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U Florida Inst of Food & Ag Services (edis) animals, crops, organic prod, pest mngmnt, master gardener
Ohio State U, College of Food, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Ag Engineering Fact Sheet Index

also see.. Direct Marketing

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center
Tourism, Europe, Links
California Agritourism Tourism Database, Sterling, MA

Dude Rancher's Association

Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Nature-Based Tourism & Agritourism Trends: Unlimited Opportunities

Latta Plantation, Huntersville, NC
New Mexico Farmer's Markets
Oklahoma Agritourism Resource Book (pdf)

Southwest Marketing Network

Tennessee Agritourism
Map & Links

U Arizona, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook

UC Davis, Small Farm Center
Agricultural Tourism

Vermont Farms Association
Farm Stays

U Wisconsin-Extension Learning for Life
Agritourism Associations and Networks (pdf)

also see.. Pasture, Southwest

Montana State U Extension: Search Alfalfa
Alfalfa Variety Selection (pdf)
Establishing a Successful Alfalfa Crop

National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance
Alfalfa Variety Leaflet

New Mexico State U: ACES (College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences)
Variety Test Reports Alfalfa, Raspberry/Blackberry, Corn & Sorghum, Cotton, Wheat
    º The 2004 New Mexico Alfalfa Variety Test Report (pdf)
    º Drought Strategies for Alfalfa
    º Selecting Alfalfa Varieties for New Mexico (pdf)

North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference

Oregon State U: Forage Information System
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)
Growing Alfalfa for Forage

Purdue Agriculture Search: alfalfa
Managing Alfalfa Autotoxicity (pdf)
Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization of Alfalfa (pdf)
Physiological Genetics of Alfalfa Improvement: past failures, future prospects (pdf)
Sulfur deficiency in alfalfa (pdf)

U California Davis Alfalfa & Forages
How much Water does Alfalfa really Need?

U Claifornia Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Alfalfa Production with Subsurface Drip Irrigation

USDA Plants Database: Medicago sativa L. Alfalfa
Plant Fact Sheet ALFALFA Medicago sativa L. (pdf)

U Arizona Agriculture: Cooperative Extension Publications
Growing Alfalfa for Seed in Arizona (pdf)

U Wisconsin-Extension: Fond du Lac County Agronomy, Alfalfa
Revisiting Alfalfa Seeding Rates

    º Category:Nitrogen-fixing crops

also see.. §Dams (WATER)§, §Fish / Icthyology§, Permaculture, §WATER§

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) alternative enterprises & crops, Links, Search
from the USDA, National Agricultural Library (NAL)
Aquaculture Resources

Aquaculture System Design Dana Michel Scott (Aquatics Unlimited)
Aquarium & Pond Articles
Winter Care Guide for Garden Ponds

Pondworks: Little Giant Pump Company Submersible Pumps, Pond Pumps, Water Fountains

Tenecor Acrylic Aquariums & Fish Tanks

Van Ness Water Gardens equipment, fish, plants, snails & supplies
Culture Tips

    º Category:Aquatic plants
Water garden


Construction of Automatic Bell Siphons for Backyard Aquaponic Systems (pdf) from the U Hawai'i College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources Publication and Information Central
Sweetwater Organics non-profit educational programs in urban agriculture and aquaponics
Nitrobacter convert nitrites into nitrates, readily absorbed by the plants
Nitrosomonas chemoautotrophic bacteria convert ammonia into nitrites, essential in aquaponics
Backyard aquaponics: DIY system to farm fish with vegetables
Internet of Farming: Arduino-based, backyard aquaponics

American Society of Agriculture Engineers (ASAE)

American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Links
Certified Crop Adviser Program (CCA)

The Association for the Environmental Health of Soils events, journals, Links, news, online publications
Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), Glossary, Links
International Society for Horticultural Science - Acta Horticulturae ($) full text articles and abstracts
National Farmers' Union, UK:   Farming and Countryside Education, NFU Education Service: Glossary
Soil Science Society of America (SSSA), Links


Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project, Northern Illinois U
Barbed Wire Photos, Links
A Brief History of Barbed Wire & Collage of Barbed Wire images
Devils Rope Barbed Wire Museum
Recommended Reading List

Ellwood House & Museum
History of Barbed Wire

Kansas Barbed Wire Museum
The Early Years: A Brief History of Barbed Wire
Virtual Tour including some tools

U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station
Specifications for Structural Range ImprovementsUse It! (pdf) by H. Reed Sanderson, Thomas M. Quigley, Emery E. Swan & Louis R. Spink
    º specifications & descriptions of 4 types of barbed-wire fence: standard post-and-wire, let-down, suspension & rock-jack

U Virginia, American Studies
The Development and Rise of Barbed Wire
• Part Two: The Introduction of Barbed Wire to the Frontier

Wikipedia, Category:Fences
Agricultural fencing
Barbed wire

BEEKEEPING ($ales) Shop hives, tools, materials & plans

Google Books
Beekeeping Public Domain books

Honey bee, Search: Beekeeping
How to Make a Bee Hive

Indiana Berry and Plant Company ($) sales: berries,fruits & some vegetables ($) sales

also see.. §NEW MEXICO§, Grassland, Pasture The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, About
Agricultural Division assists more than 1,700 regional farmers and ranchers in the Oklahoma region
Agricultural Tools & Calculators
Consultation Program Oklahoma & Texas
The Integrity Beef Alliance Oklahoma & Texas
Plant Image Gallery
    º Grasses and Grasslike Plants: Common Name Index, Grasses Search barbed wire fence construction and repair solutions

U Tennessee, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, SiteMap
Cattle – Basic Care (pdf)
Breeds general information
    º Angus
    º Hereford
Market Reports by State, Links

Ohio State U, Ohio Online
Sample Pasture Lease

Oklahoma State U, Dept Animal Science: Breeds of Livestock, Search
Breeds of Cattle
Live Cattle, Seasonal Chart, World Supply & Demand Summary

SpiritwoodStockyards, Canada: Sure Ways to Lose Money on Your Cattle

The Stockman Grass Farmer high profit grassland ideas, Search
Graziers Glossary

US Dept Agriculture (USDA): Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
Animal Health
    º Approved Livestock Markets by State in MS Excel format

US Dept Agriculture (USDA): Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Wikibooks: Raising Cattle work in progress

    º Category:Beef cattle breeds
    º Category:Bovine diseases
    º Category:Cattle
    º Category:Cattle breeds
    º Category:Cow's-milk cheeses
    º Category:Dairy cattle breeds
    º Category:Dairy farming
    º Category:Livestock
Angus cattle
Beef cattle
Bovine diseases
Cattle feeding
Cow magnet
Dairy farming
Dirty dairying
Ear tag
Guernsey cattle
Hereford (cattle)
Holstein cattle
List of cattle breeds
Managed intensive rotational grazing
Milk fever

also see.. Agritourism, Organic, Sustainable Agriculture

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) alternative enterprises & crops
from the USDA, National Agricultural Library (NAL)
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture of North America from U Massachusetts, Extension Robyn Van En Center, About, Forum, Links
National CSA Farm Directory
Publications and Products
Technical Assistance and Support mobile NGO through 26 countries in Asia & Africa
Community-supported farms

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Search, SiteMap
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Farmer Direct Marketing, Links
    º Websites About Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) Links

also see.. Fertilizers, Organic, Sustainable

Backyard Magic: The Composting HandbookA Source! Province of New Brunswick, CA

Composting for Home Gardens Bass & Bilderback, Horticultural Specialists

CompostingA Source! & Vermicomposting: The Recycling Council of Ontario

RotWeb! Home Composting How-to, Materials to avoid, Links

    º Category:Composting

Worm Composting Province of New Brunswick, CA


Agricultural diversification

Ag Econ Search Search Papers - Agricultural & Applied Economics
Economics Software Guide Economics and Statistics Software List
European Review of Agricultural Economics
IAAE Journal International Assoc of Ag Economists
WWW Virtual Library : AgriculturalEconomics: Journals & Research
WWW Virtual Library : AgriculturalEconomics: Software

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy information clearing-house on livestock & genetic diversity
Rare Breeds Survival Trust, UK

EQUIPMENT All Categories


ARS Image Gallery animals, crops, insects, plants, research: US Dept of Agriculture
Forest Service National Headquarters
Meat Animal Research Center
National Agricultural Library Home Page
National Genetic Resources Program
Natural Resources Conservation Service education, technical, volunteer, media, (NRCS-USDA)
National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory: (USDA)
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Safety hazards - Abandoned wells (CDC) Iowa State University, Tom Glanville

