research Inc.
The Tsui House

Vanguarq beyond Architecture
Tag Archives: architecture (videos)

    º Category:Architectural styles
    º Category:Expressionist architecture
    º Category:Organic architecture
Baker, Laurie (19172007)
Candela, Felix (1910-1997)
Concrete shell
Emergent Design
Expressionist architecture
Fuller, Buckminster (1895-1983)
Gaudi, Antoni (1852-1926)
Interactive architecture
Makovecz, Imre (1935)
Organic architecture
Frei Otto (1925)
Mushroom House
Responsive architecture
Shukhov, Vladimir (1853-1939)
Steiner, Rudolf (1861-1925)
Tensile structure
Thin-shell structure
Tsui, Eugene (1954-)
Xanadu Houses


Block Research Group (BRG) masonry structures, graphical analysis, design methods, computational form finding & structural design, discrete element assemblies...
Design process for a prototype concrete shells... hybrid cable-net & fabric formwork
History and overview of fabric formwork (pdf)
Fabric Formed Concrete

National Institute of Building Sciences: Journal
The Case for Catenary Roofs Feb, 2016 (registration required)

Geosynthetic polymeric materials for separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage & containment
Geotextile permeable polypropylene or polyester fabrics that separate, filter, reinforce, protect or drain
    º Heavy Light - Fabric-Formed Concrete Structures Mark West, Centre for Architectural Structures & Technology (CAST)

also see... Concrete, Concrete Domes, ECC, §WIRE§, Nervi, Thin-Shells

Asian Institute of Technology, Links, (broken?) Organizational Units, SiteMap
(broken?) International Ferrocement Information Center (IFIC) ( English ) Javier Senosiain Aguilar
Gallery - 2, 3

Bo Atkinson ( concrete sculpture methods, homes & functions, furnishings, plus non profit work
Consulting “outside the box” design, installation & building, inventive geometry, material science, integrated craftsmanship services
Dream GeometryUse It! synergistic searching of art, science & philosophy
• E-mail:
• Equipment Fabrication Plans
    º Concrete Pump using Recylced Radial Tires
    º Corkscrew Mortar Mixer
• Methods
    º 3D rings and.. construction robot
    º corduroy wall forming
    º Earth Molded Concrete Sculpture: artisan secrets & sand casting using Simple Concrete Mixes
• Ring Reinforcement Methods
    º ring reinforcement pages
    º Slackwire Robot
    º Cement Plank
    º fiberglass insulation blocks
    º ringed truss structure concept
    º concentric spiral reinforcement
    º intersecting joists experiment
    º three axes ring reinforcement
    º one directional rings in thin, uninsulated walls
• Aeometric Software Visualization Isotropic Spin Clusters (Geodesics), Buildable Sculptural Illusions
Visualize - Actualize 3d CAD to progressive concrete blogs - a free exchange of ideas - Links
Design Reports, Tips and Strategy

Digital-Ocean (InsituMixing Corp.)
• new building technologies for attractive, inexpensive, safe housing, easily constructed with unskilled labor
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Flying ConcreteUse It! Steve Kornher - Links
• structural & sculptural forms in light weight concrete
Doors & Windows, Roof Forming, Barrell Vaults, Roofs, Stairs and Rails
• Houses: Adria's, Low Income, Our, Tim Sullivan's, Barrell Vaults
Steve's Introduction to Light Weight Concrete
Concrete Manual, US Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation reprint
Wine Cellar

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO): Document Repository)
Building a ferrocement fishing boat

Gimme Shelter! an owner-bult home, lightweight Perlite aggregate insulated ferrocement roof

Google Search
ferrocement construction
Journal of Ferrocement, Ferro-cement on the Homestead

Jeff Forssell's Village Technology
A ferrocement rain water tank 1988
Our Rain Water Tank 1989

Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Bangladesh: Low cost Model House

Mark Ketchum
Bridge Engineering Page
Shell Structures plaster, stucco, shotcrete, papercrete Rainwater Harvesting
Water Storage book by Art Ludwig: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, Ponds, Ferrocement Water Tanks Art Ludwig

Pacific Gunite, Peter Epperson ( - What is Ferrocement?
Custom Projects - Pools, Tubs & Spas, Ponds

ShambhalaVillage.US Doug Lacy, Silver City, NM (

Ted Baumgart's collection of FC oriented projects - About, FAQ, Structural Specifications (PDF downloads, free registration req'd); Projects:
Fire Ratings, Hurricane
• Homes: with Pool, Dome, Henderson, Jimmy Carter & Habitat
Arched Walk Way, Barbeque, Counters, Seating, Chimney, Countertops, Shelves
Ring, Wine Cellar (Volunteers in Technical Assistance) - Search: Construction
Understanding Ferrocement ConstructionUse It! by J.P. Hartog

Coignet, François
Concrete ship
Hennebique, François
Underground Architecture

Wood Family - How to Build a Ferro-Cement Boat step-by-step photos, ferrocement principles, Moving it
Building a concrete water tank in your back yard
    º Heavy Light - Fabric-Formed Concrete Structures Mark West, Centre for Architectural Structures & Technology (CAST)
Ferrocement tank in a remote community
ShambhalaVillage Doug Lacy, Silver City, NM (
    º The Parabolic Stress Skin System part 1, 2, 3, 4, ; 5
    º Roof Shells Going Up
    º Arched Truss Beam and Foundation Column Introduction
    º The Plaster Mix for Parabolic Stress Skin System

also see... Domes, Master Architects

About Synergetics-L - Zipped Archives ( ReadMe )

Alexander Technique International (?), What is It?
Continuous Tension, Discontinuous Compression Tensegrity and physiological support systems
Design Science University information & Links - Synergetics,
Dome free GNU Open Source coordinate generating software, FAQ, ReadMe
• Dome Software Image Galleries - VRML, Ray-trace
Geodesic Dome Links
Journal, Archive - Computational Cosmography
• Links - Ergonomics
Open Source Software

Applied Synergetics Home Page - LinksUse It! - Who was R. Buckminster Fuller? by Dr. Graeme Edwards

Bob Burkhardt'sUse It! Website (Tensegrity Solutions)
A Technology for Designing Tensegrity Domes and Spheres
Practical Guide to Tensegrity Design
Tensegrity Press Releases and Photos
    º Octahedral Double-Layer Tensegrity Dome ( photos )
    º Obelisk ( photos ), 2nd ( photos with retrofit ), Bean Teepee ( photo )
Tensegrity Viewer & JitterBug Java Applets with source codeUse It!
Synergetics: Gallery, Tensegrity Letter by Fuller: ( 1, 2, 3 4, 5 )
VRML Tensegrity Models

Buckminster Fuller Institute ( - Bio, Domes

Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute - Glossary, SiteMap
Fuller's Grand Strategy
Selected Ideas of Buckminster Fuller

Catalogue of Symmetric Tensegrities by Allen Back and Bob Connelly
from the The Math Dept Instructional Computing Lab, Cornell U

Chris Fearnley
•amages of Basic Polyhedra & Domes
R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ
Reading Synergetics

Chris Rywalt's Portfolio Page - Links to Buckminster Fuller's important work on the Web
Dymaxion Projection Animation
Photos of applications of Bucky's work

Delirium's homepage - short page about Buckminster Fuller (Bucky)
Fluidiom Ecodesic online Elastic Interval Geometry in action
Fuller R Buckminster at Scientists,

George W. Hart Geometric Sculptor - About, Search
Encyclopedia of Polyhedra & Pavilion of Polyhedreality
Gallery and Links

Global Energy Network Institute (Electric Hypergrid, Linking Renewable Energy Resources) - FAQ, Search
Articles - The Dymaxion Map Fuller Projection Explained, FAQ About the Dymaxion Map

Imaging the Imagined: Modeling with Math & a Keyboard
Compression and Tension are good; Torque's a Killer (Tensegrity structures) Plato, Fuller & the 3 little pigs

John Miller - R. Buckminster Fuller short bio with Links

Mark Somers (Angelfire Ads)
Desert Water Dome Project - multi mile diameter domes
A Fuller Explanation ( 2 ) by Dr. Amy C. Edmondson: Download it: from 42.html

A Mathematical Canvas by Kirby Urner - Beyond Flatland: Geometry for the 21st Century

Robert W. Gray's HomePage - Synergetics
by R. Buckminster Fuller - Copyright Notice - Contents, Scenarios Search
Humans In Universe
Synergy - Contents
Synergetics - Contents
Universe - Contents
System - Contents
Conceptuality - Contents
Structure - Contents
Tensegrity - Contents
Operational Mathematics - Contents
Modelability - Contents
Omnitopology - Contents
Triangular Geodesics - Contents
Numerology - Contents
32 Color Plates
Index - A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Struck! Java Tensegrity Program - About ( 2, 3 ), Download
• try the Applet
Elastic Interval Geometry
Forum - Introduction
SpringSpace - Gallery, Introduction