U.S. Department of Agriculture Homepage (USDA)
Internet Access Project

Water Erosion Prediction Project (USDA)
Water Management Research Laboratory
Water Management Research Laboratory
Wind Erosion Research Unit

also see.. Composting, Organic Farming

    º Category:Fertilizers
    º Category:Organic fertilizers
    º Category:Physiological plant disorders
Ammonium nitrate nitrogen-rich fertilizer
Boron deficiency (plant disorder)
British Agricultural Revolution
Calcium deficiency (plant disorder)
Companion planting
    º Slurry pit
    º Uses of compost
Crop rotation
Diazotroph nitrogen fixing bacteria & archaea
    º Azotobacteraceae
    º Cyanobacteria
    º Frankia
    º Green sulfur bacteria
    º Rhizobia
    º History of fertilizer
    º Labeling of fertilizer
Fish meal
Green manure
History of fertilizer
Humic acid a principal component of humic substances
Iron deficiency (plant disorder)
Labeling of fertilizer
Liebig's law of the minimum growth is limited by scarcest resource
• Macronutrients
    º Calcium (Ca)
    º Magnesium (Mg)
    º Nitrogen (N)
    º Phosphorus (P)
    º Potassium (K)
    º Sulfur#Fertilizer(S)
Magnesium deficiency (agriculture)
Manganese deficiency (plan)t
    º Green manure
    º Manure management
Micronutrient deficiency
• Micronutrients
    º Boron (B)
    º Chlorine (Cl)
    º Copper (Cu)
    º Iron fertilization (Fe)
    º Manganese (Mn)
    º Molybdenum (Mo)
    º Zinc (Zn)
    º Nitrogen fixation see Diazotroph above & Nitrogenase enzymes used by nitrogen fixing organisms
    º Nitrogen deficiency
Organic fertilizer
Organic matter
    º Soil organic matter
    º Mycorrhiza
    º Phosphate
    º Phosphate rich organic manure
    º Phosphorus deficiency
Physiological plant disorders
Plant nutrition
    º Potash
    º Potassium deficiency (plants)
Seaweed fertiliser
    º Soil organic matter
Vermicompost (Worm castings)
Wood ash

also see.. Gardening
DIRECTORIES-Agriculture Open Directory | | WikiPedia| WWW Virtual Library |

Ag Econ Search Search Papers - Agricultural & Applied Economics
AgNIC Portal, Search

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) alternative enterprises & crops, Links, Search
from the USDA, National Agricultural Library (NAL)

ARS Image Gallery animals, crops, insects, plants, research: US Dept of Agriculture
Biome Health and Life Sciences Web Directory Directory of Top Tier Directories, Leading Agricultural Directories

Chicago Botanic Garden, FAQ, Links, SiteMap
Education site Search Tool
Explore the Gardens
The Greenhouses, in Bloom
Pests & Problems
Plant Information with Gardening Help, PLant Database & Articles
Sample Plant Facts: Shade Gardening

EDIS Florida Cooperative Extension's Electronic Data Information Source, Search

FirstGov for ScienceUse It! (, Agriculture & Food Federal Government Portal

Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) U Florida, Search, SiteMap

Integrated Plant Protection Center ( Oregon State U) Database of IPM Resources integrated pest management Search
Best Sites
    º Agriculture Resources
    º Entomology & Acarology
    º IPM
    º Pesticides & Pesticide Management
    º Plant Pathology & Nematology
    º Weeds & their Management

National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Prodects, SiteMap
central information source for U.S. Government business publications
Agricultural Economic and Statistical Information

Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES) Ithaca, NY, Guide to Great Publications ($)
Natural Resources Conservation Service education, technical, volunteer, media, (NRCS-USDA)
Oklahoma State U, Library: Plant and Soil Sciences Online Resources
Southwest Florida Research & Education Center
U Massachusetts, Extension, Search, SiteMap

U Missouri-Columbia, MU Extension
Agriculture, About
Environmental Quality Publications
Home and Garden

US Dept Agriculture - National Agricultural Library:   Agricultural Research Serv
WWW Virtual Library: Soils and Substrates

FORUMS, Forums ( Help, Search )

also see.. §ARCHITECTURE§, Find, §Garden Art§, Greenhouse, §Herbs§, Organic, Pests, Seeds, Southwest, Sustainable

DIRECTORIES-Gardening Open Directory | |

Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES), Publications: Horticulture
Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association Peat Moss Producers, Educational

Central Florida Yards & NeighborhoodsUse It! educational program of the U Florida Extension
• from the U Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS)
Gardening ( with Soul - philosophy, article archive ), Attracting Wildlife
Environmental Landscape, Food & Safety, Garden, Indoor Plants, Insects

CyberLawn ( Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Inc.)
Guide to Outdoor Power Equipment
Lawn and Garden Information Link Library
Safe Operating Tips
    º Operate Your Chain Saw Safely
Field Guide to How to Build a Keyhole Garden design software & encyclopedia software vendor

Garden GuidesA Source!

Gardening Advice Sesbania Tripeti, Garden Web
Gardening News Natural Land
Gardening on Suite 101 - Low Desert Gardeining, Edible Gardening, Herb Gardening, Organic Gardening, Wildscaping & much more
Garden Web Home Page Botanical, Links, Forums, Glossary, Tips, Terms, Events
GardenWeb's Garden Bazaar
Gardens of the World Tour - The Garden Web
The Green Gardener Learning Together

Growing A Greener World PBS sustainable living series
Video EpisodesUse It!

Home and Garden (Suite 101) Hyperlinked Expert Articles, Topics, Links
Home Horticulture, Michigan State U Plant Search, DataBase, 1800 images
Horticultural Solutions Series U of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service Canada - Links, Catalogues, Books, Kids

Iowa State U, Insects on the Web (Dept Entomology)
Pesticides and Regulations
Reiman Gardens - Education/Training, Tour

Just a Patch of Ground Personal Garden Tour (& cats)
Ketzel Levine's Talking Plants:   National Public Radio

Missouri Botanical GardenUse It!   Gardening Help, Links, Projects: Rare Books, TROPICOS Image Index

National Gardening Association News. Search, Links, Buyer's Guide


Organic Vegetable Gardening Factual Guide, James M. Stephens (Ads!), Forums ( Chat ), Links ( Catalogs )
Hardiness Zones, Herbs, How to Garden

Plant Information Online search by scientific or common names: U Minnesota Anderson Horticultural Libary
Purdue University Consumer Horticulture Links, master gardener, news, pubs, turf tips, wildflowers planning, step-by-step, tips, tours
Seattle Tilth Urban Organic Gardening
The Succulent Plant Page Links, Glossary of Botanical Terms
Suza's Farm for Homeless Worms and Cats Composting, Worm Raising, Soil Improving, Roses...

Tao Herb Farm Links, professional software for landscape design, plant research & data input
Resources: Birds, Publications, Bugs, Business, Landscape, Organic Gardening, Herbs/Health, Plants..
Culinary & Medicinal HerbsUse It!
• ($) GrowIt Gold Garden & Landscape Design Software

United States Botanic Garden from The Architect of the Capitol - ( 2nd site)
Plant Collections
Search, Site Map
• Virtual Tour - Bartholdi Park, Conservatory, Production Facilities

    º Category:Fences
    º Category:Garden features
    º Category:Gardening aids
    º Category:Landscape architecture
    º Category:Horticultural techniques
    º Category:Horticulture and gardening
    º Category:Permaculture
    º Category:Sustainable gardening
    º Category:Types of garden
    º Category:Urban agriculture
    º History of gardening
    º List of garden features
    º Portal:Gardening
Fukuoka, Masanobu
    º The One-Straw Revolution
    º Natural farming
Container garden
Green wall
History of gardening
Mechanical weed control
Raised-bed gardening
    º Mermaid, Sunshine daydream, Julia Child
Shade garden
Soft landscape materials
Space in landscape design
Straw bale gardening
Sustainable gardening
Sustainable landscaping
Terrace garden
WWW Virtual Library: Gardening
Yahoo Search Gardening
Permaculture - Emilia Hazelip - Synergistic Garden

also see.. §Fermented Foods & Drinks§, §Food Safety§, §Nutrition§

Critical Review of Home Preservation Literature and Current Research
Table of Contents

National Center for Home Food Preservation
NCHFP Publications
    º Fact Sheets: Burning Issue: Acidifying Tomatoes When Canning
USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, 2015 revision

    º Category:Dried foods
    º Category:Food preservation
    º Category:Pickling agents
    º Category:Salted foods
Brine (food)
Curing (food preservation)
Home canning
Pickling salt
Salting (food)
Smoking (cooking)
Esther Emery
    º Complete Home Canning Basics for Beginners
Guildbrook Farm | Simple Sustainable Living
    º Canning 101: Start Here

also see.. §Winemaking§

Arizona Winegrowers Association
Colorado Association for Viticulture & Enology
C & O Nursery