Synergetics on the Web by Kirby Urner, Links
• Biography: R. Buckminster Fuller: A 20th Century Philosopher
Fuller Projection Dynamax Map
Geodesic Domes: Geometry, History, Prototypes, Providers, Resources
Introduction to Synergetics: Readings, Design
• Kirby Urner's articles: Introduction to Synergetics, Synergetics in the 90s, Toward a Psychology of Synergetics - Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out LoudUse It! (about the PBS "American Masters" film) with clips
•aymaxion - Car, House
Geodesic Domes by J. Baldwin
• Interviews - J. Baldwin, Philip Johnson

also see... History, Video
DIRECTORIES-Architects Open Directory ( 2 ) | ( 2 ) | Vitruvio |

Alvar Aalto Museum
Mauro Codussi
Wharton Esherick Museum
Fuller, Buckminster section on this page, Search ( Advanced )
Great Architects, Great Buildings

MacTutor History of MathematicsUse It! O'Connor & Robertson, U St Andrews, Scotland
Alphabetical Contents, Biographies & Chronologies, Historical Periods & Math Topics, Search
Wren, Sir Christopher

Michael McDonough, e-House - environmentally appropriate systems & advanced building technologies
Nervi, Pier Luigi section on this page
Andrea Palladio Palladio's Italian Villas
Paolo Soleri Cosanti Foundation
The Louis Sullivan Page ( Ads) part of the Broadacre All-Wright Site
Frank Lloyd Wright ( Ads) Broadacre All-Wright Site

Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition
from the Library of Congress ( 2 ), Exhibitions - Masters - Index of famous architects
Brunelleschi, Filippo, Bio
Eiffel, Gustave-Alexandre
Fuller, Richard Buckminster
Leonardo da Vinci
Nervi, Pier Luigi
Soleri, Paolo
Vitruvius, Marco Pollione
Wren, Sir Christopher
Wright, Frank Lloyd

Baker, Laurie
Ban, Shigeru recycled cardboard tube construction, universal floor, Shōji
Flagg, Ernest Small Houses: Their Economic Design and Construction (1922)
Hejduk, John works of Modern & postmodern architecture
Johnson, Philip
Kern, Ken The Owner Built Home (1972)
Kuma, Kengo continuity of Japanese traditions with structural solutions, light & transparency, inside/outside connection spaces
Larson, Kent (architect)
The New York Five
Prince-Ramus, Joshua
Sinclair, Cameron
Yu, Kongjian landscape architect: environmental ethic aesthetics, ecological infrastructure reconstruction, Turenscape

also see... Master Architects (ads!) - Pierre Luigi Nervi, People - Pierre Luigi Nervi
United Nations Philatelists, Inc. - Pier Luigi Nervi, Architect

U Wisconsin, Green Bay, Health and Cultural Difference: The Insights of Medical Anthropology
Biographies of Well-Known Italians - A Synthesis of Science and Art: Pier Luigi Nervi, Master Builder


also see.. Concrete

Presto Geosystems permeable pavement options
Filterpave Porous Pavements architectural aesthetics, ecofriendly recycled glass
Filterpave video
ReVISION Vegas Home retrofit enhanced by BASF chemistry @YouTube Video go to time 1:55 for Filterpave decorative stamped asphalt & patterned paving products

    º Category:Pavements
Asphalt concrete
Cast stone
Cement tile
Composite material
Crumb rubber
Paver (flooring)
Paver (vehicle)
Rubberized asphalt
Soil cement
Stamped asphalt
FilterPave by Presto Geosystems
Presto GeoPave Porous Pavement System

also see.. Plumbing

ARDI Pex PEX Plumbing Systems & Radiant Heat products
How to Install PEX Pipes & PEX FAQ
Axis Fittings & Installation Instructions
Compression Fittings
Crimp Fittings & Insatallation Instructions
Press Fittings & Insatallation Instructions
Screw Fittings & Installation Instructions

Fine Homebuilding
PEX Water Pipe Connections (video) Leakproof joints faster than soldering

Google Search
"pex pipe installation tips" Vanguard PEX Plumbing PEX Tubing, PEX Fittings Tools Manablocs & Accessories Jobsite
PEX Plumbing Flexes Its Muscles increased energy efficiency & fewer water leaks
Oregon Institute of Technology, Geo-Heat Center
Design and Installation of a New Downhole Heat Exchanger for Direct-Use Space Heating (pdf)

Pex Association (Switzerland) Library, FAQ, Links, Gallery PEX plumbing & radiant heating supplies supplies: PEX, radiant heat, heating, plumbing
Pex Tubing Store at ebay (guaranteed lowest prices)
Plastic Pipe Fittings Association
PEX Products FAQ
Flexible Pipe Installation Practices including instaneous type (coil or immersion) water heater warning
PEX vs. Copper Piping advantages & disadvantages Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) Water Supply Piping high-temperature, flexible plastic (polymer) pipe
Zurn: PEX Plumbing Design and Application Guide

including.. Freeze Protection
also see.. Do-It-Yourself, Pex Pipe

Alliance for Water Efficiency
Maximum Performance (MaP) Testing of Popular Toilet Models

American Society of Sanitary Engineering product approval, ($) standards

Bathtub Installation @
Bathroom renovation 1,
2, 3, 4, 5
    º Bathtub Replacement Youtube Short Visit gr8handyman com
    º Daisy's Custom Bathroom Floor Part 1 Tiling boxed-in Tub, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
    º Unique Bathroom Remodel (DENVER)
How to install, replace a bathtub plumbing, drain tool
How To Properly Remove A Lift And Turn Bathtub Stopper
How to renovate a bathroom - Part 1
Installing a Bathtub rail & mortar support

California Urban Water Conservation Council
Maximum Performance (MaP) TESTING a better measurement of toilet performance

Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute (CISPI)
Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings Handbook
Neu Aztec Steel Bathtub 5' Recess, Drain Opening 2 1/8" & 3 3/4" drain recess

Green Source magazine of sustainable design
New Toilet Testing Transforms Performance

Institute of Plumbing   Links, UK
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) Links, pubs, research, standards Articles, FAQ, Handbook, History
Plumbing Manufacturers Institute: Consumer Information, Links Portal
Associations & Organizations
Manufacturers, Mfrs' Representatives
Other Plumbing forum, industry, Links, News, Links
History of Plumbing

Southwest Environmental Inc.
Toilet Perfomance Ratings Maximum Performance (MaP) testing

    º List of valves
Blackwater (waste)
Cast iron
Cast iron pipe
Cesspit (cesspool)
Community-led total sanitation
    º Humanure
Composting toilet
    º Clivus multrumi
    º Dry well
    º French drain
    º Infiltration basin
    º Percolation test
    º Percolation trench
    º Storm drain
    º Weeping tile
Ductile iron pipe
    º Human feces
Community-led total sanitation
    º Flange
Septic drain field
    º Percolation test
    º Weeping tile
Septic tank
    º Blackwater (waste)
    º Cesspit (cesspool)
    º Holding tank
    º Latrine
    º Outhouse
    º Sanitary sewer
    º Sewage treatment
Storm drain
    º Chemical toilet
    º Composting toilet: Clivus multrumi
    º Flush toilet
    º Latrine

World Plumbing Council events, Links, Search
    º Pot Filler Faucet using a rubber strap wrench
Automatic sprinkler drain installation on galvanized piping
Booksmart Neanderthal
    º Toilet Flange Install with ABS pipe
Brian Ruppel
    º Shower Faucet Repair (thorough step by step.) replaces rubber washer
    º 1/2" galvanized sprinkler pipe repair cut out pipe, Dresser Coupling installation
    º 3/4 inch galvanized pipe repair cut out pipe, add Tee & Dresser Coupling
    º Conversion: Manual sprinkler valves to automatic sprinkler valves
    º How to replace sprinkler valves
Connect Push Fit Fitting to Galvanized Pipe
Galvanized Pipe examples
How to Remove Old Galvanized Pipe dangerous, clumsy cutting procedure
How to repair PVC pipe: The Compression Fitting low pressure Dresser Coupling
Galvanized Pipe Repair stop leak with clamp
Lowe's How To Videos
    º Replacing and Installing a Toilet
Man Cave - How To Pour Homemade Jigs
    º Lead and Oakum Part 1
    º Lead and Oakum part 2
    º Soldering
    º Toilet Replacement - How To
Pouring a 2" Lead joint
Pouring Lead
Problems with galvanized pipes found during a Charlotte home inspection examples of constrictions from corrosion
Removing Cast Iron Pipe
SetRite Products
    º Complete Toilet Flange Extender Repair Kit set falnge on top of finished floor - cutaway view
Using a PVC Cutter

PLUMBING: Freeze-Protection
also see.. PEX Pipe
Pressure Vacuum Breaker Draining Procedure for Freeze Protection

Preventing Frozen Water Pipes from the Province of Manitoba, Publilcations/Forms
Frost-free Yard Hydrants from Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development
Prevention, Thawing & Repair of Burst or Frozen Water Pipes

American Mastercraft buildings
Double 'S' Cedar Homes Ltd.
Hadrian Tridi-Systems: Tridipanels - "The building system of the new millenium"

Heritage Building Systems: "World's Leading Retailer of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings"

Steelbuilding.Com Inc - Design, Price and Buy Steel Buildings Online
Zaidan House products:

also see.. Woodworking

Preservative Classification: 1) water-borne, 2) oil-borne, and 3) light organic solvent preservatives (LOSPs). Copper treated wood requires double-galvanized or stainless steel fasteners. The U.S. began mandating the use of non-arsenic containing wood preservatives for virtually all residential use timber in 2004.