Cornell U: New York State Agricultural Experiment Station
Grapes & Wine
Cornell-Geneva Grapevine Breeding and Genetics Program Blog, Forum
    º Winemaking
    º Viticulture

Double A VineyardsUse It!
Wine grapes

Duarte Nursery sales
Grafted Grapevine Nursery, LLC supplying grafted or rooted grape vines since 1957
Inland Desert Nursery Benton City, WA

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach: Viticulture
Mahonia Vineyards & Nursery: Grapevines
National Grape Registry, Links

National Grape & Wine Initiative

New Mexico State University
Grape Cultivars for North-Central New Mexico
How-to Videos
    º Choosing A Table Grape Variety To Grow
    º How to Grow a Vineyard
    º How to Identify/Control Garden Pests on Grapes & Roses
    º How To Install Bird Netting Over Grapevines
    º How To Trellis Grapevines

New Mexico Vine & Wine Society nonprofit, volunteer grape growers, wine makers & wine enthusiasts promoting NM oenology & viticulture

New York State Integrated Pest Management from Cornell U
NYS IPM Fact Sheets for Grapes

Northwest Berry & Grape Information Network: Grape Production
Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association LinksUse It!
Sunridge Nurseries root-stock sales

U California Davis: Integrated Viticulture Online, Links
Pest Management for grapes (pdf) from UC Integrated Pest Management
Viticultural Information

Vintage Nurseries field-grown or greenhouse benchgrafts, plus rootstock and cuttings

Virginia Vineyards Virginia Tech U, Links
Grape Advisor: Grape Pest Management
Grape berry moth), Paralobesia viteana (Clemens)

Vitis International Variety Catalogue

    º Category:Grape diseases
    º Category:Grape varieties
    º Category:Oenology
    º Category:Red wine grape varieties
    º Category:Viticulture
    º Category:White wine grape varieties
    º Category:Wine chemistry
    º Concord (grape)
    º Flame Seedless
    º Tokay (grape)
Oenology study of winemaking
Wine press

Wine and Juice Grape Varieties for Cool Climates from Cornell U
    º Viniculture quality factors for growing wine grapes
    º Wine Grape Variety Profiles
    º How to Prune a Grape Vine
Gurney's Seed
    º Fruit Thinning
    º Grape Production After Pruning
    º Grape Vine Pruning in Late Winter and Early Spring
Jordan Vineyard & Winery
    º Leaf pulling
    º How To Choose a Wine Grape Varietal
    º Derek Wilber on canopy management
    º Vineyard Management

Grasses, Grassland, Pasture
also see.. Alfalfa, Cattle FedFlix
• Managed Grazing from Iowa State University Extension
    º Part 1 - Introduction to Managed Grazing
    º Part 2 - Animal Management
    º Part 3 - Fencing and Watering
    º Part 4 - Managing Pasture Plants
    º Part 5 - Year Around Resource Management

National Grazinglands Coalition technical assistance for privately owned land The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, About
Agricultural Division assists more than 1,700 regional farmers and ranchers in the Oklahoma region
Agricultural Tools & Calculators
Consultation Program Oklahoma & Texas
Plant Image Gallery
    º Grasses and Grasslike Plants: Common Name Index, Grasses Search

    º Category:Grasses
    º Category:Grasslands
The commons
Free range
Grazing rights
Poaceae (Grasses)
    º Bouteloua dactyloides Buffalo Grass
Range war
Managed Grazing - Part 1 - Introduction to Managed Grazing

also see.. §Domes§, Gardening, Hydroponics

DIRECTORIES-Greenhouse Open Directory | | - Links

Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES), Publications
Hobby Greenhouse Construction - Plans
Hobby Greenhouse Operations and Practices

Albert's Greenhouse - Links, Plant Care, Plant Exchange, Structure & Technology.. (Ads!) Greenhouse Gardening Tips How to build a PVC greenhouse

• The Solar greenhouse book editor James C. McCullagh
• Solar greenhouses, underground by Daniel Geery home of free woodworking plans and projects
How to build a Greenhouse (sawn lumber & plywood)

Charley's Greenhouse ($) retail Sales - Tips Pipe & Fittings Plans for a 32' x 10' x 10' Greenhouse (pvc, rebar & lumber)
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Research on the temperature environment of solar greenhouse Greenhouses & Garden Structures Forum

Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology, How-To Survival Library
Backyard Greenhouse (pvc)

Google Books
subject:“Gardening Greenhouses”
subject:“Solar greenhouses”
subject:“Underground construction”

Greenhouse Gardener's Companion site and book by Shane Smith
Energy Conservation
Greenhouse Gallery submitted photos & short stories
Pest Control

Greenhouse Gardening on Frit's Farm Hobby Greenhouse, Sitemap
Build a Greenhouse
Pipe Clamps & Fittings
PVC Fittings
Snap Clamps

Haygrove international field scale tunnels: United States retail Sales - Links & Plans

Hobbit House (
Subterranean Heating and Cooling System Explained

Hobby Greenhouse Association - Links
A Hobby Greenhouse Project by Jerry Grady, Links

How does your garden grow?: A Small Backyard Greenhouse (pvc) We Build a Strawbale Greenhouse/Guesthouse for $200
Pit GreenhousesUse It!

International Greenhouse Company (IGC)
Technical Information & Links FAQUse It! Put the Green Back in Greenhouse Passive Solar Greenhouse Project

Maine Rural Partners
Solar Greenhouses

Mike's Greenhouse, Links

Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ontario, Canada
Starting a Commercial Greenhouse Business

Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES) Ithaca, NY: Publications for sale
Greenhouse Management Publications

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)
Sunshine- Average Percent (%) Possible by City & State

North Carolina State U, Biological & Agricultural Engineering
A Small Backyard Greenhouse (pdf) PVC Plans Greenhouse 101
Gallery, Links, How-to (pvc), Tips

Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses Magazine - Free Articles
Free Project Plans & Pictures
Greenhouse Plans
Growing Tunnel Row Covers
Photos & Links
PVC Suppliers Links & other Contact information

Rutgers Horticultural Engineering PVC Fittings, PVC Pipe, PVC Clamps for building Greenhouses
PVC Greenhouse Plan & Fittings Polycarbonate, PVC and Acrylic Architectural Panels
The Solar Greenhouse That's Right for YouUse It!

The Taj Mahal Greenhouse building a hobby greenhouse PVC Geodesic Dome with bolted joints (start at 3rd photo)

Texas A & M University, Aggie Horticulture: Floriculture - Texas Greenhouse Management HandbookUse It!
Air, Water and Media
Fertilizer, Diagnosing Nutritional Deficiencies
Growing Media, Media & pH
Irrigation, Soluble Salts, Water Quality, Water Treatment

U.S. Global Resources (USGR), Search: Greenhouses
Coverings, Shade and Heat Retention Materials
Design Worksheet (submittal form)
Structures, Systems, Equipment
    º Econo Grower, Ground to Ground, Open Sky & Roll-A-Roof retractable roofs ), Quonsetter ETFC
How to Build a PVC Hoophouse for your Garden (FAQ About the PVC Hoophouse)

West Virginia U
Planning and Building a Greenhouse

    º Category:Greenhouses
Eden Project
ETFE high strength & corrosion resistant fluorine based plastic
Vector Foiltec
CNC-milled house dome inspired by Bucky Fuller's tensegrity

Yvonne's Greenhouse: Construction (lumber) photographs & descriptions


USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

also see.. Diseases, Pests

Plant Pathology Internet Guide BookUse It!
USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, About, News, Search


Chicago Tribune featured articles (ads)
What Has 14,000 Teeth And One Foot?, page 2

Christian Science Monitor (ads)
Snail `ranchers' tend herds of home-grown escargot

Cornell U News
Meet North America's only 'snail wrangler'

Escargot Passion (small ads), Links & Books, Snail Farming Links in several languages, by country
Snail rearing
visit of my breeding system

Grow Snail In Idle Backyard Sustainable Development Network Ltd., Africa

Huffington Post (ads)
Snails: The New Shrimp?