American Wood Protection Association (AWPA)
References and Technical Information
    º Information for Homeowners
Use Category System: User Specification For Treated Wood (pdf)
Where to Buy products complying with AWPA Standard U1

from AWPA Standard U1
Category Description
UC1 Interior Dry
UC2 Interior Damp
UC3A Exterior Above Ground, Coated with Rapid Water Runoff
UC3B Exterior Above Ground, Uncoated or Poor Water Runoff
UC4A Ground Contact, General Use
UC4B Ground Contact, Heavy Duty
UC4C Ground Contact, Extreme Duty
UC5A Marine Use, Northern Waters (Salt or Brackish Water)
UC5B Marine Use, Central Waters (Salt or Brackish Water)
UC5C Marine Use, Southern Waters (Salt or Brackish Water)
UCFA Interior Above Ground Fire Protection
UCFB Exterior Above Ground Fire Protection

Forest Products Laboratory, USDA Forest Service
Wood Preservation and related topics Publications - Topics

Pacific Wood Preserving Companies (PWP)
Product Information
Technical Information
Wood Treatments

Peery Bros. Lumber Co., Inc.
TrewRenue interior or exterior preservative pressure treated lumber

    º Category:Engineered wood
Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) eliminated major quantities of arsenic & chromium previously contained in CCA Chromated copper arsenate (CCA)
Creosote toxic
Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate
Engineered wood
Kyan, John Howard (1774-1850) inventor of the kyanising process
Linseed oil
Pentachlorophenol (PCP) toxic
Sodium silicate
Wood preservation

also see .. §Bolts & Fasteners§, Roofing, building material information 300,000 pages of Building Products for Architectural and Spec Writing, CAD Details online yellow pages & business directory: Building Supplies Materials (see Tools & Hardware Portal - Construction applications, materials, products & services
Camden Hire, Australia

Fastenal CompanyUse It! Industrial & Construction Supplies
• Cutting Tools, Electrical, Hydraulics and Pneumatics
• Fasteners, Tools and Accessories, Welding Supplies

First Source Exchange Portal - building products & manufacturers, Search Design & Construction Portal

Korit Sales Inc. Concrete, Masonry and Roofing Materials, Equipment, Supplies
Tap & Drill Chart 100% recycled plastic lumber, St. Louis, MO Woodworking Superstore fittings, connectors, railings & safety solutions

Singapore Polytechnic, Library: Internet Resources - Construction Materials

StickTrade.comUse It! B2B buy & sell: lumber & wood products, plus equipment & machinery
Woodworker's Supply Inc.

RECYCLE recycled tire products: articial turf, crumb rubber, roofing, surface sealants


Block Research Group (BRG) masonry structures, graphical analysis, design methods, computational form finding & structural design, discrete element assemblies...
History and overview of fabric formwork (pdf)

Centre for Architectural Structures and Technology (C.A.S.T.) University of Manitoba

also see.. Masonry, Walls

Enfenetee Group Inc. (EGI)Carrollton, TX earth auger anchors
DSMS Seawall Tieback & Anchoring System
Backyard Blitz Part 2 - repairing old concrete garden retaining walls
Commercial Foundation Repair of a leaning retaining wall
The Great Leaning Wall
Lifting Jacking a Retaining Wall in Dunwoody, GA
OPPD Retaining Walls Stabilized
    º Fence repair or alignment.avi
    º NO more digging holes and mixing concrete to install posts or poles
    º Qwke Anchor Solutions start at 0:44
Solutions for Leaning Sea Walls in FL


including below.. Roofing Sales & Mfrs, VIDEOS: Roofing & Roof Ventilation
also see.. Insulation & Thermal Protection, Ventilation, SiteMap
    º Repairs to Lead Sheet Roofings and Flashings by FC Coote
    º Roof Ventilation by Russell Wright
    º Thatched Roofs: An Introduction by Catherine Lewi
    º Thatch in the 21st Century by Clive Fewins

California Energy Commisssion, Energy Efficiency & Demand Analysis Div, Peak Load Reduction Program
CoolRoofsUse It! Links ( Roofing Industry' ), Sitemap
    º Benefits & Types, Case Studies, Products

Cool Roof Rating Council evaluating & labeling solar reflectance & thermal emittance

DEKS Australia
Products: Flashings see flexible, self-adhesive, “Fast Flash” under Flashing Rolls/Lead Alternatives

Development Alternatives Group (, New Delhi, India, Technology Systems Branch
EbrochuresUse It! (pdf Downloads)
    º Micro Concrete Roofing Technology
    º Ferrocement Roofing Technology

Eagle Roofing integrated solar roofing panels & ventilated roofing tiles
Solar solutions and energy saving roofing, Reflective Roof Products
FAQs, (Excel file - Product List

EPA, Heat Island Effect, Glossary

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)
Details for Cyclone Resistant Buildings

Firestone Building Products
UltraFlash Liquid Flashing

Flying Concrete, Roofs, lightweight concrete
Barrel Vault Roofs and Ceilings, Low Income Roofs (housing)
Roof Forming, Underground Wine Cellar, vaulted

Florida Solar Energy Center, Links, SiteMap
Homes & Buildings, Publications, Walls & Roofs
    º Reflectance Properties of Roofing MaterialsUse It!

Gimme Shelter! an owner-bult home, lightweight Perlite aggregate insulated ferrocement roof
Joist In Time, Up On The Roof!, Turning The Corner, Visible Means Of Support
Got The Hoist.., Crazy, ..from the Heat, Aesop's Foibles, Cross Breeze
Halt to the Vault, Mother of Invention,

Google Search: Ferrocement Roof
Project Archives: Roofing ProjectsUse It!
    º Patching A Hole In A Roof
    º Replacing Individual Asphalt Roof Shingles, About, FAQ
$247 Md Roof Repair do's and don'ts photos, roof jack nailing, Ferro-cement on the Homestead
InterLock lifetime metal roofing systems

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Environmental Energy Technologies Div
Cool Roofing Materials Database

Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Bangladesh:
Low cost Model House with pre-cast ferro cement roof

National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Building Envelopes ProgramUse It! (roofs+walls)
    º The Best Defense Against Ice Dams: Energy Efficient Roofs
    º Moisture Control in Low-Slope Roofing: A New Design Requirement, Calculator
    º DOE Cool Roof Calculator
    º EPA Roof Savings Calculator
    º Modified Zone Method
    º Moisture Control in Low-Slope Roofing
    º Whole Wall R-value Calculators
Fact Sheets and Handbooks see Handbooks (pdf): Attic, Builder's Foundation, Moisture Control

Professional Roofing magazine, Search
from the National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA)

Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCMA)
Technical Reference Documents
    º Cold-Applied Adhesives for Modified Bitumen Membrane Roofing
    º Use of Primers Prior to Roof Coating

Roof Consultants Institute

Roof Tile Institute, FAQs
Technical Information
    º Installation Guides ($)

Single Ply Roofing Institute

Stainless Steel Information Center (SSINA), Glossary, SiteMap
Galvanic Corrosion
Designer Handbooks
    º Standard Practice for: Stainless Steel Roofing, Flashing, CopingsUse It! free Handbook elastomeric membranes
Video Archives: Commercial

Tesla: Solar Roofs

Texas Dept Insurance, Windstorm Inspection ProgramUse It! Building Codes & Product Evaluation Index
Roof Coverings
    º Fiber-Reinforced Cement
    º Metal, Formed Metal Panels
    º Tiles
Windstorm Inpection Program DownloadsUse It! Guides & Code
Choosing Roofing Materials
Fixing Damaged Roof Shingles
    º The Traditional Metal Roof
    º Snow-Guard Essentials
Product Database & Search (by Dupont)
Tyvek® Homewrap
Product and Technical Manual (pdf), Facts and Figures, What is Tyvek?

WesTile, FAQ, Literature & Installation GuideUse It!

    º Category:Roofs
    º List of roof shapes
    º List of commercially available roofing material
Air barrier
Asphalt shingle
Bituminous waterproofing
Cool roof
    º Interstitial condensation
Damp (structural)
    º #Condensation
    º #Rain Penetration due to defective external rain barriers, plugged weep holes or defective plumbing
    º #Rising damp capillary wicking action through porous materials, typically up to 1.5 metres & rarely to 5m
    º Damp proofing foundation & walls preventing moisture penetration into interior
    º Moisture vapor transmission rate
    º Vertical damp proof barrier
Domestic roof construction
Flashing (weatherproofing)
Green roof
Hammer tacker
Hermetic seal airtight, often implies impervious to air or gas
Imbrex and tegula
Membrane roofing Synthetic Rubber (Thermoset), Thermoplastic Membrane & Modified Bitumen
Metal roof
    º Hot-dip galvanizing
Moisture vapor transmission rate
    º Perm (unit)
Ridge vent
Roof coating
Roof garden
Roof pitch
Roof shingle
Saw-tooth roof
Sod roof
Stone-coated metal roofing
Tensile structure
Tessellated roof
Thin-shell structure
Tile drainage
Traditional Korean roof construction
    º Vapor barrier
Ventilation (architecture)
Vertical damp proof barrier
Water damage
Weep hole

Roofs R Us:Dormer Repair in Rock Island,Illinois
    º Ridge Vent
    º Roof Repair Involving a Chimney Re-flashing
    º Ice and Water Shield
    º Roof Flashing for Bathroom Fans
BASF Construction N. America: Roofing
    º BASF Elastomeric Roof Coatings
Blair Gilbert
    º Insulate roof foam baffles ventilation - Mr. Hardware
DEKS3153's channel
    º DEKS Fast Flash - Installation - Roof Flashing flexible & self-adhering
Derek Lyall Videos
    º Re-Felting by Derek Lyall Roofing Services Ltd using hot tar
Diamond Steel Roofing Systems
    º Detailed top of dormer valley part 1 of 2, part 2
DIY Roof Repair 101
    º Asphalt Shingles Roofing - Flashing Details
    º Asphalt Shingles Roofing - How to Install Valley
    º Asphalt Shingles Roofing - Proper Shingles Nailing
    º How to Install Asphalt Shingles Roofing
    º How to Replace Roofing Shingles
    º Roof Construction - Framing, Substrate, Underlayment and Shingles
    º Roofing Underlayment - felt, ice and water shield, synthetic
Firestone Building Products
    º Firestone UltraFlash Installation Video
Flash Seal
Free General Contracting Tips
    º Replacing a Damaged Roof Shingle
GAF Roofing
    º Flashing Installation Tutorial
    º How To Shingle Roof Valleys
    º Installing Monaco Roofing Shingles with weather blocker 1st tier
    º Roof Tips & Tricks: Starter Strip Shingles
    º Tri-Ply Torch Applied
    º Grace Ice & Water Shield Roofing Underlayment
Grace Construction Products
    º How to use Vycor enV, a fully-adhered Weather Resistive Barrier
Home Remodel Workshop
    º Hail Damage? Insurance Adjuster Says Yes
    º Roof Repair Tip foam cushion for non-slip safety
How to Remove Shingles to do a Repair using a Hook Blade Exacto Knife
How Soffits and Fascia Are Rotted and Ruined
    º IKO Blueprint for Roofing 5 - Deck Preparation and Roof Repair, 6 - Drip Edges, Eave Protection and Underlayment, 7 - Valley Construction, 8 - All Shingle Application, 12 - Flashings
John Reese
    º Reese Tips - How to install hip and ridge for three tab asphalt shingles
    º Reese Tips - How to Nail a Laminate Asphalt Shingle
    º Reese Tips - Installing CertainTeed Highland Slate Shingles
KasselAndIrons' channel
    º Chimney Preparation, Chimney Upslope Flashing
    º Dormer Details - Part 1, Part 2
    º Vent Pipe
Lomanco Ventilation
    º Lomanco Lo-OmniRidge LOR9-4 Ridge Vent
    º Lomanco LOR-30 Lo-OmniRoll Ridge Vent
    º Lomanco Ridge Vents Smoke House Demo Omni serie, LOR-30, LOR9-4 & OR-4
    º Lomanco Vents Slant Back Roof Vent
    º Lomanco Whirlybird Turbine Vent
    º New Architectural Roof with the EDGE Soffit Vent System
    º Pipe Collar Repair on Roof in Bowie, MD
    º Ridge Vent Repair: Maryland Roofing Contractors Md Geocell tripolymer seal
Michael Lovett
    º Step-By-Step, Roadmap To Roof Replacement
    º Installing Ridge Vent Part 1
    º Installing Ridge Vent Part 2
    º NJ Install of a Super Therm White Roof Initiative cool roof CRRC
Paul Miller
    º Part 1 - Roof vent install, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
    º Air conditioning rooftop install 2 removing existing unit with roof flange support, New unit install
    º Air conditioning rooftop install 4 exising stand removal and supporting roof flange install
    º Air Conditioning unit install rooftop with self supporting roof flange
    º How to Install a Air Conditioning Unit Rooptop with self supporting roof flange
Putting the Ridge Cap On
Qualcraft Ladder Hook with Wheel
Quarrix Building Products by trimlinebuilding
    º EZ Plug Installation Demo | Quarrix Building Products
    º Ridge Vent Installation Demo | Quarrix Rigid Roll
    º Roof Flashing with Mark Sauder - Part I - Base FlashingUse It! saddle-cricket & step flashing with shingles around chimney, Part II - Counter Flashing
Rodriguez Roofing Tile Roof Installation

Roofing Contractor
    º Critical Low-Slope Roofing Details Roofing Guide - Attic Ventilation Shingle Vent II vs. Roll Vent
Roof Repair Special
    º Ladder Safety
    º Rooftop Safety
    º Adding a New Vent on Your Roof
    º Adding Overhang to Your Roofs Edge
    º Many Leaks on Roof
    º Pipe Flange Replacment
    º Shingle Replacement
    º Skylight Repair, Part 1
    º Skylight Repair, Part 2
    º Sky Light Repair 2
    º Valley Repair
    º Wall Repair on Roof
    º Washroom Vent Replacement
    º Water Damage, Valley Replace
    º Wind Damage
Roof Tiles - How they are made and laid
Shingle and step flash a dormer
    º Siplast Membrane Roofing liquid applied Parapro membrane
    º Siplast NVS Lightweight Insulating Concrete System 1:3.5 ratio of Portland cement volume to NVS Concrete Aggregate volume
    º Siplast Plaza Deck Waterproofing - Teranap torch applied
    º Siplast Terapro Waterproofing and Surfacing
Steps to Proper Roofing Replacement
Ultimate Ridgehooks safe roof scaffolding
VincentBattagli Renova Energy Academy
    º Roof Walking Lessons at the Academy tile roofs

Coatings | Concrete, Clay, Cement | Metal | Solar | Ventilation | Other


Energy-Seal.comUse It! (Advanced Coating Systems, Inc.)
Products, Specifications ceramic reflective insulating coating systems, Links

Resin Technology Company (RTC) Polyurethane technology
PERMAX RTC Sprayed Polyurethane Roofing & Insulation Systems
    º Metal Roof Applications

RoofMart International, Inc. coatings, recovery & restoration, Garna-Thane, Coatings - TPEC low VOC, liquid applied, elastomeric coating

Structural Elastomeric Products, Inc. ( elastomeric roof, paint, deck & stucco products
Roof Coatings, Apply a Roof Coating
Price List
Building Protection: Penetrating Damp, Rising Damp

CONCRETE, CLAY, CEMENT ROOFING standard weight & lightweight concrete roofing tiles
Products, Technical Info, Warranty, Roof Tile: Cement / Concrete, Clay, Slate, Products: Roof Tile Maker, hand operated sand-cement ( Price List )

Schundler Company, Construction Uses of Perlite And Vermiculite
Insulating Roofdecks, Reroofing and Roof Renovation

WesTile, FAQ, Literature & Installation Guide


Amerimax Building Products, Inc., SiteMap
Rugged Roof Steel Roofing

Atlanta Metal Products

Berridge Manufacturing Company, Links
Cadd & Installation Details
Factory Products
Double-Rib Roof Panel
Vantage Point reroof flat roof with sloped, light weight, self supporting metal panels needing no substrate, FAQsUse It!, Links
Educational Materials

Custom-Bilt Metals, Articles and Useful Links
    º Armor hail-resistant stone on steel, lifetime warranty
    º Aluminum m Country Cedar Shakes , Majestic copper, and the Titan

Decra ( AHI Roofing )
Literature & Support Materials
    º Installation Guide - Shingle (pdf)

Drexel Metals Corporation, Cedar Ridge Steel Shakes, Coils, Flats
RoofTopGuard roof underlayment, 5-layer low-weight polypropylene & polyethylene, Links
TCS II with ZT (zinc/tin) alloy coating, Zinctin.pdf

Galvalume ( - Links
Good Practices Guide: Installation and Maintenance,
Technical Papers, Reports and Brochures (pdf file downloads)
Trade and Technical Information - Galvalume, Pre-painted Galvalume, Product Specifications

Kami Finland, UK, Japan...