The Living World of Molluscs
Snail Cultivation (Heliciculture)

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Australian government
Free-range Snail Farming in Australia

    º Category:Gastropods
Cornu aspersum common garden snail
Helix lucorum large, edible, air-breathing land snail or escargot
Helix pomatia Burgundy snail, Roman snail, edible snail or escargot Search: snail farm
Bryans Snail Enclosure ( Helix Pomatia )
Escargot Farm
Helix Aspersa Maxima young - a greenhouse. In Lithuania
Helixirion snail farm
Kenya - Snail Farm
Micro snail farm
Snail Farming in Australia - Free-range
Snail farming European Commission english version
Today on Snail Farm
Touchstone Snails - Snail Farming - Curtain Method

dmoz Open Directory | Google | Wikipedia | Yahoo

American Society for Horticultural Science, Search Acta Horticulturae Abstracts or ($) Full Text
LinksUse It!
    º Plant Identification Resources & Teaching Resources
Publications ($)

International Society for Horticultural Science, About, Links & News
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Hydroponic University - Ask the Professor, What is Hydroponics?

Texas A & M Nursery, Floral and Landscape Network - Hydroponics
Drip Irrigation
Nutrient Solutions, Diagnosing Nutritional Deficiencies
Soilless Culture Systems

U Arizona, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes

Utah State U, Crop Physiology Laboratory - Hydroponics

Virginia Cooperative Extension - Home Hydroponics
    º Container fruit trees for small spaces hydroponic experiments in the city
    º An experiment with hydroponic fruit trees for a city walkway
Outdoor Hydroponic Garden discarded Ebb & Gro with trickle system added
LearningHydro's channel



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    º List of agricultural machinery
Agricultural machinery
Agricultural robot
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Combine harvester
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Harrow (tool)
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Mechanised agriculture
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Seed drill
Threshing machine
    º Fordson tractor

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USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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Nematodes (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae & Heterorhabditidae)
• from Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America, Cornell U

Insect Parasitic Nematodes, Links
Ask the Experts
Biology & Ecology
Photo Gallery, Publications
Retail Suppliers Using Nematodes

Parasitic Nematodes Home Page from U Nebraska, Lincoln Nematology, Links
Nematodes as Biological Control Agents of Insects
Ecoregions of the United States
What are Nematodes?

Organic Farmers Marketing Association News, Recipes, Discussion
Sustainable Development Deptartment United Nations News, Global Climate, GIS
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Cedar Meadow Farm Lancaster County, PA

Dakota Lakes Research Farm operated by South Dakota State U
    º Crop RotationsUse It! Guidelines

Georgia Conservation Tillage Alliance (GCTA)

Manitoba - North Dakota Zero Tillage Farmer's Association Links
Archives from previous Workshops

National Sustainable Agriculture Information ServiceUse It!
Master Publication List
    º Pursuing Conservation Tillage Systems for Organic Crop Production

North Great Plains Research Laboratory (NGPRL) Switchboard Links

Notill on the Plains: Resources
Cover Crops information & links

Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association (PNDSA, Links

Pacific Northwest STEEP Solutions to Environmental & Economic Problems
Conservation Tillage Handbook

Reduced Tillage Linkages (RTL) Alberta, CA, Forum, Links
Agronomy Library

Sikkim Agriculture
Traditional Sowing Methods & Functions of Seed-drills and Planters

Western Australian No-Tillage Farmers Association (WANTFA) Sustainable Broadacre Cropping
Case Studies
No-Tillage Tips and Tools

Wikipedia: No-till farming


Fruit tree forms
Fruit tree pollination
Fruit tree propagation
Fruit tree pruning

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Biological Control Virtual Information Center use of one organism to suppress another, Links
Bio-Dynamics Association of America biodynamics approach to ecological farming
Canadian Organic Growers (COG) national information network

Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS)A Source! Australia

Inspiration Farm.comUse It!
Videos demonstrate hane-made tools and other methods

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) global exchange/cooperation
Keep "Organic" Organic revising organic standards (omit genetic eng, irradiation, etc)
Organic Farmers Marketing Association News, Recipes, Discussion
Organic Farming Small Farmers - Techniques, Topics, Links
Organic Trade Association Canada & United States
Soil Association organic food and farming travel directory & guide: sustainable, organic goods, services and lifestyle choices, About, Links

TROPO's Organic Info LibraryUse It!

Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) Australia - Working in exchange for your keep
Yahoo Search Organic_Farming

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Cornell U, Plant Pathology Vegetable Disease, Glossary, News, Search
Diseases By Crop
Plant Disease Clinic
• Vegetable: IPM & Other Links, Guidelines

Forest & Shade Tree PathologyUse It! comprehensive online textbook; Links

Online Guide to Plant Disease Control:   Oregon State U Extension
Plant Pathology Internet Guide BookUse It!
U Idaho Environmental Research Institute, Plant Viruses Online from the VIDE Database


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Permaculture (UK)

Permaculture the Earth, Forums, Glossary, Links

Permaculture Research Institute (

    º Category:Permaculture
    º Category:Sustainable agriculture
    º Category:Systems ecology
    º List of companion plants
    º List of permaculture projects
    º List of repellent plants
Companion planting
Lawton, Geoff
Mollison, Bill
Rainwater harvesting
Sheet mulching
Swale (landform)
Systems ecology

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Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA)
Pesticide Recordkeeping Program (PRP)
    º Recordkeeping Manual for private pesticide applicators

Biocontrol Web Site
from the Center for Medical, Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology (CMAVE), U.S.D.A.
Target Pest Species, Diamondback Moth, Cabbage Looper, Mole crickets, Fall armyworm Guide to Cabbage Parasitoids

Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America, Links, Search, SiteMap ( Alphabetical )
from Cornell U
• Natural Enemies
    º Parasitoids, Pathogens, Predators, Weed-feeders
• Tutorials
    º Biological Control
    º Insect Biology and Ecology: A Primer
    º Integrated Pest Management Strategy (IPM) & Control Tactics

Chicago Botanic Garden, FAQ, Links, SiteMap
Education site Search Tool
Pests & Problems with Seasonal Index
    º Aphids, Iris Borer, Japanese Beetle, Lawn Grubs
    º Mosquitoes, Spider Mites, Webworm, Verticillium Wilt..
Plant Information with Gardening Help, Plant Database & Articles Network
Christmas Tree Production
• Forest: Pests of North America, Resources
Insects, Integrated Pest Management, Invasive Exotic Species

Danger Sign for pesticides (Washington State Legislature), Article Index
Get Out of Here, You're Bugging Me too much water or fertilizer is bad, symptoms

Natural Pesticides, Forums ( Search ):
Rose Forums: Organic Rose Growing
    º aphids in the desert - what to do?

Home Remedies For Insect and Disease Control on PlantsUse It! short & sweet!

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Bibliographic Database
Literature Search Service

Integrated Plant Protection Center ( Oregon State U) Database of IPM Resources integrated pest management Search
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    º Plant Pathology & Nematology
    º Weeds & their Management (Ads!), Gardening
Insects in the Garden Garden Formulas
Home Made Fertilizers

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
National Pesticide Applicator CertificationUse It! Core Manual

New York State IPM from the Cornell Cooperative Extension, About, Links
Fruits, Vegetables
Livestock & Field Crops
Nontoxic pest control safer and cheaper

North Carolina State U, Center for Integrated Pest Management, About
Biological Control Virtual Information Center, Links

PestTrackerUse It! About ( CAPS, PPQ, Maps )
from the National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS)
• Maps: Bio-Release, Pests, Quarantine, State

Province of British Columbia, Environmental Management Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Use It! ( alt: 1, 2 )
eliminating unnecessary pesticide use
Biological Control
Home & Garden
Insect Identification
Publications and ResourcesUse It!
    º BT: An Alternative to Chemical Pesticides Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria
    º Aphids using aphid midges (Aphidoletes aphidimyza)
    º Carpenter Ants, Caterpillars, Fleas, Indoor Plant Pests, Yellowjackets
    º Bats, Rats and Mice
    º Turf Weeds
Beneficial Insects
    º Household Pests

TROPO's Organic Info Library
Good Companions
Home-Made Organic Sprays
Organic pest control products
Strategies for organic pest management
U California, Davis: Integrated Pest Management, Links, Search, SiteMap

U Minnesota: Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook Integrated Pest Management
Contributing Authors and Chapter Titles
    º Alfalfa IPM by Kathy L. Flanders
    º Biological Control: Approaches and Applications by Douglas A. Landis
    º Plant Resistance to Insects: A Fundamental Component of IPM by George L. Teetes
    º Prey Specialization in Insect Predators by John J. Obrycki
    º The Sterile Insect Release Method and Other Genetic Control Strategies by Bartlett & Staten
    º Understanding Semiochemicals with Emphasis on Insect Sex Pheromones in Integrated Pest Management Programs by Flint & Doane

USDA Regional IPM Centers Information System, About, News
Crop Profiles/PMSP
Data Sources
• Regions: North Central, Northeastern, Western, Southern Integrated Pest Management

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Agricultural Policy
Factory Farms
Foodopoly by Wenonah Hauter

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Bonide Revenge Mole Gasser
The Complete Book of Ferrets (hardcover) by Valerie Porter
The Giant Destroyer Gas Bomb by Atlas Chemical
Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb Box 4 Pk
rodent smoke bomb Search
rodent traps Search
Roxide products

Black-Footed Ferret Recovery Program (
Prairie Dog Leghold Traps
Prairiedog Traps

Colorado, Dept Agriculture
Rodent and Predator Control

Colorado Division of Wildlife
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Overview

Colorado State University Extension
Managing Prairie Dogs one teaspoon (4 grams) zinc phosphide bait per mound or 1/3 lb. per acre: ZP AG Oats, Prozap zinc phosphide oat bait, and USDA's zinc phosphide on oats

Degesch America, Inc.: Products
Phostoxin fumigant (55% aluminum phosphide)
Products, Services & Breeders
    º Breeders & Pet Stores (selling ferrets)Use It!

Ferreting & Rabbiting
Rabbiting with Ferrets
Animal Traps
    º Cage Traps
    º Mole & Gopher Traps & Baits
    º Rodent Smoke Bomb
    º Snares
    º Trapping Lures, Baits, Urines and Scents

Google Search
Colorado Black Footed Ferret Recovery Program
conibear traps
gas cartridge pesticide
“pocatello supply depot gas cartridge“
“Pocatello Supply Depot contact”
sodium nitrate and charcoal

Google Books
Prevention and control of wildlife damage, Volume 2Use It! (page B-85: Prairie Dogs) by Scott E. Hygnstrom, Robert M. Timm, Gary Eugene Larson

The Guild of British Molecatchers committed to traditional molecatching skills and welfare of the mole
About Moles & Molecatching
    º Moles and molecatching past and present
Information and Support
    º Traps and Equipment half barrel traps
Training Course

Harry's Ferret Pages
Working Ferrets
    º Basic Ferreting
    º Long Nets
    º Purse nets

Helena Chemical sells restricted use Rozol Prairie Dog Bait
Location Search

Kansas State U, Research and Extension Prairie Dog Management (pdf)
Ag/Field & Orchard U.S. Products
    º Black-tailed Prairie Dogs: Rozol Prairie Dog Bait, Label, MSDS, Stewardship, Carcass Search & Recovery Guidelines
    º Rozol Pocket Gopher Bait, Label, MSDS
Pest Management
    º Where-to-buy (Pest Management)

Montana Department of Agriculture
Prairie Dog Management (pdf)

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
National Pesticide Applicator CertificationUse It! Core Manual

The National Ferret Welfare Society
Caring for your Ferret
    º Housing Ferrets materials and diagram for building a ferret cage
    º Illnesses
Hunting with Ferrets
Working Ferrets
    º Ferreter's Code getting started, equipment for ferreting & your ferrets
    º How to make a purse net
    º Hunting with Ferrets
    º Setting Purse Nets

National Wildlife Federation
Coyotes favorite foods are voles, prairie dogs, eastern cottontail rabbits & mice
Showdown in the Great Divide
    º ...endangered black-footed ferrets feed almost entirely on white-tailed prairie dogs, a species driven from 95 percent of its historic range.
    º Ferruginous hawks... feed on ground squirrels, prairie dogs and desert cottontails.
Learning to Live With Prairie Dogs
The Special Values of the Great Divide
    º Pg. 26 Raptors: Maintain ground squirrel and prairie dog colonies to provide nesting burrows for burrowing owls
    º and maintain small mammal populations as prey for many bird and mammal predators.

New Mexico Department of Agriculture (hosted by NM State U): Pesticides ph:(575) 646-7020
Controlling Gophers, Prairie Dogs & Other Burrowing Rodents
Integrated Pest Management
Statutes & Rules (laws & regulations)
    º Restricted-Use Pesticides 21.17.56 NMAC
Licensed Applicators Can Again Use Rozol Prairie Dog Bait
Recommended Study Materials

New Mexico State U, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Prairie Dog Control in New Mexico (pdf)

Pestcon Systems Inc.
Air-Purifying Respirators
    º Respirator Cartridges/Canisters
Fumitoxin - Aluminum Phosphide tablets release phosphine gas on contact with moisture
    º Fumigation Management Plan
    º Tablet Applicator Probe

Prairie Dog Coalition dedicated to the protection of prairie dogs & restoration of their ecosystems
Prairie Dog Relocators state by state
• About Pririe Dogs
    º Fascinating Facts about Prairie Dogs
    º Black Tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys ludovicianus)
    º Gunnison's Prairie Dog (Cynomys gunnisoni)
    º White Tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys leucurus), Contact
Conibear Traps
Educational Resources
Start Up Kits
Trap Setting Instructions

Pocatello Chamber of Commmerce
USDA-APHIS Pocatello Supply DepotUse It! contact information for rodent and varmit fumigant gas cartridges
238 East Dillon Street Pocatello, ID 83201
Ph: (208) 236-6920; Fax: (208) 236-6922
email orders or inquiries:

Prairie Dog Recipes

Procter Pest-Stop rodent trap mfg - 100 yrs
Cage Traps
    º Rabbit Trap

Recent Directions in Black-footed Ferret Recovery

Revenge Products (email: Contact
Animal Trapping Bait Kits
Mole and Gopher Control including Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs & Traps

Roe Ecological Services, LLC
Prairie Dog Management
    º Barriers
    º Humane Removal
    º Prairie Dog Capture Techniques
    º Prairie Dog Wild-to-Wild Relocation
    º Prairie Dog Mitigation Opportunities

South Dakota Dept. Agriculture
Rodent Bait Program ph: (605) 773-4432
    º Price List
Airport Prairie Dog Traps Set Video

Treasure Ranch
The "Sport" of the Prairie Dog Shoot

U Nebraska - Lincoln
Efficacy of Five Burrow Fumigants for Managing Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs

United Phosphorus Inc. (UPI)
Weevil-Cide Fumigant Management Plan for Burrowing Pests

Utah State U Research Office
Peanut Butter on the Prairie peanut butter & jelly sandwich, best bait

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Marketing Service
Pesticide Recordkeeping Program (PRP) with manual, forms, video, brochures
    º Recordkeeping Manual for Private Pesticide ApplicatorsUse It!
    º Restricted Use Pesticide Recordkeeping Form

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Analysis of Pesticide Gas Cartridges
Evaluation of a 2-Active Ingrediant Gas Cartridge for Controlling Northern Pocket Gophers
    º 53% sodium nitrate; 28% charcoal; 9% Borax; 10% Fuller's Earth & tap water to suppress dust; total 144.6 g
The Evolution of Two Gas Cartridges (pdf)
National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC)
    º Vertebrate Control Products including Rodenticides
The Use of Toxicants in Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Management: An Overview (pdf)
• USDA-APHIS Pocatello Supply Depot
238 E. Dillon St., Pocatello, ID 83201-6623
Ph: (208) 236-6920; Fax: (208) 236-6922
e-mail orders or inquiries:
Zinc Phosphide Concentrate mixing, precautions, hazards

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Wildlife Damage Management resolves conflicts to allow people & wildlife to coexist
New Mexico Wildlife Services (WS) AlP Fumigant gas cartidges & Zn3P2 Oat bait available
State Director
8441 Washington St. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113
Phone: (505) 346-2640
Toll Free: 1-866-4USDAWS
Roy, NM Office
Phone: (575) 643-5601
Colorado Wildlife Services
State Director
12345 West Alameda Parkway, Suite 204
Lakewood, CO 80228
Phone: (303) 236-5810
Toll Free: 1-866-4USDAWS
Pueblo, CO Office
Phone: (719) 547-8546
Grand Junction, CO Office
Phone: (970) 242-9155

U.S. Dept Health & Human Services: Household Products Database
Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
A to Z Index
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) includes Summary
Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS)
    º Fumitoxin Pellets 72959-2
    º Fumitoxin Tablets 72959-1
    º Rozol Prairie Dog Bait 7173-286
    º Rozol Vole Bait 7173-242
    º Weevil-Cide Tablets 70506-13
    º Zinc Phosphide on Oats 56228-14
Pesticides: Regulating Pesticides
Rozol Prairie Dog Bait

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Black-footed Ferret National Conservation Center (pdf)
First Litter of Four born 2006
National Black-Footed Ferret Conservation Center contact information
    º Telephone: 970 897-2730
    º Location Address: 19180 NORTH EAST FRONTAGE ROAD, CARR, COLORADO, 80612-9719
    º Mailing Address: PO BOX 190, WELLINGTON, COLORADO, 80549-0190
New Conservation Center to Breed Endangered Ferrets 2001 News Release