KBS Metal Roofing - FAQ
Gerard Stone-Coated Metal Roofing Shakes and Tiles ( Installation ), Shingles: Granite Ridge, Guardian
Synthetic Underlayment
Product Comparison Chart, Roof Life Cycle metal wall and roof systems, FAQs, Links
Technical Information & Installation Instructions stamped diamond pattern
Architectural, Residential
Products, MaxRib product variations

Owens Corning & Fabricating Solutions metal roofing

Metal Roofing Alliance - Gallery
Reinke Shakes Inc. Aluminum & Copper Shingles, Links
Energy Efficient, Hail Resistant, Tornado Proof
Installation: 3 Tab, Shakes

Threadgill Sheetmetal Works, Residential Metal Roofing, Price Estimator, SiteMap, The Traditional Metal RoofUse It!

US Steel Construction, Building, Metal Roofing, Steel Siding & Purlin manufacturing

also see.. §ENERGY, Solar§, §Energy Efficient Buildings§

American Solar Energy Society events, publications catalog, solarguide, Solar Today magazine, distributor - SiteMap
Photovoltaic shingles

Sundog energy, UK, renewable energy systems
Redland PV Tiles, Roofing Systems FAQ's by Uni-Solar
    º Shingle & Laminate Solar Systems

Foundation Vents
Gable Vents
Intake Vents with calculator
Metal Roof Ridge Vent Kit for metal roofs
Ridge Vents
Static Roof Vents


ABC Supply largest US wholesale distributor of roofing, plus siding, windows, exterior building products, tools, supplies - 100% recycled materials, reinforced vinyl and cellulose fiber shakes FAQ
• 50 year warranty, Class A fire rating, Maintenance-free, UV protected
Gallery, Specs

GAF Roofing
Roof Deck Protection (Deck Armor)
    º Deck-Armor Premium Breathable Roof Deck Protection Installation Instructions (pdf)
Roof Vents & Attic VentilationUse It!
    º Timberline Cool Series Shingles
Starter Strip Shingles skypolymer sealants, caulks, adhesives & geobond roof tapes
Roofing products, including 2300 construction tripolymer sealant

Grace Construction Products
Roofing Underlayments, Fiber-reinforced roofing
Flash-Rite Universal Corner Shingle corner flashing

Sarnafil single-ply welded membranes, SiteMap
    º Green Roofs

Stevens Roofing (TPO, PVC & Hypalon reflective cool roof materials), Links, Search
Energy Efficient "Green" Roofing
EP Roofing Membrane, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO)

also see.. Arches, Concrete Domes, §ENGINEERING (Shells)§, Ferrocement, Vaults

Architen Landrell tensile material architects

Haiti Trust Digital Library
The Design of Thin Concrete Shells (1962) Vol. 1 Positive Curvature Index, A. M. Haas

Hangai Prize
International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) & IASS Journal

Mark Ketchum's Online Scrapbook, Concrete Shell Page
Basic concepts, Brief tutorial , Types and Forms
A Failure, Preliminary design, Possibilities
Programs for shell analysis
Photo Gallery
Questions and Comments
Types and Forms

Rhinovault ETH Zurich Institute of Technology in Architecture, Thrust Network Analysis (TNA) software: create/explore compression-only structures; Introduction
Download Search "Thin Shell" Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov
Vladimir Suchov Russia

    º Category:Concrete shell structures
    º Category:Thin-shell structures
    º List of thin shell structures
All-Russia Exhibition 1896
Candela, Félix
Concrete shell
Foster, Norman (architect)
Eugène Freyssinet
Fuller, Buckminster
Geodesic dome
Guastavino, Rafael
Guastavino tile
Hyperbolic paraboloid a doubly ruled surface
Hyperboloid a doubly ruled surface
Hyperboloid structure
Isler, Heinz
Nervi, Pier Luigi
Otto, Frei
Ruled surface through every point of the surface there is a straight line (2 lines, if doubly ruled) lying on the surface
Saarinen, Eero
Shukhov, Vladimir
Tensile structure
Thin-shell structure
Torroja, Eduardo

    º Category:Architecture
    º Category:Engineering
Hyperboloid a doubly ruled surface
Thin-shell structure
AA School of Architecture
    º Reimagining Shell Structures - Philippe BlockUse It!
Amazing Thin Shells Strength from Curvature The Great Courses, Understanding the World's Greatest Sructures
American Concrete Institute
    º Felix Candela: Strength and Elegance in Structural Engineering by Maria E. Morera Garlock, Princeton U, Dept. Civil & Environmental Engineering
    º Tensile Fabric Architecture: Part 1 - Materials & Forms, 2 - Benefits, 3 - Practicalities, 4 - Process
Forces Frozen: Structures made from frozen fabrics (MIT)
Form Concrete, Establishing Common Ground by Amanda Burke Missouri State Historic Preservation Office
Instituto Torroja TV
    º Biografía Eduardo Torroja parte 1, 2
nptelhrd National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning, India: Civil Engineering
    º Prestressed Concrete Structures Playlist beginning with Lecture 1 - Prestressing System
    º Lecture-40-Circular Prestressing,Conclusion
Pier Luigi Nervi, Architetture per lo sport di Virginia Zullo
Pletka Orsika
    º Prestressing circular structures_Freyssinet
Princeton Engineering
    º Felix Candela: An interview with Maria Garlock
Prof John Chilton The work of Heinz Isler U Westminster
Shell Buckling-the old and the new John W. Hutchinson (Harvard University)
Simposio Félix Candela: ayer, hoy y mañana · Félix Candela: el constructor prodigioso Facultad de Arquitectura UNAM (en español)

Cities, Forum, Gallery 5,000 cities worldwide

also see.. §CADCAM§, §Energy Efficiency§, §HVAC§, §Lighting Design§ §Solar Energy§

ALL-TEMP Energy Software - LoadCalc Plus, Free Windows heating/cooling load calculation software
• size furnaces, central air, evaporative coolers, boilers & refrigeration loads
DomeUse It! free GNU Open Source coordinate generating software, FAQ, ReadMe
•aome Software Image Galleries - VRML, Ray-trace
Open Source Software

auto•aes•ays inc. ($) - formZ 3D form synthesizer - Demo Download
Forum ( House Rules )

BEESUse It! (Windows) free life cycle assessment / costing, ( more )
from Office of Applied Economics, Building and Fire Research Lab, U.S. NIST

Building Design Advisor (Windows) free 30 Mb download: energy, daylighting & other analyses
from the Environmental Energy Technologies Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Edward F. Sowell - SPARK (Windows) modeling complex building envelopes & HVAC systems

Energy Design Tools free Windows compatible Software by Professor Murray Milne, UCLA
• whole building simulation, energy eff & climate responsive design, energy costs, indoor air temp
OPAQUE - wall or roof sections U-value, Time Lag, Decrement Factor, Plots temp drop through section
Solar 2 - Plots sunlight penetrating window with combination of rectangular fins & overhangs
Solar-5 (Windows) preliminary design tool for heat flow in thermal mass, indoor air temp, daylighting, HVAC output, electricity & heating fuel cost, air pollution
Tecnical Papers

EnergyPlus free (non-GUI) building simulation software: heating, cooling, lighting, ventilating..
•aocumentation (pdf)- GettingStarted, Input Output, Output Details and Examples, Engineering Ref

Fishbaugher and Associates software for Download
ASEAM (PC) retrofit energy savings, parametric optimization, Installation, ReadMe, ( more )

Free Structural Eng Analysis Software Herbert G. Whitman, PE
HEED: Home Energy Efficient Design free Download from UCLA

Home Energy Saver Online Residential Energy Audit Tool, Search
Glossary - HVAC, Insulation, Lighting, Window Efficiency
Library - Codes & Standards, Financing & Ratings, Products, Software,

Laboratório de Sistemas Térmicos (Portuguese) UMIDAS Translation from BablFish AltaVista's Babel Fish
UMIDAS moisture calc, latent & sensible conduction loads, building envelope heat & mass transfer ( more )

LAWRENCE BERKELEY NATIONAL LAB ( Environmental Energy Technologies Div ( Links )
Building Technologies Dept
    º Commercial Building Systems: Building Design Advisor (BDA) software, Download
    º Interoperability
    º Software Simulation Research Group Free Software:
Visual SPARK (Windows, Sun Unix, Linux, HP) modeling complex building envelopes & HVAC systems
EnergyPlus (non-GUI) building energy simulation program ($) online project management: RFI's, communications, daily log, archive your documents & photos...
Pronamics Expert Estimation ($) software for Project Management & Construction

SolArchUse It! (Windows) Passive Solar Architecture Design shareware, data for UK & Ireland
ReadMe ( Intro )
Introduction to Passive Solar Energy Tutorial download

Square OneUse It! ( resource for energy efficient design of buildings, About, SiteMap
• Freeware
    º Location Tool searchable database of world cities & towns, by latititude, longitude, name
    º Radiance Control Panel for Lawrence Livermore's free Radiance Lighting Design software
    º Conversion Tool multiple, simultaneous conversions, customisable data file, define complex formulas
    º Equation Tool plot 2-D equations, configurable, click-select for values of any point

U.S. DOE, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) - Software <= see Free Software Icons:
•aistings: Use It! Alphabetical, by Platform, by Country

also see.. Concrete

Google Search
soil cement

Google Videos: soil cement Habitech Building System producing compressed soil cement blocks manufacture of automatic hydraulic compressed earth block (CEB) machines, Johannesburg, South Africa
YouTube Videos

Innovation in Cement Stabilization of Airfield Subgrades Imran M. Syed, Ph.D.