    º Category:Fumigants
    º Category:Pest control
    º Category:Rodents
    º Category:Shotguns
    º Category:Shotgun shells
    º Category:Shotguns by type
Animal trapping
Black-footed Ferret
Bubonic plague
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
    º Aluminum phosphide releases Phosphine (PH3) gas
Pest control
    º Pesticide misuse
    º Restricted pesticides
Prairie Dog
    º Aluminium phosphide (AlP)
    º Chlorophacinone anticoagulant rodenticide
    º Zinc phosphide (Zn3P2)
    º .410 bore
    º Gauge (bore diameter)
    º List of shotguns
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Varmint hunting
    º .30-30 Winchester
    º Ruger Mini-14
    º Varmint rifle

ROSES, Forums ( Help, Search ):
Rose Forums
Antique Roses
    º Gallery
    º Organic Rose Growing: aphids in the desert - what to do?
    º Propagation & Exchange

also see.. Gardening, Sesame Seeds plant sales with tomatoes & sweet peppers, Bloomington, IN, Links (Seed Vendors)
DMOZ Open Directory: Seed Savers cold-hardy varieties & gardening supplies, Waterville, ME, Seed Exchange Forum
Forums: Seed Exchange for professional grower & home gardener, Rochester, NY
International Seed Saving Institute saving seeds, seed-saving education & permaculture non-profit seedbank preserving native American culture
North American Rock Garden Society, Seed Exchange 3,500 flower, herb & vegetable seeds for garden & market growers seed varieties by & for gardeners gardening
Seed Savers Exchange Seed Exchange open-pollinated & heirloom herb, flower & vegetable seeds Exotic Seed Exchange Ring
World Hunger Year: Seed Saving

also see.. SEEDS

American Sesame Growers Association (
Quick Facts
Growth and Development of Sesame by D. Ray Langham

    º Category:Lamiales

Water Erosion Prediction Project: (USDA) WEPP Download

also see.. Sustainable Agriculture, No-till

Acid Soils in Hawaii: Problems and Management: U Hawaii
Acid Sulphate Soils testing software: Loughborough U, UK
Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) Assessment
Biological and Soil Science Home Page

A Compendium of On-Line Soil Survey InformationUse It! articles, software, Links: ITC Soil Sci Div, NL Agronomy, Soils Science & Crop Science Societies
Biodiversity, soil and ecologically sustainable development:   Environment Australia online
Dirtland The Microbe Zoo Open Directory Project Soil Links at Science: Agriculture
Introduction to Soil Water Potential: New Mexico State U

LighthouseUse It! USDA gateway - Soil Data Viewer, common land, demographics, orthophotography

National Center for Appropriate Technology: National Sustainable Agriculture Service
Sustainable Soil Management

National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists, Inc. (NSCSS) events, Links, teaching, vendors

National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS of the USDA) Soil Quality Institute, SiteMap
Soil Biology
Soil Organic Matter
Soil Quality
    º Soil Quality Assessment
    º Soil Quality Management: Agronomy Cropland, Grazing LandsUse It!
    º Soil Quality Resources & Publications

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
Assessing the Pasture Soil Resource
Sustainable Soil Management

Sciences of SoilsUse It! articles, Links, archive, Soil Scientist Forum
Soil Animals
Soil bacteria
Soil biological processes
Soil Fertility
Soil Fungi
Soil Organic Matter

Soil science resources Links
Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) events, journals, Links, News
Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) events, Links, pubs

Soils OnlineUse It! Portal

U.S. Salinity LabUse It! (USSL), FAQ, database: USDA

WWW Virtual Library Soils & Substrates at Forestry

also see.. Alfalfa, Composting, §Drip Irrigation (WATER)§, Fertilizers, Gardening
§New Mexico§, Pasture, §Rainwater Harvesting (WATER)§, Xeriscape
Dreaming New Mexico: an Age of Local Foodsheds-and a Fair Trade State

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
New Mexico Beekeepers Association

New Mexico State U: ACES (College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences)
Variety Test Reports Alfalfa, Raspberry/Blackberry, Corn & Sorghum, Cotton, Wheat
    º The 2004 New Mexico Alfalfa Variety Test Report (pdf)
    º 2006 Organic Raspberry and Blackberry Production Variety Trials (pdf)
    º Selecting Alfalfa Varieties for New Mexico (pdf)