Portland Cement Association, Pavements
Field Investigation: Pre-Cracking of Soil-Cement Bases to Reduce Reflection Cracking Tom Scullion, P.E.
Roller-Compacted Concrete
Soil-Cement, FAQs
PCA Soil Primer 1992
Soil-Cement Construction Handbook 1995
Soil-Cement Laboratory Handbook 1992 screening/seiving machines

US Army Corps of Engineers, Publications: Engineer Manuals
Bearing Capacity of Soils
Borrow pit (or Borrow)
Laboratory Soils Testing
Soil Stabilization for Pavements - Mobilization Construction

Earthworks (engineering)
Geosynthetic polymeric materials for separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage & containment
Geotechnical engineering
Geotechnical investigation
Geotextile permeable polypropylene or polyester fabrics that separate, filter, reinforce, protect or drain
Pedology (soil study)
Porewater pressure
Sieve analysis
Slope stability
Soil cement
Soil classification
    º Unified Soil Classification System
Soil gradation
    º Atterberg limits
Soil liquefaction
Soil mechanics
    º Clay
    º Gravel
    º Sand
    º Silt
Soil science

*NEXT* Rammed Earth House Part 1
Rammed Earth
rammed earth 1
Rammed Earth with David Suzuki
Rammed Earth Eco-Shed
Rammed Earth Home-1

also see.. Earth Construction, Underground Construction

    º Category:Soil mechanics
Angle of repose
Bearing capacity
Cohesion (geology)
Consolidation (soil)
Critical state soil mechanics
Drucker-Prager yield criterion
Dry quicksand
Effective stress
Expansive clay
Lateral earth pressure
Newmark's sliding block
Overburden pressure
Quick clay
Resonant column test
Reynolds' dilatancy
Sarma method
Shear strength (soil)
Shear strength test
Slope stability
Soil liquefaction
Soil mechanics
Soil nailing
Terzaghi's Principle
Vibro stone column
Void ratio
Water content

also see.. Domes

Buckminster Fuller Institute - Beyond the Cube, The Architecture of Space Frames and Polyhedra
Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute - Beyond the Cube

International Association for Shell and Spacial Structures (IASS) - Journal, Symposia
Working Groups - Spatial Wood Structures

International Journal of Space Structures ($) order archive on CD-Rom from

U Nottingham, John Chilton - Structural Morphology: Towards the New Millennium
Spatial Wood Structures


Seshu Madhava Rao Adluri
Engineering: 7704 Design of Steel Structures
    º Strucural Steel Design: Composite Beams (pdf)

also see.. Affordable Housing, Earth Construction, Evolutionary, Ferrocement, Owner-Builder, Software,
§Energy, Buildings§, §Energy Efficiency§, §Rainwater Harvesting§, §Renewable Energy§, §Solar Energy§, Video when geeks build green Blog

2012 International Straw Builder's Conference Estes Park, CO from the Colorado Straw Bale Association
Adobe Alliance - Design inlcludes adobe domes & roofs

AIA Colorado - Sustainable Design Resource Guide (Use It! home) - Glossary, Additional Resources
Concrete, Masonry, Metals, Wood & Plastics
Doors & Windows, Finishes, Thermal & Moisture Protection - Insulation types
Electrical, Mechanical
Additional Resources - Databases, Organizations, Software
Special Construcition - Solar & Wind Energy

Amicus Green Building Center, products, resources & expert support - Forum ( Archive Jul-97 to Jan-00; Search Feb-00... )

Architecture 2030Use It! Ed Mazria's plan to end America's energy dependence through optimized building design and efficiencies

Architecture for HumanityUse It!

Arcosanti hyperbuilding, organics, workshops

ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute Links, Web Search
Publications, Research Reports ($) list only

Backwoods Home Magazine practical self-reliant living, Forum, Links
Buckminster Fuller Institute design science education

Builders Without Borders emphasizing strawbale construction, About, Contact, Links

Building Design Advisor free Windows software (30 Mb download) energy, daylighting and other analyses
from the Environmental Energy Technologies Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Building Energy Modelling and Simulation Self-Learning Modules using ESP-r free Open Source software
Energy Links
Introduction & Case Studies
ESP-r Training
Theory - Building structure, Convection, Electrical Energy, Radiation.. or "Environmental Building News" - Links, SiteMap
What Is Green Building? - Checklist, Cost, Materials, Priorities

California Straw Building Association - FAQ, Links, SiteMap
Historic Straw-bale Structures
Technical Information - Keeping Your Bales Dry, Test Results of an SB Vault System

Center for Desert Architecture - Ben - Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Links
Publications Building Product Design, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture, Rain Barrels article with Links
CobCrew Home Page earth building and landscaping with Texas Native Plants
Cob & Natural Building Links: Lost Valley Education Centre, Dexter, OR
Cob Cottage Company cob structures research & information

Colorado Straw Bale Association (COSBA)

Communications for a Sustainable Future, Links
Architecture and Community Aleksandra Kasuba, artist: shell houses in a mountain desert in New Mexico
Bio, History, Imagining the Future
Finishes, Arches, Doors, Floor and Ceiling Plans
Hardened Membrane Walls, Shells, Tubular Structures, Minimal Surfaces

The Desert House:   Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona: The Desert House

Development Alternatives Group (, New Delhi, India, Technology Systems Branch
EbrochuresUse It!" (pdf Downloads)
    º Compressed Earth Blocks, Concrete Block Technology, Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK)
    º Ferrocement Roofing Technology, Micro Concrete Roofing Technology
    º Selection & Upgradation of Technologies in Rural Areas (SUTRA)

Develoment Center for Appropriate Technology (DCAT) resources & LinksUse It!  Tucson, AZ

dmoz Open DirectoryUse It! Sustainability at Science: Environment

Earth Architecture Center International, Ltd.: Adobe Education
Earthfriendly and Self-Sufficient Architecture, Search, from U Colorado, x
Earthship - Gallery, Links
Earthship Global Website ( Construction, Power, Water; Taos, NM
Eco-Home Network sustainable living, eco-home construction resources, bookstore
EcoIQ Sustainable Communties, Businesses, & Households, Resource Database, ShelterUse It! Links
Ecological Building Network (EBNet)
ECOTOPIA design strategy
Electronic Tools for Community Sustainability: Profiles Links

Eliphante organic architecture and art, Sodona, AZ - About, SiteMap
HippoDome tour

Energy & Environmental Building Association (EEBA), Links, Search, SiteMap
Building Technology
    º Goals, Objectives and Criteria for energy and resource efficient buildings
Magazine Articles by Steve Andrews

ESP-r Open Source software (Unix, Solaris, Linux) building performance modeling: thermal, visual, acoustic
Glossary, General Glossary of Terms relating to Modelling and Simulation for Environmental Engineering
Publications (Ads!)

The Fly Ash Resource Center Home Page (at, Pozzolan

Friends of Kebyar & Organic Architecture - Links
Journal Archives

Google Search
earth cool pipe OR tube

Google Web DirectoryUse It! Sustainable Development at Society: Issues: Environment

Government of Western Australia, Sustainability Policy Unit: Information & Links - Building Sources Use It! Sustainable Building Sourcebook
International Straw Bale Building Registry
Passive Solar Guidelines

Green Builder Program Sustainable Building Sourcebook & Program, Austin, TX

Green Building Information Centre Information, Links & Software
from the Green Building Information Council Canada   Shopping List of Green Ideas

Green Guide for Healthcare Facilities

GreenHomeBuilding.comUse It! excellent articles with links, SiteMap
Adobe, Cast Earth, Earthbag, Rammed Earth
Building Components product guide/links
Cob, Cordwood, Strawbale
Lightweight Concrete, PaperCrete
Post/Shoring/Polyethylene (PSP)

Greening Federal Facilities guide in reducing energy consumption & costs
Greywater Research Jon Hoang Van Ma
Groundworks cob structures, efficiency, solar, cooling
Harmony's Home Page ( Ads) Links news, newsletter - Archive ( - 2) - Vernacular Architecture
Hubbell and Hubbell - Links
Integrative Design Collaborative

International Code Council (ICC) $
International Green Construction Code, Forum
    º $ Pubications and Technical Information
    º Public Comments free downloads

Irish Eco-Builders Website, Links ( Self Builders )
Projects, Strawbale, Timber

Jan's COB and Natural Building Site COB building, articles, courses & events, Links Aleksandra Kasuba, artist Portal: sustainable architecture

The Last Straw international quarterly journal of straw bale & natural building
CD ROM order form, Issues 1-40 (1993-2003) email to:

The Living Building: World and I Magazine

M.I.T., Sustainable Urban Housing in China - Links
Natural Ventilation and Outdoor Comfort

Mother Earth News

Murdoch U, Institute for Environmental Science, Environmental Technology Centre
ETC Photo-Tour 01, 02
WAALITJ Building Sustainable Features

Natural Building Convergence, Portland Oregon
Natural Building Network
Natural Building Resources: - Links, SiteMap
• do-it-yourself house plans, photos & descriptions, with commercial appliances & product sales

NetWorks Productions, Products, Price List
NextAid Africa
Open Architecture NetworkUse It!
PAKSBAB Pakistan Straw Bale & Appropriate Building

Pattern Language ($), Christopher Alexander ( 2, 3 )

Permaculture Magazine, UK - SiteMap
Articles - Earthship Huts - Recycled Modular Buildings, Building With Straw Bales
Book & Product List, Book Subject Categories
DesignBites, Natural / Alternative Building Photo Gallery

Rammed Earth The Australian Connection, questions, photos, links
Rural Design and Building Association, Coutryside Building journal archive
Renewable Energy & Green Building: Collection Index & Search

Residential Environmental Design and Sustainable Architecture - Search
Articles, Book Reviews, Product Reviews - 21st Cent Green Architecture
•(cont'd).. Bamboo faq, Bamboo article, Plyboo & Intl' Wood Products
•(cont'd).. Decking: Synthetic/Recycled, Recycled Synthetic Decking
•(cont'd).. Flooring: Cork & Recycled Glass
•(cont'd).. Roofing: Environmental, Eco-Shake, Uni-Solar, & Supradur
FAQ's - Alternative Building Materials, Construction Methods
•(cont'd).. Glossary, Green Facts, My House, Renewable Energy Resources

Rocky Mountain Institute (
Built Environment

Rocky Mountain Survival Group Links - Contents

Scott & Janis Derrick: Earthship voyage
Embark, Tires, Bond Beam, Adobe, Idiot Truss, Front Wall, Roof
Cisterns, Greenhouse, Utility Room, Mud Room, Office Dome, Utilities

Shelter Publications Inc. articles, books

Straw Bale Home Construction with Links, El Pase Solar Energy Assoc
Sustainainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) analysis tools, education, professional training
Sustainable Building Source Book:
Sustainable Energy Authority - Links, Search, Site Map (Victorian Government, Australia) “19 years of online Green Building information”
Building Materials
Recycle and Composting

Ted TalksUse It!
• Search: Architecture, Building Wonder, Open Architecture
Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people
Alex Steffen: The shareable future of cities
Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting
Cameron Sinclair: My wish: A call for open-source architecture
Doris Kim Sung: Metal that breathes
Joshua Prince-Ramus: Behind the design of Seattle's library (team architecture & compartementalized flexibility)
Magnus Larsson: Turning dunes into architecture
Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture
Shigeru Ban: Emergency shelters made from paper
Sustainability by design Playlist (12 talks)
    º Mitchell Joachim: Don't build your home, grow it!
William McDonough: Cradle to cradle design

ThinkCycle Forum distributed open-source design innovation & collaboration for underserved communities & the environment

Toolbase.orgUse It! Homebuilding Industry Technical Resource, codes & regulations, technology inventory

Tsui Design & Research Inc., Eugene Tsui
• Gallery: Ecological Future House, Self-Sufficient House, Tsui House, Watsu School
Publications, Speeches, Writings

U Dundee, School of Town & Regional Planning
Conservation Glossary
Links - Europe, North America, UK
Publications - Indicators of Sustainable Development

United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Use It! Links
Articles, Guidelines, Initiatives & Regulations, Magazine Archive, Publications & Resources

US DOE, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Use It! Building Technologies Program
Building Toolbox

U.S. DOE, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Smart Communities Network
Green Builder Program
• Links - Associations & Guidelines
Software, chapter 1 from.. Eco-Pioneers, Practical Visionaries Solving Today's Environmental Problems

Wikipedia: Sustainable architecture
    º Category:Building engineering
    º Category:Building materials
    º Category:Cooling technology
    º Category:Energy conservation
    º Category:Glass coating and surface modification
    º Category:Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
    º Category:Low-energy building
    º Category:Natural materials
    º Category:Soil
    º Category:Solar architecture
    º Category:Sustainable building
    º Category:Windows
    º Glossary of HVAC
    º History of passive solar building design
    º List of low-energy building techniques
    º List of pioneering solar buildings
    º World energy resources and consumption
Absorption refrigerator
• Air Filters
    º Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value MERV Rating
Air-source heat pump
Annualized geo solar long term earth based heat storage & cooling
• Associations
    º Architecture 2030 lowering Building Sector demand for energy & materials producing greenhouse gases, Edward Mazria
    º Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDS) green building certification system
    º United States Green Building Council
Autonomous building operated independently of support services
Biosphere 2 originally an artificial, materially-closed ecological system
Building Management System (BMS)
Cool roof
Double envelope house
Double-skin facade air flow between glass skins
Dropped ceiling
• Earth based Heating & Cooling
    º Downhole heat exchanger
    º Geothermal heat pump
    º Ground-coupled heat exchanger
Earth house
    º Adobe
    º Cast earth
    º Compressed earth block
    º Earthbag construction
    º Mudbrick
    º Rammed Earth
    º Superadobe
Earth sheltering
Energy-plus building
Evaporative cooler
    º Bioshelter
    º Cold frame
    º The Eden Project
    º High tunnel
Green building
Heat exchanger
Heating degree day
Heat recovery ventilation
    º Energy recovery ventilation
Heat transfer
Home energy rating
House Energy Rating
• Insulation
    º Building insulation
• Lighting
    º Daylight harvesting
    º Light tube
    º Over-illumination wasteful lighting
Low-carbon building
Low-energy house
Microgeneration zero or low-carbon heat & power by individuals, small businesses & communities
Natural building
Natural ventilation
Passive cooling
Passive house
Passive solar
Passive solar building design
    º Building-integrated renewable energy
PlusEnergy positive energy balance structure
Radiant heating
    º Underfloor heating
Raised floor
Rate of return (ROR) or return on investment (ROI)
Renewable heat
• Roofing
    º Cool roof
    º Green roof
    º Tessellated roof geodesic-like
Seasonal thermal store
Soil cement
Solar air heat
Solar chimney
Solar water heating
Storage tank
Straw-bale construction
Sustainable architecture
Sustainable design
Sustainable development
Thermal Comfort
Thermal energy storage
Thermal mass
Thermosyphon pumpless liquid circulation with passive heat exchange based on natural convection
Trombe wall
Underfloor heating
Underground home
Underground living
Vertical farming
Water heat recycling
• Windows
    º Insulated glazing
Wind turbine
Zero energy building Social Network for Sustainability
World Hands Project
WWW Virtual Library: Environment, Sustainable Development
Yahoo! - Construction, Earth Houses, Straw Bale Construction, Sustainable Development
Yestermorrow Design/Build School, Warren, VT - Links, SiteMap
Cornwall Attractions: Eden Project Alternative Culture Directory - Unusual Architecture

Building Big
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HGTV (Home & Garden Channel) - Exteme Homes

Ted TalksUse It!
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Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people
Alex Steffen: The shareable future of cities
Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting
Cameron Sinclair: My wish: A call for open-source architecture
Doris Kim Sung: Metal that breathes
Joshua Prince-Ramus: Behind the design of Seattle's library (team architecture & compartementalized flexibility)
Magnus Larsson: Turning dunes into architecture
Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture
Shigeru Ban: Emergency shelters made from paper
Sustainability by design Playlist (12 talks)
    º Mitchell Joachim: Don't build your home, grow it!
William McDonough: Cradle to cradle design as seen on PBS
Ask This Old House TV
Cornwall Attractions: Eden Project
Earthship Aquaponics 2015, by Tommy D. in Taos, NM
Exploring Alternatives
    º Super Efficient Off-Grid Earthship Built for Early Retirement Plan in Taos, NM
Kirsten Dirksen
    º Family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up Stockholm weather


Tensile structure

also see.. §Entomology (BIOLOGY)§, Mold Control

Dr Don's Termite Pages Help with all aspects of termites
Termite Glossary

Gardening in Western Washington
Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Ants: Their Biology And Control

New Mexico Department of Agriculture
So your home has termites?