New Mexico State U, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences: Southwest Yard & Garden
Archives Question & Answer
    º Cold Frame: Planting in cold frame? & How does grass grow?
    º Compost didn't compost
    º Flowers: Irises didn't bloom well
    º Flowers: Southern magnolia in New Mexico
    º Hardiness zones
    º Herbicides: Vinegar as herbicide
    º Water harvesting
How-to Videos
    º Altitude: Choosing High-Elevation Plants
    º Altitude: How Different Plants grow in Different Elevations
    º Altitude: How To Grow A Garden In High Elevation
    º Berries: How To Grow A Vineyard
    º Berries: Propagate Raspberries and Blackberries reported Bad Link (04-02-2012)
    º Berries, Blackberries: How to Grow Blackberries in Southern New Mexico
    º Berries, Grapes: Choosing A Table Grape Variety To Grow
    º Berries, Grapes: How to Grow a Vineyard
    º Berries, Grapes: How to Identify/Control Garden Pests on Grapes & Roses
    º Berries, Grapes: How To Install Bird Netting Over Grapevines
    º Berries, Grapes: How To Trellis Grapevines
    º Berries, Strawberries: Choosing A Strawberry Variety For The Garden
    º Birds: Identifying Plants That Birds Like
    º Cactus: How To Safely Transplant A Cactus
    º Cactus: How To Transplant A Saguaro Cactus
    º Cold Frame: How To Start Lettuce Plants In A Cold Frame
    º Compost: How To Make Compost
    º Compost: How to Make Vermicompost
    º Compost: How To Recycle Coffee Grounds Into Compost
    º Compost: Using Recycled Paper In Compost
    º Containers & Planters: How To Protect Container Plants In The Fall
    º Containers & Planters: Using An Old Tree Log As A Planter
    º Containers & Planters: Using Plastic Buckets For Cylinder Gardening
    º Dyes: How To Make Dye From Plants
    º Fertilizers & Nutrient Deficiencies: Identifying And Control Chlorosis In Shrubs
    º Fertilizers & Nutrient Deficiencies: Using Rabbit Manure In The Garden
    º Flowers: Choosing Flowering Plants For New Mexico Part 1, 2
    º Flowers: Choosing A Flowering Shrub For Your Garden
    º Flowers: Choosing Warm Season Annuals For Your Garden
    º Preparing A Flower Bed For Spring Part 1, 2
    º Flowers, Bulbs: How To Grow Hyacinth Bulbs
    º Flowers, Bulbs: Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs
    º Flowers, Daylily: Choosing a Daylily Variety for Your Garden
Flowers, Daylily: How To Divide A Daylily
    º Flowers, Irises: How To Divide And Re-Plant Irises
    º Flowers, Irises: Preparing Soil To Plant Irises
    º Flowers, Roses: Caring For Roses
    º Flowers, Roses: Caring For Weather Damaged Roses
    º Flowers, Roses: Choosing The Right Rose To Grow In New Mexico
    º Flowers, Roses: Choosing The Right Rose To Grow In New Mexico
    º Flowers, Roses: How to Feed Roses
    º Flowers, Roses: How to Fertilize & Deadhead Roses
    º Flowers, Roses: How to Trim Rose Bushes
    º Flowers, Wildflowers: Preparing Soil For A Wildflower Garden
    º Food: How To Can Fruits and Vegetables
    º Food: How To Cook With Pumpkins
    º Food: How to Dry Fruit
    º Food: How To Make A Tofu Pumpkin Pie
    º Food: How To Preserve Chile From Your Garden
    º Food: How To Process Native Plants For Eating
    º Garden: Building A Constructive Wetland Garden
    º Garden: Building A Japanese Garden
    º Garden: Building a Home Garden in a Small Space
    º Garden: Creating A Garden In A Small Space
    º Garden: Building A Unique Terraced Garden
    º Garden: How An Elementary School Teacher Built A Nature Garden
    º Garden: How To Grow A Garden In High Elevation
    º Garden: How to Turn a Steep Backyard into a Terraced Garden
    º Garden, Asparagus: Planting Asparagus
    º Garden, Chile: Choosing A Chile Variety To Grow
    º Garden, Chile: Choosing A Chile Variety To Grow In Your Garden
    º Garden, Chile: How Chile Becomes Hot
    º Garden, Chile: How To Start A Chile Pepper Garden
    º Garden, Corn: How To Grow Corn In Southern New Mexico
    º Garden, Corn: Identifying Problems With Corn In The Garden
    º Garden, Herb: Choosing The Right Plants For A Medicinal Herb Garden
    º Garden, Herb: How To Grow An Herb Garden
    º Garden, Potato: Planting Potatoes
    º Garden, Squash: How to Grow Summer Squash in Your Garden
    º Garden, Tomato: Choosing The Best Tomato Variety To Grow In Southern New Mexico
    º Garden, Tomato: How To Start Tomato Plants Early In Your Garden
    º Garden, Tomato: Identifying Garden Problems With Tomato Plants
    º Garden, Tomato: Identifying Tomato Plant Problems in the Field
    º Garden, Vegetable: Choosing Cool Weather Vegetable Plants For Your Garden
    º Garden, Vegetable: Choosing Vegetables For A Diabetic's Garden
    º Garden, Vegetable: How To Maintain Tomato And Squash Plants
    º Garden, Vegetable: How to Plant Asparagus
    º Garden, Vegetable: How to Start Tomato Plants from Seed
    º Garden, Vegetable: How To Start A Vegetable Garden
    º Garden, Vegetable: How To Thin Out Lettuce And Spinach Sprouts In The Garden
    º Grass: Choosing Ornamental Grasses For The Garden
    º Grass: Choosing The Right Grass Variety For Your Turf
    º Grass: How To Apply Fertilizer To Turf
    º Grass: How To Dethatch A Lawn
    º Grass: How To Repair Lawn Dethatching Damage
    º Grass: How To Start A New Lawn In The Winter Months
    º Grass: How To Treat Dead Spots In The Lawn
    º Grass: Onarmental Grass for Landscape or Wind Break
    º Greenhouse: Building A Greenhouse From Recycled Materials
    º Greenhouse: Choosing Plants from a Greenhouse
    º Greenhouse: How To Grow Tropical Water Plants In A Greenhouse
    º Landscape: Choosing A Landscaper
    º Landscape: How To Design A Southwestern Landscape
    º Landscape: How To Plan A Landscape
    º Melons: Picking the Perfect Melon
    º Microclimate: How it Works
    º Mulch: Using Mulches And Row Covers In The Garden
    º Nursery: Picking Plants & Trees at a Nursery
    º Pests: Choosing Plants That Deer Won't Eat
    º Pests: How To Control Insect Pests In The Garden
    º Pests: How To Control Squash Bugs
    º Pests: How To Control Snails & Aphids
    º Pests: How To Rabbit-Proof A Garden
    º Pests: Identifying And Control Garden Pests On Grapes And Roses
    º Pests: Identifying And Control Garden Pests On Squash And Beans
    º Pests: Identifying Problems With Snails & Slugs
    º Pests: Using Beneficial Insects In Your Garden
    º Pests: Using Soil Solarization To Kill Nematodes
    º Transplanting & Planting: How To Properly Plant A Plant, Part 1, 2
    º Problems: Garden Plants & Vegetables
    º Problems: Tree
    º Problems: Trees & Vegetable Plants
    º Problems: Vegetable Plants
    º Shaded Vegetable Garden
    º Seeds & Propogation: How To Collect Seeds From Your Garden
    º Seeds & Propogation: How To Grow Tomato Plants In Special Lighting Part 1, 2
    º Seeds & Propogation: How To Start Asparagus, Garlic And Onion Plants
    º Seeds & Propogation: How To Start Houseplants From Cuttings
    º Seeds & Propogation: How To Start Plant Seedlings On Top Of The Fridge
    º Seeds & Propogation: How To Start Spring Plants By Seed And Transplants
    º Soil: How To Put Your Garden To Bed For The Winter
    º Soil: Identifying and Control Soil Problems
    º Soil: Preparing Garden Soil For Planting
    º Soil Sample Analyzed
    º Soil Samples: Preparing Sample for Analysis
    º Tools & Equipment: Using A Chainsaw Safely Part 1, 2
    º Trees: Choosing a Shade Tree for Your Landscape
    º Trees: How To Determine If Trees Need Water In The Winter
    º Trees: How Professionals Cut Down A Dead Tree
    º Trees: How A Tree Grows
    º Trees: How To Safely Prune Trees
    º Trees: How To Vertical Mulch A Tree
    º Trees: Pruning Trees In The Summer
    º Trees: Right Tree for NM Gardens
    º Trees: Identifying Common Tree Problems
    º Trees, Fruit: Caring For Fruit Trees
    º Trees, Fruit: Choosing Fruit Trees
    º Trees, Fruit: How To Install Bird Netting Over Small Fruit Trees
    º Trees, Fruit: How To Track The Progress Of A Vegetable Garden And Orchard
    º Trees, Fruit: Identifying And Control Bacterial Infections On Fruit Trees
    º Trees, Fruit: Identifying Fruit Tree Problems
    º Trees, Fruit: Planting Orchids
    º Trees, Fruit: Pruning Fruit Trees Properly
    º Trees, Fruit: Pruning And Irrigate The Orchard In The Fall
    º Trees, Fruit, Apple: Choosing An Apple Variety To Grow In New Mexico
    º Trees, Fruit, Fig: How To Grow A Fig Tree In Southern New Mexico
    º Turtles: Creating A Turtle Habitat
    º Water: Building And Install Underground Irrigation System
    º Water: How To Check Irrigation Systems In The Spring
    º Water: How To Conserve Water In The Garden
    º Water: How To Harvest Rain Water For The Garden
    º Water: How To Harvest Water For The Garden And Landscape
    º Water: How To Test Lawn Irrigation Systems 1, 2
    º Water: How To Water Plants While On Vacation
    º Water, Drip Irrigation: Building A Drip Irrigation System 1, 2
    º Water, Drip Irrigation: Building And Install A Drip Irrigation System Dallas Co., TX
    º Water, Drip Irrigation: How To Install A Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation System
    º Water, Drip Irrigation: How To Install A Star-Drip Irrigation System
    º Water, Drip Irrigation: Using Micro-Misters For Drip Irrigation Systems
    º Water, Ponds: Building A Water Pond
    º Water, Ponds: Choosing Plants For A Water Pond
    º Water, Ponds: Caring For A Water Lily Garden
    º Water, Ponds: How To Clean Out A Water Pond Part 1, 2
    º Water, Ponds: How To Get Garden Ponds Ready For Winter
    º Xeriscape: Choosing Shrubs and Cacti For Your Xeroscape Part 1, 2
    º Xeriscape: Choosing Water Conserving Shrubs
    º Xeriscape: Choosing The Best Plants For Your Xeriscape Garden
    º Xeriscape: Preparing Soil For A Xeriscape Bed
    º Xeriscape Garden - Choosing Plants
    º Xeriscape Garden - Choosing Plants, Part 2
Publications: Horticultural
    º Berries: Blackberry Production in New Mexico
    º Berries: Commercial Everbearing Red Raspberry Production for NM
    º Berries: Home Garden Strawberry Production in New Mexico
    º Berries: Raspberries for the Home Garden
    º Chile: Growing Chiles in NM
    º Backyard Composting
    º Compost: A Sustainable Approach to Recycling Urban and Agricultural Organic Wastes
    º Compost: Vermicomposting
    º Diseases: How to Collect and Send Plant Specimens for Disease Diagnosis
    º Fertilizer: A Sustainable Approach to Recycling Urban and Agricultural Organic Wastes with chemical analyses
    º Grape Cultivars for North-Central NM
    º Grapes, Pruning to the Four-Arm Kniffin System
    º Grass: Turfgrasses for New Mexico
    º Hardiness zones: Recommended Crop Varieties, and Planting & Harvesting in NM Home Vegetable Gardens
    º Pests: Organic Gardening–Natural Insecticides
    º Trees: Establishing Fruit and Shade Trees
    º Trees, Fruit: Why They Fail To Bear
    º Trees, Pecan: Planting
    º Trees, Pecan: Transplanting Mature Pecan Trees in NM
    º Vegetables: Recommended Crop Varieties, and Planting & Harvesting in NM Home Vegetable Gardens
    º Vegetables: Home Vegetable Gardening in NM
    º Water: A Practical Way of Measuring Soil Moisture
    º Xeriscape Principles: Landscape Water Conservation

Agriculture in Mesoamerica
Agriculture in the Southwestern United States
Ancient Pueblo Peoples
Chili pepper
Three Sisters (agriculture)
    º Phaseolus vulgaris (Common bean)
    º Maize
    º Squash (plant)
Phaseolus vulgaris (Common bean)
Squash (plant)

also see.. §ARCHITECTURE-Sustainable§, CSA, §ENERGY-Biogas§, Fertilizers, Gardening, Organic, Permaculture, Soil

Acres U.S.A. 30 years of continuous publication, About, Links
Forms for effective management of organic horticulture business
    º Article ArchiveUse It!