Structural Pest Control Pesticide Safety Manual from government of New Brunswick, Canada professional termite defense produc

U California Integrated Pest Management Program
Carpenter Ants
    º Drywood Termites

U Kentucky, College of Agriculture
Ant Control for Homeowners
Carpenter Ants
Do-it-yourself Termite Baits: Do They Work?
Firewood Insects
Protecting Your Home Against Termites
Termite Baits: A Guide for Homeowners
Termite Control: Answers for Homeowners

U Nebraska-Lincoln: Publications
Termites (html)
Termites (pdf)

Urban Integrated Pest Management a guide for commercial applicators, from the US EPA (see pages 46-59)

US Environmental Protection Agency EPA
Termites: How to Identify and Control Them

    º Category:Termites
Carpenter ant
Termite pre-treatment
    º Charlotte Home Inspector Finds Old House Bores on Inspection series of inspections (fungi, termites, ) will play
How to Carpenter Ants - killing house nest (using Terro Borax bait) Mr. Hardware

TRIDIPANEL - Contruction

also see.. §HVAC§, Roofing (installing ventilation in)

    º Category:Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
    º Category:Ventilation
Heat recovery ventilation
Infiltration (HVAC)
Mixed Mode Ventilation
Natural ventilation
Passive cooling
Room air distribution
Sick building syndrome
Solar air conditioning
Solar chimney
Solar updraft tower
Stack effect
Thermal comfort
Ventilation (architecture)

also see.. Leaning Walls, Masonry, Tile, Vapor Barrier

    º Category:Structural system
    º Category:Wallcoverings
    º Category:Walls
    º List of walls
Cavity wall
Cement board
Load-bearing wall
NIST stone test wall
Portable partitions
Retaining wall
Separation barrier
Shear wall
Sleeper wall
Slurry wall
Stone wall
Tilt up (Tilt wall)
    º Wallpaper paste
Wall plate
Wall stud

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE): Solar
Solar Water Heaters Tankless Water Heaters

Texas Dept Insurance, Windstorm Inspection Program Building Codes, Construction Guides
Product Evaluation Index
DownloadsUse It! Guides & Code

also see.. Radiant Heat, §HVAC§, §Fire§, §Foundry, Forge (METALS)§ §Kiln (ART)§, §Thermodynamics (ENGINEERING)§, §History of Thermodynamics§, Wood, Chimney Products:
Amerivent, (pdf) Installation & Maintenance Instructions

The Brick Oven Project

Chesapeake, VA, Inspections Dept, (pdf) Guidelines for Installation and Operation of Fireplaces

Chimney Safety Institute of America
Chimney fire Causes and Cures - Use It! Burning Secrets, online book
Chapter 6: Woodstove Problems “see Cooking apparatus”
Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association - Glossary, Safety, Venting

HearthNet - Links
Information - FAQ, hard-to-find Parts, Q&A Database Search, SiteMap
Chimney Pipe 25 Year Warranty St Steel, Class A, Pricing: 6", 8" - Homeowner's Guide To Chimneys, Fireplaces And Woodstoves - online book
Contents, Intro

Masonry Heater AssociationUse It! heat from short hot fire stored in thermal mass - Links
• Definitions - MHA, ASTM

Metal-Fab Inc. residential and commercial chimney systems
    º Temp Guard 2100º Chimney 10 yr Warranty, (pdf) Installation Instructions, Typical Installations

National Chimney Sweeps Guild - Chimney Component Suppliers and Manufacturers
North American Supaflu Systems, Inc. information on Cast-In-Place chimney liners for masonry chimneys ($) plans

Pellet Fuels Institute
• About Pellet Fuel, Pellet Stoves

Purdue U, Purdue Extension, Residential Wood Stove InstallationUse It! Rumford fireplace design information

Simpson Dura-Vent, Hearth Products, Dura/Plus Chimney Systems refractory products
Refractory bricks/fire bricks, insulation fire bricks

    º Category:Chimneys
    º Category:Earth oven
    º Category:Fireplaces
    º Category:Kilns
    º History of heat
Air-tight stove
Beehive ovens
    º Dunlap Coke Ovens
Benjamin Thompson Count Rumford (1753-1814) invented Rumford Fireplace
    º Fire ring
    º Chimney breast
    º Chimney fire
    º Chimney sweep
    º Cowl (chimney)
    º Fire brick
    º List of tallest chimneys in the world
Clome oven
    º Chimney (see Chimney)
    º Flue
    º Hearth (see Hearth)
Earth oven
    º Fire piston
    º Making fire
Firebox (steam engine)
    º Fire brick
Fire pit
    º Electric fireplace
    º Fireplace insert
    º Fireplace fireback
    º Fireplace mantel
Fire pot
First fire
Franklin stove
    º Hob (hearth)
Masonry heater
Masonry oven
Oil burner
Outdoor fireplace
Open hearth furnace
Portable stove
Potbelly stove
    º Refractory material retaining strength at high temperatures
Rocket mass heater
Rocket stove
Rumford fireplace see Benjamin Thompson
Russian oven
Smudge pot
Vented gas heater
Wood-fired oven
Tabun oven
All about chimneys, Selecting and Locating a Chimney

including... FAQS, FIND, Forums, NewsGroups, Vendors
also see... Cabinets, §Paint, Pigment, Stains§, Treated Wood, Woodburning

10 Rules for Finish CarpentryUse It! Fine Homebuilding

101 Woodworking Tips & TechniquesUse It! from Woodsmith, ShopNotes & Workbench magazines

Allan's Wood Miser's Workshop stretch your budget & skills: books, tools, tips, techniques...
build a banjo from Song of the Great Lakes Woodworking Studio ($) magazine

APA - The Engineered Wood Association (formerly the American Plywood Association)
APA CAD ( 100's of CAD drawings
Online Library of ResourcesUse It!
Wood University (

Badger Pond Woodworking and Jesada Router Bits articles, biographies, Forums, Links, mall, Search
Cowtown Eric's Carpentry-centric Web Page brace chucks, Laminates, Robertson screwdrivers - About, History, Philosophy
• Fine Arts and Crafts Furniture
Shop Tour

FDM Home Page Woodworking Technology and Materials, books, Forum, News, products
Fine Woodworking magazine: "Knots" forum, software... associations, logging, lumber & wood products & processing, News, suppliers
Lars Kirmser's Music Trader especially for Musical Instrument Makers & Repair Technicians
MacDuff Woodworking Page jimmy jigs, Links, plans, projects, safety, tips, tools
Minwax Wood Finishing Sourcebook
Museum of Woodworking Tools
The Musical Instrument Makers Forum interactive forum, FAQ, Links
Old Woodworking Tools: Falcon-Wood
Popular Woodworking Magazine articles, book club, plans, search, tool reviews...
Refinishing and Woodworking Tips
Sal Marino's Woodworking Page
Sawdust Making 101 toolbox, plans, projects, tips, work area
Solutions and Tips patching wood floors: American Tool Companies Inc.
Stripping Paint from Wood The Center For Emissions Control
T Mallon Woodworker ( Ads) woodworking tutorials on box design & layout US Forest Products Laboratory, Publications
Wood handbook--Wood as an engineering materialUse It!

    º Category:Engineered wood
    º Category:Furniture
    º Category:Timber industry
    º Category:Timber preparation
    º Category:Timber seasoning
    º Category:Wood
    º Category:Woodworking techniques
    º Category:Woodworking tools
    º Glossary of woodworking
    º List of woods
• Bending
    º Heat bending of wood
    º Steam bending
Cabinet making
Carpentry also see Woodworking
    º Batten
    º Japanese carpentry
    º Millwork
    º Molding (decorative)
    º Panelling
    º Timber framing
    º Toenailing
Fire hardening removing moisture by slowly, lightly charring
Framing (construction)
    º Timber framing
Frameless construction
Jointing (sharpening)
Log cabin
    º Quartersawn
    º Tongue and groove
    º Rift sawing
    º Quarter sawing
    º Saw
• Tools
    º Adze
    º Bandsaw
    º Biscuit joiner
    º Chisel
    º Circular saw
    º Compass (architecture)
    º Coping saw
    º Drawknife
    º Drill
    º Fretsaw
    º Jointer
    º Lathe
    º Mitre box
    º Miter saw
    º Nail (fastener)
    º Plane (tool)
    º Rasp
    º Saw
    º Sawhorse
    º Veneer saw
    º Engineered wood
    º Green wood
    º Hardwood
    º Softwood
    º Wood grain
    º Wood veneer
Wood art
Wood drying
Wood finishing
    º Paint
    º Varnish
    º Wood stain
Wood preservation pressure treated wood
Wood production
Wood processing
Wood warping
    º Hewing
    º Wood stain
    º Woodworking joints
    º Woodworking safety
    º Woodturning, Forum, Links
Tips articles, books, calculators, freebies, Links, Search, Software, supplies
Wood Characteristics:

The Woodchuck CanuckUse It! chat, Links, News, plans, reviews, Search

Welcome to Wooders(.com) articles, books, News, Links, woodworkers
WOOD Magazine forum, software
Wood Promotion Network wood product companies, "be constructive," About, Search
Woodsmith: woodworking how-to, downloadable plans, tips, techniques
Wood Magazine (Wood Online) forum, shopping, software, subscriptions
The Woodworker's Bulletin Board
Woodworkers Web Ring
The Woodworking Centre of Ontario associations, courses, galleries, Links articles, catalog, companies, Links Search companies & products
The Woodworking Times tips, shopping
Woodworking Tips, Tricks, and Jigs: articles, glossary, Links, store, tips, tools, wood properties

also see.. §Paint, Pigment, Stains§

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