The African Water Page legal, Links, sanitation, sustainable
Backwoods Home Magazine practical self-reliant living, Forum, Links, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture, Rain Barrels article with Links
Conservation Technology Information Center West Lafayette, Indiana
Countryside Magazine & Small Stock Journal Self-Reliance, Home Food Production

Driftless Folk School from Robert Schulz of the New Traditions Homestead
PBS Video: Vital Skills (start at 38:00)

Earth Summit Watch holding governments accountable for sustainable development Search articles
The Farm Americas, calendar, ecovillages, market, news, permaculture
FAO Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations   Agriculture21
Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology, How-To Survival Library

Growing A Greener World PBS sustainable living series
Video EpisodesUse It!

Hobby Greenhouse Association: Publications
Before You Buy Planning for Your Hobby Greenhouse

Holistic Agriculture Library: Soil & Health Library, Collection Index & Search - "How-tos" and Other Articles

Integrated IBS-net Integrated Bio-Systems Network LinksUse It!, Jacky Foo

IRIS Herbal (.com)
The Passive Solar Greenhouse Project putting the green back in Greenhouse mobile NGO through 26 countries in Asia & Africa, About, SiteMap
Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) non-profit, sponsors training

National Sustainable Agriculture Information ServiceUse It!
Master Publication List
    º Grapes: Organic Production
    º Overview of Cover Crops and Green Manures

NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project
Master Publication List

Permaculture MagazineUse It! UK - SiteMap
Book & Product List, Book Subject Categories

Rodale Institute

SoilAndHealth.orgUse It!
• ( required reading: Library Rules and Copyright Warning Notice ): Holistic Agriculture Library
    º An Agricultural Dictionary work in progress..
    º Albrecht, William A. Loss Of Soil Organic Matter And Its Restoration (1938)
    º Burbank, Luther Partner of Nature (1939), Clearance Form required
    º Cato On Farming ( translation © Tom Jaine, Prospect Books )
    º Cocannouer, Joseph A. Weeds: Guardians of the Soil Clearance Form required
    º Dale, Tom & Carter, Veron Gill Topsoil and Civilization (1955) Clearance Form required
    º Darwin, Charles The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the action of worms.. (1881)
    º Elliot, Robert The Clifton Park System Of Farming (1943)
    º Hopkins, Cyril G. The Farm That Won't Wear Out (1913), The Story of the Soil (1910)
    º King, F.H. Farmers of Forty Centuries: or Traditional Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan (1911)
    º Krasil'nikov, N.A. Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants (1958)
    º Solomon, Steve Gardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway (©1993)
    º Strong, Richard Soil Health Based on Organic Matter
    º Sullivan, Preston Sustainable Soil Management: Soil System Guide
    º Weaver, Don To Love And Regenerate The Earth: ..Survival of Civilization (2002)
    º Weaver, John E. Root Development of Field Crops (1926); Weaver & Bruner, William Root Development of Vegetable Crops (1927)
    º Widtsoe, John A. Dry Farming (1911)

Special Programme for Food Security Low-Income Food-Deficit Countries (LIFDCs)

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) About, Search, SiteMap

Sustainable Development Deptartment News,Global Climate, GIS, People, Knowledge,Environment
Sustainable Farming Connection Strategies, News, Discussion groups, Links...

U Massachusetts Amherst
The "Green" Greenhouse

    º Category:Agriculturally beneficial insects
    º Category:Biological pest control
    º Category:Composting
    º Category:Nitrogen-fixing crops
    º Category:Organic farming
    º Category:Organic fertilizers
    º Category:Permaculture
    º Category:Sustainable agriculture
    º List of beneficial weeds
    º List of companion plants
    º List of composting systems
    º List of organic gardening and farming topics
    º List of pest-regulating plants
    º List of repellent plants
    º List of sustainable agriculture topics
Agricultural biodiversity
Beneficial insects
Biological pest control
Carbon-to-nitrogen ratio
Companion planting
    º Composting
    º Ecuador composting method
    º Spent mushroom compost
    º Uses of compost
Cover crop
Effective microorganism
Fabaceae Nitrogen fixing plants
Green manure
Green pesticide
Green Pest Management
Hotbed (gardening)
Humic acid
Leaf mold
Legume Nitrogen fixing plants
Natural Farming
Nitrogen fixation
Organic aquaculture
Organic certification
Organic egg production
Organic farming
    º History of organic farming
    º Organic farming and biodiversity
    º Organic farming methods
    º Principles of Organic Agriculture
Organic fertilizer
    º Biofertilizer
    º Manure
    º Manure management
    º Riverm
    º Rockdust
    º Seaweed fertiliser
Organic horticulture
Pheromone trap
Sustainable agriculture
Sustainable planting

Yahoo Search Sustainable_Agriculture

The Glossary of Botanical Terms The Garden Web

    º Category:Agricultural terminology
    º Category:History of agriculture
    º Category:Irrigation
Agricultural revolution
Biological pest control
Cochrane, Willard sustainable family farm advocate who coined technology treadmill concept
Convertible husbandry
Crop rotation
Dead hedge
Degree day
Domestication of animals
Fodder food given to the animals that would normally be foraged
Forage crop residue or pasture, eaten by grazing livestock
Fukuoka, Masanobu natural farming philosophy
Growing degree-day
Hardiness zone
Harrow (tool) implement for breaking up/smoothing the soil surface, often following rougher/deeper plowing
Hedge or Hedgerow
Hedge laying
Hilling piling soil around a plant base
History of agricultural science
History of agriculture
History of fertilizer
History of organic farming
History of plant breeding
Insect hotel
Ley farming
Mollison, Bill father of permaculture
Natural farming
Organic farming
    º Intercropping
Sheaf (agriculture) harvested/reaped/bound bundle of hay or cereal plant stems stems with heads off the ground
Silage fermented, high-moisture stored fodder
Sprigging planting soilless sprigs
Sustainable agriculture
Technology treadmill cycle of improving technology, reduced production costs & increasing farm sizes
Terrace (agriculture)
    º Anden terraces in the Andes mountain range
Threshing loosening grain from chaff
    º Threshing board
    º Threshing floor
    º Threshing machine
    º Threshing stone
Tillage soil preparation by agitation
Topping (agriculture) removal the plants' aerial part, typically in a cover crop, to prevent seed formation/distribution
Winnowing separating grain from chaff


Online Purdue Extension Educational MaterialsUse It!   Agricultural Communications, Purdue U, West Lafayette, IN

Publications from the NDSU Extension Service agr, food & nutrition, lawn & garden: North Dakota State U

U Florida - Ag. & Bio. Eng. Dept.
Introduction to Water Management (Irrigation and Drainage) - Course Lessons

Television full episodes online
Episode 1007 Albuquerque urban gardening; Lexington, Massachusetts farm family; Sacramento, CA mushroom farming

Aquatic Resource Management Programme (ALCOM) aquaculture and fisheries management
FAO Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture
Food and Agriculture Organization Disaster Prep & Recovery, Nutrition, News
Special Programme for Food Security Low-Income Food-Deficit Countries (LIFDCs)
Sustainable Development Deptartment News,Global Climate, GIS, People, Knowledge,Environment
World Agricultural Information Centre (WAICENT) FAO Library: Ag, Forestry, Nutrition, Rural Dev
Yahoo Search Food_and_Agriculture_Organization: United_Nations


Google Books
Will Allen
    º The Good Food Revolution: Growing Healthy Food, People, and Communities
Search “Will Allen”


Compost Resource Page Forum, News, Links
The Burrow Worm World Inc.
Worm Composting Province of New Brunswick, CA
Worm Digest References, Info, Subscription

also see.. §Drip Irrigation (WATER)§, §Rainwater Harvesting (WATER)§, Southwest

Google Books
Taylor, Ronald J.
    º Desert Wildflowers of North America 1998

New Mexico State U, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences: Southwest Yard & Garden
Archives Question & Answer
    º Water harvesting
    º Xeriscape: Choosing Shrubs and Cacti For Your Xeroscape Part 1, 2
How-to Videos
    º Xeriscape: Choosing Water Conserving Shrubs
    º Xeriscape: Choosing The Best Plants For Your Xeriscape Garden
    º Xeriscape: Preparing Soil For A Xeriscape Bed
    º Xeriscape Garden - Choosing Plants
    º Xeriscape Garden - Choosing Plants, Part 2
Publications: Horticultural
    º Xeriscape Principles: Landscape Water Conservation

    º Category:Drought-tolerant plants
    º Category:Water conservation


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